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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 10, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: hard to believe it's over. like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives. thanks for joining us. tune in every night at 8:00 p.m. we will be back tomorrow as wel always are from washington. stay tuned. sean hannity. >> sean: thanks, great show. welcome to "hannity." we have breaking news all over the place tonight. three american hostages long held captive in north korea have officially been returned safe and sound to our country, the united states. a date and location have been set for president trump's historic summit with kim jong un. that's right, little rocket man. this is a very proud moment for this country but for some democrats from other people in the media, well, apparently they don't care less. in a few moments we are going to show you how petulant and petty the left in america really is and also tonight we are monitoring a very serious situation out of the middle east. today israel launched a large-scale aerial assault against multiple iranian targets inside syria. this after the israeli defense
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forces say that iran fired over a dozen missiles into the golans heights. we'll bring you the latest on this tense situation. president trump just wrapped up a rally in indiana. we have the highlights. we also have so much news out of the deep state to bring you. an unholy alliance between mueller and comey. vice president pence calling for mueller to wrap up the witch hunt and vice president dick cheney came out swinging in defense of gina haspel and enhanced interrogation programs she oversaw. he was right. we are going to show you all this and more intimates very important breaking news opening monologue. the president just wrapped up a huge, raucous, fun rally in indiana. we'll bring you all the a highlights throughout the show. here is just a small sample of what went down. take a look. >> if we would've told you during the campaign that we would create 3.3 million jobs in this short time, everybody back there, the fake news media. look at all of them.
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[booing] fake news. everybody back there would have said, can you imagine? he is saying we are going to create 3.3 million. can you believe it. you have to work every day h between now and november to elect more republicans so that we continue making america great again. and by the way, this is the first for indiana. our new slogan for 2020, do yout know what it is? keep america great. >> sean: we will have more on the presidents rally in a moment
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but first a great day for this country and our fellow countrymen because early this morning the plane carrying three of our fellow americans who had been held hostage in north korea for months, they touched down in joint base andrews. our prayers were answered. these three men came back in good health, and we should all be proud of the outstanding work this country did to bring our fellow americans home appeared president trump that the three former hostages on the tarmac and delivered these hopeful remarks about 3:00 a.m. in the morning last night. >> we want to thank kim jong un who really was excellent to these three incredible people. they are really incredible people. the fact that we were able to get them out so soon was really a tribute to a lot of things, including a certain process that's taking place right now. in that process is very
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important. so we will see what happens. we have a meeting scheduled in a very short period of time. you'll be hearing about it soon. we have the location set and we will see if we can do something people do not think was going to happen for many, many years. a lot of bad things could have happened in between. >> sean: this was a veryld important diplomatic victory. we know the danger these three americans face because we saw what happened to otto warmbier, the american college student held captive in north korea which ultimately caused his horrific death. the warmbier family remain in our prayers. tonight we have a reason to feel hopeful and proud. three american lives were likely saved and we didn't have to bribe kim jong un or send pallets of cash to north korea to get the job done. some in the mainstream media, as corrupt as they are, they merely yawned today. "the new york times" buried the story.
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abc news criticized president trump on the liberal senator from new york chuck schumer was less than pleased. really? three americans saved, back home. you are not pleased, you are not happy? take a look at this. >> the exultation by the president and others of the greatness of north korea doing this evades me. he can't be fooled into giving the north korean regime credit for returning americans thatrn never should've been detained in their first place. american citizens are not diplomatic bargaining chips. there reese should dumb it reay should not besi exalted. it should be expected. it is no great accomplishment of kim jong un to do this. when the president does it, he weakens american foreign policy and puts americans at risk around the world. >> sean: what do you think about this? a friend of mine, great doctor,
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brain surgeon, talk about this earlier. he said, what a jerk. this comes from one of the smartest, brightest brain surgeon the world. you are right. this is one sad case of trump derangement syndrome. chuckie, it's okay to be proud of your country. lives were saved. while schumer is whining, president trump is continuous push for peace ultimately in the korean peninsula. today he made an important announcement. he tweeted: "the highly anticipated meeting between kim jong un and myself will take place in singapore on june 12th. we will both try to make it t a very special momentr for world peace!" of course we can't predict the future. kim jong un is frankly and untrustworthy. unpredictable desperate. given all north korea's concessions, we have reason to be cautiously optimistic. the korean peninsula progressing towards peace. tensions in the middle east are rising, as we reported last night, the israeli defense
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forces i noticed that iran firem over a dozen missiles from syria into israel from their installations in syria. no casualties, thankfully, we reported. the iron dome intercepted many projectiles. hours ago israel rightfully responding in a massive way,pr launching a full-scale aerial attack against iran's forces in syria, and they took out dozens of military sites, antiaircraft batteries and reportedly killing dozens of those that are committing these acts of terror. unlike many countries, israel can never put their guard down. they don't have that luxury. when it rains on israel, there will be a flood on israel's enemies. this conflict with iran is no different. in fact, iran's involvement in proxy wars all over the middle east has long been a threat to the security and the peace of the israeli people and of course american troops that are stationed in syria, iraq, and elsewhere. you have the mullahs of irann long chanting death to america, death to israel, burning our
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he spoke about iran and north korea and so much more. take a look. >> on june 12, in singapore, i will be meeting with kim jong un to pursue a future of peace and security for the world, for the whole world. but you remember, everybody, in the fake news when they were saying he's going to get us into a nuclear war! he's going to get us into a n nuclear war. and you know what gets you into
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nuclear wars and you know what i gets you into other wars: weakness. weakness. i think it's going to be a very big success, but my attitude is, and if it isn't, it isn't, okay. if it isn't, it isn't, but, and you have to have that, because you don't know. we are not going to be walking into an iran deal where the negotiator john kerry refused to leave the table. obama, president obama. paid 1.8 billion for hostages. you, not me, you. last night you saw it and again it's leading to some very big
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things, and i think that kim jong un, kim jong un did a great service to himself, to his country by doing this. but those hostages came out with respect. we didn't pay for them. we're going to set the table. we're going to make a great deal for the world for north korea, for south korea, for japan, for china. >> sean: touting the key developments on the world stage, vice president mike pence is backing them up right here at during the interview earlier today, the vice president told abc that it's time for mueller's witch hunt, and i agree completely, to come to an end. take a look. >> our administration has been fully cooperating with the special counsel. >> do you think the investigation is a hoax? >> we will continue to. what i think is that it's been about a year since this investigation began.
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our administration has provided over a million documents. we fully cooperated and it in the interest of the country, i think it's time to wrap it up. >> sean: time to wrap it up, i agree. meanwhile according to some stellar reporting, get from our own sara carter, we know that the former fbi director james comey, the one rod rosenstein's had to fire, he consulted with team mueller before giving any testimony to congress about its inquiry into russia. can anyone say collusion or collaboration, inappropriate? judicial watch has acquired the emails that show coordination in these efforts between the office of special counsel and the disgraced former fbi director. in other words, you have deep state news here. remember last night when we reported the meeting between rod rosenstein, intel committee chair devin nunes, and oversight committee chairman trey gowdy. that meeting was classified but it was supposed to address the doj's ongoing stonewalling, slow
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walking of documents that have been subpoenaed by congress. oh, then they give the phonyen redaction. oh, and then they delay, delay, delay. then they say no. according to a brand-new article from sara carter, this could be just an effort to buy time for sessions and rosenstein. we will have more on this later in the show. this stuff is not fun. t the american people have a right to know. the constitution gives congresso that oversight responsibility. make no mistake. we on this program, will hold the attorney general jeff sessions, rod rosenstein, deputy attorney general, and anyonege else actively obstructing constitutional rational oversight accountable. we have new developments surrounding the confirmation process of president trump pick to head the cia. her name, you see right there, an amazing appearance before congress. gina haspel. democrats are opposing her because they think the enhanced interrogation program she oversaw was too tough on terrorists like khalid sheikh mohammed.
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the guy that was the mastermind behind 9/11. former vice president dick cheney, he's not buying it. he is dead on accurate. earlier today, he came out swinging. good for the formerayng vice president. watch this.nt >> what we did was in fact and consistent with our fundamental statutes. it worked. i think what we did helped ultimately produce the intelligence we needed to be able to get bin laden. if it were my call, i would note discontinue those programs. i would have them active and ready to go.yo you tell me that the only method we have this please, please, pretty please tell us what you know. i don't buy that. i think the techniques we use were not tortured. people are going to go back and try to rewrite history. if it were my call, it would do it again. >> sean: of course he vice president dick cheney is right. a interrogation of khalid sheikhkh mohammed, it led to the courier. that courier led us to where
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it's time for democratic usama bin laden was. senators to put the safety of you, the american people, ahead of their personal hatred of president trump. we need to confirm people, heroes like gina haspel, as soon as possible. without a doubt, she's an american hero. she is the right choice to lead the cia. by the way, claire mccaskill, where are you? heidi heitkamp, where are you on this?i we need a strong cia.on one that does not use the weapons of intelligence against the american people, like we've been exposing on this program. joining us now, nra tv contributor dan bongino. o daniel hoffman. dr. sebastian gorka. we will start with you. daniel hoffman. i interviewed jose rodriguez, he was there. i don't like hearing the tape anymore because i aired it the last two nights and i look skinnier. he was there, the information that led to the courier that led to bin laden came from that enhanced interrogation.
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we wouldn't have gotten bin laden without those techniques which were medically supervised at the highest degree of safety, although they didn't know it. >> right, sean. there's a couple points here i would highlight. first of all, it's an uncomfortable truth for those a who didn't support the program and don't today. that yes, it actually did work. you can debate the morals and ethics of the program but it did work. we did obtain significance intelligence not just on finding bin laden but other al qaeda operatives as well as we stoput threats against our nation.p could you imagine if we had these techniques and they were approved and we had someone in detention who knew about a threat and an attack took place on afterwards, postmortem, we were asked if we did all we could and used all of ourd capabilities and we reply that we did not. i think those same congressmen who are grilling gina haspel would have confronted us overl dereliction of duty. >> sean: let me go to dr. gorka. dr. gorka, this is one of the
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most important issues facing tha country and look, it was the law at the time. also it was under the highest level of medical supervision. we are not, as some of these democratic senators suggest, we are not the enemy. now, they might not have known it was medically supervised, bub they didn't need to know that. in the aftermath of 3,000 americans killed, we needed information about what else might be coming, what dangersom exist, and i think she and others did america a great service here. >> this woman is a patriot and a 30-year plus veteran of the intelligence community. personally, and i'm not going to go into the details, i have some issues with enhanced interrogation because of thein danger it can lead to a people fabricating information to get you to stop doing what you are doing to them. but look at the facts. we are talking about three people, sean.
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we are talking about interrogations that led to the saving of lives undoubtedly. and the last point is one of honor. all of these people were fine with these techniques, and all of these people were fine with this woman when she was acting director and never questioned her integrity or her morals. and that is despicable thatds these cowards now are attacking her for exactly the things they approved of after 9/11. >> sean: well dan bongino, let me turn to other topics. president trump showed military force after missiles were fired over japan and threats to guam and even the continental u.s. president trump put sanctions on north korea. president trump mocked the north korean dictator. the media, the democrats said he would start a nuclear war. what if we had so far? we've had concessions. three americans home safely today.
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we never thought we would see kim jong un cross the dmz into the arms of the south korean president. we see now the possibility of the denuclearization of the korean peninsula in total. we have seen other concessions. this is an amazing teachable moment for peace through strength, is it not? >> it is, but president trump will get zero credit because the, you know, i've got to be careful. i get really upset, sean, because the think tankers and the swamp rats, the slobs who have been in power forever who follow the structured paths of formal diplomacy. they have had their bow ties on. they've had their cocktail lunches. they are the ones laughing at trump right now despite the fact that he's got results that none of them could get. they think he's some kind of neanderthal creep. they followed all the formal paths, played by all the rules. you know what trump did? he came in there. he wasn't used to these rules. he was a builder from queens and he said wait.t ui let me get this straight, they are still nukes on the peninsula
10:19 pm
despite the smart people telling us how to get rid of it. he was unpredictable, and he's the one who got results, and he won't get an ounce of credit for it amongst that class. >> sean: as he said, he justst wants to solve the problem which, by the way, i remember winston churchill said blood, toil, tears, sweat, victory. that's our goal. the president they said i want the world safer.l. which brings us to the israelis. daniel hoffman, they had to strike back. you cannot allow the iranian forces and mullahs to fire missiles from syria bases into israel and not have a massive price to pay.nt >> the viewers will recall that no matter what threat, whether it's an iraqi nuclear program is the 1980s or a syrian nuclear program which israel destroyed in 2007, they don't have to takr the threats off the table. they have it exceptionally strong intelligence capabilities in this case the iranians presented an existential threat to them from syria. frankly, sean, expect israel to continue to mount those sorts of operations to deep their
10:20 pm
citizens safe. >> sean: let's say a step further. i think the president, by withdrawing from this horrific $150 billion idiocy of barack obama, dr. gorka, showing the world america is back. america's leading of the worldic stage. this is a very important message i think to send the world, whether our european allies like it or not, i frankly don't care. >> they are going to tow the line. they will moan and moan but they will follow our lead because we are the only leaders out there. that's how it works in the 20tht century and that's how it'sgo going to work under donald trump in the 21st century. that's power, politics. the bottom line is very simple. you don't give into dictators. >> sean: well said. thank you. dan bongino, daniel hoffman, dr. gorka. we have a lot of news. ed henry live at the white house. new details about president trump's meeting withth kim jong un.
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>> i think kim jong un, >> i think kim jong un, kim jong un did a great service to himself, to his country by doing this. but those hostages came out with respect. we didn't pay for them. we are going to set the table. we are going to make a great deal for the world, for north korea, for south korea, for japan, for china. >> sean: that was the president, another huge enthusiastic crowd talking earlier about the release of
10:26 pm
these three american hostages from north korea. his upcoming high-stakes meeting with kim jong un. the president's remarks come as we are learning more details about that meeting. joining us live tonight from the white house, fox news chief national correspondent. every day seems to be a slower news day than the previous one. great coverage tonight.on i watched all night. i didn't go to bed until 4:30. >> i knew you would be watching. it was an important moment in american history. what's interesting is we did learn some important new details today about this summit with north korea. the president himself confirming that it will take place on june 12 in singapore. insiders are telling us that location was picked, a key reason being that two weeks before the summit, singapore t will also host an international security conference that will bring together leaders from all around the world, particularly american and asian leaders. as you heard the president say they are at that rally in
10:27 pm
indiana, he hopes it sets the table for success on june 12. he's hoping of course to build on that win last night. in the middle of the night, personally welcoming home three americans previously incarcerated by the north korean dictator. ed democrat chuck schumer objectedk to the president giving kim jong un some credit for the release and also again attacked the president for pulling out of the iran nuclear deal earlierid this week. that set off the president. earlier today he tweeted:da "senator cryin' chuck schumer fought hard against the bad iran deal, even going at it with president obama, and then voted against it! now he says i should not havee terminated the deal, but hey. doesn't really believe that! same with comey. thought he was terrible until i fired him!" now, there was a back-and-forth on the senate floor. schumer going off on the president while tonight at the rally, the president responded. watch. >> i worry that this president, in his eagerness to strike a deal and get the acclaim and a photo op, will strike a quick
10:28 pm
one and a bad one. not a strong one. >> do you remember everybody in the fake news, where they were saying he is going to get us into a nuclear war. he's going to get us into a nuclear war. [booing] do you know what gets you into nuclear wars and you know gets you into other wars? weakness, weakness. >> at that rally, the president also predicted success for an she agreement with north korea but stressed yet again, we've heard him say this before, that if kim jong un does not agree to denuclearization, the president said he's going to walk from the table in singapore, sean. t >> sean: ed henry at the white house. as we spoke about in tonight's opening monologue, fox news contributor sara carter is outon with a new report entitled "former fbi director comey consulted with mueller on russia testimony." here with these details, sara carter, investigative reporter.
10:29 pm
also the author of the soon to be number one "new york times" best seller. look at this title. "the russia hoax: the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump." gregg jarrett. david limbaugh. full disclosure, david limbaugh has negotiated every single tv and radio contract in my life. and i once actually had dinner with him. maybe 40 times. good to see you. sara, let's get to the breaking news..ra i'm trying understand. is this collusion? were they coordinating? what happened in this meeting because on every level, my instincts tell me this is beyond inappropriate. >> to a lot of people, it appears beyond inappropriate. that's the concern here. we do know, based on these emails, this is the first time we've seen evidence of this, that comey actually met with
10:30 pm
mueller, with his team, beforere giving testimony to the senate intelligence committee.e remember that was his famous testimony where he talked about leaking the information to his professor friend at columbia university within later later leaked it to "the new york times" with the intent of calling forer special counsel. all of this is so fascinating. i think right now what congress is doing is trying to put all the pieces together. why did he talk to mueller?y who was he speaking with? where are they preparing this testimony this way? this is very, very concerning to everyone involved. i think another really important bit of information that came out tonight was the meeting that devin nunes had at the department of justice. what we've discovered from this, you know, they've been fighting for information on the specific individual --w, >> sean: it is supposed to be classified, right? >> supposed to be highly classified information, but what i am hearing tonight and in a story from kimberley strassel from "the wall street journal"
10:31 pm
which is published, there is concern that the fbi actually had a spy within the trump a campaign, this is very jarring news. >> sean: what? what? wait, now, i want to remind our audience. march 8, 2017, sara carter, on this show told the world that there was a fisa warrant on a trump campaign. nobody believed it. we have been proven right again and again. now you're saying there could have been an fbi spy within the trump -- at what point? campaign, what point? >> that's what they're looking for right now. i contacted sources about this. i know one of the issues they are looking at is whether or not, what the time frame was, whether or not this person was somebody that was paid for by the fbi. whether they were delivering information to the fbi. i know right now that the n majority of this information, believe it or not, was leaked by the doj themselves in an attempt to keep it quiet.
10:32 pm
to not give up the information that the congressional members wanted. >> sean: it will explain why they don't want to hand anything over, why they slow walk, why they give us phony redactions ig the name of national security that don't pan out. why there's been stonewalling and obstructing of congress. let me bring david limbaugh in. this is very troubling, especially what sara knows, that there was coordination between mueller and james comey. from a legal point of view, is it appropriate? >> let's call it collusion, if we may. i think we need to look at the, sara being the journalist that she is, one of the few around,f didn't really give her bias and her opinion in a great article today about this, which i read to prepare. people need to make of this what it really is. why, if the charge of the special counsel is to find the facts and determine the truth, does he take an advocacy role in coordinating with the fbi, former fbi director and communicate with him and
10:33 pm
strategize about timing. if they are really aboveboard, if they really want to find out the truth, why not just tell the truth? why doesn't mueller just say, "jim, tell the truth. that's my advice to you." >> sean: how about they should've used his lawyer. he should have communicated. they're never going to tell us what really happened.h, let me go to gregg. if donald trump or anybody in the trump campaign did this, oh, this would be all over the news, collusion, collusion, t coordination. >> when comey testified right after his firing before the senate intelligence committee,g he admitted he had met with a special counsel but he left the impression that he'd been interviewed in a legitimate inquiry. now we are beginning to see a different picture, that there was actually special treatment and coordination with his old friend, partner, and ally, robert mueller. as if they were getting their story together in the anti-trump crusade that mueller is now
10:34 pm
waging, having taken over from jim comey. >> sean: what is the name of your upcoming book? >> [laughs] it really is the greatest hoax in modern american history. >> sean: the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in our lifetime? >> subverting the rule of law, seeking to undermine democracy itself. they never had a legal basis for it. they pursued it, they are pursuing it still. >> sean: sara, david, gregg, you've all been amazing. you've played a big role in all this. we are going to follow sara's stories very closely in the days and weeks ahead. pretty scary. we have been right so far. all right, when we come back, the great one mark levin is going to weigh in on all that's next. next.
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strongest, most stringent sanctions on iran. i hope to be able to make a deal with them, a good deal, a fair deal, a good deal for them, better for them. better for them. but we cannot allow them to have nuclear weapons. we must be able to go to a site and check that site. we have to be able to go into their military bases to see cheating. >> sean: that was the president earlier saying the united states of america must never, ever allow iran to have nuclear weapons. here with reaction, the host of crtv, he's the host right here of the number one show sunday nights, 10:00 p.m. on all of cable. "life, liberty, and levin."le i call him the great one, mark levin. i'm gonna put you on and talk about the story. h i forced you to do radio. let's be honest about this.
10:40 pm
i don't want to do it, and i made you do it for me. i made you work for free for a year on that's one of the highlights of my career, my friend.hl how are you? >> see that, the world never been different.. >> sean: mark, when i read the judge on friday, i thought of you. years ago, he wrote an incredible book called "men in black." you wrote the liberty -- american tyranny. liberty versus tyranny. >> so many of them. >> sean: they are all great books. m you're a constitutional scholar. you see what's happening. you've heard whether the judge said friday. they are putting the screws to manafort. it has nothing to do with collusion. they want him to sing. be careful. he may not just sing. he may compose. i was proud of that judge because that judge nailed it. now you see sara carter's report tonight. comey and mueller coordinating. tell me why this is so wrong. >> let's hope the judge is not
10:41 pm
just a gasbag and does something about what he says. let's drag us all back, for a few minutes, to the constitution. because that's the bottom line, this is where it's going to wind up. the attorney general and deputy attorney general have to answer some fundamental questions about this investigation. mr. mueller wants to interview the president, and he wants to interview him under the most onerous circumstance.w what is the purpose of an interview like that based on those 49 general areas? his purpose is to indict the president. now, what's the purpose of indicting the president, to try the president find him guilty. what's the purpose of the conviction? to remove the president of the united states from office. that's the bottom line. no president has ever beenot indicted while in office. not one. no president has ever been forced before a federal grand jury, not one. no president has ever been removed from office by the united states senate in a two-thirds vote of the senate. not one.
10:42 pm
mueller's purpose, his purpose is to remove the president. that means one man, that means one man, one jury would usurp the power, the entire constitutional power of congress. the power to remove a president. you can indict every other public official. a judge, for instance, while they are in office, and go through the impeachment process. you cannot do it with a president, and i'm going to tell you i've been starting this for decades. i'm starting it now. here's the authoritative book. so what's going on now? takes two-thirds of the senatein to remove a president. not one prosecutor, not one jury. so my question is, from a constitutional perspective, to attorney general jeff sessions commits time to step up. to the deputy attorney general, it's time to pay attention. to the entire country, to all the lawyers you bring on here, what's going on here now, these fights over whether he's going to be subpoenaed, the president,
10:43 pm
whether he's going to answer questions, whether he can be g indicted in office, i want people to understand that the framers never even contemplated what's going on today. they never contemplated that one prosecutor, a civil servant, bureaucrat appointed by somebody else, would have the power to effectively remove the president of the united states. the reason why the democrats are hanging their hat on mueller,, the reason why the media are hanging their hat on mueller,, they will never get two-thirds in the senate to remove this president. i don't care if they impeach him. they will never get two-thirds. it's never happened so what they are hoping to do is trap him in this notion of a subpoena and questioning, indict him, try to humiliate him. go in front of a court, hope they get the supreme court on their side. i doubt they will, but you never know. that's their game plan. get him to resign. this is very important. from a constitutional perspective, as i speak, mr. mueller is undermining the
10:44 pm
constitution. he's not upholding the rule of law.w. whether he is consulting with comey or consulting with nostradamus, my point is this. what's going on right now is anti-constitutional. it's undermining our system. the framers wanted the body politic to decide on whether or not to remove one branch of government. just as the body politic put that person there in the first place. the media are too ignorant, too liberal, too obsessed to understand this, but i am hoping tonight with a few minutes here, the american people well. >> sean: you know, i call you the great one. one of the best things, our greatest accomplishment in my life was convincing you to fill in for my radio show, and it dit take convincing. wasn't easy. mark, your knowledge of our framers and our founders and our constitution is second to nobody. these words tonight arehe important. i agree with every one of them.
10:45 pm
we love having you on. don't forget every sunday night, the number one show on cable. "life, liberty, levin." hosted by my great friend mark levin. when we come back, at jesse watters jessica tarlov. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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what about this john cox? talks a big game... but what's he done? a chicago lawyer? huh? thirteen losing campaigns - seven in illinois? cox lost campaigns as a republican... and as a democrat. gave money to liberals. supported big tax increases. no wonder republicans say cox is unelectable in november.
10:49 pm
>> now if joe donnelly, sleeping joe, and the democ >> now if joe donnelly, sleeping joe, and the democrats get back into power, remember what i said. they will raise your taxes. he wants to raise your taxes. they will destroy your jobs. and they are going to knock the hell out of your borders. that's already. we have the worst immigration laws in the history of mankind. we are slowly getting them
10:50 pm
change. we want to make it quick. to give me some reinforcements, please. s okay? >> sean: that was the president earlier tonight in indiana, warning of the consequent as of a democratic-controlled congress. 2018 now is becoming, being designed and set up as one of, if not -- well, probably the most important midterm election in our lifetime. in a generation, in two generations, because we knowow what the democrats want to do. t all right, here with reaction, fox news contributor jessica tarlov and the cohost of "the five," he's got two shows. one isn't enough for him. go ahead, jessica. we live in jesse's world. you are in los angeles tonight. there's no way you can win in los angeles. it's just impossible. >> are those the rules? >> sean: if you brought me an in-n-out burger back, i would consider it. >> there is still time. i will fly home tomorrow.
10:51 pm
>> don't try to bribe the judge. [laughter] you are already in l.a., so you've already lost. >> sean: jessica, let me hearu you say some good things about withdrawing from the bad, horrific iranian deal, especially based on prime minister netanyahu's intelligence and hostages and kim jong un crossing the dmz and stopped firing missiles over japan and threatening the worldo we are now talking about denuclearization. pretty good job by president trump, wouldn't you say?y? >> not on all of those fronts, but i'm definitely pro-returning american hostages. 1 of 8 that you listed. >> sean: kim jong un crossingg that dmz doesn't factor high on your list? >> that too. everything going on right now dealing with north korea i'm a fan june 12, we will all be watching and waiting to see what comes out of that. i totally understand why the president is high on his accomplishments this week. i don't think we should have withdrawn from the iran deal, especially considering that bibi
10:52 pm
netanyahu did not produce any new evidence and that iran wasra not violating the deal and wein left our allies out to dry. >> how do you know iran is not violating the deal? a deal is so soft, you can't even tell if they are violating it are not. it's like getting grounded but your parents to let you use their car. that's how toothless it was. the ballistic missiles were allowed to run unchecked. satellite imagery says they are nuking up underneath the bunkers. you know what, we paid them 1.5 billion in cash. what did we get for it? to delay their nuclear capability for a few years? that doesn't sound like smart policies. this is the same person, obama, who gave us the bergdahl trade. the paris climate accord, the democrats gave us nafta. why are we listening to these a people that give us all these bad deals? let's try something new. president trump has gotten little rocket man to the table. crying chuck schumer had little problem with him, fluffing little rocket man's ego. president obama was the one who
10:53 pm
is doing the tango, bowing, writing love letters, shakingta hands with dictators. what's the matter with that? >> there is so much to unpack with what you just said there. i would like to draw everyone's attention to chuck schumer's excellent twitter trolling of president trump today when he took the crying chuck schumer tweet. >> crying chuck is accusing the president of bullying him on twitter. you know how lame and pathetic that is? these are grown men. he's not being pathetic. >> these are grown men. look who started it. the president of the united states of america is the one who started it and can't have an adult conversation about one of the most consequential decisions that any president in modern history is going to make. >> he's a little bit more of an adult than crying chuck because he's not shedding tears. okay, crying chuck should be
10:54 pm
shedding tears of joy for the return of the american hostagesa and we didn't even have to pay any ransom, like barack obama. we didn't have to release any terrorists from gitmo, like barack obama. in fact, president trump and the military just captured top five isis terrorists in syria right now. i think the president is following -- >> sean: did president trump build a big soccer field at gitmo? >> if he did build a soccer field, it would've been on-time and under budget. >> sean: [laughs] that's all true. he is winning. you have to jump in here, jessica. >> what do you want me to do? >> sean: it's a blow out.ha you've got to defend yourself. >> the only thing you can do is bring an in-n-out burger. >> sean: i like it -- i like the vanilla and chocolate shake. the french fries are freshly made on premises. the only other burger that's great like in-n-out burger and i think it's the best burger ever is crown burger in salt lake city. they put pastrami on it. >> i have never tried that. >> sean: okay.
10:55 pm
>> i like pastrami on a sandwich. >> sean: it's his world. you are living in it. jessica, enjoy your trip, have a safe trip home. when we come back, you are not going to believe what joy behar said earlier today. wait until you see this. next. you won't see these folks at the post office
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>> sean: release of these threes american being held captive in north korea was a huge win for the country and the president and his diplomacy standing up to kim jong un, well, little rocket man. even the views, joy behar. >> good for him. if it works, we are happy for him. i wish he would like to do what he has to do, if it's on the right track, i give him credit for that. >> sean: wow. a joyful day in the life of joy
11:00 pm
behar. usually megan mccain who is doing a good job. that's all the time we have left. we are not the destroy trump media there she is. laura. >> laura: i think the earth is opening up, like the sky is going to fall in. you said something nice about joy. this could be the beginning, you have kim jong un, and trump, june 12. you enjoy touring the country. i would buy tickets to that. >> sean: the last time i was on that show. >> laura: they love you there. >> sean: i love woopy goldberg.r i think megan mccain is doing a good job. it was a screaming match and barbarara walters couldn't stop it. i don't need the