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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 9, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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soon as new secretary of state pompeo and the freed hostages who have been held in north korea returned not just to u.s. soil, they have touched down in alaska, but here to the d.c. area. stay tuned for extended coverag coverage. chief national correspondent ed hendry ed henry takes over. >> i think people thought it would be years before this happened. it would be years or decades, nobody thought this would happen. i appreciate kim jong un doing this. >> a grateful nation prepares for a grateful homecoming. three previously imprisoned americans get set to put their feet on u.s. soil for the first time in a long time. that will happen in about two hours from now. secretary of state mike pompeo is scheduled to land at joint
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andrews, the maryland air force base. president trump, first lady millenia trump and mike pence will welcome these americans home. that was following a very dramatic slick show of diplomacy and north korea. pompeo took a second trip to north korea in recent weeks meeting again with kim jong un who had held the several americans captive. it could be a sign of improving relations between two long-time adversaries, a goodwill gesture as they predict. to meet president trump in his historic summit likely to come in june. the face-to-face is likely to take place in singapore, although that detail and length of talks, all of it is being finalized. the objectives of atomic objective is very clear, to eliminate nuclear arms buildup that only months ago seemed to be bringing the u.s. and north korea to the brink of nuclear war. at least that is what the president's critics were
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claiming. this sets the stage for a peace summit that may just be defusing the potential for conflict. the president and dignitaries will be on hand at joint base andrews in the next couple of hours for an extraordinary welcome home ceremony. we will go live to andrews shortly but first, the president is up late and so is our correspondent kristin fisher. good morning, i guess, or good evening. i'm not sure what it is on the north lawn of the white house. >> good morning. you know better than anyone, the white house at at 1:00 a.m. is typically dead but activity is starting to pick up here as we await president trump's departure to joint base andrews in about an hour to welcome these three americans home. tonight the family of one of those freed americans is thinking president trump for directly engaging with north korea. they believed this would not have happened without him and would not have happened without his campaign of maximum pressure.
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in fact, tonight, one republican senator is putting it like this. quote for the first time since 2009, we do not have an american citizen held by the regime. a true reflection of trump's campaign of maximum pressure. this is yet another indicator that the talks between kim jong un and president trump will lead to meaningful results. the president's allies are saying that tonight is proof. all of those tough talk and all of the sanctions are working. the white house is doing it as it a motion of goodwill. but the release of these americans in no way softens what the u.s. wants. that is the complete denuclearization of north korea. they don't want pyangyoung to freeze its nuclear missile test, they want kim jong un to give up the nuclear weapons and completely dismantle the program. >> the president views this as a positive gesture and a step in the right direction.
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however total denuclearization will remain the top priority. >> today president trump said that summit will not be taking place in the dmz as he previously suggested so speculation is now centered on singapore. >> we picked a place for the meeting, or summit as you like to call it. and i think it will be very successful. but as i always say, who knows what will happen. it's going to be a very important event. >> it's amazing to think that just a few months ago, so many of the president's critics were worried that president trump and his aggressive policies were going to drag the u.s. into some kind of nuclear showdown with north korea, and now he is just weeks away from eating kim jong un in person and hours away from welcoming these three americans home. ed? >> very on point, kristin. quick question there, how is it
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expected to play out? >> that's what we have heard but that could always change. we are expected to leave here around 2:00 a.m. on marine one and he will be joined by vice president mike pence, the national security advisor and the first lady. they will head from here to joint base andrews but as you know the timing could be fuzzy, so it could be 15 minutes later or 15 minutes sooner. and we will get back to you as news warrants. >> the three detainees are expected to touch down in a very short time, sometime around 3:00 a.m. eastern time. fox news correspondent leland bedard is standing by. an extraordinary moment there at joint base andrews, give us a sense of what's happening. >> presidents certainly relish the times that they can have a happy reunion and welcome home
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some americans here at joint base andrews. so often, it's presidents welcoming home americans under less than celebratory circumstances, and unusual on the flight line is the american flag held up by two huge fire trucks that have lifted their ladders up. little updates on the timing, we understand that three hostages are in the air, there were refueling stops in japan and anchorage, alaska. it's been about an 18-20 hour track from north korea. we expect the hostages to arrive here at about 3:00 a.m. we were told that they switched planes in japan to a plane that had some slightly better medical facilities on it, although the pool of reporters, just to reporters that were traveling
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with the secretary of state noted that the hostages were able to walk on the secretary of state's plane in north korea under their own steam and walked up the stairs on to the plane, so it appeared to be in somewhat good health. obviously it's a very different situation and the homecoming for the last detainee from north korea, auto warm beer, arrived in very, rough shape. one of them is from this area, it's unclear what happened once they arrived here. we are still looking around for some clues. we see the motorcade of the vice president and the presidents of vehicles here and we know the president will arrive and depart on marine one coming up here in about an hour or so. they will come here and then wait for the arrival of the three hostages. >> leland, i'm so glad that you
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mentioned otto warmbier. several viewers have sent me letters saying, we should not forget him. as joyous as it is to see these brave americans coming home, the fact that otto warmbier was basically killed by the regime is something that we can never forget. and please, add to that, but also, do you have any flavor or if there are family members? we hear voices in the background, i'm sure that there are media there. are there other people gathering at andrews? >> we will give you a sense of the throng of media both from the united states and a number of outlets from around the world that have gathered here. this is a look down the risers at joint base andrews of the correspondence that have gathered here. to your point whether there is family or not, we haven't been told that. there is an area as you know of the vip terminal here that is cordoned off. as we walked and we pretty contingent area of guards, so
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whether or not they have been able to get your in time or not is to be determined. it appears the administration had a few days heads up that these prisoners were likely to be released when mike pompeo went over to north korea. typically there is a quid pro quo that if we are going to go all this way for what would be a second meeting of the secretariat of state, we are coming home with something. it was the three americans that were demanded by the united states but it was a very, very tight lid by the administration. then that's finally when the administration broke this news. so whether or not the family had a heads up, we just don't know. the vice president and vice president president haven't forgotten them either. they specifically in the last
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couple of days: and just talk to them about what happened. you noted at the cabinet meeting today it was sonny purdue who offered a prayer for otto warmbier before that meeting began. very clearly as you heard from the president among others, they are not forgetting in any way what happened to him at the hands of the north korean regime. >> okay. do some more digging out there and we will be getting to you through the evening of the early morning hours. joining us now from here in our washington bureau is retired lieutenant colonel daniel davis. he is retired after 21 years of active service including four tours in combat zones. he's now a senior fellow and military expert at defense priorities. good morning here in the early hours. i am struck by the image of the american flag with two fire engines, it's a remarkable moment for america right now. >> it is.
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i actually landed at dulles one time and there were two fire trucks out there that were shooting water as the plane went under it. >> they like to do that as a special greeting. >> they do, and it means a lot to them. >> before we get to the substance of all of this, an important thing that we don't want to forget, i saw you nodding your head when leland was reporting on the family of otto warmbier. and we can't forget that this is a murderous regime that we are dealing with. we essentially killed this young man. he came back all tortured and beaten down, and you just have to feel for his family tonight. >> you do. it's a touching moment because some people said like in the state of the union address, he was using it as a prop to make his points. but this shows that he generally
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feels for him. >> so we are learning tonight that the secretary of state made this provision. that suggests to me that the united states is playing offense. >> yes. they are playing firm, and they are not going to talk for the sake of talking. it's a very positive development that they were able to say yes, this is what we are going to do. they didn't play around or push back and so it's a positive development and i hope it continues. >> on the other hand, regimes like north korea make suggestions like this, they released prisoners and then they go to the negotiating table. i tried it, we did all these things, but we are not getting what we want. i found a fist and walk away. how skeptical should we be tonight that this is a little bit of goodwill. >> president trump is in the
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powerful dominant decision. time is not running out for us because we have all the cards. our military, our powerful military deterrent can keep us safe here but he doesn't have all the time in the world. he can say, if this isn't worth the wait, i can walk away from here. and we are okay. are we seeing the outlines of the trunk doctrine? >> i think we are starting to. his instincts are very good on foreign policy and it has been, and i hope to see him continue on with that. i think he has a chance because of his disruptive nature, one of the reasons he got elected in the first place, let's play a big role in diplomacy because he has a big chance here to accomplish something that none of the 12 presidents that came before him has.
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and that is a testament to his willingness to accept risks. >> thank you. the white house celebrating the release of these three americans being freed, of course, but what comes next? >> some experts say that terror groups will try to use this as an incentive to take more hostages. and what are the stakes as the president sits down with the north korean dictator? we'll break it all down, next. -here comes the rain.
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tonight. >> vice president mike pence will be there in a short time. now with the release of the three americans, the two nations appear to be on the road towards at least a more peaceful coexistence. but are we in danger of letting our guard down prematurely? joining us now from our miami bureau, jonathan changed her. he is a former terror analyst of the u.s. treasury department. jonathan, what do you think about what we should be thinking and feeling tonight? obviously there is a great feeling of patriotism and excitement that three americans are coming home, but the cold reality is, what. >> the cold reality is, first of all this is a brutal regime. first you have to think about the facts that there have been three people released from these prison camps, but there are thousands still languishing in these camps. we can't forget how brutal this regime is and how far we have to go. if we are going to have any kind of relationship with this
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country, it's great to see the step taken as well as perhaps the summit that will be taking place in singapore early, later in the month, but there still a long way to go. the other thing that i would also note is the president has done a great job in releasing these three americans. you also have to think about the fact that isis may still have some americans in its power right now. you have the turkish president who is holding americans and other westerners against their will, and there are other dictators around the country and i hope they are watching in the united states uses this as leverage to release them as well. >> some critics will say tonight, wait a second, they will get a different message which is as they take americans as hostage around the world, they will be able to get the president himself or at least his representatives to the negotiating table. what do you say to that? >> typically when terror groups take americans or foreigners hostages, they are looking for
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payouts. this is about the president using his power to make sure that if they want to talk further about us releasing our sanctions on them, then they have to do certain things. so this was an interim step taken. he's using all the leverage he has and i'm not sure that terror groups will be able to replicate this. >> >> let's widen the lens a lie bit. i mentioned moments ago that these events are happening so quick, and you know better than anyone that it was only 24 or 48 hours ago. the biggest story in the world was the president of the united states pulling the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal. now we have this taking over that but it hasn't gone away. democratic governor chuck schumer was saying a couple days ago that terror groups like hezbollah would be emboldened now that the u.s. is pulling out. >> even as this is happening,
10:22 pm
there's another big story that's taking place for the israelis that have actually targeted about 30 different sites around syria, including hezbollah itself. they took a beating tonight by the israelis presumably with a green light from the president so i think we are seeing things change much faster than anyone had imagined. >> last question, when you also take a step back, one of the achievements from this organization early on was decimating isis. what is the tone that has been set by this president, there are critics out there who say, he is unpredictable and that is a bad thing. inside the white house they say that unpredictability has put isis and others on the run. >> i think he was very predictable with isis. he said he was going to go out and destroy them and that's exactly what he has done. i think the unpredictability that we have seen is specifically with the north koreans, that he wasn't
10:23 pm
taking anything from the north korean leader. calling him rocket man and belittling him and i think ultimately the north koreans looked around and said, can we deal with this guy, will we deal with this guy? what's he going to do next? and i think that had something to do with the decision that they made tonight. >> we are joined now by larry o'connell, and he also writes for "the washington times" and other publications. you see his work all the time, especially here on fox. let's start right here where we ended with jonathan which is, what a difference a year makes. last summer president's critics were saying, this little rocket man, and he was bringing us to the brink of nuclear war? >> it's almost like treating this man with the disrespect that he deserves. it has actually paid some dividends here. instead of stepping back and using quiet diplomacy in patients that we saw during the obama administration, trump took
10:24 pm
it right out of him and started ridiculing him on an international stage, kind of putting in the place that he belonged and now he's starting to possibly reap some dividends. i don't think we should be too optimistic, should be pessimistic. but the fact of the matter is, when this historic moment that we are about to see, there will be no americans held in north korea. that is a huge achievement and the president deserves some credit for it. >> it certainly is. and you also think about this, trust but verify. >> exactly. it could be as early as early in june we are told. >> they could be distrust, don't even come close to trusting, reconfirm, and, there seems to be some motivation over there. let's face it, we seen an historic meeting between north korea and south korea and now they are moving toward the
10:25 pm
summit that looks to be near singapore. there needs to be -- it needs to be recognized that north korea is a failed state. they know they are a failed state, and they have finally come to terms with that. and, we are turning over americans as a precondition to just sit down with president trump. he's not getting anything for it. he seems to be very defensive and he seems to be the one that really wants the meetings. he wants presidents to sit down in this. it's a huge deal to get the president of the united states to sit with the leader of north korea with the summit. none of the american leaders have done that until now. the highest ranking officials was madeleine albright. so that in and of itself is a heck of a carrot of the president is giving kim jong un. but to sit down and say, we are not even going to talk about a
10:26 pm
summit with you unless you release every american were holding, and here it is. >> the last historic moment we had was 24 hours or so ago. >> don't you love these cycles? >> it is still there, and he sending the wrong message around the world. the president himself as i recall in the white house, he said the u.s. is sending a different message that is, you do what we say. i think about the contrast to barack obama, i was in the white house briefing room when he said it would be a redline in syria. they use chemical weapons. and he didn't follow through on that. >> in the present use the office that he has launched a military
10:27 pm
strike against syria. the smart set and all the people who would know much more than i do about international diplomacy -- >> or maybe they don't. >> they have been wrong a whole lot of things. but they said, the president thought, this will send the wrong message to north korea. north korea won't sit down talk to us because we aren't sending the message to them making a deal. this was a message to north korea to let them know, you really want to have a deal, you want to talk to us? we are not patsies, look what we are doing with iran right now. you can work with us and deal squarely with us and finally we see three americans coming home. >> i won't keep you here any longer, i was thinking you had a show tomorrow but it's actually a show later today. the plane with the detainees is just over an hour away from
10:28 pm
landing. we'll have more on secretary pompeo's coverage. stick with us.
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>> the release of the three americans who have been held captive caps and a dramatic day of diplomacy in pyangyoung. in a 90 minute meeting between mike pompeo and kim jong un. he gave the fingers cross sign when asked about the prisoners as he returned to his hotel, signifying this was not a done deal. let's go now for the details to fox news correspondent lauren blanchard. what signal might kim jong un be sending to the president trump and the american people with this decision ahead of the talks to free americans? >> we are hearing it was a gesture of goodwill and the release of these three americans was no easy feat by this newly confirmed and sworn in secretary of state mike pompeo. this is his second known meeting with kim jong un in just th3 the summit has been set, but the details of not been made public. in photos from the north korean state tv, it shows smiles during pompeo's 90 minute meeting with north korean dictator kim jong un. pompeo telling reporters as they made their way home, substantive talk about how the agenda would be and, we are going to begin to coordinate between now and the summit to condition for a successful meeting between two
10:34 pm
leaders. and this was not a guaranteed release. pompeo flashed the crossed fingers sign to a number of reporters as he was making his way through the hotel. this was shortly before the announcement came down from the north, down like korean officials that kim jong un had decided to grant amnesty to the three americans. now, within just an hour of being released from north korean custody, because americans were in the air and on their way out of north korea. now the countdown is on. here is a live look at joint base andrews were president trump, the first lady, vice president pence and mrs. pence are all expected to welcome the americans home. but what was there joining like across the world tonight? first the americans and secretary pompeo are flying from pyangyoung, north korea, to the andrews air force base. now they are scheduled to arrive just before 3:00 a.m. local time at joint base andrews here in
10:35 pm
washington, d.c., area. there will be two planes. the first to land will carry the secretary of state mike pompeo, who will be greeted by the president. second larger is better equipped to give men medical attention. they were arrested in the spring 2017. kim dong chul was arrested in 2013 and had been sentenced to ten years of hard labor. the state department set all three appeared in good health and were able to walk onto the plane without assistance. the men releasing this statement reading, we would like to express our deep appreciation to the united states government, president trump, secretary pompeo and the people of the united states for bringing us home. we thank god and all of our families and friends who prayed for us and prayed for our
10:36 pm
return. god bless america, the greatest nation in the world. and remember this is new found warmth between the u.s. and north korea because just a few months ago is when of course north korea was threatening to launch missiles that not only u.s. bases and military territories around the world but also the u.s. mainland. ed? >> thank you, lauren. along with the release of the three americans from north korea came when state the plan summit between president trump and kim jong un will take place likely in this area. the meeting as of now is scheduled for one day but that could change as talks progress. you have a background in foreign policy and you covered it for a long time. before we get into the substance of the talks, when you listen to
10:37 pm
lauren's reporting, mike pompeo has taken on two very sensitive, delicate missions. he has the trust of this president very quickly in a way that his predecessor, rex tillerson, simply never had. >> it's absolutely striking that mike pompeo seems to have earned of the trust and earn the position of secretary of state in a month, more than record sales than the at nearly the year that he did in office. now he was in the oval every single day when he was able. he was briefing the president and it was nearly a two and a half hour briefing. i was so much that langley must
10:38 pm
appreciate about him because he was one of the first cia directors to have that person-person relationship and that's exactly why when the president lost faith, faith in rex tillerson, he said i will go to the person i trust the most. >> such a big event. i'm not sure if that could be the first plane or if it could be something that's getting ready for the planes to arrive. we are expecting them closer to 3:00 a.m. eastern so it could just be some jets running through some run-throughs. i wonder what is happening inside the administration, because as we see these dramatic developments, on a normal day it would have been a big story that the president that the president of the united states attic, we are not having the summit at the dnc. now we are hearing it's likely singapore. talk about the symbolism and why kim jong un doesn't want to do it at the dmz. >> right, this area, we don't want to have an event that is entirely not neutral. not really the place where you want to have a piece on it. singapore is a perfectly neutral nation. it's the perfect equal distance from there. it's not beijing so it's a
10:39 pm
neutral party, and it's a place where kim jong un can feel comfortable, and in which the united states can also feel comfortable. i think singapore, and frankly from what i understand is the north korean air force is so decrepit that it actually can't fly very far. singapore is one of those sites that falls within the radius of wire one of those kids can make it. >> gives you an idea of all the bluster from came down like kim jong un. his military is not in as strong as shape as he would like to promote and it makes you wonder why -- if i could be one of the reasons why he is in such a defensive posture. >> north korea has basically poured its entire gdp into its nuclear program. they don't care if people are starved, they don't care if they have roads, they care if they have an intercontinental
10:40 pm
ballistic missile that is capable of striking the u.s. homeland, and frankly they have achieved that. it's incredible i think that the president entered without the precondition, for which she was heavily criticized, and he did secure the release of those american hostages before the summit took place. it was absolutely astounding. >> so the north korean dictator had defensive posture as they say giving some ground to the american president in the early stages, yet you would never know it from the north korean state run media. they said some other things today. the respective leader kim jong un and sincerely congratulated him on his recent official assumption as secretary of state. he left out the key detail that, we gave him. >> the funny thing is they told our state department reporters on the ground that, this was a very difficult decision because these men are such terrible criminals. of course it had nothing to do with the major pressure that the u.s. president has been putting
10:41 pm
upon us. but here are the hostages that you've been asking for for so long. the north koreans have to save face as well. but the thing that surprised me most about kim was his total willingness to just negotiate at the table, but also just to show some willingness and care frankly for his own people. that's not something that family is while known for four. >> the other thing, the difference in age is more than how old kim jong un is. i think he is the youngest world leader on the world stage. he does have a nuclear arsenal, but on a different level, he and the president do seem to be on the same wavelength. they both tossed some really bombastic rhetoric at each other but they have shown some real practicality.
10:42 pm
you see kim jong un's filing with the u.s. secretary of state after they called our president a name. >> called him "little rocket man" and so on. >> i think if anything here is going to secure a deal in the end. >> stay with us as we follow the three just-released hostages who are journeying on their way hom home. they are due to arrive soon. the president of the united states will be there and so will fox news. stay with us ♪ this is not just a yard. it's where memories are made. and you have the best seat in the house. the john deere x350 select series
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10:47 pm
you, may be a lot of you. it will be 2:00 in the morning, it will be quite a scene and to me it's very exciting. it represents something very asked important to the country. people never thought a thing like this could happen, but it can. we are going to have a situation where we are having serious and positive communication with north korea. and we are. what happens, who knows. and they are great for north korea and great for everyone. we will see you at 2:00 in the morning. >> that was a president of the united states just yesterday talking about quite a scene happening at about 2:00 a.m. eastern time. the president is about to leave the white house and we will get you that shortly when he does leave.
10:48 pm
all three of the hostages, they have been going through a lot, and they join us now from the new york newsroom. >> we are learning more about these men and why they were detained. kim dong chul was the longest-serving detainee among the three. the former virginia resident who reportedly ran a hotel and trade hotel was arrested in 2015, accused of espionage and sentenced to ten years of hard labor. then came the arrest of tony kim, who said he was detained at the airport in pyangyoung, in 2017. he's accused of committing unspecified acts. he taught at the university of science and technology and graduated the university from california riverside in 1990. we are told he made at least seven trips to north korea and
10:49 pm
his wife was on the very last visit until he was detained. she was allowed to leave the country. he was detained last may accused of committing hostile acts. he was born in china but it is a naturalized u.s. citizen. both tony kim and kim hak song work for western funded pst. it's funded mostly by church groups here in the u.s., south korea and europe. the school says their attention had nothing to do there with the work at their university and are learning tonight that they have both been living in that family with a chinese border town when they were detained. >> we appreciate you bringing that onset and reporting and we are also getting the pool of
10:50 pm
reporters new information at about 2:00 a.m. eastern, the way this will play out is that vice president mike pence may be coming in his own helicopter and arriving there first. then, we will see the president arriving. you see the live picture right there, those two fire trucks with the american flag. they will arrive with first lady melania trump. then after that, we would expect that we would see the first plane carrying michael pao and the secretary of state followed by a plan, playing with more medical. period after being greeted by the president, vice president, first lady and other dignitaries, there may be some of those relatives getting information. on the ground reporters are saying that there appears to be some relatives there and they will then leave and obviously want to spend time with her family, get some sleep and get
10:51 pm
more medical attention. there is a podium set up so it's possible that president trump may address the nation after greeting these breed americans. so claudia roth that is a journalist and resident for the foundation for defensive democracy, and back in 1994, she joins us now on the telephone. claudia, as someone who has dug into this regime for so long, where are your thoughts on such an historic night? >> i should just , correct, i'ml the same person who has covered since. look, this is a wonderful thing to celebrate that these prisoners are coming home. they were hostages and it's great to get them at the back. at the same time, i don't want to denigrate anything about the achievement, but i would send a very strong warning note that
10:52 pm
north korea has been sort of doing this catch and return of american hostages for years. and we should read into it nothing at this point about good intentions on the part of kim jong un, or any actual change in the characters of his regime. >> you raise a good point, and we talked about that all through the first hour of our lives, live coverage. while it's in an important moment for america and a lot of people are feeling pride about this, we have to be skeptical that this is a brutal regime. think about otto warmbier who was also released by this regime a few months ago and sadly and tragically had been beaten so badly that he died directly after he returned to the united states. >> that is the real north korea.
10:53 pm
the things -- there are other reasons that i would urge caution in judging, what is kim jong un actually up to? and that is of the various concessions we heard about so far, the so called because on missile testing nuclear testing, and now the release of these hostages, none of them has actually cost him anything serious. he was going to pause our nuclear test anyway. north korea always does, you don't test every day. 2009 through 2013. it has been eight months sends the test of an apparent hydrogen job last fall, and eight months is the shortest interval we've ever seen between tests. so he's not in the train where he's actually doing anybody any favors, it might just be for their korean ponies, including
10:54 pm
the tests, they need to pause anyway. and to the prisoners, it's terrific they are coming home but it's very easy for north korea to collect more. even though a lot of americans may be avoiding north korea, a very good idea is just don't go there. there's always somebody running through and if i can't get it in america, they goof it up in european. >> claudia, obviously skepticism. on the other hand the skeptics also said last summer when the president was talking about fire and fury that, oh, my gosh, this is so extreme. this president is leading us to the brink of nuclear war. and maybe this is gestures and maybe this will go nowhere but thank god at least and a lot of the skeptics and critics last year were wrong.
10:55 pm
>> i thought little rocket man was marvelous, and i think it's great that president trump has been going at him that way. i think mockery is fantastic, i would love to see more of it. we can certainly see this much, this is much better than the approach president obama had around the nuclear deal where he left american hostages there. until the deal went into effect, at which point the 1.7 billion in cash that was not supposed to be around and through in the hostages came home. here we are at least seeing people -- it's a very good set of priorities. the fire and fury, that was just fine. telling it like it is to north korea is a good idea. >> claudia rose was at that suy
10:56 pm
reporting. we appreciate you joining us with your insight tonight. meanwhile stay with fox news channel as these three hostages arrive shortly at joint base andrews. the president of the united states will be heading there shortly as well as the vice president and first lady. zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job. it's okay. dad took care of us.
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>> dramatic evening in the united states. these pictures around the world, joint base andrews in maryland. a helicopter just landed. we believe it has vice president mike pence as well as other dignitaries on that helicopter. we are seeing it with you live. that's the guidance we have gotten, we may see vice president mike pence emerge. then another helicopter after that will be marine 1 carrying the president of the united states along with first lady. they have not left the white house yet. then the next movement will be the first airplane coming from that refueling stop in