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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 10, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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korea and calling their return a tribute to the process he is working on right now. but adding that his proudest achievement will be the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. this is outnumbered, i'm harris fall in. melissa francis, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. this is a trend. also from sbn, megan mcdowell. and joining us on the couch democrat strategist, former hillary clinton staffer and former dnc adviser, zach is outnumbered. your social media is interesting. >> really? follow me right now. >> when you come on the show it lights up. i can't wait to get the conversation started. >> me too, i'm here. >> we now know where and when the president's summit with north korean leader kim jong-un will happen and will be. the. tweeted the highry anticipated meeting -- highly anticipated meeting between kim jong-un and himself will take place in singapore on may 12.
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we will both try to make it a very special moment for world peace. the president welcomed home those three detained in north korea. >> president trump: we want to thank kim jong-un, who really was excellent to these three incredible people. they are three incredible people. the fact we were able to get them out so soon was really a tribute to a lot of things, including a certain process that's taking place right now. just want to say, this is a special night for these three really great people. congratulations on being in this country. >> now, inside washington some see the freedom of the americans as a step toward building trust with north korea ahead of the summit. vice president mike pence says this morning he thinks we've taken an important step toward peace. >> north korea has taken steps
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so far, made commitments so far, and making it possible for these three americans to come home before there were any concessions even offered by the united states or allies gives us hope this may be different. >> rich is live for us outside the state department, rich? >> good afternoon, harris. the white house says the three former prisoners are at walter reed medical center in the washington area. u.s. officials say if i anythings started treating the three americans when they boarded that plane in pyongyang to begin their journey back to the united states. secretary of state mike pompeo said they appeared to be in good condition, one was you a rested in 2015 and the other more than two years ago n a statement tony kim, kim doing-chul and kim hak-song said we would like to express grate feudtor bringing us home.
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we thank god and our family and friends who prayed for us and our return. god bless america the greatest nation in the world. beyond that, the state department won't say much else about what they're up to, what else their condition is in, citing privacy concerns. secretary pompeo traveled to north korea and returned with the three american prisoners, he spent much of his 13 hours there setting up this summit between president trump and kim jong-un. the president has revealed he'll meet with kim on june 12? singapore. senior u.s. official says representatives from the u.s. and north korea agreed to meet again in person ahead of the sum to it work out more details, those are broader questions, how north korea would disarm and the u.s. and allies what they give up in exchange. they said coming north korea-u.s. summit is an historic meeting for the excellent first step toward promotion of the positive situation development in the korean peninsula and building of a good future. before he landed in north korea,
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pompeo said we're not going to do this in small increments. make sure the world is not coerced into relieving economic pressure gradually. so they have stressed, the united states, they're going to keep up the sanctions until they get what they want, a denuclearized north korea. >> a huge day, thank you, rich. wow, so we know what happened overnight, zach, undeniably democrats have to look at this which way? >> well, i mean, it is fantastic that we have americans who are coming home who were in north kree a they were put into labor camps over there. so -- >> they were tortured. >> yeah. now that they have come home, which is partly why i'm a little concerned about some of the lack wang donald trump used yesterday when -- the language welcoming them home. he used the opportunity to praise the kim regime and saying the prisoners were treated well. i think it shows, on your show yesterday, republican senator
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corey gardner said it was important that we recognize the release of these prisoners is a propaganda ploy by this regime. they want the world to look at them and say, hey, look how reasonable this regime is. it's important that the president is not zuckered into thinking it's going to be easy. >> do i want to step in. if senator gardner is watching he'll say he didn't say 50% of what you just said. >> he said it was a propaganda ploy. >> americans are home, kennedy. >> that's right. and that's what north korea does. and i agree with you, that we can't necessarily trust them. let's put that aside for a second. and let's bass income a moment of freedom. you have to think about these three people and i almost get emotional when i think about it. and how their lives were a year ago and the hopelessness you feel being relegated in a north korean labor camp, thinking you'll never see your family again and never going to experience freedom. and you land in washington, and the president and the first lady
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and the vice president are there in the middle of the night to greet you. regardless of how you feel about them and your political differences, that is something so stunning, and if that is the turn that this world is taking, one toward diplomacy and peace and ultimately toward freedom, we have to appreciate that even for 30 seconds. >> this sounds really silly, but i was looking on instagram and i saw heather nauert, one of our former colleagues, who worked, brought tears to my eyes a photo so took when the plane landed in alaska. she said they're back on u.s. soil. and i thought, let's just cherish this moment of freedom. and one other thing, you might laugh at this, you talk about language. donald trump needs to worry about his language. i talked to senator jim imhoff this president and he said it's president trump's posture on twitter and his language of toughness that might have brought kim to the table, of him
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saying my button is bigger than your button and we're willing to use it. that that kind of threat of military action frightened the north and the south enough that they're willing to come to the table. >> there was a tweet this morning, you may have seen it, from the family or statement from the family of otto warmbier, you look at the juxtaposition what that young man looked like when he came home and died several days later compared with these men, we don't know what their medical conditions are like, we know one of them is held as far back as october of 2015 in hard labor camp. you look at the difference, what corey gardner pointed out that happened on president trump's watch, too. look where we are now, fast forward. >> very true. i'm glad so many people were remembered, otto warmbier and it's been mentioned again and president mentioned it, i heard it on this network earlier today, we don't want to forget him and perhaps the way he paved the way for this. but when you talk about the
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language used on the tarmac, ari fliescher made great points about all of this is a dance, i mean, it's diplomacy on both siechldz the president's language, i think, was carefully chosen to signal a receptiveness to what is going on, the release was as well. it's a dance. you contrast that with what we didn't see from iran in the wake of the nuclear agreement. they, too, had the opportunity to come to the table. they could have allowed site inspections. they could have slowed down their ballistic missile program. they could have released prisoners. they could have done some of the things that we're seeing from north korea now in response to a softening stance from president obama. they never did that. if anything they got harder. that contrast is useful to look at right now. >> zach, i want to ask this question, when you talk about language, you know, the former president, barack obama, took a lot of heat for his language, calling the islamic state savages.
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language is sometimes within the moment, and sometimes it's very much on purpose, as melissa is pointing out there's a negotiation going on, you saw what happened shortly after the release and after some of that language. i mean, obviously this is a conversation going back and forth. i'm curious men like senator chuck schumer, coming down and calling the hostages kind of pawns of the game, if you will. i mean, that's also, i'm paraphrasing him, but that's also the kind of contextual language that is awkward. >> but, again, this is the -- basically the poichbt that senator gardner was making on your show yesterday, the point where he was saying that the kim regime are masters of propaganda, they want the world to look at how reasonable they're being. i think it plays into their hands. >> if things change do we really care? >> can i just make a distinction when you're done. >> go ahead. the administration, when mike pence is saying they release these prisoners without
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concessions it wasn't without concessions. the major concession is this summit. >> i think you talk about palace of cats what iran got. >> putting kim jong-un on in the same room as the president of the united states. this is a regime that we don't recognize as being legitimate. but we are doing that. >> you don't think the clin top team wouldn't have tried to do that? they sent madeline albright. but if they thought they could have made something work? >> i'm not saying it's the wrong play but it is incorrect to say there were no concessions for these prisoners to be released. there were major concession. >> there's a difference between appeasement and appealing to a narcissistic sociopath. with kim jong-un you have to appeal to his ego. and if these hostages were bargaining chips the north gave them up. essentially. and they weakened their own hand. in the end if it fails, hey, we got three americans back home. that's a win for the country.
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>> great point. >> that's a win for the family. >> but they still have nuclear weapons. >> wait a minute, zach, nothing that your side was going to do to get anything done. as kennedy said, we got live. we got lives. >> we're counting the chickens before they're hatched here. >> everyone that you have heard on this network is treating this summit with skepticism. of what is north korea going to demand from us, when they going to -- they're not going to put on the table unconditional denuclearization. they're going to demand great concessions from us that we might not be willing to step up with. this is an important step. in terms of language, kim is a man, what a crazy nar assist? >> narcissistic sociopath. >> hammered on twitter relentlessly by president trump and we still got to this point. i can't wait for the liberal beard strokers at these foreign policy colleges to start
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teaching donald trump twitter diplomacy. that will be on the agenda. >> you are saying we got this for nothing, we didn't get this for nothing. >> nobody said we got it for nothing. >> vice president mike pence on your program said that. >> the leaders of north and south korea was a positive step. a summit between the president of the united states and the leader of north korea is also a positive step and it means that is a huge show and it is an act of faith. but if that is taking us toward peace as opposed on war and millions of people on the korean peninsula dying including americans that's a much more favorable outcome. you have to agree with that. >> we have all sides on the couch today, whoo. we're going to move on. then we'll come back. new dweflments involving the apast leak of banking records belonging to president trump's attorney. why the feds are looking into whether any laws were broken getting that information. we are life from the white house. and israel, striking iranian positions inside syria after rockets rained down on the jewish state.
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the response from the white house and whether this shows iran cannot be trusted. >> this activity and this action is further demonstration that the iranian regime cannot be trusted and another good reminder the president made the right decision to get out of the iran deal. there's little rest for a single dad.
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department has opened an investigation into whether bank records belonging to president trump's private lawyer, michael cohen, were illegally leaked to michael avenatti. he is having the lawyer for porn star stormy daniels. those records showing that cohen took payments from corporations with business before the white house and got at least half a million dollars from an investment firm with ties to a russian billionaire. white house correspondent kevin cork has more. >> it is a privilege to be with you. the i.g. for the treasury department is trying to find out how did these records end up in the hands of michael avenatti, personal banking records belonging to a business related to mr. cohen. avenatti as you point out is the lawyer for adult pill many performer stormy daniels. and yesterday avenatti posted several bank records purported to belong to the president's private attorney michael cohen,
9:18 am
although he later acknowledged that some of the records didn't actually belong to that particular michael cohen. but another person. the records themselves, zero in on a particular llc used to pay daniels to keep kwie bet an allegedtrist with then private citizen trump. the company is called essential consultants and took money from columbus nova headed by a russian oligarch, supposed to be a half million dollar consulting fee. michael avenatti speculates the cash could constitute bank fraud, wire fraud, maybe money laundering although it's fair to point out he made no specific evidence known to anyone about those claims. now, as for cohen, well, you may remember his offices were raided by the mueller team a couple of months ago. he's pushing back asking a judge to keep avenatti away from the federal case and look into
9:19 am
whether or not he got the bank records legally and how did he end up with them. cohen's other clients were at&t, novartis and korean air. this is pulling book the veil on how business is done in washington. you can go from industry to government and back and forth, influence peddling, people get paid a lot of money to provide access. any time you hear the expression russian oligarch with ties to putin, know this, anyone super wealthy in russia, probably has ties to vladimir putin. that doesn't necessarily mean it had anything to do with collusion or that the business with that person was nefarious, sort of media speak for speaking going the collusion story. that's what white house officials suggested to me. it will make for an interesting deep dive legally and perhaps politically as we continue to look at it? kevin cork, you have to join us on the couch sometimes my friend. >> love to do it, you let me know when.
9:20 am
>> kevin cork, thank you. michael cohen is a common name, some of the records belong to somebody else and they were leaked. we don't want to gloss over what is the underlying story of who was doing what for money. i want to get to the bottom of it. to me this is a smelly as the clinton foundation. i hated that. i don't like paper play in any corner. we didn't want hillary clinton doing it, we don't want anyone else doing it. what do you think, zach? >> well, i agree with you, the underlying concern here is very disturbing. this is the first time -- >> pay for play. >> the financial connection between the trump team and the kremlin f you look at veklenberg, in putin's current circle and under u.s. sanctions for interfering in the 2016 election. to recap, oligarch for interfering in the united states election, paid half a million dollars to the personal attorney of donald trump within week of the election happening. that's a current situation where we are. >> absolutely, kenny, and that sounds like home of the pay for
9:21 am
play allegations against hillary clinton, too, whether you talk about this speech, the airways -- we want the bottom of all of it. >> you are paying for access to some one because of their proximity to power or half a million dollars or was it the kremlin association? the exact same thing happened with bill clinton when he got half a million dollar payday to speak to a kremlin backed russian bank. how is that different. >> there's currently an fbi investigation to undercover illegal coordination between the trump team and the kremlin. there was a financial payment directly after the election -- >> we get the facts. but it happened on the other side of the political aisle with bill clinton. >> i wonder why any time you can't defend donald trump you bring in clinton. >> no, no, no, i say the exact opposite. >> she's really grossed out about any of it. >> the fact that anyone would be paid for that. >> okay, well -- >> michael cohen is a hero,
9:22 am
anyone should say whomever they can to get as close to the president as possible. she's saying the opposite of that. you cannot stay the opposite of that. >> you ask the question and i want to make sure you get the answer to it. kennedy is primed over there to give you the answer. bill clinton took about a half million dollars for a, she put in air quote, speech. there were looks at whether or not that was also about gaining access to hillary clinton. and the country involved was russia. kennedy's good question was, how can you look at one side, and you're both asking the same question of each other and melissa's answer is -- >> don't like them both. >> again we have current, there was investigation into that and they were cleared. the second piece days -- you're right there's an i.g. investigation, different than the fbi investigation. i look forward to the i.g. investigation. >> the investigation of the doj and fbi. >> i don't understand -- >> investigator investigating the investigation. >> you can't defend donald trump. the fact that you --
9:23 am
>> oh, i am not a trumpist as much as you like to paint me with a broad brush. i am not. >> you can't bring up hillary clinton. that is a -- >> you know what we're doing? let's go to david. i'll bring up the crime at hand linking confidential bank information, stealing confidential bank information. >> wrong michael cohen? >> that is a crime and deserves to be prosecuted. there are people within the government and various divisions and departments picking and choosing and going after president trump because they don't like him. they're going to leak this information. a crime to leak it, avenatti publishing it not likely a crime. >> dagen, isn't it a problem for all of us, from what i was reading, the reason they were looking at michael cohen or michael cohen, the attorneys are arguing there might be more unrelated michael cohens. but the reason is one of them, if not both, had suspicious
9:24 am
activity reporting going on. they were reviewing, review process. if that is information that begins to leak that's bad for everybody. because that can be triggered, you know how you aren't supposed to move money more than $10,000 between your checking and your savings, deposit that much in. the irs wants to know about that. they can put a s.a.r.s. up on anybody. any time you do something over $9,999 the bank can say melissa did this. >> here's the bigger problem that, people love abuse of power if it fits their narrative. if it involves going after some one they hate. and liberals might love it now it's anti-trump. they're going to hate it when it bites them in the you know what. >> we have to go. plenty of time to argue ahead. the white house expressing strong support for israel's right to defend itself after the israeli military says it attacked nearly all of iran's military installations in syria. that following what israel calls an iranian rocket attack.
9:25 am
all this after president trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. what this says about iran and how the president should respond. plus, after president trump's pick to lead the cia, tough questions on capitol hill, one red state democrat says he will support nominee gene a haskel will others get on board. >> this lady is the real deal. i tell you, we hit her with everything we thought, she didn't flinch at all.
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9:30 am
overnight. the white house saying in a statement, the united states condemns the iranian regime's provocative rocket attack from syria against israeli citizens and strongly support israel's right to act in self-defense. the united states also calls on all nations to make clear that the iranian regime action pose a severe threat to international peace and stability. the newest mideast flare-up took place a day after president trump pulled the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal, not lost on the white house press secretary, sarah sanders. we spoke to our own march that maccallum. watch. >> this is further showing that the iranian regime cannot be trusted. israel has a sovereign right to defend itself. >> zach, you know, this was the first time the israeli military confirmed, the first time they have fired directly back and forth like this. with iranian forces. it underscores the importance of ensuring that iran does not get a nuclear weapon.
9:31 am
which is why it is so disturbing that the united states violated its agreement with iran. that was working to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. confirmed by donald trump's own officials, pompeo. >> when i said on "overteam" your use of the word "violate" is different than other people use it. >> there's no spin. >> dagen? >> the issue is this is actually evidence that the dole is not working the way that it was structured. because iran yeas using its massive windfall, not just the nearly $2 billion in piles of cash but $100 billions in sanction relief. billions upon billions more pumped into the country in terms of business, particularly europe with iran, they're using that windfall from the nuclear deal to fund its aggression. in places like syria. with hezbollah, that's why we pulled out of the deal and
9:32 am
expect something beter? >> you talk about hezbollah in particular, there are reports their involvement with the recent threats against iran are market. >> we learned earlier today, that some of those missiles did penetrate the iron dome in israel. news to me. and this is something that we thought before, at least on the civilian side, those of us watching it couldn't be done. shows you how serious the situation is. they are our ally. and the uptick, the temperature hasn't been lowered at any point along the way. it's fruitless for us to expect that to happen by the nature of goodwill. we need some sort of intervention, the way we saw with north korea, something to majorly clear. >> kennedy, from benjamin hall in jerusalem yesterday, part of the reason the president was looking at pulling our troops out of syria before the chemical weapons attack was because of the boots on the ground by iran
9:33 am
and the growing numbers. when israel hit those targets, military targets, apparently they took out 8 or so of those troops with iran. and there are iranians on the ground. there wasn't wide reporting or knowledge about that. >> no. but -- >> it's interesting. and important. >> as the day goes on we will learn more. and we have to remember that israel is surrounded by people, who not only consider israel an enemy but want to destroy israel. they do have a right to defend themselves. but i want to go back to something. as dagen is talking about hezbollah, the millions of dollars that the iranian government is going to see now, that's where it goes. there's no mechanism to keep them from funding hezbollah. >> but the nuclear weapon, is that better or worse than the status quo. that's the problem here. >> an essentially armed hezbollah is more of a threat than the nuclear weapon, there's a much more -- it's not insane if you talk about probability.
9:34 am
north korea -- can i talk, and the best way to do that. >> okay, you keep a nuclear weapon out of there, how. does that mean it's okay to fund hezbollah? >> of course not. but nuclear weapons are -- >> did you hear dagen, we already did. >> iran is one of the most maligned forces in the world. instead of weakening iran we enriched it. we are funneling money to terrorism. >> no, we did not. >> no we didn't. >> can i get a word in here? >> i totally agree with your principle that we have to keep nuke har weapons away from them. the course that we were on was not doing. that if you heard the general earlier today, he said that president obama was putting them on the path to getting it. he did nothing to stop them from getting it. . trump is out there saying i will not allow nuclear weapons in these two rogue states, north korea and iran, and he taking a hard line stance. seems to be working.
9:35 am
let's hope it works. >> in one case, kit work in the other. but, unfortunately, we have to wait and see. president trump picked to the next cia director made her case yesterday and looks like she's getting support from at least one democrat, west virginia senator joe manchin. >> nobody else that comes to this job prepared like she's prepared. so i've said, hey, the person that can be a role model, how you should run your intelligence agency, that person that has respect for everybody in the field, she's been. there put her in the toughest spot she survived. she's done everything she can to protect the united states of america and keep us as safe as we can. and i just feel very comfortable with her and i encourage all my colleagues to sincerely vote for this lady. she is the best. >> the best. republican senator susan collins on the fence but she put out a statement after the hearing saying, quote, after careful consideration i will vote for the confirmation of gina pass
9:36 am
haspel to become the director of the central intelligence agency. she's death kated her life to the service of our country and performed extraordinarily well in a number of challenging positions often in some of the most dangerous places in the world. as joe manchin acquiesces to the confirmation of haspel, might speak to the difficulty he will have in the fall in his senate race. the political landscape in his state. senator john mccain said because gina haspel would not speak to the immortality of torture he was a no vote. >> i agree with john mccain, i disagree with susan collins and disagree with joe manchin, who is a democrat. but i also think that this shows just how independent joe manchin is. didn't toe the democratic party line, he looks at the issues and fights for west virginia, he'll side with donald trump when he grows with donald trump. >> 68% of the time he votes with president trump. >> that's certainly a lot more
9:37 am
than chuck schumer votes with donald trump. that shows how good -- >> i didn't realize that was the bar. >> it's good for west virginia. shows independence. >> joe manchin vote does that signal to other democrats they're safe to vote for gina haspel? >> potentially but i'll make this a lady issue. if this woman was a democrat nominated by a democratic president, if she was treated this way by republicans, they would be outraged much it shows that democrats only support democratic women who are, if you share their liberal values they will get onboard and cry me too at the top of their lungs. >> women for women. #women for women. >> women for women if you agree with me. if you didn't vote for trump. we're going to, we have your back. >> i think that's interesting, she won't speak to the immorality of torture. i was looking at her answers, serving in that time i can offer my personal commitment clearly and without reservation under my
9:38 am
leadership cia will not restart such a detention and interrogation program. i don't, for some people that's not enough. does that seem like it's not enough? >> the reason it's not enough donald trump on the campaign trail repeatedly said he wants to restart waterboarding. >> she said she won't. >> but the question is, she wouldn't say that it is immoral. even if she had the legal right to do so, there was an opinion it was legal for her to do it, she was ordered by the president she wouldn't say she wouldn't do it. >> under my leadership it will not happen. >> she said something else we can interject, she didn't feel that it worked nor should it be in the hands of the cia. >> she said torture doesn't work, it doesn't work. study after study shows that. >> nor in the hands of the cia in that particular agency to carry it out anyway. so what you're saying, becomes moot point, if she's not going to do it for the law and she doesn't feel that it's effective
9:39 am
as kennedy extrapolated on and she says it shouldn't be that particular agency, what other part of the cart wheel did you need to see? >> i agree with republican senator john mccain who underwent torture himself. he said that refusing to say that torture is immoral, fundamentally -- >> we have a lot of that -- >> it was 17 years ago. >> this is a public day yet she didn't stand up and say it was immoral back then. >> it was a public hearing and the public deserved to hear more than talk about this. what about north korea, what about iran, what about russia. russia, that's your wheelhouse. what about all of the riffing in the country. >> she was asked about all of those things. >> what made the paper. it was torture, torture, torture. >> this isn't torture at all. the mid-term battle heating up in the hot land, hours from now president trump and vice president pence taking the stage at a rally in beautiful indiana supporting the gop candidate challenging democratic senator joe donnely.
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>> mid-term battle kicking in into high gear. trump will be in elk heart, indiana campaigning for mike braun along with mike pence. he's looking to unseat joe donnely, seen as vulnerable in november. a new poll shows the democrats lead in a generic ballot has been nearly wiped away in the latest generic congressional ballot to just 3-point lead within the poll's margin of error, dropping from a six-point lead in march, a 16-point advantage in february. zach, do you this for a living, what do you make of this? >> i think polls go up and down if you look for example. >> very good, very true.
9:45 am
[laughing] >> down and down and down. >> in 2010 before the democrats got wiped out in the mid terms, this month's gallop had it in a -- gallup had it at a tie. cnn had democrats plus four in april. then november got wiped out. i think anybody paying attention to the polls and making predictions on them needs to look at history. but here's what i think we can look at, which is demonstrative of what is going to happen in november, special elections. an average of 12 point swing to the democrats in federal elections. nd then in arizona, we saw 15 point swing to the democrats. this is, when it's the scoreboard, like, that's -- >> i will say this, dagen and zach, there's certainly more democratic excitement right now. there appear to be more democratic voters turning out and that's something that we saw on tuesday night. the question is, can you maintain that momentum and you have to acknowledge so much can
9:46 am
happen, with the economy and the news cycle and with foreign policy and safety and security and stability between now and november that i don't think either side can comfortably say we're going to sail to victory in the november mid terms. >> speaking of enthusiasm, in the cnn poll, republicans are getting more interested in the mid-term election. and march, just 1 in 3 republicans or even republican leaning independence, were very enthusiastic about the mid terms. that number is up to 44%. they're getting excited about something. maybe it says tax cuts making them feel wealthier. >> i guess, i never believe in polls. we all kind of got hosed by that last time around, we're very suspect about polls going forward. if you look at anything, real clear politics, session the average over time, look at the trend. that's the thing you point to. the president's approval ratings have gone up as we've seen more results out there, whether it's the economy or tax cuts or north korea or all of that stuff.
9:47 am
it's always a question of can you tie yourself to that, take credit for that, how much enthusiasm is there out there. it was interesting to note over the same period, i was looking at a media study yesterday, the network news 90% of what they reported in this period seeing the president's approval rating, 90% was negative. so it makes me wonder is that backfiring. if the negative coverage continues to talk about it. >> and the president was tweeting about it. he said in parentheses, that negative fake news. you know, zach, i'm curious to know from you which states you are most worried about. >> sure, i mean, west virginia, indiana, missouri, these are states that donald trump won. i think they're going to be difficult races for us to keep. i think the candidates are doing the things they need to do supporting donald trump when they agree with him. and not supporting him when they don't. >> so much for rooting for don blankenship. >> he wants to run as an
9:48 am
independentent. >> don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you. >> oh! >> the president's suggestion that maybe the press should lose their credentials over negative media kompl. what's to make of this showdown, we debate it next. woman: where are we taking him? i have no clue. we're just tv doctors. what's to make of this showdown, we debate it next. o. what's to make of this showdown, we debate it next. v. what's to make of this showdown, we debate it next. e. what's to make of this showdown, we debate it next. r. what's to make of this showdown, we debate it next. ag. what's to make of this showdown, we debate it next. e. what's to make of this showdown, we debate it next. schedule your annual check-up today. only remfresh usesody's ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. they're all going in the same direction but in very different ways and pampers gives all of them our driest best fitting diaper. pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist,
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? president trump mocking the "new york times" coverage of secretary of state mike pompeo, greeting the three americans freed from north korea overnight. >> president trump: i think our secretary of state despite the fact that the "new york times" said he was missing, he was in north korea, but i think our secretary of state has done a fantastic job. mike did you know you were missing, they couldn't find you. they couldn't find him. >> where's pompeo, where's waldo. the times ran the headline at a key moment trump's top diplomat is thousands of miles away. pompeo was in north korea. the white house pushing back amid backlash after the president suggested possibly taking away press credentials over ongoing negative media cover. reporters hammering sarah sanders on that yesterday. watch her response. >> today on twitter suggested stripping journal interests of
9:53 am
their press credentials. is that a line as press secretary you would be willing to cross. >> i'm standing up in front of you taking your questions a number of you have mentioned those off-air, or on-air, in private in a number of other occasions this is one of the most accessible white houses. we're committed to a free press. i think that we demonstrate that every single day. >> all right, so zach, is that a leftist press giving in to twitter hysteria, where they're led by the president? >> i think that the comments that have come out of this white house and from the campaign attacking the press and press freedom in this country are very disturbing. not from a left or a right perspective, but the free press represents a fundamental pillar of our democracy. what dwonld trump said -- donald trump said in the tweet, is that he equates negative coverage with fake news. >> but it was fake. it was fake. i mean, that's the only thing.
9:54 am
>> trolled and trolled again the media was. the "new york times," it was fake. they had egg all over their face. it was so embarrassing. and then he trolls them with the joke i'm going to take away your press credentials and they chomp the bit again. >> here's what i will say and here, you can speak to this, it's one thing for the president to say this and use bomb bas past but another thing for the white house to be open and accessible to media inquiry. that's something that at the white house correspondents dinner last year they talked about. they said if there's one good thing about the president we get our questions answered. >> you and i were at the white house correspondents dinner. and those events around it. and we had unfettered access to members of the white house staff and others with this administration, i met the homeland secretary for the first time. these are people who on a day-to-day take the questions. i will say, and i have spoken about it on twitter and gotten a
9:55 am
tsunami of response from all different categories, civility is what is lacking here. and you know not everyone is going to be the same in the room. i get that. but this is a group of people who are taking the questions every day. by the way, part of the white house communications staff, and i remember robert gibbs was a person who taught me this from the obama administration when i met him, he was a wonderful guy. he said part of my job is not to say much but to make you think i'm talking. >> these reporters need to buy body armor for their sell on phone skin. please. donald trump loves the negligence tv reporting. he's trying to whip knew a frenzy, he is the puppet master and they don't know it. >> zach, you have to realize, that the press needs the president and the president needs the press. >> absolutely. >> but access does not press freedom make. when the president demonizes the press and legitimate inquiries, legislate malt stories storksries that may be negative and are not fake -- stories that
9:56 am
are negative but not fake, i will not take a lecture from this president about what is true and what is false, some one who is still not apologized for saying that ted cruz's father killed jfk. >> he did? wow, ted cruz. [laughing] >> outnumbered, thank you. liberty mutual saved us
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almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. >>hey. oh, that's my robe. >>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance and still get great coverage for you and your family. call for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> thoonks to zach pekanas, i hope you loved every minute of it. >> i feel so lucky. >> he's a fun and exciting guy.
10:00 am
we gave you a hard time, you're a great sport, we love you dearly, a lot of fun. >> i want to say thank you to james freeman at the editorial page, i borrowed the bearded liberal professor from him. >> we have a date and time for president trump's sit-down with north korea's dictator, outnumbered overtime, i'm harris faulkner. >> harris: president trump tweeted the highly anticipated meeting between kim jong-un and myself will take place in singapore on june 12. we will both try to make it a special moment for world peace. look at the screen, hero's welcome. trump greeting the three u.s. citizens held inside north korea after they landed, at joint base andrews. the president saying he hopes that a sign of goodwill from kim jong-un will lead to bigger changes. >> my proudest achievement will be this is


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