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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 8, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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some started celebrating mother's day on their own and the national holiday got the a-ok 104 years ago today. i always thought it was hallmark's holiday. miss you mom. >> trump: the iran deal is defective at its core. if we do nothing, we know exactly what will happen. i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> while we knew it was coming, and this is something the president said it would be doing long before he became president and his first goal would be to wrap up an agreement he said we were getting gouged on and so was the civilized world. time for a restart. the trouble is, not everyone
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agrees, not surprisingly, including his predecessor. and, those foreign countries that signed onto the deal. so where do we stand now? >> you can go pretty much to any corner of the globe and get reaction to the president's decision's statement here at the white house inside of the diplomatic room a few minutes ago when they would be pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. those were who were lobbying pt a statement saying they remain committed to the deal and are concerned with the president's decision. and they have this message for iran. they rode in, we encouraged iran to show restraint and response to the decision by the u.s. iran must continue to meet its obligations under the deal, cooperating fully and in a timely matter with i aea inspection requirements. the iranian president set a little while ago that there will only be a short time to negotiate with others to keep the deal in place, and if not, iran will enrich more uranium
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than before. during his speech, president trump also had a message for iran saying, his future begins to its people. >> trump: it has almost been 40 years since this dictatorship seized power and took -- seized power and took a proud nation hostage. most of iran's 80 million citizens have sadly never known and iran prospered in peace with its neighbors and commanded the admiration of the world. >> neil: consistently aligned, the israeli president benjamin yahoo just a little while ago called the president's decision and historic move. >> the removal of sanctions under the deal has already produced disastrous results. the deal didn't push war for their own way, it actually brought it closer. >> neal, president trump has not withdrawn the united states in its first 60 months or so in office from transpacific trade
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deal comes at paris claimant record and iran nuclear deal. president obama released a statement in the last 20 minutes or so, taking note of that and writing quote there will always be changes in policies from one administration to the next but the constant flouting of agreements risk eroding america's credibility and puts us at odds with the world's major power. so that is a take from the 44th president. neil, you should know that it's not common for former presidents to immediately comment on policy like this but president obama put out a very lengthy statement today. >> neil: i think it's the lengthy us yet that he's put out to a president that has dismantled a lot of what he put together. thank you very much. more on what the former president is saying, but first pressing >> passing along what others have to say including, in our european partners have an opportunity to come back to the table and negotiate the best terms to integrate either a
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better agreement or maximum pressure on the campaign. i share concern that the president of iran should never be able to acquire or develop a nuclear weapon. and that came from the prime minister, and unlawful withdraw from the nuclear deal will spearhead a diplomatic effort to examine whether remaining participants can ensure its full benefits for iran. we will determine our response. again, we are talking about those five other signifiers including likes of russia, china, britain, france and germany, who are disappointed in the president for this and may not go along with what he wants to do. then what? let's ask general jerry boykin. they are claiming, the cosignatories on this agreement, they are upset, and they are not going along. do you believe them? >> i think i believe them in the
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short term but this is a sterling example of international leadership. i'm proud of our president for what he has done and i think what you will see is the same thing as when he said he will move the embassy to jerusalem. everyone came back with a very negative reaction. but now you are seeing incrementally won by one other countries making the same decisions. i think we will see a similar thing in this. >> neil: another thing that i see, and this goes back to my little dirty world, is a pragmatic pattern. more pragmatic than i think the critics of the presidents have given him. i think that is that he has a 90 day sort of cooling. before it would revert back to some of the sanctions. then i would assume a new deal could be had or constructs of one could be how to come up what think? >> general boykin: it's a
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90-180 days, which i think is a positive thing because it gives the european countries in particular -- china and russia will do their own things but i think the european countries are the key here. i think this gives them time enough to save face and to negotiate in some way, not only with each other but certainly with iran, to come up with something that either would make this deal more palatable, or, to get out of it altogether themselves. >> neil: general, i wonder about that. some of the things iran wanted out of the deal, it got. i got money, pallets of cash shipped to them on private jets. say nothing of the billions that were unfrozen and handed back. so you could make the cynical point here that they are a little in to want the iranians to negotiate with the president, what do you think? >> general boykin: i think there certainly is an incentive for the iranians in that, what
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they don't want to do is they don't want to see the europeans. it's bad enough that they american slapped the sanctions on them but they certainly don't want to see the europeans do it. europeans have made huge investments since the deal was made in 2015 and they don't want to lose those investments, those businesses or corporations that have established business with the iranians. i would be a severe blow to their economy. >> neil: while i have you, john kerry was apoplectic about this, speaking in italy. many people are saying he was working and the scenes, sometimes not even behind the scenes, to push back at this. what do you make of that? >> general boykin: this was supposed to be his legacy, and his legacy was just destroyed with one decision by our president. but stop and think about this. you now have mike pompeo on the way to north korea. do you think mike pompeo might be going in in a big stronger position than he would have been if we had stayed in this deal? i think so. carrie went in with nothing and
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he got nothing out of it. >> shepard: there are some saying, speaking of those north korean negotiations, americans can willy-nilly turn their back on deals here. and i know this was not a treaty and you and i have gotten into this in the past. but maybe the north koreans will think, what if they all of a sudden change their mind with us? >> general boykin: i don't see that being the case. i see that as kim jong recognizing that donald trump is a substantially different guy with a different agenda than our previous president, and i see him looking at this as an issue as strength and leadership on our part, or at least on the part of the american president. >> shepard: general, thank you so much for joining us. and thank you for your remarkable service to this country. in the meantime come now to the financial fallout.
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particularly to the sign we saw in oil prices, after oil hit at three and a half year high. there was some confusing to all of this, the dow finishing on change of about three points. market expert scott with how that plays out. i think what saved the market was the 90-180 day grace before it kicks in. it doesn't necessarily mean that if all this oil was taken off of the market or sanctions kicked in, which could mean higher prices. what do you think? >> i think you said it cooling off period earlier and i agree with that. we need to come back and try to work on a better deal or newer deal, that to your point doesn't disrupt the oil market. they have to have a pretty big concern if all that oil comes off-line. does saudi arabia come in in and cover that? plus the sanctions that trump
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mentioned with other countries, that could be a problem. so you see this fallout kind of taking place to know what damage is done, but you do see that call down after cooler heads prevail. we always talk about those black swan developments or outside of the markets normal realm of expirations. this could be one failed north korean deal or successful ones. where does it fit into that. >> in the light of things, we lost a couple bucks on the dow and a couple bucks in oil and things leveled off. i think the market is getting use to and is starting to appreciate the trump task six. you mentioned north korea, you have to trade wars with china. taking on nafta, the paris accord, you know, things that have kind of had some initial fallout to kind of work their way through the system. so i think the market is
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starting to take the trump ideas in stride and realizing that he is looking after america and looking after americans and the hole, and that's good for the markets and good for the s&p. >> so you are still looking at the fundamentals, at least in your eyes which are for this market and economic backdrop and revenue coming in from all the tax cuts and everything which is surprising folks, that is still a sound deal? >> the revenue has been amazing, the corporate profits have been great. if you are playing at home and your kind of worried about this market volatility, do what we have been doing. we've been adding to oil stocks, we've been adding to mlp's. add to even gold, i think that benefits from seeing some of these deals getting worked off. there are things in your portfolio that can protect you from some of this general stock market volatility that we have seen this year. >> shepard: scott martin, great to see you my friend. we talk about the green here and
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>> i just heard the president say he would impose secondary sanctions on european and asian allies. you are making it harder to go after hezbollah, you are making it harder to go after iranian activities that are really dangerous and you're probably making it harder to come to a north korea deal. >> shepard: that struck me as odd because if memory serves me right, chuck schumer joined three other democratic senators against the steel that president obama put together. remember, it just got so far, the resolution ultimately voted
1:16 pm
down in the house but no matter, the deal stood. and it was acted on by five other nations including the united states. but chuck schumer voted against it so it doesn't jive with where he was then with what he saying now. but let's get a reaction out from the louisiana senator. >> in terms of what schumer said it, i agree with your point about his inconsistency. in terms of what the president is doing, the president is making the calculus. since the sanctions are relaxed, iran has increased their activities to destabilize saudi arabia and attack israel. it appears that he has made the calculus that if we reimpose sanctions they are less likely to be able to do these foreign adventures that have destabilize the region and it takes the risk with them restarting their nuclear program sooner, not later. >> shepard: do you by what someone said, and i know this wasn't formally a treaty but it does call into question whether
1:17 pm
you the united states can be trusted on agreements of any sort if the president comes in and rips them up. >> typically the president comes in and makes big changes. president obama made big changes on president bush's policies. he shouldn't do what a president obama does and kind of pushes it through in a way which is not a treaty, because once you get the treat of that reflects as the consensus of the country. if you try to do it with a pen and a phone, its effects are less long-lasting. >> shepard: the secretary of the state has been in italy and much of europe this week and today, many people said he was behind the scenes working to get foreign leaders to sort of pushback. what do you think? >> carrie can do what he wants.
1:18 pm
the fact is that does have limited influence upon trump, and i think trump trump is make calculus. obviously in syria, obviously in yemen, stirring up lots of trouble. his calculus is, if you reimpose sanctions, they are less likely to do that and a time will tell. >> shepard: all right senator, thank you very much. of course the democrat of california sits on the house armed services committee. congressman, what do you think of this? >> i think the president kicked over the ant hill, and we don't know where this will end. it certainly will create confusion and could very well create a very, very dangerous situation as everyone begins to adjust. certainly there will be economic implications. there are major business deals on the way between european countries and american countries that are now going to have to be reversed. boeing aircraft, some
1:19 pm
$20 billion of aircraft and parts and maintenance that they had already committed to iran, so all of those economic things will work their way through. >> shepard: while there are sometimes things that i can't even say because there are economic things that are bigger than money. >> that's right because this was not about terrorism, this was not about missiles, this was about nuclear bombs. and what iran was doing before this deal was proceeding very, very quickly to build the infrastructure, the highly enriched uranium and plutonium necessary for multiple numbers of bombs. >> shepard: do you think there was a pause in that activity? many people are saying they didn't get rid of anything, they just froze it in place. >> that's not true. the reactor that they were using or were about to use to create plutonium is now filled with concrete. the centrifuges that they needed
1:20 pm
to enrich sufficient amounts of highly enriched uranium, most of those are now destroyed. some are in warehouses. >> shepard: so you are questioning that that is not correct. >> they didn't. very carefully review with the israeli said. they said iran has a long history of cheating and hiding. and that is correct, they did. that is why this nuclear deal has very, very intrusive inspections in place. there is a right and to the deal for the inspectors to go anywhere. 20 days in some cases, but they could get to those facilities. and if they are indeed in nuclear activity -- >> shepard: that something that gets stuck, and the presidency it could take three weeks in some cases to check and verify what the iranians said they were doing. you never had a problem with that? >> lets understand what we are
1:21 pm
looking for and fear what they might be doing. and that is engaging in some sort of nuclear activity. when you are dealing with nuclear isotopes, highly enriched uranium or plutonium, any of those things, they leave traces behind and you cannot get rid of the traces, you can follow that. that's what the iaea looks for. they run around with their geiger counter's and they look for the fingerprints. in this case, the isotopes that are left behind. so you can't hide that. 20 days? yes, they could probably remove whatever equipment out but they can't remove the trail. >> shepard: it but knowing that they have a long history of lying and deceiving, it seems like you have more trust for them than you do for what the president is saying. >> not at all, not at all. that's why these verifications are in place, they are the most stringent anywhere in any country and they are working. now that isn't my words, those are the words of the current
1:22 pm
secretary of state who said that when he was the cia director, the secretary of defense and others who said there is no evidence whatsoever that iran is cheating. >> shepard: we shall see. thank you very much. the fallout of some big battles in this country tonight, after this. just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it.
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1:26 pm
with some big manufacturers, going among them that had multimillion dollar arrangements with iran that might be shelled, given what mr. bolton is saying, and included. will they be phased out or down or temper it is anyone's guess. but again, there is this 90 day grace period, up through 180 days where they can be unwound. in the meantime, whether this affects people voting in states like west virginia, north carolina, i imagine is a bit of a stretch but congress always plays into things and how people feel about what they are doing. according to a new cnn poll, 57% of americans are pretty sanguine about the way things are going right now and that is up about eight points from where we are in the prior month. and i sit down mike should stress here come the highest we have seen since 2007, what to make of that, robin biro and campus reform editor in chief,
1:27 pm
mr. jones. this might defy potential polling that has popped up and it shows this blue wave coming, it still might be coming but it flies in the face of people who seem to think things are percolating. what do you think? >> you have to separate what the american people feel about the president and what they feel about members of congress and people running for reelection. it's clear that american people are rallying behind this president when it comes to the economy, they see some improvement there. but i would caution the president at not celebrating too much. when we look at an out >> millennials, despite the record low unemployment, they are not rallying. and so there's a disconnect between the method of communication at the white house showing those demographics, what the president is doing and how that should matter to them.
1:28 pm
>> shepard: may be so but then i do see something fairly consistent going on that does show people feeling a little bit better about their own economic position, their own investments, savings, et cetera. but they are seeing in their paycheck. now whether that is enough to stave off a demographic democre this fall is thought to be anyone's guess. but there is a disconnect, what do you make of that? >> i agree with lawrence, neil, that the president is not identical by any means to candidates for senate and congress across the country. but it is definitely true that that striking figure would say things about the economy. but in 2010, i was in canada for the big red wave and that was a sign of hope that if republicans connect the dots and say, it's really true, what's really
1:29 pm
true's policies, not personalities. and democrats as good of people as they are will not be supporting the policies that we need to keep this going and pretty >> better. he needs to emphasize that and that should be the message. these policies are working, let's keep them going. >> shepard: at advocating and it ran agreement, that many on both sides said it was flawed to begin with, but a difference of opinion as to whether you should walk away with from it. but does that move the needle at all do you think in these countries, and some of these elections. >> general boykin: congress still has a record low approval ratings, but you know, honestly, i just have to say that i just want this president to succeed. i'm glad that his approval, approval numbers are better because that shows that he is
1:30 pm
doing a better job. >> shepard: do you actually feel that way? >> well as a veteran, as an american, i do want her to succeed. we fail, we all fail. but this doesn't translate to the congressional candidates. i will say that democrats right now are winning and special elections all across the country and bright red areas. donald trump should be concerned about that come the midterm. >> shepard: you know lawrence, there is sort of this disconnect as well about how the media reports on things, and the president's numbers have been picking up a little bit and that translates into the midterm. even though the president's name is not on the ballot, he is very much the focus of them. do you agree? >> there is also a blame on the media and also blame on members of congress as well. it's not like the republican party has been in lockstep when it came to this president, and it doesn't help that the media
1:31 pm
is focused on issues like russia or stormy daniels, when people are really more concerned about the economy and things that affect them on a daily basis. so there is a mixture of congress, after they promised they got control after >> of all brands of government. speak >> >> shepard: we have to cut this short, i want to get two more reaction. this is russia's deputy. he was asked about whether the u.s. decision might heighten tensions in the middle east. he responded with a one-word answer. sure. we will be back
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1:36 pm
>> aftermarket trade we are seeing the stock even move higher so investors liked what they saw. you did have disney beating on both the top and bottom lines and when you talk about it being a proxy, it's exactly that. the entertainment outfits and the division was strong, the parks division was strong across the board and it looks like a very solid quarter for disney. of course, the bigger picture is this kind of three-dimensional chess that is going on between disney and comcast and the entertainment aspects of fox. fox we know had x-men and avatar, and we know that fox had agreed to sell those assets to disney. but comcast, neil, according to our sources might be speaking to investment bankers and basically getting ready perhaps to make an all cash offer for those very
1:37 pm
same assets. of course, these are the very same assets again, the simpsons, "national geographic," you and i know these properties well. this is just, i would say, another wrinkle to follow in the media landscape. >> shepard: i think if comcast caved, it would sell the whole idea if the at&t time warner contract didn't go through. >> that's exactly right, apparently the secretary is waiting for mid-june to see what this decision is going to be. of course we know at&t wants to buy time warner and the department of justice has said, it's an antitrust concern. apparently, brian roberts of comcast before going hostile for a potential all-cash offer is going to wait, june 12th is the decision date for that. so lots to watch in the entertainment and media space. >> shepard: and they might have to pony up more cash, on the reason why's fox their stos
1:38 pm
up. >> if comcast comes in with a stronger bid it will be $8 billion higher so that will perhaps be higher for shareholders to turn down which is why there is this implication that it could become very quickly a hostile takeover in the traditional and literal sense of the word. >> shepard: we should explain that fox news fox business is not part of that, but we would be the avengers. >> we are waiting a little bit. >> shepard: thank you, you, deidra, very much. more on the pole and the fallout of this whole iran thing. and we haven't missed out on what's going on with the bob mueller thing, and james comey made some news on that. our judge to react on this, after that. only botox® cosmetic is fda approved to temporarily make frown lines,
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>> i don't know how a federal
1:42 pm
judge could possibly know enough about an investigation, given that federal judges aren't involved investor >> investigations at all to offer a view like that. >> general boykin: >> >> shepard: comey is still on his book tour, so you know the drill. we go to judge napolitano, our brilliant judge on that. do you agree with the comments? >> i do. here's the background. he gets an indictment for financial crimes that started and ended long before donald trump ran for president. and paul made a fort's lawyer said, who are you to indict us for this? you were appointed by the doj to look into conspiracy between the russians and the campaign to affect the campaign. so he brings a motion before the judge, tl ts ellis, to dismiss
1:43 pm
the indictment. the judge says, we all know know why you are pursuing paul made a fort, you want to squeeze him for giving testimony to the president for what are impeachable offenses or you think it's >> are impeachable offenses. when he said that, it had a life of its own. eyes opened up in the legal community because judges don't usually give an opinion of the government's case that is based upon newspaper articles, not based upon something in the case. i mean, who cares what the judge thinks of the government's motivation? >> shepard: but couldn't he just -- why are you going in this direction? >> he basically said, give me your authority. the authority will come from a letter written by rob rosenstein which could be written retroactive. so this is just form over substance. the retroactive letter will authorize over prosecution.
1:44 pm
>> shepard: so why are they in court then? paul made a fort wants these charges dropped. >> what he did is, he charged him in two different courts. he has one case in federal court in washington, d.c., and another case right across the river in federal court in arlington, virginia. one trial starts in july and the other trial starts as soon as the other one is over in september. different sets of crimes, nothing has to do with running the campaign. both have to do with his personal, financial dealings in the years before he worked with donald trump. so he is really shoveling against the tide and the government is going after him with everything they can with reasons that are probably what judge ellis said. they want him to cave. >> shepard: so why not call out the elephant in the room? >> that does not nullify the prosecution, they have real serious evidence against him. so if judge ellis prosecutes the evidence against him, that does not mean that paul made a fort
1:45 pm
can be prosecuted, the local prosecutors across the river in arlington would pick up the case. so nothing would change. >> shepard: what is your -- >> bottom line, i agree with comey. >> shepard: well, do you think it's a sign it's wrapping up? >> i don't think it's wrapping up, i think it will come to a head soon. >> shepard: what is soon? i'd like to plan my day if i can. >> in 2019, not next week. whether the president appears before the grand jury or consents to an interview, we will know before summer comes but if it actually happens before the end of the year, that's anybody's guess. >> shepard: you are the best. the best, and that is the best. by the way, vice president
1:46 pm
joe biden is weighing in on the president trying to pull out of this iran nuclear deal. this crisis could put ultimately the safety of our country and our fellow citizens including thousands of men and women in uniform serving across the middle east at risk by setting us back on a path to war with iran. this was out just about 20 minutes after his former boss, barack obama, said pretty much the same thing in the longest response yet to what his successor has done to dismantle some of the obama administration's most treasured achievements. we will keep you posted, more after this. capital one and are giving venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. brrr! i have the chills! because of all those miles? and because ice is cold. what's in your wallet?
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>> shepard: by the way, all of you have been responding on the pullout of the iran deal, the reckless decision today makes a
1:50 pm
world less safe by withdrawing from the jcp oh, our president is undermining american credibility and isolating us from our partners and allies and abandoning commitments under this agreement. we did reach out to mr. perez to see if he could join us on the show but i don't believe we heard back. we did hear back from the rnc chairwoman joins us right now. >> great to be here. thanks for having me. >> shepard: what do you think about that reaction, almost universal condemnation from that side, oddly enough including chuck schumer who was originally against the deal, one of the four democrats who voted against barack obama's deal on this. what do you make of that? >> chuck schumer is playing his partisan role. the reality is that the obama administration entered into a reckless deal with iran, one that made the world left based. they didn't put the proper
1:51 pm
inspections in place, and these are things we have to put in place to safeguard the country. iran has continued to fund terrorism and not been good actors. i think the president delivered on a campaign promise today and said we are going to go back and make sure that we are putting in a deal that if we go back to the deal with iran makes the world safer. that's exactly what barack obama should have done, and president trump once again is taking a leadership role in the world and correcting the mistakes of the obama administration. >> shepard: if the 90-180 day waiting period does not produce any results, obviously a lot of business deals made with iran would be broken and we couldn't honor them, and that includes boeing which has a number of multibillion-dollar contracts with the iranians. what are we telling boeing, what are we telling these american companies? that will be up to the administration to communicate with people engaged in those
1:52 pm
deals. the united states of america is the leader in the world again and he's done it with syria companies doing it now with ira iran, and he has said we are not going to stand for bad actors and we are not going to make deals that are not making our world savior. he has made good progress in all of those fronts and he delivered on a campaign promise and i think we will come out with a safer world because of today. >> shepard: we have all these primaries going on tonight in four different states. eight more next week, dozens more over the next few weeks. do you think this is an issue that will affect voters or is it just really the economy? >> i think people are paying attention to what the president has done with countries like north korea. and with syria taking that definitive action when they use chemical weapons. but i do think the economy is the overriding issue.
1:53 pm
people in states like ohio, west virginia and north carolina who are voting today, they know that jobs are coming back to their states, they know that wages are up and people are getting better paychecks and they feel good about where the country is going. and that's what you will see not just through the primary season but through november when they go to the ballot box and say, who is the party that delivered? and they will have to answer to their voters for that. >> shepard: the former coal industry executive who was in prison for, does he provide safety standards that led to that coal industry accident several years ago. if he wins, would you recognize him, what the president recognize him as a republican nominee for senator ?
1:54 pm
>> i don't want to get ahead of any election taking place because people are out voting, but we will support nominees that further president's agenda. we know joe mansion won't do that, and he would vote for chuck schumer to be the leader. so let's make sure the voters have a chance to make that decision without weighing in before the vote is done. >> shepard: understood, but if he is the guy, you would still prefer him to joe mitch? >> i'm going to support people who support the president's agenda. joe mansion talks a good game but when it comes down to those votes, he voted no for higher wages, more jobs, a better economy. he has voted no against his state again and again. i think he is a nice guy, i have him over for a barbecue but don't send him back to the senate. i love these may primaries because it allows us to find who
1:55 pm
are enemies are going to be and coalesce around them. come together, we need all hands on deck because we need to beat that democrat incumbents and give the president more help in the senate. >> shepard: you probably hear the back and forth as john mccain has been planning his own funeral, apparently, suffering from brain cancer. you know the story. but he has apparently made known that he doesn't want the president at his funeral. the vice president, yes. but not president trump. what do you think about that? >> i have a hard time weighing on on something i'm not privy to firsthand. i think right now, the whole country needs to have john mccain and his family and our thoughts and prayers. he's an american hero, he suffering through obviously a very serious brain tumor and cancer. we want him to heal. i don't want to be thinking about his funeral, i want to be thinking about his recovery.
1:56 pm
>> shepard: the same applied to his regrets apparently in his book about picking sarah palin, although he has great respect and admiration for her still, that maybe he should have picked joe lieberman as his running mate? >> i'm interested to see his book, obviously he had an historic career in the senate, and before that serving our country. i would be interested in seeing his insights on what he wishes he would do differently. i wish he had a voted against obamacare, of course, but it will be interesting to see how his book comes out. overwhelmingly, this country is thinking about him and hoping he recovers. he is in our and prayers. >> shepard: thanks very much. let's see how these races go tonight, rhonda. thank you again. we are going to be focusing on these races, they affect your money and your life in more ways than you know and we will be looking at it not only in these uproar states but as it moves forward. how much of an influence the
1:57 pm
president's name is having, even though as you know, the presidents are not in the midterm contest but they are very much affecting them. how much will this president impact tonight? it will be all over on fbn, which is about three hours from now. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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