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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 9, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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either we learn history, about the mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them. tweet me your thoughts about the show. that is all the time we have. coverage of all the breaking news. >> standby for your met kayla imitations for next year. i will see you on the red carpet, thank you very much. breaking news across the nation and around the world, results from the first big primaries of the election season, what this means for the pres.'s agenda. with the stroke of a pen the pres. rewrites a huge part of the obama legacy. at henry breaking down the next move on iran. we will hear from a veteran and congressman who has been sounding the alarm about the regime for a long time. mike abpompeo meeting with kim
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jong-il and and the 3 americans who have been detained. this is a huge newsnight. we will get to iran, we will get to the primary races with big midterm impact. three states had major republican senate contests and we are there lives with team coverage. mike tobin is in indiana, allison barber in ohio and we started in west virginia for the latest, senate primary that has been rather colorful. >> patrick morrissey the winner, his pitch to voters, the only conservative in this contest and republicans rewarded him with a chance to challenge democratic sen. joe manchin in the fall, who he is comparing to sen.
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chuck schumer. morrissey is the atty. gen.. he thanked donald trump for his tweeted support yesterday. he defeated congressman jenkins who was part of the presidential shout out was the target of more than $1 million in negative ads ordered by democratic super pacs. third-place, don blankenship who tells me the constant attention on his conviction, conspiring to violate mine safety laws was a real drag on his campaign. associated with mitch mcconnell, spent million dollars on negative ads against the republican but mcconnell's political team has sent an image of a smiling mcconnell, thanks for playing dumb. blankenship you talked to every person that wanted to talk to him at this party which is very rare told me he thinks the pres.'s tweets telling voters not to support him really hurt in the end. blankenship has no plans to call the atty. gen. to congratulate him on tonight's victory but he does get some good news, his
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probation ends at midnight. >> let's check in with results in another key state. >> i realize that. >> in ohio, the senate and gubernatorial races no major surprises but democratic candidate richard cordray will challenge atty. gen. mike dewine and it was a battle of the more establishment candidate, kucinich the more a progressive candidate backed by the bernie sanders group, came under fire, returns $20,000 speaking fee he received from a pro regime group in a concession speech, he called for democrats to take more progressive stances for $15 minimum wage and two years of free college.
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they were favored to win tonight and will face the replaced argument governor john kasich. the senate primary was all on the republican side. jim renacci will face sherrod brown. one of his public primary opponents is suing him for $1 million was mike gibbons says he falsely accused him of being pro-choice and anti-trump. yesterday he talked about that lawsuit and said no matter what happens today whether he won or lost he would still proceed with the lawsuit, that is the latest in ohio, mike tobin is in indiana with plenty of news. >> this important senate seat republicans think given a pickup come november we know who will lead the charge on the republican side, mike broad
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continues to trend rich private-sector guys who dump money into the campaign and branded his two opponents both of them congressman is career washington insiders improved the momentum to elect outsiders is alive and well. >> you get guys like me, ron johnson, david do, others, we get enough of us, we will actually start to solve some of these issues. >> incumbent democrat joe donnelly was unopposed. he is a moderate pro-life democrat but still got the d in front of his name in a place donald and won by 19 points we got a call from mike pence, the two of them will meet in person in a couple days when donald trump, mike pence gather in indiana to rally the conservative base and try to pick up the seat. >> what happens next now that donald trump is fulfilling a major campaign promise announcing the us is pulling out
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of the iran nuclear deal, which the president called renders, 1-sided, ridiculous and insane. >> it is clear to me that we cannot prevent an iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement. the iran deal is defective at its core. >> team coverage on donald diplomacy, mike pompeo in pyongyang and three americans being held by the road was lame. benjamin hall live in jerusalem. israeli and saudi reaction with reports of new airstrikes in syria, we will check on that and chief national correspondent at henry with a major global story. >> the pres. declaring it is not just about ripping the obama platform apart but sending a message to the world the entire
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obama doctrine not following through on issues like the redline in syria is officially over as the president declared america's enemies like iran now know the us keeps his word. the presence's democratic lyrics clearing a sentiment signal to the world today, the new york times saying the president is undermining key allies like french pres. emmanuel macroand it was just lobbying to save the deal and emboldening the iranian president who said he would now negotiate with america's european allies on his own. if that doesn't work terrible will start enriching uranium more than ever before. the pres. fired back if iran goes down that road it will face bigger problems than ever dealt with warning of the potential of us military action on top of tough us sanctions that will start back up in the next 90 days. ambassador john bolton a short time ago on fox. >> we will work with allies to do something effective about iran's influence in the middle east and not paper it over and
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pretend we stopped. >> he got surprising air cover from sen. ben sass who said donald trump is not ripping the treaty but walking away from barack obama's personal pledge. he made a bad deal with iran without support from congress, today donald trump is pulling out of obama's personal commitment. american foreign-policy, approved by congress and presented honestly to the american people. on elastic about the obama deal the beginning support congress there was resolution of disapproval after the agreement was signed with iran, democrats like chuck schumer voted to disapprove the obama deal, schumer today blasted the president charging it would be harder to go after terrorists, more difficult to seal a peace deal with north korea, schumer and other senior democrats sing a different tune in 2015. >> the deal doesn't end iran's
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nuclear program, it preserves it. >> i was skeptical going in, there's nothing i read last night that alleviates my skepticism. >> i'm disappointed for all the reasons brought up. >> i will support the mission against this agreement. >> his french counterpart got all that attention telling the magazine he doesn't think the president wants orbit this could open pandora's box, a terse readout, two lines. that we typically spoke by phone and reaffirmed their shared commitment to peace and stability in the middle east. shannon: the saudi's supported the nuclear deal but tonight they support donald trump's decision to walk away and reinstate economic sanctions. in a statement of fox news the saudi embassy says the iranian regime took advantage of the
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economic benefits afforded by the lifting of sanctions it used them to continue destabilizing activities in the region by developing ballistic missiles and supporting terrorist organizations including hezbollah. live from jerusalem more reaction tonight. >> good morning. of or arising decision by donald trump, world leaders very quick to react on this. countries in the region very supportive, saudi arabia, and israel coming out in strong support of donald trump's decision, at the same time european allies criticizing his decision. the first world leaders to speak openly with benjamin netanyahu happened after donald trump gave his address and effectively lead the pressure campaign push for the us to leave this deal, an effort which common aided in the secret uranian nuclear file. >> this is why israel thinks
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donald trump did a historic move and why israel thanks donald trump for his courageous leadership, his commitment to confront the terrorist regime in tehran. >> next a pres. ronnie of iran suggested iran was not violating the deal and said despite the us decisions they would stay in and continue to talk to europe, russia and china and warned iran would always prevail. >> the nuclear deal was not an agreement between iran and the us and not for the us to announce withdrawal from the deal. it was an international agreement. >> there was pressure by european leaders who did another trade with iran since the deal and they said in a joint statement they regretted the pres.'s decision and would try to stay in and improve it and
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that puts the us and europe at odds. interesting to see how that plays out but russia coming out and saying they are concerned about the region but countries in general in the region support the pres.'s decision. >> we have been hearing reports about an attack in syria. what can you tell us about that. >> reporter: this happened within an hour of donald trump making his announcements. we have yet to get the details. it broke first on israeli and syrian tv and what we gather, it was south of damascus which targeted either uranian depo-provera rocket launches. it was reported to be the site of an iranian military base in syria. that reports that it is increasing inside and iran's very presence in syria was one of the major problems and concerns so this seems to be a retaliatory strike against that. we will bring more details, 9
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people killed their. whether it they were iranian revolutionary guards we don't know but that is the sort of thing that could escalate. >> thank you very much. mike pompeo is in pyongyang as he prepares to meet with kim jong un renewing calls the three american hostages can soon be released. richardson joins us with details. >> the secretary of state arrived a few hours ago to begin meetings with north korean government officials to set conditions for a summit between donald trump and the north korean dictator kim jong un. north korea is also holding three american citizens and south korea's newsagency citing south korean presidential official reports north korea is expected to release those americans as a goodwill gesture. the state department refuses to comment. secretary pompeo is not sure who
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he will meet in north korea. when he traveled there last week and he spoke directly with kim jong un and confirmed his interest in meeting the president to discuss the basic outlines of the summit was the secretary says on this visit he hopes to pin down the location, duration and exact menu of the summit. the us wants north korea to confirm it has changed its approach since january when kim declared he would produce warheads and the means to deliver them. about a year ago kim used a chemical weapon to assassinate his half-brother and concerns north korea is trying to push us defense is off the korean peninsula to unify the country and kim's leadership. with all that the administration understands the risks in dealing with north korea and the united states refuses to release sanctions until north korea disarms. what official says the us is looking for bold steps and anything less would be repeating the mistakes of the past.
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pompeo lance shortly after kim jong un's latest in a chinese city, china makes up 90% of north korean trade and is the most significant ally. something different. thank you very much. former president barack obama had this to say about donald trump's decision to pull the us out of the iran deal, quote, leaving the agreement could embolden an already dangerous regime, threaten our friends with destruction, pose unacceptable dangers to american security and trigger an arms race in the world's most dangerous region. let's get reaction from brian matt on the house foreign relations committee. what do you make of what pres. obama had to say and specific
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worries he has about withdrawing from the deal. >> flat out wrong. look at the last 8 years the previous administration, so for the chamberlain syndrome where they could ignore or appease our enemies enough that somehow our enemies would disappear and go away and that is not the truth and after that they were emboldened, you saw the rain revolutionary guard on the banks of israel, you see what they have done with yemen attacking our naval vessels, taking our sailors hostage, things that have gone on since then. they become more bold. >> were trained with regard to nuclear weaponry. what do you make of what the obama administration says and john kerry has been saying, putting guardrails on them to stop the moving forward and taking away the deal takes away those protections. >> that is not the reality, they needed three things to develop nuclear weapon, the material to do it, the delivery system, icbm or whatever delivery system to deliver it wherever they wanted and they needed the money to do
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it, people should ask themselves why is it this is technology the united states of america was able to develop in the 1940s, delivery systems by the 50s and 60s and iran hasn't developed it to this day? they haven't had the materials they need or the technology they need or the money they needed to develop these symptoms. we loosen the restrictions to develop those delivery systems, those ballistic missile systems, allow them access to the world stage in terms of being able to go out and sell their oil on the world stage and to colonize the middle east and exploit the resources throughout the region. giving them all the tools they need and lasting we have given them is all they have to do is wait out enough time and they will have all the fissile material they need. >> reaction from the uranian president on state television saying he had ordered iran's atomic energy organization to prepare for unlimited uranium enrichment in the event the
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government decides to withdraw from the pact, the europeans are still part of this. if we decide to we are ready to fire the stuff back up. >> that is what we have known from the beginning and the information, the iranians were cheating from the beginning, they were not honest broker when negotiating this with john kerry, they were not upfront with what their true intentions were with the nuclear program. that is the information donald trump was referencing so we know they are ready to fire this program up and she on the program when they were not letting inspectors into their facilities on military bases, we know that is where they were going to be developing these systems. >> many european allies urge the president to stay, try to better yet and be engaged with it and france, germany and the uk regret the us decision to leave this agreement.
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the nuclear nonproliferation regime is at stake. what does this do for our relationship with our allies? >> it makes it more tenuous which i don't think anybody should deny that but we have to come to a realization that you don't make peace with your enemies, you negotiate peace with former enemies and iran is not a former enemy, we shouldn't have been making that negotiation with a nation that is willing to go out and attack our servicemembers on the battlefield. they were the ones placing improvised explosive devices with nuts and screws and bolts to put holding us service members, they were the ones giving the technology to the iraqis on expose of reform projectile's, they are the ones that were out there being the aggressors. they were not former enemy and we should not have been trying to negotiate with them. >> we thank you for your service in the army and capitol hill. what do primary results mean for the president? how the fight to control the
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heard the gop. perhaps they did. does not look good -- don blankenship. crist are waldeck the fox news decision desk in a big new york primary night. we would get to new york eventually. what do you make of this. looks like the atty. gen. is going to pick up the when in west virginia. how does he do against joe manchin. >> certainly a lot of ways republicans can run against manchin but how this race plays out is going to depend on a couple things. number one is how much does donald trump want to get involved in this race. he will eat help from trump to campaign for him, to come hard against manchin who the president once cultivated as a possible cabinet pick. there is that. then they decided how does joe manchin played this.
12:25 am
it was not much of a race. manchin got 70% of the vote against the environmentalist running against him. turnout on the democratic side was higher than the hotly contested republican side. manchin has to figure out how to suck up to trump without alienating his base. >> i have never seen a more popular politician across party lines. before we go on that, i think this tweet put up by team -- linked to his official senate run, thanks for playing. i don't want to get into that. don't know what is happening but it has gotten ugly between these two and blankenship said all along i will take on the establishment, that is why you sent me.
12:26 am
he has been after mcconnell 100% of the time. what do you think of that? >> mitch mcconnell is not afraid to name and claim. you may not say but i will, blankenship called him cocaine mitch because of a story related to his father-in-law. a long paul and mcconnell is taunting. >> can we delight around? i want to get to indiana, beating out two members of congress on the gop side the ticket. >> mike braun, they humiliated each other and themselves. a beautiful undertaking in a savage disgusting campaign that was horrible to watch. they hurt their party, hurt each other and let the other guy
12:27 am
skate through while the two of them engaged in this conduct and that republicans in other states be warned. if you carry on like they did you're going to end up with outcomes like this and give democrats an opportunity to hold onto seats they might otherwise lose. >> candidates were not opposed by donald trump doing well tonight, that is true in ohio as well. >> sherrod brown is not in the kind of trouble joe manchin or donnelly are, he will be hard to beat for sure but there was the pres.'s candidate pulling through. donald trump got his way and two of the three races. in the third case we will see. who knows? shannon: take a nap, see you soon. what do executives from at&t and novartis have in common with a russian oligarch? the lawyer for an adult film star they have ties to donald trump's personal attorney
12:28 am
michael cohen. the latest claim and the facts tonight. should enhanced interrogation of terrorists post 9/11 disqualify a veteran cia officer at the agency? we will debate it next. much oft at all. people said it just made a mess until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's not small at all. energy lives here.
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shannon: the attorney for an adult film star trying to get out of the one night stand with the president claiming he found records of financial transactions between a russian oligarch and donald trump's personal attorney. where did he get the documents? trace gallagher is on the case. good evening. >> stormy daniels's attorney has made several new allegations, some partially confirmed, others remain speculation because he won't offer up his forces. the big one is he says 3 months after michael cohen paid stormy
12:33 am
daniels $130,000 to stay quite about an alleged affair with donald trump, russian oligarch victor bissell berg paid $500,000 to a special consultant, michael cohen's company and also says 500,000 might have been used to reimburse cohen for the $130,000 he paid stormy daniels but the $500,000 actually came from an american company called columbus never. their biggest client is a company controlled by victor backcellbag with a hired michael cohen as a business consultant regarding potential sources of capital and investments in real estate and other ventures. reports that he used columbus now forever conduit for payments to michael cohen are false, neither victor fixcellberg or nor anyone else involved was involved in the decision to hire
12:34 am
coital provide funding for his engagement yet tonight on cnn he said family ties are at the heart of the connection between columbus nova and vicksburg. >> the ceo, the cousin of the russian oligarch who is also russian obviously, what is the explanation for the half million dollars worth of payment? >> the new york times is a few months ago he was stopped at a new york area airport by agents working for robert mueller and reportedly had his electronic devices searched and was interviewed about the payments to michael cohen and while cohen's undercover investigation by federal prosecutors in new york, victor backcellberg is not a suspect but he was among the russian businessmen sanctioned by the trump administration was
12:35 am
robert barnes think getting illegal information, he is connecting the dots that don't exist. >> is trying to connect through 6 ° of separation something that is not connected to create the innuendo and impression of a scandal that doesn't exist except for his own conduct in this case. >> we should note the medical company, pharmaceutical company novartis gave him $400,000 and at&t confirms it also paid michael cohen $200,000 to learn more about how the administration plans to operate. shannon: thank you very much. time for where in the world, russia with a new robottank during the moscow victory day parade commemorating the 73rd anniversary of victory over nazi germany in world war ii. the tank can be operated by commander up to two miles away and has been used by russian
12:36 am
forces in syria. in germany 800 police officers cracking down on human smuggling by a far right group with links to neo-nazis. 35 illegal immigrants were found during raids in hamburg. according to police 3 main suspects were arrested with ties to the reich citizens movement which refuses to recognize the post-world war ii political system. the turkish president selikoff against 300 well-known french personalities calling for passages of the koran to be removed in response to rising anti-semitism, calling them despicable and accusing them of attacking scriptures sacred to muslims. information warfare over gina haspel. the white house has its talking points but someone else is looking at waterboarding, a preview of what she is expected to say about torture tomorrow
12:37 am
and ben shapiro is here to weigh in. what he has to say about this controversy when we return.
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>> waterboarding terror suspect after the devastating 9/11 attacks, some senators say that is what to get the time to fight terror. others say never again. cia nominee gina haspel will tackle the subject that her
12:41 am
hearings. kristen fisher has the latest on the controversy. >> reporter: we got our hands on some sections of her opening statement and she's planning to address the waterboarding issue head on and have confirmed the cia will not lose the controversial programs but will that convinced democrats to vote for her? donald trump's pick to lead the cia, gina haspel meeting with senators who will determine her fate, one of the members of the senate intelligence committee urging the cia to declassify documents about her role in the agency's post 9/11 enhanced interrogation program, documents that committee members have access to but the public does not. >> i think there really is a prospect setting an ominous precedent. if this is allowed to go forward and what i have called a secret
12:42 am
confirmation process it won't be the last. >> rather democrats on the committee running for reelection their vote could have a real impact whether they will be returning to washington. sen. jon tester is facing stiff republican opposition in the midterm said today he said no vote because he's not a huge fan of waterboarding, something haspel briefly oversaw. that controversial. go will be front and center it tomorrow's hearing and something she is planning to address in her opening statement, quote, having served in a tomato is time i can offer my personal commitment clearly and without reservation that under my leadership the cia will not use such an interrogation program but both feet is releasing hundreds of cia documents raising more questions about the effectiveness of that now defunct interrogation program and what haspel knew about it.
12:43 am
after days waterboarding a detainee in 2002, officials determined it is, quote, highly likely subjects with any actionable information about threats to the united states yet they continued to maintain the psychological pressure anyway. so tomorrow haspel will be asked a lot of questions about her thoughts on waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques. does she believe they are effective and what was her role in drawing up orders to destroy videotapes documenting the cia's use of those techniques? it starts tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. must watch tv in washington. >> we can have popcorn for breakfast, this will be a good hearing. i put it up there with mark zuckerberg. we wanted, you will watch it, thanks for the preview. gina haspel circuit front and center, she pledges not to restart the most controversial aspects of the cia's enhanced interrogation program. let's talk about it with our panel tonight, richard fowler
12:44 am
and daily wire editor-in-chief ben shapiro, great to have both of you tonight. there has been a position from the left and the right. let's talk about that. sen. rand paul said there is no way he will vote for her, said this in an op-ed. no question during her career she participated in and help to develop a program our government labeled torture. multiple accounts discussed her involvement in the stream video documentation of the torture program. uses direct participation in the program should be disqualifying enough but appointing someone who helped push for destroying evidence of the program to run one of the most powerful organizations in the world should not be acceptable to congress. >> it is a dramatic misery. at the time this was going down, who refused, going along with any order that happened about waterboarding, the program was run by members of congress,
12:45 am
democrats, republicans, people in the cia across the board were involved in this program so if you're trying to spot someone who worked at the cia at the time who opposed it or refused to participate in the program it will be a real short list. the question, is it against the law? she recognizes it is against the law, no evidence she's going to but the law and start waterboarding people so what exactly is the objection to haspel particularly? she obeyed the law of the time and will continue to obey the law now that it is changed. >> a letter signed by number of intelligence agencies key leaders saying this, she will speak truth to power offering unbiased intelligence to policymakers the matter how difficult the situation was a broad spectrum of national security leaders from both republican and democratic administrations have voiced unequivocal support for her nomination. signers include john brennan and former director of national intelligence james clapper. both of them in the obama administration. they say she has a seal of
12:46 am
approval. >> they can say that but doesn't take away the fact that she was involved in torture that is the larger point. the argument being made that the people above her told her to do it so she did it doesn't take away from the fact that she engaged in torture on top of running one of these sites where the torture was taking place. the army manual says torture is an ineffective way to get intelligence because most of the time the prisoner in the line anyway so they can stop the pain that is happening to them but that is beyond the point. we as americans never described torture from the beginning of this country today, we -- this is not how we live our lives, not the city upon a hill we are trying to be so by appointing her and voting her to be head of the cia you are codifying torture as part of the agency. >> not if she has rebuked that and said she will not take part anymore. the excerpt says in no way is she going to restart the torture program and to the data whether it was any good the obama
12:47 am
justice department and two federal judges ruled there was life-saving intelligence gathered under the cia, that is in the past. is it enough of an assurance that she will not restart it should she become cia director? >> it is for me, and if she is waterboarding people at random she would be in violation of the law. this sort of conflation, is waterboarding bad and anyone who participated in waterboarding is bad? these are not the same issues. even if you believe waterboarding is bad which is arguable considering everybody, republican and democrat approved it and it didn't end with actual intelligence -- put that aside, waterboarding is terrible, horrible thing, the question, anyone who participated when it was the law of the land is barred from higher office? then everybody at the cia, everybody in congress who knew
12:48 am
about the program. >> over and over again at the cia and other organizations called the deep state, they award people who break the law, who engage in torture. shannon: at the time they had legal guidance that this was appropriate. that is what they were told that the time. we are not going to compare those two situations. >> the point i am making -- shannon: i knew this is wrong and going to do it anyway, she was given guidance, you heard from the former secretary of state that it is unfair for anybody who wasn't in our shoes in the days and months after 9/11 to second-guess when these people were told this was necessary and legal. >> the ends don't justify the means. that is where rand paul and a lot of republicans and a lot of
12:49 am
democrats who say we as a judeo-christian nation should not believe in torturing people and codify a leader of the cia who engaged in this behavior whether she was ordered to do it because it was the law, it is wrong. shannon: so much of what she has and has not been released. we will see if they make it, or classified information about what her role was. we may not find out. richard and ben, great to have both of you. the hawaiian volcano causing a path of distraction as residents try to evacuate. the latest from the big island next. from paying too much on their car insurance. hey, there's cake in the breakroom... what are you doing? um...nothing? marvel studios' avengers: infinity war,
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>> shannon: s shannon: kilauea is still flexing its muscle but at a slower weight. here's more from hawaii's big island. >> reporter: the line you see so people can register their vehicle to get in and out of the mandatory evacuation zone faster. it takes two hours to get income another hour to get out. the us geological survey says the eruption is on pause, when it will resume, 12 separate
12:54 am
eruptions, 104 acres combined but the irruption is not monolithic. there are several fingers of lava that takes some homes but not others. elsewhere everything looks normal. as you can see, the lava flow takes down power lines. you can see where it has moved next to the pole and it stopped a few feet from this gentleman's house. this is one of 10 volcanic corruptions in the leilani estates. what geologists believe is happening is the lake love of it level in kilauea has fallen several hundred feet in the last few days. where is it going? underground and popping up in this neighborhood. the concerning thing for residents, their house may be here today but maybe not tomorrow.
12:55 am
they have no idea when this is going to end. a lot of people are homeless and have nowhere to go. some are staying with friends but will wear out their welcome soon. a red cross shelter inside several more sleeping outside, and at least there was food. they don't know how long this will last. >> more news after this break. . hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. no one thought much of itm at all.l
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♪ >> shannon: tonight we salute the anonymous arlington cemetery worker who gave the vis shannon: we salute the arlington cemetery worker who gave a visitor a lift literally. 96-year-old george boone, a world war ii veteran came with a group to visit the tomb of the unknown soldier. and ask to visit his wife's grave. he was unable to get there on his own until the cemetery worker carried mr. boone on his back to the grave site. boone says the worker, who was
1:00 am
to be anonymous, his kindness was overwhelming. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend the evening with us, i am shannon bream. rob: wednesday, may 9th, this is "fox and friends first" is happening at 4:00 am, mike pompeo arrived in north korea for the second trip. will he return home with those three american hostages? high-stakes negotiations underway at this hour. iran says it won't be stopped by sanctions. >> death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth. rob: live in the middle


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