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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 8, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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restart such a detention and interrogation program. so we will have to watch tomorrow and lots of incoming political news tonight. i will be here all night at the decision desk. tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." there are four states with big primaries across the country. after a lecture breaking news we will bring you results as we get them intimate. but first we want to take you back 48 hours. new york attorney general eric schneiderman was the big deal then in widely respected government official. a feminist icon who was regarded by many as a potential democratic presidential nominee. there's not a progressive cross that eric schneiderman didn't embrace wholeheartedly and then in time to impose by forest on the people of new york state. schneiderman was an all-purpose left-wing activist. he was especially an aggressive
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advocate for the #metoo movement, watch. >> the challenges facing these survivors are part of a larger system of discrimination and really a manifestation of a culture of male supremacy. in recent months we've begun a long overdue reckoning with our culture of violence and silence. we must reimagine a world where predators are exposed and held to account and survivors are supported and empowered at every level. >> tucker: it really was a culture of male supremacy said eric schneiderman and then liberals nodded in their bovine way. they loved all of this passionately without reservation. they couldn't get enough of eric schneiderman. just six months ago samantha b, who has a tv show, compared schneiderman to a superhero. watch this. >> it's a bird, it's a plane. it's... >> i'm eric schneiderman and i'm the attorney general of the state of new york. >> are you going to leave us out of the darkness?
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>> student loans, the second travel in, and birth control access. >> we will save all of us together. >> you are going to save us? >> we are going to do it but that involves more than the attorney general getting involved. >> tucker: tonight her hero is disgraced and unemployed. reported by ronan farrell released last night suggested in private he was exactly the kind of predator he claimed to be hunting. four different women accused eric schneiderman of hitting, slapping and choking them. two said they later sought medical treatment for what he did. some allege that he made death threats. once that he threatened to have her followed or her phone tapped. one former girlfriend, who is sri lankan told reporters that schneiderman "started calling me has brown slave and demanding that i repeat that i was his property low score. schneiderman's many friends on the left didn't stick around long once the new yorker piece came out last night. after pausing to make certain that his career was really dead,
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former allies have come out to denounce him and say how horrified and shocked they are by the allegations. they can't believe it. please. as with harvey weinstein, a lot of people knew schneiderman was not at all what he pretended to be. there were plenty of signs of that, some public and some people said so out loud, including donald trump in a famous tweet five years ago. but the left stuck with eric schneiderman anyway until the last possible moment as they always do when political majorities are at stake. hope they will put up with anything for the sake of power, principal be damned. consider this from the piece. after the girl front ended the relationship with schneiderman, she told several friends about the abuse. a number of them advised her to keep the story to herself arguing that schneiderman was too valuable a politician for the democrats to lose. if you can even imagine. and of course you can imagine because once again like the obedient little robots they are, self-described champions of women fell into line to protect an abuser of women just as they did with ted kennedy and
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bill clinton and countless others. hypocritical? of course it is. is it surprising? no. these are the same people that fly their private jets to global warming conferences, the ones who bring armed guards to anti-gun rallies. these are the people you see on television lecturing you about diversity from the safety of their gated neighborhoods that look like 1950s america. are you really shocked that they covered for a violent abuser who became famous for denouncing domestic violence? probably not. it's a familiar script. tomorrow, bet money on it, they will be blaming his abuse on high school educated men in flyover country. it's their fault. toxic masculinity, it's a nationwide problem. that will happen. but before it does let's be sure to get to the bottom of this particular story. who knew about what eric schneiderman was doing, about what kind of man he was? did new york governor andrew cuomo know? about new york mayor bill de blasio. how about senator and self-proclaimed #metoo leader kristen gibran. all of them supporting him for years just as he supported bill clinton and ted kennedy and
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harvey weinstein. they've gotten a pass for all of that. this time it's worth getting to the bottom of their complicity if any of this. tammy bruce is a radio show host in new york city. she joins us now. how long before eric schneiderman's alleged abuses become the abuse of all men? this is really a macro problem. shouldn't we pause before we shift responsibility to everyone and asked who know about this specific eye? >> yes. i mean, look, this is still sinking in it so horrific. it's one thing to be arguing about sexual harassment in treating women badly or unequally in the one place, bad enough. these are stories of physical violence, of domestic violence, which has not been dealt with a great deal when it comes to the #metoo movement and a man who was law enforcement. the attorney general of the state and it's an extraordinary dynamic and we know that these issues transcend politics and parties, but what's fascinating here is that these are men, whether with harvey weinstein or bill clinton or the kennedys are
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now this man who wrapped themselves in the cloak of the #metoo movement, of feminism who said that they were the champions for women and ended up being the man thought they were warning everyone about and the problem is as you mentioned in the ronan story is that for women on the left, liberal women have been told and effectively conditioned that you've got to effectively give up yourself a way in order to be able to help the movement or help the liberal narrative that ironically these women were told by their friends or even decided themselves in one case that they would put up with this because he was too important, that the argument that we want to fight to protect women, that we are going to protect a man who is violent towards them. there's got to be -- this is one thing to expose them, but liberal women have to ask themselves what other lies have we been told? what other things have we been told, how to behave, or what we
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should sacrifice ourselves for and here's the other revelation here. schneiderman expected in some ways, we believe, to be part of hillary clinton's administration. weinstein and some reports was her best friend and very close to her. the thing that has made all of this possible to come out besides ronan pharaoh's great reporting and other individuals as well like jane meyer in this report is the fact that hillary clinton lost. if she had won all of these people would have been still protected and they would have still been victimizing women in many industries, but certainly this upper crust of the liberal framework with men and women that have protected them who have continued to victimize women and now are at a point where really, i contend, in this framework, this largest omelette is that it's about the liberal ideology that the right has been so demonized that you've got to
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protect everyone in your realm because it's the right and conservatives who are supposed to be the deadly ones. and it's her own victimizers there on the left. >> tucker: no enemies on the left. i've seen this all my life. you are absolutely right to say that there are creepy people on both sides, that's for sure. but there's one strain of this behavior that really is particular to the left and that is the overweening hypocrisy. we are all hypocrites, i get it, but the idea that the guy telling you you can't have a woodstove because of carbon emissions are flying in a private chat or the person who says you can of guns an armed bodyguard for the #metoo activist beating up women. normal people wouldn't be that hypocritical -- normal people couldn't do that. i will pick another issue. i know i'm beating up women so i'm not going to be like the #metoo spokesman but liberals do that again and again, why? what's that about? >> i would contend they don't believe in the issues. anymore than barack obama cared for health care or getting rid of nuclear weapons or isis. these are mechanisms for their own power.
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they use them and on the left you get protected because you've already convinced everyone else that you were not the enemy. i don't believe it's hypocrisy because to be a hypocrite i suppose you have to kind of sort of believe in the issue and then do the opposite. they don't really believe in it and this is our problem, that's the liberal problem now is that has this just been a game? does no one believe in the issues and for the women that have believed in it, let this at least hopefully maybe be a crack -- you want a broken glass ceiling? it is only happening because hillary clinton lost and now there's a chance for liberals to be honest and maybe it's the kanye west theory. maybe they can have for your minds which will lead to safer lives and genuine independence, which is what liberals and conservatives, all americans generally want together. we can stop alienating ourselves from each other and come together for the things that we have in common. >> tucker: i've said it before, you are very deep
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person. thank you for that. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> tucker: in public eric schneiderman expressed particular horror at the allegations like harvey weinstein coerced women with threats to get them silent. here's a selection. >> women were coerced into facilitating harvey weinstein's misconduct. sometimes they were targets themselves. if they refused, they were threatened with insults, their careers were threatened. they were threatened with physical it intimidation and violence. to conduct really was shocking. we have never seen anything as despicable as what we have seen here. >> tucker: wouldn't you hate yourself if you were him? as you were saying that? now of course we have allegations that he did exactly the same thing and other members of the new york political establishment may have covered for him. your new york governor andrew cuomo says nobody is above the law. >> this nation has a chronic disturbing, disgusting behavior
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of sexual harassment against women if it's the president of the united states, the attorney general of new york, nobody is above the law. >> tucker: did you get that? it's not my close political ally and friend eric schneiderman has a problem with abusing women for which he resigned yesterday, it's america has the problem. you are the problem, not eric schneiderman. that got shot up a school but the fact that you have a shotgun in your closet is the real problem. we are all at fault here. right. okay. joining us now -- i'm sorry i lost control. one of our favorite people, associate editor of the washington times. that is a tell rate there that they are going to leverage the eric schneiderman story not to give the rest of us reason to examine what they are actually doing. but to turn it around on the rest of us. >> for andrew cuomo to actually see this as an opportunity to
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attack donald trump is beyond despicable and politically correct. we can even go 24 hours to may be examined this exact charge before we then make about our culture and men in general and all these things. i think to riff off of something tammy was saying, you are right it was so deep and smart, i feel like the progressive left things they have a get out of jail free card when it comes to treatment of women. as long as they support the right of women to report unborn children all bets are off, you can do whatever you want. frankly, over the last several decades, they have learned that lesson properly, they have practiced what they preached. >> tucker: kennedy killed a woman, an adult woman in her 20s in 1969 and upon his death he was celebrated as a feminist hero. you are absolutely right. it was all about that. but what i just find amazing is that we never stop to ask the obvious questions when it's someone on the left. how did this happen? did no one know that this guy was a creep? i've gotten five calls today not
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with hard evidence but this was widely known. to really think he didn't know? >> i can't imagine. a close political ally. they share offices in albany and he's been a huge supporter of his. he was on his route to be the next governor if not a candidate for president of the united states and we saw this after harvey weinstein. in hollywood suddenly it was an open secret. we all knew about it. we all knew about it is if that's okay, as if we can just move on. but comparing it to harvey weinstein for a moment. the other thing that's very disturbing about this is that these victims were afraid that schneiderman would use the power of his office against them to tap their phones. imagine harvey weinstein with the power of the state behind him, with the power of police investigation to go after an innocent human being, someone that is being victimized by harvey weinstein. that's terrifying. i'm old enough to remember when the left actually pretended as though they were afraid of the surveillance state, that they actually didn't want the government to have that.
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>> tucker: they didn't have power then. they actually did a nice job brushing back the surveillance tape but now of course they endorse it. that was great, nice to see you. tonight's primary election. martha maccallum is here with the details. >> martha: we do have a couple of races that we can report tonight. fox news cannot project two winters in ohio this evening. senate republican mike dewine will face off now we know against democrat richard cordray in the race to succeed term limited government governor jo. mike dewine has a long history in ohio. he's been the ag twice, also been a congressman. he has now defeated the lieutenant governor, mary taylor, who distanced herself from the governor during the course of his primary. everybody is kind of trying to ally themselves as an outlier candidate but mike dewine, a very solid reputation in the state will be the one to take them on. on the democratic side, the
5:15 pm
state's former attorney general beaten former congressman dennis kucinich, well known to fox viewers and people across the nation. he was once the youngest ever mayor of cleveland, long history in congress. he has lost his race tonight to richard cordray, who was the head of the consumer protection finance bureau and very closely aligned with elizabeth warren. he will take on mike dewine. mike dewine against richard cordray in the ohio governor's race. we can also project that mike braun, who came into this race as the outsider businessman sort of a bit of the trump aura around his candidacy to some extent, he has won the senate primary in indiana. he's going to face off against the man who is considered perhaps the most vulnerable democrat senator in the country in indiana where president from won handily. now mike braun will go up against joe donnelly. defeats two sitting congressman, luke messer and todd rokita. the dynamic between the two of them was kind of similar to what
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we've seen in west virginia where you have two current politicians sort of duking it out, very nasty race against each other. mike braun emerges as the winner there. we are still waiting on more indications on how things are going in west virginia and as soon as we get some information about the blankenship race against evan jenkins and patrick morrisey, which has been fascinating to watch, we will get some numbers there. we will bring them to you as soon as we do. >> tucker: martha maccallum, thank you for that. dennis kucinich. fox news alert, secretary of state mike pompeo has arrived in north korea for summit talks. amazingly one of his goals is to possibly secure the release of americans held captive by that regime. we will follow the leads and bring you the latest. president trump has repudiated the iran deal today. will that help prevent or? or will it lead us closer to it? analysis next. ♪
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let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ >> tucker: president trump announced this afternoon that he will be pulling the united states out of the iranian nuclear deal of three years after president obama negotiated it. the president's promise to kill the steel for a long time. he talked about it a lot on the campaign trail. he won the election, so no one should be surprised that he did it. it was negotiated by the way by two groups, iran and the obama state department, neither of which had america's interest at heart. it's hard to feel too sad about the death of the deal. still you have to wonder what it means, will it take america closer to a war with iran, and if it does are we prepared to fight that war, or does it make
5:21 pm
lasting peace more certain? michael antone was a national security official in the trump administration. he has just ran to the private sector and he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> thinks for having me. >> tucker: certainly no defense of the deal, which i took as a matter of faith was negotiated in bad faith and not on behalf of american voters. you've got to kind of wonder, ambassador bolton goes into the administration and almost immediately there's a missile strike against syria and the iran deal is scuttled. he has said repeatedly that he would like conflict with iran. the question is are we moving toward that? >> i think just the opposite. what the iran deal did was give them a cash windfall and the business windfall by lifting sanctions, by allowing countries that have long wanted to do business with iran back in. germany especially. the u.k., france all started enacting commercial contracts with iran. it would seem the gdp go up and iran's spending on ballistic missiles, on terror financing, on destabilizing activities,
5:22 pm
continuing wars in yemen and syria, all of that rose since the iran deal went through. by re-imposing sanctions, which is what getting out of the deal does, it will reduce the amount of resources that the iranian but dredging takes in and it will reduce their ability to spread mayhem and chaos and will reduce conflict and the likelihood of war. >> tucker: conflict with the united states? i think may be at the core of this is the question -- i understand that iran is a rogue nation and doesn't like the united states but if you were to sort of list a hierarchy of nations that threaten us would it be on that list? >> absolutely. >> tucker: how many acts of iranian sponsored terrorism in this country lost 20 years? >> the iranians of either backed or been involved in, they are have been many. they blew up dormitory in saudi arabia, 1996 that killed almost 100 americans. they probably -- we believe, trained and may be provided the explosive to the al qaeda terrorist that pharmacy
5:23 pm
embassies in kenya. we note, the 9/11 commission showed that they facilitated transit for the 9/11 hijackers. osama bin laden's own son lived in a run for time being. documents that were captured when his home was raided in pakistan that the obama administration refused to at release because it would paint a very dark picture of iran and harm the possibility of getting the deal. the trump administration finally released and it shows osama bin laden on the record saying to his followers you've got to work with the iranians. they hate the americans as much as we do. this is a necessary and useful alliance even if we have our differences. we basically agree with that and we can work out our own -- >> tucker: that's a compelling data point. i would agree with that. it's really interesting and hasn't received enough attention. at mcmaster -- am i misstating that? >> i think you are misstating that. i think there was a consensus in the administration that the deal was bad, we would give our european allies a reasonable chance to fix it.
5:24 pm
the president agreed with this. he said it in his january statement. if people can come together, if these nations can come together, fix the flaws, he would be open to staying in. what you saw in the action here today is that didn't happen. i would say to the critics that say president trump was always eager to get out of the iran deal. he certainly was i think eager to get out of it or fix it but it's telling that we are now 16 months into this administration and he didn't do it on day one. >> you are absolutely right. >> he gave every chance to all parties to make this thing better. it didn't happen and he kept to his word. >> tucker: you make a good case, thank you very much. brit hume is fox news senior political analyst, by senior we mean senior and wisest. he joins us tonight. >> don't you mean age? >> tucker: when there's something generally perplexing, you're the first person i think of to ask lena. >> a little frightening, but thank you. >> tucker: to you, the question is how much change will
5:25 pm
this mean for us in the united states? does this have effects that no most americans will feel? >> we don't know because we don't know how effective we will be able to be re-imposing sanctions without the participation of the other countries that were in the alliance that brought this -- this executive agreement together. it could turn out that america is able to really put punishing sanctions back in place and the iranians will react to that burden may be by becoming more bellicose, it may becoming less. no country that's going to try to be a big player on the world stage can afford to have a collapsing economy. that's a fact. you need to build a finance. of course the argument that is made of course is that iran got so much upfront, stuff that's already out the door that iran is enjoying the benefits of as your previous guest michael anton mentioned that getting out now doesn't really hurt them that badly because much of the benefit is already there.
5:26 pm
what i think it does show is the fragility of big international agreements that are not treatie treaties. there are lots and lots of executive agreements made by presidents of other countries. using that on something this major and of course that meant that all it was was an agreement between the previous president and the iranians and the other partners in the deal, which means that this president had the options that he has that exercise, which is to announce the deal and reimpose the sanctions. >> tucker: the obama people must be furious. they really spend a lot of time, effort and i would say brushed aside critical american interests to get this deal. >> the reason of course why it isn't a treaty is the administration knew there was no chance of the world it could pass the senate. by the significant enough margin if any margin at all that it could be put into effect. they did it the only way they could. think of this.
5:27 pm
he did a lot of things with his pen and his phone. a lot of regulations were imposed. a lot of things domestically were done and they are all falling apart now. >> tucker: they were not permanent victories. we are still getting the results of the primaries tonight, but as you are watching so far what we know, is there a pattern that emerges? >> it looks to me like so far at least, we were talking about republicans were going to oppose democratic incumbents in several states. automatically you've got -- need a very formidable candidate. in indiana it looks like they got a reasonably formidable candidate. mike to wine in ohio. you look at him and think who is that little guy? he has actually been a very effective and successful politician for a long time in the state of ohio. he will be a formidable candidate. everyone is mesmerized by west virginia because you've got this guy, this wacky guy, who is fresh out of a crossbar hotel who is believed to have some
5:28 pm
chance of actually winning that nomination, which of course a lot of people think would repeat the whole roi more fiasco they had in alabama, a candidate who couldn't possibly be elected gets nominated. >> tucker: just who are viewers, a stretch of the crossbar hotel means he just got out of prison. >> i thought that vernacular -- >> tucker: brit hume, it's great to see you. more and more americans are concluding that the mueller investigation may be motivated by politics rather than a search for justice. can the investigation continue while preserving its legitimacy? we will speak to a house democrat about that next. ♪ (vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing,
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yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> tucker: a new poll from cbs finds that the majority of americans, 53% down view of counsel robert mueller's russia investigation as a politically motivated operation. you can see why they might conclude that. the democratic party seems to be agreeing with that interpretation and adding to it. recent fund-raising emails to the democratic congressional campaign committee have lied about the investigation itself. they have claims that if the party can collect 1 million signatures it will somehow force president trump to give testimony to mueller's investigators because that's how it works. congressman democrat representing the proud but small state of rhode island. joins us tonight. if the whole point of this is to ferret out on truth, because we care about truth, then why would the d triple c be claiming that
5:33 pm
signatures can force the president to testify? >> i don't work for them. i don't work for their emails, but i think the reality of the majority of the american people have confidence in robert mueller. they want the investigation to be completed. they want it to continue uninterrupted with any political interference. they want to find the truth out, whatever it is. i think frankly if we just allow the investigation to continue, wherever the facts lead us, this is a serious investigation. it has led to 23 indictments, five guilty pleas, you left, but it's true. most people think that is serious because the majority of people who have been indicted are foreign nationals. >> you actually don't think it's a joke -- it's a serious investigation about russian interference. it has led to the indictment of -- five guilty pleas.
5:34 pm
>> tucker: has any american been charged with collusion with russia? >> they are not done. >> tucker: it's dishonest to cite those. >> they are not finished. all i'm arguing is allow the investigation to continue. >> tucker: i'm not trying to impede its progress. >> then we agree. >> tucker: the d triple c, from which we take money, has written this. >> actually don't take money. i contribute money. >> tucker: an endless cycle here. >> do i agree with that? i told you this is a serious investigation for it i don't think it should be politicized in any way. >> tucker: then why is the d triple c politicizing it? >> i'm not responsible. i won't renounce my membership. democrats are attempting to focus our energy on the things that matter. >> tucker: you are raising money for lives. >> making sure folks are prepared for jobs.
5:35 pm
you won't talk about it. have me back to talk about the democrats economic agenda, raising family income, reducing the cost, this is a better deal for the american people. >> tucker: here's an easier question. if you think those are the preeminent issues in america. >> i think absolutely are. >> tucker: unlike almost every other show on cable tv we do segments on that a lot, like every day. let me ask you, will you look into the camera and say the russia investigation, more than a year long finding no evidence of our collusion is impeding the progress of coming to solutions to the questions and wrecking the country? >> it should not be impeding. >> tucker: but it is. >> the problem is because there has been so much effort to impede, interrupt, undermine, diminish the investigation, allow the investigation to continue. put it aside, let them do their jobs. focus on the issues that matter to the american people. >> tucker: when you watch adam
5:36 pm
schiff from california say on television that the trump campaign colluded with a hostile foreign power, do you think that puts -- falsely, puts the focus back on economic issues where it belongs? >> ask questions about the investigation, i'm answering your question. what i'm saying is democrats are focused like a laser on economic issues, on dealing, addressing the economic anxiety. who is going to create good paying jobs? who's going to raise incomes for my family? who's going to make sure i have the skills necessary for the job in the 21st century. >> tucker: your leaders of your party -- >> here's the problem. republicans benefit from talking about the russia investigation because they have no accomplishments to talk about. >> tucker: i actually think on the one hand you are sort of right that it does help republicans, but this is being driven 100% by the left and to say otherwise is dishonest. >> that's just not true.
5:37 pm
why don't you have me, hakeem jeffries and sherry bustos, the three cochairs to come on here and talk about the economic agenda that we have put -- talk about our infrastructure plan, talk about those economic drugs. >> tucker: part of you must feel shame for saying things that you know are not true. >> they are true. >> tucker: has driven this russia investigation. i live here. i cover this for a living. >> we want the investigation to be completed. we want them to have the resources. you were the one who talks about it all the time. i'm happy to talk about the economic agenda of democrats. >> tucker: i'm not even annoyed, i'm just amused by how ludicrous this is. >> you couldn't be more wrong. >> tucker: we are out of time. >> focus on the issues that face the american people. >> tucker: we are not talking about russia at all, we're just imagining it. >> did you invite me on to talk about russia? >> tucker: i just imagine collusion -- let me apologize to
5:38 pm
you, america. >> let the investigation be completed and find the facts wherever they are. >> tucker: thank you so much, i appreciate it. more and more illegal immigrants are dashing across the border affecting our economy. we do this every night for a reason, because we care and some of them have no respect for american law. a member of border patrol will describe the state of play in the next segment, we will be right back. ♪
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5:43 pm
united states. meanwhile illegal border crossings have surged, more than 38,000 in april, the highest total of the drum presidency so far. president of the national board of patrol council and teach on just now. thanks for coming on. >> good to be with you. >> tucker: to what extent is the illegal immigration driving the ms-13 skirt? >> illegal immigration has everything to do that we currently see in the united states. when these individuals cross the border illegally they are coming here to look for different types of work and a lot of that is in the criminal enterprise, which is ms-13. >> tucker: so ms-13, the country's deadliest gang, fennel, heroin, crystal methamphetamine, all coming over the southern border. the rate of illegal immigration has a direct effect on safety. so given that, what is it that seems to have spiked, why? >> if you look at one president trump took office there was this huge drop and it was strictly based upon the
5:44 pm
rhetoric. everybody believed they could cross the border illegally. you would be detained, held for your deportation proceeding and you would be sent back to your country. you left. >> tucker: watching cnn abroad and they actually believed it. >> which is what you saw this huge drop. what the american public expected was the american public expected congress to get behind this president, who did such a great job in causing this drop, but congress didn't act. our agencies didn't enact the policies that were necessary to detain these individuals and so we've seen this huge spike and it just continues to go up. apple since april of 2017, month by month we see more and more illegal crossings, which puts a lot more pressure on myself as i patrol the border and the agents who patrol the border. >> tucker: one of those weird ironies that happens only washington, congress justified its lack of action in part by setting the drop in illegal border crossings. >> what's funny about that is the democrats continue to cite that. they refused to acknowledge that we have this increase in numbers that are coming across. what's funny about that is if
5:45 pm
any party should want to secure the border it would be the democratic party because year after year they get beaten up in election after election because they refused to secure the border. and the american public wants the border secure. when you talk about securing the border, that's one of the reasons why one president trump calls for a wall, it allows us, border patrol agents, to dictate where the illegal crossings take place. it allows us to be a lot more successful. so if congress would actually step up and do their job, give the border patrol agents and the president the resources they need, we will secure the border. >> tucker: if you cared about poor people in america you would want to eliminate illegal immigration because they are the victims of it. in which people benefit of it. they get cheap housekeepers. poor people suffer. >> would lose jobs to illegal immigrants. when i was in college, arizona state university, i worked for a company, i didn't get paid a lot of money but i still got a lot of satisfaction. i would leave the job site and see the job that i did. the vast majority of people on
5:46 pm
my crew were illegal aliens and i had to compete for that job. >> tucker: and it lowers wages obviously. thank you for that, really interesting. kanye west tweets about president trump are still reverberating like a boulder into a pond. one man thinks it's more interesting than you may realize. jason whitlock, one of our favorite guests, joins us after the break. ♪ an that turns your ordinary lawn into an extraordinary one. so start your trugreen lawn plan today for only $29.95. with dell small businessout your technology advisors you get the one-on-one partnership you need to grow your business. the dell vostro 15 laptop. contact a dell advisor today. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪
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leading conservative the opposition john cox. to jerry brown's sanctuary state. and chairman of the initiative campaign to repeal the gas tax. join me and let's make california great again. ♪ >> tucker: rapper kanye west has proved himself the equal or really anyone on the planet that dominated in public discourse with just a few hundred characters on twitter. two weeks ago he tweeted this. "you don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make may not love him. we are both dragon energy, he is
5:51 pm
my brother, i love everyone. i don't agree with everything anyone does, that's what makes us individuals and we have the right to independent thought. that was a bomb that went off. he's been under attack ever since. what does it mean. take three steps back. the kanye interlude, can we learn something about it? jason whitlock has been watching. in a recent op-ed he calls it one of the best ways of all time. he joined us tonight to explain what he means. what you mean by that, why is it one of the best of all time? >> i think what kanye is trying to do is open black america's mind to the fact that perhaps we have chosen a bad strategy by swallowing all of the democratic party and liberalism hole. i say it in column in "the wall street journal" that in the immediate aftermath of the civil rights movement in the 1960s democrats marketed to us liberalism as the solution to all of our problems and liberalism now is like the cigarette. it's been marketed to us the
5:52 pm
same as cigarettes. fashionable, sophisticated. supposed to be liberating but i think it needs a surgeon general's warning, hazardous to your family and all the values you were taught as a child. i think us as african-americans, we have to examine why are we the only ethnic group that has gone in holy with one political party? no one has to compete for our votes. we are chained to an ideology that just isn't working over the last 50, 60 years. liberalism, the swallowing of a hole. our families have been destroye destroyed. our children lost and confused. our black men incarcerated and emasculated and we have moved away from the traditional values that have always defined us. i think we've made a mistake. >> tucker: the thing about politics is if you give your vote away for free you don't get anything in return. maybe the hysterical reactions
5:53 pm
to kanye west's wheat is the reaction of a party that knows that once people figure that out it's got a major problem on its hands, so you need to tamp down any independent thought immediately or else it can get out of control. >> and it's being tamped down as viciously as anything i've ever seen. when they call in the great writer, basically i call him the overseer of black thought. he is there to keep everyone in line with the groupthink that the only solution is liberalism for black america's problems. if that were the case our problems would be being solved much faster because 90, 95% of us are afraid to even admit that we have conservative values and we have been -- we've moved away from our church. we've been the most religious people in america for years, hundreds of years and we are moving more secular. we are moving away from the
5:54 pm
church. our religion now is liberalism and the democratic party is out church and it's just not working for us. >> tucker: so if kanye west, not just one of those popular black americans, but one of those popular americans across the board, if he doesn't stand a chance of just raising this question because it's a totally valid question, then who does? >> actually he does stand a chance because when someone like kanye speaks out, he creates space for others to speak out because anybody that has said -- i am a nonboulder. i don't really like politics much at all. >> tucker: i can see why. >> but if you just say i think trump has a good idea here you get kicked out of the black race. kanye is the same. i don't agree with everything trump believes in. disagrees with trump and the republican party and conservatives on a lot of issues
5:55 pm
but he's not willing to cast someone out of the human race just because he disagrees with him. if i cast everybody out that i disagreed with i would have no one. >> tucker: i agree. i know that feeling so well. it is great to see you, as always. thank you for doing that. >> thank you. >> tucker: next up a high school encouraging kids to fantasize about the ritual execution of the president of the united states and when called on it, extreme bigotry. that's next. ♪ o your doctor and say yesss! to linzess. ♪ yesss! linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. linzess is not a laxative. it works differently to help you get ahead of your recurring constipation and belly pain. do not give linzess to children less than 6,
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and live claritin clear. >> tucker: kathy griffin holding a fake suffered head of the president was so effective. but a lot can change. max charter school in chula vista shows the president's head and impaled on the end of an aztec warrior spirit. school officials finally
6:00 pm
realized that they probably should not be promoting the violent death of a politician, and of the artist claimed it was about white supremacy. of course, it is what it is. it is changing fast. giving up, we are doing our best. thanks for a great hour. >> sean: tucker, great show as always. welcome to "hannity." we are watching history unfold right in front of our eyes. president trump just made a critical decision, announcing today that the united states will withdraw from that horribly flawed one-sided iranian nuclear deal. it america will no longer be held hostage by emma. just kept a huge of vital campaign promise. we will explain why history is on the president tsai. and meanwhile, significant diplomatic process continues to take place tonight here in the secretary of state, mike pompeo, he is now set to


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