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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 9, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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followed. and so that all has to be put into context when we're talking about those issues. >> thank you for joining us for our truncated hour today. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert as you've been watching fox news you know it has been a fluid situation in just the last few minutes. let's catch everybody up. the hearing by the way with gina haspel is closing remarks for the c.i.a. director confirmation. that will be wrapping up shortly. they're in the closing remarks and they'll break for a vote and go into a classified session and they will not be back as news is made on that, of course, we'll talk about it this hour for sure. keep watching for that. but we just heard from the president on north korea in specific. what we've learned today is that three american hostages are coming home with the new secretary of state mike pompeo. the president expected to meet their plane overnight at 2:00 a.m. eastern. 2:00 a.m. eastern overnight to meet those americans coming
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home. significantly what he just talked about was the fact that the decision now with meeting with kim jong-un of north korea has been made and will be announced within three days. he said the dmz is not the location. so we learned a lot from just a few moments with the president. we'll drill down on all of it and a very busy hour of "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today town hall editor and fox news contributor katie paf litsch. republican strategist and senior fellow lisa boothe. co-host of fox and friends ainsley earhardt author of the new book "the light within me." read it, people. joining us today co-host of after the bell on fox business network david asman. we say he is "outnumbered." but this is a huge news day. >> big news day. big, big news day. >> let's get to it. secretary of state mike pompeo is on his way back to the
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united states after a visit to north korea where he met with leader kim jong-un for 90 minutes and secured details for president trump's planned summit with him including the date and location. now secretary pompeo is coming home with three american prisoners. president trump had hinted this would happen and he tweeted today secretary pompeo and his guests will be landing at andrews air force base at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. i will be there to greet them. very exciting. greg palkot is in london with more. you have been reporting on these men for some time. >> i've been reporting on north korea for some time. usually it's a lot of bad angles but thank god this is one of those good news days. secretary of state mike pompeo and his plane and his staffers after refueling stop in japan heading back from a 13-hour visit to pyongyang. this is the second visit in just two months and yes, as you've been reporting, harris,
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three korean americans are on board. they've been held by north korea for many months. in one case years. kim dong khul was seized in 2015. kim hak-song taken last year. tony kim as he is known also taken last year. the great news, harris, is they are reported to be in good health. they walked by themselves to the plane leaving pyongyang. the family of tony kim released a statement a short while ago thanking all those who worked toward his return. thanking the president directly for engaging directly with north korea and also by the way thanking god. and yes, on the agenda also for secretary pompeo during this very busy visit, the upcoming planned summit involving president trump and kim jong-un. the secretary himself described his meeting with the north korean leader kim jong-un, his second meeting, by the way, with this man, a good lengthy conversation. another official said substantial progress had been made on the summit. this is amid a flurry of
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diplomatic activity in the past week we've seen kim jong-un meeting with chinese president xi at another summit. we just heard from president trump and some important information first the >> the date, we should know, maybe the end of this month, more likely next month and important information. he, the white house and now ruling out the dmz where we saw that summit involving kim jong-un and president moon ruling that out as a possibility. harris, the other leading candidate, which we have to look at is singapore. singapore with relations with north korea, a secure place to have a conference like this, good friend with the united states. a lot of venues for these meetings as well. looking hard at that. we are very happy. those three americans coming home. >> harris: david, the
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significance is what? >> singapore is a very, very tightly controlled country. some people call it a dictatorship. it has a family that's been involved in running it for a long time. they have elections, they have freedom of the press, sometimes they tap down on it. this is a country that is controlled, strong ally of the united states. it's very small, it's a nation city, essentially. >> with a relationship with north korea. >> exactly. they are open-minded in terms of trade practices. it's at the bottom of malaysia, right at the bottom tip. can i say one thing about otto warmbeer. they came home health "y" ity. this is in contrast to otto who died. that epitomizeses the nature of
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the regime and the naivety of previous negotiations. a lot of press reports, but didn't amount to any change. now we are seeing real possibility of changes with that brutal regime unlike we have never seen before. >> then the question begins, does this epitomizes the change in terms of the relationship we have with that country as well. all we know is they are coming home. we continue to have our hearts and prayers be with the family, obviously. i want to know if we can talk about it, katie, about the location. the dmz is taken off the table. >> katie: dmz may have been taken off the table for propaganda purposes. they don't want to put him next door. it's interesting to look at the timing of the release of the hostages, clearly this is a
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condition before the summit, meaning the white house probably told north koreans if you didn't release these three hostages, we'll have more conditions and may decide not to meet with you at all. singapore, we don't have our ambassador put there yet. i know katie was supposed get that post. when it comes to location, security is obviously a very important factor and the propaganda portion is something that's been considered. >> harris: as the word came down this morning, it was amazing to see how we learned about it and when this will take place. >> ainsley: there was word that this could happen. there were hints that the three were going to be released. in the middle of fox and friends we saw the president tweet that information. i was trying to find it on news sources. there were no articles. the only thing out was the president tweeted, these three were on a plane and coming home.
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we heard what they said about their son's treatment, ripping out his teeth with appliers, he sounded like an animal, they walked on to see their child, their son, to know that these fathers, we don't know much about them. but to know they are coming home, coming back to america, one of them, the pastor was sentenced to ten years hard labor, we know what that looks like. no matter if you are a democrat or republican, it's great for our country and wonderful going into that summit. little rocket man, he capitulated under pressure. >> lisa: i think that what we are seeing now is the trump administration has sent a strong message to north korea even with pulling out of the iran idea. what he's sending the message to kim jong-un, we are not going to sign another weak-kneed deal.
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this is a different administration. i made this point on the show. we are talking about missiles to syria, defeating isis, moving the embassy to jerusalem and israel now pulling out of the iran deal. we are not messing around. it's important that this new information regarding north korea coincides with the exact timing of pulling out of the iran deal as well. >> harris: you bring up a good point. when the president tweeted that out, he made us sensitive to the fact that americans are coming home. we may not have known too much detail and couldn't find the sourcing, but now we know. and so the release of kim hok-son, a professor arrested after a trip to a research farm. kim son-duk, trying to fly out.
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and held since 2015, got ten years hashed labor. as you learn about the details of their captivity, it will probably, i would say, david, you have been to that part of the world, commensurate with what on thes have gone through. the dates and length of time, so significant. but they are coming home. >> ainsley talked to the family. president trump, of course, also talked to the family. i think we all saw the president extraordinary moved by the experience of his interactions with the family. for those high-minded diplomats, many who failed miserably in their attempt to get north korea under control, lecturing president trump about being more sensitive to the issue when he said certain things about kim
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jong-un, that good cop, bad cop routine appears to have worked. nobody is more sensitive to what i was saying to what these families have gone through than president trump. he knows, he seems to know what it takes diplomatly to get the ball rolling. >> to that point, thank goodness mike pompeo was confirmed. he started these talks. that was a condition of the talks and a meeting with president trump and kim jong-un. also today, as gina haspel is before the senate intelligence committee, maybe they should be more sensitive to these picks and president trump has exercised good judgment with mike pompeo. >> he knows what goes on. he must know details that are more shocking than the details we know. >> harris: lack what hlook whatd
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him. he began the conversation about how close certain people around the world were close to nuclear power. >> he said he didn't want to be a part of the deal. that's done. then look at another rogue nation. there is going to be a summit where kim jong-un is going to sit down with the president of the united states, it's unbelievable. >> it's important to the hostages coming home, american hostages, this is a humanitarian situation. while we are worried about the nuclear weapons portion of this, which is number one priority for obvious reasons, we may see hard photos of what it's like in north korea and the people forced to live there who have not been able to leave. we have seen stories of refugees coming across going into china, being shot in the back. all the stories they have told
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and survived. we don't have pictures or intelligence of what goes on in those labor camps. depending on how this goes, the humanitarian side of this is important. there are things that are going to be painful and reality of what north korea does to his own people. >> not just democrats. remember bob corker said with regard to north korea, he's putting us on a path to world war iii. where is his aapology. i think one is owed to the president. >> harris: president trump is announcing the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. iran responding that it's prepared to continue spending on its ballistic missile program. so what's next. the public confirmation hearing wrapping up moments ago.
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it's president trump's choice for lead of the cia. they will go into a closed hearing and haspel will be confirmed. i have not talked to a democrat or republican who doesn't think that will happen. what did we hear from the senators and from haspel. stay close. man: i got scar tissue there.
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>> harris: confirmation hearings wrapping up. they will go behind closed doors. if she is confirmed as cia director, the spy agency will not start an interrogation program like the one used after september 11. >> my father is watching today. my parents gave me a strong moral compass. i support the higher, moral standard that this country has decided to hold itself to. i would never, ever take cia back to an interrogation program. first of all, cia follows the law. we followed the law then, we follow the law today. >> harris: haspel was asked if she would carry out a hypothetical order that she believes is immoral.
9:19 am
>> my moral compass is strong. i would not allow cia to undertake activity that i thought was immoral, even if it was technically legal. i would absolutely not permit it. >> harris: it seemed like a lot of the team of what democrats were asking were putting gina haspel in a position to condemn her fellow agents. you try to be above board and dot right thing. she seemed to be calm and collected. she served this country. you have democrats and
9:20 am
republicans who said they signed this letter of endorsement to the senate intel committee, they support her. 36 people, all chiefs, endorse her. the intel leaders endorse her. she's someone that can represent the cia. and i think that -- >> harris: one of the criticisms that democrats have taken on her, she hasn't asked the ci to declassify some of the information. >> it has been suggested to me by my team that if we tried to declassify some of my operational history, it would help my nomination. i said that we could not do that. i could not stand before the cia if i sought for short-term game to declassify my operational history. >> harris: she's saying i'm not going to put my information on
9:21 am
the table that would put at risk the rest of the agents i worked for. >> that's what she has said all along, i do my job, follow my orders. i think this is an important point. at the beginning in her opening testimony, it was smart to talk about her background. i'm a middle class american, what the democrats are trying to do is demonize her, paint her as this monster. it's important for her to humanize herself and add that element to her open testimony. the strongest case that they make is the hypocrisy is someone like john brennan was able to get confirmed 63-34 and 12-3 on the committee when he was also involved in this. >> in a very different way. he was fourth in command in the chain of command. and you talk about speaking
9:22 am
truth to power, he was in a higher seat to do that and he got confirmed. i wanted to bring this up, there's been this the only reason the democrats want to ask questions is put her in the defensive, it's an opportunity. we saw something with senator dianne feinstein who did not get the confirmation. she said i like you personally, i'm asking these questions to drill down on the answers. here's the opportunity it gave gina haspel. some of the things have been misreported. it has been fact checked and corrected. did she have knowledge of the destruction. >> by the way, somebody who did support the interrogation operation said it was effective. it was an effective method of
9:23 am
stopping future attacks. whereas john brennan waltzed through the process. >> he may not describe it. >> mike morel, the director, the issue of whether she had anything to do with destroying those tapes, he said ms. haspel did not destroy the tapes, she did not oversee the destruction and she did not order the destruction. for those who say she was involved, by the way, he's very much anti-trump, yet support her. >> harris: the thing that i think is different from most hearings, this is very personal for a lot of people. it's about national security, about the safety of americans here at home. one of the most impactful sections of the hearing was when gina haspel was talking about the sacrifices cia agents make.
9:24 am
she talked about a colleague who had her third baby and went to afghanistan and killed in a suicide attack. >> she talks about marriages put on hold, trying to start families after 9/11 that were put on hold. >> she would not doing this enhanced process today. she was following the rules, it did lead to ksn. we found bin laden's courier. it's going to be different. they aren't going to have this enhanced interrogation. water boarding is controversial. she seems to be remorseful. >> on the day she arrived from a foreign assignment on 9/11. that was her first day back in the country.
9:25 am
>> she has more experience than anybody who has ever been nominated. >> or anybody on this committee. >> harris: president trump pulled the united states out of the iran deal. what happens next. former president obama blasting him for blowing up the deal. he puts americans at risk. does he have a point?
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>> harris: new fallout from president trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. the president saying the u.s. will institute the highest level of economic sanctions on iran and that any business which offers iran help could also be punished. this is the leaders of britain, germany and france vow to keep the agreement in tact. together we emphasize our
9:30 am
commitment. this agreement remains important for our shared security, end quote. all this as iran is saying it will continue its ballistic missile program, a big bone of contention with the west and the ayatollah is hinting at stepping up his country's nuclear program. national security adviser john bolton on what happens next. >> the sanctions take effect immediately. so there is no new business allowed under the terms prescribed for existing contracts, there are wind-down provisions and we'll lay those out in detail. our sangs have enormous effect on europe already. licenses of american technology, if american companies can't use those licenses to sell to iran, neither can anybody else. we share the common objective, we don't want iran with nuclear weapons. >> harris: from the business network, it's important to get
9:31 am
you on this david, you have the perspective on what these countries are doing. i had read german companies, something to the tune of $5 billion with iran. >> it's huge. airbus, which sells a lot of equipment, not only new planes, but spare parts of planes to iran. 10% of everything they make comes from the united states. so there is a direct connection there. we could say if 10% of what you sell to iran comes from us, we are going to have sanctions against you. it's the secondary sanctions. that's what john bolton was saying. not so much against u.s. companies, but european companies that deal with iran. in what way will that screw up world trade. it's going to be interesting. they didn't spell it out clearly in the memorandum. >> harris: at least it's in there. >> they want to negotiation over the next several months with the europeans to figure out. >> harris: in that 90 day window.
9:32 am
the reason i say at least it's in there, we don't know what were in those side deals. there could be business language. we don't know for sure. some on capitol hill do know. >> boeing is looking for the 20 billion. they are not going to get it. but they weren't banking on that but they knew there could be complications. >> harris: ainsley, iran was going to cut its own deal with some of those european nations, germany, france leadership here with this. >> ainsley: they want america to be a part of this deal. they want our money and protection and our force behind them and their decisions. but this president ran on doing what's best for america. he doesn't care how it affects france or the u.k. he wants it to benefit america. he's saying this deal was bogus. we weren't allowed to send our
9:33 am
inspectors into iran without giving them 30 days notice. they were lying to us. and netanyahu proved that to us with those images. >> harris: can we talk about the politics of this. i caught a statement from knit t romney. he was saying it was a nonstarter for him. >> ainsley: it's important to remember that sanctions are what brought iran to the negotiating table in the first place. the reality is we are going to -- clearly iran wants to be a nuclear power. we are going to deal with that ten years down the road, given them access to the international financial system or deal with it now. the obama administration falsely thought iran would temper their ambitions, temper their behavior because of this deal. all you have to do is look at
9:34 am
syria, iraq, lebanon, that's not the case. it's time to get tough with sanctions. >> we saw the exact same response to pulling out of the deal that we saw getting into it, death to america. that's the language. >> burning american flags. well, they are burning american flags, saying death to america. they are going to invest more money in the ballistic missile program which proves the point that all of the money we gave them didn't go to the people, which is why they are out protesting, they are going to put themselves in a position where the economy continues to fail. the economy in iran is worse than venezuela. >> wow! >> we know iran is in a bad spot. the politics here at home, it's interesting to watch chuck schumer condemn the president when he was one of four democrats against the iran deal from the beginning. republicans were against the iran deal. this was voted on not as a
9:35 am
treaty, but there was a vote about whether to approve or disprove of the deal. and majority congress voted against it. so that this is any different than what congress asked for is absurd. >> also the same thing with moving the embassy to jerusalem. how many people voted for that and came out against president trump making the announcement. >> one other thing that iran has been doing we have to focus on, they are taking over parts of the middle east. they completed through hezbollah, the takeover of lebanon, very much involved in syria, involved in iraq. they may take over iraq as well. >> harris: what's so interesting is it will take everybody on board on the same page. i had a democrat out of maryland who is speaking to the issue you are talking about, katie. as we go forward in this 90 day window, it's going to take everybody coming forth. you can't bash what you like,
9:36 am
what you don't like. ben got on the record with that. there are certain things, i voted against it. now i got step up and make sure that conversation includes some of the things that were broken about it. the president, we showed you inside that cabinet meeting he was about to enter. we got comment ahead of that on what will happen to iran if they threaten us. watch. >> i don't think they should do that. i would advise iran not to start their nuclear program. i would advise them strongly. if they do, there will be very severe consequence. >> harris: i use the word threaten us, why would you need a nuclear program. you are going to threaten your neighbors, they are doubling down -- >> they are threatening neighbors. >> harris: they will go through the 70th anniversary as a state next week. the u.s. embassy moving to jerusalem. >> to bring it back home,
9:37 am
people, united states senators, particularly the democrats and republicans have to separate their personal dislike for donald trump and the effects he's having in diplomacy, whether talking north korea or iran. the effects are what people have to focus on. >> it's unamerican for chuck schumer to support one thing at one point and not any more because of the president. imagine what our world would look like with iran having access to nuclear weapons. they would kill americans in iraq. >> harris: they would sell them. >> they have to start over. >> harris: we live in a country where everybody can say what they think and how they feel. the point with ben, it's okay to think oppositionally, now we got to get together, what can we shore up about what needs fixing. not all democrats feel the same
9:38 am
way, he says. last word? >> i think, unfortunately, those are the times we are living in in this country. we can look at examples with the trump administration, now just because it's the trump or trump nominee with gina haspel, having supported john brennan, having been involved higher up, and now it's disqualifying. >> you are free to say. somebody should say to john kerry, stop talking. >> very bad negotiator. >> harris: the votes are tallied and president trump is reacting. what he's saying about last night's g.o.p.'s primary and his clout with the voters. stay close. since my stroke, he hasn't left my side.
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>> harris: president trump touting the results of last night's g.o.p. primaries as republican looks to increase majority in the senate. the president tweeting, quote, the republican party had a great night. tremendous excitement and those candidates have a chance of winning in november. with nancy pelosi wanting to raise tax cuts, why wouldn't we win. in west virginia patrick morsi secured the nomination. while don blankenship came in third. president trump urged voters not to support him over concerns he could not win a general election. so lisa, to you, how did last night go for republicans?
9:44 am
>> lisa: it was a phenomenal night for republicans. now you have three candidates that can win in a general election in three states. they have a chance of flipping west virginia, ohio. it'it's good blankenship didn't win. and in ohio, running for senate, it's a best case scenario. i don't know if anybody saw mitch mcconnell's tweet to blankenship. >> in west virginia they were saying it was a win for the g.o.p. establishment. >> it was a win for everyone. >> the candidates the most supportive of trump. the power that this president has, i remember democrats who put president trump on the stage with him and wanted his
9:45 am
endorsement. for him to tweet out don't vote for blankenship and some showed that he was ahead by up to 5 points. so the power that the president has tweeting out that the three prisoners were coming home. it's a completely different animal. >> the difference is with obama, he had the full support of the media. the media has almost -- we'll talk about it later, blanket the stain for donald trump. this is a huge experiment by the republican party to go directly against the established order. >> that's why he goes to twitter. >> with blankenship, it wasn't about him trying to be like trump, he spent a year in jail. he would be a weak candidate. you want a candidate that could win. >> you talk about the power or mojo of the president in these election situations, let's go back, it didn't apply across the
9:46 am
board. you had a troubled candidate in blankenship. the president basically wised up to the point that, you know, you don't even have to pick between the ag and, you know, his opposition. you just have to not vote for that troubled candidate. that puts his power in a different position. he's looking down road and not just at that one local. all politics is local. the president isn't seeing it that way based on his actions. he's looking down road and saying we got to protect the balance in the senate. not just about alabama. >> there are questions whether the president should get involved in primaries at all. yesterday worked out for him. what should he do going forward? >> stay out of primaries. west virginia was alarming. there were polls that weren't solid polls saying that blankenship was up 2. that was worrisome. >> look, joe is not going away.
9:47 am
>> the reason why you need such strong candidates, we are not going to know until september what the landscape looks like for them to determine elections. joe mansion is a strong candidate. you have to have someone just as strong to run against him. >> one thing we do know, the wall street journal had a big piece, there are as many job seekers in the united states as there are job availabilities, that's full unemployment. never in my lifetime have we genuine full employment. that's extraordinary. if we focus just on the economy, i think it's a much better situation for republicans. >> harris: the president knows that. >> he does. november inches closer. we'll cover all of that. a new study finds that the media is still against trump.
9:48 am
could it backfire? we'll debate.
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>> new questions whether president trump is getting fair treatment from the big three television networks, a new survey from the conservative media research center finds 90% of negative analysis on trump in broadcasts in all of their coverage during the first four months of the year. that's identical from last year, too. the study found the russia probe dominated the coverage of the president and his administration. so let's talk about this. if it doesn't have, david, stormy in the headlines or doesn't have russia, it's not part of the news it seems. >> you got to drill down and name names. on sunday i was watching one of
9:53 am
the talk shows, abc, george steph indianapolis, he used to attack critics of president clinton who called him out for some of his lies. he used to be his attack dog. and she was criticizing this president for lying. find somebody at cnn or msnbc, i don't think you are going to find them. they called president trump a liar on air. you don't have that diversity of opinion elsewhere. i don't mean to toot our horn, but you have a diversity of ideas you don't get elsewhere. >> do you think this is going to backfire? >> harris: i think the president has the most interesting relationship with media in this country. backfire, you mean for a second, for a day, i mean, he can tweet and set the agenda at any
9:54 am
moment. look at what he's done. i'm going to be up at 2:00 a.m. i want to see what happens when the hostages come home. he has that ability. they live with each other. the president needs the media and media needs the president. the president was responding to this. this was interesting to note. the fake news is working overtime, just reported that the tremendous success with the economy and all things else, 91% of the network news about me is negative, fake. why do we work so hard when it is corrupt, take away credentials? katie, what do you think about that? >> katie: i agree majority is negative, it's not always fake. the media has had a lot of problems getting things correct. i don't believe in taking credentials away. the first amendment is important. if they can do it to one group they don't like, they can do it
9:55 am
to anybody else. i don't agree with that. the diversity point is key. look at the white house press corps. they do a survey and only 7% of journalists who are part of the white house correspondents association identify as republicans. that's on par with the 90% of negative coverage. it's a biased issue. everyone has a bias and leaks into their coverage. >> absolutely. >> the coverage hasn't worked. we have seen an uptick in approval ratings. the majority of americans believe the mueller investigation is politically motivating. they see these other things, the economy, isis, north korea wanting to come to the table. they have able to see through this bias. >> melania trump, she's
9:56 am
improving with her rating. more coverage in a minute. so stay with us. . ♪ most people come to la with big dreams. ♪ we came with big appetites. with expedia, you could book a flight, hotel, car, and activity all in one place. ♪
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to mount pleasant and i'll be at the barns noble. >> go see her. now to "outnumbered overtime" with harris faulkner. >> harris: a big diplomatic win for president trump. let's go "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. secretary of state mike pompeo on the way back to the united states with three american prisoners who have been held in north korea. the president tweeted the big news this morning saying the men are in good health and he will greet them when their plane lands at andrew air force base at 2:00 in the morning. president says secretary of state pompeo had a good meeting with kim jong un and that he will announce the location and the date of the upcoming summit in the next three days. watch. >> where is the summit going to take place? >> president trump: we'll announce that within three days. we are working arrangements. >> will it be at the d.m.z.? >>


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