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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 9, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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finalize the historic face-to-face meeting between the leader of that regime and donald trump. the question is is pompeo coming home with three american hostages? >> the united states no longer makes empty threats. when i make promises i keep them. the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> iran burning the american flag in retaliation for the withdrawal from the nuclear agreement. what happens next as world reaction pours in. rob: a christian concert canceled after disney world decides to end a decade-long tradition. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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♪ i want to drive it all night long ♪ rob: nothing better than when you are on a drive. rob: that was a good theme in the office. it was a one hit wonder too. don't remember much about it. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: thanks for starting your day with us. to a fox news alert. mike pompeo arriving in north korea finalizing the face-to-face meeting between donald trump and kim jong un. jillian: negotiating the release of three americans held hostage by the rogue regime. amy kellogg joins us with the latest and a lot to break down.
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>> reporter: the secretary stepped out of washington under cover of darkness delay for the groundwork for the upcoming summit between donald trump and kim jong un and possibly to bring back three korean american prisoners, and the us has no intention of -- the object of the, quote, we are not going to do this in small increments where the world is coerced how . >> donald trump let the world
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know that pompeo was on his way it looks forward to the opening summit. >> we think relationships are building with north korea and we will see, maybe it will, maybe it won't but it could be great for north korea, south korea, japan. >> this on the heels of kim's second visited many month to china to consult about all this with xi jinping. china has a major stake in the game as well as enormous influence on north korea and amazing the extent to which the leader of the hermit kingdom snapped into action the last few months because prior to his first trip to china he hadn't the country since becoming leader. rob: we appreciate it. iran burning the flag and chanting death to america.
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>> the country turning defined after donald trump nukes the iran nuclear deal. david lee miller is live at the israel syria border with reaction from around the world. >> we are 100 yards syrian territory. residents have been told they can resume their lives as normal after a tense night in northern israel following donald trump's announcement that the us would pull out into the iran nuclear deal. the military here went on higher sating abnormal military activity in syria. bomb shelters were opened, they were put into place and reservists were called up for duty. overnight serious is israeli fighter jets attacked a military base out of damascus.
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israel not confirming that, this is an area where israel believes irani and forces have been operating. there are conflicting reports that as many as 9 people may have been killed in the airstrike. prime minister benjamin at yahoo, outspoken opponents of the nuclear deal says donald trump made the right decision. >> israel thanks donald trump for his commitment to confront the terrorist regime in iran and to ensure that iran never gets nuclear weapons, not today, not in a decade, not ever. >> donald trump's decision was met with anger and outrage. they shouted death to america and burned a paper american flag. some irani lawmakers calling for the country to be velvets ballistic missile program and prepare resumption of uranium
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enrichment that industrial levels. iran's presidency the islamic republic will continue to honor the nuclear deal. >> it was not an agreement between iran and the us, if not for the us to announce its withdrawal from the deal. it was an international agreement. >> iran says it will send its foreign minister to meet with representatives of the countries participating in the deal. iran is hopefully european union will come up with some legislation that will protect countries from possible us sanctions. we are getting word the multinational semen says it is going to abide by any sanctions but awaiting word, overall reaction from the international community. great deal of venture territory here about what happens next.
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>> former pres. obama calling donald trump's iran decision a serious mistake. in a statement obama writes, quote, we all know the dangers of iran obtaining a nuclear weapon, involving a dangerous regime threatening our friends with destruction, poses an acceptable dangerous to america's security and trigger an arms race in the world's most dangerous region. john kerry defending a meeting with iran to try to save it. >> my conversations with these people have been normal conversations that every former secretary of state has with leaders in other countries, people we know, as we try to educate ourselves and make sure we are up to date on what is happening in the world. all i did was suggest you want to try to keep the agreement. jillian: the iran nuclear deal was one of the signature achievements of obama's pregnant
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-- presidency. rob: people evacuated overnight as smoke filled the cabin, passengers forced to jump down emergency slides and climb out the windows while taxiing to their gate in denver. >> as we were taxiing in the cabin filled with smoke and had a toxic chemical smell. rob: the airport says there may have been fire but they are trying to figure out what happened. one person did have to go to the hospital. hawaii's governor calling for federal assistance as two new volcanic vents erupt. police going door-to-door telling people to get out as poison gas. >> wow. no way. rob: that is something to see. lava spewing to this man's backyard just feet from his home on the southern end of the big island. lava lake spitting and bubbling
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near the top of kilauea. 3000 structures including 26 homes have been destroyed. officials warned more cracks could open up at any moment. jillian: democrats in congress have the republican base is to worry about in 2018. the resultant four key states offering a hint how the midterm elections could play out. jackie ibanez has results justin overnight. >> reporter: all eyes on west virginia, indiana, ohio and north carolina where republicans are deciding who will represent them and congressional races. starting west virginia state atty. gen. patrick morrissey topping don blankenship and evan jenkins. >> we all share the same conservative values and goals. all those democrats and independents out there as well, i will work as hard to represent you. you will have a senator that works for all west virginia.
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jillian: morrissey squares off against joe manchin. mike braun got the gop not over two congressman, and jim renacci over mike gibbons in ohio. >> all of us in this room believe free enterprise, hard work and all the values that are important to us in the long run are what is most important. >> make ohio first again and make america great again. thank you all. >> he goes on to face sherrod brown. robert pinter voted out in the primary, mike harris getting the nod. he will take on democrat dan mccready. senate seats up for grabs, the most valuable and vulnerable, 51-49 edge.
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rob: donald trump will meet with military moms and spouses in honor of mother's day. mary next operations on the east wing of the white house, less your's event featured the army chorus and marine band. rob: sunday is mother's day. rob: we should probably plan something for that. jillian: fox news alert, overnight iran burning the american flag in retaliation of donald trump's withdrawal from the nuclear agreement. it is about time we stopped funneling money to terrorists, live next with wide donald trump's decision was dead on. rob: attempted carjacking caught on camera. the moment and 11-year-old girl jumps out of a moving car to save herself. jillian: backlash building against the boy scouts for the decision to go gender-neutral. the company cutting ties after
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jillian: welcome back, fox news alert, overnight iran firing back at donald trump, burning the american flag after he declared the nuclear deal is dead. rob: iran's parliament speaker calling the decision a diplomatic show. here to wayne israeli special forces aaron:. 3 years after the deal was signed, a deal that so many didn't like including chuck schumer, now we pool out and everyone has an opinion on this. >> it is typical of guys like chuck schumer and all of those in washington who are echo
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chamber conformists. the whole premise on which trump is sitting at office is ability to make these unconventional deals based on unconventional thinking and we are in an unconventional war. that is what terror is, constantly shifting tactics. iran is the coca-cola or pepsi of sponsorship when it comes to terrorism. the pres.'s decision to pull out of this deal, something that needed to be done. to everyone i say too bag, had to get done. estate that literally sponsors terror systematically. it had to happen. there is nothing good about iran with any type of nuclear weapon. 24 months in the making of human intelligence gathering, physical surveillance, this showed the uranian's -- they are putting together a nuclear war. donald trump's reaction was on
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point and the rest of the world has a problem with this this is about our national security and let's take a look. jillian: is could play out in the upcoming weeks and months, the us military sanctioning related activity. in 90 days the us may sanction anything else exempted under the jcp away like precious metal. how do you think this plays out with our allies? >> the europeans are all about the european leadership and european economy can the struggle they had and the problems europe has been having for quite some time, all economically based. the money will start pouring in. iran, they do a lot of business with iran. when you cut off their funnel, the gateway to the dollars they will start crying cool. europeans when it comes to iran, the money, the cash flow,
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boosting their economy and personal interests has nothing to do with the united states. we have to take care of ourselves as americans was we have a terror issue here. we have, we have all kinds of problems the president understood very early on when he ran. rob: not to cut you off but you make a good point, nukes or no nukes it is our money, money we are buying oil with that is going to fund terror and all this nonsense in the middle east. that is a big deal and we want to switch over to north korea, another country dealing with the same problem, a country we strangled financially with sanctions and it is working or appears to be working and i want to ask you the reason pompeo jumped on this plane to go over, when the speech was made about pulling out, to reassure north korea we can be trusted because a lot of the criticism is you
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pull out of the iran deal how to other foreign nations trust the united states? >> those are great questions and pompeo has been running the top by craft agency in the world for quite some time and understands when it comes to dealing with north korea he is former head of the cia, he is very smart but the cia in by craft, doing the types of negotiations, it does instill confidence by him going there and at the end of the day, and by him getting on the plane and sitting down face-to-face with north korea, he will make them feel comfortable by laying out a sustained plan. north korea is about the money also. if the north koreans, the strangling works. we have shown that it works. when you cut off the carotid artery and there is no blood flow you hit the ground.
2:20 am
we saw it work with north korea and we are seeing the top cia chief saying okay, we will give you a little bit here and it will happen over here, time to stop your nuclear thing but we will get your economy jumpstarted. is playing out perfectly. this is good business on behalf of the president. jillian: people wonder when those hostages will come home. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. have you received an unwanted telemarketing call recently? you could be owed $1000. how to cash in next. rob: i saw that movie. the girls dragged me to that in high school. cheer squad controversy.
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look at you. this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. rob: welcome back. santa clarita the first city los angeles county to join a federal lawsuit breaking away from the state's sanctuary laws voting in favor of the measure after listening to hundreds of people fired up about this controversial issue. >> americans are dreamers too. we are paying for welfare, for section 8, you costing us our jobs, we are paying for you. this is america. this is our home, this is our
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country. rob: santa clarita joined the growing list of municipalities challenging the law signed by governor jerry brown in october. jillian: the air force ground all planes for safety review following a string of deadly crashes. commanders will assess and discuss safety and gather feedback from airmen during the operational safety review. a military aircraft plunged into the ground shortly after takeoff in georgia killing all 9 airmen on board. 27 service members have died in noncombat crashes so far this year. rob: have you gotten an unwanted telemarketing call recently? you might have money coming your way. jillian: this sounds too good to be true. how do you cash in? tell us what this is about. >> reporter: if your number was on the national do not call registry but you still got a phone call from dish network you could be eligible for $1200 because there was a telemarketing lawsuit brought against dish. a federal judge in north
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rob: 26 after the hour. grilled on the hill, donald trump's pick to lead the cia in the hot seat, the highly anticipated hearing for gina haspel. jillian: you know how nancy pelosi feels about donald trump's tax cut. >> crumbs that they are giving to workers. bowl of dog do, put a cherry on top and call it chocolate pudding. people can't hide in. jillian: brand-new promise as she vows to retake congress. weight until you hear this one. ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ ♪ go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪ go your own way once-daily anoro
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jillian: welcome back to "fox and friends first". we have a fox news alert. secretary of state mike pompeo is a north korea to make the final preparations ahead of the
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summit with kim jong un. hours earlier the pres. revealed details about the highly anticipated face-to-face meeting the. >> the location is picked, time and date, everything is picked. we will see how it works out. it can be a great thing with north korea, south korea, japan. jillian: the secretary of state will discuss the possible release of three americans held prisoner by the rogue regime. at least 9 people are dead after an attack on an iran military base in syria. syrian tv reporting the military shotgun two missiles during the airstrike south of the capital city of damascus. the towns are warned to prepare bomb shelters in anticipation of revenge attacks. israel has not confirmed or
2:32 am
denied the airstrikes. it comes hours after donald trump withdrew from the iran deal. rob: gina haspel facing tough questions from senators at a confirmation hearing. the focus, her role in the now outlawed torture program. griff jenkins live with what we can expect today. >> reporter: of confirmed she would be the first female director of the cia with a 33 year career, what she can expect from the senate intelligence committee is tough questions about her role in the enhanced interrogation program and waterboarding. in an excerpt she said having served in that time i can offer you my personal commitment clearly and without reservation that under my leadership the cia will not restart such a detention and interrogation program. chief among her critics, ron wyden who opposes her nomination, pushing to declassify documents about her role. >> if this is out to go forward,
2:33 am
what i call the secret confirmation process it won't be the last. >> we expect to hear from past intelligence leaders like pres. obama's cia director john brennan who was one of the key decision-makers. republicans like liz cheney had this to say. >> any senators who oppose her or say we shouldn't have water boarded out to be able to tell the american people how many american lives they are willing to sacrifice so they don't have to waterboarding terrorist. >> reporter: they will not vote on the nomination until next week, full vote on the senate for the following week. we are letting democratic sources tell fox haspel may win the support of some democrats and see how it goes. jillian: a decades old --
2:34 am
turning red hot. authorities digging for the remains of six young girls missing in michigan since the 1970s and 80s. kimberly king and four to six other girls may have been killed by arthur ream who is serving a life sentence for killing a 13-year-old girl whose body was found in the same area ten years ago. rob: and 11-year-old girl makes a dramatic escape out of a moving suv with a carjacking behind the wheel. her father was pumping gas, took off with her inside. this was happening just outside chicago. the dad jumping on top of the accomplice's car to try to get both cars to stop but they kept going. both of these two are okay, just shaken up.
2:35 am
the carjacking was arrested. jillian: chicago cubs and now she wants to take away, promising to target donald trump's tax cuts if her party retakes congress in 2018. >> it that you would like to institute a single-payer health care program and cancel, rollback the tax cuts they passed this year. >> the second part is accurate. i do think we should revisit the tax legislation. brian: the national republican congressional committee spokesman jumped on the comments, i promise you that you will be in every gop add this fall. rob: janice over there. >> reporter: a nice day in new
2:36 am
york city, 73, we will take it, clear skies for the most part. we will deal with strong to severe storms across the midwest. a frontal boundary in place so you can see showers and thunderstorms west of the chicago area, large hail, isolated tornadoes, this won't be a severe weather outbreak but we are concerned for potential of stronger storms especially in the afternoon hours and as we head through tomorrow it shifts southward across south dakota, that thread of strong to severe storms including hail and damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. otherwise a good-looking forecast in the northeast, storms across the great lakes and hot in phoenix and i see some hubbub going on in the studio. what is happening? rob, this is all wrong. ♪ happy birthday dear janice
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♪ happy birthday to you ♪ change i forgot i was 33 today. it was worth getting up and coming to work. rob: with all this going on. >> i saw a little bit. as soon as i came into the green room look over here. >> we were going to mention that but we didn't. >> a special day. did you raise these for me? >> handmade. >> are you getting good weather for your birthday? >> some things i have control over. >> 37 after the hour. christian concert, backlash
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rob: the deal is that. reaction pouring in after donald trump announces his decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear agreement. jillian: carly shimkus is not a mess with frosting on her dress, with whatever we think. >> i don't have frosting on my dress. that part is debatable. reaction to this deal has been predictable. members of the obama administration and european leaders think the president is making a mistake but many conservative lawmakers are applauding the pres.'s decision is one person who is greatly impacted by the dangerous nation is retired staff sergeant robert bartlett was injured by iranian bomb in 2005. listen to how he reacted. >> thank you, mr. pres. really appreciate it, great anniversary for me.
2:43 am
>> lindsey graham pointed this out. today's action send a strong signal to the north koreans, the trump administration is furious about denuclearization and will not support loopholes. folks outside the political sphere reacting like steve who says still waiting, keeping promises keeping nukes out of their hands is a good thing, thank you, paul said thank you for standing by the people of israel, they never forget who their friends are, stay strong, make america great again. and continue spending on the ballistic missile program. >> the response wasn't the best. let's talk about cheerleaders here, everybody -- >> people complain about the
2:44 am
trophy generation. everybody wins, nobody loses. this is an example of that pretty new jersey mom went to her daughter at school to complain because she didn't make the cheer squad. now everybody makes the team. that is not sitting well with some cheerleaders. watch. going away because of one child who did not make the team and the parent complaint. all my hard work is thrown out the window. >> reaction is rolling in. the trophy generation at it once again. when will we allow those who work the hardest to excel in those who don't, work harder. i wouldn't want to be the child on the squad because of mommy's demands, no qualifications required, so many who actually worked hard to qualify and jeff points out there are only 11 people on the football field at one time. maybe it is possible to win and
2:45 am
lose and be okay about it. jillian: more comments will be coming in on this one. people have a lot to say. >> they worked hard and the leaders are saying the lazy to you will make the team, their hard work went away. >> i forget -- everybody can't make the squad. if you grow up and go out for a job and there's one opening in 20 candidate, all 20 can't get the job. these are lessons you learn in life. rob: we need a close-up shot. jillian: the countdown is on. next week we will know whether donald trump will take the hot seat in robert mueller's probe about what will the commander-in-chief gain from being grilled? judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is life the way in. rob: what is coming up on "fox
2:46 am
and friends"? >> a big morning. this is the iran deal and this is where it is going. the iran deal persona non grata, the deal is dead. big implications in the international scene from allies to enemies in iran, israel and elsewhere. we will cover every aspect including secretary of state in another development in north korea and in that, another potential breakthrough. john bolton, sen. tom cotton otherwise known as the guest list if i were to host an important party, all here on "fox and friends".
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jillian: welcome back. the largest participant in the boy scouts cutting ties after more than a century, the mormon church pulling its 125,000 scott members logic it's a youth program in 2020. this is less then a week after the scout announced they were dropping the word boy from their name. the scout wish to do well on their decision. there are 2.3 total members in the scouts. >> walt disney world canceled the 3 decade christian music festival. a spokeswoman for the florida park telling the orlando sentinel the decision to end the night of joy event was made due to them continually changing their offerings. this hosted a night of joy since
2:51 am
1983. and steven curtis chapman, amy grant, newsboys and casting crowns. >> illegal team hitting a may 7th deadline to sit down with robert mueller. >> striking the pres.'s requests, does the pres. have anything to gain from a face-to-face? jillian: here is judge andrew napolitano. thank you for joining us. judge napolitano: good morning. jillian: the pres. has been practicing a few hour-long sessions. judge napolitano: we will start with the written queue and day. bob mueller rejected that because they would be written by the pres.'s lawyers. jillian: that is not surprising. judge napolitano: i am surprised they even threw it out there, they had to know it would be
2:52 am
rejected. remember when the 49 questions came out two weeks ago, those were starting points. each of those questions has potentially two or three dozen follow-ups requiring tremendous preparation for the president to be ready on those follow-ups. this number will bro your mind, 1.2 million pages of documents the white house in my opinion wrongly but they did it, surrendered to bob mueller, the pres. and rudy giuliani and the crew scrambling to catch up on because two lawyers who have seen these documents resigned from the team. that leaves the pres. with that he voluntarily sit down with bob mueller, it will be his prosecutors and fbi agents and they will be peppering the pres. with questions or does he tell them take a hike? you asked me initially would this help the president? answer, no. when the government wants to
2:53 am
talk to you it is not to help you. it is to help the government. rudy giuliani knows that and the president knows that but here are the consequences of not sitting down. a subpoena, not to sit down with them but with a grand jury where there will be no lawyer and it will be under oath and his choice will be to tell the truth, perhaps a painful truth or invoke protections of the fifth amendment. jillian: what should he do? judge napolitano: he should not speak to the prosecutor because it will only help them and not him. particularly a self-confident president which we know he is and i will say this gently, president not exactly known for using an economy of words. the more you use when you answer the more rabbit holes you give the government. where this will go i don't know. i am surprised there is this deadline. rob: we talk about it every
2:54 am
wednesday and we will wait and see. another topic, we have a bipartisan bill that came out, a dangerous time to be a cop in this country, a minimum ten years if you injure a police officer. is is a good idea? judge napolitano: know and it is probably unconstitutional. it is not a federal issue. of cops are injured when performing a federal function or on federal property is a different story. i say this as a strong supporter of law enforcement, many friends, present and former in law enforcement, this is an issue that needs to be addressed locally. every state in the union already has this as part of a state law. we don't need another federal law, we don't need federal prosecutors prosecuting people for what are essentially state crimes. on the other hand this does make
2:55 am
law enforcement feel like congress is looking out for them. jillian: good to see you. judge napolitano: where is janice? no one told me about the cupcakes. i don't even see that spot. rob: 54 minutes after the hour. you have got to be kidding me. how a police officer came to the rescue after finding some very stowaways. jillian: noisy kids are bad for business. a restaurant notice that got parents fired up. ♪ we came here for the friends. and we got to know the friends of our friends. then our old friends from middle school, our mom, our ex and our boss joined forces to wish us happy birthday. then we discovered our uncle use to play in a band. and realized he was young once too.
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rob: welcome back. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. the florida detective investigating her own car after hearing a weird noise under the hood and it turns out it was an adorable bunch of kittens, nettlin necessary lg near the warm engine. they will be put up for adoption. >> kittens finding out actually bobcats. family brought them inside and tried to feed them and cats bit back. no one seriously hurt. now at wildlife rescue. rob: california restaurants. anti-children policy. sign outside old fisherman saying children crying or making loud noises are not allowed in the dining room.
3:00 am
while some despise the policy the owner says it's good for business. can you see both sides there yeah. a little bit bold. jillian: thanks for watching today. have a good day. rob: see you later. >> i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> israel thanks president trump for commitment to ensure that iran never gets nuclear weapons, not today, not in a decade. not ever. >> iran has demonstrated in so many ways it couldn't care less about the restrictions of this deal. what it wants are the economic advantages that obama and kerry gave to them. >> mike pompeo arrives in north korea for a second trip. will he return home with those three american hostages. high stake knowingations underway at this hour. if confirmed she would be the first cia female director. she wil


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