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tv   Watters World  FOX News  May 12, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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greg: thanks to melania is the fifth fastest growing name in the u.s. molly is 166. this is the fox report. thanks for watching. >> jesse: welcome to "watters' world". i'm jesse. the huge spring for president trump in america on the foreign policy front. north and south korea are heading towards ending the korean war. little rocket man released three american hostages from the hermit kingdom. the summit is set in singapore where they will hopefully negotiate peace. all historic to be medically victory's. it's driving the left crazy. here's new york senator, chuck schumer.
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>> we cannot be folded into given the north korean regime credit for returning americans that never should have been detained in the first place. american citizens are not diplomatic bargaining chips. there really should not be exalted, it should be expected. it is no great accomplishment of kim jong-un to do this. when the president does it, he weakens american foreign policy and puts americans at risk around the world. >> jesse: former obama cia director slamming the summit. claiming that kim jong-un is trumps puppetmaster. >> i think he has a been masterful and how he has manipulative perceptions and duped mr. trump. >> jesse: america has been played by north korea before.
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that's why president trump is willing to walkway from the table, unlike john kerry. here's the president in his own words. >> i will be meeting with kim jong-un to pursue a future peace and security for the world, the whole world. [applause] and the relationship is good, but remember everybody in the fake news when they were saying, he is going to get us into a nuclear war. he's going to get us into a nuclear war. you know what gets you into nuclear war? you know it gets into other wars? weakness. weakness. >> jesse: speaking of weakness, the president got america out of the week iran deal where we paid them to lie to us about developing nukes. here he is, solving problems. leaving president obama's foreign policy in tatters. joining me now is a fox news
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contributor, herman cain. a former senior advisor to secretary of state hillary clinton. i got your name right i hope. but i'm gonna start with my man herman. mr. kane, they should be shedding tears of joy that american hostages are released. we do not even have to trade any terrorist for them like barack obama did. >> president trump nailed it when he said, weakness gets us into wars. the fact that this president is making so much progress on the diplomatic front with kim jong-un is driving others crazy. weakness is not what this president believes in. he believes in negotiating from a position of strength, and this is what he's doing. he's delivering on his promises. the democrats hated.
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>> jesse: peace through strength, isn't that with the presidents doing instead of war due to weakness? >> you have a few things going on. if you look at the wars being referenced, particularly iraq and afghanistan were entered into by president bush. president obama did yeoman's work trying to draw down. >> jesse: hillary voted for the iraq war and then obama's -- >> i think what's going on now with the careers and iran should be separated into three parts. it's terrific that three americans are back on american soil. they should never have been detained. i don't know anyone not happy about it. i understand the point of not giving too much credit from the guy who snatch them. the last american he gave back basically died within days.
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>> jesse: no one is heaping praise on little rocket man for returning hostages. i think president trump just said it's a sign of respect that he did this to lay the groundwork for the singapore summit. >> i'm old enough to remember when bill clinton in 2009 went to north korea and met with kim jong-un's father brought home to americans, journalists were being detained. i don't remember any huge outpouring of support for that. that's not what it's about that's fine. as far as nuclear free korea, the president trump can do that, everyone's for that. that's atrophic outcome. >> jesse: less keep that on the table before iran. one of the most sensible democrats around, it is funny hearing the left criticize president trumps foreign policy
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dealings, when they are the party given a sped deal after bed deal, from nafta to the bergdahl tree to the iran deal. to come in at the end and say trump doesn't know what he's doing, that's been been played for decades. >> let's not shift the subject to bill clinton or some other war. this concerns north korea. with some of the democrats want to do is shift the subject. ignore the fact that there is real progress here. that's what the president is doing. secondly, as a businessman, he has been successful because he was willing to walk away from the table. i know north korea has gone back on some of its promises in the past. well, there is a new sheriff in town, his name is president donald trump. so everybody out to be either cheering him on and hope he
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successful, or they should just shut up. that can do more damage than anything else. >> jesse: i think the references to john kerry when he was negotiating the iran deal, he refused to leave the table because it was up against a time constraint and the legacy play was very much in his mind and in barack obama's mind. this president is going to keep john kerry in his little bicycle far away from singapore. >> i think every american including democrats and everyone in congress by thinking about the tens of thousands of american soldiers in south korea. so, people want them to be safe and ideally come home. i don't think anyone is rooting against the president, they want to make sure can happen.
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in terms of iran and john kerry, i think it might be early to be celebrating. it's easy to tear up an agreement. we don't know how it will go. i know the people who negotiated that agreement and i trust their judgment. they and our allies, and a lot of smart people who may be wrong feel it's a real problem. >> jesse: here's one of the reasons that i believe president trump is going to be successful by getting out of the iran deal. remember george costanza from seinfeld? during the moment in the diner he says every instinct i've ever had has been wrong in my life. i'm going to do the opposite. let's rotate. >> yes. no. wait a minute. i always have this on toast. nothing ever works out for me with tuna on toast. i want the complete opposite of tuna on toast. chicken salad on right. on toasted, with a side of potato salad and a cup of tea.
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>> jesse: i think by donald trump doing the opposite of barack obama in foreign and domestic policy, that can work out very well. >> it could work out pretty well. and trumps style, which many of the liberals and democrats want to ignore is to get the person or the country to the table. if nothing else comes out of the singapore summit, he at least has them to the table. i'm nothing others weren't able to do that, but i believe kim jong-un knows he's dealing with a totally different person. where, a few doesn't to some of the things the world wants, not just the united states and donald trump, if he doesn't do things to enhance peace by giving up the nuclear program,
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that i believe he believes donald trump is not to be messed with. all you have to do is look at some of the other decisions he has made and kept his word. >> jesse: i have to run. >> it's a valid seinfeld reference, he say that i george amro that you jerry. >> jesse: i thought it made perfect sense and now here never a allowed back on the show. thank you very much. we may know now why the left is in hysterics over president trumps big win. he was never supposed to be president. shocking new allegations could be the latest proof, the fbi may have had a spy infiltrate this trump campaign in 2016. an actual spy. the spring in the chairman of the house freedom caucus was been at the forefront of the investigation. congressman, every day another shoe drops on this thing.
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what would you think this could possibly be? spy, and informant? you see it? >> i don't know if that is happened or not. i've read some reports. that would be in a classified setting if that happened. if there's any truth to it, even a small amount of truth to it, it's extremely troubling. you'd have one administration allowing the fbi to infiltrate another candidate's campaign. that goes beyond russian collusion. that's collusion that should send somebody to jail. >> jesse: can you imagine it president george w. bush is had an informant inside barack obama's presidential campaign? >> everybody would be going crazy. it's all about getting the truth. i applaud you for being willing to take this on. we are getting stonewalled that each and every step of the way.
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here we are having to talk about the possibility. if anything that was reported yesterday was true, then we have a number of other areas. i've seen enough documents that give me concern that are not as large in scope as what has been reported in the last 24 hours. indeed, we have to make sure the american people see it viewers understand it. >> jesse: you haven't got enough documents because they have been stonewalling and foot dragging. obviously there's something they feel guilty about. if hillary won the election none of this abuse would come to see the light of day. also coming to see the light of day thanks to judicial watch, we believe that james comey, after he was fired as the fbi director colluded with mueller, this special prosecutor about his
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testimony before the senate committee. do you think it's appropriate for the fired fbi director to talk to robert mueller investigated why he was fired to talk to each other? >> no, not to note work on their testimony. we know that director comey has gone on a book tour. >> jesse: not very charming. >> you're right. were finding the facts don't line up with his rhetoric. in fact, were looking at congress and it appears there's a growing body of evidence that would suggest you give truthful testimony to congress. you might have a bigger problem than that. when you look at the special counsel the person say let's get together so we have the right testimony before congress, that's an appropriate it should
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not happen. >> jesse: here's basically the chief witness and obstruction of justice case. is now talking to special counsel, his mentor ten years at the fbi, doesn't look good. lastly, you're trying to audit the molar probe. why would you be doing that? >> the american people supported the molar probe when it looked at rush occlusion. what were seen as a lot of it has nothing to do with russian collusion. it goes into other areas. the judge pointed out a good point. they really going after for political reasons were trying to go after democratic reasons. we believe, congress since we appropriate the funds, that the funds are being spent for collusion and not after a political witch hunt.
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>> jesse: i'm glad you're doing that. i've always said it's been a witchhunt from the front. a frame job to lead to impeachment. we have not seen evidence of collusion. the president wanted james comey to look into potential commuters. james comey said he was never obstructed. thirteen out of the 17 lawyers and robert mueller's probe are democrats. not one republican. it doesn't add up. i think it's time to wind down the investigation. what you think the timing is of that? >> over a year and a half we been investigating it. i would say let's go ahead and wind it down. either bring the charges or bring it to a halt. enough is enough. it's time to bring it to a close. >> you can't beat the president
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at the ballot box so you're trying to do that in the court room. the democratic party is pocahontas is the potential nominee, i would do that too. >> jesse: i'm next, the waters world investigation into stormy daniels attorney. when you hear this, it's all going to start to make sense. be right back.
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one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. >> jesse: have seen them over cable. stormy daniels attorney. this week, he acted as a political operative. obtaining confidential bank records from trump attorney, michael . potentially an illegal activity given to the media. of course, the media loved it. >> he's a beast. he keeps popping donald trump in the mouth. he may be the savior of the republic. >> he killed the news of the randel practically in one big stroke. he really is a master of the media cycle. i am all him an apology. for the last couple of weeks i've been saying enough, i see you everywhere. what else do you have to say. i was wrong.
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you have a lot to say. you're messing with trump more than they are. >> the porn lawyer saving the republic. >> jesse: the treasury department now investigating. we conducted an earlier investigation and found out very interesting information. former bill clinton advisor and democratic pos polster, mark pen joins me. he was about 1.2 million in taxes to the irs, a partnership he created that went bankrupt is being sued by about 50 states is about 4 million to uncle sam. his law form he was involved in went bankrupt. at to the point of 2.4 million. the guys broke. i think that explains the crusade he's on. he's trying to get out of the financial hole looking for
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publicity and money. what you think? >> i don't know his personal financial situation. what kind of vetting is being done with this guy who is on every network and channel. what are his interest? was paying for things? how did he get treasury records? where did he get them? has he committed illegal acts? is he a journalist, political operative? >> jesse: i believe he told 60 minutes he's not a political operative. he's donated to pretty much every democrat you can have, barbara boxer, john kerry, john edwards. he works for -- emmanuel. so like you said, he was on cnn more than 60 times. just in the last month. they don't look into the guests are when they come on the show?
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>> normally you have to stay where your real interests are. what are his real interest? he said it's i have crowdsourcing now. he didn't have that when he started. how does anyone account for the $457,000 he's collected. most significantly, the whole question about where he got bank records. work product is usually a legal brief the lawyer prepares, not confidential potentially illegal information. everybody needs to get to the bottom of it. >> jesse: the treasury department is opening an investigation. from what we see from his financial history and the companies he has been involved in, he is kind of a fraud according to the accusations from some of the business partners and some of the parties
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dealing with his financial shenanigans. there's lawsuits gloria and that door. you also wrote an interesting column on the hill the other day. talking about the special counsel investigation. it is my opinion that it was crooked from the john. it was started by hillary and some crooked cops at the fbi. it has now exploded into this off the rails investigation. mueller was slapped down by a judge in court the other day for the in outside the bounds of the investigation. for trying to take down trump. you are involved in the clinton white house. what you see happening? >> i spent a year fighting can star and how these investigations affect people trying to do their job in the white house or political campaigns.
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unless there's something really incredibly significant there, to drag the saw trace down the ability for people to do their job. the origins have been suspect from the beginning. the steel dossier, the papadopoulos meeting, the australian who may have been connected to the clinton foundation. this have been the fruits of a poisonous tree. what was sought after wasn't found. this is now 1998 all over again with an investigation related to a porn star. come on, we need a north korean deal of pushback on the iranians. we need a good economy. we cannot treat our white house, presidents and put them under this type of investigation and expect them to function. >> jesse: you're a former
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clinton pollster. for you to say this on fox news, you know you'll catch some heat when you go back to the neighborhood. you are brave guy. i respect you for speaking your mind. thanks for coming our waters world. >> thank you and this gets more presidents and democrats singing the same tune on this. >> jesse: coming up, a nightmare for democrats. we'll tell you what's going on, stick around. the summit
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with president donald trump set for june 12 in singapore. i am molly line, now back to waters world. for your headlines log onto >> president trump is taking the victory lap. after huge week. despite 90% of network evening new's coverage being negative, his approval ratings are searching in every poll. he is campaigning aggressively to keep the house out of nancy
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pelosi's hand. >> nancy pelosi said yesterday that she wants to end the tax cuts and racer taxes. and i said is that good politics? about politics, but think about that from a political standpoint. i don't think her party was too happy. but that's her thought. that's what they want to do. they want to raise your taxes, and your tax cuts, have open borders where everyone flies into the country. that's not happening. >> jesse: here to react his mercedes. let's look at the pole. we had a 16-point advantage over republicans and that lead has shrunk to three.
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which is basically in the margin of error. what you count this for? >> there's no question it's because of presidents trump vision, his bold action, the promises made to the american people on the fact that is keeping these promises in the area of the economy where we've seen a booming economy with deregulatory actions, 12 were seen in terms of america first foreign-policy. these legacy in historic moments that were seen in terms of actions in north korea and our actions in iran in terms of ensuring we get rid of the worst deals in iran. and his action moving the embassy over to jerusalem. >> so you have things on the foreign-policy and domestic policy front. american people want safety and security and prosperity. you also want to give the
11:34 pm
democrats credit for sinking their own fortune. they one on russia and porn stars another running on tax hikes. they have responsibility in this absolute disaster a talking about the liberal media you understand that the american people get this they understand that democrats. it's that of whatever the president pushes for. they're not only resisting his very practical agenda when it comes to the economy. they don't want to push through his qualified nominees.
11:35 pm
>> jesse: in my opinion, the democratic party has become the party of i did party politics. they don't know who they are have a slogan. i don't know what their slogan is, the president unveiled his new slogan which is, keep america great again. they have a problem within their identity prospect world. millennial support is down 10%. black approval of donald trump has doubled in a short while. i call that the kanye west. they have trouble on their key demographic groups. i don't see how they can recover from the after they've alienated the white working-class space. >> it is so telling when you're looking up at american workers in the fact that they are starting to see positive impact
11:36 pm
in their lives. when you're talk about wages increasing in the millions of americans have received bonuses, where your seen small businesses spending more. more investment in terms of businesses. these are positive stories. i spent time talking to small business leaders and realizing their seen the impact in terms of money in their pocket. the fact that families are receiving for $2000 in tax cuts, it's a big deal. >> jesse: it's james carville who says it's the economy, stupid. you know who's not see more money in their pockets? the dnc. their last report they are broke. the have no cash on hand. the republicans have all the cash on hand. the ceiling business in the trump economy not doing well. >> there's no question that when you don't have a message and a progrowth agenda and you cannot
11:37 pm
win. identity politics will get you nowhere. it's one of the reasons hillary clinton loss. it's why americans are turned off with trying to divide us. what president trump wants to do is unite the country, work with our allies and have victory in america. >> jesse: thank you. up next, plans to put illegals first. over americans. details, after the break my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch
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>> jesse: president trump takin, keith ellison. >> we have the worst immigration laws in the history of mankind. last week, as example, the
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deputy chair of the democratic national committee, congressman keith ellison, do you know him? marston pre-wearing a t-shirt that read, i do not believe in borders. >> jesse: this is what he's referring to. it translate to quote, i don't believe in borders. and convicted felon turned -- chelsea. she vowed to limit borders altogether. >> tommy, i like democrats that are on us. these keith ellison people that don't believe in borders, they wear it on their t-shirts, bernie sanders people who say
11:43 pm
i'm gonna spend a trillion dollars on universal healthcare. kind of refreshing. >> at least are being honest. cards on the table. we have keith ellison who believes in opening borders and chelsea manning who is insane. i think it would make a great ticket for 2020. ellison and manning for president and vice president in 2020. that's an election i would love to watch. >> let's move on to john kelly white house chief of staff. he's getting some heat for telling the truth about central american immigrants that come across our southern border. this is people who move in illegally to the united states are not criminals. but they're also not people who would easily assimilate into the united states. they are overwhelmingly role people in the countries they
11:44 pm
come from with the four through sixth grade education, they don't speak english, that's a big thing. they don't integrate real well, the don't have skills. so if you look at the demographics and the people crossing the southern border, this is who they are. and the president says he wants a merit-based system not just random people coming in. >> what's wrong with that? what's wrong with being in the best people that we have into this country? the fact that we care more about feelings and kinship over improving united states of america is the problem. >> it is an emotional appeal because they feel sorry for them. you know who i feel sorry for? i feel sorry for american workers born here trying to raise a family and the influx of illegal immigration in some cases bringing crime and lowering property values and
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those are the people i feel sorry for. i don't understand why people don't understand there's a line, you wait in the line like other people. when you're at a restaurant cut in line you don't take it very lightly. >> these people need to understand it is a privilege to be an american and a privilege to work toward. not a right. you don't come into the country with low skills, low education and not understanding the language. and come into the country because it makes you feel nice. we are based on the rule of law and we believe in bringing the best people into the country. we don't believe in importing property. i live in california we have enough issues, we don't need more. >> jesse: your ground city for this and a lot of people are rebelling against the state
11:46 pm
policy and they won out. i've seen you cover it. god bless you in southern california. how you do it, is probably the weather, that's why you're there. >> were making it better, trying to make it better. >> jesse: keep up the good fight. up next, ladies, diamonds.
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>> jesse: this week the first lady failed heard the best anti- bullying campaign. >> i feel strongly that we can and should be best at educating our children today. i'm very excited to announce, the best. >> jesse: she was attacked immediately by the media. >> there's a lot of reality she's dealing with. this is the first lady who is not culturally american. but she's learning the ways. >> then glenn criticized her
11:51 pm
grammar tweeting, her non-english speakers, preferably those from eastern europe is the best an idiom in your language, and far left haters mocking her accent. ladies, it's good to have you. are republicans supposed to be the ignorant dumb ones that are criticizing the accents of immigrants, not the cultural elites in the mainstream media. >> democrats are the ones doing it. she probably only know how to speak one language compared to our first lady who knows how to speak five languages. she's doing a phenomenal job. leave her alone. she's doing a great job. to demean and disparage her as sad. they would've done this to michelle obama. >> is a hate show. >> you mean the high heel was on the other foot.
11:52 pm
>> this tomatoes are pretty tall. >> also michelle obama says she's concerned about women in america, let's listen. >> in light of this last election, i'm concerned about us as women and how we think,. >> if were not comfortable with the notion of our woman to be our president, compared to what? we need to have that conversation with ourselves. >> jesse: kanye needs to get to the first lady. art woman allowed to vote republican and democrat however they want? >> we are allowed. michelle obama, we don't need her of lecturing us about who we should or should not vote for. what you need to do is maybe asked the question, maybe she's feeling guilty for not voting for hillary clinton.
11:53 pm
the weather she keep talking about hillary clinton. was she supposed to be given up by somebody? and hillary to run tomorrow we still mobile for her even if she tried to lure us in with hotdocs. >> that's a good point. she was pro- woman she should of voted against her husband. voted for hillary. >> jesse: lastly, we have maxine waters going nuts on the house floor with congressman mike kelly. maxine was in heaven it. >> we want to make sure were making america great. the best way to do that is stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation. were coming together as a nation despite what you think. >> i resent the remark of making america great again. he's making a speech about this dishonorable president.
11:54 pm
i reserve the balance of my time and i do not yield, not one second to you. >> they can get a little feisty on the floor. >> let me tell you what's wrong. they're upset because they dropped the bomb on the american people by noreen us and giving us enough to keep us quiet. so businessman came along to pick up the same ball. he scored a touchdown by giving us a tax cut. see needs to know republicans need to know about going to work and work in. maybe she needs to switch her party to republican. >> they call her the poverty pimp because she lives in a mansion while her district lives in poverty. >> there are the ladies, go to diamond and to find out more. >> up next, last call.
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>> jesse: time for last call. an incredible side in hawaii as kilauea continues to erupt. lava has covered 116 acres. thousands of residents have evacuated. the observatory is warning that corruption's may continue for weeks. we want to make sure everyone in hawaii states safe. i was going to make an obama birth certificate joke but my producers advised me against that.
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"justice with judge jeanine" is up next. remember, i am waters, this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jeanine: hello and welcome to a very special justice from israel. thanks for being with us tonight. thank you for making justice number one last saturday night. tonight, i join you from jerusalem. where history will be made in less than 48 hours. when the new usmc opens. it is also volatile time of unprecedented fashion between israel and iran. we have a stellar lineup. the u.s. ambassador to


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