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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 10, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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report. fair, balanced and unafraid. president trump is expected to speak in elkhart, indiana. campaign-style speech. they does those from time to time. something you tells me you might see it on martha's show. but bill hemmer is. >> thanks, bret, this is a live look at elkhart, indiana. we expect president trump and mike pence who is back home in indiana to address a crowd of thousands in northern indiana. we're told to expect a campaign rally where the focus will be on the economy and trump's america first agenda. he has a lot to talk about. i'm bill hemmer in for martha. welcome to "the story" here in new york city. the stage is set for what should be a raucous night in the hoosier state. that's a state president trump won by nearly 20 points in 2016. it will be a battleground for the mid terms come november.
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president trump hoping to rally voters and to get behind mike braun. he won his primary tuesday and hopes to unseat joe donnelly in november. a lot of republicans see joe donnelly as being vulnerable. that's a seat that republicans need to keep control of the senate. no doubt it will be about trump's victory, especially when you think about the last three days or 24 hours. three american hostages back home from north korea and the singapore summit is now set. president trump and kim jong-un will meet on tuesday, june 12, 2018. let's start tonight with mike tobin. he's in elkhart, indiana from a story inside a gymnasium. good evening, mike. >> bill, people waited hours to get inside this gymnasium. the last of the rallies the president did was in washington township, michigan. a bigger venue and still people
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got turned away. they came from hours away to be in the same room as the president. for them, it's about being in the same room as their hero. one of them told me is a two for one deal because they get vice president mike pence as well. what the president wants to do is rally and unify the base around mike braun, who you mentioned got the republican nomination for the senate. it was a bruising primary. you have a lot of hurt feelings and division within the indiana gop. so the idea is to unify the base, get them to rally behind mike braun because as you mentioned, joe donnelly is vulnerable. even those he's a moderate, he's a pro life democrat. he has the d in front of his name. he's in the heart of trump country and that makes him vulnerable. so in addition to seeing support behind mike braun, anticipate support from greg pence.
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recognize that name. he's the brother of the vice president and just won the nomination for indiana's sixth congressional district. a lot of rallying to that effect and of course, a lot of cheering for what just happened with the release of the prisoners from north korea. one thing we know when the president does one of these campaign-style rallies, he cover as lot of ground and the discussion goes where the president wants it to go. >> i have a note here that says some people were in line yesterday at 4:00 p.m. is that the case? how many are there tonight? >> i can't confirm that part. but they certainly have a line stretching through the blocks around this little township. so hundreds and hundreds of people are here. i can only anticipate because we had to come in with the security sweep. i can't get a look. i can only anticipate hundreds are turned away tonight. >> mike, thanks. we'll be back with you live in elkhart, indiana. i want to bring in mark and juan here with me and a fox news
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political analyst. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> if i'm in the west wing, i feel good about the last three days. the elections break their way tuesday. you rip up the iran deal which plays to the base of the trump supporters and then you have this 3:00 a.m. return for these three americans out of north korea. it's a pretty good 48 hours to brag about tonight, mark. >> it's a very good 48 hours for him to brag about. he's coming to indiana with the tail winds behind him and a lot of strength and he has a target set on joe donnelly. this is a guy -- last time he was in indiana for a rally, he gave joe donnelly a lift on air force one and had a rally with him. he said if you don't vote for my tax bill, i'm coming after you hard. he voted against the bill and he's coming after him hard tonight. >> juan what do you think they're feeling in the west wing given the events i lined up? >> not only three days, you said 24 hours. i'd say it's been a good week. in terms of the appeal to the
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base and what we'll hear about in elkhart, the key is for the viewers at home, this is the game starter for the mid-term elections of 2018. >> interesting. >> you see indiana as a state that, you know, in terms of joe donnelly, really pretty conservative democrat. what you see here indiana becoming slightly purple. president trump wants it back in the red column. that's why he will stand up for mike braun. you'll see this, i think, extended into certain states. not all states in the mid-terms. because president trump is not going be welcomed in every state a republican is trying to hold on. the mid-terms will be a referendum on trump. in indiana, he thinks he can win there. he won handily and help mike
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braun oust joe donnelly. >> mike braun is a business man. he embraced donald trump, mark. he said after his victory tuesday night, he said this guy came in and wiped the field in 2016. i figure we need a few important people like him in the u.s. senate. he's aligned himself. and the patrick morrisey victory. he steps to the microphone. he said mr. president, thanks for the tweet. made a huge difference here in west virginia. when you think about the members of congress and the house side trying to recapture the primaries, two defeated in indiana, it's a very interesting development as to how people are feeling about their lawmakers in washington? >> very much so. this is trump country right now. juan is right. there's a lot of states that donald trump might not be welcome in. here's the problem. like republicans are going to have an uphill battle in the house. but in the senate, democrats
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defending ten states that donald trump won. republicans are defending one state that hillary clinton won. in the five states, indiana is 1 of them. he has 51% approval. west virginia, 62%. north dakota, 49%. montana, 50. missouri, 50. so donald trump is extremely popular in these states where the red-state democrats that have not been voting with him in the senate on big issues. all of them voted against the tax bill. elkhart county where he will be speaking, that's the rv capitol of the world. winnebago gave out $1,000 checks that joe donnelly voted against. i'm sure he will point that out. >> this is what president obama chose. in the early days of 2009, talking about the stimulus and the jobs ready program. he went to elkhart, indiana. >> when you're looking at the
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economy, it's interesting. obama went there pretty much nor the same reason that trump is going there. they see this as a state that they can have influence by saying we're putting jobs, money on the table. so when you look at this, you think, gee, has trump helped in the recent past elections? look at pennsylvania where there's a special house election. his guy lost. he was plus 20, i think, in that pennsylvania 18. you look at what happened in something like alabama. again, he took a side. it didn't help. the democrats won. trump feels he's gone past that point, to pick up on what you're saying, focusing on the economy. his people want him to talk economic issues. that's what we've heard he's going to do tonight. he's going to focus on the economy, on jobs, low unemployment. i'm interested to see how he deals with the tax cuts because the tax cuts have not proven to be as strong for republicans as they had hoped. >> i think also, too, gentlemen, you have to look for this red,
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white and blue patriotic angle here. i don't know how many people got up at 3:00 a.m., but i heard from a lot of people that did to watch the homecoming for these three americans. the president and the first lady out there. it was a bit of a throwback, mark, when you watched that. you think about the pride we have for our country and leaving no one behind. these people are now back. enjoying the freedom of the united states of america. it struck me as a time that one of patriotism. the president said, hey, i'll be there at 3:00 a.m. he initially said he would be there at 2:00 a.m. maybe the plane was 60 minutes late. there they were. this is quite an image, mark. >> it was. but i'll tell you what is fascinating about this, these are the kind of images that used to unite us as a country.
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no matter who it was, republicans or democrats, when you brought a hostage home, you come together like that. donald trump, you'll see people celebrating their return. today chuck schumer was on the senate floor blasting donald trump for the way he welcomed them. how do you take something so positive, the return of three americans and return it to a negative. the trump derangement syndrome is so intense that they can't even say good job, mr. president. you brought back three americans. >> wait a second, mark. i'm all for saying thank you, mr. president. that's it. what chuck schumer was saying, there's no way that kim jong-un should have been holding those people in the first place. >> it was a back-handed compliment. >> you shouldn't be somehow praising a bad guy for releasing americans -- >> he was praising him for releasing them, juan. it's -- come on. you can't take something so positive and find the negative in it. it's just amazing. >> i'm not trying to find the
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negative. i don't think chuck schumer -- i don't think americans should not be saying excellent, kim jong-un. you -- >> it was a back-handed compliment. that's the way it comes up here. mark thank you. juan, thank you. don't go far. there's one thing we're watching overseas that could be a headwind, too. the situation with israel and iran. something we're keeping a close eye on. 7:00 here in new york, 2:00 jerusalem time. we're waiting for news as to see whether or not that escalates more. for president trump, he will be on the stage in elkhart, indiana now. part of a very busy week as we mentioned. the three americans home from north korea, securing the day for the singapore summit and now stepping away from the iran deal. it was a packed 72 hours. on the heels of that big announcement, meaning iran, we're seeing tensions rise between israel and iran. exchanging fire in syria, which has many asking whether or not
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we're heading for war. benjamin hall joins us live at 2:00 a.m. jerusalem time for the latest. good evening, ben. >> what a 24 hours. a major event here. the shock waves are still being felt. this was the first time that iran has directly attacked israel from across the border and it was the largest ever or since 73 the largest israeli air operation. there's a peace settling over israel right now. an uneasy peace. military reinforcements have moved up. the iron dome missile system is ready in case. president rouhani said he doesn't want escalation either. not right now. this started when iranian forces fired 20 rockets at the israeli military. they were intercepted or fell short. nevertheless, this was a major
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escalation by iran. hours later israel responded and in a big way. they destroyed nearly all of iran's military infrastructure in syria, taking out all 50 seats on their head list. 28 people were reportedly killed, 18 non-syrians. among the targeting were a logistic headquarters, military compounds and munitions warehouses. israel has said they would never allow iran to set up permanent military bases in syria but iran has done just that. taking advantage of the chaos of the syrian civil war. the syrian government has distanced themselves from the iranian attack. although syrian military facilities were used, i ran did
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this without their knowledge. and now the syrian government is terrified that they will be involved. iran doing this without telling their syrian hosts. >> we're watching this shadowboxing back and forth. benjamin hall, thank you in jerusalem. i'm watching mike pence on the stage now in indiana. we'll take you there live in just a moment. colonel michael waltz here with me. former green beret commander and counter terrorizer to vice president dick cheney. good evening to you. >> hi, bill. good evening. >> my sense is that you go back 12 years in the middle east, you think about southern lebanon, the build-up of hezbollah and the amount of rockets they have. all it takes is one or two rockets fired into israel to ramp this thing up. i think that's the point that we have reached at the moment. does it go there? or does it cool down? >> what we're seeing is the culmination of a couple things. one, you know, iran and hezbollah have made more gains in the last eight years under
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both as a result of the billions that flowed in to tehran as part of the iran deal and essentially the obama administration turning its back on the region. that is coming to a head now. a lot of president trump's critics are trying to blame the timing of this on him backing out of the iran deal. as you noted, this has been building for some time. listen, bill, the iranian regime has not been building roads and bridges with the billions that flowed in. they've been on a shopping spree with moscow and russian weaponry, number 1. number 2, pumping the money into its proxies into syria. that's why you've seen so many protests in tehran because the iranian people had an expectation that the billions coming in would help the economy. instead, they have seen the regime up it into military infrastructure. >> it's quite clear that the israelis had their eyes on these targets a long time, in an
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around damascus, armed but i iranian forces. they went after them. they're reporting this mission was a complete success. i don't know how you characterize that just yet, michael. >> i would call it a butt whipping to use the term that we use in the south. the israelis really smacked the iranians hard here. i would call it two things. one, you know, i think there's a misconception that the iranians are only helping hezbollah and the proxies in syria. iranian's ground forces are on the ground in syria helping the assad regime and propping it up and building up its infrastructure on the israeli border to hit our greatest ally. what president trump knew and knows is that we have to stand with our ally and the israelis essentially took that infrastructure out. this is a real shift on the
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israeli part. they have been kind of holding back and letting isis and the sunni extremists fight it out with assad and hezbollah and the shiia extremists. it got to the point now where they had to step into a big way and they did so and did so incredibly effectively. >> my feeling now is what does iran do in kind? we can't answer that right now. but on monday, the u.s. embassy moves from tel aviv to jerusalem. there will be a u.s. delegation in jerusalem for that moment. you know the unrest its caused along the gaza strip the past month. what is next then? >> the trump administration is fully engaged with them not only
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militarily but diplomatically and realizing the promise of the last three to four presidents, since the mid 90s in terms of recognizing a capitol that is really always existed and the israelis have a right to exist. on the diplomatic front, that's something that's been in for some time and we have to stand with the israelis militarily. they cannot and we should not allow the iranians in a very strong way to build up on their border. they've taken them out. >> bill: one more question. these people in elkhart inside that gym, how do they feel about ripping up the nuclear deal with iran? i guess is you like it when you stick it to them. >> they realize and they see this president as standing with our allies and showing strength to our adversaries, whether that is north korea, china, russia or iran. what we all instinctively know
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is that those regimes respect and respond to strength. that's what you're seeing in north korea. that's what you'll see with the iranians eventually. >> bill: thanks, michael. keeping a close eye in elkhart, indiana. the president about to speak. we'll bring that to you as soon as it begins. there's a lot to talk about in northern indiana tonight. we shall. president trump coming up next right here on "the story." liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. this one's below market price and has bluetooth. same here, but this one has leather seats!
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>> bill: back live in elkhart, indiana. mike pence doing the introduction. the honors there for president donald trump who will be in the room in a matter of moments. we heard in the commercial break, one last note from mike pence who is back home in indiana and clearly getting a welcome there tonight. so back to elkhart in just a moment. first, new questions about stormy daniels attorney and what his real motivation for taking down michael cohen might be. trace gallagher with more. what happened, trace? >> stormy daniels attorney, michael avenatti has gone
4:24 pm
against michael cohen. "cohen is being put under the microscope." americans are entitled to know just who this guy is, who is writing his checks and where he's got his information. and avenatti should have looked where he got his information. all fees and expenses of this case have been funded by our client, miss stephanie clifford, stormy daniels, or by donations from our page. but avenatti has refused to say how he got cohen's banking records. the department of treasury is investigating. some of the records were spot on. at&t and novartis have given
4:25 pm
hundreds of thousand to learn more about the trump administration and how it would operate. the "washington post" is now reporting that at&t also paid michael cohen to consult on the merger with time-warner. the american company, columbus nova, also paid cohen but michael avenatti believes that money came from russian billionaires. the money was used to reimburse cohen for the $130,000 of hush money that he paid to stormy daniel. avenatti has offered no proof to support the claim. and also, avenatti has gotten caught in a few cases of mistaken identity. men named michael cohen but they do not represent the president and on it goes, bill. >> bill: that it does, trace. thank you. back with us in elkhart, indiana, mark and juan as we
4:26 pm
wait the president to take the stage. ed henry joins us live from the white house who has new information on the north korean release. ed, what are they saying about that tonight? >> they're saying they think this will tee things up nicely for the summit coming up likely in june. they have not confirmed whether or not it's in singapore. that seems to be where it's leaning. there's a major asian security conference there about two weeks ahead of when was trump would meet with kim jong-un. so you're going to have a bunch of asian powers and more from around the world. people from the white house believe that would be a good place to have this. i think the other key piece of this is that that release last night, i heard you talking about the burst of patriotism, the feeling that the president didn't leave the americans behind. the fact that just about eight, ten months ago, you had the president's critics saying that
4:27 pm
his hot rhetoric, little rocketman, fire and fury and all that was bringing us to the brink of nuclear war. the senior white house aides i have talked to feel some sense of vindication that the president did have a strategy and a lot of people like ben rhodes from the last straight have been out on social media in the last year saying the president was bringing us to the brink of nuclear war and this was going to blow up in america's face. instead, you have this release of three americans and now happening on the eve of a summit where there's a lot of hart work to be done. a lot of diplomacy that needs to be done. nobody here is spiking the football, but people in the building behind me are saying that compared to where we were eight, ten months ago, the critics saying the president was bringing the nation to the brink of nuclear war, we're in a different place and you can bet the president will talk about that. >> bill: are you saying singapore is not a solid location? is that what you're hearing?
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>> they have not nailed that down. they don't know how long. maybe one day. but it may go on longer. here's the president. >> bill: thanks, ed. to mark and juan, hang on here. the president is making his way to the gymnasium there, a school in elkhart, indiana. a lot to talk about this week alone. tuesday, the iran deal was ripped up. and then tuesday night, the elections went to republican way in indiana, west virginia and the news from overnight last night, in dead of night, three american hostages come home from north korea. we expect to hear a lot about that to juan, quickly, when you think about a campaign in november, how much do we see the president do exactly this tonight across the country? >> part of this, bill, i think the president enjoys this. i think it feeds him, gives him
4:29 pm
energy. you know how angry he can get at reporters in washington. here he goes out and celebrated. during the white house correspondent's dinner, he was in michigan at a rally and he got energized the crowd. we'll see a lot of that tonight. >> bill: likely to run an hour. who knows where we run with the topics. here we go, live in elkhart, the 45th president of the united states. >> so i want to thank your former governor and your current vice president, and he and karen are doing an unbelievable job for our nation. thank you, mike.
4:30 pm
you're making indiana proud and we're all making america proud. we are rockin'. we're rockin'. [applause] so i'm thrilled to be here tonight with the incredible hard-working patriots of the hoosier state. [cheers & applause] and i don't know if you see what is going on outside, but you have a lot of people outside that want to get in but they're not getting in because this place is packed. this place is packed. [cheers & applause] this is truly an exciting time for our country. jobs are booming. remember? i told you, i told you.
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[cheers & applause] confidence is soaring and optimism is at the top of every chart. this is a great time for our country. a lot of things happening every day. we're unlocking new opportunities for prosperity and for peace. all of these changes are happening because america is being respected again. [cheers & applause] [chanting]. at 2:00 a.m., early this morn g
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morning -- by the way, i got back to the white house at 4:30 a.m. somebody said, oh, that's okay. you can cancel indiana tonight. and i said you just don't know the people of indiana. i don't have the courage to cancel. [cheers & applause] but at 2:00 a.m., i had the incredible honor of greeting three brave americans who had been held in north korea, and we welcomed them back home the proper way. [cheers & applause] and on june 12, in singapore,
4:33 pm
i'll be meeting with kim jong-un to pursue a future of peace and security for the world, for the whole world. [cheers & applause] and the relationship is good. but you remember everybody in the fake news where they were saying, he's going to get us into a nuclear war. he's going to get us into a nuclear war. you know what gets you into nuclear wars? and you know what gets you into other wars? weakness. weakness. [cheers & applause] so the relationship is good. hopefully for all of us, for the world, hopefully, something very good is going to happen, and
4:34 pm
they understand that it's very important to them and it's important for everybody. so japan, south korea, china, everybody, i think it's going to be a very big success. my attitude is and if it isn't, it isn't. okay? if it isn't, it isn't. but you have to have that because you don't know. we're not going to be walking into an iran deal where the negotiator, john kerry refused to leave the table. [booing]. what a deal. what a deal. but here at home the great news keeps rolling in. 3.3 million new jobs since election. [cheers & applause]
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now if during election -- by the way, how great is coach bobby knight? how great. [cheers & applause] we love our coach. remember, he came in. he called me before i was running. i didn't know him. they said bobby knight is on the phone. i said what does he want with me? i never announced. i was thinking, but i guess he read and he said, mr. trump, i hope you're going to run. i said check and see whether this is coach knight. when i heard that voice, i knew it was coach knight. you can't duplicate that. i took him number. i said coach, i'm thinking about it. he said you're going to win. if you run -- and does he know about winning? and if you run, you're going to win.
4:36 pm
so anyway, i put his number down and i was coming to this area. by that time we had a big lead. but they said indiana. a friend of mine said if you could get coach knight, that would be a great thing. i said you know, he called me like a year ago. let me see if i can find his number. on my left i had a pile of papers like this high. i said let me see. i lifted up thousands of pages of junk. some actually pretty important. and i lifted it up and there's this little thing. bobby knight's cell phone number. isn't that great? [cheers & applause] i go, bum, bum, ba, ba. he picks up the phone.
4:37 pm
he said, i've been waiting for you to call. can you believe that? and he came here, and we sold out -- i don't know what the hell the arena was but it was a big one. they went crazy. and lou holtz and coach katie. all right? coach katie, lou holtz. we had them all. by the way, not from this area, but he's one of the greats of all time. coach belichick, right? great guy. we got to love him. no, we love him. we love him. he knows how to win also. we had a lot of coaches. they like us. they understand winning and they like us. that's what we've been doing. if we would have told you during the campaign that we would create 3.3 million jobs in this short time, everybody back
4:38 pm
there, the fake news media -- look at all of them. [booing]. fake news. everybody back there would have said, can you imagine he's saying we're going to create 3.3 million -- can you believe it? we would have been -- but you know what? we understand. we understand. and today, today in the history of our country, just came out, right? we have the most jobs available in the history of our country. just came out. [cheers & applause] i like that.
4:39 pm
we like that. we like that a lot. because we have a truly great country, and i've been promising you those kinds of numbers. the unemployment rate is at the lowest level since the turn of the century. african american unemployment has reached the lowest level in the history of our country. [cheers & applause] remember i used to read that hispanic, african americans. i'd read and it said, high crime rate, lousy education, this, this. i'd read like six. one day in front of it, massive crowd. 25,000, 35,000 people.
4:40 pm
i said vote for me. what the hell do you have to lose? you know what? they did. they did. remember that? and my people all said, oh, that was not nice. i said, it's true. because the democrats, who are just obstructionists, that's all they can do. [booing]. the democrats have had a lock on the hispanic vote, and they've had a lock on the african american vote. no longer. no longer. so the hispanic unemployment like-wise is the lowest -- think of it -- in the history of our country. the lowest.
4:41 pm
so you have african american, hispanic, women -- women. we love women. women. [cheers & applause] the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years. i'm sorry we didn't make it in history but we're catching it. it will soon happen. i'm disappointed with that. can you imagine? my most disappointing stat is women. it's the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years. because all of the others are history. i have a feeling the women will soon be history too because that's what's happening. and all of the great momentum that we're having as a country on jobs, on safety, on security, on our military, it's all at
4:42 pm
stake in november. you know, i don't think we've ever done better as a country, certainly the economy and lots of other things. look at all of those beautiful red hats. the beautiful red hats. [cheers & applause] and i like the white ones, too. make america great again. lift the whites up there. but it can disappear quickly. you know what we did was unprecedented in the history of the country and the history of the world what we did with this election. and the strides that we're making have never ever been made like this before. but it can also disappear if you put fools and if you put the wrong people in. it can disappear. i mean, nancy pelosi said
4:43 pm
yesterday -- [booing]. nancy pelosi said yesterday she wants to end the tax cuts and raise your taxes. i said tell me, is that like good politics? you know, it's not about politics. think about that from a political standpoint. i don't think they are party was too happy. but you know what? that's her thought. that's what they want to do. they want to raise your taxes, ends your tax cuts. they want open borders where everybody flies into our country. that's not happening. so this week you nominated an incredible slate of republican candidates, many of whom i know. [cheers & applause] you have to work every day between now and november to elect more republicans so that we can continue making america
4:44 pm
great again. [cheers & applause] by the way, this is the first for indiana. our new slogan for 2020, you know what it is? "keep america great." [cheers & applause] "keep america great." because we're doing so well that in another two years when we start the heavy campaign, make america great again wouldn't work out too well, right? it's going to be "keep america great" because that's exactly where we're heading. [cheers & applause]
4:45 pm
but don't tell anybody. i want to save that for a surprise. and i do like that. you know what i paid for these slogans? a lot of the politicians run. they pay millions of dollars for something like that. how much did i pay for that? zippo. zippo. [cheers & applause] and i have great respect for the process. but in all fairness, obama, president obama -- [booing]. paid $1.8 billion for hostages. you, not me. you, last night you saw it, and again, it's leading to some very big things. and i think that kim jong-un,
4:46 pm
kim jong-un did a great service to himself, to his country by doing this. but those hostages came out with respect. we didn't pay for them. we're going to set the table. we're going to make a great deal for the world, for north korea, for south korea, for japan, for china. [cheers & applause] so what he did was the right thing. but they came out for nothing. the others came out for $1.8 billion in cash. can you believe that? we're honored to be joined by a friend of minute and somebody that has done a really good job. somebody that is respected,
4:47 pm
very, very highly. senator todd young. todd. [cheers & applause] where is todd? where is he? that's a great politician. he doesn't even want a good location. he's of the people. thank you, todd. [applause] we also welcome the largest vote winner in indiana history, except for trump, attorney general curtis hill. where is curtis? [cheers & applause] good man. he's done a great job. a woman who has been of
4:48 pm
tremendous help on the tax cuts, on getting rid of regulation, which may be just as important, right, jackie? what do you think? [cheers & applause] jackie! done a great job. and the congressmen that have been incredible. larry! congressman jim banks. [applause] by the way, somebody that just fought an incredible campaign a really good guy. i'm not sure i would be here. we're talking two days ago. very effective, a terrific man, congressman todd rokita.
4:49 pm
thank you. he fought tough. they all fought tough. that was a tough race. we have something that won that race. we'll talk about him in a second. let me also congratulate two of our news republican nominees for congress. first a proud army veteran that armed two purple hearts. jim baird. he's really going to do well. great, jim. and second, a man that i know mike has been rooting for for a long time. i'll tell you, mike loves his brother who won by a very big margin. i don't know. was that a bigger margin than mike pence won by?
4:50 pm
i don't know. greg pence. greg? [cheers & applause] finally a big congratulations for indiana's new republican nominee, for the united states senate, mike braun. that was a good race. [cheers & applause] get up here, mike. how about we let mike for a second interrupt my speech? is that okay? come on, mike. great job. >> one of the neatest
4:51 pm
experiences of my life, spending 30 minutes riding with the preside president. you wouldn't believe the advice you get and it's great advice. i'm going to incorporate it. yeah. you know, when i started this journey almost a year ago, i traveled the states and a lot of time in the north. i wanted to make sure this was going to end up with a good result. i would not have done it if i wasn't inspired by what this man did in 2016. [cheers & applause] he cleared the field systematically and really that was the inspiration for doing it. and i can guarantee you, when i get there, i'm doing it for the
4:52 pm
right reasons. i'm a business man and an outsider, just like our president. [cheers & applause] and you can count on me to be a true reinforcement and the guy that is going to retire joe donnelly. thank you. cheers plougand applause. >> thank you, mike. and we need mike braun in the senate. and it's going to happen. it's going to happen. he's an incredible guy. he ran a really incredible race. now if joe donnelly -- sleeping joe -- and the democrats get
4:53 pm
back into power, remember what i said. they will raise your taxes. they want to raise your taxes. they destroy your jobs and they're going to knock the hell out of your borders. that's already -- we have the worst immigration laws in the history of man kind. we're slowly getting them changed. we want to make it quick. so give me some reinforcements, please, okay? [cheers & applause] last week as an example, the deputy chair of the democratic national committee, congressman keith ellison. you know him? [booing]. marched in a parade wearing a t-shirt that read "i do not believe in borders."
4:54 pm
[booing]. but i have a lot of respect for keith ellison. you know why? does anyone know why? so when i announced june 16th that he was being interviewed by george stephanopoulos on abc. and in the interview -- this was a couple days after i announced -- and keith ellison said, you know he's going to win, don't you? true. right, mike? this is true. he said, you know he's going to win. george and somebody else there i won't mention the name -- go ahead. they smiled a little bit. respectfully. but keith ellison, he said he's going to win. essentially he was sort of
4:55 pm
indicating and there's nothing you're going to be able to do and that's what we did. so in one sense, i have to respect him. he said he's going to win. so you can never dislike a guy like that, can we? but they've got a big problem. a vote for a democrat in november is a vote for those borders, and we have to do something stronger. we're going to build the wall, we're already starting the wall. [cheers & applause] we're going to build the wall. you know, we have already started. we got $1.6 billion. we're fixing a lot of it. we're in san diego. here's a case study. san diego wants the wall. and i said to my people, here's
4:56 pm
the bad news. if we give them the wall, we don't have an advocate. if we don't give them the wall, they're going to be putting a lot of pressure on governor moonbeam in california, right? but you know what i did? something that i normally wouldn't do, which means in life i'm getting nicer as i get older. i said, let's build the wall for san diego. so we're billing them the wall. i shouldn't have done it. actually, i sort of changed my mind after we started. i called my people. i said how much would it cost to stop building the wall in san diego so they go out and advocate for us because they're desperate for their wall because they don't like people running over their front yards and all of the problems, right? including, by the way, massive amounts of crime. i said how much would it cost to
4:57 pm
stop. i'm in the construction business. this is what i do best. they got back to me. they said sir, it will cost approximately $7 million to stop. that's not big numbers when you hear about the numbers we talk about. $7 million to stop and restart it at a later date. i said i can't do that to the american people. keep building the wall. [cheers & applause] so we're building the wall. we're going to get rid of catch and release. we're going to get rid of the lottery system. we're going to go eventually -- when i get the votes -- i need republicans -- we're going to go eventually to a merit-based system of immigration. merit. you come in on merit.
4:58 pm
your senator, joe donnelly, voted against enhanced vetting. think of that. what in the world would anybody be doing voting against enhanced vetting? why? and he opposed a measure to block illegal immigrants from getting welfare. and now you have placed where they want to give college tuition to illegal immigrants and your own kids can't get it. your own kids can't get it. [booing]. joe donnelly voted no on tax cuts. no on better healthcare. he voted no on cancelling
4:59 pm
job-killing regulations, which may be even more important than though incredible tax cuts. but he voted yes on something that we are systematically taking down. we got rid of the individual mandate. we have great plans coming out. he voted yes for failed obamacare. and we're doing everything to keep those premiums down. but it's a failed experiment, obamacare. but wait till you see the plans we have coming out literally over the next four weeks. we have great healthcare plans coming out. but we got rid of the individual mandate. joe donnelly will do whatever chuck schumer and nancy pelosi tell him what to do. they don't ask them. they don't ask them.
5:00 pm
they tell him. they don't say will you. they say joe, this is the way you're going to vote. mike braun will be a great, great representative. >> good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson." the president is speaking in indiana. we're going to listen in. >> mike braun will vote for the values that bind us as americans. we support law and order and support the heros in law enforcement. they're great. [cheers & applause] they're great. and they will tell you, surplus military equipment, right? we have it by the hundreds of millions of dollars. sitting in warehouses getting old. some of the best


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