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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 10, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the uss triton became a full circle sub 58 years ago today. should news break out, we'll think about it. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: thank you, shepard. this is "your world." we're in positive territory with the dow. a lot of relief that the hostages are home, that it looks like walking away from the iran deal hasn't hurt us much. we're going to get to all of the above. first, rich edson with the hostages home, talks on and everyone getting excited. hey, rich. >> good evening, neil. they're back in the united states. three americans, two arrested in north korea. landing at andrews air force base. kim dong-chul and tony kim and kim hak-song are now on their
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way to walter reed medical center for evaluation. they thank the president, mike pompeo, the united states and god and their families. the president offered his appreciation to kim jong-un. >> a great honor, hopefully everything will work out. we want to thank kim jong-un. >> their release should not be exalted. it should be expected. it's not great accomplishment of kim jong-un to do this. when the president does it, he weakens american foreign policy and puts americans at risk around the world. >> schumer added the president should have never given credit for the north korean government for prisoners they should have never taken into custody. mike pompeo called the release
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incredibly exciting noting they were pretty good shape given that they were in prison for a year in north korea. mike pompeo says this makes the summit more likely for a successful outcome that there's not three americans detained in north korea. neil? >> neil: by that definition, ronald reagan welcoming the hostages back from iran and bill clinton or barack obama, just that he drew the distinction just with this president? >> yes. chuck schumer did so. when you get hostages coming back to the united states, whether there's thanking them, perhaps what the senate minority leader took issue with, the fact that he thanked kim jong-un. the fact of the matter is, there's americans in prison throughout the world and the state department and administration officials regardless of the administration will push for their release in almost every situation. >> neil: thanks, rich.
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speaking of chuck schumer. remember when the iranian deal was crafted by barack obama? this was chuck schumer. >> we should not go forward with this agreement. this evil regime has stayed in power without a slight threat to their being overthrown. the odds are too high, too high that it will stay flawed. >> neil: this dangerous agreement, the evil agreement. you'd think when this president walked away from it, chuck schumer would welcome in. of course. take a look. >> there's no reports that iran has violated the agreement. >> neil: enter abbott and costello. but back in 2015 -- i don't
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know. inconsistency. former cia analyst, buck sexton. buck, come on. he was among four senators that was against this for valid reasons at the time. the house took it up as a resolution. didn't go anywhere. you can't have it both ways, can you? >> if you're chuck schumer you think you can. look, the iran deal withdrawal by president trump is a promise kept. i think that for people that care about constitutionalism, separation of powers, we shouldn't have a precedent that presidents can use their discretion to bind deals that don't go through the senate. that's another added benefit of this. on top of the fact that it was a bad deal. didn't deal with some issues that were clearly central to what we want with iran, which is defang what will be a nuclear state at some point in the future. north korea, by the way, saying this is no big deal, kim jong-un could very well have held on to
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those hostages to give him additional leverage going into this summit. i think that if he had no plans to even hear trump out, that might have been the way forward for him. at a minimum, it's a confidence building measure and obviously great news for the american people and the families that get back their family members. i'd like to see more cheerfulness from democrats on that for obvious reasons. >> neil: you know, for obvious reasons, i have to ask you a little bit about what's going on. the oil market response to this. seems a little arcane here. but oil is running up. still at multiyear highs. the feeling seems to be that we could see oil taken off the market. the iranians could be in a world of hurt here. sanctions. you know the drill. if the world financial markets, our own included were concerned about it, they had a funny way of showing it. who is right here? >> a lot of that is priced into this, neil. people were expecting that trump
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for quite a while was going to pull out of this deal. when you look at the capacity of the u.s. because of shale and also just the excess capacity on the market around the world right now, i'm not sure that anyone would expect to be a major oil shock from iran having its capacity taken off of the market. certainly from a global financial perspective, trump has done so much that i think has given the market the sense of stability that we're not going to see shocks from things like the iran deal. we won't see people all of a sudden get spooked. a lot of the conventional wisdom, the people using geo politics -- or that use geo politics for a barometer for where the market is going have been proven wrong time and time again. so that factors into the thinking. >> neil: so right about that. what if we're the only ones that do this? in other words, the five countries that signed on, england, france, germany, china, they don't sign on to what we're doing and we're doing this
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alone, then what? >> i think we have more leverage with our allies. perhaps that's not the right words. we have better ways of establishing with them a means of getting a new deals. keep in mind, the trump administration is not saying we just want sanctions with iran. we have nothing else planned. they want a renegotiation of the deal. president run the ran as a negotiator. he's going to allies where pompeo and the rest of the team and say look, we have the upper hand here in dealing with the iranians. they can have a real economy or they can have a nuclear weapons program. they cannot have both. we, meaning us and our allies, should be working towards that end. that includes ballistic missiles as part of this. that includes inspections of military sites that the iranians have that were excluded and no sun set provisions. that was the fatal flaw from the beginning that everybody said and said unless you get a radically different revision, the radicals will be in charge.
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how could this work? >> neil: to your point, it's not the end of the world here but we'll watch it closely. thanks, buck. >> thank you. >> neil: the president is headed to indiana tonight. he will be campaigning for the gop senate candidate mike braun. what is interesting about this, in the middle of this talk about an inevitable blue wave and the idea was that republicans would get shellacked in the november election came a number of developments this week that look good for republicans in the senate. the possibility that they could increase their numbers in the senate. now they're starting to say the same about the house. not increasing their numbers but not losing their majority. along comes a casino mogul to put money on it after this. there was an idea. to bring together a group of remarkable people. to help save the universe... from paying too much on their car insurance. hey, there's cake in the breakroom...
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here's something you should know. there's a serious virus out there that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms. left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer. the only way to know if you have hep c is to ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. >> neil: indiana is fertile ground for the president of the united states and republicans to get a senate seat pick-up. they think they can get a few of
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them. mike tobin is in elkhart indiana. michael? >> you struck the nail on the head, neil. the purpose of this visit is political. the official release says it's about touting the tax cuts and the booming economy. indiana is a place where the grand old party thinks they can pick up a senate seat. the senate will be upstaged by mike pence and mike braun who tuesday night became the republican nominee. braun is a private secotor guy. to get elected, he needs to become joe donnelly. a pro life moderate and seen as vulnerable because he has the d in front of his name. this is a state that trump won. and expect greg pence, the brother of the vice president. he just won the sixth congressional district. he's about to get some executive weight in his corner.
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the president has shown that he can cover a lot of ground and no particular order. so anticipate that the president will talk about the prisoners release from north korea. he will probably talk about the conflict in syria and the goal on heights. one item that got buried with the headlines that came out, the president's opposition to the farm bill because he wants to see tighter work requirement for food stamp recipients. the president can talk about whatever he wants and often does. >> thanks, mike. we should say just when you think it's all done, the blue wave and all, what do i tell you? like even the financial markets. defy the consensus opinion. it was very wrong in 2016. it's been wrong often times here. it's a good strategy of cynicism to hold to. and a casino mogul just bed the house on whether the key primary battles and the likes of
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indiana, west virginia, ohio, north carolina had nothing to do with that or the right candidates emerging on the republican front had anything to do with that. he now is very confident. he can help turn the tide for republicans in battleground states and districts across the country. again, pouring $30 million into races to do just that. it's early. anything can happen. money doesn't buy the results. it's worth pointing out that the well-financed candidates and those that had an appealing message did to a man and woman quite well over the last week or so. so let's get the read from elijah collins and political consulta consultant harlin hill. what do you think of this, harlin? this would be like a crap shoot, but not to him. >> it's a game of black jack.
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>> i see where you're going with that. touche. >> he's a numbers guy. he's looking at this. the president's approval rating is passing 50%. where the president is doing well is in the battleground states where you'll have vulnerable democrats up for re-election. i'm looking at west virginia, indiana and ohio. all three of those had some of the biggest games in republican primary voter turnout since 2014. it was extraordinary actually and surprised pundits. he's saying the president is popular, performing for people and the track record that he's brought across the table will drive voters to the polls to defend him. what is coming up on the ballot and showing that they know this, if the democrats were to win the house, you're going to have the threat of an impeachment. republicans will pour money into the races and do everything we can to defend the house. i'm not worried about the
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senate. >> neil: to be fair and i hear your point, but elisa, democrats have not mentioned impeachment but they might be contemplating that. they won't say it so overtly. but republicans talk about the sentiment of the economy, job security. it's hard to tell. something has changed here. i don't know whether it's the holdover from tuesday, but what do you think? >> i think they're feeling good from tuesday. republicans got the candidates they wanted or more importantly, avoided getting in west virginia don blankenship. joe manchin is incredibly vulnerable and they felt like blankenship could have made it harder. it's not a done deal. joe manchin is popular. but they got candidates in all four states. you cannot say the hostages were helpful to the president.
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the economy is good. the president had a good week. he doesn't all the time have them, i should say. but i like to point out that the house is still very much, i would argue, up for grabs. i think it's a toss-up. a lot of republicans on the hill project less confidence that they'll keep it or at least be able to gain seats. i think they might lose some. money helps. $30 million is helpful. >> neil: yeah. keep it under the 23 feared losses and they maintain control. it's early to your point. we mentioned what is going on in west virginia. a little bit we'll talk to the state's attorney general, what is the republican nominee to take on joe manchin. the sentiment is building that a lot of these so-called vulnerable democratic senators and i guess could apply to some of those in key house races would love another shot at voting for a second tax cut, one that republicans have bounced around to make the individual rates permanent.
1:18 pm
others say they don't want to give them the chance of the republican party because then the democrats would be potentially more electable if they voted for them. what are your thoughts on this and how democrats play that? >> well, i think that what you'll know and joe manchin as anyone who knows him even a little knows that he really takes no crap. so he really votes not on a party line by any means but what will help the people of west virginia. that's why he's extremely popular. he doesn't play party politics in that way. >> neil: wait a minute. he would be -- i interviewed him there. if he was against the tax cuts but would be for a second wave that essentially makes most of it permanent, that is a little weird, isn't it? >> not necessarily. because i think what joe would tell you and what the senator would say and has repeatedly said, if it's good for west virginia, then he's going to vote for it. he's going to figure out a way. he's been very smart and very popular --
1:19 pm
>> neil: so you think he can survive this? all right. >> i do think he can survive it. he's one of the politicians -- i think right now everyone is so sick of this divisiveness that they're looking for people that are getting things done and are actually proposing solutions, working to get solutions. >> neil: so hope springs i determine. i hear you. harlan, is it your sense that republicans -- this might be a gut feeling, i could be wrong, but honey being plunked down into a race. others might follow. there's a sense that republicans have been on defense and now they're saying gosh darn it, we're not going to do that. what do you think? >> absolutely. a lot of that is driven by the fact that voters out there -- i'm working all over the country for different races. voters are very frustrated. they want to send soldiers to stand alongside the president to pass more of his agenda. he's got a lot done in two years. between the tax cuts and a lot of what he's doing in term of foreign policy, bringing north
1:20 pm
korea to the table to negotiate for peace? it's amazing. they're saying think about how much more president trump could accomplish if we just sent people to washington that wanted to support him? that will drive in my view a lot of turnout in the mid-term elections. >> neil: is it your sense that nancy pelosi was more of an issue on ballots? she's running for re-election in california. but what she's said about tax cuts, the chump change, crumbs and all that, is coming back to bite her? >> i think republicans want it to bite her. i think it will definitely rally at the republican base. nancy pelosi is one of their favorite targets. i'm not sure. we'll see what it does for democrats. i think there's definitely a sense with some democrats that it's time for new leadership and we're seeing some candidates say that. democrats that i talked to don't seem as concerned as republicans are saying they should be. we have to see how it plays out.
1:21 pm
i think saying the tax cuts are crumbs doesn't help her but i'm not sure it hurts her as much as republicans are hoping it will. >> neil: to all of your points, it's still early. that can swing back and forth. guys, thank you very much. all right. the worries that are out there are that republicans can't just keep their message intact. a big part of that message is showing that they have the fiscal discipline to lead this country yet again. to control another congress yet again. the read from the house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows. more after this. i really honestly don't believe i could have done it without chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood,
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novartis and at&t. heard a lot about this. trying to separate what is real, what was fiction, what was seized and what is material versus what wasn't seized may be completely immaterial. laura ingle is looking into this. what do you have? >> hi, neil. we need a road map to go through everything that has happened in the last week alone. part of the information released by stormy daniels attorney, michael avenatti was confirmed by some of the companies that michael cohen has done business with. other portions have not been verified and that's what lead to a court filing by michael cohen's attorneys. we have the documents the show you. cohen's attorney disputing the allegations. saying he put out numerous inaccurate statements that avenatti claims the president's personal attorney had transactions with a different michael cohen.
1:26 pm
and they say that avenatti is in possession of cohen's bank records. something that they say he has no lawful right to. when asked how he has the record, avenatti released this statement. >> so the companies that confirm they have done business with and paid michael cohen's company consultants are at&t that paid hundreds of thousands, novartis and korean airspace ltd confirm ago $150,000 payment. novartis issuing a statement that reads --
1:27 pm
>> all of this has prompted the u.s. treasury department of inspector general to launch an investigation into how any of these bank records were disclosed. more to come, neil. back to you. >> neil: okay. thank you very much. i think i got a little bit more than i did prior. in the meantime, house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows is looking at this, not so much the records and what they pro but the pro priority of getting them in the first play. we'll go into a lot with them right now. the chairman of the conservative group joins us rights now. very good to have you. >> great to be back with you as always, neil. >> neil: first on the michael cohen stuff. there's so much we're learning about business tie-ins and if that had anything to do with the president. but you're calling into question just how this stuff got in the prosecutor's hands, right? >> yeah. i think what happens is you
1:28 pm
start to question whether or not lady justice has a blind fold. when certain things good leaked and obviously when you start to see documents show up in the hands of certain individuals that create a different narrative than perhaps what may even be factual is troubling. that's the whole thing with the department of justice and fbi. we believe that what we need to do is restore some integrity to the top parks of doj and fbi, not the vast majority of those men and women that do a great job each and every day. so we've been requesting a number of documents for oversight ability. we want to find out exactly what the scope of investigations, where we're going, is it going off the rails as attorney general sessions has said. it's time we get answers and the time for talk is over. >> neil: would it worry you though, congressman, how the information was gathered and you raised legitimate concern there, if mr. cohen was exacting favors
1:29 pm
and attentions from these companies and maybe others, and we don't know, but that could be deemed sort of a pay-to-play role and one that would involve his getting some of these officials, an audience with the president. the president might not know anything about it. probably doesn't. but lawyers have told me that would be very, very problematic for mr. cohen. >> well, certainly. any time you have a pay to play, it would be an issue. a lot of times it appears to be a pay to play and not in fact that. we have lobbyists that are pay to play each and every day. you know that. they have to register and you have to go through the normal process. >> and he didn't do any of that. he could be in a heap of trouble. >> it could. here's the other thing. access to the president and policy making are two different things. it's the legislative branch that does the policies.
1:30 pm
certainly making sure that something could get signed into law, would have an effect. so i don't disregard that. at this point, too early to make some assumptions. even in this report, we see there's errors in what has been released and it's not the same michael cohen. it's about doing a proper investigation and i'm sure that that will be done. >> neil: switching gears here. phase two of tax cuts. you all want to visit that and make the individual ones permanent. when i talked to mitch mcconnell in the senate, he was reticent about it but that it would only provide a chance for joe manchin to vote for it and improve their election chances. so it's my read that it's a nonstarter for him in the senate. what do you think? >> it may be a nonstarter for the leader in the senate. but that is a poor call and not to suggest that i'm leading the senate because we're not.
1:31 pm
i can tell you what the american people believe and what your viewers believe, we need to make these tax cuts permanent. so listen, the american people are smarter than that. they know if joe manchin is doing a cover vote, only gets to 59 votes in the senate, they see that. so let's be serious about making these permanent. i can tell you, we're going to push for that here in the house. there will be a vote on making those tax cuts permanent ands will -- >> neil: has speaker ryan told you that? >> the speaker has told us that. we've reminded him of that commitment. i believe he will be good at that commitment. >> neil: you have a way of constantly reminding people of that commitment. we'll see what happens. thanks, chairman. >> thank you. >> neil: yesterday you heard from joe manchin. fair and balanced. we'll introduce you to the guy that wants to take him out. patrick morrisey is here. he's next.
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>> neil: i don't know if you own apple stock but it's getting so close to being the world's first company with a $1 trillion market cap. we'll get to the core of it after this.
1:35 pm
>> neil: all right. just moments ago, the president climbing air force one. he's on his way to elkhart, indiana. he's be campaigning for mike
1:36 pm
braun to talk on a vulnerable democratic senator joe donnelly. the president is off there. he will be speaking on mr. braun's behalf tonight. and then there's this. >> mr. blankenship, he's said some positive things about you. he's not indicated that he's remotely willing to support mr. morrisey. so it begs a question, is he throwing his support behind you or you and he talked about it? >> no. we've had no conversations whatsoever. no. like i said, we've had our differences. but you cannot question the west virginia republican conservative roots. >> neil: that was my fault. sorry for the confusion. that was senator joe manchin yesterday talking about patrick morrisey, the man that will be challenging him. more to the point, talking about the guy that won't be
1:37 pm
challenging him. don blankenship, he spent a year in prison over the coal industry disaster in 2010 that killed 29 people and whether he violated safety rules and standards. long story short, mr. blankenship was not a big fan of the eventual republican nominee, mr. morrisey who we'll talk to and seemed to hint that he might throw his support by the incumbent democratic senator, joe manchin. manchin indicating right now one way or the other, that doesn't matter. he wants people to vote their conscious but didn't rule out the possibility that that might help. what will the fallout be and explain the discontent with mr. blankenship and the man i'm about to speak to you now, patrick morrisey, the attorney general. very good to have you. >> good to be back on your program, neil. thank you. >> neil: congratulations, sir. did you ever get a congratulations from
1:38 pm
mr. blankenship? >> you know, we haven't, but i would say that all of the candidates are working behind my campaign. i know campaigns can be very tough. don blankenship is a tough competitor. they're all tough competitors. i'm looking forward to the support of all the people that ran in the primary and i'm hopeful it's a matter of time that the republicans will unite against senator joe manchin. there's a huge difference between my proven conservative record versus joe manchin. people need to know that joe manchin supported hillary clinton, barack obama, signed cap and trade legislation, killing coal jobs. sponsored a massive gun control bill. west virginians will have a choice between a conservative fighter that gets things done and a liberal that hasn't delivered much of anything at all for west virginia. >> neil: you might be surprised to learn that senator manchin
1:39 pm
views things slightly differently. he said that he was really the only true conservative among the three of you, talking about congressman evan jenkins that you defeated as well for the republican nomination and seemed to be open to the possibility that blankenship could endorse him. i take it from what you're saying, you have not had a conversation post the election with him? >> no, i haven't. i think people though, the primary is over and right now there's a clear choice between myself and senator manchin. you're likely to see this kind of stuff from manchin for a while. he's going to do anything to try to run away from his liberal record and try to pretend to be conservative or have west virginia values. the reality is that the record on the issues for joe manchin is going to provide a very steep hill for him. >> neil: you say liberal. in your state, sir, you can be a moderate and be deemed a liberal
1:40 pm
record and donald trump is very popular in your state. won the state by 42 points. so you're well-positioned in that backdrop. but i wanted to get your thoughts on what senator manchin was telling me, his willingness to look at a face two of a tax cut republicans want to have. might not happen in the senate, but certainly going to happen in the house. i asked the senator about that. he said he would vote for that if it came up. what do you think of that? >> i think it's another example that joe manchin says one thing and does another. he indicated that he was open to vote for the trump tax cuts but he voted know when the president reached out to him. joe seems to say no. i think vice president pence has pointed that out. president trump is going to be a very big asset in west virginia because he knows i'm going to be a strong vote for his agenda and for conservative west virginia values. senator manchin -- >> neil: has he campaigned --
1:41 pm
i'm sorry. do you want him to campaign for you and he's a ingredient to or -- >> i want him to come. i had a very good conversation with donald trump jr. he's going to be coming in. i'm very hopeful that the president will come back time and time again because i think the president is really had west virginia's back. so i'm very hopeful for that. i think he can make a big difference. he has made a big difference in west virginia already. >> neil: thanks, attorney general. a tough right and you were on it fair and square. thank you. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: meantime, taking a look at these hostages that have returned. they appear to be in good shape but maybe, maybe that is not quite the case. after this. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9?
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>> i talked to the otto warmbier
1:45 pm
family yesterday. otto was on our minds. we learned during this show that these three were coming home. he said we are happy for the hostages and their family and he said we miss otto. >> neil: had to be bittersweet for otto's parents looking at this and the three hostages that did rush healthy, happy and relieved. the woman that talked to them, the co host of "fox and friends," ainsley earhardt. taking about inspirational, it's dominating the best seller list. congratulations. >> thanks, neil. you've always supported my career. >> neil: grudgingly. i'm so jealous. one thing about the book. i wanted to read it, but how freely and happy you are to talk about god, to talk about religion, to talk about your faith. that is supposed to be forbidden
1:46 pm
today. >> when they approached me about writing this book, they said do you want to talk about your faith? that's something that i hear often. i had to say yes to that. did did two childrens books. i was going to take a vacation. i need to breathe a little bit because i'm a mother and working full time and an author. the book tour is wonderful because you get to meet your -- the people that watch us every day and put food on our table and we hug them and say thank you. but it can be exhausting at times. i felt like i had to say yes to that. how can you say no to god? tell your story about god. okay. >> neil: you kept that -- you -- right away you say i dedicate this book to my lord and save your jesus christ. i know i'll have an eternal life with christ. almost every chapter you take a page from the bible. again and again, we're supposed
1:47 pm
to be in this rough and tumble world of journalism and say nasty things. you don't follow that temptation. >> i feel like there's been this weight on my heart through this latest political challenge. if you think differently than someone else, you're hated. so i don't like that. i don't feel like that is the temperature of the majority of the country. i feel like the majority wants to be happy and positive and i think they're looking for a book like this because it does remind you that god is in control and it doesn't matter if you're black or white or a democrat or a republican or -- >> neil: but you said, like wow, this is really -- >> i want to say, i love you around your god's child. whoever is writing this article didn't reach out to me. if they did, i knew it would be a negative article. we get attacked all the time. so i want to say -- >> neil: it's the others. >> i want to say, you don't know
1:48 pm
us. it's easy for people to throw stones. we all have our issues and doing the best we can. we want to send our kids to college. we want to provide a nice life for our children. a safe life. and it doesn't matter how you vote. >> neil: i'm not leaving anything to the kids. i think they're on their own and -- >> there's something to that. we didn't grow up with much. >> neil: you mentioned growing up. your dad was very -- cheap is not the word but he watched every penny. didn't have a credit card. you grew up like that. >> i did. i am grateful. at the time i looked at my friends that had everything. i wanted that. but i'm so grateful. my dad worked so hard, sometimes three jobs. writing thank you notes to his customers in the midnight. he gave up his coaching career so he could sell janitorial supplies. toilet paper. our soap is one of the brands that he used to sell. it's such -- i remember coming
1:49 pm
to fox and seeing that sani soap and thinking, my dad sold this so i could come here. toilet paper, carpets, anything and to the school system. when you go the schools and the bathroom, my dad sold that in columbia, south carolina. my mom went to work every day. she would have loved to be a stay at home mom and raise three kids. >> neil: but you look now, you say hey, our friends are talking about you in the morning and on "fox and friends." now "fox and friends," probably the most influential show because you have one very big viewer. >> we do. >> neil: how do you feel about that? >> we open the book saying, you know, my friends are saying you're famous. i know, it's so weird, mom. >> neil: does that put pressure when you talk to the president? >> no. i'm going to be myself no matter what. i want to be gracious to every viewer, every person on our
1:50 pm
show. i realize they're waking up early to be on our show. i want to be gracious but i want to ask the tough questions. you know, be a journalist as well. that phrase has changed. a tv host. but i still want to ask the tough questions. >> neil: i was thinking of you, too. right away you get into this, roger ailes, our chairman. you mentioned him in your book. you said roger's fall reminds you how fragile life is. not just physical existence but our integrity and reputation. and many put down president pence because when he doesn't go out to eat. you said he does put walls around his integrity to guard himself against the appearance of evil. if we change ourselves, it continues today. >> for the better. i'm raising a daughter. i want us to change and evolve from where we were. did it break any heart when
1:51 pm
roger passed away? yes. i feel like that sin eroded and corrupted his life and changed his life and took his life. >> you never experienced that. >> i never experienced that. my story is different from these women. i was shocked when i heard this. our world was turned upside-down here at fox. he did put food on my table. he hired me. he allowed my dreams to come true. then i hear stories that involve my friends here at fax. i was appalled. it was wrong. but you know, i did feel sorry for his family and it ultimately killed him. >> neil: and you moved on. "the light within me" ainsley earhardt. she says horrible things about her co anchors. no, she doesn't. >> thanks, neil.
1:52 pm
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
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>> neil: trudeau prices are moving up, how does that affect me? pretty soon, in fact, like now, none of us is at a gas station. an early read on the coming attraction. christina. >> yes, it is happening right now. even at the gas station in upper east new york. above $3 a gallon. what we are seeing across the entire united states according to aaa, the average at the moment is $2.84. that is up compared to last year. definitely coming higher, part of it has to do with possible looming sanctions, decrease in supply coming from venezuela, and of course more consumers buying more vehicles, using more gas, and pushing up. what we are seeing over the past little while, you have seen gas climb steadily.
1:56 pm
hitting a three and a half year high, around the $3 mark. overall, there are ten states in the united states that have hit the $3 clutch starting with california which is due to higher taxes and environmental regulations at $3.66 a gallon, followed by hawaii, washington, alaska, nevada, utah, idaho. and last but not least connecticut that join the club. definitely going to pinch on your wallet. it is cheaper to buy gas on tuesdays than on saturdays. throwing it back to you, neil. >> neil: really quickly, why? >> in regards to why it is more expensive on the weekend? it has to do with the level of supply at the gas station, and more available at the beginning of the week. >> neil: i did not know, good to see you. christina, thank you very much, the fallout here is limited.
1:57 pm
if you are worried about the holding, it's going to be a disaster. we will see. a guy who is not wearing it, my special guest will be joining me live on saturday. 10:00-12:00, and now "the five." l will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. the kind of skills, that work for you.
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♪ >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters and kennedy! "the five" ." in the middle of the night, cnn producers were dreaming of their next stormy headline, president trump welcomed home three americans imprisoned in north korea. and he did it to great ratings. >> i think that you probably broke the all-time history television rating for 3:00 in the morning. this is a special night for these three really great people and congratula


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