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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 10, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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it will be when we denuclearize that entire peninsula. jillian: breaking overnight three hostages just freed from a north korean nightmare stepping foot on american soil for the first time in over a year. todd: they nates greeted by donald trump and mike pence at joint base air force andrews. jillian: historic face-to-face meeting between donald trump and kim jong un. you are watching "fox and friends first". what a day it is. rob: in the last few hours donald trump welcoming those three hostages after months of imprisonment in north korea, their freedom secured by mike pompeo who made a second trip to
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meet with kim jong un. jillian: richardson is at the state department. >> leland is at joint base andrews where the hostages arrived home just a short time ago. >> reporter: not much good happens after midnight tonight and overnight. what a site at 3:00 in the morning. all smiles and with very good reason by donald trump, the vice president, the three americans as they made their way down the steps from the plane that brought them all the way back across the pacific, those three american detainees are at walter reed medical center undergoing a number of evaluations. their physical health, as we watch them walk down the stairs and smiled for the press and wave, they appeared to be in fairly decent physical health. then there is the emotional health the psychologists at
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walter reed will deal with, there year in captivity by the north koreans and their detention inside that country. donald trump was excited and jubilant as he greeted these three men. he was inside their plane for 10 or 15 minutes before walking out at 3:00 in the morning smiling, handshakes and donald trump addressed the media for what this means in the larger context of north korea. >> i really think he wants to do something and bring that country into the real world. i really believe that and we will have a success, this will be a very big success. it has never been taken this far. there has never been a relationship like this. we are starting from here but i think a lot of progress remains and we will see what happens.
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we are talking about a few weeks, many of you will be with us. great things happen. >> reporter: the pres. talking about a summit between him and north korea. the point person has been secretary of state mike pompeo who left on monday evening to head over and tried to broker a deal with the north koreans about not only this summit but cast by donald trump with bringing these men home and we understand it wasn't until the last minute of the secretary's visit that he was able to inform the white house that these men were coming home and able to walk on the plane and fly back all the way to washington. back to you. jillian: you were there to see
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it live. the overwhelming sense of pride and joy as you saw them get off the plane, absolutely unbelievable, thank you. rob: it has been a long journey for these hostages held more than a year in north korea. jillian: good morning, greg. >> reporter: the good news story out of north korea, maybe more to come. the arrival back on us soil of the three korean americans, three americans after captivity by the north korean regime as long as 21/2 years, we just learned in the past couple hours under conditions. kim hak-song was at the university, and kim abca 15 was arrested in october 2015. also to be and looking in good health, walking around on their own giving the peace sign. all three accused of subversive
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acts, even spying. he was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor and noted hard labor in comments he made this morning, central to the release of these three, the policies, the actions of the trump administration including mike pompeo, his meeting with kim jong un sealed the deal. the gratitude for all of this offered by the x detainees and they say, quote, we would like to express deep appreciation to the united states government, donald trump, sec. pompeo and the people of the united states for bringing us home and yet mentioned and remembered today, otto warmbier, the student who was held by the north korean regime. by the time he was released from captivity was close to death and he did die.
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donald trump noted that. >> preparations in the final stages for donald trump and kim jong un's high-stakes summit. the world leaders expected to come face-to-face in singapore in early june. rob: richardson with the agenda for that historic meeting. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo returned after 13 hours on the ground in pyongyang, 90 minutes of that meeting with kim jong un himself to secure the release of these american prisoners but the bulk of this meeting also focused on the details, setting the final details surrounding the meeting between kim jong un and donald trump. a couple hours ago on the tarmac at andrews airbase the president mentions many of the details of this meeting are set. >> we have a meeting scheduled in a short time.
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we have the location set and we will see if we can do something people did not think was going to happen for many years. >> reporter: secretary pompeo traveled to north korea. officials say that was more and intelligence gathering to field the true interests of the north korean regime. the second meeting by mike pompeo was to nail down the country, the exact city and even the exact venue of this meeting and more details about what the leaders will discuss. north korea and the us and mike pompeo agreed to a 1-day summit extending to a second day of they believe that is necessary. there are plenty of unknowns, and given the nuclear program, destruction and with the united states and its allies are willing to give in return for
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that. the defense secretary james mattis is possible for a positive outcome. >> with north korea certainly their capability concerns as a military side. there is some reason for optimism. we said all along this was a diplomatically led effort backed up by military force. there's reason for optimism that these talks could be fruitful. >> reporter: secretary pompeo said he had productive meetings in north korea this time around. there are some points of disagreement. at one point secretary pompeo with having lunch with senior north korean officials was one of those officials got up to give a toast saying their nuclear program had been completed and it was north korea's decision to begin to focus more on its economy rather than its nuclear weapons program and stressed it was not the international led sanctions regime the us pushed that had to do with them giving up those weapons or returning to its
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economy. jillian: the historic return bringing the number of three detainees during the trump administration to >> caller: before the americans overnight arrival, three ucla basketball players were brought back to the us in november after being held on shoplifting accusations. american caitlin coleman, her husband and three children released after being captured by the tell a man, otto warmbier died shortly after his release from north korean determined in june. johnson and her husband returned from egypt after three years. and the first american released under donald trump held captive in china after being convicted of spying. rob: as mike pompeo was working to bring these hostages homes, the new york times letting him for tearing up the iran deal.
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sarah sanders says it is time for the media to get on board with the agenda of the trump administration. >> i got the same number of questions today about michael cohen that i got up north korea. i think that is sad and another reminder that shows out of touch the media is with the rest of america. thousands of miles away, what they forgot to include was thousands of miles away negotiating the details of the meeting between the president and kim jong un and bringing three brave americans back to the united states. seems to me that is what his job is supposed to do and the pres. was doing his job back here. this is an administration that likes to get more than one thing today. todd: the resident blasting the so-called fake news media for working overtime, recent media
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rob: newly freed american hostages back in the united states after months of imprisonment in north korea. arriving at walter reed medical
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center after a warm welcome home from donald trump and the first lady. jillian: the author of nuclear showdown gordon chang. thank you for joining us. your thoughts as we were watching this at 3 am. >> great day when americans are freed from tierney and that happened today and they were able to walk on the plane unlike otto warmbier who came back in a vegetative state so this is a joyous moment and a good sign for nuclear negotiations but let's say for the moment because this was a terrific day. rob: you mentioned the difference between otto warmbier and these three and that shows a change in their agenda, that they are happy and healthy and coming home. >> the north koreans wanted to create a good atmosphere so they
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were in good condition. with north korea there are very few coincidences. what they were trying to say with we want to have good relations with the us. we are entering these negotiations, let's be friends. jillian: a lot has changed over the course of the last year. what is happening with this coming summit? >> we insist on north koreans giving up nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. >> do you think they will? >> it is a question whether donald trump is willing to use all the elements of american power to force the north koreans to do something they don't want to do and thought they would never do. it is a trump question, not a kim question. we have a lot of stuff we can do not only to the north koreans but major power backers, russians and chinese. rob: looking at the world from western perspective, you see how well we are able to live and how they live in north korea, you would think the idea of opening the country and playing to buy
2:17 am
international rules would benefit everybody, what do they find so threatening? >> it would benefit the north korean people but kim, an incredibly privileged position, when people are poor, they don't have the means to resist and that is why this regime even though it is completely destitute and has been that way for many decades he is able to survive because people look forward. jillian: we expect to learn information from the three americans being checked out medically. at some point we will hear things. what are we learning from them. >> after what happened to otto warmbier, i don't think they will because they have been kept in silos so not sure they know about what happened to other detainees but any bit of information is important because we know very little about what goes on in north korea.
2:18 am
is going to be incredibly important and could be consequential in connection with other things. >> another one we talked about last time you were here. >> he disappeared under circumstances which are really suspicious and these are indications he is in north korea that makes sense from a number of perspectives. chinese police reported this is fabricated from all we know. i think the north koreans should say we have a more we don't. >> hard questions but this is a step in the right direction and things we celebrate, thank you for your time. >> 18 after the hour donald trump's pick to run the cia powering back a democrat as she is grilled about her past instead of her vision for the future. >> after 9/11 i didn't look to go sit on the swiss bed. i stepped up, i was not on the sidelines, i was on the front lines in the cold war and the
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fight against al qaeda. jillian: how gina haspel showed up her chance to be confirmed as bipartisan support roles in. ♪ american man ♪ got american part ♪ got american faith ♪ raise the flag
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>> my moral compass is stronger. i would not allow the cia to undertake activities that i thought was immoral even if it was technically legal.
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i would absolutely not permit it. jillian: gina haspel in the hot seat. rob: the top 5 tackling her senate confirmation hearing head on. jillian: jackie ibanez have the highlights. >> reporter: haspel's testimony lasting three hours where she was grilled about her three decade undercover career with the cia refusing to back down, confidently answering questions from democrats about her role in the post-9/11 detention program. >> the pres. has asserted that torture works. do you agree with that statement? >> i don't believe torture works. i believe that in the cia programs, i'm not attributing this to enhanced interrogation techniques, i believe as many people, directors who have sat
2:24 am
in his chair before me that valuable information was obtained from senior al qaeda operatives that allowed us to defend this country and prevent another attack. >> is that he is? >> it is not a yes. we got valuable information from the briefing of al qaeda detainees and i don't think it is knowable whether interrogation techniques played a role in that. >> the hearing sitting snags when protesters got rowdy. [shouting] >> 7 people were arrested. one of them a former cia officer. that did not stop haspel from gaining surprised, joe manchin says she has is that but she faces opposition from some republicans. rand paul is likely a no vote and john mccain is calling on the senate to deny haspel as he continues to recover from brain cancer. she does have support from her old boss. secretary of state pompeo saying i had a chance to watch gina
2:25 am
haspel testify, looking forward to receiving intelligences secretary of state from this amazing leader. and donald trump voicing support tweeting gina haspel did a spectacular job today, there is nobody even close to run the cia. the senate will likely decide haspel's 8 with a vote next week. rob: facing major heat from democrats on the senate intel committee fielding many questions attacking her tenure at the cia. jillian: democrats will eventually get on board to confirm haspel because her record is unmatched. >> there will be a handful of democrats, unanimous republican support and confirm haspel as the next and first female cia director. i believe this is primarily partisan and particularly directed against the president. when you have john brennan and
2:26 am
leon panetta and michael perella supporting her nomination it goes to show you any democrat who is not sees with blind hatred of the pres. recognizes gina is the most qualified nominee we ever had to be director of the cia. >> the senate intel committee will vote on the confirmation in the next week. >> while you were sleeping three americans being held hostage in north korea stepping foot on us soil. >> donald trump and kim jong un coming together for the first time, what they will discuss at that meeting. complete analysis continues next. ♪ american ♪ lift me up ♪ t the house.
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>> three americans held captive in north america -- north korea now home in the united states. jillian: donald trump welcoming them at joint base andrews, all three at walter reed medical center and dc being evaluated but all appeared to be in good health. >> this will set the tone for the pres.'s groundbreaking future summits with kim jong un. kevin court live outside where the pres. just arrived home. >> incredible might. >> typically when the president of the united states is up at 3 am it is bad news, anything but, and the president all smiles and three men he welcomed home understandably all smiles as well, they are at walter reed undergoing a number of evaluations lonely about their
2:31 am
physical health which appeared to a layman's to be good but mental health dealing with coming back after more than a year in captivity, one of the detainees talking about how he was forced to do hard labor when he was being held by north koreans, the president went onto the plane in the united states, talked to them for a few minutes and walked down and addressed the media why he was so adamant about bringing these three men home. >> we appreciate that he allowed them to go before the meeting and able to get these terrific people during the meeting and after the meeting, and letting them go before the meeting. we didn't think this was going to happen and it did. very important thing to all of
2:32 am
us to be able to get these three great people out. >> reporter: the pres. secretary of state and vice president spending a few minutes inside joint base andrews, a vip area, debriefing a little bit, the secretary of state now with significant insights after his second meeting with kim jong un. this one last 90 minutes and starting tomorrow, later today, do the math on the overnight here, the pres. and secretary of state will begin plotting and getting strategy together for this summit that will take place. jillian: the stage is set for the historic meeting between donald trump and kim jong un, they will come face-to-face for a high-stakes senate in
2:33 am
singapore in early june. rob: live coverage from the white house early this morning. >> reporter: what an overnight. we will talk about this for quite some time. historic opportunity for the president not just to look forward to the upcoming meeting in the pacific rim between the us and the leader of north korea but a chance last night to say thank you to to kim jong un and thinking mike pompeo, historic first step in what could be a very historic road in the region. for the return of this three americans, and on national television at joint base andrews and not only thinking kim jong un, he seemed upbeat, could take place in singapore in early june. >> a meeting schedule in a short time, and we will do something
2:34 am
people did not do for many years. >> and outreach that defense secretary james mad dog mattis says was the result of maximum pressure. >> it concerns us on the military side and some reason for optimism. we said this was a diplomatically led effort and military force. there is reason for some optimism and these talks could be fruitful. >> reporter: we will have the best coverage to make it toward singapore. and an intel breathing later today.
2:35 am
the big rally in indiana, how great is that going to be? running on adrenaline, thank you. rob: this is a historic moment for americans but also the result of high-caliber work performed by america's into agencies. jillian: the trump administration will learn a lot about the hermit kingdom from freed hostages being debriefed as we speak. >> incredible human intelligence assets for the united states. we don't have the quantity and quality of on the ground intelligence in north korea that we have due to the fact that north korea over many decades.
2:36 am
and a political culture in north korea, what they are saying. and for many subtle ways, that will be incredibly valuable, crafting its strategies for disarmament talks. >> donald trump raised worldwide for securing release of three brave men on north korea. >> carly shimkus is here with reaction pouring an online. >> what an incredible moment see those men walk off the plane, shake the pres.'s hand and hold of the peace signs. a major victory for the trump administration the rest of america to have -- and the reaction is flooding social media. let's get to those tweets.
2:37 am
and utterly welcome home to these three men. and the pres. on twitter says amazing, 16 years of the two pres.s, 0 progress with the north koreans, a businessman from new york is elected and freedom, god bless mr. pompeo and donald trump. sparkles on twitter says thank you pompeo for bringing our citizens home, glad the first lady and second lady where their too, hashtag winning, welcome home gentlemen. if this doesn't make you overflow with pride you are not a true american. gb tweets thank you, mr. pres. for fighting for americans abroad and at home. auto warmbier is one of the top trending topics nationwide, a lot of people remembering him and his family including the president and the vice
2:38 am
president. >> one of those things that hits all of us and especially donald trump really hard, you heard him overnight after they got off the plane mention that otto was in his thoughts. >> really good news to see these three men able to walk up the plane. rob: remain skeptical of north korean -- donald trump press for the safe relief of three americans being released in north korea. jillian: our next guest is an expert on the north korean regime, remembers when bill clinton bent over backwards for kim jong-il in 1999, he says donald trump will not back down to pressure like is predecessor. ♪ ♪ all get a chance ♪ everybody gets to dance ♪ only in america ♪
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jillian: a fox news alert, three americans just freed from north korea arriving at walter reed medical center, landed on american soil for the first time. >> detainees greeted warmly by donald trump, and the first lady. the unauthorized autobiography of kim jong-il, michael malice, here today, the father of kim jong un, the former leader of north korea, a big moment. how big a success story is this? >> some people remember 1980, ronald reagan was sworn in and hostages were freed. the fact the last time -- this is a big win for us. donald trump did not give any
2:43 am
concessions. and kim jong un sultan easily. >> how is this different? >> north korea had a reporter, president clinton had the famous photo, looking like a hostage himself. had to be obsequious. and if kim jong-il and is willing to leave the country and meet donald trump on neutral soil is a change. rob: there are bragging rights for kim jong un. having the president of the united states considering you, a small little hermit kingdom. >> it is an accomplishment for them. the concept of truth is great, the fact that donald trump didn't have a meeting, that is
2:44 am
how they operate. also to concessions without the meetings having been held. digging in their heels, and the japanese run up the issue. and in the middle of having the negotiation. this is a big step and we have three hostages, 25 million more hostages to go. >> it is fair to celebrate and be thrilled and happy for what plays out in the we hours of the morning. how do we feel and look forward from here? skeptical, optimistic? >> we look at their actions and these are concrete demonstrable moves the things that we want, that they should want as well to be a country in the 21st century
2:45 am
and not the 19th. rob: looking at this situation in early june when they meet supposedly in singapore i don't see how this doesn't turn into a stalemate because both of these guys need to win in any negotiation was both sides can't win. who is the one who gives on this? it won't be the pres. no way he will let this be a losing situation for the united states. >> don't think that is to some extent, that would be a good deal. >> would they do that? sounds like a lot from them. >> the fact they are willing to talk about that, on social media and in course terms, it is intense and kind of like the bible, after referring to that,
2:46 am
and in singapore, this is a good step. >> one of the best nurses, his story will amaze you. david has cough, once the homeless veteran turned around to help his fellow vets. he will share his major stories. >> we will see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> how cool was it? to watch those three americans freed from north korea. the president of the united states joked about we probably set a new ratings record for 3:00 in the morning. and just to see them flash the peace line, with the first lady to the right, what did the president say to them when he and the first lady went on board the medical plane and talked for
2:47 am
five minutes and where do they go from here. what about the encore? what is going to happen? you were talking about the summit in singapore. three hours of coverage, 13 minutes from now. >> we will see you then, be right back. mr. elliot, what's your wifi password?
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rob: history made overnight. three americans back on us soil after being held captive in north korea for more than a year. jillian: ultimately be examined as well to read medical center. >> giving the peace sign as they stepped off the jet at joint
2:51 am
base andrews ending their north korean nightmare. >> joined by donald trump and milania trump and mike pence, greeting them for the landmark event. rob: the white house optimistic this is just the beginning of the good news is the pres. eyes this high-stakes summit with kim jong un anticipated to take place in singapore next month. jillian: a homeless veteran turned his life around to become a nurse and help his fellow vets. rob: the same arkansas hospital where he was treated for drugs a decade ago and this story providing real example of perseverance and determination. jillian: he is one of the best nurses, joins us with his remarkable story. thank you for taking the time, david. tell us at what point, describe the moment you said enough is enough, i have to change my
2:52 am
life. >> when i found myself one morning sitting in my house, they were coming to repossess its. i had no friends, no car, i was jobless, homeless and hopeless and somebody -- had the opportunity for me to go to the va and that is what i did. it took more than one time. the first time i didn't think i had a problem and went back out and did the same thing i was doing before and it took 76 days. 76 days later i wound up in the hopeless spot and i went back and with an open mind, knowing i had a problem, to get my life back. the va has opportunities for veterans but we have to put the effort in. first time i showed up i didn't put any effort into it. the second time i realized what
2:53 am
they were telling me, but i did have a problem and they were there to help me. not only that, i was faced with 22 years in prison. i have to give a shout out to the drug court that started in july 2003 that gave me the opportunity to claim my records so i was able to become a nurse. rob: you were in the depths of a methamphetamine addiction, came out of the army and things went the wrong way and you found a drug that is so dangerous in this country and it took you down a bad path and you got pulled out by the va and were given a job and an opportunity and turned that into something amazing. tell us about that. >> they hired me uncompensated work therapy. i was a bed washer. i was going to be the best that washer they had and i got a
2:54 am
full-time position in housekeeping. after i was there for a year, the nurses there and staff, have you thought about becoming a nurse? patients love you and you get along with us and at this point in my life, just over a year the va had an opportunity where they paid my salary and my school and that is all i had to do, go to school and tutored myself or three months and i got into lpm school to be the best student i could be, the first mail to graduate from the technical college is an outstanding student and got hired as an lp at the va and i will be the best i can be. and in 2010 i won the secretaries award for nursing excellence and as time went on i wanted to further my career because i enjoyed being a nurse.
2:55 am
being a nurse and taking care of veterans is one of the greatest careers you can have. i never thought a job could be so satisfying. jillian: we certainly thank you for your story and for helping so many people. rob: i love stories like this, thank you for coming on this morning, what a great story you have. appreciate it. ♪ . . 10 miles on every dollar they spend
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bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. ♪ jillian: we are back with a fox news alert.
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the best kind. home at last. three americans held prisoner in north korea now safely back in the united states after more than a year. >> three men all korean americans auto valuated before reuniting with their families. >> president trump welcoming them at joint base andrews. the white house is hoping to ride this momentum into the president's historic summit with kim jong un. >> expected to have a sit down in singapore early next month. comments have been flooding social media. celebrating the hostages finally coming home. also praising the president. >> lance on facebook says obama can only get traitors released. look at what trump has done. robert on facebook says taking care of business and all those campaign promises. let's put one more check beside trump. >> granville on twitter trump gets prisoners released without relieving any of the pressure on north korea obama paid 1.7 billion cash and 150 billion more and did not get squat. >> my fellow americans
3:00 am
welcome home what a great moment in history unfold. >> one the men passed a state to secretary of state mike pompeo right when they walked down the steps. i'm curious to find out what that is. rob: we have to wait and see. jillian: "fox & friends" continues with our coverage right now. ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. smiles from ear to ear flashing those peace signs. this is what freedom looks like. >> yep, president trump welcoming home three american detainees overnight. really overnight. i'm talking about 3:00 in the morning, held captive in north korea. >> nobody thought we could be on this track in terms of speed. so i'm very honored to have helped the three folks. they are great people. it's a great honor. but the true honor is going to be if we have a victory in getting rid of nuclear weapons. steve: that is the goal. but the current goal, getting those three men out. he landed at andrews air force base at


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