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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 10, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters and kennedy! "the five" ." in the middle of the night, cnn producers were dreaming of their next stormy headline, president trump welcomed home three americans imprisoned in north korea. and he did it to great ratings. >> i think that you probably broke the all-time history television rating for 3:00 in the morning. this is a special night for these three really great people and congratulations on being in
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this country. i want to thank kim jong un who really was excellent to three incredible people. >> greg: i never thought i would hear that. but i never thought we would have a former reality game show host running the most powerful country in the world ever. and that reality and the reality of this morning's release are connected. the release, what does it mean, and to the north korea threat, happier days to all of us, it is too soon to tell, but you would have to be in your own prism of bias not to see this as a promising step to the correction of the world, right, chuck? >> it is so troubling to say that kim jong un treated the americans excellently. the release should not be exalted, it should be expected.
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>> greg: what a wet blanket, but the development putting in's perspective. taking turns after shock of the porn interest, three americans are free. once you get past his unseeded lead past, his entire past reveals that talent. they elected a unique toolkit for unique times. able to engage rogue regimes and what they understand. carrots and a real stick, not fantasy. who knew that what we needed most was a reality tv star who actually deals in reality? so with those three people, what they have preferred a squeaky clean president threading alone in the oval office as they sat in a foreign jail, or a billionaire tycoon who is not the best husband, but can talk a bear off of a fish truck? you know the answer. all right, kennedy, welcome to the show. you look great in pink as alway
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always. why is this working? because it seems to be working. before it is objectively good. it is very difficult for anyone to argue that this is not a good thing. and it is interesting and very predictable that people will certainly try. i think that the visual was great of the plane landing, and to the president and the vice president and the first lady and the secretary of state there to welcome three people whose lives and recent history is absolutely unimaginable to americans. not the 1% and not those who are comfortable but to all americans, we cannot fathom what life is like because very few people get out to tell the story. if you remember at the state of the union, one of the most moving parts was a man who would escape north korea and take his clutches in that embrace of freedom and a continuation of that narrative that is investing in very real terms.
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regardless of how you feel about the president or who you voted for, you have to stop and realize that this is a great moment for our country. >> greg: jesse, you know that i like it was at 3:00 a.m., trump is saying, i don't sleep, hillary would been in bed by now. >> jesse: he was up for the 3:00 a.m. phone call, it is perfect. and great ratings as he mentions. from here until the mouth. i'm sure that they were really good. it was a significant olive branch from little rocket man prayed he deserves a little bit of credit. i know that if obama said they were treated excellent, people would've said, what are you doing? but i think that that is just trump's way of negotiating. he cuts them down when he needs to. that is great. it is a big distinction of how obama dealt with these things. remember obama got a cheney back but he had to give up five terrorists from gitmo, we did not have to give up anything.
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this is a significant departure from the last administration. this president has gotten back detainees. we got them from egypt, afghanistan, even the ungrateful basketball players from ucla that came through china, they came back. he is with the george costanzo method. what i would like to say is whenever obama did something, trump does the opposite in north korea, syria, iran, and it seems to be working, juan, the media is not accountable for all of the false things they predicted would happen with north korea. they said we would alienate the ally and south korea and japan and not get china to help us out. we were going to go to war. and pompeo was not a good diplomat. all of those things have turned out to be wrong. the media is like a bad weatherman. every day they come out and they say it is going to rain. and every day it is clear skies and sunny. but they never apologize or get fired. >> greg: so, juan, from a
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scale of one being awesome, ten being super, super, super awesome, where would you put this? >> juan: super, super, super -- gosh, i imagine us in that situation, you want out, you went out for americans. it is good. the part that amuses me first is the business about ratings, clearly it is all about the appearances and his political popularity. it is all about the republicans will celebrate. let's put down chuck schumer for stating the obvious that what you really want here is kim jong un would not be holding americans and treating them so badly. and we should not be calling him excellent or anything. jesse, i would say to you that we did give something to kim jong un, we have given him a summit. putting him on the level with us. of the united states of america. he has wanted this across the administration for previous presidents that have denied it. he is thrilled that he is seeing
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a world leader equal to the president. >> jesse: what was the obama policy? do nothing. >> juan: we did not do nothing. we do not do nothing, but we did not have any solution. i think that this is why -- >> jesse: the summit as a result of sanctions and tough rhetoric. >> juan: it is a result of actions taken in terms of prior sanctions, do, distinctions, but i also think -- >> jesse: all of the allies are very happy with the summit. the alliances are strong. >> juan: when you look at kim jong un, what he is building towards is the idea of the united states excepting north korea as a nuclear power. every other american president has had no to this. >> kimberly: i do not know where you are going. there is not evidence to support this statement. >> greg: one trump gets the presurprise, will juan say, oka okay. >> kimberly: if you look at the media reports, this is
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something that kim jong un did reluctantly prayed he did not want to release three american hostages paid he did so because of the unique and nonconforming diplomatic policy that the president engaged in. this is nothing that was unsettling to kim jong un, something that he was not familiar with. and president trump tried a different approach. it has produced a historical result. when you take a look at the situation, why would any american not say that this is a very, very favorable and auspicious result that happens here. i look at the screen and i see three healthy americans that thought that they did not have a chance. and they were able to come home to this country. thank god. juxtaposed to that for otto warmbier and his family, i do not want to forget about him and the suffering that he went through. it is a big moment to say that we are appreciative as a country and happy in this diplomacy. >> kennedy: think about the children and the babies that
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were killed in front of their parents and the north korean labor cancer. to your points, those on the left have been saying, especially when the rhetoric to get heated, there was so much unpredictability that people who support to the president did not know where we were going in terms of north korea. but it seems to have worked out, you say that no president has gone to the point where they are meeting with kim jong un, well, no president has been on the precipice of a real piece. >> juan: no, clinton and bush both thought they had deals, either with his father. we have been through a lot of this before, kennedy. >> kennedy: it is all malarkey compared to. >> juan: they all said no, because they knew how north korea ran the prisoner camps. >> kennedy: that is not true, they offered more concessions and energy and relaxing sanctions of the ahead of talks. that's what they did. they actually gave ten sessions
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ahead of time and then north korea made promises that were unverified and they were not even president to that. the one thing you can say about the process is that has been reversed. >> juan: house that reversed? >> kennedy: because kim jong un gave up something before both parties. >> juan: you are wrong, in november he had his third intercontinental ballistic test under this administration. so i do not think that he has completed now preparations for a complete nuclear arson. so you stop anything, wait a second? >> kennedy: ward is better? bombing him and the weapons? are going to the table -- >> juan: that is not the discussion that we are having at this table. i am all for reuniting the peninsula if we can get a regime in north korea that is not torturing people. >> kennedy: democrats want
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regime change? >> juan: will let me speak for a minute! you have a guy with nuclear weapons that he has been testing, we have previous administrations i thought they had a deal. now we have president trump with his rhetoric and we do not know what kind of deal. what happen with these three prisoners as much as we appreciate them coming home is not to be seen as oh, this is a radical change. >> jesse: this is why the american people do not like washington, you have one and crime chuck who will not give credit to. i remember when obama killed bin laden, and they gave credit where credit was due, to the navy seals. but there is a spirit of bipartisanship that used to exist when good things happen to america and american citizens and people were moving towards peace. let's just remember that they just wanted to end the korean war, since 1950, to sit back and nitpick about some of the things
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that we are talking about look small. and it looks partisan. >> greg: now it is set for singapore. >> kimberly: july 12, if you look at the approval of americans, 77%, so if you beg to differ, because it seems like americans are for this, we are for peace and diplomacy, we are sitting down and he is not afraid to break the modern rules and go to this and get added in a different angle to produce the best results. >> juan: i do not think that there is any argument about tha that. hang on a second. >> kimberly: it does not matter whether politics are. everybody should be for that. >> juan: i think it should be 100%. i could not agree more. talking about reconciliation from north and south. but there is a difference to understand exactly what is it that we are willing to negotiate with. >> kennedy: can i ask you a very quick question? >> juan: this is what i said
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to jesse, when you have a great concession to the president of north korea who has been seen as an international -- >> kimberly: that is not a great concession. >> kennedy: how are you going to afford that? >> greg: you are not going to elevate the person that you are going to talk to. >> kennedy: hillary clinton brought us to this point? >> juan: i hope so. >> greg: she would be dead, that is too late. president cia nominee, vowed yesterday that she would not restart another harsh interrogation program, but dick cheney said if it was a up to him, it would be different. that is next. ♪
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congress has acted, they have changed the law. and the agency has to and will operate by that statute. >> jesse: he makes a good case for why. >> i think the techniques we used were not torture. a lot of people try to call it that, but it was not torture at the time. the techniques we use are on our own people and training, we did not make them up someplace. they did a good job and they got the intelligence that they needed. and we were safe from any mass casualty attacks. so now people want to try to rewrite history, but if it were my call, i would do it again. >> jesse: i know that it warms your heart to see dick cheney back in the news, but let's address the point that he made in the second sound bites which was that we use these techniques on our own soldiers, so how would you qualify that as torture? do we torture our own soldiers?
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>> juan: anybody who has been water boarded will tell you that it is like their own death. i don't think that is the standard, but out of respect, that's what he believes. it just so happens that when people refute, it is because they have something to say about it, a republican dominated time, and they said waterboarding as torture, they said forcing people into uncomfortable posts denying them sleep, putting hoods over their heads, they said this is not with the keeping of american values. and when you look at what the republican congressman of the defense organization, they also rejected waterboarding. and gina haspel, the nominee, in contradiction to president trump is saying, we are not doing this anymore. she rejected and is not even convinced it is effective, and that is coming from gina haspel.
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>> kimberly: so you support her? >> juan: i do not support her, somebody like dianne feinstein, the ranking tannic democrat, ss not just about one person, it is about american values, who we are and what we represent to the world and in that case she said it really goes beyond gina haspel, it is about why the united states senate is signaling not only to us as the american people, but to the world. >> kimberly: enhanced interrogation with the exception of waterboarding, only one of them would be physical with the waterboarding one. there's a variety of states that are used in an intense interrogation, all of which were illegal and the game to legal and appropriate at the time that gina haspel was serving. so she followed the law. where do you have preferred that people in the cia went rogue and did not follow the law enforce the rule that was in place at the time and just refused to do it? and refuse to get the techniques
2:21 pm
done to get the information that would've prevented something like 9/11 or would have been able to not get usama bin laden -- >> juan: i wish it would've prevented 9/11, that would've been great, but the reality is that gina haspel is making the point that she has a moral, press. she does not want to get engaged. >> jesse: having a moral compass is making sure that americans do not die. >> greg: we captured five senior isis leaders and figuring out through interrogation for weeks. they were not playing crazy eights and listening to soft jazz. i have a theory that i want to -- to -- >> kimberly: unless they really dislike it. >> greg: soft jazz or maroon 5. i would have a theory that goes beyond the specifics of waterboarding. because i have been thinking about when the debate started. the debate over torture started after 9/11. and i'm asking myself why then? i think it is because it
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provides a reason for us to be wrong. i think that it serves as a reflex for people who could not accept that we were the victims. so the talk would turn to terror, and our suffering, the counterargument would be, but you torture, and that is immoral and we are bigger and better than that. which is not a debate point. it is not a fact. it is an emotion. in the old days stuff like this was not up for discussion. you did not argue about these things, but america has changed. we are so naval gaze and about our own sins that we actually pulled this thing, waterboarding, this arbitrary action in which you are temporarily choking somebody as if that is worse than dropping the bomb on hiroshima or droning cities, how is something like that worse than pulling out people's fingernails? it is an arbitrary tool that does not kill you, but we are using this thing is a symbol to
2:23 pm
2-pound america because we cannot admit to that for once we are the victims in this war, and we should do whatever is possible, everything should be on the table. >> jesse: it is why did they hate us? where they say it is a llama phobia, gitmo, it is to blame america. >> kimberly: >> kennedy: you cat they are the best country on earth, we do have a set of morals, it is okay to apply them when necessary, and the problem with gina haspel is when reality is a slippery soap. because we are the victim therefore we can do whatever we want in order to get back at those who have wronged us is an emotional argument. and morality, by the way, morality and emotion are two different things. but it is okay to ask what is moral and what is good and what is right, and gina haspel made the case without directly
2:24 pm
acknowledging the torture, that torture does not work. and there was something wrong with the program. if there weren't, then she would appear exactly what dick cheney said. she would have said, we should still have enhanced interrogation in the program never should've been shut down. i think that there is a practical application, but she did not. she said in no uncertain terms that she would never, ever take the cia back to the point where they were doing that regardless of whether or not the president -- >> kimberly: that is one of the tools of enhanced interrogation, the rest are psychological. >> kennedy: not necessarily. there are things to -- >> greg: we would not have this argument! >> kennedy: here is the difference and what makes us better, they do not have these arguments in places like china or self-examination. >> greg: i do not want it to be better. i do not want us to be better. i want us to win. i want to save million of lives. if you want to feel better while
2:25 pm
people die, fine. i would rather save people's lives and feel worse about it. >> kennedy: think about the iraqi civilians who have died because of this conflict. i do not think that -- >> jesse: they did not die because of waterboarding. we know that it works. and then obama banned it. just before we do it on our own inferior training. >> jesse: using it in a ticking time bomb situation. >> juan: we do it on our own. we do not to do things like internment camps that we did in the past, we are a changed country for the better, because we act on american values. >> kimberly: we do it to the u.s. troops. >> jesse: vice president pence calls for an end to the russia trope. t. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty,
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>> kimberly: as the mueller drags on and on and on, vice president pence is saying what we are all thinking. >> it has been about a year. our administration has provided a million documents. in the interest of the country, it is time to wrap it up. i would very respectfully encourage the special counsel and his team to bring their work to completion. >> kimberly: the control room, cue the liberal outrage. tweeting vice president pence has taken a two to a whole new level. to the investigation must continue without his interference paid and the liberal media is all in it as well. >> he was just as clueless, hapless, indiana hoosier that donald trump and the rest of the white house said nothing to. but you have to start asking yourself, if mike pence wants to kill an investigation that is
2:31 pm
pursuing how the russians tried to undermine american democracy in 2016 -- >> kimberly: kennedy, there they go again. >> kennedy: i was born in the great state of indiana, and my dad's family are all hoosiers. and here is joe using it as a pejorative term. i think it is offensive and realistic for the president to ask if not now, when, and there is a big difference saying, all right, what is determinant of the investigation? what kind of timeline are we looking at is very different than fire mueller, lock him up. somebody has to make the distinction between the two, but people like joe scarborough that now is a liberal bubble dweller, and adam schiff are incapable of making this distinction. >> kimberly: greg, are you going to do the completing? >> no, i have a joke about hoosiers but now i cannot use it. the media and the democrats do
2:32 pm
not want this to end, and it keeps them alive, the investigation as well, all of the good stuff around them, and the drugs that they are abusing, you cannot let go. and they do not see the damage that this drug is doing to their party. it is eroding and to themselves. and when they go back to this drug, it is trump's appeal that is going up, because it is turning him into a victim through the repetitive buy in. therapist must be doing great on gulf coast, because they are so many people so upset over trump. very despondent. hoosier daddy. >> jesse: there it is. [laughter] >> kimberly: he cannot resist. so jesse, you see the situation here. and obviously the media is quite upset about it. but what the vice president in the saying is very reasonable. >> jesse: i'm not shocked that the vice president agrees with the president.
2:33 pm
i do not why they think that is a big deal. everything that has come out about the mueller probe and the comey probe has stuck, but everything about the term collusion and obstruction has fizzled. look at the story the other day? the breaking story about the payments from a russian oligarchy to michael cohen, totally fizzled out. do not even hear about it, because once they put out a statement to clarify what happened, it ends up being fake news. they did it with wikileaks in the trump tower meeting, and the flynn plea, the whole thing is unraveling, mueller himself just got slapped silly when he came in front of him the other day. he is way outside of the scope of the investigation is trying to take down the president and has been withholding evidence from the defense team. it does not look good now that comey consulted with mueller after he was fired and testified under oath in front of the senate committee. so it does not look good could i do not believe that they have an
2:34 pm
obstruction case, we talked a lot about it before, president trump said, if there are polluters, look into it. comey said, mr. president, you are not under investigation period also said that he was never obstructed. never felt obstructed. and after he was fired, the investigation went forward. i do not see it. >> kimberly: juan, do you see it? >> juan: stormy daniels said on "saturday night live," the storm is coming. >> jesse: that's what you got. >> juan: you have may 17th, coming, which will be a year until the investigation soon. and i think that lots of people say, when is a thing going to wrap up? and i think the president is playing into that narrative and saying, we have not found anything, of course we do not know what they have found. when you look at the numbers, guess what is overwhelming? it is about half republicans, republicans who say, yes, the mueller investigation should be allowed to continue, not only that, the united states sediment led by republicans, do not stop
2:35 pm
the mueller probe, let it play out and let it be. i will say that mueller has a sense of timeline. >> kennedy: why do you say that? >> juan: because he does not want it to be said that it interfered with the midterms. so when i say that joke about storming and the storm is coming, i suspect that you are looking at july as a real turbulent month but some decisions being made. obviously part of it will have to do with whether or not the president is subpoenaed or testifies or takes the fifth, but i think that behavior by mike pence, he looks like a puppet on a string. >> kimberly: oh, my goodness, very disparaging. that is what is going to happen. the investigation. >> juan: you were talking about torture, now you're going after me. >> kimberly: wait till you see what happens during the commercial break. nancy pelosi canceling her plans to be the next speaker of the
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♪ >> juan: the blue wave we have all been talking about for months, well, may be disappearing. according to a new poll, the democrats generic ballot to midterm age is down to three points. that is within the margin of error, and it is a major difference from february when it was plus 16 for nancy pelosi and company. so is this an outlier or a sign of things to come? i go to my friend kimberly guilfoyle. >> kimberly: it is interesting because you have a variety of different polls on wednesday, and shocking its own fund and, because the whole blue wave that they said was going to happen, well, it is now more like a little drizzle here or they are. no more wave, and i think that you have to look at we have been
2:41 pm
talking about the accomplishments of the administration in terms of what has been happening here with north korea. this is very historic. something that the country and internationally people have celebrated. you look at the economy, the dow jones posting up of 178 points and that was at 5:30 eastern time. up for the year overall which is fantastic. people are looking at the economic indicators and seeing how it impacts them in their personal lives of their families able to buy gas to put in the car. books for school, food on the table. those are the things that matter. so if that is the case, usually when the economy is doing well, it bodes well for the administration, the president, and then the thinking is for the election, the midterm election. >> juan: jesse, the energy in are you planning to vote still resides with the democrats, so what would the president have to say about that? >> jesse: slight edge with democratic enthusiasm, but in ohio they had a governor's race,
2:42 pm
and 150,000 voters more. if you look at that, it is ominous. foreign policy and epic policy the country feel safe and more prosperous. and all of the things that they said we're going to happen, that the gays would be put in internment camps, and women were not going to be able to have abortions, gay marriage, all of this stuff, the sky is falling. people are turning out to the fake news propaganda. and now look, going from a 16 to now at three, the reason why six and ten voters feel like things are going well in the country. you have something like nancy pelosi doing the most unpopular politician in the nation. yes, it is, juan. >> juan: check with your guy
2:43 pm
in the senate. >> jesse: more popular than paul ryan mitch mcconnell, and when you have these people in the primaries that are all bernie voters, they are going to nominate the kooks that want to impeach the president and go out in the general in november and get savaged. and i'm not saying that the republicans are going to keep the house, but it does not look good for the democrats. >> juan: kennedy, a good week for republicans if you look at the candidates that won the primary that jesse is talking about, you did not get hard, hard, hard right-wing guys who would implode in the general election, you got people tonight, president trump in indiana at a rally for mike brom who is a pro trump business guy who is going to run against -- >> kennedy: who beat united states congressmen to secure the nomination to run for the senate as a republican in the fall. indiana is a very important state. it is a politically interesting states where there is a democratic senator right now,
2:44 pm
but that is turned into a trump state and they are celebrating some of that economic success. with people who continue to stand behind the president. it is interesting, because it because talk about impeachment, that is the name of the game for the far left and the far right, because the far left people are doing whatever they can to continue bankrolling the conversation. people on the far right, and those who support the president most will do whatever the it takes to make sure that that does not happen. so you have to see how agitated you can actually get people who are going out to vote when it comes to impeachment. but there a lot of people now, and this is why the president is in an uptick in approval ratings, because they are no longer reacting to his behavior and his rhetoric. they are now seeing some of his ideas take root, and even if they do not agree with them, they see that he means business and when he makes promises he is going to do what he can in a very nontraditional way to achieve those things. and if those things, even if they do not like him before
2:45 pm
benefit the bottom line, then republicans are safe. there is still a long way to go and republican should not rest comfortably. they have not achieved enough. and the economy has not affected enough people to create that security and satisfaction. >> juan: that is a good point, because the tax deal which they thought was going to be the key message for republicans in the midterms, i don't know, it does not seem to be working out. but i will ask you, you are a former democrat, by the way. >> greg: i've never been anything. >> juan: you're not a republican or democrat. >> greg: i do not know what i am. >> juan: so tell me, great, what would you advise democrats to do at this point? >> greg: find a message that is beyond we do not like trump, because a problem as you are going to deal with a candidate where america does like trump. this argument will work if it was a economy, but you have joblessness at a 49 year low, so that is out the window. maybe he will start a war, that
2:46 pm
could make him very unpopular. but making peace with north korea is a weird way to start a war. isis could return, but we napped at the top leaders, but here's the thing, nobody trusts the democrats, they don't. they expect if something happens, they expect him to go out and kill them all, because that is what he has been doing. so my point is until you find out, a message, a person, a vision, you are going to lose. but republican should not be comfortable. >> jesse: they usually screw it up. >> greg: that is true. >> juan: i love the use of rose-colored glasses. an awkward encounter between monica lewinsky and big bill. it has been averted, but monica was not happy. find out why. ♪ i'm very proud of the fact that i served. i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance,
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♪ >> kennedy: she was megan traynor before there was megan trainor. monica still cannot catch a break. break. town & country magazine disinvited monica lewinsky to an event to this week after bill clinton said he also would be coming.
2:51 pm
monica lewinsky did not take it well, "dear world, please do not to invite me to an event about social change and after i have attempted an invite me because bill clinton decided to intend/was invited." she got an apology from the magazine. this is very poor form. it goes to show where we are. >> kimberly: sometimes sorry is just not good enough. she took to her own defense and went on twitter and had some words about it. and the thing, but can you imagine, if this was going to be an issue, why is she the one that should not be able to go. >> kennedy: in this era of metoo it does not look to shame the woman who was taken advantage of one she was in her early 20s as an intern and preyed upon by the most powerful man in the world. >> juan: i was amused at that she in fact was saying when you
2:52 pm
had people like marco rubio blame the intern, it was not right. so i think that may be, but you know, i think that she would treat any candidate with great deference, that's what town & country did. >> kennedy: we should have them both here. >> jesse: blues max would've never done this, the standard, left wing rude behavior. i understand why they did it. he is the president of the united states, it is awkward. you have a party and i guess conference and then and then all of a sudden their exes going to be there. and the x is a small ball player, you cut loose the small ball player and you have the big man on campus at the party instead. totally understand. >> juan: big woman too. >> kimberly: not small ballplayer in this particular situation. a spill former president of the united states, monica lewinsky. if they are taking favor with the president, you do not make satirical people. >> kennedy: has no power with
2:53 pm
the toothless dragon. >> jesse: it was disrespectful. >> kimberly: i'm saying that they should not do that. >> greg: i am outraged! i just canceled my subscription to town & country! i know that my twins ashley and mortar more will be crushed. they will have nothing new to read when we are getting our herbal caffeine at the spa. >> kennedy: just warming up "one more thing" is next. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe.
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♪ >> greg: one more thing, jesse. >> jesse: canadians to owners face charges for leading a bear get ice cream at dairy queen. they took the bear to a drive through dairy queen and said to the bear and fed him ice cream. we do not know what flavor, may be moose tracks, but now in hot water, because it is wrong and dangerous. and it is kind of things that happen in canada. >> greg: what about you, juan, and he bears? >> juan: remember the movie "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" a truck on his way from the chocolate factory had this happen, the big truck flipped over and 12 tons of liquid chocolate, sweet! polish officials had to close the road as the chocolate dried
2:58 pm
under the spring sun, my friend white chocolate also known as greg gutfeld is on his way to poland to carry the latest version of willy wonka's golden ticket. >> greg: all right, mean mean, time for -- greg's romance news. people wonder when me and brian kilmeade fight on the show if we get along, this is a tape of us after the show on friday? it is actually a lot of playful, hard to tell, because we are both very hairy with our clothes off. those are two male marmots that were having a fight over a female counterpart in northwest china's gansu product. we have to move on, kimberly. >> kimberly: anyway, this is from a little girl enjoying an i.c.e. and her father asked what he was eating. no matter how many times dad
2:59 pm
told her, she continued to say popsicle incorrectly. take a look. >> pop. >> pop. >> popsicle. >> popsicle. >> pop. >> pop. >> sickle. >> kimberly: so cute, that's how i feel with greg when you are mispronouncing all of the worlds. >> kennedy: i was going to say that he is a frigid treat. let's go to my other home state of oregon, where they are trying to figure out to the goat of golf, not the greatest of all time, but said they have caddies in oregon as a make of a gauntlet course, and they are adorable. only working six hours a day, but they are protected by dogs that they have especially designed bags so that golfers, duffers, rather can reach in and get their sticks. and swing for the green, thanks to some trends who are not
3:00 pm
finicky and will eat anything. >> kimberly: they seem so calm. >> greg: never miss an episode of the five, get ready, get set, here comes bret baier. >> bret: president trump releases three americans in north korea as the breakthrough of the d loop back -- breakthrough process. and are the robots coming? white house has concerns about artificial intelligence, where is that coming? this is "special report." ♪ good evening and welcome to washington, i am bret baier paired right now three americans held prisoner in north korea for more than era back on u.s. soil. they arrived early this morning along with the secretary of state mike pompeo after what appears to be a hugely successful -- bloom at a trip to


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