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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 9, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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based air force here in washington to get the hostages. >> sean: we are so glad to have them home. also, thoughts and prayers to the family of otto warmbier. we will always be fair and balanced. we are not the destroy-trump media. let not your heart be troubled. we have a lot more of your lore is next. >> laura: good evening from washington. i am laura ingraham of this is "the ingraham angle." we are just a few hours now from another major diplomatic triumph for donald trump. the return of three americans held captive in north korea. they have already touched on in anchorage, alaska, and her other way to to andrews air force bas base. intimates angle, i'm going to explain how and why the media and certain democrats, even a few republicans, are spinning this as just a distraction, not a big deal. we'll also tell you why that media's big bombshell on the trump attorney michael: might be a big dog. plus, trump threatens to pull reporters credentials? what is the real message behind that?
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the growing backlash against california's sanctuary law reaches los angeles. we are going to talk to a local complement leading the charge. but first, the killjoy democrats versus an optimistic nation. that's the focus of tonight's angle. three americans held captive in north korea are returning home tonight because president trump made it happen. through smart and at times unconventional moves, trump has brought dictator kim jong un to the negotiating table, and this release was obviously a condition precedent to any summit. through the presidents political enemies, i'm telling you, they will not give him any credit. >> this reminds me of a "mission accomplished" moment. we are rewarding the north koreans for praise for releasing hostages. >> indicative of the fact that kim jong un is taking a summit seriously that the north koreans are really serious about wanting to sit down. it does not mean the summit will be successful.
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>> i would say curb your enthusiasm because while it's great that we are talking instead of making threats, kim jong un still has not made any kind of irreversible concessions to the united states. this is not a huge breakthrough. >> laura: max headroom, yes, this actually is a really big right through. oh, my gosh. one by one trump continues to fulfill his america first campaign promises. it's beyond obvious that this is driving his critics in both parties totally bonkers. after trump pulled the plug on the iran nuclear deal, the usual naysayers reacted predictably. >> i'm very concerned, as are many of my colleagues. given where we are, with negotiations now, especially with north korea, our allies and our adversaries need to know that we are reliable. i think that's missing right now. >> our allies are upset for sure. at a time when i think the presidents sanity is being questioned globally.
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it was a campaign promise. it does appeal possibly to his base, but the totality of this presidents behavior and decisions doesn't leave me to question why he does anything and whether or not it is to deflect from something else. i don't think he has the moral compass to make a decision based on our own national security even. at this point. >> laura: actually the president was talking about this when stormy was still working the late show for three guys at a gentlemen club near the cleveland airport. give me a break. here is the reality. the same people who accuse the trump white house of operating in a constant state of chaos are themselves the ones trying to sow chaos. despite the fact that things are getting better by almost every measure, they are trying to foist a scary new reality on all of us. one where a renegade president is dangerous and he's a destabilizing force at home and abroad. speaking of the current language
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of the administration, the lack of a diplomatic, serious engagement strategy in my view has us sliding toward war by next summer. >> one trump confidant like into the president to a whistling teapot, saying that when he does not blow off steam come he can turn into a pressure cooker and explode. >> trump's comments about nuclear weapons have experts worried he could literally inadvertently trigger a catastrophe. >> donald trump is moving us toward world war iii. >> laura: there is no overstatement there. whatsoever. the results obviously tell a different tale. the world is looking to america for leadership again, and this president is not afraid to lead. north and south korea are talking peace. trump is renegotiating things like the nafta deal. he has shown himself also to be a surprisingly deft diplomat especially for someone who is not done politics before. his state dinner for macron was a smash, and the way he worked
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with japan and china to try to box kim jong un in has been really impressive. now, people forget about the coalition he put together for those targeted syrian air strikes. and the bold steps he has taken throughout the middle east, from his outreach to the saudis to moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. i mean, the truth is, we are in the midst of a time of pretty amazing peace and prosperity that we haven't seen since i think the '80s. the economic renaissance that we are experiencing at home is due to the policies of donald trump and the optimism and opportunity they are generating from coast-to-coast. his tax and regulatory cuts have unleashed new investments and now bonuses for blue-collar workers. the likes of which we have not seen in decades. unemployment at a 17 year low. u.s. manufacturing is up again this month, marking the strongest expansion since 2004.
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the commerce department reported that u.s. factory orders rose in march. they have been up for seven of the last eight months. according to a recent cnn poll, 57% of americans feel that good things are happening, things are going well in the united states today. president trump didn't get us here, of course, just by rubber-stamping the policies of his predecessors. thank the good lord. instead what he does is he continually tests for theories, the conventional wisdom of the so-called experts, and he actually demands to hear alternatives to the same old policies of the past. and then after he's heard everybody, he makes his own decision. now, john bolton's answer to me last night about trump's decision-making process to pull out of the iran deal was illustrative. >> for people who don't understand how the president considers these things, he doesn't make a spur of the moment decision. he is listen to everybody who
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wanted to talk to him up to and including over the weekend with prime minister may of great britain. he gave every one of them a chance to try and fix the deal, and unfortunately they didn't come close because the deal itself is inherently flawed. >> laura: it is to his credit when the president surprises his enemies and keeps his allies and pretty much everybody else on their toes. smart. now, thinking about this today, this is one of the great times to be an american. happy days are truly here again. i think you have to go back to the reagan era to find such a period of optimism across the board. so i say it's time to reject the naysayers, the pessimists and those bitter, sore losers who cannot stand the fact that trump was right and they were and continue to be wrong. now, why should we take it as gospel, by the way, that republicans have to lose a significant number of seats this
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november because of the midterm curse of an incumbent president? if most of america is happy with the way things are going, why would they want to wreck it all by giving power back to the democrats who want to just get into office and then reverse trump's achievements? that would be crazy. republicans should be fully embracing the trump agenda and running on it, not running away from what's actually working. in fact, a new cnn poll that dropped a few hours ago shows that the congressional generic ballot has tightened in republicans' favor, moving in the republican's direction. back in february, democrats enjoyed a 16-point advantage. guess what. now it's just three. a statistical tie. so in other words, americans do have a firm grasp on reality despite what the media and others are saying. so let's not allow the mouth pieces of the left who peddle their stormy narrative to obscure the only story that
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really matters, the millions of american lives improved by the day. thanks to the vision, commitment, and policies of donald trump. and that's "the angle." joining me now reaction in florida is dan bongino and nra tv contributor. would we hear in studio, john blaser, director of foreign policy studies at the cato institute and lisa harris, fox news national security analyst. great to see all of you. john, i want to go to you on this. it's amazing to go back and listen to those who several weeks ago were saying that trump was on the verge of bringing us a thermonuclear war because he called kim jong un rocket man and he seemed to be all over the place. they don't understand that's the way trump moves and operates. he is not being given credit. he says look, anything can happen here but the naysayers and the negativity, i don't think are complying with the reality that most americans are seeing here. >> it's important to point out
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that trump's approach to north korea is not the only pebble on the beach. i mean, north korea has very recently achieved what it has always wanted to achieve with regards to its nuclear and ballistic missile program, and that has really strengthened its bargaining position and goes a long way to expand why they change their posture. it's also the case -- >> laura: you are saying that north korea would have done this anyway with the hillary clinton? is that what you're arguing question works because there are other factors. south korean president moon jae-in. he's had almost the opposite of terms approach. it's not been going back to maximum pressure. it's been conciliation, sometime policy and negotiations et cetera. he has orchestrated most of the sort of diplomatic overture. a lot of credit is owed to him. a line of credit is owed to the fact they now have leverage with the nuclear program. they feel more on an equal basis. they can sit at the negotiating table with the united states. you have to take these things in. there are a lot of things. >> laura: literally, this is what i think trump is if he does and if he doesn't. if north korea was moving apace
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with more tests, more ballistic missile testing, they also had a facility collapse on itself. because of the way it was built, what it was tunneling underneath. collapse on itself. the whole narrative in north korea is collapsing but the pressure that was brought to bear on him with this unconventional american leader who didn't feel like he had to play by the old rulebook, i think moves it to the place that it is now that nobody predicted. no one is predicting that donald trump would be the one to oversee this summit and to carry out the summit. again, seeing where it goes. i think you are right that we have to be cautious but come on. the fact that he's not getting any credit from these people, i think it's dishonest at this point. >> you know, i agree with you during the campaign. i met with the south korean media and diplomats and they were so far from what's happening now, they even asked me will trump administration abandon us? everything has changed.
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there are many factors but they are clear strategic moves by the administration that led to the situation we're in right now. number one is to create the east asian coalition. south korea, japan. in my view, the most important, deploying the task forces. when the north koreans saw the task forces. we brought all of our task forces, the south koreans made a calculation. they can't overcome that. they went to the chinese. they asked the chinese thinking china was still in the '50s. they want to make money. they are global. they didn't want to engage with the north koreans against the south koreans. that created a change. so by deploying the forces, by opening to china and by reinforcing the east asian alliance -- >> laura: dan bongino, this is how "the new york times" was playing the release of the hostages coming home. here is the headline. "at a key moment, trump's top diplomat is again thousands of
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miles away." yeah. he was going to get the hostage hostages. they were saying leading up to the summit. we don't have pompeo there. this is after pompeo was trashed by a lot of democrats who voted to confirm him to be cia director, said he was in that dangerous guy i literally think they are throwing everything up against the wall to try to trash trump and none of it's working for the american people are like you know something, my life is getting better. i don't know what these media people are saying. they are a bunch of malcontents. >> this "new york times" story, you had one job, "the new york times," one job. can you just ask where pompeo was. okay, they are probably not going to tell you. there may have been some operational security involved. but maybe just buy the answer that hey, we have no comment to me could have figured out that maybe he was actually doing something. one job. get the story right. yet one job. what in the piercing headline. but i north korea quickly just a double barrel here.
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i think china as well, the tariffs played a big role here, the threat of. china depends far more on exporting their products to us and us buying them than vice versa. they needed us. now, i'm not a huge fan of tariffs for economic reasons but i believe the threat in and of itself and trump's unpredictability here which i believe is strategic is really helping us. one final thing, laura. forever we worried that kim jong un, the kim dynasty are rational actors. finally we have other foreign country saying the same thing about trump. i think it's a good thing. >> laura: stay right there, guys. the democrats did their own ideologically enhanced interrogation today of the cia nominee gina haspel during her senate confirmation hearing. rather than looking at the totality of her record, commitment to the agency, real expanse, democrats opted to grandstanding. perhaps an eye to 2020.
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>> do you believe that the previous interrogation techniques were immoral? >> senator, i believe that cia officers to whom you referred. >> it's a "yes" or "no" answer. >> senator, i believe that cia did extraordinary work to prevent another attack on this country using the legal tools we were authorized. >> please answer yes or no. do you believe in hindsight that those techniques were immoral? >> senator, what i believe sitting here today is that i support the higher moral standard we have decided to hold ourselves to. >> please answer the question. >> senator, i think i have answered the question. >> no, you are not. >> laura: kamala harris most people believe is going to run for president. i think it's all setting up for campaign commercials and so forth. john. >> i am more with john mccain and rand paul on this one. you mentioned reagan at the top. one of the last things reagan
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did as president in april 1988 was signed and champion to congress the u.n. convention against torture. that defines torture as anything that's purposely inflict it on someone -- >> laura: gina haspel didn't make the decision, though, john. she was not the architect of waterboarding. george w. bush and the legal consuls offset justice in consultation with congress okayed these techniques in a very limited number of cases at a time where we still believed the next attack was coming. she was overseeing that thailand site in 2002 and kamala harris, i don't know what she was doing in 2002. may be in california doing something. but these are the periods we asked to carry out the duties to protect us and keep us safe. gina haspel has been treated like dirt from this committee. if she were nominated by anyone else, a democrat, she would be confirmed easily. they voted to confirm brennan, her superior. they confirmed @seanhannity or no problem. >> you are 100% right that the democrats are being hypocrite will. if one owed to someone to be
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director of cia, we have to think about the sentiments reagan had about the convention against torture. and not bring someone who is a party to that in one of the ugliest periods. >> laura: we have to scour the cia looking for someone who spoke out against what was happening at the enhanced interrogation sites? i'm not an expert in how to interrogate people. there are good arguments it may not of been the right way to go. i think we were trying anything with someone like leachate mohammed. democrats are with collegiate mom and i guess on gina haspel is not qualified. >> i think there is a fairly wide consensus against torture and extreme feeling among americans and liberals, democrats in general. we are not talking about the intention to apply torture as we see it in the third world. i'm coming from a region where torture was applied to get a
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statement. we are talking about extreme conditions were that national security of the country would need one measure. that's a measure that when it happens, let's make it into a national security measure. let's ask the president, asked congressional leaders, would you want to do this to get results or not? >> laura: down. >> i am kind of disgusted by kamala harris here, laura. the question is fair. the way she phrased it is not. asking about the history of our use of enhanced interrogation and our future with it is a perfectly fair and frankly a question every united states citizen should get an answer to. >> laura: and she answered it. she answered it. she said it never happened under my watch. >> right, right. asking it as a internal question as if the entire field, laura, of ethics would exist in the gray matter of morality, asking it like a kindergartner would. listen, is killing bad? it depends.
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in war to defend your family. the entire field of ethics, human beings live on the margin. a lot of these things are marginal questions. acting like it's a "yes" or "no," laura, that was only done because she's setting herself up for a presidential. >> laura: 2020. and john mccain issued a tweet tonight saying that while he respects gina haspel, she's a patriot, a lot of expanse, she has disqualify herself because she took part in this and wouldn't answer kamala harris' questions. kamala harris herself speaking in her view of morality, she tweeted out a year or so ago when congress was considering that partial-birth of north india that to ban abortions after five months, to ban it is immoral. okay, so the view of morality i guess is always shifting. it's okay to rip these babies apart in the womb but heaven forbid we make a terrorists life uncomfortable. guys, great discussion. thanks to you all. major networks by the way my think twice now about using a
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porn star's attorney as a source after having to issue embarrassing retractions. we poke holes in the attorney's latest bombshell claim in a moment. stay there.
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bombshell from michael avenatti, an attorney for @ingrahamangle star stormy daniels. he's claiming that the company controlled by a russian billionaire played the president's personal attorney michael cohen half-million dollars. which cohen could've used them to pay stormy daniels. okay, let's slow down here. first consider the source. avenatti among other mistruths, claimed just last week, that he knew for a fact that the fbi had wiretapped cohen. >> i don't think we are going to find out that this was confined just to email voice wiretapped. i think my understanding is they weren't wiretapping text message communications for the weeks leading up to the fbi raids. >> is that a piece of information you've come into in the course of your work on this case or are you speculating? speak i'm not speculative. it's a fact. >> laura: as we know, the it wasn't a fact. there was no text message fails. didn't happen. now we have more than avenatti committed a major blunder with his so-called scoop yesterday. "the daily caller" is reporting
7:24 pm
that he has a seven page dossier with a list of payments supposedly made to terms lawyer and it cites the wrong michael cohen, a fairly well-known name, michael cohen. a lot of michael cohens in the united states. reporting that some of the payments were made ten men named michael cohen who have no affiliation with drum. on top of all that, "the washington post" reports that the inspector general is investigating just how avenatti obtained cohen's banking records. for more, let's consult with fox news can of it are byron york deputy assistant attorney general bob robert driscoll. gentlemen, grady c. byron, there's been quite a few mistruths stated by michael avenatti who was brought onto some of these other networks, almost like an analyst. they almost forget that he's representing a client.
7:25 pm
instead, he says something and they, the chiron's, trump, cohen bombshell, russian oligarch without looking into the details. it's wild. >> has been bragging about his tv appearances. bringing information, perhaps confidential, financial information about michael cohen. one of the big thing, the headlines is russia, russia, russia. russia company was actually a u.s. company which gave him some money. you have to think if this is the smoking gun of collusion, why did robert mueller's investigators farm this case out to the attorneys at the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. this would seem to be in the heart of the russian investigation and yet mueller gave it to somebody else. >> laura: and what the company is saying is not only did this
7:26 pm
oligarch have no personal involvement controlling this company, this is an american lead and american run company. i think it's one of many investments this billionaire ha has. people have investments all over the world. if you order a white russian in a restaurant, if you ever took a russian class, you are part of the russian collusion. i think it hurts the case. i think it's really shortsighted for the media to take almost everything this guy says as gospel, and i think they are embarrassing themselves every night on this. >> to byron's point, novartis commode of the companies involved, released a statement saying they were interviewed by the fbi in november. clearly this has been an issue for the people that have more information than we do for a long time. mueller made the referral to the southern district of new york. if it had anything to do with russian collusion, it would've been helped. might be news to us because someone decided to leak it a suspicious activity report but it's not news to the investigators.
7:27 pm
>> laura: we will get to how he got these documents but he has an individual's banking records. where did he get those? harder to get those? if they didn't come out of the mueller investigation, they could've come out of some other compliance officers files. people leaking stuff left and right here. john dean, of watergate fame, was on cnn today, so this won't hurt avenatti's credibility at all. >> could've come from a bank employee. could have come from a treasury department employee. i think what is happened is probably going to be an innocent error on his part of it's the wrong michael cohen. i don't think it's going to affect his overall credibility, though, because he's got pretty solid documentation for everything's been doing so far. >> laura: byron. >> the key issue here is apparently he does have some actual information from cohen's bank records. real questions about how he got them. but it also does appear to show
7:28 pm
some sort of michael: pay for play operation in which these large corporations, novartis, a, paid him tons of money, like $100,000 in a month. >> laura: that would never happen in american politics. for a pal of a president getting money for access. it could be hash it's not illegal unless there was a quid pro quo. >> people have gotten into trouble for. the president's brother and the jimmy carter years. >> laura: obama's pal. obama said i don't know them that well. >> exactly right. this is the kind of thing that it's legitimate for law enforcement to be investigating. but what about the attorney for the porn star actress, no. this is fairly typical washington. essentially these companies need access. everyone was in a panic in washington one trump won. i think a lot of these companie
7:29 pm
companies, across john podesta off their check and say who do we need to write this to? >> laura: he is smearing the wrong michael cohen? throwing the cell at this seat of michael cohen, trump's personal attorney, and there are other michael cohens. it's like a basic first year law student. it wouldn't allow that mistake tapping. you would be fired as an associate at the firm i used to work for if you made that mistake and this guy is dropping stuff all over television bragging. we have to play the sound bite because byron raised it. it's just so funny. he was bragging about his media strategy. this is fun to watch. let's do it. >> i have to tell you this. i'm going to touch on this. there's been a lot of criticism lately about, not a lot, there's been some criticism about how her meaty strategy and how often i am on cnn at half my bed on your show another networks. it's all a bunch of nonsense because here's the bottom line, anderson. it's working. okay. it's working in spades, and one of the reasons and one of the ways it's working is because we are so out front on this, people
7:30 pm
send us information. people want to help our cause. >> laura: may be the rules of evidence are eluding him. >> another treasury department is investigating to see if of their employees called the michael avenatti to plan and told them about this. >> laura: gentlemen, in a second, the press, speaking of the press, is up in arms over the president's tweet decrying fake news. >> how is the suggestion of taking american journalists press connections away advocating for free press in this country?
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>> laura: president trump has triggered the media into another freak out with this tweet. despite all success, he wrote "91% of the network news about me is negative. fake. why do we work so hard in working with the media when it's corrupt? take away credentials?" a minor correction. the negative coverage has dropped from 91% to only 90%. according to a newly released a study from the media research. that 1%, mr. president, hold on to that. predictably the president's tweets stirred up a hornets nest among the white house press corps leading to this heated exchange with sarah sanders today. >> how is this suggestion of taking american journalist's press credentials away advocating for a free press in this country? those two do not go together. >> the fact that i'm standing here taking questions, the fact of the president to questions
7:34 pm
from your colleagues to arms go demonstrates this white house's commitment to accessibility and providing information to the american public. at the same time, the press has a responsibility to put out accurate information. >> laura: to break it all down, jeffrey lord served as associate political director and the reagan administration. richard goodstein is a former hillary clinton presidential campaign advisor. gentlemen, it's great to see yo you. the press is really upset about this credentials tweet. richard. >> well, certainly this was one of those examples, look, let's remind ourselves donald trump impersonated a public relations officer for years, right, under the name of john miller and john barron. the notion of his decrying fake news is always a bit rich. let's put that aside for now. this was i think put out, this notion of taking away press credentials, was to take away from the michael cohen story, rudy giuliani totally botching things. et cetera, et cetera.
7:35 pm
example that the press is getting it right is on north korea people are giving him credit. not the people you're short on msnbc. generally speaking, the press is giving him credit. i don't think frankly this network gave barack obama as much credit when he got two hostages out but that's neither here nor there. the press generally is giving donald trump high marks. the point is whether it's good news to report he's getting good news. >> laura: 90%. of new stories are negative on this president at the same time, as i said in my angle, 50% percent of my americans say thie looking good. the press, negative, negative, negative. it becomes white noise. people say wait a second. i just got a bonus for joining this blue-collar job. my stuff is still looking pretty good in the stock market. kids able to get a job out of college. actually able to take a vacation this summer. i think the democrats are pushing this the wrong way, and i don't think the coverage is
7:36 pm
even remotely even handed. if it were evenhanded, i think trump's numbers would be like 55%. i really do. jeff, i want you to go on this. 90%, okay, let's say 70%. i would even say if it was 70% negative, okay. 90 to 91%? come on. >> it is nonstop, nonstop. there's an interesting pattern here, laura. this is church were to kill us. it. when i hear the stuff. the hysteria that he was going to blow up north korea. now he's going to take the press and jim acosta to rikers island? to be serious about this, where were these people when barack obama was sending the department of justice and the attorney general eric holder who called himself the president's "wing man" at the department of justice, after fox's james rosen and going through the email records and getting his parents phone records, where were they
7:37 pm
when james from "the new york times" was threatened with jail by the obama justice department? i want to read you to headlines. >> laura: i'm sorry, let me read this. i have a full screen. jeff, you are stealing my thunder a little bit but i love it because you're prepared. he wrote in december of 2016 about the obama administration's treatment of the press. "under mr. obama, the justice department and fbi have spied on reporters by monitoring the phone records, labeled one journalist and unindicted coconspirator in a criminal case for doing reporting and issued subpoenas to other reporters to try to force him to reveal their sources and testify in criminal cases." he said he experiences pressure firsthand with the administration tried to compel him to testify to reveal confidential sources in a criminal leak investigation. jeffrey, finish it out. >> well, exactly. what we've got here is the problem, a serious with liberals
7:38 pm
with power, and when they are in the justice department like that they are seriously going after journalists, where were all these folks? quiet as church mice. this is inexcusable. where were they when the conservatives, they go after the conservative media? they are not there. so i listen to all of this today and i just find it -- i mean, the double standards here are just incredible. >> laura: richard, brian karam who was on another network earlier today, cnn, he said this. let's play the second sound bit sound bite. >> always been worried about the guy. he is working a county fair somewhere in montana. his first year on the job. someone who wants to prove their worth to the president is going to go out and harm that kid who is freshly to the field of reporters. the president is holding us, he makes us the enemy. we are not the enemy of the people. we are the people. we are the people represented in that room. >> laura: the reporter in montana.
7:39 pm
that's eight bucolic narrative he painted for us. >> the problem, the talk about fake news. the most revealing thing in the president tweet was saying any press that's negative is fake or that fake is negative. he's basically an autocrat who says that the press doesn't buy his line, it's fake. every time he uses the term phase news, substitute the phrase "good for me" or "bad for me. close with then you will know what it really means. if it's bad for him, it's fake. the problem is autocrats all over the world's -- >> laura: that's so ridiculous. >> they are picking up the fake news -- the philippines, one country after another where you've got dictators are autocrats and they are picking up this fake news -- >> the obama white house. >> you may not like it. >> laura: i think your point is what about the obama white house the treatment of the press. james rison is a liberal
7:40 pm
commentator now for "the new york times." this is not fox news saying it. it's not "the daily caller" saying it. it someone has been a journalism for decades saying obama did more to turn the screws in the press than anyone here remember in a long time. >> the answer is barack obama could travel the world and be celebrated. donald trump cannot go any place -- in england, he cannot go any place publicly because he is stimulating this whole thing. >> laura: the elites don't like trump. give me a headline that's a surprise. >> he can't go out into the public. >> laura: right, they are going to have -- yeah, well, no. name a block, a full square city block in israel after donald trump. i guess he can't go there either. i mean, they don't like the fact that america is back. and when we are strong, a lot of the malcontents on the global front are upset. guess what, they said the same thing about reagan because i was there working in the reagan administration. he was an idiot, had turned out
7:41 pm
he was one of the most transformative presidents we've ever had her gentleman, always great to have both of you on and wait until you hear who's calling for every american to be tested for signs of hidden racism. racism. that's next.ill i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- mbc, approved, with hormonal therapy, as an everyday treatment for a relentless disease. verzenio + an ai is proven to help women have significantly more time without disease progression, and more than half of women saw their tumors shrink vs an ai. diarrhea is common, may be severe, and may cause dehydration or infection. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts,
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>> laura: okay, ready for this? head of the naacp wants you to be tested for implicit racial
7:44 pm
bias. and he wanted to be mandatory for public officials. der johnson explained in the "usa today" op-ed "it's just a matter of time before another black person is abused, arrested, or shot dead for flying, golfing, driving, walking, or drinking coffee while black." is this the right approach to improving race relations? let's ask democratic strategist michael starr hopkins and fox news contributor, radio talk show host kevin jackson. all right, let's go to michael. implicit racial bias training? tell me how that would work. >> listen, i see implicit bias in the criminal justice system everyday as an attorney. i see it in the way that our police systems are done. i see it in the different punishments, and i think it's something we have to address. i think implicit bias is something that, you know, is an issue that has historical connotations, and we can either choose to run away from it -- >> laura: can you explain? i'm not trying to be cute here but can you claim for our
7:45 pm
viewers who are familiar with the term what it means. >> so implicit bias basically means that it's a subconscious bias. when you see someone who is african-american, you are afraid of them not because of -- they are actually being a danger but because they are african-american. other racial ways of doing it but that's the easiest one to describe. >> laura: so even if you don't demonstrate any active bias in what you do or say, you can feel those things? >> yeah, absolutely. i know that may sound ridiculous on its face but think about it and resumes for applying to jobs. when you see certain names, those people are less likely to get hired because of the connotations that come with those names. >> laura: let's go to you, kevin. this this is what whoopi goldbeg said today on "the view." she's probably not known to be the most conservative person. let's watch. >> i mean, even though there's black people behind him with a sign that says "blacksburg
7:46 pm
trump." there's four or five guys standing. i think it's the same five people all the go everywhere. i could be wrong. speak with the premise is somehow that trump has done so much for the african-american community. and i just don't see it. >> i don't think anybody in their right mind would think that -- >> laura: dovetails into this conversation about people harboring this implicit bias and naacp wants to train people to think differently or at least recognize it. trump is kind of part of the problem i guess is the implicit argument. and things aren't really getting better. >> lucky for you i took the implicit bias test before i can hear tonight and it turns out i don't like stupid people of any race. so that's my bias. look, this is a subject that cracks me up.
7:47 pm
michael even have a difficult time trying to display what he means by it. >> i have no problem. >> laura: i think he explained it. >> the irony of it is that it's a group that has an expletive bias, colored people, who are actually bringing this up. if you listen to what whoopi goldberg said, it made apsley no sense. but he has implicit biases. we have explicit biases. we have what's called common sense. we profile. i have a bias for the food i eat, the restaurants i go to, the people hang around, and so now we have a study. laura come alive i'll ask you, do you know any conservative pee they teach these types of classes? anyone who's going to teach about bias or white privilege or other nonsense by the left are nothing but leftists who are the most divisive people in the country. americans are sick of them. they teach this in academia because this is an industry. it's a moneymaking multitrillion dollar industry that i wrote a book about. this bias is nonsense, and michael knows it.
7:48 pm
>> first of all -- >> laura: i will let you respond. i want to show a chart so people get some sense of where we are with unemployment. black unemployment, i guess whoopi goldberg thinks it's all obama. this is what it looks like. it's at 6.6%. it is a record low. that is something to celebrate. i don't care whether you are a democrat or republican. it has occurred under donald trump's watch. michael. >> okay, let me address a couple things. kevin come i don't know if you didn't get the memo but we are not colored people anymore. that's just not how we refer to each other anymore. let me address the unemployment record. if you look at when president obama came into office office, served in .5 is with the african-american on a plumbing record is. now it's a little under 7%. has president trump done some things that if contributed to that? yes. president obama dropped it by 10%. implicit bias. i think it's ridiculous to say implicit bias isn't a real thin
7:49 pm
thing. look at tamir rice in ohio, child killed holding an airgun. if you don't believe it's real -- so you, how do you not believe there's a racial connotation? >> i believe you apply it. it's applied to catholics, christians. it's applied to capitalists. it's applied to conservatives. >> laura: gentlemen, i think one thing that's difficult for people to get, though, is what do you do about it? so you have training to get yourself to think okay, think differently. when you say training, what does that mean? people go off and think all sorts of things. >> you grow out of it. >> laura: and then you have friends who are from different walks of life. i don't know. i think this idea of training people, it seems, it just seems weird. >> it seems rather childish. >> i get that. the training word. it's conversation. we need to be able to have uncomfortable conversations.
7:50 pm
>> laura: we are going to have more conversation with both of you soon because you are both fantastic guess. i like both of you. thank you for being on. the resistance is growing in california but it's not what you expect. backlash against california think state policy next. save big during the go outdoors event and sale at bass pro shops and cabela's. like bass pro or cabela's flag t-shirts for only $5. an igloo 48 qt. cooler for under $20. and save 25% on camelbak hydration packs.
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>> laura: the backlash against california's sanctuary state law now includes a city in l.a. county. it's big. early this morning, at santa clarita city council voted unanimously 5-0 to oppose the law. and to file a brief supporting the trump administration's lawsuit against california. joining us now, the council member who first raised the issue, bob keller. bob for my hats off to you in santa clarita. you voted to try to take back the power away from the unaccountable, seemingly unaccountable elites in your
7:54 pm
state. things got pretty heated. i want to play a montage of some of the sound from the hearing last night. let's watch. >> your hearing the voices of patriotic people that love their country. >> california has gone from the golden state into a state of lawlessness. >> we are not talking about immigration. we are talking about criminality. >> we are tired. we are fed up by the lawlessness of the democratic party. >> sanctuary cities are magnets for criminal aliens. >> you are not entitled to be here. respect americans. this is america. >> usa, usa, usa! >> laura: were there counter protests, bob? >> yes, there were. thank you for having me on your program. it's a real honor. last night, that was a record book last night here for santa clarita. as you can tell, we are in the council chamber on this program. we had a turnout there was
7:55 pm
absolutely unbelievable. when it was all said and done, i would say the audience was probably around either nine trans or 10 to 1. the mass majority of people were here to stand up to america, the principles of the country and oppose sb 54. absolutely, it's been the issue that's gone over the top here in the state of california and certainly here in my city of santa clarita. >> laura: bob, i think the president should make a lot more trips to california. there is a list of all the california counties that are opposing the sanctuary policies. it's growing. i think he should make more trips to california, go to places like santa clarita, talk to the people in places where people don't agree with him on everything, and hit the theme. do you agree this could be a turning point for the beginning of a possible cracking the democrats' stronghold in
7:56 pm
california? >> i absolutely believe that, laura. and i will tell you, and this didn't come from anything other than the people here last night in attendance. so many of them were wearing their make america great again red hats. so many of them said god bless president trump. you can just feel the pent up frustration from all of the folks that were here last night. they wanted, and i made this comment just before we made a motion and a vote on the matter which was almost 1:30 in the morning. the people that were here, you could tell he wanted to finally get it off their chests and be heard on the matters in the frustrations and the issues going on in the state of california. >> laura: bob, i don't -- i do not think california is lost to the republican party. i think trust needs to go there and go off of. bob keller, great news coming out of your county last night, l.a. county needs it badly. thank you so much. when we come back, a patriotic
7:57 pm
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the commute is worth, the more you know you and that john deere tractor... you can keep dreaming up projects all the way home. it's a longer drive. but just like a john deere, it's worth it. >> laura: it's time for the last bite. we leave you with lady melania drum from the white house event honoring military spouses. the speaker today i want to take this opportunity to let you all know that as a mother, members of the military community, they deserve recognition for not only your love for your children, but for
8:00 pm
the dedication and sacrifice you made on behalf of our country each and every day. >> laura: as we approach mother's day, let us not forget the heroes at home. shannon bream? ♪ >> shannon: this will be an action-packed show as we await the arrival of three american hostages who are imprisoned in north korea. we are tracking brand-new secretary of state mike pompeo's imminent return to america with those three dd needs, plus a place and a date set for president trump to meet the kim jong un played a big day on capitol hill as controversial cia nominee director jean hospital was slammed about torture brad will she be confirmed? more reaction coming up. senator barrasso has just been to dinner at the white house to discuss north korea and he joins us live with the inside scoop. also by selling presidential historian jon meacham


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