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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 7, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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doesn't even flinch. his team losing 3-2. rob: baseball players tough guys. got to be. jillian: have a good monday. thank you for watching. rob: we'll see you later. >> yet, another district judge rejects what the mueller team is trying to do. >> there is no question that the amount of government misconduct is accumulating. >> the mueller investigation seems to have gone well past what it's mandate was here. >> her nomination will not be derailed bipartisan critics. the white house ramping up commitments to confirm gina haspel. >> gina haspel is one person i want in this room. >> the "new york post" reporting that she donated over the legal limit to at least five democrats. >> national motto in god we trust sparking a debate at the minnesota state senate. >> i think we have gone too far in taking god out of the schools. i think that's often. >> 70 years grand mother taking an matters into her
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own hands shooting a burglar. >> kill him before he kill me. that's what was going through my mind. i hope i taught him and the rest of them a lesson. ♪ ♪ ♪ wake me up before you go-go ♪ don't let me hanging like a i don't yo yo steve: it's 6:01 in new york city. this is your wake-up call for mother week. ainsley: monday morning. brian: and, again, we hope everybody is dressed. we don't know unless you want to face time us. right? ainsley: is it a special day of week for you? steve: i know the answer. today is may 7th. which means it's my friend todd's birthday. has been, todd. and every year. ainsley: who else's birthday is it? brian: does todd give away a car on his birthday? steve: sometimes he does. i remember it's todd's birthday because todd and
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brian were born on the same day. ainsley: happy birthday. brian: thank you very much. ainsley: you thought we forgot. brian: no, i didn't. ainsley: we haven't mentioned it yet this morning. brian: run down three hours all about me. ainsley: unless it's going to be -- brian: we have talked enough about me. robert mueller got two rebukes back to back came from judges on a friday. judges sometimes work on saturday. first one came in a stunning rebuke in the afternoon on friday. that was from -- i think it was judge ellis iii. he just said we have been saying a lot on this couch, what exact solid your mandate and why are you making paul manafort a fall guy? steve: it's interesting because he wants to see the so-called scope memo that spells out the scope of the
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investigation. and the government doesn't want to show that they say it's super secret, but the judge says, look, i want to know where you got the authority to indict mr. manafort on things that happened in 2005. keep in mind, if it's the russia deal in 2016, how come you are going back 10 years earlier? ainsley: the judge said you are going after manafort for filing false income tax returns. failure to file reports on foreign bank accounts. they say you raid his house. it's obvious what you are doing. you are trying to squeeze manafort. he said you tightened the screws and they will begin to provide information in what you are really interested in. they are saying this judge is eviscerating mueller and mueller's team for using manafort to get to the president and try to find something. brian: what is interesting and legal minds have said okay, you are looking into president trump. for some reason things michael cohen and you say to
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the southern district of new york take this michael cohen case, it's not my problem; robert mueller defers it over and says give it to the southern district of new york. in paul manafort has done something in 2006, refer it to the virginia and say this has nothing to do with the president of the united states. refer it over here. instead they want to keep this guy front and center. ainsley: rudy giuliani said this is a trap. they are all asking him to testify. we want this president to testify and answer these questions. he says i don't trust james comey. he is a liar. the president has done nothing wrong but i'm not going to advise him to testify because it's a trap. this is not a fantasy world and he special counsel thinks comey is moses. i happen to think he is judas. listen to him on one of the sunday shows. >> hillary clinton treatment is what i'm looking for. and that is no under oath. only a q and a. we get the questions in advance and they write the report two weeks before. i believe after judge ellis' remarks, there's no question
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that the amount of government misconduct is accumulating. i happen to be it's greater than anybody realizes. very embarrassing to my former justice department and very embarrassing not to fbi agents. please, nobody is attacking fbi agents and lawyers we are attacking the leadership of both organizations. brian: making people question what exactly are you doing? why is rod rosenstein just saying robert mueller, you have a lot to work with. stay in your lane. steve: that's why congress wants to see the scope memo. that's why this judge wants to see the scope memo. i was talking to somebody from the department of justice. they won't let anybody see it they say national security stuff in there and i asked them the question so, if what's going on mind the scenes i had heard there might be actually two scope memos. they said nope, there is just one. sometimes if mr. mueller has questions, he will call mr. rosenstein on the phone and say hey, i want to look into this thing, can i do
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that and they will hash it out on the phone. isn't that cozy? >> jason riley from the "wall street journal" editorial page, he cited that first case where the judge says, hey, you can't have unfettered power go back to 2005. that's not what this is about. listen to him. >> so what judge ellis said here, which is that he said to mueller's team: you do not have unfettered power here. you can't have unfettered power. you should be working within parameters. many trump supporters think this is no longer about paul manafort's bank fraud or financial dealings. this is about doing whatever it takes to bring down donald trump. and people are very concerned about that. trump supporters are very concerned that mueller has not kept his eye on the ball. that he has gone outside of his mandate and that latitude has been given to him by rod rosenstein. brian: i hate to tell you, and bill clinton's case in point, if you are going after president trump about colluding with russia and
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have nothing and obstructing of justice if there is no crime there and get nothing. then you are going to go i have a problem with a casino deal or a golf course purchase or scottish transaction. the american people aren't going to stand for it independents and trump supporters. i think democrats would be embarrassed by it already. nobody denies it. the president's numbers are ticking up. making democrats wonder is the anti-trump message enough to run on the should have showed you no. steve: each congressional district who indictment in congress? somebody who has simply talked about their there might this russia thing or somebody who is got you tax cuts? and that's the message mr. mccarthy is going to have in about two hours. ainsley: rudy giuliani said they can't prove collusion and obstructions. that's why they are asking all these questions if you read the questions about how do you feel? what were your thoughts during all of that. let us know what you think.
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brian: i wonder what gina haspel was thinking a couple days ago when she went to the white house and said do you want to pull my nomination back to be the next cia director even though i'm acting director and been in the agency since 1985 and made some of the toughest decisions anybody can make in a very laud tore way. i'm going to pull my application. i don't want to be ronny jackson. i'm a little concerned about the political attacks on me mainly because of my role in enhanced interrogation. steve: sounds as if sarah huckabee sanders and martin short drove out to the cia and talked her out of it. wednesday is the big day get a grilling from the senate intel. it's all going to be about what happened regarding the washing. keep in mind, whatever she did when she was in power at that point, she was doing it as a directive and all within the law. ainsley: doing what she was told to do? this is tough, because, good
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people are starting to pull their names or being asked if they can pull their names. they are worried about being grilled. they are worried about their cia reputation in her case. is she qualified? steve: absolutely. ainsley: we have all heard she is. we will find out. we will be watching on wednesday and give you a report. brian: 32-year career. if she can just explain what she was doing. if she can double down and say i was proud of what i accomplished whether it was black sites interrogation. i dare anyone to sit in my shoes and accomplish what i have done. tell us everything that you were able to pick up because in jose rodriguez book. it's in jim mitchell's book. all the attacks stop. green lighted during her 32 year career. ainsley: first female. she 8 be the first female cia director. patriarchy cool. steve: hearing is on wednesday. we have told you for years
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how americans colleges have drifted to the left. how far left? a brand new stud from from the national association of scholars paints it a pretty bleak picture. 39% of colleges, about 40% of all-american colleges have zero professors who id as republicans. as you can see right there. the average breaks down to 10.4 to every 1. it's interesting if you remove west point annapolis the average is 13 to 1. brian: unbelievable, too. i'm telling you, having gone through the college process now playing a major role in the type of schools you pick. ainsley: you are not applying to berkeley? brian: put it this way. i'm out of school. my family. it has a lot to do with it. especially if you work at fox and did you go there and the professor is going to be having a mind set against your kid because they have a political point of view and they assume the 19-year-old in front of them also does,
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i'm going to look at another school. ainsley: your kids need to use another last name. brian: which they are already using. use their first name like cher. steve: if you are curious, there are outliers according to. this thomas aquinas college, 33 full-time faculty, every one of them identifies as a republican. brian: my problem is i didn't like their coach because i was looking at thomas acombine nance college. ainsley: you just outed the coach? brian: yes. we didn't know which sport. ainsley: i think we know which one is your favorite. ainsley: i want to see a list of the republican colleges. brian: we will get that you flier and index card in a moment. ainsley: if about 16 years. steve: meanwhile, it's 6:11 in new york city. jillian joins us on monday morning with a fox news alert in florida. jillian: we are following breaking news. get you caught up on that. a florida sheriff's deputy fighting for his life after being shot in the head. deputy william gentry responding to a call about a
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cat being shot when the suspect pulled the trigger in lake placid. >> we would just ask that you continue to pray for deputy gentry and hopefully that will give him the strength to pull through. this. jillian: gunman identified as joseph ables under arrest. he is a felon with a history of violence towards police. gentry is a 9-year veteran of the force and serves as a detective. hawaii's kilauea volcano. look at that brand new video showing molten rock spewing into the air on the big island. that hot lava giving off poisonous gas and forcing 1700 people from their homes. scientists still don't know when the la have lava will stor how far it will spread. a flight from fort lauderdale pulling into a
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gate when the grounds pickup truck crashed into it. 172 people were on board. no one was hurt though. the truck driver's condition is still unclear. today, first lady melania trump will reveal her platform to help our nation's children. according to a spokesperson she will concentrate her initiative on a range of issue such as social media health and addiction instead of tailoring it to a specific topic. it will be 3:00 eastern in the rose garden. ainsley: watch it here. eve evidence indeed. thank you, jillian. former congressman jason clafts join us live. ainsley: plus what lady ant bella is saying about this kring worthy performance of the national anthem ♪ through the perilous fight
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only remfresh usesody's ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. >> the president of the united states, we can assert the same privileges other presidents have? i'm facing the same situation the president and every other americans are the president would be a fool to testify. the might toss the case for government misconduct he might have the authority to conduct this investigation? brian: judge ellis made huge news on friday.
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rudy giuliani doubling down. no questions about that from george stephanopoulos. he doubled down will rudy on calls to end the special counsel's probe as the federal judge deal as blow to mueller's case. it's stunning. fox news contributor and former republican congressman jason chaffetz served on the oversight committee where he was chairman of the reform committee. congressman, how big a deal is this? >> it's a real big deal because look, the improbable election of donald trump is not probable cause to pursue him. they have got to follow evidence. they have got to follow, you know, the truth the question is what started this initial probe? and it's become so far and so wide for judge ellis to push back on this and say show us the scope memo? they have got to provide that. they won't provide it to congress, but they have got to provide it to the judge. brian: in layman's term tell
3:19 am
me what you are i don't mandate is. what did rod rosenstein tell you what to do. not going to give it to you. going to give it to you but redact it. he said you are not going to redact it give it to me. come back with the scope memo. something else happened on friday and ruled on saturday. you know that russian troll farm where they hit indictments. i guess they didn't think people were going to fight back. one was concord management consulting, when they started fighting back mueller's team asked for delay. the judge said no i'm not going to give you a delay. just present your case. they are getting push back finally and not from a pundit on this channel. >> look, they're filing charges and then they come up to their hearing and they say well, we're not ready yet. that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to the average person. and judge ellis, i would love the fact that he is pushing back. you don't get unfettered access to go serve everywhere in every place.
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you pursue truth and justice but do that through facts and evidence and let that be where you go hey let's go donald trump this is your life. let's go look at every single aspect. you have to have probable cause. brian: and chairman, finally, that's what leads most legal experts to say there is no way the president should sit with mueller. and, if pushed, he shouldn't, you know, if subpoenaed, he still shouldn't show. let the courts deal with it. now you understand. >> yeah, look. i think most people think that but i think donald trump also does things differently than anybody else. in his heart of hearts he wants to sit down and explain why he doesn't believe there is any sort of collusion whatsoever. brian: chairman, thanks so much for getting up with us. >> thanks, good morning. brian: coming up straight ahead, facebook just unveiled a new feature helping terrorists become friends. isn't that wonderful? and no one saw president trump coming, so what did
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everyone miss? our next guest went straight into trump country to find out. these are a series of still pictures and that's me. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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3:25 am
promised hope for the forgotten men and women of the united states. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> everyone is listening to you now. you came by the tens of millions to become part of a historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before. steve: in their brand new book, the great revolt, inside the populist coalition. the rise into the donald trump and why voters love him. co-authors selena zito and brad todd join us live in the studio. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: the experts got the whole election wrong in 2016 and they continue to get it wrong regarding who voted for him. >> that's really important. there is this movement going on. and we're still not listening to what it is saying to us. and that's sort of the important part of this book.
3:26 am
is that it takes readers not only reminds them who these voters are and the different architects that make up the coalition. but how they are impacting the country and the world beyond the ballot box. steve: sure. brad, when you look at the people who voted for donald trump, now president trump, what the experts got wrong is they didn't understand why the people in the rust belt counties, who voted for barack obama, why they would ever vote for the republican donald trump. but they did. >> no question. you know, when bill clinton won re-election in the 1990s, he won 1500 counties. when hillary clinton won the popular vote she did so winning less than 500 counties. a lot of these places if you look at ohio and wisconsin and pennsylvania are places where dozens of counties flipped from obama in 2012 to donald trump in 2016. steve: all right, in your book, have you got different names for some of the demographic groups. for instance, rough rebounders, king cyrus
3:27 am
evangelicals. reporter reliables. let's start at the top. rough rebounders who are they? >> those are the voters who have had a set back in life, either whether it's a tragedy in the family, an economic set back that lost their job, and those were the voters that went to donald trump pretty darn quickly. because they saw in him someone who made a come back. and someone who was able to land on their feet and they just rallied around him very quickly. steve: king cyrus evangelicals? >> a lot of people have noted that evangelical supported trump. but that started even in the primaries. it really was a very pragmatic vote. they didn't find a lot in sort of personal background in common with donald trump, but they found shared priorities. steve: reporterotary reliables. >> regular republicans who lived in suburban counties that if they lived in counties that where everyone
3:28 am
was like them. they had the same college education. they didn't vote for trump but if they lived in counties where there was a mixed economic situation, they went for trump and they went for trump strong along with the uncolleged educated voters. steve: that's a look back. what's going on right now if you watch all the other channels, you know they are probably right now doing a bulletin on stormy daniels. how much does stormy daniels and that saga play into the loyalty that these people invested in donald trump? >> well, we didn't hear stories about scandal on the road and talking to trump voters in the rust belt. steve: do they care? >> they tend to think this is about them not about the soap operas going on in washington and new york. if you didn't see this election coming, we hope this is the book for you. if you didn't see what's happened with dick's sporting goods and some of the other commercial brands made bad decisions regarding this coalition in the last year, we think this book is for you, too. you might learn something. steve: you watch the other
3:29 am
channels and see people on this channel as well who say look, the people who voted for donald trump in 2016, they got an --ful. they have had it up to here with him. they are going to flip. do you buy that. >> i haven't seen wholesale evidence of that if anything, i have seen strengthening and more of a coalescing around him. donald trump was the result of this election it wasn't the cause. this is the first book that actually takes a look at the people who put him into office and what they're going to do next. steve: excellent. that's what we all want to know. the book is terrific. it's called the great revolt inside the popular coalition american politics. in god we trust now under attack now by some democrats. >> i'm wondering if senator hall would feel the same if students walked in and instead of the word god they al lanchts i don't like that
3:30 am
word on our money and in our public schools. steve: our friend dan bongino fired up about this. is he up next live. one grandmother had never fired a gun before until somebody tried to break into her house. >> kill him before he killed me. i hope i taught him and the rest of them a lesson. stay the hell out of people's house. with the power of 335 turbo-charged horses the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350 and a quiet interior from which to admire them. the lincoln spring sales event is here. for a limited time get 0% apr on the lincoln mkx. plus get $1000 bonus cash.
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from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? >> i'm wondering if senator hall would feel the same if students walked in and instead of the word god the word allah welcomed students to their school? >> god who spoke against money and the money i carry in my wallet has to say in god we trust. i think that's offensive. brian: exactly. how long have i been saying that? makes total sense. ainsley: dan bongino the
3:34 am
former nypd officer and secret service agent hosted the dan bongino show. you had senator dan hall and the one you saw there said it was offensive senator john marty in the state of minnesota. they are mad because in god we trust is now going to be well, there is a republican senator who wants -- who sponsored legislation to put in god we trust back in the schools. these two democrats. steve: ultimately. ainsley: we are offended by it we don't each want it in our money. >> i think in the stupid olympics of comments, these guys get the gold. they can share it, actually. we'll have two of them on the medal stands up there getting the gold medals in these dopey olympics. i don't get it. i mean that usually i have a good grasp on the stupidity of the radical left. let me be clear. i'm not talking about all democrats. my church is full of democrats who love their god and love their country. the radical far left clearly does not want competition with the government. so, they are in this never
3:35 am
ending battle against religion and god. and i just don't understand what they think they are getting. do they think people out there, church-goers, people who love their god and religion are going to take this lying down? i don't understand. of course they are going to fight back at the election booth and ideologically. this is absurd strategy. steve: dan, what do you mean they don't want to have the competition from the church? >> here's -- if you are a far left radical, you need people to be surgically attached to the government for their money, for their healthcare, for their kid's education. you know, someone said to me once, there is no power in yes for the government. meaning the government has to be able to tell people no -- and that way can you come to them for permission. they don't want competition. the right granted by god to defend yourself and life and liberty and happiness. they don't want that. they have to detach from you
3:36 am
god at every opportunity, hence this never ending battle against religion. this is going to blow up on them if it hasn't already big time though. ainsley: just to clarify, senator john marty and senator dan hall the republican who wants this in our schools. brian: let's move on to another thing. same guy, okay, same issue. nothing to do with the game itself. let's talk about what happens before the game. talk about the nfl and the kneeling policy. it hurt business and ratings and caused a national dialogue and the president has been right behind it he has been offended by it like a lot of us. the nfl has decided to leave it up to the individual 30 plus teams in the league to decide it on their own national anthem policy. i don't mind this. i feel as though these free agents, if you go to the patriots you are standarding. got to san francisco 49ers. you do whatever you want. when you figure out what team you want to be drafted on, you don't want to go to
3:37 am
that team, go to another team. i don't have a problem with, this do you? >> i don't have a problem with it at all. if i was an nfl owner. you talk about really silly business decisions. if there were a book like how to destroy your business in 12 simple steps, step number one would be you know, watch what the nfl allowing people to kneel on the field. i would fire every one of these guys? is there going to be blow back from the radical far left? of course, there is blow back for everything. there is a couple kids in mommy's bamplet with their twitter making them seem like they are more important than they are. the real americans out there that watch the nfl, that love the sport, i mean guys like me that don't watch it anymore were deeply offended by. this if they fired every single one of these guys they might get their audience back. i like the decision. i will tell you, i was at the nra convention in dallas, you would be surprised, brian, maybe you wouldn't. i spoke to thousands of people this weekend, and the nfl is still a big issue
3:38 am
with them. and i don't mean it in a good way. they were really upset. steve: it's not a decision. they are punting on it we don't want to decide. everybody else figure it out. brian: do you know why? because the union is standing in heir way and the nfl can't even pretend as if they are making the final decision on park avenue. steve: negotiate. brian: the nba did. but the nfl just can't work this out. it's unbelievable. steve: all right, dan. thank you for joining us today from palm city in the beautiful state of florida. thank you, sir. >> you got it. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for you? jillian: that's right. good monday morning to you and to you at home as well. news we are following. urgent manhunt intensifying for whoever stabbed a guardsman in road rage. driver killing 24-year-old corey harter and leaving him for dead after a fight on mars highway. his family now pleading for answers. >> he did a tour over in iraq, and he was in qatar.
3:39 am
he loved everyone. he was help -- please, if you know anything, don't let just let him be a number. please come forward. jillian: take a look at your screen. police are hoping this picture of harter's truck could lead to more tips. unclear why they were fighting. facebook under fire accused of helping terrorists connect with each other. a report by the non-productivit -- recruitnew me world. one researcher says they were bombarded with pro-isis friends connections after connecting with one extremist. it is working to remove terrorist content. a 70-year-old grand mother takes matters into her own hands and shoots a man breaking into her home. maxine thompson grabbing her gun when she heard a crook shatter her window in philadelphia. >> kill him before he killed me. that's what was going through my mind. i hope i taught him and the
3:40 am
rest of them a lesson. stay the hell out of people's house. jillian: thompson is the mother of a police officer and had never fired a gun before. the suspect sunday arrest and in the hospital. did you know tri band lady antebellum did not own the night at the playoff. messing up the national anthem before the predators took on the jets. >> through the perilous fight ♪ were so to. >> proudly. >> we watched. >> were so gal atlantisly streaming ♪ jillian: you heard that right in the group taking their mistake? stride tweeting, quote: well, we're human, too y'all. we are still rooting for you predz. #smallville. the lost 6-2. pretty ugly, not going to lie. steve: not good.
3:41 am
ainsley: pretty embarrassing. singing different versions. brian: unlike janice dean who sings the national anthem every morning. steve: she can do both. she canadian. janice: can i do both. steve: how was derby. janice: amazing. i feel like i want to wear a hat every single day. i love the kentucky derby hats. coming up in the show we are going to have the co-owner of justify, the horse that won. and did you know that i trained with the jockey, mike smith? it's incredible. we will show you more video and show you pictures and talk to him coming up. past 24 hours, that storm system that brought a mudder to the kentucky derby yesterday. it's out of here. slight storm system across the northern rockies and northern plains. otherwise, a good-looking forecast for most. beautiful 75 here in new york. very warm across the south. 103 in phoenix. they will set some records. the derby one of my favorite events to cover. thank you "fox & friends"
3:42 am
for sending me there. ainsley: did you great. you looked so beautiful. janice: it was amazing. brian: hopefully we will be able to pay the "fox & friends" credit card. ainsley: all that bourbon. brian: we will talk about that. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. rosie o'donnell loves liberals so much she donated five times, five different times using four different names. i don't think that's allowed. dinesh d'souza served 8 months in confinement for not even doing the same thing but half. that is there a double and triple standard there? we're going to ask him next. they appear out of nowhere.
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3:46 am
>> good morning. ainsley: is your reaction doug jones 4700. conor lamb $3,006. the limit is 2700. what's your reaction? >> well it, seems clear what from what we know that rose broke the law and broke the law five times. so it's in a sense an egregious violation. now, what makes it particularly sneaky on her part is that she used four different names and five different addresses. so it seems clear that she knew what she was doing and she was trying to cover her tracks. now, normally if these offenses occur a single time particularly when there is no corruption involved, they don't prosecute them. but they do prosecute repeat offenders. it seems clear that rosy is in this sense a repeat oden.
3:47 am
ainsley: they did convict you did this one time a fifth of the amount that rosie did provisionally. had you to pay $30,000. you gave 20,000 to do so this new york senator wendy long. i'm going to read you rosie's response. she said they should have known. i was not choosing it to overdonate. in 2700 is the cut-off. candidates should refund the money. i donate assuming they don't accept what's over the limit. we are supposed to know the law and you can't blame someone else when you do something wrong. but then when i thought about you giving 20,000, did you not know the rules? did you not know that the limit was 2700? >> here's the thing. in rosie's case she seems to be habitual giver to campaigns because she is giving to multiple campaigns. in my case it was a college friend of mine running. i had never made a political contribution before. i had no intent to break the
3:48 am
law. in either case, the point is that you exceed the campaign finance limit, and the law is the law. whether you actually know it or not. i think in my case, a congressional oversight committee has my file. and very clearly red flags me as a conservative who made a movie critical of the obama administration. so the fbi, which uncovered this was clearly signaling to obama and to the holder justice department hey, this guy is a political enemy, let's prosecute him. so, what's interesting is that my case is quite clearly a political hit. what's going to happen to rosie is going to be a very interesting question of political equity. remember, in justice, it's not just a matter that you break the law. it's a matter whether other people who broke the law who are in a similar situation get similar treatment. ainsley: yeah. it would not be fair if she didn't have to serve the same amount of time that you did if not more she did it five times. if she actually is convicted of this. thanks so much, dinesh;
3:49 am
president trump has five days left to decide if he wants to keep the iran nuclear deal. it turns out john kerry is working extra hard to save his creation. new questions about his shadow diplomacy at the top of the hour. todd piro goes sky diving, kind of. using the same type of wind tunnels that our military trains. in you will meet the veterans behind it all next ♪ ♪ we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig.
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♪ steve: take a look at that yes, that is "fox & friends" correspondent todd piro and he is sky diving indoors. ainsley: todd went out over the weekend to the u.s. national indoor sky diving championship. brian: he joins us now with
3:53 am
a behind the scenes look at the country's latest adrenaline rush. todd: after looking at that i think i need to lay off the diners a little bit. i fly virginia beach literally swept me off my feet. we headed there to talk competition, the military and just a little hot air. check it out. >> dude, what is this? >> oh my gosh, it's indoor sky diving. have you ever heard of it? >> i have not. we have 350 force power fans on the top of our building that we circulate air 150 miles per hour. todd: let's see the tunnel. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> dreamed up this idea. >> i was in the navy 26 years. navy special operations. todd: you are used to deal with stuff that can kill you quite frankly. >> we used to travel to facilities around the country and train in vertical wind tunnels. we would always say why
3:54 am
isn't there a wind tunnel in virginia beach. todd: while it may look like fun at the competition here. this is a training tool to keep our country safe. >> i was in the navy special worker operator. basically start out in the tunnel. gives us stools we need to do missions. >> what's your favorite part. >> children are the best thing that happen in this building every single day bar none. todd: what's it like when you are in the tunnel? >> it's super fun and exsilver rating. like a rush. todd: what's biggest advice to me. >> walk into the structure and have fun. >> let's do it. ising. >> first thing we're going to do is talk about body position. good job. yeah. you are doing great. are you ready to fly? >> let's do it. >> geared up. i think we are ready to go. >> 3, 2, 1.
3:55 am
urelg ♪ ♪ ♪ >> woo. todd: i have nothing else to say. i'm speechless. >> virginia beach is your second home now. >> we are here with the u.s.a. champ in this amazing sport. >> we feel really fortunate to be here. the owner has been very generous. we are very fortunate to be part of this community of people. >> there is definitely a that consumes everybody when you are around military people. same spirit i saw with the individuals here. it's incredible. >> i'm here with a brotherhood that will last with me the rest of my life. the support i had with this
3:56 am
idea to today is incredible with my brothers and sisters in arms. it's like i'm still serving and it's awesome. todd: there is a charitable aspect to all of this involving the frame foundation donating hours in the tunnel to kids. also the folks at another veteran owned business strike force. they sponsor the championship where team -- how see him right there took home the gold for the second year in a row. amazing. steve: that's task. thefantastic.they have built one on my way home from work. i have got to get in there. ainsley: i love the military as specht. the national anthem before they start championship. todd: so interesting when i heard you talking about the national anthem. when that national anthem played everybody on their feet and at attention. nobody messing around. gentleman on the second floor he stood at attention and didn't move. that's the way it should be, you know? steve: that was fun. todd: that want work. that was awesome.
3:57 am
steve: thank you very much. house majority leader kevin mccarthy and boris johnson, ari fleischer, new ambassador to germany ric grenell and dr. oz. what a show and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to...
3:58 am
3:59 am
[ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app
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for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving! brian: robert mueller got two rebukes back to back. came from two judges. steve: the judge says, look, i want to know where you got the authority. >> for judge ellis to push back on this and say show us the scope memo? the improbable election of donald trump is not probable cause to pursue him. >> john kerry has been secretly meeting with both iranian and european officials to discuss saving the iran deal. >> i think he should be prosecuted under the logan act. >> my opinion, what he is doing is inappropriate and he shouldn't be doing it. >> her nomination will not be derailed bipartisan critics. the white house ramping up efforts to confirm gina haspel. >> gina haspel is the one woman i want in that room. >> the nfl could make standing for the national anthem a team choice. is that the right move?
4:01 am
>> if there were a book like how to destroy your business in 12 simple steps, step number one would be, you know, watch what the nfl does. i would fire every one of these guys. ♪ ♪ going to rock ♪ going to rock the boat ♪ jam with a brand new ♪ shaking my head like a billy goat. brian: big and rich playing our show again. probably good to know they are probably watching right now. when you choose the music. ainsley: what if they had a big concert last night. would they be up at 7:00 a.m.? brian: have a stage in heir house. steve: they have a stage in heir house? brian: yes. ainsley: how would you know that. brian: i was in their house. steve: they live together? brian: no. they don't live together. steve: you said their house. brian: i was over richland. steve: john rich. >> whiskey. because we are out of whiskey. as a country he is doing the
4:02 am
country a favor. i told you this already. he had a big event in his house. has a full stage. steve: downit was his house. when you name your house, you have a big house. steve: note to dawn kilmeade, brian's wife. brian: i would like a stage. steve: today is brian's birthday as you know. he wants a stage in the basement. brian: i would like an oak bar and my own whiskey. ainsley: happy birthday. so glad you were born. brian: children using stove top trying to make own whiskey for me. trying to bottle it. ainsley: your underaged children? brian: yes. steve: he doesn't use the still in the back. brian: like mash. steve: talk about the robert mueller investigation. robert mueller didn't have a good weekend. why? because two judges said hey, what are you doing? first let's talk about u.s.
4:03 am
district judge he said mr. mueller, where did you get the authority to indict paul manafort on something that went back to 2005? then there was another u.s. district judge by the name of dabney who denied a prosecutor to put off a schedule arrangement for wednesday and that's the case -- remember when mueller's team indicted about a dozen russians and three different companies for the russian bot farm in the government figured well, none of those people are going to show up for court. let's go ahead and sue them. well, three of them or rather two attorneys representing one of the three companies, went before the judge and said okay, we're going to represent this company. concord management. and they go okay. what do you want? we want all the evidence they have got. we want to see what they have got. now mueller's team is going well, we can't show them the evidence. that's not how we roll, yo. brian: so they said we like to delay it and dabne
4:04 am
frederick. produce what you are supposed to produce. let's not put black marks over it read something comprehensivable. ainsley: this the is transcript from judge ellis the original judge you were talking about. it's the united states of america vs. paul manafort. they go in and raid his house and find out his tax returns years ago, there were some things that were in there that he didn't disclose. putting money in foreign governments. but, this judge, judge ellis says you're just trying to squeeze this guy so that he will tell you something about the president. he said he eris rates mueller's team. just read the first 10 pages. it's pretty easy reading. he goes after manafort. because you are going after manafort, talking about mueller. you are trying to force him to sing. you are squeezing him. can you tighten the screws and they will begin to provide information on what you are really interested in. brian: tom barack is maybe the president's chief confidante and great friend. he has been questioned by the mueller probe. do you know who brought in
4:05 am
manafort? tom barack. a guy work for free do you want to take him in the president said i'm losing these delegates to ted cruz. even though i won the primary is he winning over my delegates. manafort will work for free. he wants to get back to america. everything dried up over there since the ukrainian government went anti-russian. is he looking to come over here and reestablish himself. that casual conversation turned into manafort which turned into maybe the bulk of the collusion case which may not exist. especially if you listen to what the judge says jason chaffetz the house oversight and government reform committee says look, the judge is pushing back. mueller is not unfettered. where is the probable cause? >> the improbable election of donald trump is not probable cause to pursue him. the question is what is it that started this initial probe and it's become so far
4:06 am
and so wise for judge ellis to push back on this and say, show us the scope memo, i love the fact that he is pushing ball. you don't get unfettered access to go serve everywhere in every place. you pursue truth and justice but do you that through facts and evidence. brian: i just think that someone has got to put the accelerator on robert mueller. is he dragging this out. he is having this tortured investigation. rode rosenstein has to say we don't have all day and limitless money. have you already spent over $9 million. you hired another prosecutor on friday. democratic leanings. steve: they are spending a million dollars a week on the investigation. there is an item in the "wall street journal" that says that robert mueller is either going to wrap it up pretty quickly or he is going to have to go dark because we are now entering that six months before the election, and the department of justice, with investigations it cannot
4:07 am
appear that you are influencing an election. which mr. comey apparently didn't get that memo, oh, yeah, he did get that memo, never mind. of the big question is will he wrap it up in the next month or will they go dark until after november? ainsley: today is monday, brian's birthday. this coming saturday is may 12th. that is the deadline for the president to recertify or to review that iranian nuclear deal. have you john kerry who is no longer serving not in this administration is meeting with different leaders around the country, iranian leaders, european officials. shadow diplomacy, trying to negotiate your enemies to undermine our president, trying to find a way to continue to be a part of this iranian nuclear deal, because the president has said he is not sure he is going to continue. brian: use the sanction relief in order to bolster up activities throughout the region. as you see they were able to do in syria. they basically took the
4:08 am
country over. basically able to finance hezbollah. lined the whole lebanese-israeli border with rockets and missiles. they have invigorated the sunni nations in building up their defense to counter this new economic power, which is iran, because the sanctions relief. what they did do is stop spinning centrifuges. where there are cameras so, far we haven't seen many people breeching this deal. for the most part the senate didn't approve this deal. the house didn't approve this deal. therefore, it's not a treaty, it's renewable. may 12th we will find out if president trump is going to renew it. steve: well, you remember when he was running for president. it was very clear he thought it was a stink bomb deal. we have some sound bites for you. president trump a couple days ago plus a congressman from texas. he's the chairman of the house armed services committee. he is actually for keeping it. here's point/counter point. >> we are signing that horrible deal and they are
4:09 am
marching in the streets saying death to america. i said who signed the deal when they are marching saying death to america? >> what happens next if the u.s. pulls out? secretary mattis talked about the inspectors that are in there. does iran kick those enemiers out so that we lose what visibility we have there? the europeans are not going to reimpose sanctions, so where does that leave us and iran? so, i'm not necessarily opposed to sticking with this deal never, but you need to have a clearer idea about next steps. steve: that's a big question about what comes next. ainsley to your earlier point, to have the former secretary of state, john kerry, running around the world trying to save something while our president ultimately it is his decision, some have suggested isn't he breaking the logan act which is delicious irony given the fact that so many people said members of the trump transition team did just that. ainsley: we don't care what
4:10 am
the trump administration wants or what the americans people voted for him want. we don't care about the deplorables. we will go behind americans back and do this. brian: there might be a third way. the third way might be since the better has been enjoying better relationships of france than any other president of late, macron. and if the german chancellor merkel also was here pushing for the same thing. boris johnson today, the foreign minister of britain pushing for the same thing say, okay, we will give to you with more months. at which time, european leaders, you give us that overlay that is going to eliminate ballistic missiles, get rid of the sun set that will allow these inspectors to go away after 10 years. give you two months to come up with an overlay for this. and then maybe we can talk. and let -- that might be the third way, because it would show i'm listening to my allies even though you are dug in. you are not giving, in you are listening, which i think there is nothing wrong with that's not bad leadership u. steve: look, of the president ran on getting rid of it. joe lieberman over the
4:11 am
weekend, you know, famous former democrat now independent said i hope he walks away from it. it would be hard for him not to walk away from it stay tuned. ainsley: can you negotiate what you don't like about the deal. steve: that's a whole new deal. let's make a deal. let's find out. the big day is the 1st. brian: boris johnson is going to be here in a little while to lobby for his cause. from the british perspective. from the american perspective, philadelphia style, here is jillian. jillian: i'm sorry i didn't bake you any cupcakes for your birthday. happy birthday, brian. brian: you still have time or to shop. steve: he really wants a bar and stage at his house. brian: yes. if that's okay. jillian: that is up to your wife. brian: and whiskey. jillian: good morning, get you caught up with the news we are following including a fox news alert. a florida sheriff's deputy is fighting for his life after being shot in the head. william gentry being called about a cat being shot when a suspect pulled a tryingner lake placid. >> we would just ask that you continue to pray for deputy gentry and hopefully
4:12 am
that will give him the strength to pull through. this. jillian: the gunman identified as joseph ables is under arrest. is he a convicted felon with a history of violence towards police. gentry is a 9-year veteran of the force and served with his brother, a detective. at least 26 homes are destroyed as lava flows inat the bus stop phi from hawaii's kilauea volcano and showing no signs of stopping. brand new video showing mull ten rock spewing into the air on the big island u lava giving off toxic gas and forcing 1700 people from their homes. kilauea is active volcano but hasn't erupted like this since 1955 when it didn't stop for three months. president trump weighing in on tomorrow's west virginia senate primary. the commander-in-chief tweeting, quote: the to great people of west virginia, we have together a really great chance to keep making a big difference.
4:13 am
problem is don blankenship currently running for senate can't win the general election in your state. no way. remember, alabama, vote republican jenkins or a.g. morrisey. blankenship under fire for federal conviction for conspiring to federal line safety laws and referring to mitch mcconnell as cocaine mitch. the three republican candidates are looking to unseat joe manchin. that's a look at your headline us. send it back to you. steve: thank you very much, jillian. before the fox debate jenkins was ahead and since imploded. according to one of the campaign's internal polling mr. branchship is ahead by five which is stunning. brian: president doesn't want him. we will see the power of the president in west virginia. steve: we will see. democrats lead ahead of the mid terms is shrinking every week. is the media's obsession with russia to blame? former white house press secretary ari fleischer here with the discussion next.
4:14 am
good morning, ari. brian: melissa moron know goes e rally with armed security. ♪ this is not just a yard. it's where memories are made. and you have the best seat in the house. the john deere x350 select series with the exclusive mulchcontrol™ system. nothing runs like a deere™ mother...nature! nothing smells greater than the great outdoors... especially when you're in accounts receivable. only one detergent can give you a sniff like this...
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4:18 am
russia investigation the lead democrats -- the lead the democrats once had ahead of the mid terms is dwindling ahead of recent polling. a "the washington post"-abc news poll saw the democratic lead fall from 12% in january to 4 in april. so what is going on? here to weigh in former white house press secretary fox news contributor ari fleischer. ari, is it russia, russia, russia? >> russia, russia, russia is going to be a problem, problem, problem for the democrats unless mueller has got the goods. if mueller doesn't, the democrats are the one trick pony and that pony ain't riding anymore. that's what happens when you investigate everything into scandal. steve: ultimately, the decision people are going to have in november who did something for me? was it the republicans who did the tax cut which the democrats regard as crumbs on the way to talking more about russia, russia, russia. >> and it's not only that. it's how well the economy is doing. the fact we have 3.9% unemployment. the president is wise to keep banging on the fact
4:19 am
that african-american hispanic unemployment all-time low. can he actually make up good numbers with those demographic groups. what's the most important nuclear out there, the president's groofl was at 58% in december and now down to 58% this morning. if that number gets below 50. that is huge for republicans running for re-election because that takes a lot of the energy away from the democrats who can't stand donald trump and that's what drove a lot of the turnout for the democrats in the special elections. steve: it will be interesting to see what sort of message the democrats do coalesce around as you get a little closer because right now it's a little uneven. but, you know, you look at the conventional wisdom. the smart man and women down in washington were going when donald trump talked about the tariffs and things like that, you can't do that. but, it's the little guy. it's the forgotten american who is going they are sitting on their couch right now going damn right! >> do you know how else you know that's true? while much of the press only quoted republicans who
4:20 am
opposed tariffs. they never quoted the many democrats that supported tariffs. now i have never been raised to believe in tariffs? but is he taking on china. that's the bigger picture that donald trump deserves credit for. here's the problem that democrats have with their message. right now, outside of the mueller investigation, democrats' only message is government-run healthcare. higher taxes and donald trump committed treason. that's their policy platform. it's not a very strong one. steve: but, there are some people who subscribe to that perfectly. >> some people do. and that will be the liberal wing that pushes the party left in the 2019-2020 primaries. the only issue they have is energy against donald trump. it's the intensity of opposition. steve: plus most of the mainstream media beating the drum. >> that helps the democrats sometimes. steve: i think you knew about that. ari fleischer, thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: medical miracle a teenager claimed brain dead consciousness one day after his parents agree to donate
4:21 am
his organs. ric grenell is flying there to start his new job. first, is he stopping by "fox & friends." come out, mr. ambassador. you're next ♪ put me on a highway ♪ show me the sign i'm very proud of the fact that i served. i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today.
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which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. later today. exciting time for the country and of course for rick. here with us right now is the new ambassador to germany ric grenell. congratulations. >> thanks. brian: you would not back
4:25 am
out and it was hard for you. how many months were you sitting there in the bullpen. >> since september. i have to say it's so much easier and this is really a trump phenomenon. it's so much easier to deal with washington when you are not in washington. when you are not seeing political people at your church, at the grocery store, your kid's school, whatever. that pressure of being in that fake place, this highly partisan place that's not really reality that eats people up. i live in southern california. i wasn't a part of that i also saw the donald trump phenomenophenomenon auto far whn they didn't. that place clouds judgment pretty fast. brian: you are watching the president work with angela merkel. forget about pressure. how did you notice president trump in action? >> i wish every american could seat way donald trump negotiates. i have waited a long time to work for a president who is focused on the american people. he is a great negotiator and
4:26 am
she, angela merkel realizes that. they had a great give and take. at the end of very tough negotiations we have some difficult issues with germany but we're totally on the same side. i was telling the vice president that if you have ever worked at the united nations you quickly realize that the united states and germany are on the same page. we have a lot of the same shared values, human rights, liberty, democracy. so, right after the tough negotiations, you see the president of the united states take the chancellor up to the personal residence, give her a tour. she had never seen upstairs. brian: lincoln bedroom and everything. >> seen the whole thing and she had never seen it quite phenomenal. brian: nato and not spend your 2%. you are doing great. fantastic. fun way to do it. 127 other nominees. without controversy, just waiting in the wings because democrats want to get their
4:27 am
30 hours in they want this administration playing short-handed. how frustrating is it. >> we have to have a senate that does its job but quickly does its job. have you got to get to a vote. all these individuals deserve a vote. the president won. if you don't give someone a vote you are undermining democracy. he won. have you got to get over it and give the president his nominees. brian: republicans are in power. they should knock it down to nine hours like langford talked about and put these people forward. gina haspel nomination process. been in the yi. we know every active cia director has backed her. the head winds had her thinking about pulling her own nomination on wednesday. here is what he just tweeted my highly nominated cia director jonah haspel come under fire too tough on terrorists. most qualified personal, a woman, who democrats want out because she was too tough on terror. win gina. how important is this
4:28 am
nomination? >> it is very important. this is about politics. this is nothing more than them trying to undermine this process. she is very qualified. he has risen up the ranks. i was just out at the cia. they are excited to have her. they want somebody -- i bucked the halls and i saw the photograph of the cia directors. they are all white males and now we have a woman who is going to be able to look at the cia in a very different way. this is something that the democrats have told us that they celebrate. i would like to see them give a chance to give a vote and confirm her. brian: has to do at a time to produce some results. don't retend like you -- >> president's policies. brian: that's it. iran deal on may 12th. you will be in europe in germany when this happens.
4:29 am
france, boris johnson, i'm going to talk to him in an hour. he wants us to stay in it. what should we do. >> regardless what you call it, the iran deal needs to be fixed. it needs to be better and different policies. whether you call it fixing it or getting out of it i'm going to leave it to the washington folks who do this to figure out what we call it and where we go. but at the end of the day, brian, we have all known that this deal is weak. that it's an unacceptable deal. we're not being able to go on military bases any time, anywhere that's fundamental because iranians have lied and put programs on military bases. i said in the security council, the reasonable why there were sanctions on iranians because we gave the evidence to the security council, the russians and the chinese back then said, yeah, they are lying. let's put sanctions on them. we know we have a unified counsel when they look at the facts. like they have done in the past. so i think it's a very serious problem that we say we have got to get
4:30 am
inspectors on military bases. sun set clauses. brian: 10 years. >> whole bunch of issues that can be fixed that i think the europeans are on board to help with those fixes. brian: if they need two months to get ready should would he be open in giving them 10 months. >> present the information to the president of the united states and he will make the decision. brian: took three years of german like my second language if you need any help. >> i have your cell phone. brian: congratulations. president trump assembling a dream team to help america get into shape and guess who made the roster? dr. oz. he joins us next and that's him without a college surety. plus melissa more tha going to n
4:31 am
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cigna. together, all the way. >> it's your shot of the morning. police officers busting the move at a high school prom. brian: the boynton beach police department in florida acting as dates for students with special needs. ainsley: that is so sweet. the officers said they wanted to give the teenagers a night that they would never forget. steve: and i think they did just that. congratulations. all right it is 25 minutes before the top of the hour, jillian joins us. this is where you do the news. jillian: but i don't want to do the news right now. what do you have to say about that? ainsley: what do you want to do? jillian: in light of it being brian's birthday, i would rather take a look back at some of the really awkward tosses from brian. let's roll it. brian: did you put that together?
4:35 am
steve: watch this. brian: when do we toss to jillian? >> right now. brian: hey jillian. jillian: hi, brian. brian: does anyone know where brian is. steve: next to you. brian: are you the one that hosts the show at 5:00 a.m. ainsley: come up with a. brian: here is someone that never hides from the truth. someone never described as a loany from the midwest jillian meally not weird at all. someone who never breaks the law as far as we know. jillian mele. talking about a pile of dough. talking about somebody that is a pile of mope. jillian the news. jillian: i don't know what to say about that one. brian: a woman who is scandal free. a woman not afraid to use analogies. jillian mele did not go to middlmedical school. jillian stands up to deliver the news. jillian: brian won't let my sit. brian: i have heavily redacted the news. top secret. try to make it smooth. brian: president has not released his taxes yet and neither has jillian.
4:36 am
shouldn't have you released your taxes? jillian: nobody asked me too. brian: would you please release them publicly. jillian: sure. brian: you talk about elite and influence, that's you. you are talking jillian, right? a woman not a loser. jillian: thank you. brian: winner. talk about working jillian is working. jillian, you are from everywhere america. jillian: everywhere america brian: jillian doesn't think like me but i'm not going to judge her. jillian: thank you. this is not breaking news. brian: wrap it up, toss to jillian. status to jillian. ainsley: jillian, take over. no one knows what to say to brian. steve: that's only about 5% of them. ainsley: no one even laughs. so and so is a murderer and he tosses to jillian someone who is not a murderer. brian: i love to have awkward tosses and you like receiving them.
4:37 am
jillian: i do. it's entertaining. keeps me on my toes. brian: i'm the awkward toss king. jillian: you have. you have given that nickname to yourself. steve: happy birthday. brian: that was the best gift i could ever have. seriously. steve: you don't want the bar and the stage in your house anymore? brian: not anymore. steve: that's all it took. brian: montage to go home with of awkward tosses. ainsley: who do they thank for that? meghan. she is incredible. jillian: i still have to do headlines. brian: here is a woman not afraid to accept an awkward toss. jillian: take a look at some of your headlines starting with. this the carnival cruise water to pour into a hallway on a ship. about 50 rooms were affected. some ended up sleeping on yoga mats in the spa. praising crew members.
4:38 am
offering full redepend and discount on future cruise. teenage boy regains consciousness a day after parents agree to donate his organs. trenton mckinley fractured his skull in a done buggy accident two months ago leaving him brain dead for days right before doctors were about to take him off life support in alabama, he came back to life. before that moment, trenton thought he was in heaven. >> i was walking down more like an open field walking straight. no other explanation but god. no other way that i could have came back. jillian: isn't that incredible. his family says is he getting stronger every day. liberal actress are vanessa marano. she wasn't alone. sur roundinged by guards at the antigun events take a look as they are confronted. >> alisa you are a hypocrite. >> you are armed. >> you have armed security
4:39 am
here. >> milano her personal security was not armed. this was event security not my body guard. sheriff deputies goes above and beyond the call of duties to help a 94-year-old woman get home safe. department and employees pulling over to help in sarasota, florida when they spouted a transit work escorting her as she crossed the road. deputies were called in for backup to pack up her walker and give her a ride home. that's a look at your headline its. brian: thank you very much. jillian: happy birthday. brian: 7:30. they are doing it. steve: meanwhile, janice on the street with the folks. janice: what are you guys all here for? >> happy birthday, brian. brian: oh, wow. janice: they came to wish you a happy birthday, brian kilmeade. how special is that? no awkward tosses at all when you toss to me. brian: never. janice: beautiful day here in new york city for visiting 48th and sixth.
4:40 am
57 right now. 48 in cleveland and chicago. slight system moving across the northern plains and rockies. not a big deal no. severe weather to talk about. and in a system that brought incredible amounts of rain to the kentucky derby is moving out, which is exlengths news. but, man, did we have a mudder then in kentucky. phoenix, arizona, here are your daytime highs today. we are going to brake some records. speaking of the kentucky derby. exciting stuff. of course, justify won and i got to interview both the jockey for justify and the co-owner who is going to be coming up on "fox & friends" there is mike smith. mike smith was the winning jockey for the kentucky derby winner justify. he doesn't do this very often. we were so privileged to do this. the last time he did an interview with a reporter was back in 2005 and his horse jokomo wouldn't kentucky derby. i don't know but guys.
4:41 am
i'm thinking that i might be really good luck for horses in the kentucky derby. what do you say? yes. so we're going to have saul coming up in the 8:00 hour. such a great time. i'm hoping -- i'm thinking that i would like to wear hats every single day during the weather. steve: you were wearing them on the red carpeting at the derby. it looked like had you fun. janice: shout out to kid rock. steve doocy, he accident talk to at love folks and do interviews e does red carpet and pictures. he performed. because i shouted out hey steve doocy's friend, he came over and talked with us. although he did say he thought i meant peter doocy. steve: they are pals too. janice: they still count. steve: thanks for the "foxcast." janice: happy birthday, brian, we love you. ainsley: president trump weighing in on the senate race tweeting it out.
4:42 am
one of four states gearing up for big primaries. tomorrow, scott rasmussen is going to tell us what to watch for next. steve: plus, what else is in the last hour and a half of the show? we have dr. oz. boris johnson and house majority leader kevin mccarthy. it's "fox & friends" for brian's birthday. 2018. ♪ what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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hijacking earth's geothermal energy supply. phase 1. choosing the right drill bit. as long as evil villains reveal their plans, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> primary races in four key states. republicans in indiana, west virginia, ohio, and south carolina will pick their candidate for congress tomorrow. and the stakes are pretty high. what should you, as a voter, look out for. here to break it all down for us is editor-at-large for ballot pedia. scott rasmussen. >> north carolina tomorrow not south carolina. ainsley: i should know i'm a carolina girl.
4:46 am
>> next two months 30 primaries a lot of activity. ainsley: start in west virginia three republicans running to take joe manchin's seat. >> joe manchin first elected in west virginia. 36 years ago. back then being a democrat was a good thing in the state. last year donald trump won it by 42 points. that's why is he vulnerable. evan jenkins is seen as the most establishment candidate. patrick morrisey a little more conservative. don blankenship is running and he is the candidate scaring the republicans the most. blankenship spent time in prison for a mine accident that killed 29 miners. donald trump just tweeted don't vote for blankenship. some polls he is up. >> some polls he is up. we don't know what is going to' harassment blankenship wins, joe manchin is going to breathe a sigh of relief and think he is going to be reelected. jenkins or morici, either way good news for republicans.
4:47 am
ainsley: in ohio. >> in ohio a senate race here. jim renacci has been. mike begin wins and renacci both supporting trump. big trump supporters. i expect renacci will win here. taking on senator brown. going to be a tough fight for republicans. ohio was won by donald trump 8 points. biggest margin in 28 years. this is one of the stretches for the republicans. if renacci wins the primary and pull off upset in the general election that would be huge news for the g.o.p. ainsley: what about the governor race there? >> governor race is a little different. ainsley: kasich term limited. >> never trumper of all never trumpers. ainsley: didn't even go to convention in own state. >> mike dewine and mary taylor running for republican nomination. what do they have in common they are both never kasich. they are both all in for -- they are arguing who is more of a trump supporter. divine is faired. he has been in offic has been-ds
4:48 am
favored. either candidate. this is a republican-leaning state, slightly favored. cordray, you know, on the democratic side is favored. you remember him most recently as channeling elizabeth warren as head of the consumer finance protection bureau. is he favored and he is actually the most moderate democrat in the race. this -- ohio because of both the competitive senate and the governor's race going to be a place to watch come november. ainsley: indiana? >> three candidates running. messer went to wabash college together. they didn't like each other then and don't like each other now. they are bitterly fighting each other. for a long time we thought it would be one of them. mike brawn come in and spent 6 million of his own money. probably favored. any one of the three will give joe done lay good race as long as the republicans can get their act together and put the primary bitterness behind them. ainsley: go to the carolinas talking to a south carolina girl about north carolina is
4:49 am
a little tough. no big statewide primaries here. there is an awful lot of state legislative races in play. republicans currently hold 10 house seats in the carolinas out of 13. there is some redistricting going on. so the primary also see just how well they are going to be able to play defense. how many of these seats can they protect? one race of real interest to me because i spent some time in charlotte. robert pit jerry is seeking re-election. is he doing a rematch of his primary fight from a couple years ago hoping he can hang on in that that one. mark harris came within a couple votes. 25 more of these in the coming months. ainsley: goodness. so fascinating. here we go. gear up, scott. thank you so much. great job. president trump's deadline for the iran deal is only five days away. coming up this saturday. and we know he is not a fan. >> they are marching in the streets saying death to america. i says who signs a deal when they are marching saying death to america? ainsley: u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson is
4:50 am
meeting with the vice president, mike pence, today to convince him to keep it is he going to join us next hour to explain why he feels that way. president assembling a dream team to get into shape. dr. oz made the cut. the doctor is in next. ♪ walk this way ♪ walk this way ♪ walk this way ♪ talk this way ♪ ion to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? full-bodied. but first things first- timcall trugreen,ed. america's #1 professional lawn care company. millions of homeowners like you trust us to give them a lawn they can live on. start your trugreen lawn plan today for only $29.95. your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance.
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4:53 am
is. steve: president trump has assembled a dream team to help get america into shape. the president naming dr. oz to the council on sports fitness and nutrition. brian: council also feature bill belichick, herbal walker encourages americans to be more active and
4:54 am
healthy. ainsley: that's wonderful. dr. mehmet joins us now. steve: congratulations for winning an elm minchts i was getting on a plane to go to italy. i got to meet with the pope. this is a big deal because the pope feels very strongly about the role of technology in medicine. the have this council things like that the pope needs to comment on. the big message to all of us is was we need to get to everybody participate in all the huge advances super stars there had their lives saved by stem cells. most americans still don't have access to the best new technology. we have to change that. steve: from the pope to the president. brian: walk in and win an emmy right from there. >> literally off the plane. my hair was still messy. steve: what are you going to do at the white house. >> involved with kids at healthcare. started health corps kids foundation not long ago. passionate about the see
4:55 am
children as helpless when it comes to our society they're not. i hope to be able to spread more aggressively now that we have a platform that have been proven to help young people lose weight learning what to do. think it's rocket science, it's not. translate content to ction a teach what you to do young people will do it. going the wrong direction. when we ignore children and let social media pull them apart from each other, we don't realize we're aural like raindrops falling into the ocean of humanity. that ocean is also in raindrops. we have to be open with these issues. brian: not just ceremonial you are looking to do something. >> i was involved in the prior administration as well. i think all of us who have the bully pulpit to speak issues of health. we are losing the battle with our children. we can not mortgage the future of this nation by not getting our young people in shape. ainsley: you have a show
4:56 am
coming up about dirty tricks. whistleblowers telling us the dangers in our coffee? what is this about. >> not all coffee. steve: airplane coffee. >> the reason it came up. a bunch of reports on the water in the planes not being clean. you really shouldn't drink the water out of the faucet in the plane probably know that the coffee you drink does come from that water. but we did our own little study. we will talk about it on the show this weeks. i'm not as worried as a lot of the other reports would have led me to believe. steve: airplane coffee is cleared for takeoff? >> cleared for takeoff. brian: check our local listings. congratulations, dr. oz. heck of a street. steve: that's awesome. >> happy birthday. brian: thank you very much. 4 minutes before the top of the hour. nancy pelosi vows takes back the house in mid terms and wants to be speaker again. kevin mccarthy here to react. he wants to be speaker. steve: they have different plans. we have been telling you for along time about liberal bias on college us examines. now the numbers are jaw-dropping. stick around
4:57 am
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♪ steve: robert mueller didn't have a good weekend. why? because two judges said hey, what are you doing. >> the improbable election of donald trump is not probable cause to pursue him. >> russia, russia, is going to be a problem, problem, for the democrats unless mueller has got the goods. >> her nomination will not be derailed by partisan critics the white house ramping up efforts to confirm between that haspel. >> she is more than qualified. that is nothing more than them under-- melissa: rosie o'donnell is i accused of campaign violations. >> she uses four different names. she was trying to cover her tracks. steve: nag association of scholars paints a pretty bleak picture. 40% of all american colleges have zero professors who i.d. as
5:01 am
republican. ♪ steve: up in snoke. brian kilmeade when he goes home, his wife constructs a stage and a bar. at some point they bring out a cake. >> i got word they put down the whiskey. i have something to do. melissa: his kids, by the way -- brian: redneck riviera. melissa: that is big and rich's restaurant. that is their whiskey. brian: this is how special a day. my mom texted three times. she texted me happy birthday. that is how we communicate now. melissa: she didn't used to text? brian: she doesn't text. steve: she's a caller. one of the people that actually use a phone to make phone call. brian: always starts, not five for one.
5:02 am
li 5. steve: marie kilmeade, gave birth to brian kilmeade. brian: does not use auto correct. she gets it right the first time. steve: sometime the president, it appear that he is tweeting you wonder in auto correct is helping him with spelling. he has done a couple tweets the last hour. some regard what is going on with the russia and mueller investigation. melissa: this is one of his latest ones. the russia witch-hunt is rapidly losing credibility. house intelligence committee found no collusion, coordination or anything else with russia. now the probe says, okay, what else is there? how about construction for a made-up phony crime. there is no o. it's called fighting back. 13 angry democrats in charge of the russian witch-hunt are starting to find out there is a court system in place that protects people from injustice. just wait until the courts get to see your unrevealed conflicts
5:03 am
of interest. brian: what he is referring to what happened on friday, judge t.s. eliot, that the judge is referring to. this judge, a reagan employee, looked at the 18 county indictment, manafort lawyers argued that the hearing in lex are far head of the field of the investigating russian meddling. you're looking at something in 2006. they didn't even know each other at the time that is a good point. that is what the judge pointed out. they don't have a retort. they have to come back with an explanation. if it is okay to say michael cohen's problem belongs in the southern district of new york, whatever it is, we need to raid four locations, nothing to do with manafort, the mueller case. so why is the manafort case part of the mueller probe because has nothing to do with the president? steve: so this judge ellis says, hey, real simple. show me the scope memo.
5:04 am
what that does it spells out the scope of the mueller investigation. but the department of justice said, no, judge, that is a big secret. judge saying that is essentially bs you have got to show it to me. there is another judge, regarding, remember you heard about a dozen russians who were indicted for the troll farm? daphne frederick, that u.s. judge said the prosecutors put off scheduled arguement for concord management, one of three companies is named in it as a bot farm, they want to go to trial but they want to seat evidence the government has got. the government is going, we ain't showing anybody evidence. looks if the legal system is pushing back against the mueller probe which looks like might be going a little out of the line. melissa: it is interesting what judge ellis said. here is the transcript. read it, pretty simple. get through the first 10 pages
5:05 am
they're going after manafort because they want to force him to sing about the president. they want to squeeze him. the judge says, you get, you get to tighten the screws and then they will begin to provide information and what you're really interested in. you're not really interested in manafort. you're just trying to go after the president. brian: i don't want to get too far afield, michael flynn situation, james comey reportedly denied, that mike flynn, to their assessment he did not knowingly not tell the truth about any back channel to russia. so they never felt when they questioned him that he was lying to them. steve: there was some sort of a trap. he fell through, looks like he didn't give accurate information. jason chaffetz says, the judges are pushing back because there is no probable cause and mueller is in trouble. >> the improbable election of donald trump is not probable cause to pursue him. the question is, what is it that started this initial probe?
5:06 am
and it has become so far and so wide for judge ellis to push back on this say, show us the scope memo? i love the fact he is pushing back. you don't get unfettered access everywhere, every place. you pursue the truth pursue justice, but you do that through facts and evidence. steve: and it seem in the "wall street journal" mueller, given fact we're six months away from the general election or mueller will have so wrap up the election, or it will have to go dark. it is a justice department policy they do not want to appear they're impacting the u.s. election despite what happened. melissa: rudy giuliani was on the show. i'm sure you watched. he said this is just a trap. that is why he doesn't want the president to testify. then george stephanopoulos presses him and says if it, tell them the truth why does he care, not a trap?
5:07 am
because they will find some way to make him look like its false. in some fantasy world i would love to believe they won't do that. special counsel thinks comey is moses. i have to think comey is judas. brian: wow. pretty strong. can't wait for the ig report to come out soon to find out what happened during the investigation of hillary clinton. that will be big as lisa page quietly left the scene of the fbi over the weekend. steve: apparently a lot of stuff congress is getting mueller himself is able to redact anything he does not want congress to z apparent lited it is considersable. we have talked for years about the liberal bias on american campuses, national association of scholars, what they did, looked at number of schools that don't have any republicans on the faculty. and the number is jaw-dropping. melissa: what is that number, steve? steve: take a look at this, answerer sy. 40%, 39% of colleges have zero
5:08 am
professors who i.d.s as republicans. they looked at -- melissa: big number. steve: think about that, four in 10 have zero republicans on the faculty. melissa: 10.4 to 1. steve: number of democrats, 10.4 to 1 to every republican. melissa: did you look at this when looking for colleges. steve: hard to find something that is truly balanced. brian: my son emailed about safe spaces, he thought the school he went to. this is outrageous. they were sending therapists to off-campus apartments in case people just wanted to talk. steve: two of our three kids went to -- melissa: glad you're spending your money there. brian: adlai stevenson lost. melissa: some of you weighed in. we have a tweet from salvatore. parents need to get involved and pay attention to what your kids are learning in school.
5:09 am
ask what did you learn today? if you don't like what you hear, confront the teacher and school board. wake up america. steve: that is local level. any attendees and graduates know prejudice existed for decades, now complete indoctrination dominates. brian: here is a woman who will not be indoctrinated jillian mele. jillian: if i were in college i don't know i want my parents to confront my teachers. steve: you have to fight your own fights at some point. jillian: fox news alert. florida sheriff's deputy fighting for his life after being shot in the head. deputy william gentry responding to a call about a cat being shot when the suspect pulled the trigger in lake placid. >> we would just ask that you continue to pray for deputy gentry and hopefully that will if i have him the strength to pull through this. jillian: the gunman identified as joseph ables is charged with
5:10 am
attempted murder. he is a convicted felon with a history of violence towards police. genty is a nine-year veteran with the force and serves with his brother, a detective. 26 homes are destroyed as lava flows intensify from hawaii's kilauea volcano and shows no sign of stopping. brand new video showing molten rocks spewing into the area on the big island. the hot lava giving off toxic gas and forcing 1700 people from their homes. kilahua is an active volcano is active volcano but hadn't erupted like this since 1955. colorado rocky's player. >> got him in the shoulder. >> wow. jillian: that was the battery cosheaing off the dugout, right
5:11 am
into the mets third base coach, he barely flinches like nothing happens. the good luck ends there. the mets lost 3-2. brian: they haven't won in a while. steve: are they calling him batman now? brian: thanks so much, jillian. steve: coming up on this monday, president trump has five days left whether or not to bail on the iran nuke deal. boris johnson is meeting with vice president mike pence meet to convince him to meek it. brian: one grandmother never fired a gun before until it was her or the bad guy. >> kill him before he killed me. i hope i taught him and the rest of them a lesson. stay the hell out of people house. effortlessly comfortable.
5:12 am
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♪ >> in the streets saying death to america. i said who signs a deal when they're marching saying, death to america? brian: president trump's deadline to decide the fate of iranian deal just days away, may 12th. our next guest who is meeting the vice president today on the very issue warns it offers the fewest disadvantages. only iran benefits by
5:16 am
withdrawing. here to explain british foreign secretary boris johnson. mr. secretary, make your case by staying in this deal, that you even told us is flawed. >> it is. of course the president is right to see flaws in it. he set a very reasonable challenge to the world. look, iran is behaving badly. iran has a tendency to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles. we have to push back what iran is doing in the region. we have to be tougher on iran. we have to fix the flaws in the deal. one of the most important is this sunset clause which means that after 2025 it allows, the current deal allows to go forward fast with enrichment programs, which could lead to a nuclear weapon. now, no sanctions go back on. we need to find a way of fixing that and the president has been right to call attention to it. but you can't do that without just throwing the baby out with the bath water.
5:17 am
without scrapping the whole thing. if you do that you have to answer the question, what next? what if the iranians rush to a nuclear weapon? are we seriously saying that we'll bomb the facilities at forda and natanz? or we work with what we got and push back. brian: chairman of the arms services committee agrees with you. he doesn't like the deal but what replaces it. are you proposing take 60 days, mr. president, hold on the european leaders will come together with your concerns and put an overlay on it? the problem with that is, iran does not want to do anything. iran sighs i'm sticking stickinh this deal. i'm not talking about a new deal. >> that is right. that is the problem. so what you got to do, you've got to recognize that the heart of the old deal, the existing deal is that it gives iran some reason to hope that they will
5:18 am
have economic benefits in the long run. actually they haven't had much in the last few year. in return for which they don't equip themselves with a nuclear weapon. let me just remind you if they do get a nuclear weapon you will get an arms race in the middle east. you will have the saudis wanting one, the egyptians, emiratis it's a already a dru state. we don't want want to go down that route. brian: here somebody you respect i know. condoleeza rice, former secretary of state. >> yes. brian: we asked her a couple days ago, what if we pull out? >> if we get out of this deal it is going to be just fine. brian: she went on to explain, you know we'll be back to where we were but at the premise, fundamentally they never admitted they had a weapons program. you saw what the israelis have proven. they had a weapons program.
5:19 am
>> yes. brian: you want in, not you, they went into this deal on a false premise. that is what the president -- >> not quite, if i may say, i saw what happened. i saw benjamin netanyahu's excellent presentation that related to the iranian program after 2003. that is why it was a good idea to get them to do this deal and not to have nuclear weapons. by the way we're not just trusting, i mean -- brian: but you're not going to military bases. but you're not going to military bases. you have cameras on military base. >> there have been 400 inspections over last couple years. brian: you call ahead of time, don't you? >> what they have done is, it international atomic energy agency has confirmed, that iran is in compliance. they haven't been rushing for a nuke. let me remind you, before the deal was done, before the deal was done, they could have had a nuke and they were massively enriching uranium. brian: mr. secretary, i want to
5:20 am
finish up. one last question for you. why do you need president trump to do the things that should have been in the first place? why does he have to demand? you should have demanded this? >> i wasn't in office. brian: but your country is? >> so should have america. legitimate point. the president has a legitimate point. he set a challenge for the world. we think you can be tougher on iran, address the concerns of the president and not throw the baby out with the bath water, not junk a deal. as i say plan b does not seem to be to me particularly well-developed at this stage. brian: gotcha. mr. secretary, we have to go. three separate nations addressed the president last three days, respectfully stay in. we'll see if the president stays in or gets out. thank you so much for your time. >> it's a pleasure. brian: the phrase in god we trust now under attack by
5:21 am
democrats. >> this is god who spoke against money. the money i carry in my wallet has to say in god we trust. i think that is offensive. brian: is our nation's motto really offensive? i really hate that. ♪ miracle-gro.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
the bank announced its new firearms pledge. first it was effin-fham, but now more illinois counties are becoming sanctuaries for gun owners. five illinois counties passed resolutions vowing to protect second amendment right if the state passes tougher gun laws. illinois considering a ban on bump stocks and size limit for certaining magazines. melissa: thank you, steve. national motto in god we trust debate in minnesota for schools voluntarily display it on posters. some lawmakers argue against it. >> i'm wondering if senator hall would feel the same if students walked in and instead of the word god, the word allah, which is the word for god in the muslim religion welcomed students to their school. >> the go-ahead who spoke against money, the money i carry in my wallet has to say in got
5:26 am
we trust. i think that is offensive. melissa: is our nation's motto really that offensive? here to debate, assistant for former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. and the gentleman you heard in the sound bite arguing against the bill. senator marti, i heard in the sound bite you in god we trust, you find that offensive that is on the money in your wallet. why do you feel that is offensive? >> i don't think the motto is offensive. the government is choosing to sanction a certain religious motto and trying to push that on all americans. i objected to, i objected to the row proposal for two reasons. one senator hall, the author of it, 21% of americans don't believe in any god. despite his saying he wants to be welcoming and uniting people, this is the opposite of that, for that 21%. it is something foreign to them
5:27 am
not welcoming. i oppose it as christian on behalf of the 79% who do believe in a god i don't think it is appropriate for government to be choosing the terminology, the words, how and where we're pushing things. to me again as i said the motto is not what is offense sieve. the fact government and politic are sanctioning. it doesn't promote religion or welcoming to the schools or anywhere else. melissa: what is your opinion. >> democrats abandoned people of faith in this country and large percentage of their voting base. look back at the 2012 democratic convention, they booed god. they tried to add god in the platform at democratic convention. this was in charlotte. in charlotte we recently saw the funeral service for billy graham. billy graham spoke at bill clinton's inauguration. look how far the democratic
5:28 am
party come bill clinton's inauguration to the 2012 convention where god is booed. where people of faith gotten behind president trump because they have seen the democratic party and war on people of faith and war on god. they have seen their religious freedoms be assaulted. melissa: senator, senator dan hall, the republican who authored this legislation that you know very well, he is saying that this is just voluntary. if a school decides they want to put in ford -- god we trust they can display that on the campus. they can. >> what what it leads to opposie thing, war on religion. i came home from church yesterday, found a vial, obscene phone call on my answering machine i was anti-religion. coming home from church to a message i'm anti-religion. i got lots of emails and text messages other things saying this. that is not who i am. my father's theologian.
5:29 am
go ahead. melissa: how do you explain it? i think when people hear the story, we're taking god out of so much of our country. our country was founded on this. what is wrong with goodness, forgiveness, treat your neighbor as yourself? why do you want to take it out? >> that is exactly i want to treat our neighbors as ourselves. be welcoming to all people, regardless whether they have religious faith or not. that is what we it a to be doing. melissa: how can you tell them about god and god's mercy? >> let me finish. if you want an established church, norwegian, scandinavian governments have official religion. everybody is member of it but nobody goes to church or anything. if you want to promote religion, let people promote it, let churches, families promote it on their own. it is not government. people who shea they hate government should not want government to be sanctioning religious terminology, certain religious mottoes. that is not what government should be doing. government should be staying out of religion. that is the whole point of the first amendment.
5:30 am
>> lauren, i will give you the last word. what are your fears when it comes to this. >> being anti-god is the only form of bigotry left in this country is acceptable. we have so many problems in our school system right now. safety being at the top of the list. and you know, this is what we're focusing on. we're focusing on picking on people's faith right now. and if god is the problem in this country, what in the world is the solution? i'm a mom of two elementary schoolgirls. it really bothers me and it concerns me that we have politicians on the taxpayer dime that are now focused on, more on keeping god out of schools and less on keeping our kids safe in schools. >> as a person of faith i find that offensive what you just said. i find what you said very offensive. i'm a curve going person, i'm -- church-going person i'm sorry. melissa: lauren, senator, thank you for being with us. being called a medical miracle. a teenage boy declared brain-dead. his parents getting ready to pull the plug, then he woke up.
5:31 am
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♪ >> got to get republicans elected. we've got to do great in '18. those midterms we have to do this. [applause] we need judges who will enforce our laws, protect our sovereignty and uphold our american way of life. steve: there you have the president at the nra convention down in dallas, making the case there should be more republicans to congress.
5:35 am
you know who thinks that a good idea? melissa: who is that? steve: the guy standing there in statuary hall, house majority leader kevin mccarthy. >> thanks for having me back on. steve: all the channels talking about the blue wave. the democrats will take over pretty much everything but you say, not so fast, right? >> i say not so fast because, say for one moment, if your viewers closed their eyes, thought the day of at november election that the democrats took the majority and nancy pelosi gave a victory speech, that she was going to become the speaker, why would that make you excited? that tax cut 90% of americans just got she thinks is crumbs. she held all the democrats to vote no on that. the idea of nancy as speaker going forward, what, what are they running on? that they shut the government down? this that they fight us every step of the way to stop our opioid legislation moving through to help those who are
5:36 am
addicted. she stops this president from any appointment he can get to help this government moves forward. now the latest, we're sitting trying to cut the wasteful spending with recision, she is sitting there saying no. under bill clinton they did it 111 times, ronald reagan, 214 times. we made a promise to the american public. worst of all, unemployment is almost lowest it point in 20 years. somebody in college no longer fearful they have to move into their home back with their parents, they're going into one of the strongest places to find a job in this economy we've ever seen. brian: congressman, you have a couple things. big story on "the hill," democrats are starting to panic because running on the anti-trump agenda which is failing so miserably. on your side you have to find a to get wages to rise, gas to decrease, that affects everyday americans. as long as economy has been the wage growth has not been strong. gas is going up. how do you explain both those
5:37 am
things? >> i'm from california. the way the gas went up fastest the democrats raised taxes on it. we're actually in california we submitted an initiative to repeal that gasoline tax. actually lower the price for individuals, just like we did in the tax -- look what we did in the tax code. 48 of the 50 states now have lower elect call bill because they passed on the tax savings. this is what we were able to do. america is about to become energy independent, much because of what we've been able to do repealing that regulatory world and let people go out, usability to find oil and gas, maybe us energy independent, at same time with wind and solar. melissa: congressman, there are four primaries tomorrow. how confident are you that the republicans can keep the majority? >> i'm very confident that we can keep the majority. look, i know history plays against us, only two times since world war ii on an off presidential election the party in power having the white house actually gained seats but
5:38 am
remember this, you have one of the best economies moving forward. 90% of america just got a tax cut in the process. they got their wages increasing. you have a point where you're seeing, look what we did with combating human trafficking. for 10 years we tried to do that. 70% of all that happens on the web. but you know what? we signed that sitting in the oval office. back pages shut down of the those survivors are thanking this president. look what is happening in north and south korea. that has never taken place. you will have security in the world. we made the funding to make sure our military is strong again. we are losing more men and women in training than we are in combat. that part has to stop. that is exactly what we put forward. then we'll come forward and find we can make these cuts. on the money that has been sitting in these funds all the way back to the stimulus. steve: sure. >> that is wasted money we could save the taxpayer. steve: one of the primary states
5:39 am
is west virginia. tomorrow the state will go ahead and pick the republican to challenge joe manchin. but the president in the last 90 minutes, kevin, tweeted this out. to the great people of west virginia, we have together a really great chance to keep making a big difference. the problem is don blankenship currently running for senate can't win the general election in your state, no way. remember alabama. vote representative jenkins or attorney general morrissey. what he is talking about is the fact that the, apparently, according to the polls right now, mr. blankenship is leading the other two by at least five, despite the fact that he did prison time regarding the massey coal mine disaster. >> and he served that time in my district when he was serving in prison of the other part is, he is actually a constituent of nevada. he can't even vote in this election. i think the president is right here. he is leading. let's be smart.
5:40 am
let's look long term. not have the internal battles. put the very best person forward that we can get a majority. look what is happening inside the senate. they are stopping everything. the house passed all aprops bills, schumer shut the government down and wouldn't pass anything over there. when you look at 1200 positions have to be confirmed, if you count the last six presidencies the number of cloture votes on that it is about 24. in this year? 88. the democrats are trying to stop everything. so what the president is saying, let's help this country. put america first. fund the very best person in west virginia and not have a situation where we can't even compete in november. steve: now the people behind you there in statuary hall have significance, don't they? >> yes they do. right after i leave here i give them a tour from the floor this is honors flight from bakersfield, california. this is 16 veterans. from world war ii, 16 from
5:41 am
korea. i flew out of bakersfield with them. we do this on regular basis. how we treat veterans shows how the values of our country. we can not do enough for these individual that gave us our freedoms and defended it. steve: that's nice. one final question. chatter that speaker ryan may be leaving sooner than later. curious what you heard? >> i haven't heard anything like that. look the most important thing we can do to continue to build on the legislative successes we have. we're fighting for the opioid bills. we passed 6 0 in subcommittee in congress pend democrats fought us. brian: democrats are outraising you guys significantly. that has to worry you? >> it worries me but i was on the road. i was with the vice president, we did very well in california, people wouldn't suspect. i will tell you this, people can underestimate us. they have done that before. this is the same thing nancy pelosi said in the time before. all they want to do is capture this government to impeach this
5:42 am
president, or stop anything from happening or raising your taxes. i think the american public is too smart for that. they have watched unemployment the lowest it has been in 18 years. they watched the world become safer. there is so much more we can do to make this country greater. melissa: congressman, thanks so much. give all the folks on the honor flight hugs and kisses from us. we're so grateful for their service. >> i will. steve: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley what is coming up? melissa: the caravan of illegal immigrants still parked at border trying to get into the country. attorney general jeff sessions is going down there to personally send them a message. we're live. brian: remember this with janice's interview with the owner of the horse justify? >> will you join us if this horse wins. >> absolutely. absolutely. brian: he is a man of his word. the owner of the kentucky derby winner joins us live. ♪
5:43 am
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claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. jillian: good monday morning to you, back with quick headlines. look at video. carnival dream cruise is back in port after flooding nightmare a water main break forcing thousand of gallons to pour into a hallway. 50 rooms were affected by flood. some had to sleep on growing today mats. carnival offering a full refund and a discount on future cruise. this is such a incredible story. a teenage boy regains consciousness a day after the parents agreed to donate his organs. trenton mckinley injured his skull in an accident. they were about to take him off life-support in alabama, he came back to life.
5:47 am
in that moment, trenton thought he was in heaven. >> i was walking down, more like a open field, walking straight. there is no other explanation but god. there is no other way that i could have came back. jillian: trenton's family says he is getting stronger every day. that is an amazing story. guise? melissa: god bless him. that is a great story. thanks, jillian. attorney general jeff sessions is heading to our southern border today. steve: mr. sessions will sus discuss the border with i.c.e. as illegal border crossings surge. brian: griff jenkins joins us from washington with more. reporter: brian, good morning to you. happy birthday to you. attorney general sessions will hold a press conference at 4:00 p.m. with outgoing i.c.e. director thomas homan. location is unknown. that is where the caravan of migrants have been crossing. according to local media reports
5:48 am
in san diego, approximately 228 members of that caravan which would essentially be all of them, now crossed as of yesterday morning. the group itself, people without borders was saying going into the weekend that number of migrant to cross was 158, according to their numbers. this essentially would have been essentially the last 70 or so. what is more as strong niching according to customs and border protection there was slight increase in illegal crossings overall compared to last month but 223% increase compared to april of last year. this after attorney general sessions announced last week that he is sending more prosecutors and immigration judges to the border to try and stop the problem. of course on saturday we saw the president calling for tougher borders. it will be interesting to see guys, what comes of the press conference today. i reached out to that group of caravan folks to see if they have a comment. they do not. brian: do they call themselves
5:49 am
caravan folks? reporter: they do. they call themselves caravan folks. people without borders. they have been doing this yearly but for some reason this time they wanted to make a big splash in the media. steve: because they had some reporters embedded with them, reporting live from the caravan, and we know all about it. griff, excellent report. thank you. brian: very professional. reporter: thank you. melissa: for a change? brian: no, just struck me as professional. melissa: thanks, griff. steve: meanwhile, speaking of professional, the owner of justified, the who are, promised janice he would come on our show if the horse won the kentucky derby. he is a man of his word. the horse won. he is next. brian: check in with bill hemmer. who by the way lent me his white shirt. >> how did it work? brian: it worked great. melissa: this one? >> on friday i filled in but i didn't want to wear the same outfit. i forgot it. hemmer stemmed up. melissa: all the same size.
5:50 am
>> this is my birthday present to brian. don't take it to the dry cleanerses. put it back in my office. breaking news overnight, entire homes wiped out by steaming lava. what a scene we have today. is john kerry privately working to keep the iran legal deal? the president's legal team says the mueller probe acted in bad faith. that is their case. how the strategy could change today. senator tim scott in moments at the top of the hour. i'm about to start the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge. so my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty.
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[horns blowing] >> tell me about justify. every one is talking about this horse. >> horse definitely will have a real shot today. he is special. >> while i have sol, will you join us if this horse wins? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> there you go. steve: here he is, drinking
5:54 am
dunkin' donuts. melissa: you're a finance guy. you live in boston, how did you get into horse racing? >> totally random. i had a good friend of mine, i really like the sport. there is gambling. art of doing a deal. it is great with your family. melissa: drinking. pretty ladies. >> we put a group together. there is four of us. we bought a bunch of horses. we ended up really good one in the group. brian: didn't know much about horse racing? >> literally nothing. the horse won the breeders cup first year. took on crazy journey. named after my wife. that was nice way to get the family involved. been a great journey since. >> this horse i think it will win it all. i do. steve: what are the odds, triple crown? >> you have to get lucky. you have to stay healthy. obviously really hard. steve: you or the horse?
5:55 am
>> i'm not healthy. >> there is something about this horse. every one was talking about this horse comparison to american pharoah and some of the greatest horses of all time. >> he has done nothing wrong. he has all the ingredients to be really special. i think he will be a big favorite in the preakness. then you come back in the belmont. >> belmont. brian: long distance. melissa: i love the jockey. the jockey said i want to thank my lord and savior jesus christ and blessing us with this amazing horse. >> a big fan. a big fan. brian: so you glad you did it. were you willing to lose your money and not be successful? >> yeah. i think you have to. you have to, you know, just like anything you're investing in. but you obviously have the ability to get lucky and do well as well. >> this guy is a family guy. we wanted you to come on sunday after the race at kentucky. i have a lacrosse game with my son. maybe on monday. wonderful family guy. the races are becoming a family
5:56 am
event. i saw a lot of families getting involved. you know there, is something about horse racing i really truly love. those two minutes, really brings the country together. i sometimes think we're so divided sometimes but every one was watching that race. and in the mud! justify came through. >> it was awesome. steve: pulling for audible that is your horse. >> his filly won in the oaks. can you play the lottery with me. steve: thank you very much. congratulations. brian: hope things turn around for you. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. ♪
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6:00 am
>> there are reports that gina haspel offered to withdraw her nomination. we're looking to figure that out today on monday. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom." sandra has a few days off. it's been some time. welcome back. nice to see you. >> happy monday to you. i'm julie banderas in for sandra this morning. haspel decided to move forward with her nomination after a weekend phone call with president trump. the president also showing his support publicly this morning on twitter tweeting my highly respected


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