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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 11, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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the risk of serious side effects. the details make a difference. the man makes them matter. see real results at 7:00. tucker carlsson is up next. .... ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." you often hear cable news anchors touted this ort. that story as breaking news are important. this one is prayed shocking. it turns out according to nora parts, the fbi may have had a spy and are interacting with the trump campaign during the 2016 election. a government to spy the campaign. that sounds like a pretty important piece of information that the obama administration may have beenn spying on a rebel campaign. you think? for some reason, we are only just learning on it now. why?ea apparently because the fbi and the doj deliberately had better information from congress. of course congress has authority
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over the fbi, not the other way around, as much as the fbi would like to believe that. this deception would be gross misconduct, at minimum. of course, gross misconduct will be nothing new in the fbi of jim comey. dan bongino was a former secret service agent and nypd officer and he joins us tonight. dan, this is one of those stories that is so shocking, if true, youin don't want to beliee it's true, that our government, the obama administration would haveou done that. but b, you have to press carefully on the details. what we know about this? >> you're right, for the sake of the constitutional republic, you pray this story is not true. there is no partisan advantage here. this is -- the very idea of having our god-given rights being shorted, if, in fact, they can produce hard evidence of any crime and yet a human intelligence asset may have been inserted in our political rivals campaign? i mean, how this is in
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front-page news in every newspaper across the globe is stunning. tucker, that's not it, though. keep in mind just a couple weeks ago, devin nunes on this network in interview withng maria bartiromo had another bombshell, that there was no official foreign intelligence, and through official channels present to the united states. that was a huge bombshell. notice what he didn't say. he didn't say it to pass through unofficial we know two things. but eventually that information was laundered through the state department and potentially the u.s. senate, and we know there was potentially a human asset in the trump campaign.n unbelievable. >> tucker: is there any precedents for this? has this ever happened before? has it ever been alleged off or in the? >> not in the united states. i'm sure it's happened in some spy novels and some third world countries where this may be common. tucker, this is a story so unbelievable on its face that i've said to people, it's like the sickest spy novel i've ever
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read. except it actually happened. if you were to give this to a book agent and tell them it was a story about the united states government, they very well might laugh at you and say this is so absurd it can never happen. tucker, i have my suspicions about who this asset is, as do many others by the way. this is going to be explosive when this name comes out because the list of suspects is very short, and there are some very suspicious people who are connected to people within our intelligence community now, but that's the key point, tucker. also connected to political operators working for democrats while connected to foreign intelligence assets as well. this is really serious stuff. this is not a joke. like you said before, i really wish none of this was true but it appears that sadly that tha. >> tucker: it would be a crime to begin with. do you think it's true? is a there evidence that the fbi was receiving information from within the trump campaign during the campaign? >> yes.
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and there is not only that, i believe there is more than one source for the fbi. whether that -- it was more than one source that was paid, may be an entirely different story. i believe that based on reporting that's already out there. i know a lot of people out there love the conspiracy theory label when information makes them uncomfortable. i'm only telling you things that are already out there in the public domain. there are a number of names out there already are people who by the way are connected to the obama -- one person who is being represented by obama's former white house lawyer, tucker, was present at a meeting, bob mueller's investigating. a meeting right now with russians that they are claiming has to do withs trump at the meeting was with people who are actually connected to the clintons. one of the guys at the reading is literally being represented by obama's former white house lawyer,, who, by the way, worked with andy wiseman who is working with bob mueller on the special counsel when they were on the enron prosecution. this is a big, contaminated, witches brew of people who are all connected to each other.
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>> tucker: in some ways not surprising because they always accuse you of what they are doing. all eric schneiderman. thank you, dan. great to see youu, tonight. >> yes, sir. >> tucker: the world's creepiest porn lawyer has gotten very famous by attacking michael cohen. probably been good for his business. on the downside, all of us has invited heightened scrutiny of his own past business ventures. trace gallagher has more than that. >> hi, tucker. wouldn't this businessman bankrupt five years ago, michael cohen michael -- michael avenatti bought it for $5 million. it has been named in commercial lawsuits and warrants for unpaid taxes. washington state lawyer david says he carried out in a legal pump and dump scheme, where he ran the coffee shops, withheld state and federal taxes from his
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employees, but then didn't pay his state and federal taxes. avenatti responds by denying the claims, and calling him an unethical hack of a lawyer. despite the fact that washington state bar association says he has no record of ethical or other violations. michael avenatti also claims tully's coffee has long been under new ownership and yet in court testimony last year, avenatti reportedly listed himself as the chairman and puts a bowl of tully's. now we know avenatti has interest based business tax liens. we found records dating back seven years of personal tax liens. both state and federal, for $1.5 million, including a $300,000 federal tax lien from just three months ago. tucker. >> tucker: big lien. thank you. quick programming out. last night we mentioned the creepy porn lawyer, the one
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you've seen on tv lately threatening people and it got us thinking, so we checked. according to the "washington free beacon," between march 7th and yesterday, that guy, dominic appeared on at cnn and msnbc 10. according to one man. that could be higher a than tha. a lot of cnn and msnbc. we thought we would add a little diversity to his media diet, diversity being our strength. we invited the creepy porn lawyer after this show. we called his office, or what he said was his office, may have been a booth at a wendy's, may be white castle. then in any case, he turned us down flat. too bad. what have been fun. maybe when jeff's car tires of him at cnn, he'll reconsider the offer. that won't be long. instead, we are joined by someone who is not an actual porn lawyer come but has closely followed the career of the guy we were talking about. julian epstein is a former chief counsel tod democrats in the house judiciary committee and he joins us. thanks a lot for coming on. >> good evening. >> tucker: is a bit of a
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disconnect here. the argument for democrats from day one has been that president trump is too shady to be president. in order to make that case, they are now using a creepy porn lawyer with a history of financial problems. is he really the first standard bearer for your message would you say? >> i i think michael avenatti s been effective on television. i think it's been effective in advancing the interests of his client and he used television much more effectively than most lawyers do. i'm not sure he is the standard bearer for democrats. i think he has -- i think the stormy daniels that you to be honest, i think it is a sidesho sideshow. i think there is nothing in essential consultants story that we know where there's any laws that are necessarily broken but i think there are relevant questions that should be asked about where the -- were they being used for a russian slush fund, laundering money? lots of things that people have been recklessly alleging, but
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there is no evidence of. i i think there's questions. >> tucker: >> no evidence of any legal violation. it's a central issue. if i can finish the point, the central question here for democrats, is whether the president knew or was actively involved in russian interference. there is noel evidence of that. i'm not saying there's evidence. >> tucker: by the way, i agree. think that is a central question. there is no evidence more than a year and, maybe we will find out that he teamed up with putin to steal the election from hillary. probably not going to find that out. for the point right now, it is all about the creepy porn lawyer. i am wondering, what exactly is the point of this? i don'ter know what the interest off his client are. ii don't know who he represents. i do know i would be very uncomfortable if he got hold of my confidential bank records. wouldn'tf you? >> i think we need to find out how he got the information, for sure. there are questions there. but tot be honest, tucker, i think your indictment of the
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industry, you're a participant in. the cable industry. an obsession of the cable television industry. i think bob mueller and the democrats, for their part, are not -- >> tucker: cable. hold on. cable responds to ratings. i don't think he's been on this channel, as i just said, we try to have them on the show because i want to meet this guy. i think it would be amusing as hell. but t he's too busy on the other channels. their viewers are responding. that is why jeff zucker has put them on every day for two months. so he really is one of the most famous democrats in america. he's a partisan democrat, works democratic campaigns, dozens of them. what does that tell you? >> i don't think that is where the democratic party is right t now. what avenatti is doing is relevant because it gets to whether there was campaign finance b violations with the stormy daniels payment predicates to other essential consultants was being misused as a russian slush fund, as a campaign finance -- >> tucker: how would creepy
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porn lawyer know about the russian connection? what expertise could he have? is he a russian speaker? expert on -- >> i don't want toto get on the mic off subject, but essential consultants, michael cohen's law firm, had a client whose principal beneficiary, and a factory come out was a russian oligarch connected to putin. >> tucker: what does that have to do with creepy porn lawyer? >> i want to make another point. i don't think that he is a standard bearer for democrats. what democrats are saying is that not impeachment, not that trump violated criminal laws, but let's get the facts on the table. we know that people around trump are people who are considered to be russian agents. >> tucker: maybe we'll find out that he teamed up with putin. one lastet question. please answer honestly. picturee yourself standing in your kitchen at night getting one last glass of water from the kitchen sink and you look in the
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backyard and there is creepy porn lawyer. how do you respond? >> i live in an apartment building so i don't think i'd be able to see him. >> tucker: you see him in the alley. what do you respond?ac you see that guy in your backyard. how do you respond? >> i would invite avenatti and because that have a lot of questions i would like to ask him. if i saw anybody outside the -- >> tucker: [laughs] >> if i saw anybody outside my kitchen when i was having my last glass of water at night, of course i would be creeped out. as with you, of course i would. >> tucker: he might be in a separate a category. >> i'm an open-minded man, as yu know. i'm just raising some important questions. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: california is falling apart fast. it's bad. kamala harris has a solution to that. smoke more weed and. you will notice at last. that story coming up. ♪
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the marijuana act. smart thing to do, right thing to do. >> two of the last three presidents admitted to using drugs. congresspeople, senators have admitted to using marijuana. >> but there are other communities for with its completely criminalized. >> it's time that we not only legalize marijuana in our states, but expunge the records of those who have been carrying that burden of past convictions for too long. >> all because they are use of a drug that otherwise should be considered legal. >> tucker: get high, as a civil rights victory. a california radio show host joins us tonight. i just want to preface our conversation by saying that i don't think people who smoke weed should be in jail. i think the drug war has not worked very well, like gun control, panic something doesn't make it go away. and i think that alcohol is in a lot of ways worse. so i believe all that. i just am amazed that now the ruling class is basically having failed to take care of its own people, is telling them, smoke
9:18 pm
more weed and become more passive and less concerned by our failures. i don't really think that's an accident. do you? >> i don't think they are telling us to smoke more weed. i think people are smokingmo wed and i think 80 years of reefer madness hasn't stopped people from smoking weed. as he pointed out, it is not worse than alcohol. if anything, there are numerous potential medical benefits of marijuana that we have not even started because it's been a schedule one drug. we need to getet rid of that classification. statesd like colorado have generated over a quarter billion dollars a year in taxes to support the state government. as people at all. you are making my case for me. by the way, i think we should fully explore the potential health benefits of cannabinoids. why wouldn't we? of course we shared. there probably are big ones. i'm all for that. but why shouldn't i be suspicious when over 100,000 are sleeping
9:19 pm
outside tonight because people like kamala harris have done a terrible job taking care of their own people and her solution is, hey, smoke more weed, so why can have more monen the tax coffers and you will be less likely to stage a revolution against my bad leadership. i'm not paranoid. that seems like the obvious bread and circus plate to me. >> she's a pretty new senator. >> tucker: she's been elected to statewide for a long time. as you know. >> the attorney but what we have with the homeless population, there is a lot of care that is needed there. and if some of that revenue goes towards a psychological care, addiction care, i think it is a wonderful thing. if s the people who are already smoking marijuana or consuming it, eatingok it, edibles, whatever, cbd oil, let's legalize, tax, regulate, how about this, that defines the cartels. who is bringing it across the border illegally? you want to stop the cartels. >> tucker: it's not that
9:20 pm
simple actually because cartels -- it's a market. when the price of anything goes up, if you can undercut it illegally, you'll do that, you've seen no cigarettes, which are widely bootlegged because of highhe tax rates. it's actually not quite as simple as you are making it.ot here's the point. let's not compare marijuana to alcohol. i agree is less harmful. i don't drink. but let's not -- let's compare to sobriety, being aware and awake and fully experiencing your life and may be fighting back against misused power. people who are high don't do that, let's be honest, and you know that. >> but if they are busy drinking beer, is that any different? >> tucker: why do we want part of that? >> i'm not -- i'm just saying saying, -- >> tucker: i'm suspicious. these people have failed their own people and they are encouraging us to smoke more weed. you don't see the connection at all? >> i don't believe anyone is encouraging people to smoke more weed unless you have cancer and are not able to keep food down
9:21 pm
during her chemotherapy, which a wonderful side benefit of using cannabis. i don't smoke it either, tucker. but i see the benefits, medicinally, for a lot of people who benefit. also again, if it's one of those situations where people are already doing it, and criminal elements are benefiting from it, bringing it out into the sunlight is the ideal solution. >> tucker: the government should be getting rich on it. [laughs] that's what it is. we have no way to balance the budget, just by more weed. so depressing. i i know you agree with me deep down. we're out of time sadly. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: kamala harris is not suggesting that the masses, and opiates. california is feelingo very fas, where only wealthy tech parents feel welcome. >> with thousands living" to my close proximity on skid row, hygiene is an issue. with an official outbreak of hepatitis a, it is now a necessity. >> he was fatally shot in 2015
9:22 pm
by a repeat felon and five-time tea party who wasn't shielded by the city's century policies. the stench of urine and feces' strong. authorities are certain they would have arrested 800 more immigrants but oakland's mayor issued a statement over the weekend warning of the raids. >> tucker: california matters. the biggest state with a leading edge of everything, victor davis hanson is a lifelong resident of that state and he comes on. mr. hansen, thanks for coming on. you describe the economic distribution of california recently as medieval. what does that mean? >> that means that about 75% of the geographical area is inhabited by 25% or lower income people buy on margin we have a coastal corridor from san diegol to berkeley where we have caltech and stanford and about
9:23 pm
$3 trillion in capitalized silicon valley companies. and this is where all the probably done my policy is maded these people who make it, the lawyers, academics, politicians, are never subject to the ramifications of their own ideologies because they have such wealth, and so california is a medieval society in the sense that we have the highest basket of gasoline sales and income tax but we ranked 45th and school test scores, 49th according to forbes and infrastructure, among the highest kilowatt rates in the nation, our gasoline taxes going to be the highest, but it's not doesn't affect the people on the coast to make regulations. where i work at stanford, 72, 65 degren on air-conditioning, but where you live in the san joaquin valley, poor people have to go into walmart because they can't afford to turn on air-conditioning. people in this medieval society on the coast, they don't believe in water transfers for agriculture and for poor people what they surely do for the
9:24 pm
artificial landscapes in the bay area, the california water project. that attitude is reverberating throughout california. it's a dysfunctional state because of that. formiddle class covered 5 million people have left. we have about four or 5 million people come illegally from southern mexico, and we've had an enormous concentration of global wealth and a very small geographic area area. you put that together, you get what you have now. it's unbelievable. >> tucker: victor davis hanson, one of the great summaries of what's happening in california. i appreciated. thank you. >> thank you for having me, tucker. >> tucker: white house chief of staff john kelly says not all of records immigrants are assimilating. mostly good people but he's is bringing them here good for us? will explain it coming up. ♪
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>> tucker: during an interview with npr, white house chief of staff john kelly summed up in a mainstream position on illegal immigration. most of the people who sneak in our decent people looking for a better life but that doesn't mean their arrival here is good for america. listen. >> let me step back and tell you that the vast majority of the people that move illegally into the united states are not bad people. they are not criminals, not ms-13. but they are also not people that would easily assimilate into the united states. overwhelmingly rural people, and the countries they come from,
9:29 pm
fourth, fifth, sixth grade educations are kind of the norm. they come in here for a reason. i sympathize with the reason. but the laws are the laws. >> tucker: is there anything you disagree with them there? pretty much anything, anyone connected to trump says these days, his remarks set out in an instant outrage bomb. he was denounced as bigoted, and speculate he would've been kicked out of the marine corps. what general calley said was provably true and truth as to the defense and always will be. according to the one, the average american receives about 13 years of education. in mexico that number is 8.6 years. in el salvador, 6.5 years. guatemala, 6.3. according to the migration policy institute, fully 70% of salvadoran immigrants here have limited english proficiency. of course exceptions to that but over all, a badly educated group that comes here illegally. that might not have been a big deal 100 years ago when a humming industrial economy needed workers for its
9:30 pm
factories, but our factories are closed, long closed comic technology is now in the process of eliminating millions more blue-collar jobs in america. the last thing we need is more low skilled immigration, any economist can tell you that. we can't even take care of our own low skilled workers. hundreds of thousands are sleeping outside tonight and every night, they are homeless. as for assimilation, have you been to miami recently? don't take our word for it. here is what he was a research side. fully 95% of american hispanics "it is an important and that future generations of hispanics living in the u.s. be able to speak spanish. even by the third and fourth generation about half of hispanic parents years till my cure speak spanish or their children." that's not immoral but it's not assimilation. shut up, says msnbc, we don't want to hear the facts, we need the votes, be quiet or we will shout you down thought criminal. an attorney and columnist says that kelly's remarks were on excitable. i don't how you say that because they are true.
9:31 pm
i'm saying u.n. numbers. what he said is right. >> to me, not you. kelly statement, we have to look at the whole of it in context, and in that sense, it is factually and philosophically problematic. factually, he starts off by saying, all these people coming into the southern border, they are not ms-13, yes, that's true. he says they are not all going to commit crimes, that is true. that is provable by various studies and statistics on immigrants and criminality. then he goes through the statement that these people who are coming in are not current waves of immigrants, not assimilating into the united states. that is not true. you mentioned the pew study talking about how hispanic parents, grandparents, believe it's very important for their children and grandchildren to speak spanish and that is absolutely correct. that same study finds that just like every other wave of immigrants, the latino immigrants, the firstim generation, yes, they speak spanish. parents tend to be bilingual. by the third generation, the
9:32 pm
spanish is no longer the dominant language. >> tucker: you were waiting into the deep end -- hey, hold on. since you are throwing facts around, and the deep end of the fact pool, what percentage of households in california speak spanish at home? >> offhand, no, i don't. >> tucker: stop. slow down. over 40. that's not assimilation. i'm not against speaking spanish, not against bilingualism. what i'm saying is the opposite of the way we have always done immigration in the past in whict we say two new immigrants, you must adopt our culture and language, and you have to do it thoroughly. we are not doing that now, it's not assimilation. you did not address what he said about education levels because it's demonstrably true. people under the southern border have lower education. why in this economy when blue-collar jobs are going away, why would we only admit software engineers are people who have skills we need now? what are we doing? >> you and i have different ideas.
9:33 pm
different viewpoints on assimilation. i personally think there is nothing wrong with people speaking spanish and being bilingual, whatever language at home. in this instance, what john kelly was talking about, he was talking about -- the jumping off point for this conversation was the influx of people on the southern border, why they are implementing a zero-tolerance policy for these migrants, and in the process, having a procedure where we will be -- the u.s. government will be separating women from a childre. please answer my question. excuse me. please answer crisply. why would you at a time when blue-collar jobs are disappearing, important people with no education levels than native-born americans? we need people who can do the jobs that we need done, not the jobs that are j going away. >> two points. numberer one, u.s. unemployments at a historic low, 17 year low. hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low. african-american unemployment is at a historic low our economy does have room to go and immigrants are the people who
9:34 pm
can drive part of our economy. this is this point i was trying to make about kelly -- >> tucker: is not an answer. >> what the discussion is, we have to go back to the law. asylum law makes no provision for what level of education people have, whether or not they can speak english, the parameters of how many people we will allow under asylum. incredible fear test -- >> tucker: either you don't care -- you don't care whether this is good if for the country or the economy, good for the culture, you just don't care because you are totally ignoring the central point, technology is destroying a lot of jobs, people we are importing right now can't do the jobs. you don't care. you just go right back and say no big deal. >> i would go back to the context, the asylum law. that says that these people who are coming from central america, they have the legal right, even though -- >> tucker: they have a legal right. as foreign citizens. what about my right as an american? we are out of time.
9:35 pm
thank you. a belgian political party wants to transform the country into something very different from what it is today. katie hopkins drew spent a lot of time in belgium and she brings a report to us next. ♪ hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. heartburn and gas? ♪ now fight both fast new tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums new tums chewy bites with gas relief
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>> tucker: the islamic party's interest in the middle east anymore. belgium, a country in europe, scheduled to hold elections in just a few months. there is a rising star in the political landscape. the islam the party, its stated purpose is to implement sharia and transform belgium into an islamic state. they are hoping to expand their success this round. katie hopkins writes for wearable media and has traveleds to belgium, lots of jihadi's there, it was the place in 2015 paris terrorists plotted their attacks. she interviewed the town's mayor
9:40 pm
who seemed to regard the towns connection to jihad as a marginal issue at best. >> were you given that information in october 2016? >> we had a list. this list was -- i just -- i had a list of a few names, i would say more than 30 names, but it was not the job of the police to follow those people. >> tucker: not my job and she saidle katie hopkins joins us t. are we misreading that because of the language barrier? to jesus that itt is not her job to keep track of dangerous people in her community? speak up absolutely. she's the mayor. she's been there for six years, she was given the name and the location, where 130 were killed in the paris attacks, 415 were
9:41 pm
maimed, and when i said to her, you had that list, you had his name, you did nothing, she said, "it's not my job" it was not myo job to do something. of course, this is part of the problem in the jihadi capital of europe where i spent three daysf politicians turn a blind eye because they are dependent on the voters who are muslim and they want their support. >> tucker: it's a demographic thing. atbl a certain point, you become captive to the people who are changing your society. >> that'sou right. what i have just seen -- i spent three days walking the streets there. it's known as a place that other reporters won't go because it is 80% muslim. a lot of sunnis there, a lot of shiites, very hard-core kind of religious individuals. you've got a triumvirate, the perfect storm of a lot of
9:42 pm
mosques, particularly controlled by iran, the money flowing in. you've got one type of population, 80% of moroccan heritage muslims. then you've got politicians and police who i am told by informers are taking back -- you are happy to turn a blind eye. that is why you have terrorists plotting in belgium, that terror of cores drives two hours away to destroy people in the capital cities like london here or in paris. bear in mind, ramadan is just around the corner. >> tucker: what does the rest of belgium think about this? >> it is so interesting. obviously there's a great deal of white fright. i walk through,fl there's imagis atomic images of the marketplace, the only woman with the head uncovered, everyone is in a burqa, the islam party that are putting up 28 candidates in september,yt they want segregatd transport segregated loving, and they want hell all everywhere
9:43 pm
and sharia. i can see it coming. there is and massive white flig. academics, teachers, certain individuals tell me their truths, they will tell me there are unauthorized mosques, the teachers are giving up hope that people want to move out but they don't want to be seen to be saying that because it goes against the liberal narrative. really, these areas still exist. there's a massive mosque there run by saudis, given a 99 year free lease on a massive building in belgium as long as they could bring in extremist imams to have access to these migrants. then weri wonder why we end up living with the jihadi's next door. >> tucker: is this a permanent situation? are these people residents? is a temporary? >> no, it's not temporary at all. they have citizenship. 95,000 people live there, about
9:44 pm
85% of them are moroccan heritage, but they are french nationals often belgian born. what is so interesting and talking to a teacher today, who didn't want to be on record, she was saying that her teaching colleagues find that no matter what, how manyte generations and they are, three generations and, they always have 1 foot still in morocco. that is very much the point that she made. those old islamic and muslim traditions matter more than any european heritage they may have. >> tucker: amazing. not the belgium most of us think. katie hopkins, thank you. president trump's speech, we preempted it last night, after the break from a final exam is . it is about whatever news experts found out what happened last week. social media experts say there's a new movement afoot. you may have heard us cover the creepy porn lawyer and that
9:45 pm
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♪>> tucker:timenowforafinalexam willrepentourfriendsatfoxagainst 1another -- to see who has been paying attention to the show this week. joining us tonight, a.b. stoddard and fox news correspondent griff jenkins. both of been on the show before. both have won before. which increases the pressure on tonight's contest. there she is >> and the defending champion. >> always brilliant, found the smartest woman insm washington.
9:50 pm
>> tucker: adjusting expectations. you know the rules, both of you, for our viewers who may not remember them, hands on brothers, first won't get to present gets to answer the question. you modulate to buzz in. each correct answer gets to a point,. each incorrect answer t attracts a point. best of five wins. are you ready? >> trying to be. >> tucker: according to "the new york post," america's greatest newspaper, which hollywood trumpeter is facing legal trouble due to oversized donations she wants to major democratic candidates? >> roseanne barr. >> tucker: roseanne barr? >> he's trying to lose. it's rosie o'donnell. >> the wrong roseanne! >> rosieie o'donnell under fire for what appears to be illicit campaign m contributions. posting c a tweet today, "all my
9:51 pm
donations, my goal is to support all those opposed to jump." >> tucker: after decades in washington, you are conspiracy minded analysis was he's trying toin lose. >> i've lost contact, context. i need to have a practice section at home. >> i'm just a little rusty. >> tucker: let that be a lesson to you. question two is multiple-choice. this week, california became the first usa state to mandate that residence do what? compost, recycle, go solar. >> go solar go solar. >> tucker: go solar. to the tape we go. >> and a controversial move, california now mandating that beginning in 2020, the majority of new homes and n apartment buildings must have solar panels. >> tucker: that's the analysis. did you know the answer? >> of course i did. >> tucker: yes, you did. for the second time in a row,
9:52 pm
you lost to a one armed man. speak with the heat of his palm with a buzzer, there's something going on. >> tucker: we are back to parity now. it 0-0.3-3. are you ready? which ridesharing company unveiled plans for a flying taxi? >> >> cooper. >> tucker: is a duper? >> cooper will pitch its plans for -- are you ready for this, s that fly 200 miles per hour and use helicopters to have rotors o take off and land. >> tucker: wow. that was icy cold. you moved right into the lead position. no trace of emotion. >> i will take the gina haspel hearings for 500. >> tucker: that may be the next ones. question four. this week, google unveiled the brand-new feature in which the robot assistant will do which everyday task so that you don't have to? is it shop for your food, make
9:53 pm
your phone calls, or drive your car? griff jenkins? >> make your phone calls. >> tucker: make your phone calls is the answer. is that correct? >> seemingly creepy artificial intelligence i can make dinner reservations for you. >> hi, i'm calling to get a reservation for a client. 1-1.cker: it is tied. the outcome of this question determines -- >> i'm looking for pressure. >> tucker: question five.hi this is the actual news. the l.a.p.d., the police department in l.a., says if famous suit that robert downey jr. bore in a film has been stolen. the estimated worth of this suit is $300,000. what is the suit? let me repeat. what is the suit? not the lawsuit.
9:54 pm
the outfit. >> as an fabric? >> tucker: as an fabric. which suit is that? our judges are saying we can give you one hand. a superhero movie. >> its various buehler a superhero? >> tucker: is "ferris bueller's day off? was in that movie? yes, he was, in the sequel. we'll see if that was correct. >> the original iron man suit is the one robert downey jr. water in the first movie. as a part of the worst $300,000. police released the suspect -- >> tucker: the correct answer was "iron man. will we take "ferris bueller's day off"? unfortunately, judges will not be able to take that. that was valiant. many rooting for you.
9:55 pm
but the one armed phenom won once again. >> unbelievable. >> tucker: griff jenkins, ladies and gentlemen. >> my mug is better anyway. >> tucker: this is the market. drink it with pride. this is this week's final exam. tune in on thursday to see if you can beat our experts on final exam. we'll be right back. ♪ including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. the commute is worth, the more you know you and that john deere tractor... you can keep dreaming up projects all the way home. it's a longer drive. but just like a john deere, it's worth it.
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>> tucker: sad news tonight. the war is over, the robots won. >> sean: sad news. the war is over, the robots one. despite repeated warnings, they continue to make the robots increasingly powerful and sadly it's too late. they can now go jogging. they can jump right if they can drum, there's nothing they can do to stopp that. by this time next year, it could be robox news. robot carlson tonight.
10:00 pm
another robot raccoon just attacked people in georgetown. with that in mind, enjoy time with your family this weekend. continue to tune into the show. have the best weekend. sean hannity from new york city is next. ♪ >> i am announcing today that the united statesod will withdrw from the iran nuclear deal. america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail. >> we are putting the harshest, strongest, most stringent sanctions on iran. ♪ [dramatic music plays] >> the fact we were able to get th


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