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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 9, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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beautiful square. >> it's the largest. >> these people are mocking our president. >> we are just joining in. while that was fun, thanks for the birthday cake everyone. special report is up next. hey, bret. i don't have anything funny. >> bret: president trump prepares to welcome home three prisoners held in north korea. iranian lawmakers burned the u.s. flag enchanted death to america after the decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal. and the president's pick to run the cia said she will never restart enhanced interrogations. this is special report. >> bret: welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. president trump is right now so bring a foreign policy when, setting the table, table for what he hopes will be an even
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bigger one. three americans detained in north korea are on their way home tonight and they are returning with secretary of state mike pompeo who's surprised trip to meet with kim jong un has also produced a specific date and place for his summit with the american leader. rich is starting us from the state department. >> secretary of state mike pompeo is returning from the united states with much more of the summit between president trump and kim jong un planned. he's also returning with three previously imprisoned americans. secretary of state pompeo spent 90 minutes meeting with kim jong un. when he arrived, the reporters traveling with him and asked if he had secured the three detained americans. the secretary crossed a fingers. then a north korean official arrived and informed the americans were free. >> president trump: i appreciate him allowing them to go. >> they have finally left
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north korea and secretary pompeo says they appeared to be in good health. north korea arrested two of the men last year and the other in 2015. i a u.s. official said it a government official said it was a hard decision to release the americans and they should be careful maybe to make the same mistake. we are very fortunate and lucky that this gentleman is coming back to the united states. i understand healthy and in good shape. >> pompeo said he spent about 13 hours in north korea, describing it as productive. they said they could extend it to a second day. despite expressing his demilitarized zone between north and south korea, president trump said the meeting is somewhere else and he will announce the location and date in the next three days. >> president trump: we picked
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a time and a place for the meeting, or summit as you like to call it, and i think it will be very successful. but as i always say, who knows. >> north korea in the u.s. have more details to work out. they will meet again in person to finalize the details with the summit. while at lunch, a senior north korean official proposed a toast same, it is our power to concentrate all efforts into economic progress in our country. this is not the result of sanctions that have been imposed from outside. the white house maintains a u.s.-led sanctions pressure brought north korea to negotiate. they are expected to arrive in the washington area sometime after midnight. president trump says he plans to be there when they do. as they left pyangyoung, secretary pompeo said he informed of the three americans that they had finally left north korea.
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pompeo said they were thrilled. >> i can only imagine. rich, thank you. the presidents pick to run the cia spent more time talking about a controversial program from the past than her vision for the future during today's confirmation hearing up on the hill. chief intelligence officer was there. >> the first woman nominated to lead the cia said the controversial post 9/11 interrogation program that critics call torture is a thing of the past. >> i moral compass is strong and i would not allow the cia to undertake activities that i thought was immoral, even if it was technically legal. >> reporter: democrats reportedly pressed undercover, under her role destruction desf videotapes. >> are you and advocate for destroying the tapes? >> i absolutely was an advocate,
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if we could within the law and get policy concurrent to illuminate the security risk posed to our officers by the states. >> she said her supervisor made the call. >> mr. rodriguez who is the deputy of operations made it clear that he and he alone made the decision to destroy the tapes. haspell said multiple reviews found there was no reason to keep the videos because the interrogations were transcribed and were official records. some democrats were not satisfied. >> do you think that a transcript that said the detainee continued to scream, for the detainee appeared to be drowning has the same gravity, the same reality is an actual video? >> for three years the videotape issue lingered. haspell says cia officers were visible and at risk. >> there was a risk of air officers being leaked to the world.
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>> the session was interrupted several times as democrats pressed for more information. >> i would like to have on the record whether you ever called for the program to be continued, which it sure sounds to me like your answer suggested. >> after 9/11, i didn't look to go sit on the switch desk. i stepped up, i was not on the sidelines. i was on the front lines in the cold war and i was in the front lines in the fight against al qaeda. >> president obama's director john brennan was the manager when the interrogation program was implanted and still got confirmed the strong support from democrats. by contrast, haspell was a more junior authority. >> you and the president are being held to a double standard. >> if you have been nominated by president obama or if hillary clinton had wanted to nominate you as a cia director, how many votes do you think you would have gotten? >> joe manchin confirmed to fox news that he would now vote
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for haspell. republicans wanting to vote on the floor the week of may 20, before the memorial day recess. >> bret: catherine, thank you. the president is taking a victory lap of sorts over the north korea news, and he has a new dire warning for iran. chief white house correspondent john roberts has all of that from the north lawn. >> the release of the three americans detained in north korea was a goodwill gesture that has really turned into a major confidence building step, one that appears to have only enhanced president trump's optimism about what comes next. it's >> meeting with his cabinet today, president trump raised the release of the three american detainees of from north korea saying it bodes well for his upcoming summit with kim jong un. >> i think this is something that nobody thought would have been for years or more. and i really believe it's going to be a great thing for north korea, a great thing for
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south korea and japan. >> with a time and place for meeting set, and our announcement of where and when will be made within three days. but he has given up on his idea of having it at pete's house in the dmz. >> will it be dmz? >> it will not be. >> asked today if he deserves the nobel prize for his work to bring kim to the table, president trump deferred. >> everyone think so but, i wouldn't have a say. you know what i want to do, i want to get it finished. the prize i want is a victory for the world. >> for president remains optimistic that the summit will happen with caution that it would be derailed. president trump also and sent another warning to iran today. if you restart your nuclear program, you do so at your own peril. >> i would advise iran not to start their nuclear program. i would advise that very strongly. if they do, there will be very
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severe consequence. >> iran's ayatollah hominy indicated that they may start the program. the ayatollah told president trump on twitter saying, u.s. presidents shallow and ludicrous behavior isn't unexpected. the iranian government -- and new to the elements in the michael cohen case today. the treasury departments have started an investigation into how the shell company and essential consultants became public. the attorney for stormy daniels posted a lengthy document online detailing payments to them. among them, from at&t at the time it was looking for a government proposal. $500,000 from columbus nova, a firm with ties to russian oligarch victor rex oberg, and
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$1.2 million from novartis pharmaceuticals. in a statement, novartis acknowledged a year-long contract with michael cohen at $100,000 per month. at&t is that it contracted: to provide insights into understanding the new administration. columbus nova acknowledged payments but insisted today that victor rex oberg used nova as a conduit to payments for michael: as false. >> as to where and when president trump might meet with kim jong un, with a caveat the whole thing might change or fall apart altogether, the planning is being made right now by the white house for singapore in early june. there are a number of reasons why the bnc wouldn't work, one of them being the thousands of journalists that are expected to attend the summit. >> bret: more on all this with brit hume and the panel later. the administration is working on
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a replacement for the nuclear policy for iran. tonight gillian turner tells us what that might look like. >> we are going to make either a really good deal for the world or we won't make a deal at all. speak of the day after president trump's decision to pull out of the nuclear deal, his administration already deep in the weeds. they will remedy the mistakes made by the obama team. >> i think we now have the opportunity to move forward to address the shortcomings and make it more compelling. so that effort is underway already with secretary of state, secretary of treasury and others working the issue. >> former vice president biden said talk of a better deal is an illusion, and many obama national security officials agree. >> there were very difficult choices that all sides had to make. we felt like we had maximum pressure and we use that to push the iranians as far as they could go. it was absolutely painstaking
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diplomacy. >> senior administration officials say their priority for the new trump deal will be holding iran accountable for all of its bad behaviors, to include its ballistic missile program. support for regional terror groups like hezbollah, hamas, and al qaeda, threats against israel, cyber attacks against the u.s. and allies, and egregious human rights abuses including taking foreigners hostage. the white house is allowing european countries who do business with iran a grace period of three months to shut down their operations. >> the sanctions take effect immediately and so there is no new business allowed under the terms that are provided for existing contracts. there are wind down provisions that come into effect, but obviously our sanctions have an enormous effect on europe already. >> but a stark warning from the white house that those who fail to wind down by the end of the period will risk severe consequence is. >> president trump's newly confirmed ambassador to germany already announced german companies doing business with
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iran should begin the process of shuttering those operations immediately. one of the largest trading partners and a business sector will suffer the most from re-impose sanctions. >> bret: house intelligence committee devin nunes and house oversight chairman craig gaudi have been invited to the justice department tomorrow for a classified briefing about nunez's latest request for classified information related to the russian investigation. sources tell fox news this is a direct result of a meeting at the white house to stay between deputy attorney general robert rosenstein, his deputy, ed o'callaghan, and white house chief of staff, john kelly. yemen shiite rebels fired ballistic missiles of the saudi capital today. the saudi military is at its air defense sources intercepted weapons. they have shot back several times since 2,013.
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back here in the u.s., at american election headquarters, republicans breathe a sigh of relief in west virginia. the administration's effort to block a republican senate candidate in that state succeeded last night. correspondent peter doocy has that story and a round up of the evening's other elections from west virginia. >> reporter: the so-called swamp was nearly swept last night. >> i was taught my whole life, no excuses. >> electorates denied three members of congress, their bids for office and one republican number that champ to run for reelection. but mitch mcconnell is happy because west virginia don blankenship, the candidate is alice sure couldn't win in november who coined the name it, cocaine mitch, came in third. the majority winner loaded with a parody of the show narco's. >> i'm glad the people of west virginia decided that tickler approach of attacking me
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and my family was good for a distant third place. >> but mcconnell isn't the one west virginia's winner is thinking. >> mr. president, if you are watching right now, let me tell you, your tweet was huge. >> it wasn't huge for house members. congressman evan jenkins was a runner-up for west virginia, and congressman luca metzler and todd were killed were casualties in indiana where a lesser-known businessman, micron, will challenge incumbent senator joe connelly with a campaign modeled on president trump's. >> when i sign. i feel back in 16, i thought, maybe we can get more of us in the senate. >> a trump like congress was helping the only g.o.p. house member to advance and he now faces democratic senator sherrod brown. >> make ohio first again and make america great ahead.
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>> richard cordray, and a favorite of senator elizabeth warren easily beat dennis kucinich for a chance to succeed john kasich. >> you demanded a change and we heard you, we want the same. speak out with the exception of california's upcoming primary where dianne feinstein failed to secure her party's endorsement in an aggressive challenge from state senator kevin de leon, the field is mostly set, so they are preserving resources to base a roster of republicans still being filled in. >> every candidate that we wanted, one. >> republican candidates had been competing to be most like trump. now they are competing for spots on his calendar and they all think a trump rally in a state that he won would help send them to washington. >> bret: we will get brit hume's perspective on all of tonight's top stories when we come back. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight.
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fox 26 in houston has an oil fire sparked by a transformer explosion that reignited slicks this morning at the centerpoint energy facility in texas city. an explosion happened late tuesday afternoon at the plant. texas city officials tweeted this morning that verse first responders had arrived at the scene. california energy commissioners vote to require solar panels on new homes and at low rise apartment buildings built after 2020. it's the first such mandate nationwide and california's latest step to aggressively curb greenhouse gas emissions there. and this is a live look at denver from our affiliate fox 31. one of the big stories there tonight, a delta airlines flight with 153 people on board was evacuated last night after passengers reported smoke in the cabin. firefighters greeted flight 1584 from detroit after it landed at denver international airport shortly after eight. delta says some passengers might have suffered minor injuries, including from smoke inhalation.
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no other details as of yet. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we will be right back and sometimes i don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition i'm missing. boost high protein now has 33% more protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. and it has a guaranteed great taste. man: boost gives me everything i need to be up for doing what i love. boost high protein. be up for it. boost high protein. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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>> bret: let's get some perspective now and inside are the stories that we brought you before the break. if the north korea hostage settlements and what games comes next, the iran deal and other stories. brit hume joins us. your thoughts on, this is a big development with these three americans landing tonight or early this morning, but it is setting the table for what the president hopes will be something bigger. >> indeed, and you have the president now being confronted with questions about whether he is a likely candidate for the nobel prize.
3:22 pm
to some extent, at least he has pushed back against that idea but i think he really does obviously hope that this was going to turn into an agreement, incredible enforceable and verifiable agreement on the dude denuclearization of the korean peninsula which would be a huge achievement. now this thing that happened today, the return of these hostages, it is important in the sense that it wasn't very many months ago, bret, that people were saying that with his saber rattling and bellicose attitude, he was bringing us to the brink of war. we heard that a lot, and look where we are now. it doesn't mean we are headed to the land of hope and glory over there but it is a significant achievement to get this far. obviously, lots of remains to be seen. >> bret: the other big nuclear issue on ironic, it seems that europeans are trying to talk to iran separate from the u.s.
3:23 pm
pulling out of this deal but it doesn't seem like a realistic plot prospect. >> the key question here is, how much difference to iran will the re-imposition of american sanctions make. the american banking system is central to the whole economy. our allies don't want to run afoul of that either, and that may make a difference to iran and to our allies. and we can't tell them now. a lot of people, you hear people from the obama administration saying, this is a disaster. all the cycles are off, and i'm not sure that we will do that. but, i think the policy of being tough and strong and wielding sanctions as shown in north korea that it can work and
3:24 pm
it may now show that it can work with iran as well. >> all this pushback that america is telling the world that it doesn't live up to its commitments, one administration to the next. the response from supporters of this move say, while the president obama could have made it a treaty. >> while he knew this deal wouldn't pass the senate. they probably couldn't haven't even gotten the majority of the senate, which is because the deal is problematic from the jump. >> bret: and democrats spoke out against him. >> a lot of democrats spoke out against it and a lot of them are now counting about what he is doing, or complaining about the deal back then. so there is a lot of shoe on the other foot stuff going on here which is a disease in washington that affects both parties. [laughs] >> bret: quickly that gina haspell testimony and hearing, she has a lot of support inside the intelligence community clearly but there is a slip
3:25 pm
among party lines and the questioning. >> is there ever. it looks as if she hasn't lost any republicans. if she did, she might go down. she picked up one democrat today about one democrat can make all the difference in the world. that subtracts one from the group that is voting against her, and it means if john mccain doesn't come back that will put her down at 51. if they lose rand paul, they are at 50. everyone along party lines would give her the majority. so on balance tonight, it looks good for her. and you know this is really a case about her retroactive morality. she got kind of got stumped by the question by kamala harris saying do you think enhanced interrogation techniques were immoral? well by the standards of that day and time, and the ruling by the justice department, the answer has to be, no. she didn't want to say that, but by today's standards now, everyone is now on their high horse about this, the answer is
3:26 pm
a would be immoral. so that's where we are. retroactive morality all the way around. it's always great to have you there. up next we will tell you why the republican in the senate is racing against the clock. but for us to beyond our borders. congo's government has declared a new outbreak of ebola in that country's world northwest. two cases of the deadly virus have been confirmed. the world health organization and doctors without borders have sent a team to investigate and strengthen coordination. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu went to talk to president vladimir wooton about military coordination on new strikes in syria blamed on israel. syrian state media said israel had a military outpost near the capital of damascus yesterday, killing at least 15 people. several iranians there. a tractor-trailer overturned on a polish highway this morning's billing, look at this, tons of liquid chocolate.
3:27 pm
it's now tons of a sticky mess solidifying on the road. the chocolate covered six lanes on the highway blocking traffic in both directions for a long time. it probably smelled okay. rescue officials said the liquid chocolate would require a large amount of hot water to clear away. the truck driver sustained a broken arm. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back.
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>> bret: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is battling the political clock tonight. he's trying to slam through as many of president trump's judicial picks as he can before the midterm elections, and the possibility of a loss of control of the u.s. senate. a correspondent of doug mckelway tonight with the story. >> republicans are racing to confirm as many federal judges as they can before november novembers midterms when control of the senate could flip. confirmation is easier, since
3:31 pm
2013 when then majority leader harry reid ended the filibuster for judicial nominees. democrats though are still using every remaining tool to show low the process -- slow the process. >> we are going to confirm the judges, i don't care what tactics they employ. >> three is to be a time when every senator could block a judicial nominee from having a hearing by submitting what was called a negative loose letter. and that is still the case as long as there has been adequate consultation between the white house and home state senators. >> that's what happened today with president trump's nominee for the ninth circuit court of appeals, ryan vallance. they opposed his nomination but the blue slip change means they can't walk him. democrats attacked him anyway over a college paper bounds wrote, criticizing stanford
3:32 pm
university as a forced sensitivity training. >> you claimed that lgbt people, students of color and other communities like to quote fancy themselves oppressed." >> bounds apologized for his quote overheated rhetoric" as a student in then recounted how some friends of his were once assaulted after an evening out. >> how did that affect you? >> it was very upsetting. >> the ninth circuit is the largest and most liberal in the land. it is there that president trump hopes to make his biggest mark, filling seven appellate vacancies and 19 others in the circuit court. >> bret: we will follow that, dog. thank you. a group of seven house republicans is launching a process to go over the head of the g.o.p. leadership and force debates and votes on a series of
3:33 pm
immigration and dac a bills leader this year. 218 lawmakers sign on and the house will be forced to consider a set of four immigration bills. it's likely that most if not all 193 house democrats will sign on it. so the organizers would only need 25 republicans to launch this rare maneuver in the house. stocks were in positive territory today on wall street, the dow gained 182 and the s&p 500 finished ahead 26, the nasdaq was up 73. something new for residents on hawaii's big island to worry about tonight. experts say the volcanic eruptions could produce acid rain and dangerous smog. police went door-to-door today in hawaii to order residents near to volcanic vents to evacuate. national correspondent william la jeunesse reports again tonight from the big island of hawaii.
3:34 pm
>> i'm running away. >> this man is running back to the mainland after losing his home to an advancing flow of lava, now covering more than 10. >> a lot of people don't have anywhere to go. >> now the vents spewing lava from 14 different spots. >> those people are my friends, i've known them for 15 or 16 years. they don't have insurance and lost everything. >> the red cross shelter sleeps more than 250 per night displaced by the volcano. the county is allowing residents back into the hot zone to collect personal items. >> i just wanted to know i could get into it now. >> a new eruption tuesday force residents on a nearby beach when the national guard detected dangerously high levels of sulfur dioxide gas. >> we are looking for anything exceeding one bpm and we were well over 20 ppm. >> your eyes water, your throat
3:35 pm
hurts and your lungs. >> officials also warned residents to wear protective clothing because with precipitation, the sulfur gas becomes acid rain. geologists say falling levels of lava inside kilauea suggest more magma is headed down slope. >> this is not over. there is still magma within the rep zone, so i think for the foreseeable future this eruption is likely to continue. >> this eruption closely parallels one from 1985 that vented for 40 days. hawaii will seek fema assistance. >> bret: william, thanks. americans released from north korea, and a date and place now set for the summit. plus more reaction to the iran nuclear reaction around the world. we look at the panel's take on everything when we come back
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>> bret: we are flying back thrt they called hostages, we call them fine people. they seem to be healthy. i will be there to greet them and mike will be with me. i think it will be a very special time. no one thought this was going to happen, and if it did, it would be years or decades, frankly. nobody thought this was going to happen. and i appreciate kim jong un doing this. what happens? who knows. we have a chance at something really great for the world, great for north korea and great for everyone. >> bret: president trump in the cabinet room with a big announcement that he had tweeted earlier, letting the world know that there was a success coming. i'm pleased to inform you that the secretary of state mike pompeo is on his way back.
3:40 pm
they seem to be in good health and also a good meeting with kim jong un, date and place set. he goes on to say that secretary pompeo and his guests will be landing at andrews air force base at 2:00 a.m. in the morning and, i will be there to greet them, very exciting. you heard about the three coming back, the date and time set, we are getting worried that it looks like singapore is the place that this will happen and it likely the first week, or few days in june. we will start there with the panel. charles hurt, opinion writer for "the washington times," and jason, obviously a significant moment that sets the table for what the president hopes will be another significant moment. >> yes, it was clearly a diplomatic victory for the president, and he deserves a lot
3:41 pm
of credit here. clearly, this was a point of contention between north korea and the u.s. these hostages, and it's a good faith that gesture by north korea that they came through with it. but i keep stressing that we have been here before. we have had a hostage releases in the run-up to summits. we've had communiqués promising that before. we've seen it recently as a charm offensive from north korea. i hope the president understands that he needs to keep his eye on the ball. he has repeatedly said, i'm going to get a good deal or no deal at all and i think we have to remember that north korea and its leader has not suddenly turned into some statesman who loves peace and wants nothing else to do with his past pursuit of nuclear weapons, and that is what is important. >> bret: you see the pictures of mike pompeo, the secretary of state on the ground and north korea. a 90 minute meeting with kim jong un, clearly they are hearing something from the
3:42 pm
north koreans that is encouraging to them, setting the table for the summit. >> you know, what strikes me about this is you could almost say that president trump is approaching north korea the way president obama approached iran. with sort of a great deal of hope in the power of a new departure by the united states, with an old enemy who is building nuclear weapons. and, i think a real wild card is that kim jong un is young. he's only 30 or 32 years old. it's possible that he's looking some kind of agreement that would guarantee him personally and his family a hold on power. not just the regime but him personally would be guaranteed and power. that might be something that gives the united states a little bit of leverage in the sense
3:43 pm
that, he unlike his father and grandfather was not at the end of his career but the very beginning of one. it's interesting to see how this works out but i have to say, so far this is nothing that we haven't in some form or another haven't seen before. >> he wants more aid from the left. he wants what the country has always wanted. >> bret: the president in the past one minute tweeting out, looking forward to reading the hostages in parentheses no longer at 2:00 a.m. close print as he. i think it's amazing the flare for theatrics this president has. and it's a good thing for this president to have that understanding but i think it's also a very smart way to deal with corneal enemies. of course the terrible thing about the iran deal was that it
3:44 pm
was so frontloaded with both bundles and pallets of cash and then real money and sanctions release. relieves. the tough stuff came later. but to be sure, as donald trump approaches this, i don't think that he is going to frontload things and it would be terrible if he did frontload all the goodies at the beginning. you will have to entice them somehow. >> yes. we have a lot of experts now that are saying, pulling out of the iran deal will undermine the north korea deal. well, donald trump is willing to stick to what he believes, and that's an actual treaty. it's the one i wanted to read
3:45 pm
this because i thought it was interesting. president obama had the chance to make a true american promise by submitting the iran deal as a treaty but he knew that america would make that deal. he knew american democrats were opposed to the deal. it represented obama's word and under the american system, one president's pledge does not bond the next president. there's a constitutional process for securing and injuring obligations. donald trump didn't break an american promise, he corrected an american mistake. i think it was interesting, and well written. the push back to -- >> the susan ricisms and john kerry. president obama and others sought or received approval from congress to do this, which paved the way for the way trump was able to roll it back.
3:46 pm
>> no one to blame, and that's the constitutional -- >> if that was the initial sin here because that's not how you go about dealing with foreign powers when it comes to cutting deals. you don't go it alone, you go through congress which has to answer to the american republic. he had neither a congressional report were popular support of the the american people. >> there are still the question of what is next when it comes to the iran deal. >> iran joins the long list of people in this world who did something very important, never dreaming that donald trump would ever become president of the united states. they made a calculation that the united states had made a strategic turn in its approach to the middle east, that they were now going to sort of like mix into china, and open to iran. it would continue on a bipartisan and then boom number two is the president actually
3:47 pm
keeping his promise. this is very disruptive, and they have been drawn back on their heels. is there a risk here that, like president obama who desperately wanted that iran deal for legacy issues and the administration is clearly focused on that like a laser, that president trump is in the same position with north korea, touting it before he sits down with kim jong un. >> there is always the risk of that but you are talking about a completely different guy. this guy obviously prides himself on being a very smart dealmaker, but this is -- he has at every turn underscore the fact that it may or may not work out. just get up and walk away. >> bret: next up, the president's nominee to run the cia said she will not restart
3:48 pm
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>> i support the higher moral standard that this country has decided to hold itself to. i would never, ever take cia back to an interrogation program. michael moral compass is strong, i would not allow the cia to undertake activity that i thought was immoral, even if it was technically legal. speak out this is about who is the right person to be the director of the cia. and when we choose that person, it's going to be a statement about our value as an american. >> bret: gina haspell in the hot seat today and the confirmation hearing, the first woman nominated to leave the
3:52 pm
cia. lots of questions from democrats about the enhanced interrogation techniques after 9/11. were they moral? it must've been asked about ten different ways, different times. what about the tapes that were made to, the videotapes documenting waterboarding that were destroyed. a lot of questions about that and the intelligence community. back with the panel. jason, your thoughts? >> haspell is not a justice department lawyer. her job was to determine what the powers were under the constitution. her job was to keep us safe, which is what she did. we could argue about the merits or effectiveness of enhanced interrogation but there is no doubt brett that it was legal at the time of this operation. but at the end of the day, i don't think that this is really about her qualifications. it's about the strategy of the
3:53 pm
left to delay or resist trump nominees, that's what this is really about. >> so a lot of the time was spent to try to get her to say that it was immoral. here is a sound bite from 2013. and john brennan's hearing. >> you receive the daily updates from the time of his capture throughout the interrogation, including the analysis and unlawfulness of the techniques putting you in a position to express any concerns you had about the program. but what steps did you have to take it from the cia from moving this techniques that you saw at the time? >> i did not stop the use of those techniques. >> what about this hearing today? >> a lot of posturing about morality and the spy business. and they are forcing gina
3:54 pm
haspell to be a hypocrite because if you are the director of the cia and you are out there doing cloak and dagger operations that she's been doing for 35 years, she says she has a moral compass but, you need a flexible one. and let's be real, that's what spies do. they do things that may not be legal but they are moral in the sense that that is what your government demands of you. i think the entire exercise is pretty hollow in that sense. we are picking someone to run an intelligence agency. having said that, the interrogation tactics that went on were beyond the pale. i'm glad they're illegal now. to the extent that they are trying to pin her down to some idea that our spy agencies should be something that represents american values, we are going to be forever disappointed in that regard because that is just not the nature of the business. >> on a political issue, you
3:55 pm
already have joe manchin saying he's going to look for it. i bet you get a few more democrats from red state same, the terrorism thing i'm okay with. voting for gina haspel. >> i think she will probably get through with a surprising number of democrats. this is a terrible fight for democrats, democrats have a unique ability, and it does have to do with, was it moral, how did you feel? that's not what matters, all that matters is the law and what's effective. you don't want some cia director or any prosecutor with those kinds of powers on some sort of moral g hodge, what she did was in the confines of the law. and for her to also say as chuck was pointing out, i wouldn't do it even if it was legal now.
3:56 pm
while that's just as bad as doing it illegally, just obey the law, how about that. >> i'd like to see what happens if we ever had another 9/11. >> panel, when we come back, a prom night to remember. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. ♪ (electronic dance music)♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: finally tonight, a great story. a prompt to remember. san antonio high schooler morgan was unable to walk for almost ten months because of surgery surgery complications. when the big prom night rolled around she really wanted to do something special for her date. >> no! >> bret: when he came to pick her up last month she greeted him at the door by walking, as you can see there to the front door. his reaction was priceless. obviously this video has gone viral. actually more than 1 million
4:00 pm
views for that walk to the prom date and congratulations, that's a great story. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for the "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. complete coverage of those three american captives tonight, live coverage on fox. here's martha. >> martha: we are certainly looking forward to that tonight. a fox news alert as we get started on "the story." there appears to be some big news breaking across the globe. air raid sirens blaring over israel signaling incoming missiles reportedly from iranian-backed groups. back at the white house, president trump awaiting the arrival hours from now of three american hostages from north korea, now free and now on their way home. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders joins me in moments on that breaking news, but first. good evening of her buddy i martha maccall