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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 8, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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records and found he had enough credits to graduate with an associates degree. he celebrated with a graduation party, he would like to find a nice job. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the weekend with us. i am shannon bream. >> decision day, the eyes of the world on trump as he prepares to announce the fate of the iran nuclear deal. >> an enemy that is just evil, when you get them down you choke them. we left iran up. kim jung un a new warning from iran's pres. is democrats try to salvage the obama era agreement. republicans ready for battle, critical primary elections in four key states. is this enough to stop the
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coming blue wave. hollywood with this year's church seems met gayla. many on social media asking if they will ever see the light. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ kim jung un good morning, 4:00 on the east coast. did virgie make it to the gala? a lot of people didn't know it was a big night in new york. straight to our top story. iran's pres. has a new warning as the world waits for donald trump's big announcements on the fate of the iran nuclear deal.
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let's get to griff jenkins for what we can expect today at 2:00. >> reporter: we will know for sure at 2:00 what he will decide when he makes the decision went hours ago iran's pres. anticipating a withdrawal, says, quote, it is possible we will face problems for two or three month but we will pass through this. this after france, germany and the uk lobbied the president to stay in the deal and republicans and democrats are warning about pulling out of it. >> i don't know the pres.'s attention but hope if his intention is to walk away from the deal, he has a plan that galvanizes our allies, goes after iran for its nuclear transgressions. >> reporter: chief architect of the deal, john kerry, engaging in talks with top uranian and un
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officials with some suggesting the pres. tweeting the united states does not need john kerry's possibly illegal shot at diplomacy on the badly negotiated iran deal. he created this mess in the first place. sarah sanders weighing in. >> i don't think we would take advice from somebody who created what the president sees as one of the worst deals ever made. not sure why we would listen to him now. >> reporter: carry up spokesman says every american would want every voice possible urging iran to remain in compliance with the nuclear agreement, john kerry stayed in touch with former counterparts around the world like every previous secretary of state. get your popcorn ready. one final possible outcome is delaying the decision as suggested. the chairman of the armed services committee, doesn't seem likely from signals out of this white house. kim jung un may be strengthening
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the deal, nobody knows what is going to happen. john kerry under fire for his somewhat shady efforts to try to save the deal he brokered back when he had a job at the white house. senior editor molly hemingway calling out the media for sounding the alarm when michael flynn was accused of violating the logan act before the administration took office but mysteriously quiet when it comes to john kerry. >> for a year and a half everyone in the media and law enforcement claim with a straight face there is something called the logan act, 18th-century law that prohibits people from doing freelance work with foreign governments. clearly unconstitutional, with a reinforced and yet it was used to query michael flynn and supposedly because he shouldn't have been talking -- you have
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john kerry who has more role in the administration doing freelance work to save a deal that is contravening the goal of the trump administration and people claiming the logan act was a real thing are silent right now. kim jung un the battle for control of congress, polls opening in four critical primary states, indiana, ohio, north carolina and west virginia at the ballot box, narrowing ahead of the midterm elections. 23552193, that majority in the house of representatives, slim margin than the senate, the gop holding on at 51. the department of justice has 0 tolerance to border, and the southern border in san diego. >> ever i cross the border unlawfully we will prosecute you.
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if you are smuggling a child, we will prosecute you. that child may be separated from you as required by law. >> the new policy response to illegal border crossings, march to march after this year. urgent very warrior and retired marine lieut. col. oliver north to lead the national rifle association taking over from pete brownwell as calls for greater gun-control continue in the us. he served as. under the reagan administration is a former fox news contributor. he is ready to hit the ground running. gina haskell meeting with senators on capitol hill i have tomorrow's confirmation hearing, donald trump picked to lead the cia with tough questions in the senate until committee. catherine herridge brings what you can expect. >> the first woman nominated to
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be cia director to capitol hill. a handful of senators. when haskell will testify the senate intelligence committee. and dianne feinstein, democratic senators martin heinrich and joe manchin. >> curiosity to hear what my other colleagues, the answers they receive. >> and under fire because democrats are accused of lining up against the first woman to potentially lead the spy agency. sources confirm haskell offered withdraw her nomination to show her agency and avoid relitigating the bush era detainees program critics call torture. >> to protect the safety and security of americans which is
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why she is 100% committed to going through the confirmation process. >> the justice approved program, and mohammed under for scrutiny. pres. obama's cia director john brennan sankey decision-makers and confirmation. haskell was a mid-level manager with policy. >> a much stricter standard on this program is an john brennan was held to account for. and political -- >> catherine herridge, fox news. kim jung un brand-new charges expected for the man accused of shooting a sheriff deputy in the head who has died. william gentry responding to a call about a cat being shot when he pulled the trigger in lake placid, junior. placid is a 9 year veteran of the force serving with his
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brother, detective. >> he lost his hero. kim jung un able is a convicted felon with a history of violence towards police. the atty. gen. is out after being accused of assaulting several women. democrat eric schneiderman resigning after telling the new yorker he hit them when dating. threatened to kill them if he broke up with them. schneiderman saying these allegations were unrelated to professional conduct. they were leaving the officers work at this critical time. schneiderman a fierce opponent of donald trump and advocate of the me too movement little legal battle against harvey weinstein. first lady brexit trump surging in popularity nationwide. a new cnn poll, her favorability
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jumping to 57% this month up 10 points from january as she unveils her be best platform focusing on well-being, social media and opioid abuse in children. >> i'm asking you to join me in providing support and guidance to our children so that we can make a difference. how to educate our children on a variety of topics, to provide the blueprint for the next generation. together, to do all they can to be best in everything they do. kim jung un donald trump said the us is blessed to have her as a first lady. critics of the opportunity to pounce on the first lady not for what she said but how she said it slamming her so-called broken english. tammy bruce says it is another example of the left singling out
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women who are not aligned with them. >> mrs. obama complains again about women who voted for donald trump. a woman who worked in this line most of my adult life. it was supposed to be about and we achieved this, women making choices that were best for themselves and their families and that is denigrated. this should be celebrated that women are making a choice based on what establishment or celebrity or political celebrity is telling them to do. we are thinking about the future. if we can afford to pay the rent, this is what the movement is about and it has got to be embraced. >> important to note english is the first lady's 6 language. she also speaks french, italian,
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german, slovenian and serbo-croatian. 11 minutes after the hour, fox news alert, go now, that is the urgent warning for thousands is rushing love our turns paradise into a total nightmare. >> my life here. kim jung un what is being done to keep people safe in hawaii as a volcano pours rivers of lava. amazing video. all lies on the iran deal ahead of donald trump's announcement today. is a time to walk away from this deal? the next guest said yes as iran getting away from murder. what the lacrosse team did when speakers hit a snag.
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the clear evidence is how badly iran once to stay in the deal and are so desperate to stay in this deal. >> very accurately encapsulates it. when you look at it iran once to stay in this deal because they know when it was cut.
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they gave billions of dollars of cash in euros and allow them to continue to develop technology allowing a breakout in the agreement sunsets, and further evidence, former secretary of state john kerry, out there trying to work with leaders to keep the agreement in place, you're out of power, time to come in and demonstrate how bad this deal is. >> put anything nuclear aside, funding terrorism. and in yemen, putting in and installing the government they want their a terrible situation.
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trying to pay them off to be nice. that bothers a lot of people, it bothers the president. >> the number one state sponsor of terrorism throughout the world. the negotiating agreement with them, nuclear agreements have always been stovepipes, that way when we worked with the soviet union and other countries, you have to look at the ripple effects and hold iran accountable for their actions and they said if you impose any sanctions post nuclear deal we will walk away from it. police afraid to do so. your behavior within that region destabilized the entire middle east. saudi arabia being surrounded by
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lebanon, syria, iraq and in yemen. >> john kerry, i have to say, the strong minority on this issue. people like john kerry, republicans and most world leaders think we should stay in the deal. how do you defend being in the minority on this issue? >> when the agreement itself was bad, the administration inherited its, we can work to fix this deal, and in the european union, politicians within iran. and any changes to it. if the agreement is bad, that is not a stabilizer for world
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peace. you have to have verifiable and concrete steps. and what is off-limits for us to go to in iran. military bases. >> they for giving us your insight. and we wait for that big decision. 20 minutes after the hour. double-digit rate hikes where obamacare's healthcare plan getting even higher. >> i am so loyal, stormy
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daniels. kim jung un joe piscopo sounding off on his alma mater, crossing a line by putting stormy daniels on the show, no shortage of reaction. good morning. ♪ mr. elliot, what's your wifi password?
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wifi? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope!
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which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. kim jung un the 5-time deported illegal immigrants acquitted in the murder of kate steinle appearing in court on two count of illegal gun position. he admits firing the fatal shot in 2015 that killed kate steinle as she was walking on appear in san francisco but was found not guilty. on a state charge of being the next felon in possession of a
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gun, much closer charge. the heinous and violent ms 13 game is letting in girls as the group becomes americanized. females on about to join the gang can central america but there is an increase in female involvement, and by learning victims into an ambush. a teenage girl connected ms 13 admitted to brutally killing another girl outside washington dc. a question being asked. will liberal elite ever see the light? hollywood getting slammed with backlash of biblical proportions for this year's church seemed met gala in new york last night. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with the outrage online. trying to figure out -- what the
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met gala is. >> the annual met gala is a star-studded fundraising event known for over the trop fashion and this year's team was heavenly bodies, fashion and the catholic imagination. rihanna showed up wearing a sparkly outfits, many other celebrities accessorized using crosses and rosary beads but when people complain about cultural appropriation some wonder if turning catholicism into a costume was appropriate. was the lack of outrage a double standard? surprised people are not calling out the met gala for being are offensive to catholics but if it was another religion everyone would be up in arms. and other twitter users is imagine using my religion to do your fashion show, disgusting and lastly, it is low-key, disrespectful to the catholic religion and that is where
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people are falling. kim jung un let's talk about joe piscopo. >> a former saturday night live cast member called out the chauffeur casting stormy daniels to criticize donald trump. take a listen. >> i love them, so loyal to them but stormy daniels. >> i thought it was over the line and totally unnecessary. >> a tweet says it was, anyone connected to snl just lost my respect for the comedy arts. deplorable on twitter says that is what we think of the entire program. it is not humor. some outrage on saturday night live as well. due to technical difficulties the national anthem -- a high school across game in maryland. the players saying it.
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watch. ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ >> reporter: the lacrosse team, patriotic young men. kim jung un they probably remembered all the lyrics. 28 minutes after the hour, jeff sessions laying down the law in an immigration crackdown. >> i put in place a 0 tolerance policy, if you cross the board unlawfully, we will prosecute you. kim jung un our next guest praising this tough stance saying the new policy is the best to stop those trying to exploit the country's loopholes. how old enough for kids to be left home alone.
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was your state next? ♪
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>> fox news alert, go now, the urgent warning for thousands of people have lava destroyed dozens of homes on hawaii's big island, these pictures showing lava devouring that ford mustang. some people allow it to briefly return home to save some of their belongings. >> this is my bus, fully everything fell. my life here. kim jung un it is unreal what a volcano can do. that is the inside of her damaged home. she had her husband packing up to escape and the toxic fumes that come from the volcano.
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they will join us in the 5:00 hour. frantic 911 phone call giving a glance at the moment a military plane crashed on a georgia highway killing everybody on board. >> it is all by right now. >> smoke everywhere. stuff coming out of the sky. kim jung un all 9 victims were airmen from the puerto rico national guard. they shared 170 years of service between them. the cause of the crash under investigation. in just hours donald trump says to make an announcement about the obama era nuclear deal. iran's pres. wade in expecting us withdrawal saying it is possible we will face problems for 2 or 3 months but we will pass through this, doing deals with europe. donald trump expected to pull
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out of the agreement he called the worst deal ever. he gave more power to iran in the middle east. a high-level delegation to the historic opening of the us embassy of jerusalem led by john sullivan with jared kushner and douglas holtz-eakin trump. steve mnuchin and ambassador to israel david friedman will be there. the announcement coming as new signs leading to the embassy you can see right now, up ahead of the ceremony that comes next monday. 0-tolerance policy, jeff sessions laying down the law with a new immigration crackdown at the border calling out families that illegally cross. and border agents have needed all along, here to weigh in on that is the national border patrol council, thanks for
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coming on, we appreciate it, we have seen a huge spike from march to march last year to this year, something like a 200% increase in border crossings in this country. it seems the trump effect that was felt when he took office that was credited for the decreasing crossings has worn off. is the substantial from sessions what we need? >> it is what we need. one of the issues was the constant catch and release. smugglers and people coming across got smart. for the longest time you get the male and female in the female would cross with the child and that was the mother, they would stay united, they would never show up at the court date. then they got smart, got family units, the mother would cross with a child, they would get
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released and the father would cross with the other child and the same would happen to them. this is what we need, a tough stance. if you are a united states citizen and put your child in danger or commit a crime you are separated from the child also. this is a fantastic idea and furthermore they should bring charges against these people for endangering these children's lives. you should see the horror stories i could share from being on the border when we arrest these people across into the country with some children under 5 years of age and they have blisters on their feet from the tips of their toes to the heels of their feet and parents continuously making children walk for days and they should be arrested for endangerment. kim jung un sessions said we will separate you from your
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children. if you don't want that to happen don't quasilegal into the country with your kids. it is common sense, he is not trying to be harsh. the caravan we have been talking about, they made it in smaller number. they have been allowed into claim asylum, what chance do they have of being granted asylum at this point? >> the bigger issue is they go through an asylum official and have a court date later on the real question is what chance do we have they will appear in court when their court appearances do? that is the reality. is happening across the country. speaking to agents in the rio grande valley in texas they are informing us those numbers are coming through texas and they haven't stopped either. kim jung un people say this is harsh treatment of immigrants,
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we shouldn't have borders, the atty. gen. think people all over the world want to come to the country. you come in illegally your cutting everybody else in line. does that make sense to you? >> makes more than perfect sense. if you are seeking asylum, have issues in your country there's a right way to do it and that is going to the port of entry and through proper process, not by trying to enter the country without being detected. if you come to my home you knock on my door, you don't go through the window. kim jung un we appreciate your being here and your service, thank you so much. 38 minutes after the hour. speaking of borders, one of the left's leaders making it clear he does not believe in them at all. the radical immigration message that could get you talking this morning. the story that gave coffee drinkers adult, cancer warnings on your cup. the judge made a critical decision you will want to hear
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before you drink up today. what would racing be without nascar? the rumor mill turning with a big announcement that could stunned fans. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ life in the fast lane ♪
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kim jung un obamacare prices skyrocket with double-digit increases in the state of maryland, carefirst blue cross blue shield asking an 18% increase for hmo plans but for ppo plans they want a 91% increase. analysts say this is due to healthy people dropping out of the exchanges who are no longer forced to buy insurance after donald trump struck down the obamacare individual mandate. if people in new hampshire went medicaid they have to work for it. the state winning federal approval for its plan requiring able-bodied adults to work, attend school or provide
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community service for 20 hours per week. the governor says it is meant to help people gain skills for long-term independence. new hampshire is the fourth state to impose medicaid work rules. a ruling on cancer warning labels on all coffee sold in the state of california another judge sided with a nonprofit group that sued starbucks and others agreeing the benefits of coffee did not outweigh risks from a carcinogen that is a byproduct of the roasting process of coffee. they have a simple choice, but those ominous labels on their cups or remove the chemical somehow altogether. nascar reportedly revving up for a change that could stunned race fans. what is going on with nascar? >> reporter: according to reuters, nascar's majority owners are in talks to save their stakes of nascar as races
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and attendance to those races have declined. the owners have been working with goldman sachs to find a buyer. the company has been privately held since 1948, now controlled by his family. no word what the price tag for nascar could be. kim jung un free ice cream today. >> from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm you can get a free scoop of ice cream or sorbet. in exchange for the sweet trees, heloise --haagen dasz hopes people will contribute, bees play a critical role in producing their ice cream. ingredients in used in more than a third of its ice cream flavor. important cause for them. they want people to understand, donate.
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kim jung un very important cause. i had a banana split the other day and almost passed out. coming up, want a boat? prove your american citizen. one lawmaker is under fire for proposing that. sen. terrence murphy live to shut down criticism, explain why his bill will guarantee fair elections. allowing kids to be kids again. the first free range parenting law, an interesting story. we will talk about it. ♪ octor. i will. but first, a little presentation. hijacking earth's geothermal energy supply. phase 1. choosing the right drill bit. as long as evil villains reveal their plans, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more
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on car insurance.
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kim jung un welcome back. kids can now walk home from school or go to the park without mom and dad.
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the first free range parenting law goes into effect in use are changing the definition of neglect to allow children of sufficient age and maturity more independent, no specific requirements, groups in new york and texas pushing for similar laws. kim jung un letting parents choose how independent their kids are. concept that should not be legal issue, parents need free range that every situation could be different. in excess picture in a-year-old working alone from times square. children belong to parents, not the state. i do not believe in quarters. that is across the chest of keith ellison, wearing a t-shirt with the phrase in spanish taking pictures and in minneapolis. last month the minnesota congressman said if democrats don't win more elections more women would die. this does not come without
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controversy. republican lawmaker setting off a firestorm among democratic colleagues requiring voters to show photo ids before casting ballots. what do democrats have against a safeguard like this? joining me is state senator who proposed this legislation. thank you for coming on this morning. just to start off, what standards allow someone to vote in new york at this time? very lax. >> this is common sense legislation. my son who goes to a library needs a photo identification card to take a book out. all we are asking is show some form of id that matches your signature and good to go. rob: there is no id requirement in new york and it is very common. >> no id whatsoever. 17 other states have them.
1:51 am
this is common sense legislation. rob: the first criticism you hear every time is from democrats who say this will suppress voting. there are people that are intimidated by the idea of having to give a id when they vote. what do you say? >> we need a id everywhere we go. in the building this morning i had to show my id, go to bjs to get food i need my id, show your drivers license or non-driver's license the costs $10 you can get for eight years if you are on social security, it is very simple. rob: democrats argue are being suppressed when they say they are suppressing votes, who is it you think they are talking about? >> very good question. it wasn't to suppress anybody, just to open it up and allow
1:52 am
people to make sure there is no fraud in the election cycle, that everybody is allowed to vote. we have the ability to give people their drivers license or identification card. if you need to use, what do i want to say? your social security or military id or us passport you can make it as easy as you want but there should be some checks and balance. it is our most sacred part of what we do, to go out and vote. we are not asking for anything but common sense legislation and showing some photo id. rob: you get a credit card, places you have to have it. in new york which typically is a blue state this gets around? >> i think it gets through this date senate. the problem is the assembly. i do not think the assembly
1:53 am
would pass anything like this. this is something we always get the roadblocks over there. stiffer penalties, the governor just announced 30,000 people he is going to pardon, so to speak. you have literally cold-blooded murderers, pedophiles and rapists who are now going to be able to vote. he says we are going to open it up for anyone to vote. i say that is wrong. you kill somebody, first-degree murder, you set them up, no parole. rob: somewhat moderate, might be running for president, pretty far left. thank you for coming on. 53 minutes after the hour, the most heart-wrenching thing you might see all day. a soldier whose flight was delayed watching his daughter's
1:54 am
birth on face time. the emotional moment that is going viral. stay tuned. ♪
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rob: philadelphia international airport backup after water main
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break. passengers arriving to the running water and finding toilets did not flush, forcing restaurants to close. the break happened outside the airport flooding a parking lot, the airport issuing this announcement. >> contributing sanitizers to all restaurants. rob: the water pressure has since been restored. thai airways coming under fire after a passenger is charged for having too long a name. he was forced to pay an extra $94 at the counter to make changes to his name on the ticket after the airline claimed it didn't match his password. his name would not fit in the 25 character limit when he booked online so he entered part of it was the airline has reimbursed him to avoid future issues. a soldier stuck in the airport breaking down in tears as he
1:59 am
watches his daughter's birth on the face time in brooklyn. he was glued to his phone in dallas. a flight delay keeping him from being at the hospital. the person who posted the video said everyone cheered when the baby cried adding she shared the moments so people wouldn't forget the sacrifices soldiers make. lindsay eventually did make it home to meet his baby girl and his wife. there you go. there were 6000 sailors lining the rails of the theater roosevelt as the aircraft carrier returns home, they were eager to see their loved ones after a 7 month deployment. >> it made the deployment worth it. >> amazing. i have been waiting, a long 7 months. rob: the ship sailing 56,000 miles, made stops all over the place, in the middle east and asia.
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"fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: decision day. the countdown is on for a big announcement from donald trump regarding iran and its nuclear weapons program. the new warning from iran's pres.. >> if you cross the board are unlawfully we will prosecute you. it is that simple. rob: and immigration message from the top law enforcement, crackdown is coming, the stern warning from atty. gen. jeff sessions. jillian: prison close, prisons gone, the brand-new campaign promises from chelsea manning. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪


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