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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 11, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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where we are heading. >> the pres. also said people pay millions of dollars with slogans and campaigns, what was hillary's stronger? he said i paid zipoh, he paid nothing. he is his own campaign consultants. shannon bream is up with a fantastic show, she is killing it. take it away. >> those hats will have 2 change but that will be round 2 of the hats. i am sure they will be bestsellers. big news beginning with this fox news alert, the pres. rallying thousands in indiana spelling out exactly how he feels about a slew of topics including north korea. a showdown between top house republicans and the justice department over classified
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information reaching a tipping point. could tensions between iran and israel spark world war iii? live report from on the ground in the region and analysis from gen. jack keane. welcome to fox news at night. new details about the reality of iran's threats against israel days after donald trump scrapped the nuclear deal outraging the mullahs and their allies and the white house announces the location of the june 12th summit with kim jong un. we have team coverage. benjamin hall is live as tensions flare but we begin with chief national correspondent and henry as donald trump allows the us will not be locked into another iran deal. >> confirming the summit will be in singapore on june 12th, inside is telling us the key
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reason for that location is singapore is hosting a major international security conference with american and asian officials, that could set the table for success building and the victory the pres. had in the middle of the night when he personally welcomed home three americans previously incarcerated by the north korean dictator. democrat chuck schumer objected to the pres. giving kim jong un credit for the release and attack the pres. for pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. the pres. tweeted sen. schumer fought hard against the bad iran deal even though he voted against it. now he says i should not have terminated the deal but doesn't really believe that. they was comey, thought he was terrible until i fired him. the pres. said more at the rally tonight. >> remember everybody in the fake news saying he is going to get us into a nuclear war and you know what gets you into nuclear wars and other wars,
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weakness, weakness. >> for his part schumer said he's worried about the pres. being so eager to get praise and a good photo up in singapore he may be willing to strike any kind of deal with north korea but schumer is facing questions about why he is claiming iran held up its bargain the nuclear agreement when in 2015 he was against the deal and insisted iran would never comply, and joe manchin says the president was smart to pull out of the deal. >> there are no reports that iran has violated the agreement. we should not go forward with this agreement. this evil regime has stayed in power without a slight threat to their being overthrown. the odds to me are too high they will stay that way and if they do stay that way i believe that this agreement is too flawed and dangerous. >> there is only one reason to
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have a missile program. iran has been adamant about that, we give them $150 million on the front end, never got them in good standing, the most prolific terrorist supporters in the world, we need to hold them accountable. >> reporter: the president stressed he is willing to walk from the rally in singapore if it is not a strong enough deal and accountability with regime in north korea that was laughing in the past administration when it comes to the regime and iran. shannon: it is all quiet on the is really front 24 hours after salvos of rocket fire lit the skies, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says whoever attacks us we will attack them sevenfold and whoever prepares to attack us we will act against them first. live on an early morning in
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jerusalem, hello. >> it may be calm now, shockwaves are still being felt. the first time uranian forces attack israeli forces in this way, the largest air operation since 1973 by the israeli air force, this started when he rainy and forces fired 20 rockets that were all intercepted or fell short but nevertheless this was a major escalation by iran. israel responded in a big way. the country's air force destroying nearly all air structure in syria in a massive operation taking out 50 sites. 20 people were reported killed. the targets ranged from israeli intelligence sites, logistics and military headquarters, ammo ducts, a clear warning is real will respond to any aggression.
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israel said it would never allow iran to set up permanent military bases in syria but it has done that, benjamin netanyahu was visiting vladimir putin. he was hoping to prevent iran from attacking israel. it appears this didn't work. many sources did. there is an uneasy peace in israel and reinforcements have been moved north of the country and his relapse defense minister informed iran not to respond saying if it rains on our side there will be a flood on various. the iranian president said he wants no escalation. there has been debate about trump's decision to pull out of the iran deal. many analysts say that shows a pivotal the allies, israel and saudi arabia and the confidence gave benjamin and yahoo the confidence to carry out the strike out.
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israel did have support to do this was we saw support in coming days. jillian: thank you very much. reaction to hostilities between iran backed forces and israel has been swift coming fears that iran will ramp up its nuclear ambitions. >> we could have dramatic escalation of conflict in the middle east to the point it would really raise concerns about whether or not we could contain the conflict or we are on the precipice of a world war. shannon: senior strategic analyst gen. jack keane joins us. obviously the syrian war has opened an opportunity for iran to move facilities, people come even weaponry into syria, giving it a cleaner shot at israel. benjamin and yahoo said, quote,
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the international community must prevent the entrenchment in syria, iran crossed a red line. >> the problem is huge. syria represents a strategic anchor for them. since the islamic republic was formed in 1988, and the objective to the state of israel. and in hezbollah's hands right now. what they tried to do is replicate that in southern syria with tens of thousands of rockets. and tens of thousands of their proxies, that is why we squandered the opportunities to push back on that a number of years ago during the obama administration. our closest ally in the region, and where are we heading for
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this? the attack the iranians led, and he works for no military leader, works with the supreme leader. a combination of cia and operations forces. this is a calculated move on their part to encroach on israel. israel has drawn a red line. and missiles and rockets on tel aviv for multiple locations which overwhelm their defenses. we would have a war with israel and lebanon and also with iran. there is a path here where war could break out with israel and lebanon. >> we think of it in terms of the ayatollah calling the shots. apparently he talked to german chancellor angela merkel saying he didn't want tensions there. iran has sought to reduce tensions in the region to
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strengthen security and stability. >> the facts don't support any of that whatsoever. iranians are not going to pull out of this deal because it is to their economic benefit to stay in. they are comprehensive, secretary mnuchin said they would be but they don't want sanctions imposed from european so that is why they will stay in the deal. and sanctioning european companies doing business. on the sacred sites, prohibition being removed, ballistic missiles, prohibition being removed and added to the nuclear deal. they did not agree on the sunset clause being removed and the pathway to a nuclear weapon. why did they agree to that?
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they knew the iranians would balk and sanctions imposed, they don't want to lose financial interests they have and that is the dirty little secret. notice are sunni arab allies in israel are all for the decision they made. that decision enhances their security, and that doesn't do it secretary panetta was saying that we are on the cusp of possibly world war iii. that is not going to happen. shannon: with the embassy move next week it is a place to watch as tensions increase or decrease overnight and incoming days. great to have you here. in indiana, in the 20/20 campaign, there was a more immediate reason for the vice president and the pres.'s visit to the state, voters to replace
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red state democrats, sen. joe donnelly in northern indiana. >> reporter: the pres. enjoyed the support of a fired up crowd, wasted no time getting to subjects he wanted to talk about, earsplitting cheers were generated by that as they were for the mention of pulling out of the joint comprehensive plan of action better-known as the iran deal. there will be a new deal that will be good for iran but it will provide inspectors and their ability to verify no news. >> i hope to be able to make a deal with them. a good deal, a fair deal for them, better for them. we cannot allow them to have nuclear weapons. we must be able to go to a site
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and check that site. >> the main goal was political. trump said pres.s lose the midterms because they get complacent and rallied the crowd behind mike brown who won the republican nomination for senate. republicans believe they can pick that one up but in order to do that he has to beat the incumbent. aman the pres. done that sleeping joe donnelly. >> this november, indiana will face an important choice. you can send a really incredible swamp person back to the senate like joe donnelly, or you can send republicans like mike ron to drain the swamp. >> reporter: the pres. hit a lot of the usual topics, trade deals, took jabs at the fake news media, his warm-up act was
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mike pence who generated cheers that would rival the pres. and they both tried to rally support behind a guy named greg pence, the vice president's brother, and the republican nomination for the sixth congressional district, a seat once held by -- shannon: live report from indiana. with the president in campaign mode, left-leaning political running with this headline, democrats just lost the senate. break that down with chris tire wald who writes headlines of his own. it is good to have you with us. that was fool on campaign mode revving up the crowd, thousands sending pictures and said it was electric and 2016 all over again but this time he is running for himself but more importantly more about senate races in red states with democrats more immediately. >> i don't know that politico is
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left-leaning. they are not exactly mother jones. the article makes a good point which is the danger for republicans has been terrible primaries, put races in play that you miss out on opportunities so in west virginia, and don blankenship would be used against republicans by democrats in different races. you look at missouri, north dakota, indiana and a shot at acceptable normal nominees in all these states that have gone pretty well. that keeps democrat on the defensive. it will be hard and democrats admit in a moment of candor, it will not get there from here. they would have to run the table. shannon: trump signaled his popularity against senate incumbents in states where
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ratings are strongest. the presidential travel schedule overlapped the roster in 2015. he will 0 in on john tester, a disparaging nickname and a barrage of october tweets where thousands show up and are so excited the man they voted for is getting things done. >> it works. in indiana where donald trump is popular and the home state, it would be sad if mike pence couldn't deliver, no reason joe donnelly should be in the senate, that was an error on the part of republicans, they had a heinous primary, a weak candidate. if joe donnelly survives that is a wrap on pence pretty seriously. >> he talks about this. driving liberals nuts, and the
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pattern familiar. and trump pulling numbers don't think. and they are playing into this whole play, fire up his base, embolden him and he looks even better. it is not about being good but better than expectations. remember what hillary clinton said. donald trump got elected it would be armageddon, the world could end. a thermonuclear holocaust for humankind was on the table with donald trump. every day the world does not end is a day persuadable voters say maybe it is okay, we are making headway, we did not kill our species today. >> is numbers continue to improve and the generic ballot for the congressional race gets closer. compared to where it was.
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>> once upon a time it was 15 or 16 but the polling has been consistent and the other thing is he has a ceiling but he has a floor and it is 38, 42%, he will stay right there. shannon: thank you so much. a long-awaited report last october that showed four us soldiers dead, 6000 pages long, 8 to 10 pages released in a declassified summary, the report blames insufficient training and the decision to go after a high-value isis without proper approval is part of the confusion and it says, quote, the american and nigerian forces fought courageously despite being significant we "outnumbered" by the enemy, medals for valor will be awarded for that mission. the defense department praising the iraqi military for the capture of several isis leaders.
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isis commanders did not include baghdade has not been seen in months but included his aides. this was carried out by iraqi security forces following up on a tip from turkish intelligence. democrats quick to blame the president in this tweet, thanks to trump's reckless decision to pull out of the iran delivered americans paying more for gas. wealthy and big corporations cash in on tax breaks. bank of america analysts, a variety of factors including ongoing collapse in venezuelan output, the likelihood of opec working with russia to keep prices high and downside risks to iranian oil exports. democrats on the house until committee, ads linked to a russian propaganda operation. russians deliver a surprise to special counsel robert mueller,
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details. congressman devon nunez and trey gowdy get their brief nonclassified documents related to the russia investigation. catherine herridge has late development. we are joined by congressman chris stewart who sits on the house until committee to weigh in on the showdown between congress and the justice department. helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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shannon: one russian company on full display as thousands of facebook entrance to graham ads are released and special counsel robert mueller's russia probe is delta surprise legal challenge in federal court. and the justice department and house republicans over a request for classified information. trace gallagher has more on thousands of russia propaganda linked ads. >> reporter: democrats in the house until committee released 3500 facebook ads blocked by russian agents from 2015 to 2016, a lot supported donald trump and bernie sanders, some supported hillary clinton. the vast majority were issue-based advertising like immigration and gun control aimed at stirring up racial and political divisions. thanks to facebook's targeting tools the russians were able to
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deliver phony information to specific groups, white, black, hispanic, lgbt and fox news viewers. and liking and following russian facebook pages and getting real-time feedback, a boy liberal add got 50,000 views. and they make their way into facebook its newsfeed and were shared millions more times. some lawmakers believe the russians might be at it and facebook released a statement reading this can never be a solved problem because we are against well-funded adversaries but we are making steady progress and facebook has implemented a number of adversary -- oversight measures. finance were dead giveaways bought by rubles and used for english, a pro black lives
12:26 am
matter, your life mattered, my life mattered, black matters. remember in february robert mueller indicted 13 russian nationals and three russian companies for waging an information war in the us and interfering with the 2016 election lose the indictments made big headlines but conventional wisdom was none of the russians would show up in court. here comes concorde management and consulting, a russian firm controlled by a man called pruden's chef for his close relationship to the russian president, concorde hired a lot firm to fight back and not only had us lawyers pleaded not guilty on behalf of their clients but also requested a speedy trial and will exercise their right to discovery meeting they want to see robert mueller's evidence. he tried to delay by saying the russian company had not been properly served notice, the company opposed the motion, so did the judge, the case resumes
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july 9th. shannon: thank you so much. who has access? doesn't? why and why not? the chairman met with todd justice department officials amid increasingly bitter tug-of-war over classified documents. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge on what she was able to dig up on that meeting. >> reporter: the chairman of the house intelligence and oversight committee met with the deputy attorney general and fbi and attorney -- congressman nunez issued a subpoena about alleged government surveillance abuse during the 2016 election. classified records relate to individual intelligence source are significant to the house surveillance investigation is the trump dossier used by the justice department could secure surveillance, carter page, and allegations with opposition
12:28 am
research funded by the dnc. the chairman had the house speaker's back. >> the request is wholly appropriate, completely within the scope of the investigation ongoing for a while with respect to fisa. this should have been answered a while ago. >> reporter: adam schiff was briefed separately with no comment for reporters. the republican chairman said the dialogue will continue next week. they welcome the opportunity to work on a resolution and accommodate the request. shannon: thank you very much. the pres. spoke in indiana and noticeably missing from tonight's campaign speech was any mention of the justice department or special counsel. let's talk about it with chris stewart along with molly hemingway, senior editor at the
12:29 am
federalist. catherine herridge reported attributed to one source for classified records at issue here were part of the house intelligence committee investigation, the classified records were described by the force as cortical documents that could be as significant as the fbi using the dossier to obtain the trump campaign aide, the dossier funded by the nc clinton campaign as opposition research, what can you tell us about these documents and why they haven't been approved yet? >> if we haven't been able to get them, what you said is right. this is at least as important as the information on the dossier and more important, more of a shock to the american people and i reminded the promise of justice we are the select committee on intelligence, designed to deal with the most sensitive information in the
12:30 am
united states government and we are not the ones leaking any credible accusation about republicans, to say national security, national security again and again and again and again we find what they were protecting was embarrassing facts about the department of justice leadership, that is what they are trying to protect once again. shannon: some interesting things, a person who is a central person in these documents, and helping the mueller campaign, there are questions how they are doing that. there's a piece in the wall street journal. we might take this to mean the fbi secretly had a person on the payroll who used his or her non-fbi credentials to act in some capacity with the trump campaign. >> a lot of questions people had
12:31 am
about this probe, the fbi and the promise of justice can't reveal this information, it is a national security risk. they came to the 5 the abuse memo, it is not a national security rest and embarrassing to the part of justice, this reduction, they redacted a criminal referral to christopher steele, the same thing, national security rest, was embarrassing to them. they didn't want it out that the fbi had not been forthright about investigations dealing with mike flynn. it is an indication, they themselves leaked to the washington post the person involved in developing intelligence against the trump campaign, what that means is the person on the payroll spine for the trump campaign coming
12:32 am
credibly significant thing, what they put forward to the washington post is true, significant thing, easy to see why they would not share that with congress, fundamentally changing the narrative about this russia investigation and the fbi's role. shannon: after the meeting they said it was productive. how confident are you about getting your hands on these documents? >> we are going to push and push and represent the people, the bureaucratic arrogance of them saying they tell us, congress, they are not going to provide this information and threaten subpoenas and impeachment and eventually come around to it, it is important for the american people to know, they have withheld information that proved to have nothing to do with national security, only embarrassing to them, we heard great examples which i could give you half a dozen more.
12:33 am
this is what we are looking at. they are the ones who leaked to the source. and they themselves already could tell the story, and if we live in a country, and no longer accountable to the people by not being accountable to congress, we lose the foundation and can't allow that to happen. shannon: the doj will continue working to get this information to the chairman. great to have you with us
12:34 am
tonight. the white house is not denying the pres.'s frustration over border security, he wants results from the homeland security sec. but is she about to resign over tough talk? we separate fact from fiction. half of all americans live in sanctuary cities or states. the trump administration shut down when he tried to crackdown on policies, what about congress? what are they doing to get the pres. has an idea to lower drug costs in the us. our friends abroad may not like it so much. we explain when we return. spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet?
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>> shannon: citing anonymous sources, "the new york times" reporting that shannon: the new york times reporting homeland security sec. kiersten nielsen submitted a resignation letter when donald because of not doing enough to support the border. secretary nielsen shares the pres.'s frustration and will continue to direct the department to implement the security focused agenda. half of all americans live in sanctuaries protecting illegal immigrants according to the
12:39 am
federation of american immigration reform. talk about with tonight's panel, former obama for america spokesman zach friend and derek hunter, contributing editor at the daily caller and other of outrage inc.. let's talk about this report that 364 states and municipalities refuse some level of cooperation authorities, or 200 and donald trump took office, 40 sanctuary jurisdictions existed when pres. obama took office, 49% of americans live in sanctuary jurisdiction, what do you make of those numbers? >> it is almost coming to the deck it is more advantageous to be here illegally been to be an american. in montgomery county outside washington dc they are contemplating putting together illegal fund to help illegal aliens who are facing deportation because they dislike the pres. very liberal, very
12:40 am
wealthy county. and cutting a 2% cut to their fire department's budget because they are running short on money. they are doing these things simultaneously, seemingly unaware of each of these events though they are done by the same people but democrats have their priorities and it is not american citizens, it is getting frustrating for a lot of people. shannon: the administration, the justice department has tried to enact policies that would cut down on funding for sanctuary cities, and federal judges through that out and you can't do that. is this a winning strategy for states and localities, and ask policies and take me to court. >> newton's law is alive and well, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, cities, counties and states
12:41 am
taking these actions are doing it because of the immigration policies of the administration but more important than the actual discussion over sanctuary cities, the fact of how polarizing the discussion has become and this is action, reaction. what needs to happen it has been shown in congress this week is a much greater, more holistic discussion on immigration reform. >> the action, the federal government enforcing federal immigration law and the reaction of state and local government saying we are not only not going to help you enforce it but actively work against enforcing federal immigration law. that is not action reaction, that is politics. shannon: i want you to comment on what is going on in the hill, gop leadership is not bringing these to the floor, there's a
12:42 am
discharge petition, another group of republicans trying to force votes on these things which i want you to weigh in, gop leadership, a little bit of showboating won't solve the problem. >> it shows a lot of purple district gop feel the only way to save their job and the house is having honest conversation on immigration and the leadership hasn't done it. this is unprecedented action they are doing and only been successful a couple times in history. the fact it is making the news is the reality they recognize, they keep the house and goes through a lot of districts with a lot of immigrants, this is an important way to maintain the house. >> i like the concept of this petition because it allows the end runaround leadership but this is mostly posturing for midterms by purple district republicans who think they can win becoming more like
12:43 am
democrats. shannon: there is a thread of agreement, thank you both very much. it got tough with kim jong un and won the release of american hostages held in north korea. now a face-off closer to home, donald trump taking on drug companies, can the president win this one. tom brokaw's accuser speaks out, linda esther challenges the legendary news anchor who denied the me too accusation. >> i expected a denial. that is what harassers generally do. what i didn't expect was such a personal attack. d it just made s until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's
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>> shannon: forme shannon: linda best are rejecting and nbc offer to internally investigate her allegations of sexual-harassment against former nightly news anchorman tom brokaw insisting they bring outside counsel to run the probe. brokaw claims she's doing this to attract attention amid the me too movement. >> what didn't expect was such a personal attack. the message that since 2 women at nbc news whether they are safe to report somebody who is powerful if they get that kind of backlash. shannon: a separate internal investigation for sexual harassment allegations against
12:48 am
matt lauer, no evidence of harassment culture in their newsroom. donald trump will announce an america first policy around the pricing of prescription drugs. kristen fisher joins us with a preview. >> it is called american patients first and tomorrow announcing a trend on how to drive down drug prices for all americans, something he has been promising to do since the early days of his campaign. from the campaign trail to the first state of the union. >> one of the first priorities is to reduce the price of prescript drugs. >> reporter: donald trump promising to take his art of the deal and apply it to skyhigh drug prices, the highest in the world and place the blame squarely on the pharmaceutical industry. >> they are getting away with murder. >> reporter: his administration has done little to target drugmakers directly.
12:49 am
that changes tomorrow according to health and human services sec. who testified before congress today. >> all players will be impacted. it is a systemic issue requiring a systemic solution the pres. will be rolling out tomorrow. >> reporter: democrats are wary his proposals won't go far enough since the former top executive was installed to oversee it. >> more rhetoric, more half measures. we need to do something bold and effective to bring down the outrageous cost of prescription drugs. shannon: the white house has been light on specifics, details will be announced after the pres.'s remarks and include plans to encourage rising out-of-pocket costs and stop foreign governments from freeloading off of american innovation. >> the pres. will try to tackle the element of the program how to make them better so we pay less and get members to pay more. >> foreign developed nations
12:50 am
setting drug prices at a low level including american patients to pay for the innovation for inpatients and joy. if donald trump tries to change that our strongest allies abroad at the end of the week he has rattled them by pulling out of the iran deal. shannon: thank you. and ice cream run that could have officials in hot water. visiting a drive-through, this is real. that story when we return. melatonin is the body's own sleep ingredient. only remfresh uses ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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♪ >> shannon: time now for where in the world. shocking video out of china. it's gone viral. the video shows a team of male real estate agents begging >> where in the world?ging shocking video has gone viral. the video shows a team of male real estate agents begging the manager to slap them in the face for poor work performance was one of the branch's managers didn't expect it to be leaked online is get 10 million views. the female manager has since quit. candidates facing criminal charges after some of its employees took a bear through a dairy queen drive-through. the audi was uncovered outside calgary posted a video of
12:55 am
berkeley, the one-year-old there leaning out of the truck's window enthusiastically lapping an ice cream cone held by the owner of the dairy queen. a little seatbelt in the truck? i don't know. on a serious note, congo confirming its and first death in a new outbreak of the ebola virus, the country confirmed another 11 infections that does include three medical staff on that story. remember the waffle house hero james shaw junior who stop the deadly shooting spree? you won't believe what he is doing for victims of the attack, stick around. the blade quality you'd expect from gillette... affordability you might not. the new gillette3 & gillette5.
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>> shannon: remember the waffle house hero, james shaw, jr., who stopped that shooter in the nashville waffle ho jillian: remember the waffle house hero james shah junior who stopped that shooter after killing four customers? he started a government the page for families of the victims hoping to raise $15,000.
1:00 am
that pages raised $238,000. james may not think he is the hero but a lot of folks feel differently. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington until friday. i am shannon bream. todd: friday, may 11th, this is "fox and friends first," a fox news alert. the stage is set for donald trump and kim jong un, the pres. find back at critics who said he would never bring north korea to the table. >> the fake news saying he is going to get us into a nuclear war. you know what gets you into nuclear war? weakness, weakness. >> we are live in washington with what is on the agenda. danger in paradise, another volcanic blast could come at


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