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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 7, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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bozeman from black panther. various crucifixes. are they going to do that with the prophet mohammed and islam? i doubt it. that's my thought. cultural appropriation? you can't put on a sombrero on cinco de mayo, that's terrible terrible. tweet me your thoughts. to. sand and potomac shannon bream is up next. a lot of breaking news tonight. >> shannon: is a busy night, thank you very much. we begin with a fox news alert. the deadline was saturday but president trump is ready to lay it all on the line. tomorrow, 2:00 p.m. eastern a major announcement on the iran nuclear deal. is he leaning in or out? that is moments away. for women accused the new york attorney general eric schneiderman of beating, humiliating and threatening them. we got breaking news on the story tonight. plus the first lady unveils her be best initiative in the media attacks continue. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. it is turning out to be a defining week for the trump doctrine. major moves from iran to
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north korea and a big push on capitol hill for his nominee to run the cia. gina haspel. got coverage tonight. covering the so-called shadow diplomacy by obama official as they try to save their signature diplomatic achievement, the iran nuke deal. picked to lead the cia as they seek to declassify more of her records. we begin with ed henry with more on what is driving the president to make an announcement on iran ahead of schedule. >> great to see you. the main reason president trump is leaning towards pulling out of the deal tomorrow is pretty simple. he called it a disaster negotiated by barack obama. vowed to rip it up if elected president. here we are now, at the real question seems to be of the president offers any kind of gesture to european allies. he was giving them a time window to try and at least negotiate a tougher deal or at least let the french and germans among others have the ability to do business without new u.s. sanctions hitting them. even before john bolton came on
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board as national security advisor, mike pompeo confirmed the secretary of state, the president was pointing to that saturday deadline and whether or not to reinstate sanctions against iran as an inflection point. the hard-line views from iran from bolton and pompeo have only embolden the president to take this tough view of the inability to trust iran about the nuclear ambitions after that intel released earlier this month by the israelis. also because of all kinds of actions iran has been taking and threats it's been issuing to further destabilize the mideast. israeli newspapers today focusing on yet another new intel assessment suggesting tehran is now planning to attack israel as retaliation for israel's strike on syria in april that killed several advisors. over the weekend another iranian proxy, hezbollah made major gains in a lebanese. that may explain why he was so aggressive this week and trying to observe the preserve the de.
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republican senator john kennedy today called out the iranian president for using the iran deal to fund terror. >> we gave them $100 billion plus and do you know what he did with it? did he use it to help the people of iran? know. if you just exported terrorism. >> salvaging part of the deal by negotiating a new one when he held recent meetings with leaders of france and germany. today they met to urge that path, but rudy giuliani took time out from serving as president's lead attorney in the rector probe to deliver remarks this weekend at a conference put together by the organization of iranian american communities and he suggested the president is going to take a hard line. >> what you can do is be tougher on iran, address the concerns of the president and not throw the baby out with the bathwater. >> a president who is tough, president doesn't listen to the
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people who are naysayers and a president that is as committed to regime change as we are. >> there are some republicans offering a more moderate path forward. mac thornberry, telling chris wallace that the president should delay the decision and give them a chance to get a new agreement. you see giuliani use phrases like regime change, it does not seem the president is in a compromising mode. >> shannon: thank you very much. gina haspel, the president's pick to lead the cia will face some tough questions from the senate intelligence committee as a group of senate democrats is not pushing for details about her decades of secret undercover service at the cia. joins us live tonight with the very latest. >> haspel spent 32 over 33 years at the cia undercover, that's why so much of her record is classified. a few hours ago the cia dropped off binders for senators full of classified information that
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covers her career as a covert officer. but several democratic senators are still accusing the agency of selective declassification ahead of wednesday's hearing. they want more of her records made public. >> looking forward. >> the first woman ever nominated to be director of the cia tina haskell said monday up on capitol hill meeting with some of her fiercest critics on the senate intelligence committee. >> we talked about an awful lot of things that helped clarify for me and it was very helpful. >> i want her to be straight about some of the issues that the agency has struggled with in the past and for her to take ownership moving forward in a way that gives me confidence that she will be good at avoiding those kinds of problems. >> what senator heinrich is referring to the cia program of enhanced interrogation of terror
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suspects after 9/11. critics have called it torture. haspel was the -- two terrorism suspects were waterboarding. today president trump came to her defense on twitter saying haspel has come under fire because she was too tough on terrorists. vice president mike pence accused democrats of playing politics with her nomination. >> as i speak to you today tinaa haspel enjoys support from both parties. john brennan and michael hayden. >> indeed "the wall street journal" is reporting that more than 50 former top national security and intelligence officials have signed letter supporting her nomination. >> those who know her best including high-ranking obama era officials are behind her 100%. >> many democrats like senator ron wyden save the american people are still in the dark about who this nominee actually is. >> there has been selective declassification. there has been a very aggressive
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public influence campaign and there have just been a boatload of misinformation. >> senator wyden is one of the senators that haspel will be meeting with privately when she returns to have done my capitol hill tomorrow. we will see if she's able to sway his opinion. >> shannon: she continues to run the gauntlet there on the hill. thank you very much. the president says john kerry's efforts to keep the u.s. in the iran deal might be illegal. let's get more from correspondent rich edson at the state department tonight. >> good evening, shannon. it former of state john kerry is lobbying to hold together the iran nuclear agreement. he's meeting with officials from iran, france, germany and the european union. "the boston globe" was the first to report the former secretary's efforts. at the white house is dismissing the effort. president tweeted the united states does not need john kerry's possibly illegal shuttle diplomacy on the very badly negotiated iran deal. he was the one that created this mess in the first place.
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those close to him say he believes the u.s. should be pushing for iran to continue sticking to its obligations under the deal and there's nothing wrong with advocating that. in a statement, the former secretary spokesperson said secretary carrie stayed in touch with his former counterparts around the world. just like every former secretary of state. like america's closest allies he agrees the nuclear agreement, which took the world years to negotiate remain effective. one former senator disagreed. >> john kerry is not negotiating on behalf of the u.s. governmen government. i hope everybody he's talking knows that. but in my opinion what he's doing is inappropriate and who shouldn't be doing it. >> republicans also point to the criticism of michael flynn, the president's first national security advisor. he met with russian officials before trump assumed office. >> what john kerry is doing is much worse than anything general flynn did. it why? because john kerry is today a private citizen. he's working directly against
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the current administration whereas what was michael flynn doing? he was part of the transition team of an incoming administration. >> while the former secretary of state privately pushes to hold the iran deal together, european governments are doing so publicist delma publicly. boris johnson met with secretary of state mike pompeo here at the state department. iran's president says this country could stay part of the deal even if the united states withdraws. if the other countries part of this agreement remain committed. shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much. democratic congressman from california john garamendi met with john kerry last week to discuss the iran deal. he joins us now. the congressman sits on the on services committee. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: what you make of this characterization, saying it's inappropriate -- former senator and former secretary gary is doing now, what you think you might >> i don't think it's inappropriate all. i think he's talking about the deal and how it works, why it's important and that's important
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not only for the other nations to know, but certainly for us to know here. it's really a diversion. the president in about 15 hours from now is going to make an extremely important decision and as it was reported earlier here on your show it's possible that that decision can just torpedo all of the efforts to stop iran from building a nuclear weapon, that they will just go forward. >> shannon: obviously the administration sees it differently. you actually said it does need some changes. >> the actual deal it was about the nuclear weapons. that's working. the international review, what is going on in iran, that's taking place. we are quite certain that they are doing nothing right now. israel said they were doing something in the past years. that's true. but since this deal has been in place, there has been no further effort and in fact they have rolled back -- they put concrete into the nuclear reactor so it couldn't be used.
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there are many different pieces to this. the rest of the story deals with what iran is doing in the neighborhood. clearly they are bad actors. clearly they do have a ballistic missile effort underway, so why don't we do this, why don't we keep the deal in place as it exists today and then build on it, use it as a foundation. the nuclear issue, in place. now they can build on the other pieces of the puzzle. that would seem to me to be the way to go forward. >> shannon: i know you get additional briefings about what's going on with iran but one of the major problems that everybody has from israel to people who disagree with the deal here in the u.s. is the verification process, this idea that they have 21-24 days -- when they were approached about an inspection to move on with that. former deputy director of the iaea, the agency that watches over, said this, a 24 day adjudicated timeline reduces detection probabilities exactly where the system is weakest, detecting undeclared facilities and materials. are you confident that we have a
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real picture of what is going on in iran? >> i'm very, very confident. i'm confident for several reasons. first of all, when you are messing around with nuclear material you leave behind trace elements and those are detectable. you can get rid of them. they are there and they are not going to be able to be hidden. if somebody is doing something in some facility which we have under this agreement, the iaea has the right to inspect every facility that they suspect something is going on, that's where the 25 days. if they are doing something there they have left behind critical isotope markers that cannot be taken away. you simply scan those. you are doing something here. now they are in violation. and all of the sanctions have what are known as a snap back. if they are not being obeyed, if the -- if iran is engaged in some sort of nefarious activity, the sanctions immediately snap back. let's build off what we have. we've got a good start on a major problem in the
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middle east. iran with a nuclear weapon. they will not have one for a long, long time to come, at least a decade, probably even longer than that. >> shannon: there are many critics who don't agree with that and are very skeptical. i want to finish by circling back on secretary gary. if special counsel bob mueller is truly interested in investigating people colluding with foreign powers, john kerry should be target number one for secretly meeting with iran -- we know now that's more than one and other foreign officials in recent weeks to usurp u.s. foreign policy. it goes on to say what other deep state officials have been working with him to sabotage u.s. foreign interest? congress must open an investigation to find out. a failure to do so will reveal just how partisan and corrupt the department of justice has become. >> that was written by somebody that had an agenda. i expected that was not "the boston globe" editorial board. it's a colonist that has an agenda. that's understandable. ab there is something there. investigations are always appropriate if they are balanced and if they are just and they
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really go after the truth. the question here happens to be what are we going to do? we are going to spend all of our time on really a side track, not even a minor sideshow, the major show here is the deal itself. by the way, the american foreign policy is not established. when carrie was out and about doing this that there no secretary of state. president trump, to this moment has not established with the american policy is with regard to the iran nuclear deal. he said he doesn't like it. he said he doesn't like it. >> shannon: he's very unhappy with it. he's going to give a decision tomorrow. >> but he hadn't yet decided what the policy is. he's unhappy. fine, he's got the problem. what is the policy? not established, so how could john kerry go against the american policy, which up until this moment, until 2:00 tomorrow, is the nuclear deal. the american policy hasn't changed. it is the nuclear deal. the president can change it and at that point maybe there is
8:15 pm
something to this op-ed. >> shannon: we will continue to watch that. we will all be watching 2:00 tomorrow. thank you visiting us for tonight. >> thank you for raising an important issue. >> shannon: mike pence announcing sanctions on the venezuelan intelligence service. two of his aides and 20 companies for narcotics trafficking. the organization of american state. those sanctioned today join dozens -- the u.s. has already targeted. the white house calling it orwellian nonsense. the chinese government demanding u.s. airlines change how they refer to taiwan, hong kong and macau on websites and promotional material. press secretary saying american air carriers should resist the efforts to impose chinese political correctness on them. breaking news tonight, disturbing allegations against new york attorney general eric schneiderman, one of president trump's fiercest critics, the outspoken voice for
8:16 pm
women's rights now facing his own #metoo allegation. trace gallagher has brand-new breaking developments. and of ugly race gets even uglier as president trump weighs in. instead of endorsing a cantonment he's telling voters who not to vote for. chris stirewalt is here to help us make sense. and then we will go out to hawaii on the very latest on the devastation being caused by the volcano. and what folks are doing to get out of harm's way. ♪ (vo) i was born during the winter of '77. i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'll always drive a subaru.
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. a bombshell report tonight, and alleged physical abuse of multiple women by new york attorney eric schneiderman. a so-called champion of choice in the report is getting stunning reaction almost instantly. trace gallagher following the story live from our not los angeles newsroom, trays. >> the new york attorney general initially tried to push back, but the allegations were ugly and within a few hours eric schneiderman had resigned his office. two of the four women accusing schneiderman of sexual misconduct publicly identified themselves, two did not. but all of them paint a similar portrait of a man who they claim drinks heavily and engages in physical and mental abuse before, during, and after sex. one of the woman describes being in his upper west side apartment
8:21 pm
in manhattan following a night out saying he backed her up to the bed and "all of a sudden he just slapped me openhanded and with great force across the face, landing the blow directly onto my ear." she claims he accused her of scratching him telling her that hitting an officer of the law is a felony. before resigning schneiderman released a statement saying in the privacy of intimate relationships i have engaged in role-playing and other consensual activities. i have not assaulted anyone. i have never engaged in nonconsensual sex, which is a line i would not cross. the woman who claims he slapped her across the face claims i want to make it absolutely clear this was under no circumstances a sex game gone wrong. this did not happen while we were having sex. a sri lankan woman says schneiderman called her his "brown slave" and wanted her to call him master. she too says the abuse was not role-play.
8:22 pm
though his ex-wife jennifer cunningham has no weight in saying these allegations are completely inconsistent with the man i know, who has always been someone of the highest character, outstanding values and a loving father. it's interesting to note that in 2013 donald trump tweeted he's gone, spitzer is gone, next will be light weight eric schneiderman. is he a crook? wait and see. worse than spitzer or weiner. last year when he sued the weinstein company from not protecting its employees. the new york attorney general said this. >> women were coerced into facilitating harvey weinstein's misconduct. sometimes they were targets themselves. if they refused they were threatened with insults. their careers were threatened, they were threatened with physical intimidation and violence. >> no surprise, the new york republican party called tonight for schneiderman to step down
8:23 pm
but when new york democratic governor andrew cuomo also called for his resignation he knew the pressure was mounting. cuomo has also called for a full investigation. the nypd says it has no complaints on file against eric schneiderman. >> shannon: thought resignation official end of business tomorrow. thank you very much. minority leader nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics investigation into a fellow california congressman, democrat tony cardenas. he recently acknowledged he is an unnamed defendant in a case alleging he molested a 16-year-old. he denied all the allegations. pelosi says he will fully cooperate with that investigation. the race is heating up just hours to go before the first big primary day of 2018. the president begging west virginia voters not to pull a moore" but don blankenship is not listening is one of his opponents picks up on that line of criticism. >> i think people are beginning to know and especially president trump that nominating
8:24 pm
him would be an electoral disaster for west virginia because i think he would be defeated by joe manchin. we are seeing more and more people talk about that from the president of the united states on down. >> my recent polling is showing is up 18-20 points, so we don't think even president trump can stop it. >> shannon: let's bring an west virginia native and fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. welcome. >> not born in west virginia, raised in west virginia. >> shannon: but you claim it. >> and west virginia and, yes, ma'am. >> shannon: this is the tweet from the president to the great people of west virginia, we have together a really great chance to keep making a big difference. the problem is don blankenship currently running for senate can't win the general election in your state. no way! remember alabama, vote jenkins or morrissey. a lot of folks out there say everyone thought donald trump couldn't win. please going wild and wonderful like they do in west virginia. who's to say of any of these
8:25 pm
three could or couldn't beat him? >> everything that was said about him was set about donald trump at 2016. i remember because i said some of it. one of the reasons that roy moore won in alabama was because alabamians said to trump if you can do it, why can't he? the allegations -- they are not allegations, what don blankenship was convicted of it is very different than the allegations against roy moore for creeping on teenage girls when he was a prosecutor. this is a very different kind of thing. do you know what else is different? the state is different. in alabama the republicans had a sure thing that they gave away. they gave away because voters in alabama were insistent on having roy moore. west virginia is a different situation. this is a seat that has been in democratic hands since 1959. joe manchin has been elected four times statewide since west virginia started going republican on the presidential level. this is not an easy out. this is not a give me, and the
8:26 pm
real problem in the end that morrissey and jenkins have is there's no positive argument, there's no conclusive argument that says he is dead meat but one of these other two guys is good. it's not like that. this is a much more hurly-burly, rough-and-tumble race and blankenship can make arguments that he can run better than either of the two of them. >> shannon: i love even after the criticism from the white house he says you don't understand, i'm for you. you are going to love me when i get to washington because i'm even more trump than trump and i can't wait to get there and support the president's agenda. an interesting back-and-forth between the two sides. >> a lot of this has to do, we should remember, with rich mcconnell. he is an avowed enemy of don blankenship and don blankenship, no love lost. i'm so the senate majority leader has let the white house know we don't want this guy no matter what. >> shannon: can we quickly talk about indiana? we've got republican g.o.p. situation there for the senate.
8:27 pm
accusations that one is a rhino, always been a democrat even though he was elected to the statehouse as a republican. where do we go with this one? >> the republicans are -- the democrats have plenty of problems on their side in terms of primaries. we talked about the many times before coast-to-coast. but as we look forward to tuesday, some of these races in west virginia and indiana in particular, it may not matter who the eventual winner is so much as how vile these primaries are. the rottenness of this indiana primary, the personal vile nature of these things. think about it this way. if you fight on issues in a primary those issues generally don't carry over into the general election because it's a different issue set for two different electorates. but it's personal and character attacks, that goes right over into the general electorate. it gives them a running start to remember everything you heard about what a dirt bag is person is? i agree. here are the ads. >> shannon: tomorrow night we may have some results to talk
8:28 pm
about. an end if he doesn't win he will mount a third-party run. >> i think of only if it's morrissey. i think you might do it there. >> shannon: west virginia comes out tonight. we will see long distance. thank you. attorney general jeff sessions gets caught saying anyone who gets caught illegally crossing will be prosecuted. congressman joins us live to weigh in on the illegal immigration crackdown and why workers should be paying very close attention to the nafta in a good negotiations rosie o'donnell exceeds the legal limit to multiple democrat candidates. did you break the law and will she be prosecuted just like a conservative filmmaker was for doing much less during the obama administration? ♪ not always easy. it's a long-distance run. and you have the determination to keep going.
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>> shannon: attorney general jeff sessions responding to house intelligence committee devin nunes who has called for congress to hold sessions in contempt possibly. he says the justice department has failed to hand over classified materials related to the russia investigation. today in southern california at the attorney general had this to say. >> the department of justice has written him a letter and responded as appropriate to him. the request he has made is one that the intelligence community and department of justice feels is not grant double. we have explained that we would be willing to talk to him about it before. the details of which i couldn't discuss. >> shannon: chairman nunes a short while ago responded to that saying he would like to discuss it with the attorney general. >> i want to talk to mr. sessa end. he said today that he wants to discuss things. that's good, i want to talk to him. i actually don't believe that he saw my letter. i really don't. i don't think the
8:34 pm
attorney general side. we had to move to the subpoena, which i'm sure he found out about that. >> shannon: meanwhile the attorney general with some strong warnings for illegal border crossers, today announcing that the department of homeland security will send anyone crossing the southern border for prosecution. joins us live. we hadn't set you up or asked you to come today to talk about this dispute between the doj and the house but you are just chomping at the bit, i can see, to say something about this. do you think the attorney general did not see the letter from nunes and if not, why not? >> i think he's being a little bit charitable there and sessions, i respect incredibly, but his answer that he just showed on the clip, the intelligence agencies have determined. the intelligence agencies work underneath the president and they are coequal to the congress. congress' article one before article two, the president. when we ask for documents that are all redacted and marked up with black lines it's not us asking, if the american people
8:35 pm
asking. we are the representatives of the people, so basically what you're hearing from sessions is the attorney general and the intelligence agencies don't want to give documents to the american people so that we can run our government of, by and for the people. >> shannon: you know the doj says they have been providing you the documents. i don't know where this is getting crossed, wires here because they say they've provided documents. they have a center set up at doj were people from either side of the aisle can come and look at hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. the memo that launched the entire thing, the russia investigation, heavily redacted. i know they say they can't give you that because there's an ongoing criminal investigation but there is a federal judge that has given them two weeks to cough it up. >> there is article three, the judiciary. thank god a judge has stepped in and said you don't determine the scope, i do. so the judiciary, why do they get to see the redacted documents when congress, who has oversight of the executive, doesn't? congress is number one because
8:36 pm
we represent the people's interest. the people's interest is being dismissed here. >> shannon: we will allow -- there is some agreeing to disagree between the house g.o.p. and the doj. let's talk about immigration. the attorney general very tough on this today, including this message he said about those who would try to bring youngsters into the u.s. >> if you smuggle illegal aliens across our border then we will prosecute you. if you are smuggling a child then we will prosecute you. and that child may be separated from you as required by law. >> shannon: "the new york times" picking up on that. they said more than 700 children have been taken from adults claiming to be their parents since october. they go on to quote someone saying the idea of punishing parents for trying to save their children's lives is fundamentally cruel and un-american. that's director of migrant
8:37 pm
rights and the justice program at the women's refugee commission. what do you make of this? you listen, the justice department says we are doing that in some cases. >> this is exactly why you need to pass the goodlatte bill. it's a well thought out rational policy that is systematic and covers all of these bases. the left, we will give you 700,000 daca relief. bring the kids out of the shadows, that's compassionate. trump even went beyond that, he said to millie. the left says no to that deal. what we are trying to keep from happening as we want to be compassionate to the people in the shadows, but if we keep showing compassion over and over and over we send a signal and put out a green light, keep coming from honduras, guatemala, south america, central america across the border illegally, then you don't have the rule of law anymore. and that we have to be stiff on. we need to send a very clear signal and when president trump first came into office of the border crossings went way down. it's only after we have gotten lax. paul ryan promised us we would
8:38 pm
pass that goodlatte bill this year and that is why this is so important. that will send a signal to the rest of the world, the united states is a beacon of liberty. we are welcoming, we are compassionate. we used to bring in about 500,000 folks legally, now a million and a half last year legally. they went through the line and now folks are coming and claiming refugee status, some of them have been coaxed, et cetera. if that progressive groups working with them. that's been on the news every night for the past week. sessions got it right, we need to make a firm announcement that we will follow the law and you see that is a continuing theme. after the obama years the certainty in the law with local law enforcement, law enforcement at the border and the fbi and the intelligence community. all of this is in question right now so we have to restore credibility to all of these institutions and we will get it straight. in a few years we will have this straightened out and we can continue to be the compassionate country we are, but compassion,
8:39 pm
grace goes with the law. >> shannon: wanted to talk to about nafta. we'll come back and talk about that? we are out of time. those negotiations continue and they are important things for american workers to know. come back and talk about the visas. the volcano continues to swallow up homes, vehicles and neighbor is out there in hawaii. we will have a report from that state on the devastation and what is next for the residents. in the media on attack. melania trump lays out a campaign for adults and children to be best. >> i believe that we can be best at educating our children about the importance of a healthy and balanced life. ♪ we grow it. give us the frontiers. the places where success is measured in pushed limits. give us the middle of nowhere.
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♪ >> north and south korea, why can't i solve us? >> sorry, donald. it's too late for that. i know you don't believe in climate change but the storm is coming, baby. >> shannon: former "snl" stars like joe piscopo are criticizing saturday night live for featuring adult film performer stormy daniels. a lifelong democrat who then supported president trump wishes the show didn't have an overtly partisan tone night after night and worries the skit itself was in poor taste. >> it was such a great organized
8:44 pm
sketch written. don't put stormy daniels in there. how do i get on get on "saturday night live"? you be an adult film star? >> shannon: actor alec baldwin, who of course please him, joe asked what i will tell my children. you tell them that trump is a compulsive adulterer who pays off stars with money from dubious sources. what else? sarah sanders about first lady melania trump's platform, be best, which she said would tackle opioid abuse and social media pressures like cyberbullying among young people. also ask about a "washington post" report that the president and mrs. trump live apart. >> just when you think "the washington post" can't get things anymore wrong, they do and that is an outrageous and ridiculous claim. the first lady lives here at the white house. we see her regularly. >> does the president accept any responsibility for american skepticism that the first lady from the white house would be speaking out against cyberbullying? to see except responsibility for
8:45 pm
this climate that exists right now that there is no need to sort of address an issue like cyberbullying? >> i think the idea that you are trying to blame cyberbullying on the president is kind of ridiculous. it is something that has been problematic something that we have seen over the last decade. >> shannon: comedian rosie o'donnell reportedly making campaign contributions over the legal limit to five democrat candidates including congressman adam schiff of the house until committee. and alabama senator doug jones who defeated g.o.p. challenger roy moore. telling the post if she broke the law the candidate should refund her donation and that she just assumed candidates will not accept what is over the limit. let's talk about rosie and those contributions with the next panel. democratic strategist and former senior advisor to hillary clinton's campaign and lisa boothe. great to see both of you tonight. let's talk about what we are talking about here.
8:46 pm
we will put these up. the five over the limit that we know about. doug jones, conor lam, adam schiff, lauren underwood and omar saeed. by the way, in reading her response to this she said basically i didn't know, i get really upset and sometimes i go online at night and i'm really frustrated with the president so then i donate. and that's what i do. what do you make of it? >> i think the only reason we are having this conversation, number one, is because of who was actually donating the campaign funds and who she was donating to. i'm in the political consulting business. i know how it goes. these mistakes happen all the time. the fact of the matter is when they are caught it's very easy for the campaign to refund the money or put the money towards another cycle because sometimes depending on your state and depending on whether it's a federal or local election, it depends upon the election laws in that particular state how it goes.
8:47 pm
>> shannon: in less you are a conservative filmmaker who has made films about both president obama and candidate hillary clinton and her name is dinesh d'souza. he wound up with a felony for doing one instance of this, may be two. he pled 21 and he had a world of hurt loaded on him during the obama administration. >> absolutely, shannon. i think that's where the frustration is. there's clearly some hypocrisy here. if we took a page out of the obama handbook here in rosie o'donnell would be facing a $30,000 fine, eight months in a halfway house and five years of probation for doing the exact same thing that dinesh d'souza did. that's the problem here. also what i find interesting is we have five different violations here using multiple new york addresses, multiple aliases and she said that she used the act blue website and on the website it specifically says that it is set up to prevent these violations from happening where there's limits on the
8:48 pm
page. i think it's surprising. i've never donating to act blue, as i'm sure we all know here. that's what the website says, so that might explain why she actively used multiple aliases and addresses to try and skirt the website and the way it is set up. >> lisa, have you ever worked on a campaign before? >> i worked on multiple campaigns. >> have you ever been in contact with the finance folks and their moments in the midst of a campaign in which donations are coming right and left from any and everywhere across the country and so these things kind of happen very often. i don't know if you've ever been on a campaign with these things frequently happen. >> if that's the case, then who was responsible? the donor? in this case that would be rosie o'donnell and if she complained or says i don't know about the law or don't know exactly how it works, i counted on the website to help me, why couldn't dinesh d'souza claim the same thing, that he didn't know?
8:49 pm
>> i think both parties share some of the responsibility. keep in mind, this is not some isolated incident. it happens all the time. now that the situation has been caught or this issue has come to light i think it's very -- >> shannon: very quick. i give you five seconds her. >> nobody is saying that it doesn't happen frequently. the problem is the double standard here in the way that dinesh d'souza was treated. also, i find it hard to believe that it wasn't intentional considering the fact that she set up multiple aliases as well as multiple addresses. the problem here is the intent, or at least it looks like it was certainly intentional to try to skirt the law. >> shannon: we will stand by to see if anything happens with rosie. thank you both for weighing in. >> thanks, shannon, have a great night. to be with the latest on that volcano. incredible pictures on the devastation. a report from hawaii. you will hear from folks who have been affected. stay with us.
8:50 pm
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a governor for all of california.
8:53 pm
>> shannon: lava spewing from the erupting volcano in hawaii is destroying thousands of homes, cars and businesses. on the big island to make to tell us more. >> sky high. it was incredible. it was fuming, it was rolling. it was thundering. the rocks are flying out of the ground.
8:54 pm
>> since first erupting thursday the volcano hasn't stopped. >> it seems like the flows are extending further from the fishers. the eruption is progressing. >> this image shows ten separate fissures showing a portion of estates. >> 5:30 this morning. just learn to his house survived a volcano. >> my house is about 200 yards from the initial eruption. she's going to do her thing so we will come back when she let's us. >> the eruption and two subsequent earthquakes forced some 2,000 to evacuate. sunday police allowed residents back into retrieve medications, pets, papers and appliances. pamela discovered she now owns two worthless housing covered in what appeared >> 2 acres that are down -- no structure.
8:55 pm
>> this woman is also safe but homeless. >> the whole house was on fire. gone. >> homes destroyed, others likely will be. a red cross shelter, hundreds wait to find out what's next. >> what's going to happen? if we lose our firm, we don't know where we are going to go. >> the one question no one can answer, when will these eruptions stop? only mother nature knows. >> shannon: thank you very much. more news right after this. ♪ allergies with sinus congestion and pressure?
8:56 pm
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the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. >> shannon: he had enough credits to graduate with an
9:00 pm
associate's degreechlt he would like to fiend a cushy job and play golf. congrats to you, sir. good night from washington. i am shannon, bream. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to t >> tucker: good evening, welcome to tucker carlsson. you know we are trying to keep an open mind about the robert mueller investigation. if the american citizens cocluded with the hostile power weed want to know about it. we have consistently held back and we struggled against calling the mueller investigation a witch hunt designed to topple a president. it


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