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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 9, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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meanwhile we are just watching the plane take off on its way back to the united states carrying three people who have been held hostage in north korea for years. an exciting moment. they landed in the middle of the night and the president will greet them. more "the story" tomorrow. >> tucker: a fox news alert, a remarkable scene in asia today. we were looking at life pictures of anchorage anchorage, alaskae three u.s. citizens detained by the north korean government are flying out. they are on their way back from north korea. they were released by the regime i have a summit meeting. the prisoners were accompanied by secretary of state mike pompeo. they will be landing right outside washington, d.c., overnight. the president said he will meet them there. a few minutes ago they made it back as you are seeing now to american soil. that's the second plane taking off. ed henry has details on what we're watching. >> a major coup from president trump as mike pompeo
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is coming home from a second secret trip to north korea with a major foreign policy victory. a dramatic day in diplomacy. these images that you mention, the three previously imprisoned americans landing for that refueling stop. they are on separate planes because the larger point has medical facilities for these three americans to make sure they are okay. they will be at joint base andrews as you mention just a few hours from now landing in the middle of the night after days of ups and downs. in some uncertainty about whether this was really happening after secretary of state spent 90 minutes meeting with kim jong un and then returned to his hotel. reporters at the hotel asked pompeo if the americans were coming home. he crossed his fingers because it was still not a done deal until the north korean officials soon arrived to say these americans were indeed free. the three of them, you can see them there, tony kim, kim hak song and kim dong chul appear to be in good health because of the heart heartbreak we all felt after
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auto was shortly died after he was -- the focus night is on these three americans. the president is already looking ahead at how this sets the table for the summit with kim that is likely coming in early june. the president saying today this will be a moment for the entire world. a short time ago the president tweeted "looking forward to greeting the hostages, no longer hostages, at 2:00 a.m. "fox news will be there. the president, we expect vice president mike pence as well greeting them on american soil. one year ago the president's critics were charging his hot rhetoric would start a nuclear war. instead that tough talk is bringing home three americans and teeing up a possible peace summit. >> tucker: ed henry, remarkable story. on expected story. thanks for that. the release obviously a good sign. how optimistic for the rest of us be for long term peace in the korean peninsula? where is this had a? director of defense studies of the center for the national interest and a specialist in north korea joins us tonight. where is this going? >> the pictures are
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mind-blowing, the photo ops are amazing. but i'm still a little skeptical and i think we have a lot of reason here to still be skeptical here. think about it this way, kim jong un is the equivalent of michael corleone literally being dropped into a country and running his own private fiefdom. they sold drugs around the worl world, the counterfeit u.s. dollars. the regime's response for millions of north koreans and south koreans if you want to bring in the koran war. we have reason to be skeptical. we have to remember that the north koreans are under tremendous pressure. this maximum pressure campaign is completely different than what we've seen before because we actually have buy-in from the chinese this time. previous attempts when we tried to put a lot of pressure on the north koreans the chinese would enforce the sanctions for a couple weeks, a few months and then they would drop off. this time they've actually been a lot more consistent in applying the pressure we need to box the north koreans in. now i think is the time to strike. very skeptical. history screams out to us to be skeptical. i'm a little more optimistic than i was. >> tucker: and yet they are
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releasing these three american citizens. who are they and under what pretext where they held? >> one of the gentleman i believe was a farmer, the other was a professor, the other was an entrepreneur. a lot of these people are going to north korea because they want to try and do good. they are working in universities, they are trying to build people to people connections. that's a smart idea. i think it's good that they've been released but there is a question i just can't get out of my mind. what does kim jong un want for his nuclear weapon? that's the cloud that is hanging over the school summit. does he want $100 billion? it's obviously want security. that's the question we need to ask and i hope president trump is asking. >> tucker: is it fair to assume that that rhetoric that ed henry was referring to from last year that was so widely criticized. he took it verbally to the north korean regime and denounced as kind of a lunatic, that seems to have borne fruit in a way that previous efforts haven't. is that fair? >> i think that's fair. i think the rhetoric is important but i think the policies have made a difference here. at the end of the day, even if
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we can't get kim jong il and to give up his weapons, we have a policy that would work. we talked about this before. it's called containment. that's really all that maximum pressure is, containment on steroids. we box them in, they don't want to give up their nuclear weapons, fine. we've dealt with other companies, countries that have had weapons. he handled that effectively. we can do this. we have the right policies. we are not yet on the brink of nuclear war like we talked about last two. we are safe. we are okay. it's about threat, an existential threat but we knoww to handle these threats. >> tucker: impressive. really i don't think anyone would have predicted this at all. thank you very much. stay with fox news channel for live coverage of the homecoming of those three hostages. ed henry hosting, as you just heard. we've got another fox news alert for you on this busy news day. lawyers representing trump attorney michael cohen say that stormy daniels' attorney michael avenatti has been spreading
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demonstrably false information about cohen. if they say that some of the wire transfers avenatti highlighted are allegedly from a different michael cohen. he got the wrong michael cohen, they say and apparently they are right. still his lawyers, the correct michael cohen's lawyers can see some of those records are real and avenatti should not have had access to them. his financial information now fair play as long as it's being used or heard up political enemy? that appears to be in a new lesson from washington. stormy daniels lawyer has confidential bank statements and so the question is how did he get them? whose custody where they in? we don't know because avenatti won't reveal that. announced it is launching a probe to find out. andrew mccarthy is of course a former u.s. attorney, he rates widely on these subjects and joins us tonight. thanks for coming on.
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>> thanks for having me. >> tucker: it's a narrow question, but it's a meaningful one, how do you get a hold of somebody's bank records? i thought they were supposed to be private. >> they are supposed to be private. a lot of stuff that happens in investigations are supposed to be private, like rent during material. according to the attorney for cohen, he was given commitments by government prosecutors to the extent they had financial information of his that would remain confidential. if the ig from the treasury department is opening an investigation, that's a pretty good sign that they were obtained from the government. >> tucker: for the government leak my medical records or my home address or the name of my kids' school? is there a limit to the information i can be leaked if they don't like you? >> tucker, they've been leaking classified national defense information since before the 2016 election and we had torrents of it around trump's election. the point being, if they can
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leak things that are important to them, why on earth wouldn't they be able to leak things that are important to you? >> tucker: that's a very smart point. at the same time, paradoxically, and you've written about this, they are withholding information from the public on the grounds that it might affect or harm american national security and it's starting to seem like maybe they are withholding that information in order to protect themselves, things that we should know about, we don't know about because of cya, is that fair? >> i think it is fair. there's probably not one silver bullet answer to why they do everything, and i'm certain that there are national security -- look, we are talking about fisa proceedings, intelligence information. there are going to be methods and sources and stuff that we get from intelligent services, there's no doubt about it. but the thing we have to be mindful of it is every time they've been pressed when they say national security or investigative integrity is the reason they have to withhold something, what we find when we
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finally peel it back and get to see it is that they are protecting either their own very flawed, sometimes, decision-making processes, embarrassment or exculpatory information. so you really have to be skeptical when they say we need to hold this for national security reasons. >> tucker: i would be interested in your take on the cohen story. nothing about michael cohen would shock me. it's hard to assess in the early hours of a story how significant it is. what you make of this? >> the thing i keep telling myself is that mueller voluntarily gave this case to a different prosecutor. i can't imagine if he thought that cohen was the key to establishing some kind of connection between russia and trump that he would ever have let this case walked to a different prosecutor. so what i think -- what i thought from the beginning, which is a southern district,
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they are probably looking at a lot more than a campaign finance violation, but with rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, having told the president that he is not a target, i think we should assume until we see otherwise that this is a case about cohen. >> tucker: it sure seems like a case about cohen. you are reading all the speculation about how cohen is going to turn on the president. it is not a concern? and if he did, what would he say? >> i always say the same thing when that question comes up about anybody, which is sure, you can pressure manafort, you can pressure cohen, you can pressure all these people, but the only time it's effective to have somebody flip on somebody else is if they have anything incriminating on them, and if they don't -- >> tucker: good point. [laughs] this is why people read you so avidly, because it's wise. thank you, andrew mccarthy, i appreciated. democratic party still grappling with the downfall of the
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attorney general of the state of new york eric schneiderman, that happened the day before yesterday. the question is how many people knew about him and what he was really like before the rest of us found out? probably quite a few. that's next. ♪ ♪ some moments can change everything. you can't always predict them, but you can game plan for them. for 150 years, generations of families have chosen pacific life for retirement and life insurance solutions to help them reach their goals. being ready for wherever life leads. that's the power of pacific. ask a financial advisor about pacific life.
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♪ >> tucker: in the wake of eric schneiderman's resignation as attorney general of new york, some of his long-time friends on the left are professing shock. you heard them. we just can't believe it, they say. how can a man so publicly committed to feminism beat women? it just doesn't make sense. but of course it makes perfect
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sense. self-righteousness is always a marker for secret creepiness. the people yelling the loudest are usually hiding the most. keep that in mind the next time you're some democratic politician lecturing you about your moral inferiority. that's the guy you need to watch carefully. chances are he's up to something awful behind closed doors. hypocrisy isn't just a feature of modern liberalism, if the heart of modern liberalism. ever wonder how people who advocate for abortion can say they stand for children? a movement that demonizes an entire race can claim to oppose racism? al gore can travel by private jet while trying to ban your suv. because consistency does not matter to the left, only virtue matters. we are good people, therefore we must rule. you are not, therefore you must obey. al gore doesn't believe he's a hypocrite. eric schneiderman probably doesn't think he is either. you can't commit sin if your intentions are pure and liberals think their intentions are the purest. if that sounds like theology and not public policy, it's because
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it is theology. modern liberalism is a replacement for the protestant christianity the left worked so hard to undermine and destroy. they are speaking the linkage of faith, albeit a faith without god. this is the main reason the right and left talk past each other, the reason our public debates are so weird and unsatisfying. one side arrives with stats and facts and arguments and the other grabs about its decency. one is trying to convince, the other side is trying to convert. you can be the liberal in an argument, but you can ever convince them then you won. he cares much more deeply than you and therefore knows he's right. nothing can convince them otherwise. somewhere tonight eric schneiderman is marinating in his shame, probably unshaven and alone. his career is over, he faces years of potential legal action. he is a broken man, he is in agony and get on some levels despite all of that eric schneiderman still knows he's a better person than you are.
5:17 pm
set parent predicted in public on twitter that schneiderman would be exposed as a creep and he said it last november. yesterday he tweeted this. how did i know this and new york city mayor bill de blasio knew this? great question. seth joins us tonight. that was a remarkably prescient prescient prescient tweet. >> to me it was just kind of -- i thought it was just an open secret. i had heard stories and rumors about schneiderman for years. i'd been told by at least three or four different people since maybe 2009 that he is into rough sex with women, that he likes to date staffers and is a little pushy with them, that he tried to kidnap a reporter and wouldn't let her out of his car on the way -- and said he was taking her to his apartment. so i sort of assumed that this
5:18 pm
was just common knowledge. more or less. i'm not deeply involved in albany politics or new york city democratic circles. i'm an editor for a moderately conservative magazine. >> tucker: so you are not exactly in the loop at the highest levels of progressive new york is what you are saying. >> exactly. that's why it seems strange that everyone was saying this is the craziest thing we've ever heard. >> tucker: is clearly not. if you raise a really good, i think i'm a central question, which is if you heard about it, is it plausible that the governor of the state, one of his closest allies, presumably one of his closest friends, andrew cuomo, had never heard of it? >> it seems implausible to me. implausible to me that any elected official in new york state hadn't heard it. i don't know what i can say. andrew cuomo has been steeped in
5:19 pm
new york state politics for 40 years. he basically has a private army. he keeps tabs on everything and everyone. he's extraordinarily paranoid. >> tucker: i know. >> so i would imagine that he would know everything that everyone is up to at all times. >> tucker: he's a thoroughly bizarre person. i've dealt with him. that's exactly the word that comes to mind and i don't use it lightly, he's paranoid. this is strange because schneiderman was the attorney general. it wasn't just some functionary. he just wasn't the night city editor of the daily news. the cheese law enforcement officer of the state. the suggestion that he kidnapped somebody, you would think that one of his peers would follow up on it. >> you might think so. at the same time, new york state attorney general has unique powers and is an immensely powerful figure. i don't think any attorney general -- any state attorney general across the country has the kind of power
5:20 pm
that the new york attorney general does. however, if you notice, over the last few years in new york state and new york city there has been a lot of corruption investigations. >> tucker: yes. >> but he has not been leading them. they have all been largely done by the feds. there's trials going on in albany right now over -- sheldon silver is going to be retried. a number of andrew cuomo's associates, joe was just convic. this was federal ending new york city, investigations of bill de blasio were largely being done by the federal government. >> tucker: kind of funny. meanwhile, this guy is suing everybody about global warming. >> global warming or coming up with ways to have part in proof indictments of trump associates or suing the vitamin industry. >> tucker: meanwhile, the cesspool around him goes
5:21 pm
unaddressed. seth, thank you for that dispatch from new york. not heartening, but fascinating. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: democrats suppressing abuse claims to cover a political ally is obviously nothing new. in the 1990s, allegations that were a conspiracy, that's when hillary clinton said, do not take it seriously, watch. go to great, great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is the vast right wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president. >> tucker: 's are normal people laughed at that. it's a famous piece of tape because it's absurd. and of course it's a diversion. and yet that remained hillary clinton's position for 20 more years. how did you get away with that? well, with the complicity of our news media. here is bbc's tom lammas who is quick to dismiss any allegations against bill clinton as unfounded. >> in other cases it's about groping and fondling and touching against a woman's will.
5:22 pm
>> and rape. >> it's decades old and discredited. >> tucker: it's decades old. it doesn't matter, and discredited by home? we never found out from abc. here's over at nbc, similar vie view. >> donald trump using that word unprompted bringing up a discredited and long denied accusations against former president bill clinton dating back to 1978 when he was arkansas attorney general. >> tucker: point in fact just as a reporter, was never discredited and if there was a specific way in which it was discredited then i suppose the correspondence would have told us what it was. meanwhile over at cnn, brooke baldwin said, reading from the same script, attacking bill clinton as a predator, not acceptable, watch. >> dozens of women, by the way, that her husband has maligned and assaulted paying paula jones off $850,000 for hush money.
5:23 pm
>> she has a history of being abusive towards women. specifically the ones that her husband had extramarital affairs with. >> wait a second. that's where you're going to go in the first 20 seconds? >> let's not go there, bringing of abused women. yesterday heather macdonald's, a fellow at the manhattan institute, one of the great writers in english i would say and she joins us tonight. what you make of this heather mcdonald's? >> this is a war, tucker and each side, frankly, will protect its own. >> tucker: that's true. >> what's remarkable is that the left goes so far to protect itself when they already control most of the power centers of our culture. they control the universities, they control the media. you think they could afford to sacrifice a few in the name of principal, but they are holding onto them. what i fear about this moment, one would hope that it would maybe slow down the #metoo movement. unfortunately it's only going to
5:24 pm
solidify it. we are going to see growing gender quotas. already calls that the replacement for schneiderman has to be a female. we've had male power, male ego, male abuse throughout human history. the solution until the 1960s and the liberation culture was through norms of chivalry and female modesty to try and control that. we decided that that was oppressive and patriarchal. we throughout those norms and you have this extraordinary behavior on schneiderman's part fueled by alcohol and there's very few norms the left it seems to control the sort of predatory behavior. >> tucker: i guess a couple of points come to mind. one, did you notice the immediate broadening of the responsibility? governor cuomo of new york, first statement. this speaks to the problem that all men pose. this is the fault of all men.
5:25 pm
that seems, to me -- exactly what you said, which is fuel to continue what is basically a political push called #metoo. >> right. you are going to have the disappearing of men gradually. and it is not going to be a good thing for our culture. there is toxic masculinity is a concept that is embraced by the left, it applies to a few men, not all men, but we are trying to now basically erase the mail from our culture. >> tucker: can i ask you this? in a 27 years i've been in the workforce, maybe it's just me. i've seen some terrible mailboxes but it's not always true that female supervisors treat women better than male supervisors do. i just haven't noticed that, to be honest with you at all. >> to the contrary, to the contrary. i think they're somewhat of a consensus in the workplace that female bosses can be absolute hell. >> tucker: for women. >> and let's not pretend women
5:26 pm
do not exploit their attractiveness to the hilt. >> tucker: one can we stop lying? is there a day that we can stop lying or do we have to keep attending? >> we can stop lying if universities get back to truth telling and we can start being honest about differences between men and women. but to do that we have to take the universities back and we certainly have to take the media back. >> tucker: amen. i never miss a piece, thank you. the novel 1984 was published believe it or not 70 years ago. big brother is still going strong at the university of michigan. now a lawsuit trying to restore the first amendment on that campus, we will tell you how it's going next. ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more than just your bipolar i. ask your doctor about vraylar. >> tucker: the soviet bloc collapsed nearly 30 years ago but lives on new york college campus. more than 200 schools maintain what they called bias and response teams. their job is to investigate thought crimes the students may have committed. university of michigan, students are urged to spy on their peers and make anonymous reports if they see or hear anyone using the wrong words or thinking unapproved thoughts. the school is being sued by advocates for the first amendment who point out that creepy thought police probably violate the first amendment. president of speech first which brought that lawsuit, joins us tonight to explain it. that i overstate that? bias response team [boos]
5:31 pm
face will popped up the -- >> you can report speech. not even that you have been subject to, but that you've overheard. maybe what you and i are having a conversation about the tv show. somebody walks by our walking by and they think i don't like that word and we will be brought before the bias response teams and we will have to explain ourselves. >> tucker: you have to talk to the police if someone reports you for saying something unapproved. so what if you say i'm not interested in this kind of thing and i don't want to talk to you and buzz off? >> you will be subject to punishments, which might include remediation, they call it restorative justice, you might have to go to cultural appropriation training or some other kind of diversity education. unconscious bias training which i hear is a thing these days. i can go up to and include expulsion depending on how severe your transgression was. >> tucker: see you have no power?
5:32 pm
>> you have no power. >> tucker: has anyone before you pointed out that you have an absolute right guaranteed in the first item in the bill of rights to say what you think is true, period? >> there've been a lot of people who have written about it, the foundation has done incredible work. >> tucker: what about the a aclu? >> they haven't waited on this. >> tucker: i thought they care about free speech though? >> davis stepped back on that recently. we decided to bring a lawsuit. let's draw a line in the sand. we are a membership association so we have three students on the university of michigan on the campus who have enrolled who have decided let's pushed back. we will be representing them as our association because they are scared, with good reason. they don't want their names out there. >> tucker: what is the university 's position on this? it doesn't cover college campuses or do they have an argument? >> they haven't responded to us yet. we will be filing for a preliminary injunction. we hope to halt on the programs
5:33 pm
until we can come to the conclusion whether rights are respected. >> tucker: did you put the university out of business and make sure it never rises again from the ashes? >> as you said before there are over 200 schools that have programs like this. >> tucker: i hope you crush them all because this is a threat to everything that we stand for, believe in that is holy. this is really a threat and i'm glad you are addressing it. >> thank you. >> tucker: thank you. in washington on cnn america has only one real enemy, russia. no one who looks at the numbers actually believes that. the real threat is china, everyone knows that. part one of our china series is next. ♪ traumatic injury, we have a short amount of time to get our patient traumatic injury, to the hospital with good results. we call that the golden hour. evaluating patients remotely is where i think we have a potential to make a difference. (barry murrey) we would save a lot of lives if we could bring the doctor to the patient.
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5:38 pm
economy and the freedom of the world. it's not run by vladimir putin. it's china, a nation incalculably more powerful than russia and one whose grand schemes are far more sinister. trying to replace the united states as the world's dominant power. analysts often dismiss the country's defense spending is a fraction of our own is if that's a valid measure of that. and convention it is much smaller. fewer bases, ships and aircraft. but on the battlefield of the future, china may already have achieved an advantage over us. china has heavily invested in advanced technology with military applications. digital warfare, artificial intelligence. next-generation biological agents that are terrifying. globally the chinese will the key to much of the internet. the concern is they could defeat the battle. the chinese government could effectively shut down american weapon systems before the battle even began. just last week that could chinese attacked an american military aircraft, not the first time on the horn of africa with
5:39 pm
lasers. the injured two of our airmen. chinese military is becoming far more aggressive on the world. the child south china sea, thet is to dominate neighboring countries, it's working. antiship cruise missiles have also been installed. those threaten u.s. forces in the region potentially. even more honestly china is expanding its military presence here on our doorstep in latin america on our hemisphere. they have sold hundreds of millions in arms, offered military training, held meetings with the commanders of number of commanders. trying to couple all of this with economic incentives throughout latin america peer china, not the u.s. is now the biggest trading partner with brazil, chile, peru. they are using our foothold to increase the spying on the west. the largest tack in history was carried out by russia? know. by china. fbi director christopher rate recently testified that a massive number of chinese college students and professors here were actually probably spies for their government. more than 100 u.s. colleges have
5:40 pm
confucius institutes. those are outposts funded by china. their purpose is to promote propaganda from the chinese government. your daily newspaper might be doing it too. "the washington post" for example, not making this up takes public money that is propaganda controlled by the chinese government. they are not embarrassed, they do a lot. the root of their strength comes from its economy, which is booming. it was built in part on the destruction of our economy. china's economy will soon surpass america's inside. it will be the richest country on earth soon. the u.s.-china trade imbalance hit a record 375 billion last year. that has increased dramatically since we allowed china into the wto 20 years ago. our leaders have assured us they have become less oppressive as they get richer. that hasn't happened, in some ways the opposite has happened. meanwhile, many thousands of american businesses have died as a result. whole industries have been destroyed in entire regions of our country destroyed in turn. now china plans to dominate high-tech manufacturing as well taking more and better paying
5:41 pm
jobs from our country. american companies seem eager to do it. tesla, a company you pay for with your tax dollars, it wouldn't exist without the subsidies, says solar panels and electric cars aren't the only thing that country is making. the chinese send it here, thousands of us die every year from it. u.s. governors asked him to stop, to process people involved in the fennel trade. but they refused. why would they help? they are winning. china is rising. it's catastrophe for the world. it's by far the single biggest threat we face no matter what they tell you. we will spend the next month talking about it in the series on rising china. the man who may know more about the subject than any other american, michael pillsbury, director at the center for chinese strategy. a white house advisor, offer of the book the 100 year marathon, which you should read. michael joins us in the studio. thanks a lot for coming on. just pushing back against china work? >> it's never been tried before until last week.
5:42 pm
i think president trump is the first president to actually seek to push back against china. he's doing so on many fronts. i think the trade negotiations are what he's chosen to move on first. this is very difficult because of our own lack of good intelligence about chinese strategy where as they seem to have us basically penetrated politically, economically, even as you mentioned in our media. they portray themselves as our best friend and a lot of americans agree with them. they have inconvenient facts to cover up. one is they've got more billionaires now than we do. that's quite a shocking statistic when you think about it. about 580 chinese billionaires and 530 american billionaires according to those who do these statistics. president trump is in uncharted waters now. he made his first offer to the chinese won his delegation went there.
5:43 pm
the chinese promptly leaked the offer on social media and then claimed it was outrageous and humiliating and they would never agree to any of the points. but there delegation is coming here. the first round has been fought already, told president trump to lay down his demands. >> tucker: by your account, i think you have the definitive account, we are at the late stage of this. >> that's right. >> tucker: why did the last five presidents allow this to happen without pushing back? >> it's complicated reasons. each one had its own account. president obama is the one who began talking the most about the gangster's gangster of our companies. the companies wanted it done quietly. they didn't want china to retaliate to harm them because they are complaining. there is another angle which is the military balance. the chinese only fairly recently have been quite assertive in
5:44 pm
space, in cyber with their new aircraft carrier. their new paratrooper exercises they just ran two weeks ago. now the pentagon is openly concerned about china. many secretaries of defense over the years have said there is no china threat. >> tucker: military power always follows economic power. if you see a country becoming predominant in the region economically you can guess at some point they will become predominant militarily, right? >> you can, but there's been a strong view in our country that china is going to collapse soon, so it won't be any problems to worry about. the other error we've made it thinking that china had no strategy. they were just kind of a hapless poor country and it was trying to pull up its poor people. of course they needed our investment. >> tucker: kind of an ad hoc culture they have. >> that's why i say that we are china's enabler. we are also their greatest victim. >> tucker: are there any large american countries are
5:45 pm
multinationals here that are standing up in any way to china? >> quietly. there was a very important leaked to "the new york times" about two years ago of a report that the american chamber of congress in beijing had compiled with all the american executives complaining about really bad treatment of american companies in china. supposed to be an internal report. somehow it got on the front page of "the new york times." the chinese got very angry. they began to have high-level meetings saying this isn't really true, is it? they ask american corporate executives and of course to the face of the chinese they have to say no, no, we love china. but that was an example of somebody blowing the whistle. notice the kind of caution that had to be exercised. >> tucker: we are almost out of time but i just have to ask you almost rhetorically, does the relentless focus on the exaggerated threat from russia distract, do you think, from a much greater threat? >> very much so. the russians have more nuclear weapons by far, but their
5:46 pm
economy is only about one fifth the size of our economy or the chinese economy. in terms of the comprehensive challenge to us it's clearly china. sort of 10-1 i would say. all of this concern with the russia threat i have to think is somewhat a fake snooze. >> tucker: but there is a cost to it. >> it distracts us from china. that's the biggest problem. >> tucker: michael pillsbury. i cannot more aggressively recommend your book. i hope that our viewers by it. >> thank you. i think china does have a strategy. and it's pretty good. >> tucker: i bet. thank you very much. conservatives are already unwelcome at google but they are not alone. animal rights activists were accused of racism when they tried to speak there. peta versus google, a peta representative joins us next for a fascinating interview, stay tuned. nd pressure.
5:47 pm
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>> tucker: google has long touted its open work environment, but that's not true. instead of creating a vibrant plume of diverse viewpoints political arguments are ripping the company apart and ideas are squelched. last year fired for daring to publicly hold nonliberal views. they can't infer that. even on the left google is turning into a contentious company. in january pro animal google alerts invited peta, cofounder ingrid newkirk to speak on the google campus. that appearance was in the end next at the last minute by a small, even more left wing caucus within google that argued that promoting animal rights was somehow offensive to human beings who face racism. kathy is a senior vice president of peta and she joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> tucker: i want to take this argument seriously to the extent that is it a serious argument.
5:52 pm
how does peta's position in favor of animals denigrate human beings who face racism? >> it doesn't at all. that's what's so silly about google canceling miss newkirk's speech. what we are talking about his compassion for everybody. the speech was about the roots of bigotry and intolerance and how we need to be compassionate to everyone, regardless of species, regardless of gender, regardless of race. it's the most antiracist speech there could ever be. >> tucker: was this surprising to you? did you expect anything like this reception at google? >> not at all. i think what is so startling is the bad manners on the part of google. because miss newkirk was in the parking lot. she had flown to california on her own expense and she is a very busy person with a packed travel schedule. she is busy running campaigns so she came to do this, was delighted to speak to the employees at google who wanted to hear her and what she had to
5:53 pm
say -- he is literally stepping out of the car in the google parking lot she gets a phone call saying the speech has been canceled without any explanation for why that is. and to this day they have yet to tell miss newkirk why the speech was canceled. >> tucker: they are google, they don't have to apologize. have you heard this argument before, that being for animals is bigoted? >> from people who don't have very open minds, yes. but it worries us when discourse has shut down because the word racism might be used in a speec speech. we are so sensitive that we can't even listen to a talk that talks about-ism and racism and compassion for all. if there no reason whatsoever that people shouldn't have hurt her and anybody who disagreed with her would have been welcome to say so at the time. >> tucker: you are old-fashioned if you believe in the free exchange of ideas.
5:54 pm
google isn't just any other company, it's the choke point for which most human information flows. google controls what we know about the world. shouldn't worry us that they are unwilling to hear any alternative viewpoints? >> it should, i think, and i also think that internally google is in quite a model. this is a company that as you point out delivers information and yet they were not able to deliver us an explanation for canceling the speech. they have not called to reschedule it and for people who know where we are through our phones every minute of the day they certainly are hard to reach because we have tried contacting them for the last four months and have met the wall of silenc silence. >> tucker: amazing. amazing. thank you for explaining what happened. it really says a lot about a lot. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: housing in california is more expensive than ever but state officials want it to cost even more, and they got a plan to do that.
5:55 pm
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>> tucker: california is in the midst of a housing crisis. in san francisco, the average price is 1.3 million. 130,000 people are living on the streets in california are homeless. obviously the state would do whatever it can to lower housing costs, right? wrong. lawmakers have decided to make housing more expensive. state regulatory board voted yesterday to mandate solar panels on all new homes starting in two years. the cost of the building will go up by $12,000. double that if you want to store energy on-site. these solar companies and lobbyists are getting rich. ordinary people are paying the difference. in california, hundreds of thousands are fleeing the state every year. they can't afford it. lawmakers hate them and don't bother to hide it. when the last middle-class family leaves, may be they will
6:00 pm
start to think about why the arrow gone. we are about to be gone. the hour is over. tune in every night at 8:00 for their show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, and groupthink. he stayed with fox live coverag coverage. welcome to hannity. a lot of breaking news. good news for the united states and the world all eyes are on joint base andrews as we await the arrival of three american hostages just released from north korea. president trump is expected to greet these brave individuals on the tarmac when they land enrollments, we will break down the diplomatic developments on the korean peninsula and secretary of state mike pompeo's incredibly successful trip to the region. we will show how the presidents on the world stage are driving democrats and the media insane. also tonight, the leaders of iran, the mullahs, are throwing a temper


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