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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 8, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> what happened to corn hole? >> i don't know, you should get corn hole. >> okay. he's tough and fair, his name is bret baier. up next. >> bret: some transitions are better than others. president trump says good riddance to the iran nuclear deal as he announces the president is withdrawing. congress considers the request to cut 15 billion in unused funds, and a champion of the "me, too" movement faces his own account allegations. good evening, i'm bret baier, coming to you live from the white house as the administration deals right now with reaction to president trump's announcement a few hours ago here that the u.s. is withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal.
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as a candidate of course, mr. trump campaign hard on a promise to get the u.s. out of the deal that he called horrendous and one-sided. as president he labeled the agreement ridiculous and insane. his political opponents and european allies say he has no real plan that they have seen going forward. john roberts starts us off with a massive global story. >> one that we have been expecting for a long time, too. one thing that we know for sure is that everybody that has an interest in this has something to say about it. >> it was a move a long time coming. president trump vowed in the earliest days of the campaign to scrap the iran nuclear deal. today he did it. >> it is clear to me that we cannot prevent an iranian nuclear bomb under that decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement. the iran deal is defective at
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its core. >> the announcement brought a sharp reaction from the iranian president who said they would begin negotiations with the american european allies china and russia to save the deal. adding if they couldn't save the agreement, iran would start enriching uranium quote more than before" in the coming week weeks. if the regime continues its nuclear aspirations it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before. >> the president made the decision despite pleas from france, the u.k. and germany to stay in the deal. in a joint statement, the three countries said we want to ensure that the structure of the jcpoa can remain intact and avoid taking action which obstructs its full implementation. president trump starts a countdown clock running, 90 days to the re-imposition of most sanctions. >> president trump: we will be
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instituting the highest level of economic sanction, any nation that helps iran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the united states. america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail. we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction. >> in a statement, president obama said it was misguided, a serious mistake that could embolden already dangerous regime, post obstructions and cause danger to america's security and trigger an arms race in the world's most dangerous region. president trump insist that the deal president obama helped craft and allowed iran to continue down the path to a nuclear breakout, saying the nation that chants "death to america" will never be allowed to have action. speak to the united states no longer makes empty threats.
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when i make promises, i keep them. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer didn't support the iran deal but opposes the u.s. withdrawal saying iran wasn't violating the agreement. plus, what would president trump replace it with? >> this is a little bit like, replace and repeal. they had these words, they use them in the campaign and they don't have a real plan. >> while there is nothing at the moment to replace the joint comprehensive action, president trump said he is willing to negotiate a new deal one that covers iran's short-term nuclear program, long-term ambitions, and destabilizing behavior. speak to the fact is, they will want to make a new and lasting deal, one that benefits all of iran and the root iranian peop. and when they do, i am ready, willing and able. great things can happen for iran and great things can happen for
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the peace and stability that we all want in the middle east. >> late this afternoon, the treasurer and secretary, who i know you will be speaking with in a couple of minutes, said it is the intention of the administration to get a deal with iran under the wind down profession. iran has 180 days to come to the table. >> bret: you know, there may be a position that iran wants to renegotiate, but was of the signal from these european leaders that they weren't going to get any indication from iran to reopen talks? >> that was certainly the position of iran, but if you start to twist arms, maybe iran has a change of heart. the difference is, the president wants to get a comprehensive deal on all four of those pillars. mccrone, merkel, theresa may, boris johnson was here yesterday saying let's leave the jcpoa and place and negotiate a new deal on the other three points but that's not a gamble to president
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was willing to take. >> bret: state run tv in syria, the media there reporting an israeli attack near the capital of de damascus. someone had hit an iranian military compound in that area. syrian media said syrian air defenses shot down two missiles and the incident took place about an hour after president trump's iranian nuclear announcement. the cia says america needs gina haspel to lead them to a bright future. that was ahead of what could be a rough confirmation hearing tomorrow, or at least engaging. gina haspel is facing major resistance from democrats mainly over her role in the post-9/11 interrogations. secretary of state mike pompeo is headed to north korea, or in north korea right now. he made the surprise trips ahead of the summit from president trump and north korean
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north korean leader kim jong un. today, kim met for the second time was china's president. correspondent greg palkot's says where things stand tonight. >> it was a lovefest in a northeast china coastal town, or its or it seemed that way. it was held halfway between beijing and pyangyoung. chinese state media called the tuesday meeting a cordial, friendly, all-around in-depth exchange of views. >> china and north korea are close neighbors and always maintain normal communications and exchanges with each other. >> kim jong un reportedly saying, so long as relevant parties eliminate hostel policies and security threats against north korea, north korea has no need for nuclear capacity and denuclearization can be realized. according to kim, those can be phased with other parties.
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read that, united states. the summit comes after another meeting in march. china wants a say in the diplomatic process. >> the chinese have been more helpful than they have in the past, but they are not doing anything out of the goodness of their heart. >> if this comes before the president planned summit. mike pompeo will be in pyangyoung shortly with more meetings, aimed at finalizing an agenda. >> president trump: we think relationships are built with north korea and we will see how it all works out. maybe it well, maybe it won't. >> "the washington post" also reporting that secretary pompeo could be returning with those three korean americans currently detained by north korea. president trump was asked if those u.s. citizens would be freed by north korea. he replied, we will soon be finding out. it would be a great thing if they are. mr. president would also say, stay tuned. >> bret: thank you. stocks were mixed today, the dow
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gained three and the s&p dropped a fraction, the nasdaq was up to today. the government wants to trim congressional spending and a rarely used move. how much impact it could really have on that growing deficit and debt. >> president trump: i will never sign another bill like this again. >> anchored last march by the passage of a bloated omnibus spending bill, president trump and mick mulvaney try to make them and sending congress a package of revisions. they are in fact tailored to leave the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill alone while saving $15 billion of other unspent monies. the rescissions spare the president's cherished increase in military spending but take aim at some democrat's sacred cows. nearly half of the repeals, about $7 million, would target a portion of the children's health insurance program, or chip, that expired last year.
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speak of this audit would infuriate any american watch the republicans use chp as a political prop last year to once again play games with this program that is a lifeline. >> republicans of the white house countered. the democrats outlet amounts to shameless pandering. >> it's because donald trump's president, not because of the substance of the bill. none of this touch is the omni, we went to many that had been previously appropriated in past years. sometimes as far back as 2007 or 2011. >> of the rescissions are music to the areas of house conservatives who, like trump, railed at the blooming deficits that the spending bill would cost. mitch mcconnell is less enthused saying some might interpret that provisions as reneging on a bar partisan on the best deal. >> became to an agreement on the omnibus and it had good things. >> the rescissions are creating a rift in the g.o.p., senate republicans especially will need every vote they can muster for a
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simple majority passage. >> i believe we need to keep our word, talking about on the omnibus, express or implied, the word is important and the agreement is important. i expressed that publicly and to the president. >> some people said well, we shouldn't support the rescission because we didn't make a deal. >> if the recession package passes in the house, it would put house leader kevin mccarthy in very good stead with conservatives in the house who he will need if he decides to for house speaker. mcconnell said he will take a look at the recession package if it passes the house. >> bret: let's get more in the administration and administration perspective on spending, trader, the iran decision and more. steven mnuchin is the secretary of the president. i think we expected the iran announcement, but the specifics here you know. what are the days that you have before the next tough round of sanctions really kick in?
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>> these sanctions kick in now but there is a what we call a wind down and maintenance. we have to be very careful because we can't do new business but people who have existing business have time. there is a 90 day tranche for most things and a 180 day tranche for other energy related things and miscellaneous items. we wanted to be careful that we had an orderly transition away from iranian oil. >> bret: so if you get to that point before this 180 days, could there be renegotiation? >> steve: i think we are ready to renegotiate now. i think the president has been clear since the campaign and since he came into office, it's a bad deal. we don't want iran to ever have nuclear weapons, he's focused on the ballistic missiles and the state-sponsored terrorism. we had lots of discussion with our allies and we will continue to do that.
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i and secretary pompeo have had many discussions and we will continue to do that with her counterparts. >> bret: so you have heard the criticism from your opponents politically saying, if you tear up the steel, what's to say to foreign countries and leaders that any deal done by one administration really doesn't stick to the next administratio administration? >> steve: well, let's be clear, this wasn't a politically binding deal. the previous administration never took it to congress to have it passed, it was just a bad deal. the president has been very clear, we don't want a situation where iran can have nuclear weapons now or in the future. if iran is sincere in wanting to become a member of the world community, they should sit down and negotiate reasonable terms. >> bret: you had european allies filter in here one after another. the french president, german chancellor and the foreign president. >> you have to answer the
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question, what's next? what if they do rush for nuclear weapons? are we seriously think that we are going to bomb those facilities, is that a realistic possibility? or do we work with what we've got an pushback on iran together? >> bret: so the what next, is what people are asking. >> steve: while the wet next is the sanctions are going in place and the sanctions worked last time. but let me also be clear. the president didn't come into office right away and terminate this. he was very careful, he was very transparent and made it clear three months ago that this was the last time he was going to sign the waiver is unless there was a new deal. we will continue to work with our allies. so what is next, the sanctions go in place, we cut off the money to fund iran's bad behavior and we work with our allies to fix the deal and get a new deal. >> bret: sure, but iran is talking to the rest of the european allies to string something together between them. with the u.s. not at the table
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for that negotiation, how can you, number one, ensure the sanctions are tough enough to move iran to action if the other allies are not buying in? >> steve: these are very tough sanctions. although we have a wind down. and we are being careful with the transition, i would also say they are primary sanctions and secondary sanctions. these will go after the entire u.s. dollar financial system here, and globally. so our objective is to make sure that we cut off the money to iran, and these are very powerful tools we will enforce. >> bret: so you are saying, iran will feel it. >> steve: absolutely. >> bret: and the economy there, not doing that great anyway? >> steve: their currency has depreciated substantially and the president was very clear. he wants to support the people of iran. there are a lot of people there and they can have a bright future but the bright future doesn't include nuclear weapons,
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ballistic missiles and state-sponsored terrorism. >> bret: here is the senate minority leader on this deal. >> you are making it harder to go after has blocked. are making it harder to go after -- after -- hezbollah, you are making it harder to go after activities that are dangerous. >> bret: and the foreign president that weighed in with the statement, because obama was saying at the time, we are all rooting for diplomacy to succeed, and walking away, we would lose the deal that we were pursuing with the north koreans. on that specific point, upon north korea, do you think north korea looks at this and interprets anything with the pulling out of the iran deal? >> steve: the president is determined to make sure americans are safe. if the president listen to all the professionals, he wouldn't have been tough on north korea. we put very strong sanctions on north korea and our maximum pressure campaign is the main
3:17 pm
reason why they are negotiating. six months ago, people said the president was being too tough on north korea and now he's sitting down at willing to negotiate. so the president has determined whether it's north korea or iran to protect the american people and the previous deal did not protect the american people. it would have been easy for him to get this down the road the way he did with north korea, the president is not willing to do that. >> bret: secretary pompeo is there tonight, and pyangyoung. is there a hope that he comes back with the three americans that were held hostage? and >> steve: i hope he does. >> bret: and last night, you just came home from china. the press right about that trip was very gloomy. your take on where the trade negotiation is going? >> steve: these are also complicated issues and the president has been very clear going back to the campaign in an office. the trade deficit is too big, china companies have the ability to do business here at our
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company doesn't have the same reciprocal treatment. >> bret: since the president and mar-a-lago verse spoke, we haven't made it reciprocal. i think our delegation was very clear and going through this issue. we came back and we briefed the president and he was very supportive of our position. but i look forward to the vice mayor coming here and continuing our negotiations. we will continue to have a fair and balanced objective. >> bret: we appreciate your time. up next, a leader in women's rights and a leading trump critic is facing allegations of physical abuse. but first, let's see what our affiliates around the country are covering tonight. the hawaiian government is telling the white house and the federal emergency management agency that he believes estate will need help to deal with the
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kilauea volcano. eruptions and lava have forced evacuations and destroyed at least 26 home so far. in the twin cities, a minneapolis police officer accused of killing a woman. he did not enter a plea in the officer is accused of shooting justine damon as she approached his vehicle after she called 9112 9112 report a sexual assault nearby. and a soldier watches the live birth of his daughter on face time as he waits out a flight delay. specialist brooks lindsay of the mississippi national guard and saw his wife haley give birth to his daughter, millie. the woman who shot and posted the video said onlookers rejoiced when they heard the baby cry. he eventually made it home. that's tonight's live look. we will be right back. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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>> bret: right now on the north lawn, the navy said the problem with its most expensive worship is due to a manufacturing defect. they are dealing with the issue and its propulsor and of components. the navy said they are considering filing a claim against the maker of the device and the defects will be fully corrected. in the meantime, a man considered by many to be a champion of the women's rights and of the "me too" movement is himself facing allegations tonight and has resigned from office in disgrace. correspondent laura ingle tonight on the rapid fall from grace upon new york attorney general, eric schneiderman.
3:24 pm
>> no one is above the law and no one should be afraid to come forward. >> strong and swift reaction from new york governor andrew cuomo today after the new york magazine detailed allegations of four women who claimed they suffered physical abuse of the hands of the state's highest ranking law enforcement officer. democratic attorney general, eric schneiderman. >> these women should have their day in court. they should have the opportunity to tell a district attorney the facts and circumstances. >> all four women described similar instances of being slapped and choked. two of the women required medical treatment of their alleged assault but were too afraid to go to police. in a statement, schneiderman said in the privacy of intimate relationships, i have engaged in role-playing and other consensual activity. i have not assaulted at anyone and have never engaged in
3:25 pm
nonconceptual nonnonconsensual. hours after the article went on line he resigned to commencing the allegations would be too much of a distraction for him to continue. the manhattan district attorney's office has launched an investigation. schneider helped champion the "me too" movement. in february, his office launched a lawsuit against harvey weinstein for sexual assault allegations. he has also been a vocal critic of president trump and was praised by the left for promoting the so-called resistance to the president's policies. in august of 2013, schneiderman filed a lawsuit against mr. trump's now-defunct real estate program. the following month, donald trump responded in a of seemingly pressing it treat >> a tweet. is he a crook? wait and see. worse than spitzer or weiner.
3:26 pm
that appearance has been counseled. an interim replacement will be chosen by the state legislature. voters will choose a new attorney general in november. >> bret: laura ingle, in new york. of up next, some big primary elections happening right now. polls are open and we will go to indiana, ohio and west virginia. first, beyond our borders tonight in a 41-year-old australian scientist has arrived in switzerland where he intends to take his life via assisted suicide. leavitt goodall says he hopes to change of mind of those in his country who have deemed it illegal. meanwhile, officers and venezuela's military are reportedly fleeing the country ahead of this month's presidential election. bloomberg is reporting exodus is forcing the military to recruit retirees and militia members to fill in. hundreds of thousands of venezuelans have fled to columbia and brazil as the social and economic fabric of that country of collapses.
3:27 pm
and at jerusalem's mayor plans to formally name the square in honor of president trump. and just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we will be right back
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a peaceful night sleep without only imagine... frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? >> bret: to election headquarters now come up voters in four states are at the polls today to decide primary races that will lead to candidates in november's midterm elections. three of those states have major republican senate contests, and we are there live. ellison barber is in cleveland, mike tobin's and whitestone, indiana, and we start out with peter doocy in charleston, west virginia. >> early voting here with a 51% from last midterms, and congressman evan jenkins is one of the candidates trying to take advantage of an excited electorate until the last minut
3:31 pm
minute. >> this is about bringing a much-needed republican vote to the united states senate. this is about making sure that that very delicate balance right now, that today is 51-49, that we try to grow our republican majority. >> super pac spending suggests jenkins is the one who democrats most want to to keep the ballot against joe manchin in november because the liberal leaning duty and country pack port $81 million into ads against him while spending 41,000 on ads attacking general morrissey which concluded in the united states eastern panhandle. >> it's critical that the message gets out, support morrissey. otherwise blankenship might get the nomination, and if he did that would lead to a sure fire loss. >> tom blankenship didn't campaign today, he went to a suit to taylor to buy a suit
3:32 pm
instead. the super pac has been trying to keep him off the ballot by reminding folks that blankenship was convicted of a misdemeanor charge for violating mine safety standards after the deadly disaster. but, his probation ends at 12 oh 1:00 a.m. >> i'm excited about both, but being free is much more important, but one of my goals is to make sure that all americans are more free because of what i experienced in the prosecution, it was totally inappropriate. >> so low-key primary day for blankenship. i just saw him and he said he was waking up from a long nap but we do expect him in hq shortly. now to make toby in indiana. >> this republican primary and indiana shaped up as a battle of trump supporters involving two sitting congressmen and a wealthy businessman who brands himself as a political outsider even though he stayed in the --
3:33 pm
stayed in the state house. lots of publications putting on top of the race and so far what we have seen with the very, very early numbers is that he is indeed leading. and he is which is one of the most expensive races in the nation. another is todd rowe kita from the fourth district. he's been admonished for creating the impression that the president endorsed him. he defends the negative saying he needed to get the information out now so the democrat, joe donnelly, can't stick a fork in the republican wins today. >> he is wrong for indiana but he is an incumbent senator so it comes down to who you can trust to be tough enough to beat him. or even defend him. >> luke messer is another sitting congressmen in this race from indiana's sixth district. he said he is the true conservative in this district, pro-life and pro-second amendment and pro tem >> trump.
3:34 pm
they need to be pro-trump because president katie indiana. the negatives did so much damage that according to democrats, the incumbent, joe donnelly, has a fighting chance even though he is deep in the heart of trump country. whoever wins this is a very important race for the grand old party because it could be a potential pickup in the senate so they will get some personal attention from both the president and the vice president in two days in elkhart, indiana. now to ellison barber in cleveland. >> high mike. the ohio gubernatorial primary among the democrats is essentially a race to the left. richard a cordray is backed by a senator elizabeth warren. he also served as the top consumer watchdog under president obama. dennis kucinich who is a fox news contributor is backed by the more progressive side of the party. he is endorsed by the bernie sanders tide group revolution. he came under fire for his ties to the the syrian government,
3:35 pm
and he said he returned a $20,000 speaking fee he received. in the gubernatorial and senate race there is always one name that comes out. trump. ohio a state that went were president obama in 2012 and then for trump in 2016. trump 19 counties that voted for president obama in 2012. >> one thing i do know about folks there, they wanted a true outsider. so they voted for donald trump. there are really no true outsiders here in this election. the trump voters, i believe they see right through some of that. >> the ohio board of elections told us this morning they expected voter turnout today to be at about 1.6 million people heading to the polls to vote today. no official numbers just yet, but they say that turnout has been moderate. bret? >> bret: ellison barber live
3:36 pm
in cleveland. we will have results and updates throughout the night here. up next, president trump withdraws the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal. we get reaction from the panel as they react to how the world is reacting, when we come back. , plus 21 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d, to help your family be their best. carnation breakfast essentials®. i'm still giving it my best even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'm up for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin.
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>> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. >> president trump: when i make promises, i keep them. i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. the fact is, this is a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. it didn't bring calm, it didn't bring peace, and it never will. in the meantime, powerful sanctions will go into full effect. if the regime continues its nuclear aspirations, it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before. >> bret: president trump
3:40 pm
pulling the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal, swift reaction. european allies releasing a statement together. it is with regret and concerned that we take note of president trump's decision to withdraw the united states of america from the jcpoa. together we emphasize our continuing agreement >> agreement to the agreement, remaining in place for security. we would like to avoid taking action which obstructs limitations to all other parties to the deal, and not all countries sharing that. saudi arabia tweeting out, the kingdom of saudi arabia fully supports the measures taken by the president of the united states with jcpoa. we've always had concerns in regards to the missile program and iran support for terrorism. similar statements coming from the uae, buck rain, the god >> gulf allies and israel.
3:41 pm
matt schlapp, contributing or the hill. and eli lake, columnist for bloomberg video. eli, looking at looking at across the board, the world reaction, your take on this and the hopes that perhaps, you heard the secretary of state >> treasuries say, there may be renegotiation? >> there is also the period of 90-180 days, and there are now negotiations that i guess have been announced between iran and the european allies. so far there have not been any kind of clear statements from the iranians, those two things that they are going to begin enriching beyond the limits on uranium and building up their program, or kicking out inspectors. all of that is pretty good. i think in some ways, it could be a continuation of the strategy that trump has pursued really since the beginning of his presidency, which is to try to renegotiate a better deal.
3:42 pm
but there is a paradox in what he said today which is that he really made a very clear statement of solidarity with the iranian people and the question is, if trump negotiates a bargain with the iranian regime, where does that leave the iranian people? that's a perfect opportunity to begin thinking about ways to support the democracy movement which has been gaining momentum since late december in iran. >> bret: exactly, those beginning is essentially about the weakening economy in iran. here is iran reacting. >> [interpreter] tonight we witness and experience, the same thing that we have said and repeated for 40 years has happened. iran is a cop >> country that is loyal to its commitments and the u.s. as a country that never sticks to its commitments. >> bret: matt, your thoughts on that?
3:43 pm
even if the u.s. can't keep its international deals, how does any country believe that the u.s. can keep agreements? >> and there is of course no future between an american bilateral relationship in iran. we have to look past that to the future. it's about the iranian people who in many ways are aligned like no other country in the region to actually be in a position where they could be aligned with us on several key issues. unfortunately we will never get the billions of dollars fact that we got at the beginning of this arrangement with president obama, but it does sick >> knocked the second big pillar out of the legacy. now there are ways in which it can be negotiated, but the premise is dead. when you have john bolton and secretary pompeo in there, great
3:44 pm
things can happen. >> bret: you have some democrats out there saying this is the wrong move, the next step is not set in stone. they are comparing it to obamacare and repeal and replace it, but here are some democrats about this deal as it came to pass. >> we should not go forward with this agreement. >> the whole purpose of the negotiation was to ensure that there would be no pathway for iran to achieve nuclear weapons capability. and at this deal doesn't achieve that. >> i've said more times than i can count that i opposed the deal when it was announced. >> obviously they are all saying different things. now what about this movement? >> this was a flawed agreement from day one, and there were critics on both sides, that's perfectly clear. right now, there are senior members on capitol hill, house armed services committee
3:45 pm
chairman, senior members of the foreign affairs committee, senior members of the house armed services committee who are republicans, very worried about the fact that you get out of this deal and you are left in a perilous place. very difficult, and it makes the challenge with north korea much more difficult and it creates a whole host of problems and consequences in the years to come. it might have allowed for time for the kind of democracy building, and fighting for freedom that eli lake wrote so eloquently about today. it might have helped us keep our word with our allies, an area where we are really struggling because we actually don't have a new nafta deal .
3:46 pm
at the president of france that getting out of this would be insane because there isn't anything left in its place. i think these next critical days and weeks will tell us whether or not he can actually keep iran at the table, and whether our european allies will keep them from some kind of proliferation activity and keep them at the table. and if president trump can end up renegotiating something, that will be a master stroke. as of now we won't have to wait and see what they are willing to give. >> bret: part of the speech was to say, here's your opportunity, iran. the steel is not working. but at the same time, we have the secretary of state on the ground, and he's laying the ground for what is supposed to be a locked in meeting. but the juxtaposition of those two things. >> i think what prompted today could help in north korea, because it shows that he is willing to defy establishment, foreign policy washington, and impose everything over the closest allies and everything else. i argued in column that he should wait it out, and in some ways north koreans are looking at that. they might say to themselves, we don't necessarily want to cross the sky, we are in good graces
3:47 pm
now. imagine what happens if these negotiations don't work out, it could be perilous for us. that's one calculus and i think it's really hard to predict what kim jong un will do. i don't think any intelligence agency can really get inside of his head. i do think there could be this benefit of it which is trump is a disruptor, and he is willing to do things which other adversaries did not think was possible. >> that's 100% true. up next, an explosive new tweet from stormy daniels. and primary picks.
3:48 pm
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these women described and they produced these fact patterns independently. they described really horrific and serious allegations abuse. slapping and choking. this is an individual who was a very public champion of women's rights. >> the statement that we need to make is, you come forward, you show the bravery to come forward, you will be heard, justice will be done. >> bret: new yorker piece about the democrat attorney general of new york, alleging abusive relationships and abuse. eric schneiderman came out, the piece came out at 6:49 p.m. and he issued his initial statement within >> at 7:21 p.m. and within two hours, he resigned his position of attorney general of new york. big fighter for so-called resistance, and the "me too" movement. we are back with a panel, this
3:52 pm
happen so quickly. multiple news cycles within an hour. >> i think he saw the writing on the wall and there was no way to contest the overwhelming testimony from these women in this piece, just ghastly, ghastly abuse of power and really frightening details. it obviously exists >> shows td they obviously are politicians on both sides with these issues. and it's clear from now on that reporters will find these women and this stuff will be revealed. it is a very powerful -- powerful seeing this three hours for publication like this. and, another thing happened just before we went on air. the attorney for stormy daniels >> daniels tweets out, after significant investigation we
3:53 pm
have determined that mr. trump's attorney received $100,000 by a company with close ties to mr. pruden. these companies may have it reversed the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels. we've reached out to michael cohen and his attorneys, nothing back yet. multiple agencies reporting about this payment. what about this? >> i don't know if mr. menotti is stormy daniels' lawyer or hashtag resistance to do everything he can to weaken the president. i think these are several bank shots to show some collusion with russia, and if there is no proven collusion with russia that impacted with russia they are tired of the theatrics with this investigation. show us what you have, give us the facts and let's move on as a country. >> bret: and nothing coming from the mueller team as of yet.
3:54 pm
we will continue to follow up on that and see what's of it and if we can nail it down. i want to find out why it's important and interesting. eli? >> i think it's west virginia, and mr. blankenship is the next many trump. what we saw with roy moore is that that didn't work and a very red state went to a democrat for the first time in many years. if it doesn't work that shows that there's only one trump. >> i've been watching indiana tonight to see who will face off against senator joe donnelly, a democrat, and they are being asked >> and painted as insiders and swap creatures. they are both loving up trump, and mr. swan who isn't in the legislature but is a businessman is telling voters that he carries cardboard cutouts of
3:55 pm
members of congress and says, see, you can't tell them apart. his painting himself as the outsider, convincing the members to not pick one of the sitting members of congress. it will be interesting to see if the voters fall for that, but that is a running theme in most of the primaries. >> i have ohio, and there is a lot of political activity in ohio. there's like governor 's primary and a senate primary, and john kasich has terrible numbers in ohio, especially with the republicans running for both of these offices. interestingly enough, they are running towards trump, and the trump agenda, in a state that trump carried big. most polls say that mike dewine will be the republican standard-bearer for governor, and on the senate side, it's most likely jim wren i see -- jim wren ac. but there is a dog fight for the
3:56 pm
governor's race. and we will have to see what happens when the polls close. >> bret: okay, all the updates tonight on the fox news panel. when we come back, to senate leaders on hemp andhe marijuana. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress that travel up her body with every step she takes. so keep on climbing, sarah. you're killing it. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ >> bret: gorgeous night here at the white house on the north one. senate minority leader chuck schumer recently announced he would endorse senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's hemp bill. that matter would legalize hemp as an agricultural product. today the majority leader was asked if he would return the favor and back schumer's bill to decriminalize marijuana. here's what he had to say. >> there's a lot of confusion about what hemp is. it is a different plant. it has an illicit cousin, but -- which i choose not to embrace. >> come on, mitch.
4:00 pm
>> bret: i don't know if that deal is coming together. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story" hosted by my friend martha maccallum, who was all the latest election news from the four states holding imaries starting right now. >> martha: what a gorgeous shot in front of the white house and a lot of excitement tonight as the polls have now closed in indiana. any minute now we will get our first look at where american voters stand out there on the g.o.p., on democrats, on the antiestablishment fervor that we have watched by president trump. good evening everybody, i martha maccallum and this is "the story" tonight. the first big primary day of 2018. if you've got ten states in the united states of america where democratic senators are up for reelection in seats that were handily won by president trump and you got three of those that have primaries this evening. as we await the first numbers out of indiana where republicans are battling for the chance