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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 10, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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on our toes this thursday morning. the president tweeting. >> we've got the summit in singapore. the date is set. >> june 12. >> we'll be watching. we've got to roll. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> we begin a fox news alert on that landmark summit between president trump and kim jong un. coming on the homecoming of the three prisoners. >> president trump tweeting moments ago that the summit will be taking place in singapore. it will happen on june 12th, after he got a very early start this morning greeting the plane carrying three american prisoners home. the president thinking north korea's ruler for the goodwill gesture, a ease of tensions ahead of their meeting next month. >> i want to thank kim jong un, who really was excellent to
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these three incredible people. they are really three incredible people. the fact that we were able to get them out so soon some would contribute to a lot of things including a certain process that's taking place right now. >> chief correspondent john roberts live with more. >> good morning to you. we reported early on fox yesterday afternoon and yesterday the president confirmed that that the summit will be held in singapore. the president tweeted a short time ago, "the highly anticipated meeting between kim jong un and myself will take place in singapore on june 12th. we will both try to make it a very special moment for world peace. ." we will talking about the ys in singapore later. we will take you to andrews air force base, celebration as the americans detained in north korea returned back home to united states.
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kim dong chul, tony kim, kim hak song arriving to joint base andrews. in kim dong chul's case, being held for three years in north korea, sentenced to ten years of hard labor there. in the joint statement, "we'd like to express our deep appreciation to the united states government, president trump, and secretary pompeo for bringing us home. we thank god and all of our families and friends to return for our return, god bless america, greatest nation in the world." a real confidence building step ahead of the method summit between the president and kim jong un. the president more optimistic that the summit could bear frui fruit. believing that kim may indeed be changing his ways. listen here. >> i really think he wants to do something. i think he did this because i really think he wants to do something and bring our their country into the real world. i really believe that, and i
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think we are going to have a success. i think this will be a very big success. >> president trump not the only official believing that. last year and this driveway behind me, secretary of defense james mattis said, and it was an amazing statement. "we are not seeking the total devastation of an entire countr country, namely north korea, but we have the means to be able to do it. yesterday after the three hostages were announced they would be released, secretary mattis looking at the bright side of things. listen here. >> certainly their capability concerns us on the military side. however, we see there is some reason for optimism. we said all along this is a diplomatically led effort backed up by military force. i think there is reason for some optimism that these talks could be fruitful. >> while the white house is optimistic, it's cautiously so. yesterday president trump in the cabinet room saying that the whole thing could come include,
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but they are hoping they will be there in singapore on the 12th of june and have some sort of historic breakdown of relations between the u.s. and north korea and the dismantlement of north korea's nuclear program. >> why did the singapore site get the check for this summit? >> it fits a numerous number of criteria. it's neutral ground in its neither north or south korea. the united states is a close ally of singapore. they didn't want to have it on the korean peninsula. it's a big modern city. they got all the facilities you would need for this sort of thing. it's fairly close to north korea. there is word that kim jong un does not have the fleet of aircraft necessary to travel a long distance. also in asia, which i think is very symbolic. you don't want to have a nation summit that involves north and south korea in someplace like sweden or switzerland when you
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can actually have it in the region. it also has excellent security, which of course is a progressive way for anywhere the president travels. singapore, june 12? we will be there with bells on. >> john roberts, chief white house correspondent. >> fascinating stuff. more from ari fleischer, press secretary for george w. bush. every day we talk, is this really happening? mike pompeo, he flies the pyongyang on tuesday with no guarantees, obviously a hope to bring back all these hostages. then he had the meeting with kim jong un and is in for the following day wednesday the man had been granted amnesty. do you think he expected that call? >> i think he thought he would get that call. this has been playing out in a certain way that these concessions in advance of the big meeting start to feel natural.
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and that is a sign of goodwill. a sign that north korea has done this before. taking hostages only to release hostages before. so far, so good. i remain a cynic. >> the president has promised, though, while it looks great and it seems to be going in a positive direction, you know, he's promised to put axman professor on kim to give up his country's nuclear arsenal. let's not put ahead of ourselves by ratcheting up sanctions and getting other nations to cut diplomatic ties. huge strides made overnight. but in the past, threats of sanctions haven't worked. clearly something is very different this time. what is it? >> this wasn't the threat of sanctions. this was real sanctions. donald trump ratcheted up the sanctions regimes around the world. what they have done is they did everything possible to shut off every dollar falling into north korea, from every source
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around the world. even china cooperated with us to a limited extent. it hadn't been done, this type of force. the squeeze was never this firm before. you have to credit donald trump with that. i also think donald trump's rhetoric, when people criticize donald trump for saying we will rain fire and fury, they had vapors passing out after a speech like this, he sent a different signal and north korea's response that signal. whether north korea will be denuclearize, will they give up their nuclear weapons? that's the big issue. we don't know how that one's going to come out. >> the president said something very interesting last night after he personally welcomed the three hostages alongside the first lady at 3:00 in the morning. he said this of kim jong un. i think he wants to do something and bring this country into the real world. that got me thinking, i'm wondering when the president meets with kim, if the two will meet eye to eye on human rights issue, and if kim would ever acknowledge the
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atrocities on his own people being inhumane? >> i doubt that very much. that would be such a huge admission of wrongdoing. if the soviets could even do that with stolid, it took them years and years to do that with stalin. the real issue is if donald trump is right, if kim jong un wants to bring his country into the 21st century, that is the only reason north korea would change his behavior. that is a huge reward, the pot of gold at the end of the road with north korea. you look at south korea, they are the same people. the north koreans could be a very successful country just as south korea is. the question is do they want to be, do they have the will to be, will they give it the nuclear weapons? the only presented of this summit meeting take me back to 1978-'89, shock the world when saddam -- they didn't listen to any of the people underneath them who
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said don't have a summit meeting. they did it. that's the analogy i have in mind here. that's really up to kim jong un. >> a lot of people were sort of against this. look how it worked out. the president went forward with it. i want to play a quick sound bite from vice president on the expectations of this upcoming summit. taking it with a grain of salt, obviously, which officials are hinting to take place. we now have confirmed will be taking place in singapore. listen to this. >> we have no illusions about that and we make that clear when i was in south korea for the olympics and as we travel to japan, the president made it abundantly clear what he had pressed the national assembly in south korea during his visit there. but we do believe that the regime in north korea has taken steps that indicate this may be an opportunity for breakthrough
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breakthrough -- the kind of breakthrough that has eluded the united states and the world community for more than 20 year years. >> a breakthrough is an understatement. the somebody asked the president last night commode do you see yourself going to pyongyang? anything seems possible. that is quite incredible to hear that conversation being had. >> look, all of this is remarkable signs of progress. i think we still have to be very wary about this. the reason i'm so weary is because i've seen north korea enter into agreements before it to denuclearize, get rid of nuclear weapons, get rid of their plutonium, get rid of that you know you and him get rid of their uranium, they light every single time. we've seen this play out before. that's what makes this one a little different. the hardest days ahead won't even be the summit itself. it would be the months and years to see if north korea goes back to usual pattern and lies. they say they would denuclearize, the get rid of
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their weapons, but they don't. they hide them. they get rid of ten, but they have 50 more. who knows. that's what they're pattern has been. or will they actually do neutralize the way kazakhstan, south africa, and libya have done? we don't know yet. >> it would be an incredible college meant if it works out, but we look forward to see how it works out. >> you know harsh interrogation packets a tactics a hot topic for gina haspel. the cia nominee taking tough questions. >> i want to be clear. having served during that tumultuous time, i can offer you my personal commitment, clearly and without reservation, that under my leadership on my watch, cia will not restart aid a detention and interrogation program. >> but are her assurances
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enough? john brosseau about the outspoken opponents to be 19 in the that might back her. this volcano erupting on hawaii's big island now posing an even greater threat. the new warning for people on the big island. >> my kids are safe. my dogs are safe. and we have each other. but we don't have a home. today, 97% of employers agree
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yuko hawaii's volcano courage to stomach soon push out older and asked herman summit crater lava drains down the side of the volcano? steam pressure inside could fire the rock. that corruption has not happened in 100 years. spewing lava one year ago, 15 vents are open.
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period mostly homes in one subdivision. >> do you believe in hindsight? that those techniques were immoral? >> senator, what i believe today is i hold the higher moral standard that we -- >> please answer the question. >> senator, i think i've answered the question -- beacon though, you have not. >> that's nominee gina haspel facing tough questions about her role in enhanced interrogation in the 9/11 era. arizona senator john mccain saying they should reject haspel despite her qualifications. "she's a patriot, however her role in overseeing the use of torture is disturbing and her refusal to acknowledge torture's immorality is disqualifying."
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john rasco who serves on the foreign -- what do you think? would you listen to john mccain's admonition? her role in waterboarding? is that disqualifying? >> thanks for having me. i will tell you, john mccain is certainly an authority and respected on this topic be on anybody else in the senate. he spent five and a half years as a prisoner of war. going to that place in hanoi where he was held so nobody knows what he's been through more than he does and the impact here. i do disagree with them however on gina haspel. i believe she's the right person for the job. i'm going to vote to confirm her. she knows how to keep americans safe. she knows who the terrorists are, an expert on terrorism, she has the faith and trust of the men and women in the field who do keep us safe every day. she also had the distinction of
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taking the job in the counterterrorism division in the cia all night 11 of 2001. all of this was very new and fluid when she had taken that role. republicans and democrats wanted to know if there is another attack imminent, what we need to know, what information we need to gain to help keep us safe and keep us free. she joined the cia when ronald reagan was the president of the united states and she joined the cia because at the time women were not allowed to west point which was her first choice. she has the support of six former cia directors, republicans and democrats alike. she needs to be confirmed. she is the right person we need to sleep safe at night. >> kamala harris poised to her, is torture or waterboarding, is that immoral? >> well, it is illegal in the united states. the answer that the nominee gave yesterday is that it's illegal,
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it's not something that we are going to do, it's not something we are going to restart at any time, it's not something she's going to support as the cia director. she knows how to get the right answers from the people to get the information from the men and women in the field that we need as a nation to have the kind of national security that all of us want. we want to be safe and secure at home in america. she's the right person to provide that security for us. >> i also thought it was interesting when she described the way the cia is set up now. it is not equipped for interrogations. that would be handled by some other agency. she seemed to suggest it would be the army. >> she is right. it is not the cia's job to do this component of that information gathering. the other branches of government will deal with that. but when you take a look at her entire career, all of the places she has been, the places she posted, individual she has worked with, the knowledge that she has gained for a country
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that needs to focus, as we do, on our security and our safety, she is the person that we want in that job and that's why i'm going to vote to confirm her. >> let me talk to you about a couple of big issues. we now have a date for the summit in singapore. it will be in june, june 12th, i believe, with president trump and kim jong un. your reaction? >> you know, i had dinner with the president last night with a number of senators. we congratulation as well as the speaker of the house and we congratulated him on the release of the americans and he was heading off to andrews air force base after dinner to greet them. i think this is a major step by president trump. previous presidents, republicans and democrats, could not get us to this point. we know that north korea with a nuclear weapon makes the world less safe, less secure, less stable. if there is any way to get the nuclear weapons out of north korea without military
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action, i think this is our best chance. the president is very clear ride on this. i remain very skeptical of north korea. but if we are going to get it done, this is our best opportunity to do it. >> senator john were -- good to have you on. >> israel and iran trading fire in syria, concerns of an all-out middle east war. we will have more on that. science experience turned hazmat situation. the accident that landed several students in the hospital next. t in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night.
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sure. mom,what's up son?alk? i can't be your it guy anymore. what? you guys have xfinity. you can do this. what's a good wifi password, mom? you still have to visit us. i will. no. make that the password: "you_stillóhave_toóvisit_us." that's a good one. [ chuckles ] download the xfinity my account app and set a password you can easily remember. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. >> new information on science experiment gone wrong.
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burns after a chemical explosion in the classroom lab. emergency crews were on the scene and evacuated the school. >> obviously we had an incident here. it was an unintentional chemical reaction that occurred. we had 17 people that were treated and/or triaged. we transported nine of those. as of right now, none of the nine are going to stay in the hospital. they have partial thickness burns. some of the face. some of the arms. but they will not be staying overnight. >> thankfully none of the injuries are life-threatening. school is back in session today. >> a dramatic escalation in middle east tension as iran and israel trade fire in syria. take a look at these images. israel saying it carried out one of its most extensive strikes in the region in decades, hitting nearly all iranian targets on its list. these attacks coming from a series of iranian rockets fired at israeli army outpost.
8:26 am
>> hi, julie. the u.s. has about 2,000 groups on the ground in syria. it's clear the pentagon would not like to get drawn into this. last night, i reached a senior u.s. defense official after the strike began to ask if the u.s. military was being asked to help israel and was told there had been no request for support or any political decision made as of yet about the u.s. military getting further involved. the white house just released the following statement. "the united states condemns the iranian regime's provocative rocket attack from syria against israeli citizens. we strongly support israel's right to act in self-defense. iran's islamic revolution guard bears full consequences for its reckless actions, and we call on the i rgc including has a lot to take no further provocative steps."
8:27 am
this is the largest israeli strike in syria since the yom kippur war in 1973. russia said israel used a 28 warplanes, f-15 and f-16 fighter jets to fire 15 surface-to-air missiles and surface to surface missiles. dozens of sites were iranian advisors are based in syria after they fired 20 plus rockets into golan heights. some of the iranian missiles but managed to break through israel's missile defense known as the iron , according to a u.. congressman who shares the u.s. -- sits on the house for an committee. >> we know iran is able to penetrate the iron dome. they fired 20 missiles. some of them got in the iron dome. israel responded with a very strong retaliatory response against iran and syria. it's important to note that ron is in syria, they are in iraq, they are in lebanon, that's what
8:28 am
they've done with the money taken from the sanctions. >> came after a day president trump hold up the iran nuclear -- invited to israel on an unusual trip given that israel does not fall under centcom, but syria does. they would not stand by and allow irradiating infrastructure to grow unchecked in neighboring syria. the past seven years, julie, israel has carried out more than 100 air strikes in syria since the civil war began. last night was by far the largest rack. julie? >> wow. okay, jennifer griffin. thank you. >> president trump offers a hero's welcome to three prisoners arriving home from north korea. who are these brave men? we'll take a closer look. also, the new secretary of state pulling off a dramatic coup. why they owe mike pompeo a apology. >> i think the secretary of
8:29 am
state, despite the fact "the new york times" said he was missing, he was in north korea. but i think our secretary of state has done a fantastic job. mike, did you know you are missing quite like they couldn't find you. they couldn't find him. they couldn't find him because he was in north korea! you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. >> fox news alert. three american prisoners now home from north korea getting a
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early-morning welcome from the president himself as well as the first lady. rich edelson has more from the state department. what about their condition, rich calc rich? how are they doing? >> mike pompeo said they seem to be in good position considering one of them has been in north korea and since 2015, the tickle of them since last year year. they are at the walter reed medical center here in the washington, d.c., area. doctors examining and treating him, medical staff also treated them on the plane. kim dong chul, tony kim, and kim hak song with a statement thanking god, the united states, and the president. the state department has not divulged their condition is, what they plan on doing after that citing privacy concerns. >> so much of the summit is set, i guess, for june? >> that's right. june 12th in singapore. senior and administration officials say there could be an extension of that to a second
8:34 am
day, june 12th and 13th, if the two leaders agreed to that. officials met for 90 minutes. secretary of state mike pompeo met with 90 minutes with kim jong un in this trip. much of the point of him going to north korea and the 13 hours he spent on the ground there was to finish up some of the details of this. they set the data trying to get a venue for all of this. the u.s. and north korea have an awful lot to work out even be on this. officials telling us there has to be another meeting between the u.s. and north korea had of this summit to work out the final details of this. once they do that and once the meeting starts, you still have how does the north korea to neutralize, how does it rid of itself of its weapons, if there's going to be some sort of regime, what the u.s. and its allies are giving in return of all of that. those details still in flux as we have a date and a venue for this june 12th in singapore. >> a lot of thorny issues to
8:35 am
settle. >> "the new york times" under fire again for a headline bashing mike pompeo as missing in action. the paper said, "at a key moment, the fives top diplomat is thousands of miles away" referring to the last time rex tillerson was out of time. "the new york times" questioning the whereabouts of mike pompeo during president trump's decision to withdraw from the iranian deal. turns out the secretary of state was busy. he was flying to north korea to help three americans cap capture there. the host of media buzz and the author of "media matters: donald trump and the war of the press over truth." do you think the times bothered to find out where exactly pompeo was before, drawing some drastic conclusions of him being m.i.a.? >> first, julie,
8:36 am
"the new york times," i believe the technical time is foolish and try to paint a narrative that like rex tillerson, mike pompeo was out of the loop when it came with the withdraw from the iran deal. the story says he's on a trip to north korea. it's not like he's a wall, he's at the beach for the story says he's going to north korea. even if he didn't come back with a three american hostages, he was obviously there to lay the groundwork for this very important nuclear summit between president trump and kim jong un. the story, i think, didn't make much sense. >> drawing comparison to rex tillerson. they had written an article about how rex tillerson was also far away when they had talk about this potential meeting between kim jong un and the president. that was rex tillerson. now they are trying to make it seem as pompeo is irrelevant as well because they called tillerson irrelevant. even if he did not get the hostage release, it's the job of the sector estate to go to these overseas missions traveling
8:37 am
thousands of miles away, as a book with the times" puts it, why wouldn't they mention that? >> it was mentioned in the story that mike pompeo was going to -- vehicle why wouldn't they put two and two together? obviously he's there for a very important mission, this upcoming north korea summit. >> that's exactly right. the president enjoyed taking a swipe at "the new york times." it reflects the medias fixation with optics. the suggestion is it's more important for him to be here in washington on the decision that had already been made that was being announced by the president said to be on an airplane going to pyongyang to talk about, you know, possible discernment of north korea. "the times" has a very different story today that all of this about president trump potentially being in line for a nobel prize is maybe not that crazy. >> the other thing that really gets me, do you think this decision to back out of the iran deal was made after pompeo left? no. mike pompeo has been very much
8:38 am
all hands on when it comes to this decision very clearly that the decision was made before pompeo was sent to north korea. it was a 1-2 punch for the white house and "the new york times" missed it. >> i think it was fair for journals to point out that rex tillerson did seem out of sync with his box fell like boss and out of the loop of major decisions. he was very humble with him at the cia and now state department. >> it is negative or false write-ups like this that led to the president's tweet regarding the fake news. let's put that up on the screen. "fake news is working overtime. just reported that despite the tremendous success we are having with the economy and all things else, 91% of the network news about me is negative. fake! why do we work so hard and working with the media when it is corrupt? takeaway credentials?" do you ever see him following through with this and what with the fallout be if the president were to censor the press that way?
8:39 am
>> well, i think the remark about credentials, even if the president is just venting, is really unfortunate. first of all, he doesn't have the power to do that. credentials are awarded by the white house correspondents association. while he did pull -- he's the president of the united states. while he has every right to push back against negative coverage, this was triggered by a conservative group study that 90% negative coverage on the network evening newscast, to go into credentials, i think the magic gives ammunition to his critics that he wants to trample a free press. he can press hard against news organizations, but i think you should not go there. he should rise above this criticism as president. >> i don't think you'd really actually push to remove credentials. i think, again, that's a presidents way of saying, look, enough is enough. >> i don't think it's happening. a little bit of a finger in the eye. >> he loves to play with words and it works. howard kurtz, good to see you. >> get ready to see this again.
8:40 am
>> one, zero. left off >> the countdown is now on for a new spacex launch. what the company will debut this time around. plus, he just pulled off an upset in west virginia as patrick morrissey gets ready to face senator joe manchin in november. what this race tells us about the midterms coming up. >> i may not have been everyone's first choice. but over the next six months, i'm going to work hard every single day to obtain your confidence and your vote. i'm alex trebek, here to tell you
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the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. >> we are just a few hours away from another's space exelon at kennedy space center. today, the company will debut its renewable falcon rocket to launch a satellite into orbit. falcon has an upgraded heat shield, another improvement. the company is hoping to use the rocket as an incredible ten time
8:44 am
left scheduled for 4:00 p.m. eastern. >> here are the midterms now in their latest republican primaries including a key race in west virginia. patrick morrissey pulled off an upset, seem to be giving the g.o.p. some new optimism about the november elections. the headline in karl rove's op-ed in "the wall street journal," "don't write off the republicans yet: a blue wave may be coming." g.o.p. voters showed strong enthusiasm. partner at forward solutions strategy group and a democratic strategist. lawrence jones, editor in cheese of campus reform. conservative commentator. and radio talk show host. thank you for being here. how do you see the results of this week's primaries? >> icu good news for democrats. the republican example sprint in
8:45 am
west virginia a vote man who ws a former failed politician in new jersey, spent his time lobbying for the pharmaceutical pharmaceutical -- now could be good for someone like joe manchin. in ohio, we saw softness for the republican vote. despite having donald trump, a present sitting presidents endorsement, couldn't break numbers in the primary against four unknowns. icy good, good news for democrats, i see an american electorate is rejecting the failed republican agenda, the sabotage of the aca that sees 4 million more americans lose their health care than when donald trump went to office. >> let's get to the text from lawrence. you say that love probably >> i am okay with being an underdog, the fact of the matter
8:46 am
is the end and came up with a pole. 67% of americans feel like things are heading in the right direction. the choice is pretty clear for the american people. if you want to focus on your day today, if you want a party that's going to focus on you and your families, you will relax republicans in the house. if you want to talk about russians and stormy daniels, the democrats are your best shot. >> isaac, do you think the democrats are focusing too much on stormy daniels and russia? >> i think lawrence just named the problem for republicans. their focus has been off the mark. they have missed the mark time and time again for the american electorate. the tax code that benefits the wealthiest, working americans, the middle class are worried about saving enough for the future, saving enough for unplanned health care -- >> the polling doesn't suggest that -- >> this is what republicans have failed at time and time again.
8:47 am
this is the agenda that's going to cost republicans their majority. >> nancy pelosi told the american people they just elected a president because they were living paycheck to paycheck and it didn't seem like the past administration.that, so you think the party leadership that suggest that the tax cuts that are crumbs is the best for americans right now? >> the republicans gave the whole of the bread to corporate donors and wealthy people and -- the working people, small businesses that made this country great in the first place. >> isaac, if that's the case, why the 57% right track rating that he was just talking about? >> i think the cnn poll that we are talking about measured a lot of what people have seen in the steam that's lasting from the obama economy as it transitions transitions -- >> it's the highest since 2007!
8:48 am
>> 4 million more americans are underinsured today than when donald trump took office because of the sabotage of the aca. there are 94% premium increases rejected in some markets next year because of the trump-republican sabotage of the aca. visionary care providers requested over 60% increases in premiums. >> the failure of obamacare -- eagle the smaller chunk of the tax cut that working people god are going to be completely absorbed -- because you know what silly about this whole narrative -- >> it will come back to cost. >> what's interesting about this entire narrative, if things were going so well under the obama administration, why did the american people elect hillary clinton? more members to the senate? >> republicans want to talk about hillary clinton, democrats want to talk about real people. health care costs, saving for the future. >> lawrence, go ahead. >> the fact of the matter is
8:49 am
that american people, by the polling, they are pleased with where this administration is going. does donald trump have some problem with weeding and all of that? people don't like. but from a policy standpoint, that's what the american people care about, what policies will will -- people don't care of them when they are living from paycheck to paycheck. i think the american people take wealth over poverty, tax cuts instead of tax increases. >> democrats are talking about the 90% increase people are going to see in this country in their health care premiums under trump and the republicans. >> health care was already going up, my friend under obamacare. >> millions underinsured no warrant when donald trump took office. 4 million more americans. >> we will leave it there. lawrence jones, isaac wright, thank you both. >> the department of homeland security working to deliver on president trump's border missio
8:50 am
mission. what is now requesting to boost security. >> take a look at the message on television right now. it is a total catastrophe. these are the laws passed by a merck rat so we open borders. if we don't have borders, you don't have a country. (ch(baby crying)eat) ♪ fly me to the moon
8:51 am
♪ and let me play-- (jet engine white noise) (airline "ding") (bell mnemonic)
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8:53 am
>> the department of homeland security seeking more troops to boost security on our southern border. the additional manpower with aid hundreds already there as part of president trump's order mission. jonathan hunt joins us live from our los angeles bureau to tell us more about this one. >> president trump suggested up to 4,000 national guard troops.
8:54 am
border states promised 2,000. the pentagon tells us, currently about 1600 of those are deployed with another 250 in orientation here in california, likely to begin their work in earnest in the next few days. the department of homeland security wants to get the closer number number of 4,000 request. national guard with helicopters and other equipment is now being considered by defense secretary -- given that he's approved a 4,000 total, it seems like this request of 700 will come under that and therefore is likely to be granted. even with the lower than requested number of national guard troops currently on the ground, customs and border control says they are already making a difference, contributing to 1600 apprehensions of people crossing the border illegal, and around 450 turn backs in which those trying to cross the border give up their attempt.
8:55 am
according to the senate homeland security committee chairman ron johnson, the troops, while not having direct contact with the groups, act as a force multiplier. people primarily the custom border >> they do their job on the border to apprehend these individuals. i completely support dhs's request for this. >> as we mentioned, julie, we are expecting a decision very soon from secretary mattis on the extra 700 troops. we will let you know as soon as we hear. >> jonathan hunt, thank you. >> three american prisoners back home now. what the release from north korea could signal about next months summit between president trump and kim jong un. that is ahead. red lobster's cre your own shrimp trios. pick 3 of 9 new and classic creations for just $15.99. with new creations like savory crab-topped shrimp,
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and parmesan truffle shrimp scampi you better hurry in before shrimp trios is gone.
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>> the world on pins and kneeledles, the wedding of the year, just a little ore a week
8:59 am
away to celebrate an antist unveiling a mural in london, the hands of prince harry and megan markel, the artist inspired by a picture of the couple when they were engaged. he said the faces were left out to make the mural mysterious. it's in a shopping plaza in the u.k., wedding set for may 19. at windsor castle chapel. >> fascinating to see the world react, any time the royal family has a baby, gets married, i wish we had that here. i don't but it is fun to watch. >> the tradition, the pomp, the circumstance, it's all good. >> well, that is going to do it for us. >> thank you for joining us today. outnumbered starts right now. >> president trump has announced the date and location of his summit with sim jong un. it -- kim jong-un, may 12 in singapore. the president tweeted the news after welcoming home three americans held inside north korea and calling their return a
9:00 am
tribute to the process he is working on right now. but adding that his proudest achievement will be the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. this is outnumbered, i'm harris fall in. melissa francis, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. this is a trend. also from sbn, megan mcdowell. and joining us on the couch democrat strategist, former hillary clinton staffer and former dnc adviser, zach is outnumbered. your social media is interesting. >> really? follow me right now. >> when you come on the show it lights up. i can't wait to get the conversation started. >> me too, i'm here. >> we now know where and when the president's summit with north korean leader kim jong-un will happen and will be. the. tweeted the highry anticipated meeting -- highly anticipated meeting between kim jong-un and himself will take place in


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