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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 9, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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policy the owner says it's good for business. can you see both sides there yeah. a little bit bold. jillian: thanks for watching today. have a good day. rob: see you later. >> i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> israel thanks president trump for commitment to ensure that iran never gets nuclear weapons, not today, not in a decade. not ever. >> iran has demonstrated in so many ways it couldn't care less about the restrictions of this deal. what it wants are the economic advantages that obama and kerry gave to them. >> mike pompeo arrives in north korea for a second trip. will he return home with those three american hostages. high stake knowingations underway at this hour. if confirmed she would be the first cia female director. she will face tough questions in front of the
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senate intelligence committee. >> republicans are deciding who will represent them in this year's congressional races. >> together we can drain the swamp and send a conservative fighter to washington. are you with me? ♪ ♪ ♪ get ready ♪ get ready because here i come ♪ get ready because here i come. steve: live from new york city. get ready for a "fox & friends" on a winning wednesday. come on, in folks. brian is off and pete is in his place. ainsley: good morning to you. i like the patriotic colors. pete: it is a winning wednesday it feels like it. steve: not talking about the u.s. embassy is moving to jerusalem. pete: another aspect. not talking about the iran deal that the president promise he would kick to the curb and did yesterday.
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talking about the fact that ourselves mike pompeo is in north korea. what's he doing? according to the south koreans, he is meeting with kim jong un. and they are going to set a time and date for the presidential summit and when mr. pompeo comes back, those three american captives will be on the plane with him. ainsley: the president was hinting yesterday that those three american captives will come back. south korea said it will return with the three personal prisoners. mike pompeo has said he has not received a commitment from north korea but they do hope that north koreans do the right thing and release the pastor and those two university of science technology professors. pete: yeah. so this is obviously a new development this morning. you probably didn't know about overnight. but it comes on the heels of the really big development we saw yesterday. he promised it. he said he was going to scrap it he was ultimately deliberate in his approach but the iran deal is dead. and the president yesterday in a dramatic press conference laid out why he
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scrapped the deal. here's what the president said yesterday. >> the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. we'll be instituting the highest level of economic sanction. america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail. we will not allow american cities to be thrinsd with destruction. and we will not allow a regime that chants death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth. as we exit the iran deal, we will be working with our allies to find a real comprehensive and lasting solutions to the iranian nuclear threat. steve: it's interesting the president just mentioned the iranians screaming death to america. that actually happened in the last couple of hours in the iranian parliament.
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apparently somebody had a little american flag, a u.s. flag, lit that on fire. pete: in parliament? steve: iran deal that the president kicked to the curb, they burned that, too. ainsley: for anyone out there blasting this situation, keep in mind they do yell death to america. death to israel. they burn the american flag. the president said on the campaign trail in 2015 and in 2016, that we gave them $150 billion. they gave us absolutely nothing. the deal is catastrophic. the deal is the worst negotiated deal ever. the transaction was incompetent tently negotiated. he is seconding a message to north korea saying no more empty threats. pete: for the folks that voted for president trump, the feeling this morning is relief. it's admiration. it's faith that things can actually change. embassy is another example of that. the swamp can be beaten. here's the thing. this president was criticized hasty and unhinged. did he this responsibly.
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he didn't recklessly rip it up. he listened to allies. he analyze the deal. he gave european allies chance to change the deal. proof that iran was cheating. he said i'm going to put america first and do the tough thing that other presidents wouldn't necessarily step up and do. remember, this deal was never ratified by congress. this is executive action. he undid that executive action. democrats filibustered an attempt to block this deal. he did simply what the people voted for him wanted him to do. steve: this was president barack obama legacy foreign policy event. and now it is undone because president obama could not get the votes in congress because there were so many people who were squarely against it you know who loves this deal? saudi arabia, the fact that the president got rid of it israel loves the it. now, europe is a different story. we heard yesterday from president macron, emmanuel macron, apparently he is going to work with the europeans to try to get the iranians to agree to
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something else to bring the united states back in. and the president said, look. we're ready to wheel and deal. the sanctions go in effect right now and businesses have something like 90 to 180 days to un -- what is the word they use? unwind their deals with the iranians. pete: the reason the europeans loved it they were invested in the fiction of the iran deal at the beginning. that iran really wanted a peaceful outcome. that they really wanted to give up their nuclear weapons. they weren't going to support terrorism anymore. it was built on a lie as the president said. europeans, unfortunately, just like the obama administration still think that lie is true. ainsley: president obama negotiated this deal and benjamin netanyahu last week showed us a video and pictures of how they have been lying to us, iran has been lying to us. we looked to the experts on this. you have ambassador bolton who agrees with this. condoleezza rice, we had her on the curvey couch
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recently. she agreed with this. talk to the men and women truly affected men and women on the front lines fighting for our country. robert bartlett united against nuclear iran advisor, an iraq war veteran and injured by iranian bomb. listen to this. >> we know what he did with the money. he began spreading more terror. that's why there was some uprising because the money wasn't going to them. it was try to spend some money to try to fix something, buy them off, you know, so they wouldn't build a weapon. >> thank you, mr. president, i really appreciate it it's a great anniversary for me. i mean, 13 years ago last thursday we got blown up. i was cut in half left corner of my temple down to my jaw. my gunner lost his legs. my truck commanders, god rest his soul, sergeant william brooks was killed. this venture started to do the right thing to try to
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protect the country. steve: that man is living every day with the legacy of the iranian deal and yesterday the president pulled the plug on it. the "new york post" this morning has got an h editorial that talk as little bit about this. and it says now the president needs to follow up not just with sanctions but with the full-court press to roll back iran's march of evil. somebody who feels that iran has had a march to evil is the national security advisor, mr. john bolton. he was at the president's side yesterday. he will be with us about an hour from now right here on the fox news channel. pete: certainly salute sergeant bartlett hole fight evil and seen it firsthand. nothing changed in iran as far as their ballistic missiles program. they didn't stop enrichment and funding terrorism. president trump made the point if we get a future deal -- he doesn't want war he wants a future deal it better be a real deal that gives us inspections anywhere, any time. they stop funding terrorism around the world, then we will be satisfied they are giving up their nukes.
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ainsley: burning american flags after this, if that doesn't say it, i don't know what does. steve: given the fact that the president promised during the campaign he was going to undo that deal and he did, that would explain why his base likes him and why they have given him pretty good numbers. pete: does the media like him though, steve? steve: here's the thing we showed a cnn poll yesterday where the president's poll numbers on all sorts of things, immigration, foreign policy going up. but, when you look, according to the media research center, at the coverage the president has gotten during the first three months, four months of this year, 90%, 91% of the major broadcast coverage has been 90. negative. so how is it that he is able to actually creep up in the polls when 91% of the mainstream media coverage just says he is awful. ainsley: media research center also have his approval rating. it was 37% in december. the end of april it was 43%.
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so it's gone up. pete: do you know why in the american people aren't dumb. because they understanding when they're being sold a bill of goods. being sold one side of the story. and president trump's indictment of the fake news media, that they are only telling you one side or they are owe mightd certain portions, people have absorbed that they go straight to twitter feed. they go to other sources not just the evening nightly news to get their perspective. as a result, they get the real story. and they vote otherwise or they support otherwise. steve: but there is so much of it. you see it on all the channels and you think oh, there must be something to that. but maybe you are right. maybe people are smart. maybe they are getting their news from other places fair and balanced places. pete: maybe. ainsley: this is why the president tweets because he says he can circumvent the fake news. let us know what you think, send your emails to us. pete: where do you get your news? obviously, "fox & friends." ainsley: this morning at least. steve: you know where we get our news, the headlines from that woman right there.
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jillian: good morning. how are you guys? pete: good, thank you. jillian: a lot of news coming out four number republican challengers ready to take capitol hill after big primaries in crucial states starting with senate races in the west virginia state attorney general patrick morrisey topping don blankenship and congressman evan jenkins. in indiana it was mike bruin getting the g.o.p. nod over two sitting congressmanned to rokita and luke messer and, jim renacci beating out mike begin begins in ohio: city council voting to support the trump administration's lawsuit against the state. hundreds of people voicing their opinions. >> americans are dreamers, too. we are paying for welfare, for section 8, you costing
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us our jobs. we are paying for you. respect americans. this is america. this is our home. this is our country. [cheers] >> santa clarita the latest california city or county challenging the laws that limit cooperation between law enforcement and ice. hawaii's governor calling for federal assistance as two new volcanic erupt. police going door to door as poison gas fills the air. >> wow. no way, dude. jillian: gosh, that's crazy. >> lava spewing into this man's backyard just feet from his home in the big island. take a look at this lava lake spilling and bobbling. three dozen structures. more crack could say open up at any moment. that's a look at your headlines. doesn't appear to be slowing down right now. steve: nothing really stops that stuff. thank you, jillian.
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pete: thank you, jillian. appreciate it president trump's pick to lead the cia will be in the hot seat just hours from now. get, this the master mind of the 9/11 attacks doesn't want her confirmed. well, shocker. dr. james mitchell interrogated him and says this proves gina haspel is the right woman for the job. he's up next. steve: therapy goats for stressed out students, that's actually a thing. we will explain where those adorable animals. pete: therapy goat for stressed out hosts. steve: baaaad ♪ momma said ♪ when i was stressed out ♪ trusted battery in your noise cancelling headphones? maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪
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pete: welcome back. a fox news alert. in about three hours from now, president trump's pick to lead the cia, gina haspel will be in the hot seat in front of congress for her confirmation hearing. this as we learn that khalid sheikh mohammed, otherwise known as ksm, the 9/11 master mind who was tortured, reportedly, wants to tell senators what he thinks about haspel. our next guest personally interrogated the ksm and james mitchell, the author of enhanced interrogation joins us now. thank you very much, sir. you were there. you were a part of the interrogation of ksm. he now says he wants to testify to the senate about
3:18 am
gina haspel and her credibility as the cia director. what do you make of this? >> well, i can't imagine that there's a better recommendation for picking her up. you know, the guy who killed thousands of americans, the guy who hacked daniel pearl to death thinks that she is too mean to terrorists? ask yourself why does he object to her being there? he objects to her being there because he knows under her leadership the cia will be tough on terrorists. those terrorists still at large, still plotting to kill americans, still trying to destroy our way of life will be in greater danger because of her skill and expertise at the helm of the cia. then if they appoint some political hack. pete: of course. dr. mitchell, torture is a loaded term. after 9/11 we gave the opportunity for enhance the interrogation to people to prevent another 9/11. but, ultimately, what terrorists would do to you or to me, if they got their hands on us, of course, chop
3:19 am
our heads off like you mentioned with daniel pearl. is this an aspect of democrats forgetting how vicious our enemy is or certain people forgetting and wanting to say, well, we just went too far, we can't confirm her to be cia director? >> well, they would like to you believe that the problem with her nomination is that she was involved in one way or another with that program. but, in fact, unless they're hypocrites, they need to vote for her. the reason for that is john brennan, who they overwhelmingly approved of as the chief of the cia -- as the director of the cia when barack obama nominated him, was up to his eyebrows in that program. and it didn't stop them from approving his nomination. so i believe that it's got to be petty, partisan politics or maybe just a dusting of gender bias. i mean, they talk a big talk about wanting women who are qualified to be in positions of power. now they have a chance to do
3:20 am
that. they need to put their petty partisan politics aside for the safety of americans. america will be safer with her as the cia director. and it's an opportunity to appoint a woman to a position that no woman has ever been appointed to before. pete: you were there as a part of the interrogation program after 9/11. what does this -- what does this pick say about how serious president trump takes on the threat of radical islam? >> i think it says that he intends to keep his promise to americans to keep us safe. the way to do that is to put the most qualified individual, regardless of their sex, in positions that are important. because what she is going to do is double down on the core task cia. she is not going to restart the interrogation program. she has already indicated that's not. if she said that it would be against the law if she did. she is not going to do it.
3:21 am
she is going to double down con the clandestine stuff they do on data gathering. ultimately that's going to lead us to get a leg up on state enemies and ferret out those terrorists who are trying to -- pete: thanks for your time and service to our country. thank you very much for your time, sir, as we move on in the program, candace onsz coming up. (vo) why are subaru outback owners always smiling? because they've chosen the industry leader.
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there are treatment mr. elliot, what'shelp. your wiwifi?ssword? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ ainsley: here's some quick headlines for you, a massive bill aiming to reform the v.a. is one step closer to the president's desk. the v.a. mission act passing the house veterans affairs committee. it would expand the number of veterans eligible to seek private healthcare and entitled all enrollees to a private doctor twice a year without a co-pay.
3:25 am
and people who have sought police officers could soon spend a decade behind bars. federal lawmakers proposing a bipartisan bill that would make it a hate crime to target law enforcement. at least four states have similar blue lives matter laws on the books. 24 officers have been killed in the line of duty by gunfire this year already. pete: well, in an op-ed in the "new york times," the heart break of kanye west, writer dream hampton blast the meeting between kanye and our next guest. ainsley: saying: what was dangerous was the way mr. west included candace owens, an alt right darling, a black woman and puppet on his broadcast from the tmz office. her participation was most likely arranged by alt right operatives. steve: she goes on to write with uncharacteristic generosity, mr. west, kanye seeded the mike to ms. owns who allows a racist
3:26 am
misogynist movement to hold her up as evidence that it is neither. joining us now with her shocked reaction candace owens, director of turning point u.s.a. she joins us from minneapolis. candace, how are you. >> i'm doing well, how are you guys? steve: doing okay. a lot in this dream hampton op-ed in the "new york times." where would you like to start. >> i guess we can start with the name-calling. that's always my favorite part. i mean, am i the only one who feels like this is extremely elementary. like walking down the hallways of a middle school and i think pretty soon i'm going to get shoved into a locker by these leftist journalists. it's not to be taken seriously. that's all they have is all of these names they are continually calling people. they need to exit that strategy all together. it's ridiculous. ainsley: what stood out the most? was there a key word or phrase? >> i mean, quite frankly found the entire thing to be hysterical. let's you know they are afraid. the word dangerous is
3:27 am
especially interesting. what's so dangerous about a black woman believing she is could it without government handouts. what's dangerous about a black woman promoting independence of thought in the black community. why do they have a interest in black women remaining depend dent on their narrative is the real question. that's the adjective that stood out the most to me. pete: candace, if you are the puppet, who is the puppet master. >> exactly. i'm trying to fit out there is no bottom to the names the leftists came out with. i saw an article that ran that called me a loser. tactics are elementary. they don't upset me. they don't deter me. if anything, they encourage me. and it has adverse affect. more people are able to find me and research and realize that the media is lying about my message and then they get to ask themselves that important question. why? ainsley: do you know dream hampton? did she call you for an interview? she is calling you these names. dolls she know you? >> not whatsoever. they have not -- any of these headlines. none of these journalists have reached out and asked me for a comment.
3:28 am
steve: right. >> these aren't journalistic pieces. they are hit pieces meant to assassinate my character. unfortunately, it's not working. steve: folks unfamiliar with your story, a couple weeks ago you were at a town hall and you confronted a black lives matter protester and you countered what they were saying and then a day or two later kanye west said he liked the way you thought. everything unraveled on the political left where they came after you. he's in big trouble simply pause he likes donald trump. and apparently he is not supposed to like donald trump. >> that's exactly right. that's what kanye west was talking about the thought police. this dream hampton writer is a member of the thought police force where she has decided that black people are not allowed to have different thoughts. black people are supposed to subscribe to this monolithic thinking that is encouraged by the left. people like me are willing to stand up to it. as i said before, this does not scare me whatsoever. i feel tremendously encouraged that these hit pieces will not stop.
3:29 am
they are coming more and more aggressively every single day. ainsley: we have come to a point in our country where if you don't like the way someone else thinks, you have to hate them? why do you feel like the left wants to write all these hit pieces about you and kanye? why are you guys such a threat? >> because, for a long time they have had a stranglehold on culture. and as andrew breitbart said, politics is really downstream from culture. if they are unable to control culture, then they are not going to be so successful as controlling the black vote which they have been tremendously successful in the past. what we are starting to see black people are no longer looking at the name-calling and starting to look at the policies. truth is democratic policies have disseminated our communities over the years. that's the big wake-up they are afraid of. if they only get 85% of the black vote, they will lose. 85%. and they still lose. they have a lot to lose if we move the vote by even five points. pete: we just looked at a
3:30 am
photo at tmz with kanye west. you did a video. have you gotten to know him since the tweet. what else it like to work with kanye? >> he has a tremendous vision. one of love and unity for this country. and i don't think people understand just how thoughtful he is and that his heart is truly in the right place and that he sees heart on both the left and the right. he's hoping by opening this discussion we can sort of bridge this gap that has been so polarizing. you know what? i have to say he made me walk away with a different perspective. one that was much more optimistic that i had going into it. i don't know why they think he is going to back down. he truly believes in this in the same way i believe in. this the time is now. long last the dam has broken in the black community. ainsley: do you think he will run for president one day? he has talked about it i don't know. if he has the right ideas and research, i see no idea why not to be surprised. donald trump has proved we can have these thoughts in office and successful bid in
3:31 am
the oval office. steve: kanye says he is a free thinker. you say you are a free thinker. thank you for joining us and how you are in the us everywhere these days. ainsley: thanks, candace. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: a fox news alert, iranians burning the american flag and chanting death to america. this was yesterday after president trump withdrew from the nuclear deal. we are live with reaction from around the world overnight. pete: produce the flags just to burn them over there therapy goats for stressed out students. that is the university of maine proudly kyroned in your you were left. that is actually a thing apparently. bring it to you ♪ won't you please, please help me ♪ when i was younger ♪ so much younger than today ♪ i never needed anybody for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee.
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we can help with the financial ones. i'm about to start the hair, skin and nails challenge. so my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. ainsley: we begin with a fox news alert. iran burning our flag and
3:35 am
chanting death to america. pete: defined after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. steve: apparently they don't like that. david is live at the border with reaction from around the world. david? >> good morning. we are a few hundred yards from syrian territory and from where israel is concerned iranian forces and/or proxy groups could launch an attack targeting israel. the u.s. embassy here in israel today cautioned its employees not to enter the go alan heights. that's where i'm talking right now. i can tell that you last night was a very tense night. shortly after the president's speech, the israeli military went on high alert here. at this hour we are told that the residents have been informed to go about their lives as normal but in the past 24 hours, we saw that bomb shelters were opened up, reservists were called to duty and a number of missile defense systems were
3:36 am
moved into the area overnight syria says israeli fighter jets attacked a military base south of damascus. we are told at this hour, according to one report as many as 15 people could be dead. 8 of them iranians. we cannot confirm that independently. israel is not commenting. this is an area though where israel believes iranian forces have been operating. israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu a long-time and outspoken critic of the iranian nuclear deal says president trump made the right decision. >> israel thanks president trump for his courageous leadership. his commitment to confront the terrorist regime in tehran and commitment to ensure that iran never gets nuclear weapons. not today, not in a decade. not ever. >> and in tehran, as you would expect, very different reaction. lawmakers in that country's parliament shouted a familiar refrain death to
3:37 am
america. they also burned paper american flags. that country's president rouhani said at least for now the iranian public remains committed to the pact as it exists with the five other countries, france, u.k. and germany meanwhile saying also they are dispoingtsd with the president's decision but they're also going to try and stick to the disagreement. that's the latest from the golan heights back to you. steve: david lee miller live with syria in the background. pete: of course iran sticking to the deal. it was the bad one that they like. they are going to want to stay with it. steve: exactly. ainsley: president says is he going to elim iran's ballistic missile program. block its menacing activity across the middle east and work with our allies to do and this a make sure we have the highest level of sanctions. steve: you would think the allies would want all of that 22 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with a story about a scary flight.
3:38 am
ainsley: it's not a cruise ship but a flight. jillian: another scary flight story. seems like we have had one every week. a delta flight packed with people evacuated overnight as smoke fills the cabin. passengers forced to jump down emergency slides and climb out windows while taxiing to their gate in denver. >> as we were taxiing in, the cabin filled with smoke and had a really toxic chemical smell. ainsley: the airport says there may have been a fire, but they are still trying to figure it out. one person was taken to the hospital. stressed out students can now calm themselves down with baby goats. you heard me. baby goats. students at the university of maine lining up to pet the animals during finals week. universities often use therapy dogs around exam time but the school says goats have become so popular that they couldn't ignore those requests. an emotional return to the diamond for the oakland a's. the outfielder playing in
3:39 am
first game since his mother gretchen passed away from als. fighting back tears in the batter's box as the pay tribute his mother. >> outfielder number 25 steven busines. >> he steps in with i'm sure a heavy heart. nice ovation from the fans here. lines one right center field as he has a base hit. jillian: the a's are now matching donations for als research. a look at your headlines. steve: that takes some concentration. ains 80s getting emotional. you can see that meant a lot to him. steve: time now for weather with janice.
3:40 am
janice: hi. steve: time now for weather. first, we want to play something for you. janice: watch? >> happy birthday, momma. we hope you have a great day. we love you and we are proud of you. >> anything else? >> we hope you have a great present. >> great. and we have cake later. >> i will make a pizza by myself for you. >> okay. love you and very proud of you. happy birthday. >> hi, janice, i'm sorry i can't be at the studio today to wish you a happy birthday in person. but, when you get home, we have a surprise for you. so happy birthday and many, many more years of good health and happiness. steve: we were talking about whether or not you should play that before or after the weather. janice: i'm sorry. i'm really grateful for another year. i'm grateful for you guys. i'm grateful for my family. steve: we got you a cake. pete: you are a wonderful
3:41 am
person and we are grateful for you. [cheers] janice: oh my gosh. i'm sorry i wasn't really expecting that. steve: yesterday you weren't hear because you had a special day at your house. >> theodore had a field trip i always say working moms you try to do as much as can you to be with your kids. so i went on a field trip with them yesterday. spent some time with them. ainsley: where did you all go? janice: we went to the children's museum. can i get some makeup? [laughter] steve: happy birthday. janice: thanks, guys. you know, this has been a challenging year but a wonderful year. and i'm so grateful for you. and the folks at home, too. ainsley: that's a good lesson for all of us to learn though. it reminds us we should all wake up this morning and be happy we are here and grateful for another year. janice: birthdays are to be celebrated for just being alive. pete: we love you. janice: thank you, guys. ainsley: what's the surprise? is your mom in canada or is she here? janice: she is here for my birthday. she comes every year. i'm surprised she didn't
3:42 am
demand to be here, actually. steve: she comes all the time. i love the fact your son says okay mom i will make the pizza bagels myself. janice: even matthew said i'm making you a pizza bailing. i can't pubagel. ainsley: your boys and very attractive mom. she is so cute. janice: she is great. love you, love you. ainsley: we're glad you were born. first lady melania trump's approval rating is soaring. what is it the american people love about her? we are going to ask the first lady's man coming up. steve: and the first wave of primary races are in the book. what do the results mean for the mid terms? we're going to break it down coming up next. ainsley: janice, i think we recycled brian's cake.
3:43 am
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3:46 am
steve: well the midterm elections in october are inching closer after high stakes elections across the country. here are the results from last night what they mean. here is editor and chief scott rasmussen. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: four states we will take a look at. start with west virginia. this was a big one. >> that's right. republicans were panicked that don blankenship would win the nomination after being in prison less than a year ago. they didn't think he was ideal candidate. steve: right. >> president trump tweeted out anybody but blanken championship. patrick morrisey the a.g. more conservative candidate won there. going to give manchin a good race. toss-up carlgt. one of five states that donald trump won by double digits that has a democratic senator. prime pickup opportunity for
3:47 am
the republicans. steve: what's interesting and we will see this in your other panels this is the state attorney general and they are throwing out the guy who is currently a member of congress. >> that's right. same thing happened in indiana. two congressman rokita and messer, they have had their ongoing feud. a businessman comes in, an outsider. big theme right now comes in and wins the nomination. spent $6 million of his own money. two big things are happening here. joe donnelly is going to be in trouble. steve: the democrat. >> donald trump going to indiana on thursday. mike pence going to be heavily involved because they want to unify the party after this. indiana probably, again, one of the top tier republican pickup opportunities. steve: are we seeing the swamp thing? people want people out in america don't want the establishment to at this point. >> we have heard from the democratic energy from the outside on the republican side. being a republican member of congress is not good in the republican primary. now, in the ohio governor's race to replace the never
3:48 am
trumper john kasich, we had two establishment candidates win like divine and richard cordray. these guys were expected to win. it's going to be a tight race. divine has a slight edge. important thing here from the republican perspective, given a choice in ohio, divine said i'm with trump, not kasich. steve: interesting stuff. that's a change for ohio. meanwhile in north carolina? >> this is on the charlotte area. my old stomping grounds. robert pit jerry is the first incumbent to lose this year. he won this primary two years ago mark harris. lost by 800 last night. this is a republican leaning district. republicans are a little nervous about not having a encouple bengts to defend it. this is the kind of race the democrats need to win if they want to win control. so, harris has been gives them a little better shot because is he not incumbent. still, same theme, when you are incumbent not a good time to be in the republican primaries.
3:49 am
steve: so-called generic ballot where you take a look who would you prefer in congress? the democrat or the republican? right now the democrats are leading by 6.5. >> have you got to remember it's down from 13 points last december. so the trend has been fairly good for the republicans. stabilized right now. this is the big indicator when you are asking who is going to control the house in november. if it stays in a five or six point range it's a toss-up. if the democrat lead grows well then the republicans are going to be in trouble. on the other hand, if the republicans can chip into that a little bit. then they could very well retain control of the u.s. house. steve: what we have learned today is the blue wave in november, maybe not so much. and donald trump got a win last night in west virginia. >> got a win in west virginia. and there are two more democratic senators with a big fight on their hand. joe manchin and joe donnelly. steve: indeed. thank you very much. scott. meanwhile, let's talk politics. we all know how nancy pelosi feels about tax cut bonuses that millions of americans have received, right?
3:50 am
>> the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. steve: put the schmooze on. now she is going to take those crumbs away. media attacks first lady ramp up. her approval rating is soaring. what do the american people love about melania? that's next. ♪ sunshine ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ i'm walking on sunshine whowhoa, whoa ♪ i'm walking on sunshine whoa, whoa ♪ and a quiet interior from which to admire them. the lincoln spring sales event is here. for a limited time get 0% apr
3:51 am
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3:53 am
ainsley: despite mainstream media criticism over everything from her heels to
3:54 am
her decorating to latest the best initiative. the american people seem to love their first lady. the new poll shows 57% approve of melania trump. and that is up 10 points from january. here to discuss this surging favorability is andy, the author of unusual for their time, on the road with america's first ladies. good morning to you, andy. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. nice to be back here with you. ainsley: why the surge? why 10 points since january? that's incredible? >> it is. i think the american public and the world sees melania trump as a very thoughtful and deliberate first lady. she has gracefully eased her way into the role. the more we see her the more we see her as a genuine individual and they like her. ainsley: new yorker says after she was in the rose garden the child like strangeness the melania trump's be best campaign "new york times" says melania trump's be best campaign is perplexing to be generous. you hear commentators take
3:55 am
cheap shots at her too. why are they doing that. >> she is in the spotlight and first ladies catch criticism. she is a social media first lady in that she and michelle obama were to be the first in this arena and in it platform. she ignores her critics. she keeps her head down. she is graceful and dignified while she does it she just keeps moving forward with her work. again, the more we see, this the more we see a genuine woman with a general i didn't know interest in children and their well being and we like it. ainsley: have you seen this as have you done your research with first ladies? because yesterday they were talking about whether or not they slept in the same bed together. if she is even living at the white house. frankly, i don't think that's anyone's business. >> it's not. and it does go back unfortunately a long time. the more informed we are as a world, as a public. again, this social media platform that's relatively new to the white house and first lady, we see this type of criticism. it's nothing that we didn't see before. it washes aside and it is all how the first lady
3:56 am
reacts to this criticism. and, like i said, melania trump is just basically ignoring it and moving forward with her work. michelle obama and hillary clinton both blaming women if you remember. have you heard them speak for donald trump winning in 2016. do you think it's the women's fault? >> well, i think that women are largely not represented in leadership and they have been ignored for their contributions for so long. this depose back in my book. back to martha washington. the more they enter this arena, the more they get to be a target for criticism. so it's to be expected. again, moving forward and ignoring the criticism and getting the work done. people want to see results. that's what melania trump is going to get. his industry will remember her favorably for it. ainsley: andy oklahoma. book unusual for their full-time time on the road with america's first ladies. >> thank you.
3:57 am
ainsley: tear up the iran deal, cue the media melteddown. tom cotton, national security advisor john bolton and tomi lahren are all here live in the next hour ♪ you don't want ♪
3:58 am
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if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. >> i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> iran has demonstrated in so many ways it couldn't care less about the restrictions of this deal. what it wants are the economic advantages that obama and kerry gave to them will. steve: ourselves right now mike pompeo is in north korea. he is meeting with kim jong un. and apparently they are going to set a time and a date for the presidential summit. pete: about three hours from now president trump's pick to lead the cia gina haspel will be on the hot seat in front of congress for confirmation hearing. >> take a stand against california sanctuary laws.
4:01 am
santa clarita supports the president trump's lawsuit against the state. ♪ ♪ ♪ don't even care if anyone sees me dancing ♪ like can i fly ainsley: good morning. steve: welcome aboard. ainsley: 7:01 on the east coast. wednesday morning. it's going to be a great day. pete: of course it's going to be a great day. some things changed yesterday. just a little bit. ainsley: right? pete: a tiny deal. ainsley: we pulled out of the iran deal. yesterday at 2:00 the president made that announcement. pete: iran deal still get to keep their missiles gone now. steve: that wasn't the tom cotton card i was supposed to use in five minutes. pete: no, it wasn't. it was my version. steve steve to ke recap the iran deal, it was going to
4:02 am
freeze their nuke program for a certain period of time. they could still continue to build missiles. pete: yep. steve: and they were militarily active throughout syria. they took all that money and stirring up the middle east. ainsley: give them 30 days notice we were going to expect. which means they could go in there and clean it up and hide all the evidence. steve: such a bad deal. the president, when he was a candidate said look, you make me president, i'm going it pull the plug plug on it no surprise at 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday from the white house, the president said effectively, i'm pulling the plug on it here's his way of saying it. >> the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. we will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction. america will not be held hostage to nuclear black male. we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction. and we will not allow a
4:03 am
regime that chants death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth. as we exit the iran deal, we will be working with our allies to find a real, comprehensive and lasting solution to the iranian nuclear threat. pete: you know, remember e this was not a treaty, this is an executive action. congress never ratified the deal that he cut. in fact, there was overwhelming opposition to it in the senate. and i think for a lot of people that voted for this president, there is feelings of relief, admiration, restored belief that in the swamp, if you elect the right guy, he will stand up or gal, stand up and say we're out if he doesn't serve our interest. ainsley: he ran on this. he said in 2000 15, this transaction was incompetently negotiated. three other instances in 2016. he said one of the worst deals ever negotiated. we gave iran 150 billion and they gave us nothing.
4:04 am
the deal is catastrophic. if you went to the polls and voted for him. you knew he was going to do. this. steve: you talked about the senate. never ratified for the u.s. senate. did you go back to 2015. who was one very prominent democratic senator who was absolutely against it and voted against president obama's deal? ainsley: who was it? steve: that would be chuck schumer. now it's as if he loves it i can't believe that the president pulled the plug on it. ainsley: hates this president so much. go against anything that he likes. steve: according to dan bongino. and he cuts through the bs like nobody's business, this was a crap deal. listen. >> this was never a negotiation. it was a manipulation. the iranians played the obama administration for a fool. sean, let me ask you a simple question, okay? let's get common sense dollars to donuts. the iranians prevented us from looking at military installations to inspect those military installations for the production of nuclear weapons.
4:05 am
sean, where the heck do you think they're going to produce a nuclear weapon in the local walmart? of course they're going to do it in the military installation. i mean, this is common sense. this was never a deal. this was obama getting played the iranians never had any intention of sticking to this deal. i applaud president trump for throwing this crap deal out the window. ainsley: think about what's happening right now. the president is going after rogue nations. mike pompeo going to north korea to set up the meeting with the president. you know what's happening there. and then you have got we are worried about nuclear weapons there. worried about nuclear weapons in iran and our president saying listen, i have got to do what's best for america. this is what i ran on and i want us to be safe. i don't trust you, iran. you are yelling death to america, death to israel. yesterday after the president withdrew they burned the american flag in the streets there. pete: of course. media and democrats say he is reckless and bring to us nuclear war. now we are at the table as you said at north korea. steve: literally right this moment. pete: mike pompeo is meeting with kim jong un. this is the parliament of iran yesterday burning
4:06 am
american flags. can you imagine that -- that gives you every sense you need to know about their sentiments. we are supposed to trust them. this president listened to allies. he listened to -- he saw the proof that israel presented about iran cheating on the deal and lying about it he waited a couple of times. gave the europeans a chance to fix the deal. he didn't he said hey, we are out. we want to serve america's interest. it was a responsible approach. but, of course, will he get the credit, steve? steve: look, just, you know where they were furious about this deal? on the floor of the iranian senate, their parliament, and tv land. watch this. >> america's allies had urged the president not to do this. they are reacting tonight and so is iran already with a new threat. >> they are dismayed and bewildered right now saying that america is arrogant and can't be trusted. >> president trump promised to pull out of it today entrepreneurship did with widespread implications. >> the u.s. is essentially
4:07 am
reneging on the nuclear deal with iran. >> across europe, there's a chill tonight that the u.s., under president trump, may not be a reliable partner anymore. >> they have basically said to the rest of the world: we are not obeying an agreement that we signed. and the united states of america, under one administration can sign deals but it will not be trusted by subsequent presidents. steve: keep in mind,. ainsley: steve, how are you feeling? steve: emmanuel macron, the guy who runs france right now. ainsley: yeah. steve: he has been on the president's side look, it's not a good deal so let's do something. going forward, apparently a number of our european allies are going to try to figure out how to bring the americans back and how do they do that? address all of the things that donald trump has been talking about for years. ainsley: maybe you pull out in the beginning and if they want you back in work with us. pete: make the deal better they keep testing their ballistic missiles. they can't keep funding
4:08 am
terrorism. it's absurd how terrible the deal was and the sanctimonious nature of that media montage that you just played. self-importance, the defense of barack obama. why would that be? ainsley: barack obama reacted. steve: that's every night on the mainstream news. ainsley: if you look at the polls, it's pretty astro no, ma'am nickel, abc beings cbs, nbc, according to media research number their coverage of prowmp's job approval rating. their coverage of our president, 91% of their coverage, according to mrc is negative about donald trump. pete: january, february, march, april of this year. 91% negative in the nightly news. 9% positive. yet, during that time frame, we have seen the jobs numbers. we have seen the economy. look what's happening in north korea. and that's what you get. steve: well, you know what? one of the reasons for that is people like what is happening apparently, according to the polls.
4:09 am
we ran a cnn poll yesterday that showed that he is ticking up. one of the things people like, the republican-led tax cuts. yesterday, there was an event, apparently, politico reporter by the name of jake sherman, asked nancy pelosi about those now famous crumbs, the tax cut money people were able to keep. the sound bite she provided will be used in 1 million oppo ads coming up in november. here's nancy pelosi on if she's speaker, they are going to raise taxes. >> they have a new ad that they put out after you said you thought you were going to win the majority that says the title was all at stake. it said that you would like to institute a single pair healthcare program and cancel -- raise taxes, i think they mean roll back the tax cuts that they passed this year. is that -- what do you think of that? >> the second part there is accurate. [laughter] i do think that we should revisit a tax legislation in
4:10 am
the way that we always have in a bipartisan, transparent way. that the result is unifying for the country. pete: steve doocy also moan lights as political consultant. is he exactly right. roll tape. if you are a democrat, do you support nancy pelosi' idea we are going to raise your taxes, folks. ainsley: do you know anyone who wants that? even democrats? pete: can you voluntarily pay more taxes if you want to. ainsley: good point. all these wealthy democrats if they support what she says why don't they open up their wallets. pete: donate voluntarily to the irs if you want. steve: number like you were 40's. 47% of americans don't pay federal taxes anyway. ainsley: they don't care. steve: sounds good to us. pete: open borders and more taxes. sounds like a plan. ainsley: work really hard, the higher up you go the more money you make the more taxes you are going to pay. pete: of course. steve: trump who is not for open borders, doing
4:11 am
everything he can to secure things down south. pete: correct. steve: he wants you to keep more of your money in the form of a tax cut. and now that deal in iran, it's gone. pete: and maybe peace on the korean peninsula. barack obama said that was going to be the hardest problem to solve he dives right into. steve: news is mike pompeo is over there now. it sounds like according to south korean officials, when he returns to the united states on that airplane will be the three captive americans. ainsley: wouldn't that be wonderful? pete: that would be great. who knows how those americans have been treated. ainsley: i know. we saw otto warmbier. one is an american missionary. pastor over there. the other two teaching at a college there hopefully they will come home. pete: fingers crossed. steve: steve 7:11 now. and jillian joins us with results of yesterday's primaries. jillian: get you caught up on the stories we have been following for the couple hours here. four new challengers ready
4:12 am
to take capitol hill crucial primaries in four states. patrick morrisey topping former coal executive don blankenship and congressman evan jenkins. in indiana it was mike brawn getting the g.o.p. nod or messer. and renacci beat mike gibbons in the ohio primary. in the house races sitting congressman robert pittenger voted out in the primary. it was mark harris getting the nod there a federal prosecutor will now investigate the former new york attorney general accused of abusing women. eric sneiderman resigned hours after four women came forward in a new yorker report claiming he assaulted them. the democrat has been a vocal supporter of the me too movement. he denies the allegations. jerusalem now thanking president trump for recognizing it as the capital of israel. square near the new u.s. embassy will be named the united states square in honor of president trump.
4:13 am
ivanka trump and husband jared kushner will attend next week's embassy opening as part of a white house delegates. that's a look at your headlines. back to you. ainsley: pastor jeffress is going to give the invocation or the prayer. pete: see street signs come up it gets real. steve: something else the president promised when he was just a candidate. pete: two or three previous presidents promised it too but it didn't happen. ainsley: they didn't deliver. steve: cia director gina haspel will be on hot seat capitol hill for confirmation hearing. senator tom cotton has a bunch of questions. what does he want to hear her say? he is up next. pete: forget final exams, one is teaching students how to help illegal immigrants. excellent. extra credited. i bet tomi lahren has something to say about that. she joins us live coming up. ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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4:17 am
steve: fox news alert just a couple of hours from right now. cia director nominee gina haspel in the hot seat, expected to assure the senate, the cia interrogation program is over during her confirmation hearing later today. republican senator tom cotton sits on the senate intel committee.
4:18 am
worked with haspel during her time as deputy cia chief joins us right now from capitol hill to weigh in. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning, steve. the president, i think it was a day or two ago tweeted out she has been tough on terrorists. isn't that what we want? >> yeah, steve, if gina haspel being tough on terrorists is the worst thing the democrats have on her, that's not much of a case against her. this is a very distinguished career intelligence professional. she spent 33 years in the cia working against the soviet union and now russia. working against terrorists. 17 years ago, when we faced the worst attack on our soil in american history, she was a mid career officer and put her hand up and said i'm willing to go forward and do the tough jobs. and the agency leadership had the competence in her integrity and professionalism to entrust those jobs to her. steve: right. but, of course, they say, look, she ran the cia prison for a number of years and
4:19 am
that's very troubling. she was involved in the enhanced interrogation, which they refer to as torture. but, at the time, was considered completely legal. what are the democrats doing with her? >> well, steve, first off, i just say that in those years, 2001 to 2003 gina was a mid career intelligence officer. this is the situation we had just been faced we were feyed with an attack of 3,000 americans on our soil. the attorney general legally approved them. and the democratic director of the cia, george tenet supported them. he entrusted gina to help and n. that effort and she did her job. she did it well with honor and integrity and professionalism. now the congress has since made a different judgment several years ago, we passed a law that would prohibit some of the interrogation techniques that were used in those days. gina will say in her testimony, she said repeatedly she will follow the law and maintain the highest ethical standards at the cia. ultimately what this comes
4:20 am
down to is the democrats in the senate simply cannot accept the fact that donald trump is the president, because obama era intelligence officials like john brennan and jim clapper and leon panetta and michael morell all supports gina haspel's nomination. steve: main reason you say she is getting opposition on capitol hill from the democrats is simply because donald trump nominated her? >> i don't see how else you could explain it, steve. when john brennan and jim clapper, the director of the cia and director of national intelligence for barack obama don't just support gina but actively and openly advocate for her, on what possible grounds are the senate democrats opposing her? other than the fact that donald trump nominated her. steve: nod your head one way or the other, will she be approved by the senate? >> she will get a bipartisan vote by the senate intelligence committee. she will have a bipartisan vote by the senate. she will be the next cia director. steve: good to know. tom cotton, great senator from the state of arkansas. meanwhile, this is a fox
4:21 am
news alert. democrats slamming president trump's decision to tear up the iran deal. saying it defies comprehension. john bolton will join us live next.
4:22 am
(ch(baby crying)eat) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play-- (jet engine white noise) (airline "ding") (bell mnemonic)
4:23 am
mr. elliot, what's your wiwifi?ssword? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi.
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it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. steve: fox news alert. overnight iranian lawmakers burned u.s. flag in iranian parliament vowing to spend money on ballistic missile program. all in response to president trump's announcement pulling out of the nuke deal yesterday. ainsley: national security advisor john bolton joins us life from the white house good morning to you. congratulations on new post. >> thank you. ainsley: aside from they will burning the american flag and yelling death to
4:25 am
america, why was this decision so important. >> look, it's no surprise iran doesn't want to change anything in the existing iran nuclear deal, why should they? they got a wonderful deal from their perspective. in fact, their only regret, i don't think they didn't ask obama and kerry for more because they probably would have gotten it. that's why the president focused on why the deal was fundamentally flawed in his remarks yesterday. and because of that, it was not in america's strategic interest to enter the deal and not in our strategic interest to stay in the deal. we're out of it. we are going to reimpose sanctions to the maximum extent possible. we're going to work with our european allies. we are going to go after other objectionable aspects of iran's behavior and try to reduce this threat in the region and around the world. pete: sir, hav probably saw some of the reaction from democrats who think a little bit differently about what the deal -- the deal used to represent and what this move means now here is what a few democrats said yesterday. we are going to put it up on
4:26 am
screen. barack obama former president said it risks eroding america's credibility. nancy pelosi said it endangers global security and defies comprehension. john kerry's going behind this administration's back and talking tore countries says it breaks america's word. makes a nuclear iran more likely what do you say to these critics? >> 180 degrees wrong. this deal was giving iran cover to get to the objective for decades which was make nuclear weapons. it was conceived with the wrong view of consequences for the united states and iran. i mean, really, it rested on the notion if we could just resolve the nuclear problem, iran's behavior would change for the better. exactly the opposite has taken place. iran's behavior has gotten worse. it's been more belligerent, more supportive of terrorism as we can see from what they are doing right now in iraq and syria. steve: right now we have heard and we're not going to ask you to comment on it because i know you don't want to get in front of the
4:27 am
president, but mike pompeo is in north korea and it is expected he is going to be traveling back very shortly. could have some surprises there. but, sir, a number of democrats have said the message to north korea is you can't trust the united states. we had a deal with iran and they can't trust us and neither should the north koreans. what's your message to the democrats who are saying that? >> they are completely wrong. we had a rotten deal with iran. and just as george w. bush withdrew from the 1972 abm treaty because it was not in america's strategic interest. that's what the president has done here. i think it sends a very important message to north korea. we're not in these negotiations with them just to get a deal. we're going to get the right deal. and with respect to north korea, we're going to ask that they do what they agreed to do over 25 years ago. which is not only not pursue nuclear weapons but give up uranium enrichment and pollute reprocessing. the back end and the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle. that was the european position with respect to
4:28 am
iran back in the day. and that's what we ought to take a look at. sends a strong message to these nations. >> the samtions take effect immediately. there is no new business allowed under the terms prescribed for existing contracts they there are wind down provisions that come into effect and treasury department and others will be laying those out in more detail. obviously our sanctions have enormous effected on licenses already. if f. american companies can't use those licenses to sell to iran. neither is anybody else. we are going to be talking to the europeans. in fact, when i leaf here, i' --leave here i'm going to be doing a conference with britain, france and germany to work forward on. so ideas president macron of france has been talking about. we have a lot to do. we share the common objective. we don't want iran with nuclear weapons.
4:29 am
pete: as security advisor have you front row seat. the scrapping iran deal to the prospects of a sit down in north korea and then the moving of the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. what is it about, as have you watched this president, what is the trump doctrine? what is it about this approach that has created these opportunities and changes? >> well, i think the president follows the advice of harry truman and dean appearenson that he negotiates from positions of strength and not positions of weakness. he believes in peace through strength. when he says something, he carries through on it i think that's where the real credibility comes from. not from executing deals that don't accomplish what they're designed to. so, i think that's one reason he is very optimistic looking forward to the meeting with kim jong un. steve: mr. bolton, what do you say to democrats that are upset that the president pulled the plug on this, even though a number of them, including chuck schumer back a couple years ago voted against barack obama's iran nuke packet.
4:30 am
>> they were right the first time. it was a mistake when it was first agreed to and it hasn't aged well. steve: john bolton joining us on a very busy day at the white house. >> glad to be with you. ainsley: city council woman under fire for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance. this morning, she is not backing down. you are going to hear from her. pete: what does she pledge allegiance to then? >> while you were sleeping another california sitting voting to fight back against california's laws. tomi lahren lives on the west coast. her reaction next. ♪ ♪ when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing.
4:31 am
i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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4:33 am
>> you are hearing the voices of patriotic people that love their country. >> california has gone from
4:34 am
the golden state into a state of lawlessness. >> we are not talking about documentation we are talking about criminality. >> we are tired and fed up by the lawlessness of the democratic party. >> sanctuary cities are magnets for criminal aliens. >> come the right way. you are not entitled to be here. >> respect americans. this is america. [chanting u.s.a.] ainsley: that is in california, guys. pete: last night. ainsley: santa clarita outside of l.a. steve: january california became a sanctuary state and obviously the people of california aren't all on the same page, at least in that enclave just outside of los angeles. pete: that's right. city council members voted 5 to 0 last night to support the doj's lawsuit against that sanctuary state. steve: joining us right now west coast correspondent fox news contributor tomi lahren. tomi, what's going on with southern californians and their message to sacramento?
4:35 am
>> i tell you every week i'm on this show and every week i tell you californians are waking up and city by city, area by area, county by county we are seeing it make no mistake, california will not tolerate lawlessness anymore. and what you are seeing is the american people not taking this as a left vs. right issue but an issue of safety. but i will say. this this is a cautionary tale to the democrats. you, democrats, made this a left vs. right issue by choosing to uphold the illegal immigrants over american citizens. you caused this. and now what you are see something california saying, you know what? if the democratic party is standing up for illegal immigrants over the american people. i'm not so sure i support that party anymore. if it can happen in california, of all places it can happen anywhere and it will. ainsley: tomi, what do you think about this story? it started first at nyu. new york university very
4:36 am
liberal school and now at rutgers, they have this class where they are training the students ways to assess undocumented illegal immigrants. it's called the dream zone. they're teaching them pending legislation for daca students. they are teaching them the history of immigration in the united states and methods to check what people are saying about undocumented illegals on various social media sites. >> wouldn't it be nice if our institutions of higher education taught students about the rule of law and immigration law instead of how to break that law and how to reinforce lawlessness, line cutting and salutabsolute lunancy? look at this. we know that college campuses are the last bastion the left has this is their strong hold. they are moving further and further to the left. however, by doing this, as i said with california, they are only pushing people to center right. so when they continue to do this, they continue to coddle illegal immigrants and continue to lawlessness
4:37 am
all they are doing is helping our cause. the american people are going to wake up to this because this is utterly ridiculous. pete: speaking of that cause keith ellison the deputy chairman of the dnc. the number two guy, he was caught wearing this t-shirt at an event. that's spanish. i can't pronounce that. [speaking spanish] >> translates to i do not believe in borders cause pushed by open border groups. when the president says we want a wall. we believe in sovereignty in our nation. without borders you don't have a country, is he not fairly articulating the fact that the modern left led by our leadership doesn't believe in borders. >> of course, welcome as you said to the modern democratic party. and it's a party that will continue to lose. because of people like keith ellison who preach open borders. but i do have to give it to him and others on the left because finally they are showing their cards. they are saying we are not going to beat around the bush anymore. we are for open borders and
4:38 am
illegal immigrants. i hope the american people are taking note. american people. the democratic party in this country is telling you exactly what they stand for. and if that's not what you stand for, well, i guess that's not the party for you. pete: abolition of national borders. steve: making it very clear we had some primaries yesterday scattered across the northeast yesterday, tomi. it's very clear it will be to voters in november which party are you for? are you for the open borders, take back the crumbs party or the other party which you know exactly what they have done so far? >> it sounds like an easy choice for me, guys. i can't wait for election season to really gear up. ainsley: thank you so much. great to see. pete: take back your crumbs. you are teeing up. steve: will that fit up a hat. a red hat? pete: maybe. get it done.
4:39 am
steve: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. jillian: a russian oligarch denying that a firm is he tied to sent half a million dollars to the president's personal lawyer. the accusations from stormy daniels lawyer who claims victor vesselberg lewissed columbus nova to replenish michael cohen's bank account after he paid the adult film star to keep quiet. thomas nova calls the claims patently untrue. a spokesman tells fox news quote neither victor vehiclehas hadany contractual rp with mr. cohen or essential consultants. remains for six young girls who have been missing in michigan since the 1970s and 1980s, the fbi believes the bodies of 12-year-old kimberly king and others may
4:40 am
have been dumped there by convicted child murderer arthur rheem. is he already serving a life sentence for killing a 13-year-old girl whose body was found in the same area 10 years ago. a council woman in new york state is under fire for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance during a public meeting. residents want vanessa to step down. the proud democratic socialist tells fox news she refrained from saying the pledge, quote, not pause i don't respect the values this country stands for because it is because of our country's failure to truly uphold them. a california restaurant is sparking outrage over its anti-children policy. a sign outside the old fisherman's in monterey, california read no strollers, high chairs or booster cheers. children crying or making loud noises are not allow you had in the dining room. some customers despise this policy, the owner is unapologetic and says it is good for business. ainsley: they are allowed to
4:41 am
do it. steve: true, just won't be taking our kids there. pete: that's awesome. i'm going to mcdonald's again, kids. ainsley: some things they should do that on airplanes. kids in the back or no crying babies. let us know what you think about it. i happen to love kids. i think the more the merrier. pete: i totally agree. ainsley: wonder why you are sniffling and sneezing so much. steve: i think it has to do with the season and janice dean joins us right now. one resident in new jersey, janice we have got a sound bite. we're going to play for the folks at home. watch this. [beeping] pete: that is not gas pollen flying out of a tree when it is tapped. ainsley: this is what our back porch looks like. steve: cars will be joined.
4:42 am
janice dean joins us with the pollen forecast. janice: some kids are not going outside during recess because the pollen is so bad. i mean,. [sneeze] take a look at the maps. beautiful day despite the pollen u 63 in chicago. 50 in rapid city. 65 in corpus christi. showers for thunderstorms across the great lakes. good things with the showers and thunderstorms it cuts back on the pollen. so we'll enjoy that but the potential for large hail, maybe damaging winds and isolated tornado will be with us through the afternoon and the evening with a daytime evening watches and warnings in effect. holy moly hot across the southwest. breaks records in phoenix. 106 already. and we will see -- feel a little bit of relief as we head into saturday and sunday. still really hot. we can't complain here because look at phoenix. crazy. steve: no kidding.
4:43 am
janice: everybody into the pool. steve: exactly right that will soon be covered with pollen. all right. meanwhile, the first wave of primary races are in the books. live in washington next. ainsley: everyone makes the cheerleading team or no one does. that's what's happening in one town because one parent complained. larry bing get is fired up as can you imagine about this one. i can't wait to hear his opinion coming up ♪
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4:47 am
tremendous voter energy and excitement and all candidates are those who are a great chance of winning in november. the economy is so strong and with nancy pelosi wanting to end the big tax cuts and raise taxes. why wouldn't we win? ainsley: griff jenkins is live in washington with more. griff? >> good morning, guys. it was all eyes on west virginia, indiana, ohio and north carolina last night. three senate seats. one house race. a governorship up for grabs. we start in west virginia where controversy brewed around convicted excoal executive don blankenship. but state attorney general patrick morrisey topping congressman evan jenkins and blankenship who came in third after the president tweeted in the 11th hour that blankenship could not win in november. >> we all share the same conservative values and goals. and to all those democrats and independents out there as well, i'm going to work just as hard to represent you. you're going to have a senator that works for all west virginians.
4:48 am
>> moorsy squares off against democratic incumbent senator joe marchen. now to indiana where g.o.p. voters chose mike brawn todd rokita and luke messer. brawl with the democratic senator joe donnelly. and in ohio, jim renacci used his presidential endorsement to beat businessman mike gibbons setting up a showdown between renacci and sherrod bruin. then in north carolina's house rate robert pittenger voted out in a primary with pastor mark harris getting the nod. harris takes on democrat dan mccreedy. and state side in ohio senatorial race john kasich, mike dewine will face richard cordray in the attorney general's race. watch the senate races closely in that narrow 51-49 edge. there is a total of 35 senate seats up for grabs. 36 are democrat held. nine republican. which means democrats must
4:49 am
flip two seats without losing a single one of his 26. a tall order. steve: very thorough report, griff. thank you very much. pete: griff does his homework for sure. steve: the president has to feel good it was 36 hours ago he tweeted out in west virginia, republicans vote for anybody except don blankenship. ainsley: i know. steve: turns out don blankenship came in third. pete: we shall see. secretary of state mike pompeo on his way back to washington right now we're learning after a surprise surprise visit to north korea tonight. is he coming home with those three american hostages? steve: plus, everyone makes the cheerleading team or nobody does. that's what's happening in one jersey town because one jersey parent complained. larry winget, man is he fired up about this. he's next. ♪ put me, in coach ♪ i'm ready to play today
4:50 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: either everyone makes the cheerleading squad or no one does. that's the new rule coming out of a new jersey high school after a mother complained when her daughter didn't make the cut. this is not sitting well with other members of the squad. listen. >> i tried my hardest. and everything is going away all because of one child who did not make the team and their parent complained. so now all my hard work has been thrown out the window. pete: great point. what kind of message is this sending to the students? steve: and to everybody? here with reaction the pit
4:54 am
bull of personal development and author of the book "what's wrong with damn near everything" we call on larry winget. larry, this is so troubling on so many levels. where would you like to start? >> there are a lot of places to start. stuff like this is what's wrong with everything, i can tell you. look at the lessons from this situation, this ridiculousness. first of all, the school system is teaching parents that if you complain, if one momma says my sweet baby didn't make the cheerleading squad whether she deserved to or not, they will change school policy. now, is this going to move over to grades? you can't pass, you don't know anything, but we're going to complain and now you're gonna pass the class. or what about drivers license, you can't drive and ran into a car parked on the side of the road. that doesn't matter i'm going to whine and complain so my baby gets her drivers license whether she can drive or not. think about the lessons to the kids. you know, this girl that is
4:55 am
saying all my hard work is for nothing. she is exactly right. the lesson is that you have to work. you have to earn. you have to have merit in order to win. you don't complain and whine your way to success. pete: i think -- i put it in my own context of sports. every time you try out for a team, there is a varsity team and junior varsity city team. one last kid that makes the israelis city team and one kid that could have but he was on the jv. every one of those moments you say no, we are inclusive, everyone plays. what does that say about our culture? do we see an erosion of actual merit and achievement in this country? >> we absolutely do. think about how this would play in the business worlds? 25 people apply for a job and because the business doesn't want to hurt anybody's feelings, they either, like this school is doing, leave the job empty, which hurts the business, or they just say we're going to hire irving, which bankrupts the business and you end up
4:56 am
with 24 unqualified people. it's ridiculous. ainsley: larry, you are successful. you have written a book. you are on our show all the time. we look up to you is there something with in your life where you didn't make the team or didn't get the job? >> you know, all the success i have today in every area of life i learned because of failure. failure is where we learn. it's where we learn to get up, dust yourself off, try harder next time. do some analysis about what you didn't do right so you won't repeat that mistake. and i will guarantee you that everybody who has had any success will say the same thing. we don't learn from our successes. we learn from our failures. we learn from being told no. you're going to be told no a lot more than you are ever told yes. steve: larry winget who always said beat the heat and melt the sno snowflakes. larry, thank you for joining us live. >> good to be with you. steve: president trump withdrawing the united states from the iranian deal.
4:57 am
latest move to undo president obama's legacy. former education secretary bill bennett on that in the next hour. . . .
4:58 am
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5:00 am
>> i am announcing today, that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> we had a rotten deal with iran. it was not in america's strategic interests to enter the deal and it was not in our strategic interests to stay in the deal. steve: our secretary of state right now, mike pompeo is in north korea. they will set a time and a date for the presidential summit. pete: president trump's pick to lead the cia, gina haspel will be in the hot seat in front of congress for her confirmation hearing. >> the terrorists will be in greater danger because of her expertise then if they appoint a
5:01 am
political hack. ainsley: they take a stand against california sanctuary laws. >> this is cautionary tale for democrats. you chose to uphold illegal immigrants over american citizens. ♪ steve: did you know so many people in the control room right now are shopping online? [laughter] pete: they are kids. pay closer attending. steve: looked like a cart was open. pete is in for brian today. pete: great day to be here. steve: there is so much going on. that sound bite montage at the beginning told you how the president is working with the southern border and out in california there is a backlash
5:02 am
against sanctuary status. we learned we have record unemployment in this country. and now the president of the united states has a major victory regarding foreign policy. ainsley: that's right. he pulled out of the iran deal. it's incredible. he promised to do this on the campaign trail. yesterday at 2:00 he made the announcement saying we're no longer going to be a part of this because we don't trust iran. listen. >> the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. we will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction. america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail. we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction. and we will not allow a regime that chants death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth. as we exit the iran deal, we will be working with our allies
5:03 am
to find a real, comprehensive, and lasting solution to the iranian nuclear threat. pete: the favorite point he emphasizes that the initial deal was based on a fiction that iran was a good faith partner. we have image of burning american flag on the floor of parliament. they chant death to america continually. the biggest exporter of terrorism today. building ballistic missiles. ainsley: we give them $150 billion. that is what they used. pete: that is reaction to president trump's move. ainsley: that is parliament. >> inside of their as assembly. there is item up on axios. it says apparently it would drive the president nuts when rex tillerson would say, mr. president, i think we need to stay in this deal.
5:04 am
clearly he needed people who are on his team. now he has got them in the form of mike pompeo. we understand shortly will be wheels up from north korea. we don't know whether or not he did meet with kim jong-un. sounds like he comes back with the three hostages. he has mike pompeo on his team. he has got john bolton, who said without a doubt the united states of america had to get out of this deal and get out now. roll tape. >> this deal was giving iran cover to get to the objective it has been pursuing for decades which is deliverable nuclear weapons. this deal was badly-negotiated. it was conceived with the wrong view of its consequences for the united states and iran. really it rested on the knows we could just resolve the nuclear problem iran's behavior would change for the better. exactly the opposite has taken place. iran's behavior has gotten worse. steve: now going forward.
5:05 am
what european allies, mr. macron will do, try to get the other european allies together to see if they come up with some kind of plan b to get the united states back on board. right now the president made it very clear he is looking to do something, but clearly the sanctions immediately will snap back. pete: go ahead. ainsley: he said he will work with our allies, european allies, to eliminate iran's ballistic missile program, to stop terrorist activities worldwide and stop its menacing activity across the middle east and promise to reinstate the highest level of sanctions on iran. when you were looking at iranian deal as you said earlier we can't go in and inspect without giving them weeks worth of notice so they can clean it up. they say the nuclear program, they're not building nuclear weapons. do you trust them? they're burning the american flag. death to america. steve: they have a provision where they can self-inspect. pete: good. steve: grade your own paper. look, i got an a!
5:06 am
pete: this restores so much faith that the swamp can change, you can fight the establishment. this is why this guy was elected. think about not just the iran deal being scrapped. everybody said he won't do that, it is too risky, just like embassy move in jerusalem will happen later on in a couple of days. told it can't happen. violence will explode everywhere. here we are changing the emba i, the world isn't ending of the just like the iran deal you can start a new chapter to prevent them from getting iranian bomb. he gave the europeans an opportunity to fix it. they didn't do it. so he is pulling out of the deal. ainsley: a lot of democrats are hammering the president this morning. president obama who is the reason we're in this deal. he says quote, risks eroding america's credibility. nancy pelosi says, endangers global security, defies comprehension. john kerry says, break's america's word, even though going behind the back of our
5:07 am
president trying to negotiate. steve: one of the things that we heard donald trump out on the campaign trail talk about was, i can't believe what a stink bomb deal this was, where we gave iran $150 billion. pete: much of it in cash. steve: on pallets. what did they do with the cash? use it towards domestic iran? no, used it to gin up trouble throughout the middle east. stir up the pot. ainsley: spread terrorism. steve: here is a sound bite by a guy named robert bartlett, an iraq war vet, almost killed by one of those bombs. ainsley: he is fighting for the flag they were burning. listen to this. >> he began spreading more terror. the uprising, because the money wasn't going to them. try to spend some money to tie to fix something, buy them off, so they wouldn't build a weapon. thank you, mr. president, i really appreciate it. it is a great anniversary for
5:08 am
me. 13 years ago last thursday we got blown up. i was cut in half, left corner of the temple through my jaw. my gunner todd bishop lost his legs. my truck commander, god rest his soul, sergeant william brooks was killed instantly. and this new adventure of mine started. to do the right thing, to continue to try to protect the country. pete: sergeant bartlett, certainly salute you. i will say this. very important to point out. this was not a deal ratified by the u.s. senate. this was not one, he is not scrapping official u.s. policy. scrapping an executive action by the obama administration which they took unilaterally, which we can pull out of, which is the simple option they chose. steve: the reason it bass not an official treaty, it not at that time pass the u.s. senate. going forward they will try to fix it. ainsley: gina haspel if she is
5:09 am
confirmed she will be the first female director of the cia. it would be pretty incredible. she was been with the cia most of her career all of her career. pete: 35 years. ainsley: john brennan says she deserves it. a lot of democrats will not vote for her. pete: she is too hard on al qaeda. part of the 9/11 enhanced interrogation programs. we had one of the guys involved in that? dr. james mitchell? >> absolutely. pete: he helped interrogate khalid sheikh mohammed. steve: they both have different reasons but they both ultimately say, america need that woman. >> under her leadership the cia will be tough on terrorists. those terrorists who are still at large, still plotting to kill americans, still trying to destroy our way of life will be in greater danger because of her skill and expertise at the helm of the cia then if they appoint some political hack. >> gina haspel being tough on
5:10 am
terrorists is the worth thing democrats have on her that is not much of a case against her. john brennan, jim clapper, director of cia for national intelligence for barack obama, not just support gina, openly advocate for her. on what possible ground the senate democrats oppose her other than the fact donald trump nominated her? steve: she will say through the committee and pass. pete: democrats don't like her because she was too hard on al qaeda? >> no. they don't like her because she was nominated by donald trump. pete: corrected, right. there is always another layer. steve: trump derangement syndrome. ainsley: how do you think she feels? pete: she put her country first. do what is necessary to keep our country safe. should look the lawmakers in the eye and say i had to do to keep this country safe. steve: jillian medical lee will look us in the eye and give us
5:11 am
the news. jillian: let's get you caught up on the news. starting with senate races, in west virginia, state attorney general patrick morrissey gets the nod. in indiana, it was mike braun topping two sitting congressman, todd rokita and luke messer. jim renacci took the ohio senate primary. in ohio house races, sitting congressman robert pittenger was out and mark harris getting the nod. republican party had a great night he said, tremendous voter energy and all candidate have a great chance of winding in november. hawaii's governor calling for federal assistance. police go door-to-door telling people they have got to get out. >> wow. no way, dude.
5:12 am
jillian: lava spewing into this man's backyard feet from his home on the big island. take a look at this lava lake spitting and bubbling near the top of kilauea. three dozen structures have been destroyed. mover cracks could open up any moment. today president trump meets with military mothers and their so yous in honor of mother's day. they will join the president for celebrations at the white house. last year they had the performance by the army my chorus and marine band. steve: sunday is mother's day. pete: oh, my goodness, every one has a mother. steve: that's right. pete: you better do something about it. steve: meanwhile the media are bashing president trump non-stop but could the constant negative coverage be helping his approval ratings which are going up? molly hemingway with the discussion. pete: this veteran used to be homeless. he is one of the top va nurses in his state.
5:13 am
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♪ ainsley: despite his long list of accomplishments the mainstream media continues to bash president trump and his administration. pete: of course they do. the media research center tracks coverage, closely the media coverage, reveals in a new stud dishes 91% of major broadcast coverage of this president is negative. despite the media's hostile reporting, the president's poll numbers, look at bottom, citing another news network, they are actually climbing. ainsley: if you don't understand what that mean, it says his approval rating gone up. december it was 37%. end of april it was 43%. here to weigh in, senior editor at the federalist, fox news contributor mollie hemingway. >> great to be here. ainsley: why is approval rating going up so drastically? >> a few things. when everything is a problem, nothing is a problem. the media has been saying histrionic hysterical things about donald trump since he was
5:18 am
elected, before he was elected. it causes people to tune out. there is no distinguishing between things that might be a problem and things every one can tell aren't. it is also true what the media as think of negative can come off very positive. so when the media say, gosh this guy is abnormal, doing things the way you're not supposed to do them, they portray it as very negative thing. for a lot of americans sick and tired the way washington was doing things, learning he is not conventional, he is abnormal does not come off as negative intended by media. pete: don't you think they can see through it. 40% of the negative coverage is focused on controversies while 45% on actual policies. if you cut taxes, repeal the individual mandate and move embassy, joblessness at all-time lows, taking on the iran deal, doing things you should would you do where does all the negative come from?
5:19 am
>> people are interested in scandals. it is obvious to people what is really happening with a lot of media coverage is an treatment to relitigate the 2016 election. they hop from scandal to scandal. they break news that donald trump has moral failings, most people with a pulse have known since the 80's. things that really matter to people, like improvement in the economy are not covered as much as they should be. they haven't been covered as much as they should be for many years. the struggle of the economy that wasn't well-told during the obama years. even though it was deeply-felt by people. there is difference what people want to hear about, what they get 24/7 on many networks and newspapers. >> look at melania's approval ratings have gone up drastically since january. jimmy kimmel making fun of her. she speaks five languages. she handles herself beautifully. she is classy, aboveboard. do you think all the negative coverage of the president and first lady actually help them and that is why their approval
5:20 am
rating are going up? >> when people see unduly harsh coverage of a first lady, whether melania or anybody else, that tends to provoke sympathy. it is fascinating how little coverage we get of melania, compared to previous first lady, every time they wore a good dress it was major news, melania is pushed to the side by a lot of media coverage. pete: president tweeting about the negative coverage, asking the question, should we remove press credentials, what do you think about that? >> oh, the thing donald trump of all people should not want anything to change with the media coverage. he need as foil and gets it with the negative media coverage. it is bad for the media themselves that they are so oppositional, it makes people trust them less. their credibility is a problem. they need to work on it. ainsley: backfire. great to see you, mollie. pete: appreciate it. ainsley: president trump's
5:21 am
latest move to undue president obama's legacy. former education secretary bill bennett is up next. ♪ sometimes a cough gets in the way of a good night's sleep. that's when he needs vicks vaporub. proven cough medicine. with 8 hours of vapors. so he can sleep. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs.
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5:25 am
it would throw offenders behind bars 10 years. four states have similar "blue lives matter" laws on the book. 24 officers have been killed by gunfire this year alone. pete: steve, thank you. former president obama firing back as one of his signature achievements, the iran nuclear deal faces its demise. ainsley: in a statement president obama warns, the decision to put the jcpoa at risk without any iranian violation of the deal is a serious mistake. steve: shocking he would feel like that, but our next guest disagrees arguing we never should have made a deal with them in the first place. fox news contributor bill bennett joins you right now with the very latest. bill, this is number of things president trump is trying to undo from president obama. we have the paris accords. we have daca. we have as much of the affordable care act as he could do and now the nuke deal. pulled the plug on it. >> no, there is a lot going on.
5:26 am
donald trump is spending his time undoing this bad obama legacy. i want to focus on one of the quotes you all cited earlier which is john kerries. this is breaking america's word. it wasn't america's word. it was obama's word. we know that you know has deceived this country on a lot of things. it is interesting to go into this. why was it only obama's word? it was not passed by congress. it was not something legislated. why? there was widespread opposition. if you look what robert menendez, democrat of new jersey said. look at chuck schumer, democrat of new york said, they would have not voted for this bill. or not voted for it as a bit. now that donald trump has broken the deal or revoked the deal or canceled the deal, it is all wonder, it is a great thing. why aren't we abiding by it. that shows the bad faith. it was a terrible in the first place. anything that tells you can not inspect their sites, particularly their military
5:27 am
sites tells you they are not serious. plus this is about the most murderous regime in the world. they have killed more american soldiers with iranian weapons over there, and some iranian soldiers than almost anybody else. pete: have you seen anything like what former secretary john kerry, secretary of state john kerry did to try to undo what president trump did, going behind the backs of this administration, reaching out to foreign leaders to try to preserve the bill? imagine if that would have been the other way around with a republican? >> i wonder what mike flynn thinks about his running around over there doing this. steve: exactly. >> it is entirely inappropriate. he should be called on the carpet for it and should be embarrassed about it. the president is the president. he was duly-elected. he is undoing by pen what his predecessor did by pen. you know, when you talk about the assumption of presidential power, it works both ways.
5:28 am
he should come home and what is it he does on the water? pete: parasailing. >> sorry. parasailing i'm not up to that, i'm not up to that. ainsley: as a former secretary of education. we want to ask you about this next story. governor larry hogan in maryland, signing a bill for free college tuition at community colleges there. what is your reaction? >> i love larry hogan, surprise governor some in maryland called him. he is a great guy. i'm not so sure about this one. let me ask you a question. if you get a education at institute of higher education who should pay for it, you or the taxpayers. we have practice sub sy sizing education at public institutions that is okay but shouldn't you have a skin in the game. the legacy mows recently is bernie sanders. governor hogan need to be careful about that. when you have skin in the game,
5:29 am
paying a little more of it, you are more likely to take it seriously. look at community college graduation rate. three years, mostly two year institutions. three years of 20% of people enrolled graduated. five years up to 35%. that suggests not you should get rid of community colleges, but people who go need to focus on what they're doing and try to complete. i think when you're paying for part of it, you're more likely to be serious. and by the way, if community colleges are free, how far behind will the four-year colleges will be? that would be another big mistake. steve: no kidding. all right. bill bennett joining us today from down in north carolina. bill, thank you very much. good to see you. >> yes, sir. we're not down here in in north caroline. we're in north carolina. steve: thank you. another california community voting to fight back against the state's sanctuary law. will liberals get the message a lot of calfornians don't like
5:30 am
it? pete: looks like a real attack as ainsley's phone goes off. >> sorry. pete: storming a mall, carrying guns. wait until you find out what really happens. that looks dicey. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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steve: this is a fox news alert. in the last minute the president of the united states tweeted something out everybody will be excited to hear. ainsley: just wonderful. he says i am pleased to inform you that secretary of state mike pompeo is in the air and on his way back from north korea with the three wonderful gentlemen that every one is looking so forward to meeting. they seem to be in good health. also good meeting with kim jong-un, date and place set. pete: three huge pieces of news. three hostages held in
5:34 am
north korea released. we hear the time and date is set which we know. and also, they seem to be in good health. they met with kim jong-un. we know the secretary of state met with kim jong-un as well. steve: that is a little nebulous. there was a meeting with him, i don't know mike pompeo met with him. pete: good question. >> this will be a stupendous arrival at joint base andrews. it will take a day or so for him to fly back. but clearly if the news is they have sprung those three americans, they will appear, probably tomorrow, in the rose garden at which time i would imagine the president of the united states will announce the date and the place where he will meet with kim jong-un. ainsley: look at this, these three faces right there, those three american hostages are on their way back home. the pastor was sentenced to hard labor for 10 years. the others taught at university of science and technology there. they are charged with espionage. the government didn't trust them. thought that they were spying.
5:35 am
pete: remember what happened to otto warmbier, the tragedy that was that. people forced to hard labor are actually treated n this particular case i heard they were put out of hard labor early, so they could eat and look healthy and not emaciated. we'll see. ultimately this is back and forth where you see north korea give, give, and concede and give. this administration says, if you want to talk, if you want to survive, you better show us in good faith or some level of good faith you're in on this. then we will come to the table and potentially not have to -- ainsley: what is it that our president and mike pompeo are doing to convince kim jong-un to sit down and negotiate, sit down and talk, and to release these prisoners? steve: keep in mind, that image is of kim jong-un, and also mike pompeo over the easter weekend when they met. ainsley: april 1st. steve: just the fact that the secretary of state has had
5:36 am
direct contact with the leader of north korea, that is significant. usually some things are arranged by lower-level people but this was arranged at a high level. mr. pompeo made it abundantly clear. don't waste our time. if you're not talking about denuclearizing the korean peninsula, we'll not put you at a table across the president of the united states. for them to announce just within the lasts couple minutes that the three american captives have been released, you know, conventional wisdom was, well, maybe donald trump will sit down with him in the future. at that time, they would release the three americans. pete: yeah. steve: they have already released the three americans. one of the other things they do, essentially bake into the cake the fact they are going to meet, we'll know probably tomorrow when, there will be a big finish. it would have been -- pete: sure. steve: look, i have the three americans, sprung them. if they have already done that, looks like we could be well on our way to something --
5:37 am
pete: even bigger finish. ainsley, to your point what brings them to the table, what brings them to the table is fire and fury. what brings them to the table is bloody nose. what brings them to the table the belief in north korea that if they don't give up their nukes we will take military action and they sprung the hostages. >> another tweet posted one minute ago from our president. secretary pompeo and his guests will be landing at andrews air force base at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. i will be there to greet them. steve: at 2:00? can you tell the president means business? pete: absolutely. if you're playing games like you did during the iran deal, you don't give up anything but at last minute you give a lot. in this case north korea gave up a lot and we have learned the lessons of the iran deal which put us in a bad position. ainsley: we have to contact the media -- the hostages and
5:38 am
hopefully they will talk to the media. think how their families are feeling. steve: the release of three americans is not only thing. remember it was couple weeks ago north korea said we will not practice shooting off our missiles anymore. we'll stop doing whatever we're doing. pete: we agree with south korea. the war is over. ainsley: that image of him going over the dmz line, shaking hands with the president of south korea, those three individuals, right there on a plane with secretary of state mike pompeo and on their way back to america. steve: look what happened with the president of the united states, who as a candidate ripped up the iranian deal. the message to north korea is very clear. that is, look, we don't want a bad deal. we were saddled, america was saddled with a bad deal negotiated by barack obama's administration. we don't want something like that. if we talk about denuclearizing north korea. that is exactly what we want. that's what we want.
5:39 am
pete: exactly. we don't want a deal for deal's sake. we have seen that before. i don't want a legacy item. i want to secure the united states of america. if you're running a america first foreign policy and a rogue machine wants it use nukes or electromagnetic pulse and destroy the west coast you have to take that seriously and take them on. i wonder what the foreign policy intelligentsia, john kerries, barack obamas are saying today, as this new approach, this aggressive approach, brinksmanship, this strength approach force as movement, a change in something that has been intractable for 20 years? nothing changed on the korean peninsula. here we are, big moment. ainsley: how do you think the mainstream media will cover this, three americans coming home. pete: the left-wing media? probably not much. steve: here is how they will cover it, in stormy daniels news and also three americans are released. >> have her attorney on it.
5:40 am
steve: apparently one of the people on other channel suggested that donald trump ripped up the iran deal to deflect from his other legal problems. ainsley: sending a strong message to iran and north korea. looks like north korea listening. iran is burning the american flag. pete: twitter feed. you learn about these things in real time as opposed to news report that happen later on. steve: the fact he said, probably see it live 2:00 in the morning eastern time tonight, into tomorrow. and that will be the president of the united states out at joint base andrews. then i'm sure tomorrow during the day they will have a ceremony in the rose garden or the oval office. what a week the president has had. just last couple days it was announced we had record unemployment in this country. they're opening the new embassy in jerusalem very promptly. then you've got -- ainsley: iran deal.
5:41 am
steve: ripping that up. could the united states be on the verge ever something very peaceful with north korea? ainsley: what is promising about the tweet, he said they are in good health. we saw what happened with otto warmbier. we interviewed his parents and what it was like to go on the airplane and see their son, screams and yelling coming out of his mouth. his teeth were pulled out with pliers and put back in different places. steve: terrible. pete: historic time. these hostages are free. they will be landing tomorrow 2:00 a.m. you will have a busy morning. steve: we will. pete: more on the hostages and return on the other side of "fox & friends." steve: they're coming home. o. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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(burke) so we know how to cover almost anything.en almost everything even "close claws." (driver) so, we took your shortcut, which was a bad idea. [cougar growling] (passenger) what are you doing? (driver) i can't believe that worked. i dropped the keys. (burke) and we covered it. talk to farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. steve: ten minutes ago the president tweeted this -- ainsley: i am pleased to inform you that secretary of state mike pompeo is in the air on on his way back from north korea with
5:45 am
the three wonderful gentlemen that every one is looking so forward to meeting. they seem to be in good health. also good meeting with kim jong-un. date and place set. steve: he also in subsequent tweet said they will be landing at joint base andrews at 2:00 in the morning. here is the highlight. apparently he will have coffee or a coke. he says i will be there to greet them. very exciting. pete: very little sleep at 1600 this evening. here to react to this and other issues related to north korea, we'll bring in harry kazianas, center of national interest. harry, thanks for being on the phone. these three hose damages, when we would get them, let alone we would fet them, the secretary of state is flying back now after historic meeting with kim jong-un the president. what do you make of this? >> this is historic. this is clear evidence once
5:46 am
again, the president, no matter whether you're democrat, republican, independent, he promise this is consistently. we always knew going into negotiations with north korea it would always be a tough bargain. this president with the maximum pressure campaign, which essentially bankrupted the north koreans. we know through south korean press reports that north koreans are out of foreign exchange reserves by october. we know the pressure campaign is working. i think the north koreans understand that. they might be simply running out of time here. you can't build a lot of icbms, long rang nuclear weapons if you can't put food on the table. the north koreans realized this was right thing to do, buys them a lot of good international will and a negotiation over the nuclear weapons is coming. ainsley: why would americans go to north korea, knowing as dangerous as it is? why were the individual there? do you know specifics about why they were there? >> there is a lot of different things about their rumors and
5:47 am
buys. i don't think it is 100% clear. a lot of colleagues i know go there for missionary work to learn to know the north korean people. because we don't have diplomatic relations americans will be interested and go on vacation and build missionary work to build people, to people connection. in the hope things get better with north korea in the future there, is some sort of bonds to work on. i think that is a lot of reason why people go there. it is very dangerous. it can have big payoffs in the future. steve: speaking of bonds, harry, how about the bonds between our president, and the premier of china? he met with china and met with him. there is president xi right there and we weren't expecting that, the fact it happened 36 hours before these three americans were sprung on the, you know, in anticipation of the meeting between our president
5:48 am
and kim jong-un somewhere be the man from china is helping out a lot. >> he is and i think it is because he has no choice. remember the united states, a lot of people were told, you know, president trump can't put pressure on china. that the u.s.-china relationship is worth $600 billion plus in bilateral trade. there is no way trump could do that. well trump broke the mold. he put a lot of pressure on china, not just on trade, but on north korea as well because remember, the chinese have never enforced u.s. security council resolutions. we passed resolution after resolution. the chinese would implement them for a few months. as we all put our attention somewhere else the chinese back off. but tremendous as you pressure has been relentless. this is why we're seeing the changes we are, not just in north korea's behavior but also in china's behavior, willing to negotiate with us on trade. i think because of all of this, you have to consider trump for the nobel peace prize. back in december we were talking
5:49 am
about nuclear war on this channel. we're not talking about that anymore. pete: harry, the big news the iran deal, scrapping of it. critics and supporters say it has implications for north korea. how does it affect negotiations on going in north korea? >> simple. i think what the united states is going to do and what president trump is doing, he is taking that mex mum pressure strategy, which is old-fashioned containment we did during the russians during the cold war, applying these countries that have bad will not just to the united states but entire international community. trump is saying a message that the american people can get behind, if you do acts of terror, if you do bad things in the world, if you destablize countries you will be cut out international map of this planet. you will not be able to do trade or be able to make money. that is powerful statement. that is not regime change. that is not war. that is containing the problem. guess what? it works,. ainsley: harry, president said he would sit down with kim
5:50 am
jong-un. he knows the date, the time and location. that will be announced shortly. what do we expect the meeting will look like and what does it mean for the united states? >> a few things. my, 99% guess this will be right along the dme zoo on the south korean, north korean border. the optics of that are very strong. the tone for hundreds of thousands of soldiers on that border. it is the most militarized border on the planet. it tells everybody what the stakes are, that the meeting has to be a success. i think what mike pompeo did in north korea, he set the agenda for this meeting. he wanted to probably find out what north korea's bottom line is because the most important thing is, we need to know what kim jong-un wants for those nuclear weapons and i think mike pompeo has a good idea. steve: mike pompeo will land at 2:00 this morning. you will see it live here on fox news channel. harry, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks, guys. steve: you bet. because this is a fox news alert. our coverage continues, the
5:51 am
three american hostages have been freed. they are heading home. we will be right back with more in a moment. effortlessly comfortable... does your bed do that? i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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that violent crime went up 18% in san francisco. in la, mayor antonio villaraigosa put more police on the streets and cut violent crime in half. california's police chiefs trust antonio for governor.
5:53 am
5:54 am
oto balancendidate for governor the state budgetarties together while making record investments in local classrooms and creating new career training programs. antonio villaraigosa for governor. on their way home. pete: they're flying to the u.s. right now with secretary of state mike pompeo.
5:55 am
steve: kevin corke live at the white house as the president prepares to well them home 2:00 in the morning. reporter: he says he will be up. if you follow tweets several months, last couple years, he probably will be up. certainly will have a great reason to be up this time as the americans make their way back. show you the gentlemen we're talking about. we're talking about kim dong chul. tony kim. kim hack-song. they have been dedaned in north korea. i am pleased to inform you that secretary of state mike pompeo is in the air and on his way back from north korea with the three wonderful gentlemen that every one is looking so forward to meeting. they seem to be in good health. he goes on to add, good meeting with kim jong-un, date and place set. i want to share one more tweet as the president again talking about so much happening. he says secretary pompeo and his guest will land at andrews air
5:56 am
force base at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. i will be there to greet them. very exciting indeed. exciting development ahead of the president's planned conversations with the leader of the regime in pongyang. we talked at great length about what this might mean in terms of a good-faith effort. we'll have more coverage as we continue to reach out to senior administration officials. my colleague john roberts will be joining us shortly. it makes for very interesting start to the day, guys. back to you. pete: no kidding. steve: thanks to the mir kill of tweeting. pete: can't even do a whole show on scrapping the iran deal, things happening so fast. ainsley: he may be more excited about that. they're celebrating that now they're celebrating north korea. are you tired of winning? pete: never. steve: it is winning wednesday. we'll be right back. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty.
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>> the latest out of north korea. the americans are coming home. >> wonderful news. if you live in the charleston area i'll be there friday in
6:00 am
mount pleasant and barnes and nobel. come out and i can hug your necks and thank you for watching our show every day. >> the latest coming up next with hemmer. >> bill: so here we go. fox news alert if you're just joining us now the trip to north korea appears to be a major success. only moments ago president trump announcing the release of three americans. they had been detained in north korea, they're on an airplane headed back to the u.s. with the secretary of state mike pompeo. news is breaking now and unfolding as we come to you live now. mike pompeo, his second trip to north korea in a month. i'm biller live inside of "america's newsroom." sandra is off today. >> julie: let's do it again. >> bill: very interesting developments here. >> julie: absolutely huge, huge strides in north korea and i'm


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