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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 8, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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it's noon on the west coast and 3:00 at the white house where president trump has announced he's pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. >> the fact was this was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. >> shepard: we had just gotten reaction from the iranian president on just what the iranians plan to do now. we get reactions from around the world to come up what happens next and how this could affect your money and of the market. plus, secretary of state mike pompeo is about to arrive in north korea ahead of the planned summit with kim jong un. reporters ask, what about the americans held prisoner there? let's get to it.
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first from the fox news desk, it's official. president trump said he's pulling the united states out of the iran nuclear deal. >> this was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. it didn't bring calm, it did bring peace, and it never will. even if iran fully complies, the regime can still be on the verge of a nuclear breakout in just a short period of time. >> shepard: under the deal, the iranian regime agreed to limit its own nuclear program and exchange with the united states and its allies lifting financial punishments. the obama administration negotiated an agreement with other world powers in 2015. the president trump has called it a disaster, insane, and the worst deal ever claiming it does nothing but make iran rich.
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iranian state media has called president trump's decision illegal and the iranian president has just warned that if new plan negotiations with the iranians with others who are party to this deal fail, the republic will enrich uranium more than in past weeks. john, what happens now after the president's announcement? >> good afternoon. a clock has started running with a countdown of 90 days and 180 days for companies that are doing business with iran after the sanctions waivers. it applies to u.s. dollars, also metals being sold to iran, auto supplies as well as aircraft, and that is a big one for companies like airbus which do a lot of business with iran. then at the 180 180 day period relates to companies that are doing business in oil with iran. so nothing immediate, a period
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of 90 days for some sanctions to snap back on and 180 days for the oil sanctions to snap back on. the present just a short time ago said the sanctions will have maximum impact. listen here. >> trump: we will be instituting the highest level of economic sanctions. any nation that helps iran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the united states. >> shepard: of course, there was a lot of opposition to the president pulling out of the jcpoa. our european allies tried to convince him to stay in, and secretary of state has been conducting what some reports say are back channel, under the table negotiations, or at least talks, with iran and other european nations about the jcpoa and what they should all do in response to the united states pulling out. here is what john kerry had to say in a speech in italy this morning. >> john: the world is safer
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with this agreement, israel is safer with this agreement and there are security people in israel who will tell you that. the region a safer with this agreement and you are far, far better off dealing within iran on human issues, and other countries if they don't have a nuclear weapon and if they are free to move toward one. that's common sense. >> shepard: and a terse and direct tweet, he basically told john kerry to get off of his platform. but the president spoke with him this morning about all of this. president mccrone had encouraged the president when he was here in april to not pull out of the jcpoa and stay and address some of these other issues like long-range ballistic missiles and stabilizing iranian behavior. a manual mccrone tweeting a short time ago, france, germany
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in the u.k. regret the decision to leave the jcpoa. the regime is at stake and we will work collectively and in a broader framework covering nuclear activity for the 2025. , long-range nuclear program, notably syria, yemen and iraq. the president said he's open to making a new deal, even though he is pulling out of the jcpoa. the national security advisor just finished briefing and said the u.s. has been in consultation with its allies about a new deal in those consultations will resume tomorrow morning. >> shepard: we will be back to you in a moment. at first, john alterman at the strategic and international studies nonprofit organization. he also starred in the state department under president george fw hw bush. first of all, your initial action to what happened >> >>
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-- a reaction to what happened? >> first of all, he said we are withdrawing from the deal clearly. the deal doesn't have a way to withdraw. and i had to go to the treasury department website to understand what john roberts just explained, there is a 90 day window and i 180 day window. i thought the president would be more in the weeds on what he was doing, he just said, we are done with this deal. >> shepard: it when you said it, you are done with it, did this deal offer a way to pull out of itself, or are we just saying that we are going to violate the deal? the rules on us for the following, and now we are changing them? speak to the deal didn't have a provision for withdrawal. we are essentially saying we are willfully withdrawing. the deal does have a way for the iranians to complain that we are not complying, whether they go that way or not, i don't know. it seems that our european allies have a lot of hard decisions to make about how they are treating the united states.
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i think countries like china and russia were parties to the deal but have their own deal with the united states see some opportunities. i think frankly, iran may see some opportunities to try to split the united states from its allies in many ways which may be their first best course going forward. >> shepard: it looks like the president has just announced that he will negotiate -- he has ordered his foreign leaders to negotiate with other parties to this deal. then he said somewhat threateningly, if negotiations fail, the islamic republic will enrich >> uranium more than before... in next weeks. our >> what are we to make of that? >> john: i think the iranians are trying to show that they have a strong hand, they are not weak and they are not scared. their economy, frankly, with all of their oil is about the state of size of the state of maryland. it's not a global super power hour and they are coming up
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against much stronger countries. again, i think the president has a hard task ahead of him, and the u.s. just withdrew the sanctions that applied to other countries, secondary sanctions. it's still illegal for americans to do business with iran, whether other countries will go along with the repossession of american saint >> sanctions, under this context when the president just said we could have had a better deal, i think remains to be seen how the french decide to play this, the british and the germans, let alone the chinese and the russians. i think will be a very interesting several months ahead when it comes to iran policy. >> shepard: i'm out of time, but before we go, internally in iran, the hard leader of that islamic state, there has been extreme push and pull and friction within the country on who will have control of this
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government. what effect does this have on that relationship and the more hardliners. i wouldn't call him a moderate, i would call him a pragmatist. i think he was angry at iran and helped unite the world to put the sanctions on iran that brought them to the jcpoa. >> shepard: but it internally, what did he that get him? what does this do to the man we were negotiating with inside of iran and how does that affect the world stage? speak to i don't think he was ever our friend, i think he was a pragmatist, whether he wants to be a pragmatist who wants to raise tensions, i don't think he is a moderate >> >> shepard:
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john alterman, thank you so muc much. >> it was good to see see you. >> shepard: just crossing from the urgent wires, quoting now, trump's decision to the nuclear deal puts the korean nuclear peninsula process and out. that's according to a russian lawmaker. president trump did drop another bombshell during his announcement about north korea. the president announcing secretary of state mike pompeo was on his way to north korea. let's get back to john roberts at the white house. he made some pit stops and announcements the way. speak to you know our spider sense started tingling this morning when suddenly mike pompeo did not arrive at some of the events that he was supposed
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to be scheduled to attend today. we didn't know if he was headed to north korea to pick up the three detainees or if it was other business, but the president confirmed a few minutes ago that he is on his way and is probably there, if not doubt >> now, in a few minutes. we still do not know where that will take place. singapore i'm being told is the most likely location. in the president was asked about the three detainees and whether or not pompeii would bring them home. listen to what the president said. >> trump: we will soon be finding out. it would be a great thing if they are. >> we will soon be finding out if the three american detainees have been released. rudy giuliani said they would be released that day and i think it was thursday that he announced that. he got a little out over his
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skis on that and we do not know if pompeo would be bringing him back. i kind of been waived off of that idea, but certainly, shep, when we look at north korea, we build component to measures between the two of them and you could probably logically assume that they are releasing those detainees and that would probably be at prestage to the meeting that they are going to have. >> shepard: john roberts, live at the right house white house. gordon chang is in >> a north korean expert that we consult with regularly. he said there has been a split since friday. important changes in the north korean narrative, and that is next, on fox news. nd your co, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer...
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12:16 pm
can change the narrative in a moment. it's no coincidence, i'm sure, the trump announced this iran decision right after he learns about kim going to north korea in a surprise trip. we don't know how connected this is in our presidents mind, but it certainly is in some way. >> shepard: is a what would use >> suspect given your knowledge of and reporting on this north korean regime, what would you expect their immediate reaction might be? >> mike: i think kim jong un is very concerned. you have a u.s. president saying i'm willing to use u.s. power and i'm willing to do that in ways which no president for me has done. so what we have done is ignored diffuse of all of our allies except israel, and gotten out of the iran deal. >> shepard: there is no provision to get out. you can make a decision to not violate the terms of the deal which you were party to, but
12:17 pm
pulling out is a bit of a misnomer. >> mike: but in a sense with the president is doing, he's scrambling less. he's got to remember that john bolton is now the national security advisor, and he did that almost all the time. kim understands that, it's on nerve the chinese, and i think right now we have kim saying, oh, my gosh, i have to make sure i do something to make sure the americans don't invade me. >> shepard: like what? >> mike: i think the, >> "like what" is coming to an agreement with the united states, i have some act of goodwill like releasing the three americans that they say they are holding. it would also be great if he released the japanese abductees or at least to give a statement as to their condition, and there is that fourth american who made very well be held by north korea, we just don't know.
12:18 pm
but a statement from pan on young >> p and young might be in good order. >> shepard: it he's headed there right this minute, would you anticipate things will go as planned for him? >> mike: on friday he was going to make an announcement and he did not do that. so things have been scrambled. we hope the secretary of state is going to p and young to get our prisoners back and right now we are just not sure how all of this going. you also have to remember that over the weekend we heard the korean central news agency speak about the united states and pretty derogatory terms. and we don't know how all of that is connected. >> shepard: gordon chang, five from washington. president trump's decision an announcement on iran threatening to strain relations with some of
12:19 pm
our nation's closest allies. what they are now saying, the european allies, about plans to pull out of this deal, or actually violate the terms of the nuclear deal. also, american military wives are getting violent threats supposedly from isis. how an investigation has uncovered how they are really targeting families who have served. that's coming up this tuesday afternoon. a fighter. always have been. when i found out i had age-related macular degeneration, amd, i wanted to fight back. my doctor and i came up with a plan. it includes preservision. only preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd. that's why i fight. because it's my vision. preservision. try areds 2 + multivitamin.
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12:23 pm
georgia, killing nine crewmembers. according to fox news researchers, at least 20 service members have died this year and noncombat crashes, that is five times as many according to our calculations as last year. the chief of staff says the review should be complete in about two weeks. new reaction coming in around the world after president trump set the united states is pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. rich edson is tracking of elements from the state department. it sounds, rich, from the latest dispatches from tehran that the iranians are taking a hard line on this. >> they certainly are and the specific fallout is how the united states will be re-imposing sanctions and who the united states is going to sanction as a result of all this. we are still working all that out and trying to figure out what exactly is going to happen. for the general rule, the countries that are part of the iran-nuclear deal, they want the united states to stay in us.
12:24 pm
they were negotiating and that they just released a statement called e3. after engaging with the u.s. administration and a thorough manner in the past few months, we call on the u.s. to do everything possible to preserve the gains for nonnuclear proliferation back allowing continued enforcement of its main element. that's still unclear. the other two countries that are part of this, china and russia, they are pushing the u.s. to stay in and they are now talking and expressing the same disappointment. the gulf countries including israel and saudi arabia, for example, they never liked this deal and want of the u.s. out of it. the saudis are saying they support the u.s. decision as well as benjamin netanyahu. >> israel fully supports president trump's bold decision to reject the nuclear deal with the terrorists regime in tehran. israel has opposed the nuclear deal from the start, because we said that, rather than blocking
12:25 pm
iran's path to the bomb, it actually paves the path to the nuclear bombs within a few years' time. >> shepard: he added that the decision was both brave and correct, >> . >> shepard: but what will stop the iranians from enriching again? >> you heard a little bit of what the u.s. reaction was to that during mike pompei up her >> 's. >> statement. that's a question the europeans are asking. now that you have this situation where there is a strong inspection regime, because of the jcpoa, does iran no longer let those inspectors inside of the country because the united states is designed to reimpose sections? that's why the european governments in china and russia are trying to hold this agreement together, they try to do so without the united states. but iran now has what it believes is a reason to walk
12:26 pm
away from this, because the united states is it's going to do so. >> shepard: to be clear, the iranian president has just said that the talks with these other nations, all these who were party to the deal will commence. along with the russians and the chinese, and if, in fact, there is not a way to maintain this deal with these parties, the iranians will then begin enriching uranium again at a level larger than before. and if the iranians do that, what does the united states plan to try to stop them? with whom, and by what means? we do not know. death threats appearing to come from isis, the target is u.s. military wives. they didn't come from isis, they came from russian hackers scope according to an associated press investigation. the ap reports found evidence that the women who what the targets of the same russian hackett >> hacking groups that meddled in the united states
12:27 pm
election in 2016 come in the same group was trying to make it look like the islamic state was responsible for threatening the wives of service members. one woman received a facebook message that read in part, we know everything about you, your husband and your children. we are much closer than you can even imagine. that was from not isis, but from the russians who are trying to disrupt our entire society. at least five military wives say they received threats like this. according to the associated press, no response so far from russia which has denied any middling. time to head to the polls for people in parts of the country. we will show you what races could play major roles ahead of the midterm. they are voting today in west virginia and beyond. and at the new york attorney general, eric schneiderman, after a campaign and a" me, too" movement is out of a job. a career toppled in three hours. the details coming up.
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the fox report now, headlines from the fox news desk. rebel fighters and their families are evacuating central syria after making an agreement with russian troops to leave or surrender. that's according to a monitoring group. buses taking people from homes to parts of northern syria, the syrian government to take control of the area after the rebels leave. a homeless man accused of killing an american college student on trial in italy now. the murder happened in 2016. policing 19-year-old bo solomon from wisconsin arrived in rome just hours before he will drowned after fighting with the suspect. the suspect's lawyers that the client didn't do it in the real killer got away. and in france, more than 70 years since world war ii. the president laid wreaths at
12:31 pm
the tomb of the unknown shoulder >> soldier in paris. ve day marks the day the soldiers surrendered. >> president trump is but a record number of judges on the bench. senate democrats want to stop that progress to keep middle judges in control. hostile judges. the second amendment, our constitutional right, so they are obstructing and playing games. tell your senators, do your job, vote on the judges. there's little rest for a single dad.
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>> shepard: a president trump praising his pick to run the cia calling gina haskell, tough on twitter >> terror. he tweeted the cia wants them to lead into a bright and glorious future. she's facing questions about the waterboarding of suspected terrorists after the attacks of 9/11, and the destruction of videos of those interrogations. our correspondent catherine is live in washington. >> gina haskell met with democratic sanders, and the critics called torture. unlike the public, the senators do have access to classified reports about the program, as you mentioned, which did include waterboarding. >> to me, as i said when i came
12:34 pm
out, i think there really is a prospect of this setting a very ominous precedent. if this is allowed to go forwar forward, as what i call it a secret confirmation process, it sure as heck won't be the last. >> the senate intelligence committee is expected to put the justice department approved program and other senior al qaeda operatives under fresh brewed tea. the democrat request for more records is unreasonable, according to democrats. >> i know that some have requested documents that deal with covert actions that will be made public and declassified, but that has never happened in the history of the cia, and it's not going to happen with gina
12:35 pm
haskell's nomination. >> we seen in this toxic political environment that people can experience character assassination assassination without even having the opportunity to answer questions or defend themselves. we hope that those who did that before will refrain and give gina hospital a fair opportunit opportunity. speak out they need to wash tomorrow about how much discussion there is, and also the role that she played in videotapes that documented the detention if if you will as wes the interrogation of at least two al qaeda suspects. >> shepard: catherine herridge, live on capitol hill. voters are heading to the polls today in several states and these could help determine the power of congress after midterm midterms. all primaries, and all states that president trump one in the 2016 presidential election.
12:36 pm
their house primaries in both ohio and north carolina. ohio also holding a senate and gubernatorial primary races. more on the governor's race in a moment. in indiana, and i'll say a g.o.p. senate primary has gotten so bitter that which ever candidate comes out on top may have trouble defeating the democrats in the general election. and then there's west virginia, about which we have heard so much. the president and other republican leaders are telling people there, don't vote for the former cole ceo, don blankenship. so what has happened? he surged in the polls. he spent time in prison for an >> a mine explosion that killed people in 2010. some republicans say with that background, they don't think he can defeat a democrat. it's going to prove them wrong. blankenship said president trump does not know him and doesn't realize how flawed his two
12:37 pm
opponents really are. we have team coverage on this election day, mike tobin in indiana and adam shapiro standing by in ohio. let's first get to peter doocy kicks off in charleston, west virginia. >> the two candidates got president trump's blessing yesterday and are spending today writing the word about it. congressman evan jenkins is knocking on doors in huntington. his bumper stickers say, send it trump a senator. he said he's excited. patrick morrissey is making calls on the eastern handle and he's trying to make the case that he is the only candidate with a dump >> enough resume. and there is the former call >> cole baron who is not campaigning and instead went to the tailor to buy a suit today because he told me he thinks everyone has already made up their mind. the polls close close here in
12:38 pm
west virginia and probation is set to end at one >> 12 oh 1:00 a.m. >> shepard: john case it cannot run again because of term limits, so our coverage continues in the fox business network, adam shapiro live in columbus. hello, adam. >> this race just to get the nomination on the republican side has already cost $10 million. richard cordray is the democrat who is going against his percentage, but are among the republicans who have mike dewine who is the current attorney general versus mary taylor who is the lieutenant governor. taylor saying she's got the most trump credentials having been to three rallies, but poking fun saying that he hasn't attended one, but you have them saying he's a rock solid. dennis kucinich was endorsed by
12:39 pm
the plain >> player in cleveland but he was promising to return $20,000 that he got for speaking to a pro-syrian group, a group aligned with bashar assad. back to you. >> shepard: in indiana commit to sitting congressmen and a business owner are fighting for the right to challenge joe donnelly. for the republicans, the race has become about which candidate is most like president trump. our coverage continues. mike tobin live in zionsville, indiana. >> this battle really shaped up as the battle of the trumpets >> and supporters. a lot of publications have put mike braun at the top of the heat although there has not been a lot of independent polling. braun campaigns as an outsider, he is a business owner and a wealthy one. he drove this race to probably be the most expensive in the nation. congressman tog >> todd or
12:40 pm
kendell wants english and he often campaigns of the cut out of the president. luke messer said he is the only true conservative of this race, pro-life, various of >> pretended and democrats say the three hours are so much alike that all they can do is go negative. the negatives have done so much damage that they are giving the incumbent, democrat joe connelly, a fighting chance even though he is deep in the heart of the country. >> shepard: new york's attorney general resigning after four women attorney >> accused him of physical violent assault. erica schneiderman said he will step down at the close of business today. this comes less than 24 hours after the new yorker magazine published a report in which the women claimed schneiderman verbally and physically abused and threatened them. the women said the violence sometimes happened during
12:41 pm
encounters but it was not consensual. the manhattan district attorney is now looking into those claims. eric schneiderman became the new york attorney general in 2010 and he often criticized president trump. he has been a vocal and continuous supporter of the "me too" movement. his office even filed a lawsuit against harvey weinstein after an investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct there. he didn't release a statement that reads, in part, while these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leaving -- leading the office's work at this critical time. three hours after the report, he's gone. breaking news, president obama has just released a reaction to president trump's decision to back out of the iran neck >> a nuclear deal.
12:42 pm
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>> shepard: there is breaking news now on fox news channel, former president barack obama is not reacting to president trump's decision to pull the united states out of the deal with iran. this deal offered no provisions for pulling out, so it's unclear exactly what the wording should be. i can't tell you this is a three-page statement with many -- i can tell you this is a three-page statement with many bowl and put >> bullet points, and it concludes in the following way: there are a few issues than the potential spread of nuclear weapons or the potential for more destructive war in the middle east. that's why the united states negotiated the joint conference of plan of action, jcpoa, and the first place. the reality is clear. again, this is from former president obama. the gcp oa is working.
12:46 pm
that is a view shared by european allies, independent experts on the current secretary of defense. the jcpoa or the iran deal is in america's interest. it has significantly rolled back iran's nuclear program and the jcpoa is a model, what diplomacy can accomplish. its inspections and verification regime is precisely what the united states should be worked >> working to put in place with north korea. in a time we were working with diplomacy to succeed, walking away from jcpoa risks losing a deal that accomplishes with iran the very outcomes we were pursuing with the koreans. president obama's full statement which is much longer is linked on his twitter and facebook page today. stop today, even before taking a hit, president trump plans to violate the iran deal.
12:47 pm
the dow is up 28 points, it's been so volatile today. you can see suddenly we were in the green and then another plummet. christina park is here from fox business network. this is hard to follow. >> and the reason we saw the uptick earlier today is there were rumors that president trump was going to stay within the deal. you saw everyone getting happy, and there wasn't going to be so much pull geopolitical tension. then when the news came out, investors were getting the information and so they have to parse through the notes, exactly the wording he is using to see what does that mean for any type of deals with europe? the words are actually a lot harsher coming from president trump than expected, so the cooperation with europe seems to be -- there's a little bit of tension. you have the french president, the chancellor from germany and
12:48 pm
the p.m. from britain saying they regret the u.s. decision. we were talking about stocks in general oil, we saw the rally when the news came out that yes, the united states will be leaving the deal. why? because sanctions could be imposed very shortly which would reduce the supply of oil. however, energy stocks as a whole are doing okay. why? because in the long term there is global growth and extra supply is actually shrinking so that means there is still potential for people to use the oil, and that is what is pushing energy higher. >> shepard: traders are making some money. i had, rivers of fire. imagine seeing that in your backyard. we will take you to hawaii's big island to look at the lava, nex next.
12:49 pm
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news, secretary pompeo has just made some comments on his way to north korea to the traveling press pool. two items of note, one about with whom he will be meeting. secretary pompeo asked, will you be meeting with kim jong and himself? his answer, i don't know. we will meet with the most senior leaders and the last time i traveled, i did. we are prepared to meet with anyone speaking on behalf of the north korean government. and then, reporters asked him about the release of the three united states detainees, the three americans, who the north koreans claimed to have detained. secretary pompeo said, we have been asking for the release of these detainees for 17 months, and we will talk about it today. i think it would be a great
12:53 pm
gesture if they choose to do so. now i believe thursday, the president's lawyer said the prisoners were about to come home. there has been a whisper campaign all day today out of washington that there will be big news on these three prisoners, and there was a whisper campaign that pompeo was actually going over there to get them. is he? we don't really know. now it seems clear with whom he will be meeting and he is very unclear about the disposition of the three hostages. so as the president might say, we will see what happens. store the governor of hawaii said that he thinks people there will need help after a volcano erupted on the big island and continues to spew lava. u.s. geological representatives released drone video of what is called fisher number 12 -- fisher. one man came back to his home to
12:54 pm
get his belongings and found this llama erupting in his backyard. the lava has destroyed at least 35 structures and all. here, molten rock has overtaken someone's property. william is live on the big island. >> shepard come about 250 people are sleeping here in the shelter and others in the parking lot nearby. there are no hotels nearby affordable or available. people are anxious because i don't know where they will be next week or next month. they also don't know well they recover, or where will they live? >> we are in leilani neighborhood, this is 1 of 10 volcanic eruptions that have happened since thursday, and every day since. and one reason why you are in and out as quickly as possible, number one, the smell. number two, when these things exploded, they erupt two or 300 feet high and they drop
12:55 pm
rocks like this on your head. and you never know when the next eruption will occur. will it be here or half a mile away? no one knows. and that of course is part of the uncertainty about where the next eruption is going to be, so people here are anxious not knowing where they will be. we saw a lot of cracks there yesterday but no steam coming out. but it is a bad sign because you can feel the heat. >> shepard: top of the hour headlines just moments away. stay with us. ♪ piano music >> vo: they want more out of life in every way.
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12:59 pm
as you know is set to marry american actress meghan markle. fox news got an invite, sort of. we will be an britton to anchor live coverage of the royal wedding, which is saturday may 19. pizza hut is now making it easier to get a beer with your pie. the company is announcing its expanding its fear delivery service, previously available just in downtown phoenix. they are now expanding to more city arizona and california. marketing says nothing components of a hot pizza like an ice-cold beer. on this day in 1914, congress passed a law that created mother's day. a woman in west virginia had been pushing for the holiday. anna jarvis held ceremonies to honor her own mother who care for injured soldiers on both sides of the civil war. lawmakers rejected the idea saying they also have to create a mother-in-law date.
1:00 pm
some started celebrating mother's day on their own and the national holiday got the a-ok 104 years ago today. i always thought it was hallmark's holiday. miss you mom. >> trump: the iran deal is defective at its core. if we do nothing, we know exactly what will happen. i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> while we knew it was coming, and this is something the president said it would be doing long before he became president and his first goal would be to wrap up an agreement he said we were getting gouged on and so was the civilized world. time for a restart. the trouble is