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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 13, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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a stabbing attack. one person killed and four others injured. police also killing the suspect whom isis is now killing one of its soldiers. french president macron praising police. we look ahead to monday and the grand opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. >> an historic memory. >> what president trump did as saying that jerusalem is the capital of the one and only jewish state, he's telling iran we have the you's back. >> talk to your child about the gop. >> the only thing more dangerous
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about politicians is a chorus of enablers who defend their every line. >> when you leave this place, you're going to find an america filled with promise, on a foundation of personal responsibility and individual freedom. ♪ ♪ . we celebrate so many holidays on this show but today is such a special one. we all have a mother, right? and they're such an important role in our lives. we're going to celebrate what mothers mean to all of us on the show. >> including our newest mother. your first mother's day. >> and now i appreciate the holiday. >> we need to bring her something special. >> did you bring that for her? >> yeah. >> that is so sweet.
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>> think about it, you've been on the other side. this is your first mother's day as a noter. whamother.what is it like? >> i understand what the day is all about. you love something more than you love yourself. i think of moms now. my nom has seven kids, two of them in the military and she's adopted two daughters. i look at you two and wonder how your moms survived all these years. here's my beautiful mom. >> we've had her on the show. >> to every mom out there. not an easy role at the time. >> yesterday i was calling pete a mother -- i can't really finish that. but i got him a little something as well. >> ed, what do you have for me? >> you probably know that i got you a trophy because you finally won yesterday.
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you were zero for 2018. i don't think you're going to have this for life. i think we're going pass it back and forth. now i think it will be a week by week. >> how tough was that moment? >> last night i barely slept. as you can see right there, i lost the kayaking. and you know, it's so funny because david burke, the chef sends me a text and he says, kayak you a question. and i said, really? like i won every other won and you never texted me. >> now you're trying to throw me overboard. >> i did throw you overboard. >> every tactic you could pull out of the book to keep alive. >> th we can find other ways to compete. >> it wasn'tly fault. it was the producers, it was russia, james comey had a role in it. >> you might as well write a
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bacbook called "what happened." >> send us pictures of you and your mom all morning long. a fox news alert, extremist goes on a stabbing spree, killing one man, wounding four others in paris. >> isis claiming responsibility for the attack as french authorities launch a probe. we're learning new details on the terrorist. >> julian turner is live in washington with the latest. good morning. >> terrorists have struck the heart of western europe. once again. around 9 p.m. in the busy touristy area of pairs, a french national stabbed one person to death and injured a handful of others. a scene of chaos and fear soon broke out in central paris. >> we heard shouting and a big movement of people. incredible. people were shouting, under the
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table, hide, get on the ground. i was having a drink with a friend, i heard boom boom. i thought it was a gunshot. i went out and saw a bloke lying on the ground. >> authorities confirm the suspect had no control record. isis soon thereafter claimed responsibility for the attack referring to the male attacker as one of their soldiers. french authorities have yet to claim that, but french law enforcement have opened a terrorist investigation. president macron via twitter with a resounding message intended to convey resilience in the aftermath of yet more bloodshed in central paris tweeting, france once again paid the price of blood but did not give an inch to the enemy of freedom. a small consolation for his
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nation considering 230 people have died at the hands of isis in france dust the last three years' loan. >years alone. >> you look at the three years, 245 people killed since 2015. france has probably been hit the hardest. >.>> they've got a slow motion 9/11 happened in their borders. remember the charlie he hebdo, e movie, the concert hall attack kills 130, the nice truck attack, kills 86 in 2016 and also in july of 2016, the 85-year-old priest whose throat was slit in front of worshipers. due to migration, due to demographics, a silent demographic invasion of france.
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and if they don't get their arms around it -- demock fi matters. muslims are having 2.6 kids, french folks are having 1.6 kids. it's not saying that every muslim is a terrorist. we're not saying that. but they've got an islamic problem there that they don't have their arms around and they're not taking it seriously. and french citizens wonder whether emanuel macron will as well. >> we'll give you the details out of france. but it's a problem for the leaders there in france. they've got to figure out how to move along. tomorrow is a big day for israel, a big day for the united states. we are one day away from the opening of that u.s. embassies in jerusalem. you mentioned former president bill clinton talking about this. this is a real deal tomorrow. >> it covered george w. bush as president, he talked about moving the embassy, a campaign
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promise for him. he didn't follow throw. president obama didn't follow through. we're going to do this, we're going to do this and then they always walk back from the ledge saying, the kri critics saying s is going to cause violence. there's violence in the middle east all of the time. this is a promise made and kept by president trump. >> there's always going to be complications. people that disagree. but america's role is to provide the clarity in those moments. senator lindsey graham had some comments on this yesterday saying, president trump has a bigger message by moving the embassy to jerusalem. listen to lind si graham. >> he's telling iran we have israel's back, he's telling north korea that i'm going to be different than any other president before me. when i say i i'm going to do something, i mean it.
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i said i was going to withdraw from the iranian deal because it sucks and he did. rocketman i want you to be successful but if we disont have an agreement, you keep threatening our country, then you're going to be next. >> when you follow through on your word, then your word matters. when you make threats, your enemies believe your threats and you see that in north korea right now. >> you look at just the list of things that have happened over the past two weeks, north korea, the elise of th release of thesn tores. ripping up the iran deal. >> if i'm elected i'm going to rip up the deal. if you walk back saying never mind, that. >> we've got raising approval ratings. a couple of judges taking on mueller's investigation, the economy is growing, just the last week or so. this is the president on the
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ascension. >> it is the time of year for commencement speeches and a couple of those caught our eye. one of those is the vice president mike pence. his message was about hope, prosperity, talking about living in america and where we are right in this moment. here's a little bit of what he had to say. >> on the world stage you've seen america embracing our role as leader of the free world. we've actually just this week on iran, north korea, here at home businesses large and small are growing again. more than 3.1 million new jobs in the last 15 months, unemployment is at a 17-year low. faith in america is rising again because president trump and the entire administration have been advancing the principles that you learned here in the halls of hills dale college. truth is, when you leave this place, you're going to find an america filled with promise, being built again anew on a foundation of personal responsibility and individual freedom.
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>> so that message makes you want to graduate and go to the real world. it makes you excited about the future, and the future of the country you're living in. >> foundation of personal responsibility and freedom sounds really good to me. the guy who wanted to take away your big gulps here in new york city, michael bloomberg, had a different message for the graduates of rice university in houston. he said the greatest threat to our democracy is the guy in the white house. listen. >> many of those at the highest level of power see the plain truth as a threat. they fear it, they deny it and they attack it, just as the communists once did. and so here we are in the midst of an epidemic of dishonesty and an endless barrage of lies. when elects officials speak as though they're above the truth, they act as though they're above the law. if left unchecked, these can erode the institution that
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protect and reserve our rights and freedoms and open the door to tea tyranny and fascism. the only thing more dangerous for pol politicians with if rest for the law is a chorus of people who name their ever lie. >> it's clear who he was referring to. >> is that the something you're wanting when you're going to graduate college? >> i will point this out. cowards speak in code. if you're going to speak in code, name the name. call it out. we know what you're talking about. these graduates know what you're talking about. you think our current president is more dangerous than gentlemem and communism. >> when you have the president of the united states saying it would be about personal responsibility, why isn't anybody in the white house taking responsibility that a stafferrer said john mccain is
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dying, who cares anyway. >> i have seen that story. >> why hasn't someone said, i'm sorry. >> we'll ask him about it. >> if you're going say something, follow it up with actions. mike pence, i don't think you can put him in that category. >> it's not his fault but he's out there promoting the message just as you're exawlg out callit michael bloomberg. but let's call out that vice president pence talking about personal responsibility, not a single person in the white house will say i'm sorry. >> we're going to have hogan on the show and we can ask him that question. >> just in time for mother's day, anti-trump group has a new ad warning people about the gop. >> he never learned how to do his own laundry. it wasn't until i met his college buddies that i real pleaserealized
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it might be too late. >> wait until you see the list. >> hillary clinton take her criticism of president trump overseas. but as the next guest points out, that's not all she's been up to. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield.
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pulling out of the iran nuclear deal will make it harder to negotiate successfully with north korea or anyone else. it would be much harder a second time. now that our credibility is shot. >> hillary clinton now taking her criticism of president trump overseas. but as the next guest lays out, that's not all she's been up to. james freeman, the assistant editor of "the wall street journal." you bhais cli sai basically saie
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shthe piecedomestically but it'l grievance. >> this week was in australia, earlier in india. and i think a lot of democrats have to be scratching their heads because there was a general recognition about the mistakes of the clinton campaign in 2016. gee, maybe you should have spent more time in the midwest, maybe shouldn't have insulted a lot of people in middle america, should have tried to understand their concerns. >> but she still seems to be insulting people, trump supporters. it was deplorables during the campaign. she's not using that word but basically saying the same thing. >> the india speech, it was very much a deplorable speech, blaming racism, knocking people who were in the economically depressed areas as not being her voters. her voters were in the place where it was rich and successful. now it's come around and it's more of an attack on the president from overseas, saying that the u.s. credibility is
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shot by his deciding to leave the iran deal. i don't know how going overseas to make these comments to a very well-healdz audience as usual with hillary clinton is going to appeal back here. >> maybe they'll sell the book overseas. but there used to be a tradition in this country and i know this president has upended a lot of traditions to be fair and clear. but there was a long standing tradition of partisan stops at the water's edge. >> tha this is a delicate momenn diplomacy with north korea. personally i don't think a lot is going to come of it. but this is a big moment where the president is trying to make a major agreement to make the world a safer place. yeah, i think i a lot of people would say what is the strategy
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here to knock it from overseas and to suggest if she does, america can't be trusted. >> he negotiated the iran nuclear deal which hasn't exactly worked out and she's critical of the president's approach to north korea. when the clinton and obama administrations had their shot and the problem got worse and worse. doesn't it seem like we're at least moving towards peace now? >> again, i'm not -- i don't put a lot of faith in this dictatorship to come around. i think we have been through this before. but you're right, that history, it should -- you would think perhaps give her a sense of humility, given the fact that the bush administration, the obama administration when she was there, things didn't work out. >> and her husband's administration. >> that's exactly right. and on the iran deal, she didn't close it but she certainly set the table for that agreement while she was in office. and yeah, perhaps not a disinterested observer. >> off the stage at some point. move on. james, great article
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you may have heard president trump slamming democrat joe donnelly in his home state. >> democrats like sleeping joe -- joe donnelly will do whatever chuck schumer and nancy pelosi tell him what to do. >> well, the indiana senator may be feeling the pressure back home. we'll tell you why. and first john kerry met with iranian leaders, and you heard about hillary's comments. now former obama advisers are suggesting that europe retaliate against the u.s. over the president pulling out of the iran deal. is this undermining really treason? we're going to debate it, fair and balance, next.
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25 minutes after the hour. back with quick headlines for you. a gunfight leaves one deputy shot and a suspect dead. the sheriff's deputy tried stopping a pickup truck. the driver fled crashing minutes later when the shootout began in columbus, ohio. the deputy is now in stable condition. three police officers hospitalized after making contact with a mysterious chemical while investigating a body in a motel room. they began feeling nauseous and dizzy just outside of atlanta. investigators believe the unidentified substance that made that trio sick is ultimately what killed the man. yikes. >> other t that's not good. two former obama officials suggesting that europe retaliate against the president following his withdrawing from the iran deal. in a "the new york times" op ed they write the european union
3:25 am
could announce the withdrawal of ambassadors from the u.s. isn't that this what they do when they breech agreements, expose them to security risks and break havoc. might follow up with expulsion of american ambassadors. this following hillary clinton's attacks and joan kerry's meeting with iranian officials behind the scene to try to save obama's deal. could their moves be considered treesen? here to debate, former obama deputy secretary of state joe ruben and adviser to george w. bush and bill clinton. thanks for being here. joel, let me start with you. is this an appropriate form of diplomatic protest or are these former obama officials coaching foreign governments to retaliate against the u.s.? >> well, good morning, pete. and clearly this is an opportunity for debate and we should have a debate. americans, we still live in a
3:26 am
free society. we're able to ebbing press our opinions and we should. this opinion has validity. what the trump administration did with the iran deal is essentially to declare economy warfare on europe and say that it was going to violate the deal. the result of that is that europe now is in a box. >> we declared economic warfare on europe. >> yes. >> or we decided that -- this was not ratified by the u.s. senate. this is an executive agreement between the obama administratio. >> i'm happy to go to the u.s. senate. >> it won't so it would never ratified. you would say the trump administration isn't trying to commit economic war warfare, its a different view of iran. >> that was the language immediately after the deal, that we were going to impose sanctions on europe to help iran do better job on the deal. why should we penalize our ally to go after iran. we should be going after iran if
3:27 am
anything and that wasn't clear in the way the trump administration declared opposition to the deal. >> it feels that these former obama administration officials are rooting against the united states. >> that's right. it's one thing, no one saying they should haven't their opinion but saying they should have our ambassadors expelled, that's customarily something you do before you go to war. we're not applying sanctions on europe. we're applying sanctions on iran. if you don't want to run afoul of these, don't do business with iran. that is the point. to return to the tough sanctions that existed before this law disi deal was enacted, just going back to that. and as far as the op-ed within, thankfully i think europe will ignore it. you mentioned hillary and john kerry, i would mention chuck schumer refusing to confirm officials. it's part of the resistance to
3:28 am
the 2016 election outcome and rooting for the united states to fail for partisan purposes going into the midterms. >> joel, doesn't this inflect an inflated sense of europe's influence? without obama and the u.s., iran deal doesn't happen, we take the lead on this, we want to stop them from getting a bomb. this administration has a different view. are they not allowed a different view or do you have to impugn their motives ? -l. >> the trump administration can have a different view. and it has, president trump has for years. but this is a deal we have with europe and the iranians and russia and china. right now breaking the deal, we're playing into the hands of iranian hard liners. russia is happy. the u.s. is fighting with europe. and the u.s. said we would apply secondary sanctions on companies doing business with iran. we as americans don't do business with iran right now. they're going to cancel the
3:29 am
boeing deal. rolling it back as if we can somehow get the sanctions back from four years ago, that hillary clinton applied and put into effect. that's really fantasy. we need a deal that's going to work towards what president trump said, breaking this currency, it won't get us there. >> what do you say about breaking this current deal won't get us there? >> it will. frankly the sanctions have been effective in the past. we don't want iran to benefit from a windfall of higher oil prices. and the allies that count the most, frankly not france and germany here. it's pathetic that they've decided to enrich themselves by doing business with the biggest detablizing force and the biggest opponent of freedom in the middle east -- that's how you put pressure. >> saudi arabia, united arab emirates. all of the middle east is unified. that was the one thing that came out of the iran deal that was good. everyone thought it was bad. it got the arabs and the israelis on the same side at one
3:30 am
point. >> thank you for your moint. point. ultimately we're still the biggest dog on the block. thank you. coming up, more california craziness -- listen to this -- pushing to replace lincoln or washington's birthday with a communist day. holiday. we're not kidding. >> are we in competition to be the laughingstock of the united states? are we going that far to the left? >> yes, one california committee is and we're going to bring you the outrageous details next. and we're getting you ready for summer fun in the summer -- some fun in the summer while saving some cash. cyberguys here with how you can afford that boat right there. which i can't. rick is going to help us get on board.
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. oh, yeah. >> all right. this is, of course, pictures come in from our staff of their amazing moms. this is our production assistant joe and his beautiful mom, gina dad frank and sister jessica. >> line producer sara and mom patty. >> these are all of the folks that make this show happen. here is content producer michael
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and his mom kathie at his high school graduation. sorry. help me out here. high school graduation 2006. i thro love throwback photos. >> that is some of the people that make the show go on every day. we couldn't do our job without them. >> i haven't met any of the production staff. >> i refuse to speak to them. they can't look me in the eye. >> mother's day is all about remembering our moms and celebrating them and all they have taught us. it's a day about love and positivity. well, there is one ad that is out right now that isn't so positive. >> yeah, tom, who you know him on the global warming site, one of these hard-edge liberals, leading kind of the impeachment effort against. >> well he actually put out ads on this channel, on fox news about impeaching president trump. there's a new ad out, a next gen american ad. take a look at this. >> i started noticing some
3:36 am
issues with him maybe in middle school. he was never afraid to talk with girls. but things never really worked out for some reason. i worried when he went to college, but he came home often. i guess he never really learned to do his own laundry. it wasn't until i met his college buddies that i realized that it might be too late. this mother's day, talk to your child about the gop. >> so it's essentially about a parent realizing their child is a republican. >> kind of bizarre. >> as a result, a white supremacist which is the everyone occasion. >> and dhe then she slams down e martini at the end. >> even democrats are pushing back on this. jon lovitz writes, hey, tom, the ads are counter productive and annoying.
3:37 am
you are not help anyone but yourself and you're wasting money that could really help when we're in the fight for our political lives. so well said. >> i love the implication that he went off to college and became a conservative. >> the laundry had a trump t-shirt in there, oh my god he's supporting trump. sorry. >> keep sending us our thoughts on that ad. what do you think about that? we have owe head lines i want to bring you. an illegal immigrant is sentenced to 30 months for montn for blowing through a check point, smuggling two other illegals in the floor of his car, crashing into a stop sign. debris exploding and severely striking a border agent. he's still recovering and not returned to duty. senator joe donnelly backing president trump's pick of gina haspel. listen. >> joe donnelly will do whatever
3:38 am
chuck summer and nancy pelosi tell him what to do. >> well, after that he has had a change of mind. the indiana democrat says he will support haspel after having a quote frank conversation with her about her vision for the agency. the second democrat to back her, likely giving her enough votes for confirmation. lawmakers in california are considering replacing lincoln or washington's birthday with international workers' day, celebrated as may day in the soviet union. the bill sparking real outrage. >> the day of parades in the soviet union that we grew up with, menacing nuclear weapons against us, this is insane, un-american. >> the bill was narrowly defeated but was reintroduced. >> coming. >>interesting.>> it is almost se is not with us anymore because he's out on the plaza nchts it
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>> if you and your family are looking for way to have fun, there are ways to rent your big ticket items online rather than owning them. >> kurt the cyberguy. if you can't own it you can rent it and enjoy it. >> you know the joy of a boat owner, right? jo >> i don't. i'd love to. >> the first day they buy it and the last day they sell it. we are the people in the mid thal are going to benefit from that. we don't have to own it. we can get access to it. think of combining uber and air bnb and suddenly you can get things on the fly. for example, a flytographer. >> this is an app. >> is she really taking pictures -l. >> yeah. >> no better way to redo your summer selfies than that.
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million dollars of insurance on that one. >> there you go. all of the stuff will be at the website. check cyberguys as well. good to see you. happy mother's day. back to you. the fbi coming under scrutiny from one of its own. our next guest says the agency he used to work for has just simply shown blatant disrespect for congress and oversight. and more millennials are becoming liberal and staying labor rale as theliberal as the. what should conservative consero appeal to the younger generation. that are going to weigh in. that's coming up next, a panel of conservative millennials.
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. the fbi coming under
3:46 am
scrutiny from one of its own, a retired fbi special agent with over 30 years of service, writing in a "wall street journal" op ed, attorney general jeff sessions must push mr. wray to get the fbi's relationship with congress back on track and it won't be easy but the american people deserve it and the constitution demands it. >> here to explain it is the author of that opinion piece, thomas j. baker. good morning, sir. >> good morning, henry, good morning abby. >> what prompted you to write this. what has frustrated you about what's happening in washington right now? >> over the last year or two, like a lot of us, i've been frustrated with the negativity and the negativity around the reporting of the fbi. and i tried to look at this and speak to current and former agents as to how all this had happened. >> talk about the culture of the fbi. you spent 30 years there. what was it like when you were at the fbi and what do you think it's like now? how much has it changed? >> well, thank you, abby, that's
3:47 am
the key question. the culture of the fbi was always a culture -- it with as law enforcement culture, a culture of truth telling. in law enforcement you deal with facts, tell the truth. at the end of the day as a special agent you have to swear in court or a grand jury or elsewhere to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. what's happened after september 11th they tried to change the culture into an intelligence agency. and they don't necessarily deal with facts. they deal with estimates and best guesses. >> let me read a statement from the department of justice and then i want to ask you about the department they say always seek to respond to congressional requests quickly while protecting the safety of the american people against foreign threats and maintaining the integrity of ongoing criminal investigations and prosecutions. when i heard you talking about the culture, tom, it makes me wonder, you know, about truth and justice, what the fbi is supposed to be all about.
3:48 am
isn't that undermined when you the number two official, andrew mccabe, the blistering report said that he lied to investigators. >> yes. well you put your finger on one of the demonstrations or the proof of the deterioration in tul chur. culture and that's a result of it. he ran it and he is part of that intelligence culture which involved centralization and some other things that led to the deterioration. >> what's the answer, tom? what can the doj do to maish respond mormayberespond more qu? what do you think will make things better with the relationship? >> the relationship with congress, i mean, traditionally -- i've said this and i've checked with other people to check my own memory. when director william webster was director before september 11th, congress did not need a subpoena to get information from the fbi. i worked for a while in the office of congressional and pub
3:49 am
lk affairs. if they asked us something, we got them the material they asked for. there was no stonewalling of congress by the fbi. it was just unknown to us. >> well, there are a lot of republican lawmakers right now saying that's not the fbi and the justice department they know now. we heard from the justice department, their side. we heard your side in the op ed. thank you. we appreciate your insights. an historic moment is a day away, when the u.s. embassy finally opened in jerusalem. how do people in israel feel about snit. >> more joy in any heart now than there has been in the last 20 years. >> he know what is he's doing. >> a man of his word. >> we take you to jerusalem in mere minutes. and it may be mother's day, but believe it or not, there's still time to get your mom a gift. last-minute gift ideas for you mom. we have got you covered this morning. that is up next.
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. well today is mother's day. u bbut if you still haven't bout a gift for mom, there's still time. >> here with great ideas, here
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is our lifestyle expert. >> help us out for people who are stressed. >> the first thing we have is a personalized gift. a protip is to get a paint brush, washable paints and instead of having the child put their hand inside the paint, you want to paint their hand and then let them put it onto the paper so it comes out smoother and it will take no time to do it all. >> parents love personalized stuff. >> i have one for my oldest son, one for my youngest son. so easy and any dad could do it. so flowers are something that eveever mom is going to want to get. and you can still actually order them in time today. and then if mom is not really a flowers person, we have a bouquet of this. this is a bouquet, 24 and it's 7.99. so you can pick that up at any tim hon tore.
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>horton.>> that's great. >> this is for the entertaining mom, a marble cheese plate, copper measuring spoons and cups, you can get that at jc penny's. my mom loves honey. i love the beautiful packaging with the blue and the purple. >> where do you go to get the package? >> this you can get at the bookstore, the supermarket. >> be creative. do it yourself. >> i was wondering what was so fragrant and i noticed it was the tea bags. >> they have all of these beautiful mother's day gift sets. this mug you can see have the nice diffuser in it and you can get whatever mom likes. i love these because they're mother's little help. >> and they're relaxing. >> bath and body stuff. >> exfoliating stuff.
3:56 am
great for the bath or the shower, face mask, oversize towel. >> tech stuff. >> tech stuff is really great. >> i've never seen that before. it's like a purse but for your phone. >> a purse for your phone. >> look at that. and these you can get at nordstrom. this is a tech item for you phone. he lost both of his legs while serving our country eight years ago. now retired marine johnny jones has turned away from his pa after a five-hour wait. he's here to share this outrageous story next hour. that's just one less thing you have to worry about. we are the cochran family, and dsmg
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4:00 am
terrorists have struck the heart of western europe. once again, a french national stabbed one person to death and injured a handful of others. isis soon thereafter claimed responsibility for the attack referring to the male attacker as one of their own soldiers. tomorrow is a big day. we're one day away from the opening of the u.s. 'em ba sci iembassy injerusalem. >> president trump is telling iran we have israel's back. only a mother can catch the signs early. this mother's day, talk to your child about the gop. >> this president is making so much progress the democrats hate it.
4:01 am
>> what have you got for me? >> i got you a trophy because you finally won yesterday. you were 0 for 2018. ♪ ♪ . >> this is a great song for today. moms really are magic. the older you get, you wonder how they dealt with us for all of these years, survived. >> magic is all that can explain it. >> survival mode, everybody. mothers are magic sometimes but oftentimes it's a basic blocking and tackling and surviving. >> absolutely. >> happy mother's day. >> you're probably deprived,
4:02 am
tired as a mother. thank you for what you do. you raise us, you tolerate us, you forgive us, discipline us, smack us. >> you teach us. you feed us. again, your poor mom, pete. happy mother's day to you. send us your photos today and send us your favorite songs. this photo is from stacy, pick pictured with her mom leila. >> or lila. we're not sure. here is barbara digging into a banana split with her son this mother's day. >> here are karl and john pictured here with their momma. look at that. that looks awesome. >> two men that love their mom. i can just tell. keep sending us -- more come in. do we have more? >> there's so many coming in. we can't control them. keep sending us your photos there were two that we just missed. we'll get back to them. >> we're celebrating moms all morning long. but there is a lot of news this
4:03 am
morning. and if you were watching yesterday, it was breaking out of north korea. they were dismantling, they say they're going to dismantle the nuke site at the end of may, ma. he offers another olive branch ahead of the summit of june 12th between kim jong-un and president trump. this is a big deal. continue to seem like this is moving in the right direction. >> you've got kim jong-un actually saying we're going to invite foreign media into the hermit kingdom to see the dismantling, to see with our own eyes that it's really happening. because i think pete said it right yesterday, distrust and verified. you cannot trust this regime. you've got to make sure they're going to actually follow through. that's going to be one of the biggest challenges for president trump going into the summit, what can you believe from kim jong-un. but vi to say i have to say, thy signs are good.
4:04 am
stopping the testing, now dismantling the site, in between that releasing the three americans. >> the president tweeted about it yesterday saying, north korea has announced that they will dismantle nuclear test sites this month ahead of the big summit meeting on june 12th. thank you. a very smart and gracious gesture. ed, to your point, foreign media is important. i want to see the concrete being poured into those -- i want to have the centrifuges being smashed. missiles being destroyed. until we see it and know it's happening and it's verified, it could be based on a lie just like the iran deal. i think this white house is sober about the fact that you've got to see it to believe it. >> what will new york get in return. i -- what will north koreaget i. kim jonkim jong-un's dad has drd about it for years. you've got to think about the people in north korea. many starved to death.
4:05 am
hopefully this is good news for them and a better life. >> hopefully. but kim jong-un is thinking, how do i survive through this too. the survival of the regime is the guarantee they want. we're going to have to tor forga lot of sins. >> president trump ripping up the iran nuclear deal and then also with north korea, he was criticized left and right last year about the rhetoric and this is all going to blow up within going to lead to nuclear war. no herman cain said no. >> president trump nailed it when he said weakness gets us into wars. and the fact that this president is making so much progress on the diplomatic front with kim jong-un is driving liberals crazy. weakness isn't what this president believes in. he believes in negotiating from a position of strength and this is what he's doing. he's delivering on his promises
4:06 am
and the democrats hate it. >> wow. that is a fact. he's delivering on his promises, democrats hate it. not just democrats tbu obama administration. on another front, thinking of deals, the iranian deal, president trump ran against the deal saying he wanted to rip it up, which is exactly what he did after multiple iterations of trying to give europeans and others a chance to fix it. a couple of alumnis from the obama team, they wrote an op ed in the "the new york times" recently talking about -- quite ld, europe doesn't have to be trump's doormat. two guys, stephen simon and jonathan stephenson. >> this is what they write, the eu could announce the withdrawal of member states ambassadors from the u.s. isn't this what states do when diplomatic partners do breach agreements, expose them to security risks and threaten to wreak havoc on their economy?
4:07 am
might even follow up with expulsion of american ambassadors. they're saying the response from the allies in europe, if they're not happy with the business here, rip up the iran deal, throw out u.s. ambassadors >> you the bam alumni giving people around the world a playbook to undermine the president of the united states. your candidate lost. hillary clinton may be staying on the stage but she lost the election. donald trump won. he's enacting his foreign policy as well as his domestic agenda. and the undermining going on we, hey, european allies, undermine them, joan kerry meeting with people, hillary clinton overseas meeting with people. >> m this is president trump, america first. >> put your country first. john mccain talked about country first. now president trump says america first. if that's your barometer, then
4:08 am
you're focused. obama holdovers inside his own administration have tried to get after him. now folks outside of the administration are attacking him and rooting against america. the iran deal was never ratified by the senate, a deal struck by obama. president trump said it's not a deal for us. >> president trump tweeted saying, if iran's military budge is up more than 40% since obama negotiated the nuclear deal and reach. he's pointing out the money they got up front and the deal that was not verifiable has been bad for the security of the world. >> democrats should be able to say look, we don't like the president pulling out of this. it's the undermining of the president. it's the dare i say collusion with the iranians. john kerry meeting with them. that's collusion. >> and hillary clinton spending time over in australia about pulling out. but you mentioned chuck schumer for example, he was against the iran deal and now all of the sudden hi's aing ra he's angry t
4:09 am
trump is ripping it up. if you look at where the money is being spent for example with the iranians. there are real challenges. >> the iranians shooting missiles toward israel. this all sort of merging together. there's an axis of evil that seeks the destruction of the west. big news coming tomorrow as the united states moves our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem sebding a sisending a signal the capital. our own judge janine is there and she hit the streets. as americans we don't get to hear a lot from the folks in jerusalem. how do they feel about our president and his mf. move. here's what she heard last night. >> more joy in my heart than in the last 20 years. i flew in for this. >> and donald trump? >> he's the one who said he was
4:10 am
going to do it and did it. i don't agree with everything that he does. he said he was going to do it and he did it. >> he know what is he's doing. >> he's a man of his word. we're proud of him and this moment in history. >> the most incredible moment trevor o forever. god bless president trump. >> i couldn't believe that trump is holding on to his words. every other president was just talking about it but no one did it. >> so that seems to be the message, sort of refreshing to finally have a politician -- you heard from many of them saying we don't agree with everything that president trump stood for but the fact that he promised things on the campaign trail and now that he's in office over a year, he's followed through on so many of th his promise. >> and god forbid he talked to the israelis to see what they wanted to happened in israel. and they like what the president is doing. >> our word matters, our leadership matters and strength matters. when america is strong and asserting itself -- especially now. we live in a world where the
4:11 am
communists and cha chinese are trying to rise. if we're not strong, the other part of the world with. those folks reflecting what a lot of people feel around the world. still, a lot of owe news coming into the newsroom. we want to start with a fox news alert. and new details on the terrorist behind paris' deadly knife attack. the 2 is-year-old man is a french citizen. he was on their radar for radicalism, isis. now claiming responsibility for that attack, calling him one of their soldiers. the extremist stabbing a 29-year-old man to death, wounding four others others. officers fatally shot the suspect. we will have a lye report on this coming up in 20 minutes. stay tuned for that. and we want to get now to another fox news alert. at least 11 people are now dead following a suicide bombing at three christian churches in ind nearby indonesia.
4:12 am
all five bombers were family, including a mother with children more than 41 people were hurt there, including two police officers. indonesia is the world's largest muslim majority country and is seeing a surge in isis-inspired attacks on the christian minority. fresh lava spewing on the big island of hawaii. erupting near an energy plante where 50,000-gallons of chemicals were removed as a precaution. kilauea is threatening to plow its top, fearing it can hurl boulders as big as refrigerators. could see a chain reaction event. two of the most potentially destructive, mt. st. helens in oregon. he lost both of his legs while serving our coun country t
4:13 am
years ago, now retired marine johnny jones is turned away from his va facility without treatment after a five-hour wait. he's going to be here live to share his yous ray yous story. just ahead. nancy pelosi still trying to hammer home the message that the gop tax cuts did not help the average american. >> the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers. >> crumbs. will this message hurt the party come midterm? charles payne here to weigh in. >> how it's it going. >> morning.
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
. in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. that's why, in their priorities, they chose corporate america over middle class families. >> there you go. nancy pelosi, the house minority leader trying to hammer home the message of the gop tax cuts did not help the average american despite signs of economic improvement. >> will the democrats' messages on the economy hurt the party's midterm chances ? -l. >> let's ask charles payne. what say you about this. it seems like on its face, nancy pelosi basically saying you elect democrats, we're going to take away the tax cut. >> this is a dangerous path that she's going down and it's her pride and ego that won't let her switch course. someone in her party should talk to her. i was in the mall the other day to do last-minute shopping.
4:18 am
>> what did you buy? >> my wife and daughter are going to be very happy today. a couple stopped me saying i'm making $120 extra a week. i can't tell you how thrilled they were, like aw authentically thrilled. and then i spoke with another woman in a mall, she didn't vote for president trump. and she is thrilled. and he was appalled that he doesn't get any credit. this whole thing they're doing about crumbs so amazing. yesterday a great article in the l.a. times about california -- california has taken in $3 billion more in revenue than projected because of this economy, because of the stock market, the new tax regime. it's amazing. and they're talking about setting up hundreds of millions of dollars for the homeless. does nancy pelosi want to take that away from people? what is their message.
4:19 am
unemployment, we're at a 20-year poll. people go to the polls oftentimes based on their wallet and what they're feeling. what is the something for the democrats ? -l. >> the message from nancy pelosi is you're doing better but someone is doing better than you. you know what, i know you have a few extra bucks, like $120 a week but somebody else made millions. it's scary. i hope we get away from it. one day there will be a recession and one day we'll be at each other's throats. if we can't be happy when the economy is turning up, then we're in trouble. >> one democratic pollster says, it's a very big concern. the economy is the number one issue out there for people and right now trump has an aggressive economic message that seems to cross traditional party lines to voters. are we seeing that in the numbers ? -l. >> because that's a democratic i depressive is a euphemism for
4:20 am
great. it's a great economic agenda and message and it's implements impd because small business profits of at an all-time high. the largest in history. things are going great. i know when people drive around going to the local mall or strip mall, they're seeing help wanted signs. wages are going up. it's a tough one to run against. i'm not sure what they're -- it's unfortunate that they would like to run against it. i hope people will consider, do i want to give back this 120 dlatio$120ooh$120 aweek i'm get. >> it's certainly not crumbingso them. >> it is insulting to them. happy mother's day. >> you as well. and yo your family. he lost both of his legs while serving our country eight years ago. johnny joe jones is turned away
4:21 am
from his va without treatment after a five-hour wait. he's here to share his outrageous story coming up next.
4:22 am
4:23 am
mr. elliot, what's your wifi password? wifi? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house.
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[ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. happy mother's day to all of the wonderful moms out there. it is time for mother's day edition of news by the numbers. $23.1 billion, that is how much the national retail foundation estimates americans will spend on gift this year to show mom just how much they care. it comes close to the record of last year's 23.6 billion. next 4.6 billion, how much americans are expected to spend spoiling mom with pieces 0 jeumry. and 4.4 billion, that's how much people are expected to splurge on special mother's day meals. i love that. >> that's what i'm talking about
4:25 am
he lost both of his lives ln a bomb blast. now retired johnny joe jones is turned away after five hours from his local va without receiving treatment. jones took his frustration to twitter saying, what am i supposed to do, how do i get the treatment i need/deserve if following your direction gets me a five-hour wait, smart comments and turned away? retired u.s. marine corps bomb technician, johnny joey jones joins me now. thank you for joining me this morning. appreciate it. you stepped on an ied in afghanistan for our country. you've been managing the wounds as a great american. you turn to the va, saying hey, i want the basic treatment you promised me i would get. tell us about that story. >> the treatment i deserve is for raising my right hand, not
4:26 am
for accidentally getting blown up. those happen to be the injuries i need to treat. so i've had no legs for eight e years, been a part of the system for eight years. i've tried to keep my medical care through medicare and i don't have that option right now. i'm having to go through the va. i get a monthly pain medication prescription, abopioid, a moderate amount. i've seen first hand through losing my own best friend to suicide what those opioids can do. i'm looking if other alternate pain treatment, we're going down that path. but until i can move my treatment to the va, i needed to get refill to be ready for any may appointment to talk to my doctor about that and. >> you've yet to be assigned a primary care and when you go in for care you wait five hours and treated rudely for getting the care you are looking for.
4:27 am
>> i was told to keep my pain medication, we was told to go into a emergency room, present the current prescription and tell them i need refills and they would refill it month by month. i've since learned you don't go through an emergency room for that which made since to me. i was told three times that on the phone. just one thing after another. it's been a disinformation campaign and that's been the biggest problem. the five-hour wait. ki deal with that. but i showed four people at the va my prescription, what i was there, two nurses, two doctors. and finally the second doctor let me know, we can't do anything for you. since then i've learned from the gentleman who runs basically the positions there in the emergency room that that isn't is policy, it's a common practice. so each physician could decide to make that prescription. long story short, they didn't know anything about any, you know, time on fox news or my
4:28 am
public persona, the fact that i can reach people and let them know. before i left i wrote my name and e-mail down. i'm going to let you know, you're going to hear from this. i've heard from george representatives, multiple va administrators because i've put this out there on twitter. but that should bnt why they reach out to me or apologize or fix the problem. >> good on you, you have the platform to do that. but other guys you don't. they get stuck inside the system. we reached out to the va for comment. they have not gotten back with us. you also tweeted this, okay, i'm officially throwing my name in the hat for mid level administration, congressman of florida who also lost his leg and i fought a war together, lost legs together, recovered together, we'll fix this together too, hashtag secretary mass. you want to be a part of the solution. >> i do.
4:29 am
>> what is the solution? >> ten months after i lost my legs i took myself to work at the house of affairs committee. marine corps didn't know that's what i was doing. i wanted to be a part of the solution. i went through the va process and since then i've helped run two multimillion dollar military nonprofits that provide brain treatment to veterans that can't get it at the va. i know you very well and there's a nice short list of people that can fix that problem. if i can help you out, whoever gets picked for the next job, that's what i want to do. the problem at the va is a cultural problem. listen, it doesn't take a lot to understand. the va doesn't have to compete for our business. if we can take our business and funding elsewhere, a lot of the problems with self correct because now they need that. that's a big problem there. on top of that, we're simply not getting to veterans quick enough. and we're not doing that because of the me metrics that we use to judge the performance of the va.
4:30 am
are you satisfied with your treatment is the only way we judge this. there's a long way to go and i hope to help out. >> by bringing this to the public's attention, you're advancing the conversation. of course the president wants choice for veterans which is exactly what you're talking about. keep up the fight. we're going to keep tracking you. keep in touch with us as well. >> thanks, pete. it was a meltdown on the house floor. >> this business about making america great again, it is your president that's dividing this country. >> do you yield? >> i do not yield not one second to you. not one second. >> the congressman on the other side of that rant responds straight ahead. young conservatives now say there's a generational gap in the party as many of the vets say about the va. so what do older conservatives need to do to appeal to the younger generation? a panel of millennials here to weigh in next.
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
. two young conservatives penned an op ed in the week lid standard highlighting the gap between old and young conservatives. according to a pugh research study, millennials considered themselves liberal in their
4:35 am
views, and then the number ballooned with 15% millennials calling themselves conservative. what should the conservatives need to do to appeal to millennials. let's ask our millennial panel. charlie kirk, michael noelles 'a podcaster and ali. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> let's start with you, charlie. what do you think the problem is and what should be done about snit. >> first, i'll take a little exception with the analysis. i think it's more tragic on the democrat side than on the republican side. you've seen the last couple of years, favorability of young people's perspective toward the democratic party absolutely go down tremendously. barack obama got 66% of the youth vote in 2008 and 20% in 2012. hillary clinton was around 51%,
4:36 am
52%. this is a bigger problem for democrats than republicans. the core issue is the term conservative. young people believe in freedom, free markets, smaller government. when properly argued to them. the problem is that the left is so good at stigmatizing this term conservative. a word we knea need to reclaim. >> should conservatives be focused on freedom, liberty especially when you heard about the young conservatives on gay marriage, marijuana use are more about freedom and liberty? >> absolutely. what it comes down to really is that millennials care more about the why than the what. rather than talking about the what of policies or politics of conservatism, we need to talk about why the conservative policies are actually better with not just for the rich white male but for everyone. why conservative policies, individual liberty capitalism, deregulation actually helps the people that millennials care
4:37 am
about, those on the outskirts of society, the immigrants, those in poverty, women, minorities, the lgbt community. charlie is right. we care about freedom, we care about viddism an individualism e two things don't see skin color or sexual orientation. >> are older conservatives really reaching out to say the lgbt community as you suggest they should? it doesn't seem like they are. >> well, i don't want us to get into identity politics. it's not necessarily about. >> i'm not but you just mentioned it. >> but conveying a message that appeals to people of all sexual orientations and background. it's not just the baby boomer's job but it's the millennials job, the work of everyone on this panel that we do every day, going on college campuses, having the pod cost, the shows that we put out, it's our job and i would like to say that i think we're doing a pretty good job. >> michael, charlie seemed to
4:38 am
think this is a bigger problem for the democrats. do you agree? >> i agree entirely. this is a successful presidency thus far. we know president trump did better among millennials than either john mccain or mitt romney. he did relatively well and better than romney among hispanics and that population has increased two ar threen times in the last several decades. it's overwhelmingly young and millennial. nevertheless, president trump did fairly well. in 1984 ronald reagan's support among young voters surged by nearly 40%. his presidency was successful. what we've seen in the last few weeks, excellent diplomacy in north korea, good economy, returned hostages, the kanye awaikenninawakening in public. the only poll that's going to matter is november 2020. >> charlie ben shapiro wrote
4:39 am
caught my eye, the data shows that the young conservatives tend toward libertarianism on drugs and sex but share the same priorities on older individuals on fiscal. vice president pence alluded to that. look, donald trump is getting results on the economy and ma the make matters to people. >> his view has been on the foreign policy economic matters and a de-emphasis on the controversial divisive social issues. i think that's one of the reasons why he's going to continue to do well with all voters but especially young voters heading into 2020. when you look at young people and support of democrats, a young person voting for democrats is like a chicken voting for colonel sanders. they want to do everything they can. it's our generation that's going to be hurt the most by democratic policies and politicians. young people are disengaging
4:40 am
from the right versus left labels. democrat versus republican. but again, democrats need younger voters. it's one of the three groups that they primarily need to get base turnout for so that every ounce of support they lose hurts them a lot more than republicans >> the last point here, will older conservatives say hang on, if you're focused on the economy and not on same-sex marriage, are you pulling back from traditional values that might upset older conservatives ? -l. >> we're winning the cultural war. i think some conservatives are missing it because they expected us to start listening to barack. what winning is chance the rapper tweeting out saying black people don't need to vote for democrats and kanye west saying i looic thi like this conservate president. >> ali, one last point here. >> at the end of the day the millennials are individualists.
4:41 am
how we appeal to them, it's conservatism that wants you to be free and think the way you want to think. that kind of independence and individualism appeals to our generation. >> grea appreciate all of you security stepped up for the u.s. opening of the u.s. embassy of jerusalem, of course. next, a revealing look. blen
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
. we are back with a fox news alert an extremist goes on a stabbing spree, killing one man, wounding four others in paris. >> isis claiming responsibility for the attack. jillian turn here wer the latest details on the attack. good morning. >> the latest news out of paris this morning in the aftermath of
4:45 am
last night's terror attack, french authorities confirm the man behind the attack was a french national born in the russia republic o. he was on the radar for suspected radicalism. the equivalent of the u.s. terrorist watch list. his parents have been detained for questioning. french authorities reported just a short while ago. last night 9 p.m. a chaotic scene broke out in central paris as this individual stabbed one person to death and injured a handful of others. >> translator: we heard shouting and a big movement of people. incredible. people were shouting under the table, high, get on the ground. i was having a drink with a friend and i heard a boom boom. i thought it was gunshots. i went out and saw a bloke lying on the ground. after that we rushed back into the bar. >> isis claimed responsibility for the attack in the immediate aftermath referring to the male attacker as one of its soldiers.
4:46 am
at least 245 people have died at the hands of terrorists in france during the past three years, 230 of those by isis. guys? >> those stats are astonishing. thank you. tomorrow's move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem no doubt raises a lot of unique security concerns but protecting u.s. embassies around the world is a job that our marines have been taking on more decades. >> and deep in the woods of northern virginia, an elite group of marines hand picked to guard our nation's interest in about 150 countries. >> fox and friends correspondent todd pie ro joins us know. i don't want to downplay this, but pete says you didn't really do it. >> they call themselves ambassadors in blue, safeguarding personnel, property and of course classified secrets on foreign soil. and it starts with an intense eight-week course in quantity q, virginia.
4:47 am
take a look. >> stand by. ♪ >> how strong is the threat that our embassies face? >> absolutely critical. the world is a challenging environment today. the threat is broad. the range of responsibility is wide and varying and our marines have prepared to support. >> when they get there, that is when the new phase of their career starts. it's all new to them. >> the building is a replica of an overseas embassy. we can't show you what's going on inside because of the security concerns, the marines s behind me are doing a drill as to how they would respond to a security threat. >> defensive tactic is one weapon that we use to help deescalate a situation. in the marine corporatio marine,
4:48 am
and capture. >> there doesn't sound smart. ♪ >> i'm not winning. >> what types of threats do you train for at embassies around the world? >> a lot of team people think hey, terrorism. but the reality is there have been threats before terrorism was a buzz word. whether it's natural disasters, protests, crime, we're prepared to deal with the crises as they go all the way up to and including an attack on the embassy. we provide security support when swe have v.i.p.s traveling overseas, president of the united states, vice president, secretary of state, providing those diplomatic representatives of the united states government and united states people an environment where they can go and do wha what's necessary witt having to worry about their personal security. every single day when we're working overseas, we think to ourselves, somebody out there wants to do harm to our charge and we're going to make sure
4:49 am
that doesn't happen. >> why do you do what you do? >> comes down to pride. it's ub neek. unique, dynamic, challenging. being part of the organization is a great feeling. >> having that iconic marine dressed gives him the assurance that not only am i being protected but i'm protected by one of the few and the proud. >> the marines really view the state department as a client and it's relationship that has its roots in europe following world war ii when the marines were selected to protect them. >> such an important job that they play. my parents talk about the role that the marines play at the embassy. team work stood out. they're all in this together fighting for a better cause. the united states. >> they are so young. these guys are in their early 20s. >> and they're tough dudes. >> absolutely. >> the toughest of the tough. >> todd made that clear. great work, todd.
4:50 am
>> well done. this mother's day marks two years since navy s.e.a.l. charlie keating lost his life serving for the united states. this gold star mom is publishing his story aboutfacing his bullies, a story you don't want to miss next.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
. well this young man, his family remembers him as a little kid with a big heart. on this mother's day, a gold star mom celebrates the life of
4:54 am
her fallen navy s.e.a.l. son. the month marks two years since charles keating lost his life while serving in iraq. his mother's new book called "big hearted charlie learns how to make friends." we always love having you on the show. and particularly on mother's day. it's an important day. i'm sure not the easiest day for you. >> no, it's not. and i'm sure there are other mothers, other s.e.a.l. moms that have lost someone. thank you for having me on. >> tell us about your son. >> charlie was not only a professional and a wonderful young man, but he did so many things in his life that can help children. and i'd love to keep his memory alive by doing that. he was a great operator and in aiz job as a navy s.e.a.l., seal team one. but he has many, many lesson to tell. >> he died at the young age of 31.
4:55 am
but in those 31 years, so many memories, so many stories that you have yet to tell. there are three books out. i want to get to the latest one "big hearted charlie learns how to make friends." the best part is that your mother did all of the artwork. >> yes. she's 83. >> amazing. >> she is amazing. we go over our pictures and our stories of charlie. we have so many. the kid was a character. he did so many funny things in his life. everybody he met was his best friend. right now there could be anyone on the street going yeah, he was my best friend. >> the book is to inspire young kids to be like charlie, to make this friends. >> and the learn top in second grade he was bullied. and the way he overcame was by comedy or being funny or doing something to help that child. he ended up making a friend out of the bully. >> he would be so proud of you right now. this is my first month' first m.
4:56 am
you don't realize how much you can love somebody more than yourself until you have a child. >> until you do and lose someone, you don't realize the hole it leaves in your heart. and this is the way i can take care of that with my mom, it makes me feel better that i'm helping and doing something for him. he's a big hearted boy. >> it's been therapeutic to write the stories. is there one message you would give to charlie? >> thank you for everything you've given us. that was his life span. even where he saved a christian village, they're building a chal l ancapl andchapel and they rinl every day. >> you inspire us. >> and i hope that the navy s.e.a.l. foundation gets part of the profit too. >> and of course you can buy "big hearted charlie learns thou make friends" at big hearted charlie. com. it's also available on amazon
4:57 am
and books a million. information on the website. happy mother's day to you. more "fox and friends" right after this.
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where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? abby: tomorrow is a big day, one day away from the opening of that u.s. embassy in jerusalem. >> what president trump did by saying jerusalem is the capital of the one and i only jewish state, he's telling iran we have israel's back. >> north korea they see they're going to dismantle their nuke site at the end of may. another olive branch, you could say ahead of the summit held in singapore on june 12th. >> this president is making so much progresses, and the democrats hate it. >> the only thing more dangerous than dishonest politicians is a chorus of enablers who defend their every lie. >> truth is when you leave this place you're going to find an america filled with promise. >> mom, you like the politics on the show, right? >> i think alan bolan does a
5:01 am
great trump impression. why does it have to be so mean? who writes that stuff? ♪ hop along if you feel like a room without roof. pete: at the plaza i guarantee you every single person out there is either a mother or has a mother. pretty solid guess, right? abby: they all would like to be served brunch today, that's what you deserve on mother's day day, be served breakfast. happy mother's day to all the wonderful moms out there. we are celebrating this morning, and you are sending in your photos of your moms you love so much. keep sending those in at this comes in from margaret who is all decked out this mother's day. we can show that photo pictured her with her daughter. that's not margaret or jane, but
5:02 am
maybe we'll get that photo at some point. pete: this is katie -- abby: that's margaret and jane. ed: that's margaret and jane. and then we've got a a group of folks that are patri.ts abby: we're fired from this job. pete: we love all of you. keep sending your pictures. next hour -- ed: by the way, i have breaking news from twitter. one of our viewers says -- i took the trophy back. pete was assisted at the very end by a kayak being pushed from behind. i haven't seen this. the cup is in limbo in judge napolitano reviews the tape and comes up with a ruling, so judge if you're watching, i'm going to abby: you already gave the trophy to pete this morning. pete: can you win if the dump the other person off their kayak and falling out of yours? ed: i'm going to call my mom and see what she thi.ks pete: you should calm your mom because a little bit later, a couple minutes from now we're going to play some moms who had something to say to moms. abby: moms advice. there's no better advice from moms. sometimes it's not what want to hear but they're usually spot o.
5:03 am
ed: you don't agree at the moment. abby: exactly. ed: promises made, promises kept kept. that's been a theme for president trump really since he took office but particularly in the last week when you think about pulling out of the iran nuclear deal, a lot of people were angry about it, he promised to do it, he did it anyway the past week and now tomorrow big news in jerusalem. abby: and so lindsey graham is over there in jerusalem for this big opening that will happen tomorrow, and he's as you can imagine very excited about this. he said the president has a bigger message about what the president is doing in jerusalem. here he is. >> he's telling iran we have israel's back. he's telling north korea that i'm going to be different than every other president before me. when i say i'm going to do something, i mean it. i said i was going to move the embassy to jerusalem. i'm going to do it. i said i was going to withdraw from the iranian deal 'cause it sucks, and he did. and, rocket man, i want you to be successful, but if don't have an agreement, you keep threatening our country, you're going to be next. ed: amen. so many happening for this administration. this one truly historic, when you look at what previous administrations couldn't do,
5:04 am
when you look at the modern and eternal implications of an un undivided capital in the state of israel. also this week we're going to have nonsense about the royal abby: hey, hey, hey, hey. ed: i don't care about the royals. pete: moms like to watch that kind of stuff. ed: and it's great, good for you you. but i'm saying the truly historic moment for this week will be when the embassy moves and then we'll go to the shiny objects and fancy dresses and all that in the u.k. but remember the big stuff that's happening. sorry moms out there who love it it. it's good for you. abby: go watch "the crown." it might change your opinion. it's a great show. there is a long list because you mentioned the iran, and jerusalem, the past two weeks, how many things have happened, particularly on foreign policy, things that the president has promised from day one of being president, the embassy opening, the iran deal, tearing that up. the release of those prisoners pep were anchoring overnight, how powerful that was.
5:05 am
you also look at the economy and his approval ratings are kicking up it seems. the president has had many days that have not been good, but when you run for office and you're going to promise your constituents about things they care about. ed: he promised about the big, beautiful tax cut as he called it, he got it, and nancy pelosi and other democrats calling it crumbs, not a single democrat in the house or senate voted for it by the way. you're seeing the economic impact. and getting into this college commencement season it's interesting that vice president mike pence was out there yesterday in michigan and he was relate highlighting the economy for young people and sort of saying, "look. this is a promise we made. it's a premise we kept. and it means peace and prosperity for the next generation." >>there were a few commencement speeches because it's sort of that time of the year. and so as you mentioned, mike pence, his was really inspiring, talking about the future for these college students that are about to go into the real world. but not every speech was as inspiring, you could say.
5:06 am
take a listen to these back-to-back speeches and how you feel about them. >> on the world stage, you've seen america embracing our role as leader of the free world, with action just this week on iran, north korea. here at home, businesses large and small are growing again. more than 3.1 million new jobs in the last 15 months. unemployment is at a 17 year low low. faith in america is rising again because president trump and our entire administration have been advancing the very principles that you learned here in the halls at hillsdale college. the principles that have always been the source of america's greatness and strength. truth is, when you leave this place, you're going to find an america filled with promise. being built again anew on a foundation of personal responsibility and individual freedom. >> many of those at the highest level of power see the plain truth as a threat. they fear it, they deny it, and they attack it, just as the communists once did. and so here we are in the midst
5:07 am
of an epidemic of dishonesty and an endless barrage of lies. when elected officials speak as though they are above the truth, they will act as though they're above the law. if left unchecked, these abuses can erode the institutions that protect and preserve our rights and freedoms and open the door to tyranny and fascism. the only thing more dangerous than dishonest politicians who have no respect for the law is a chorus of enablers who defend their every .ie abby: hmm. pete: where to start. you got the guy on the left there, who talks about the fears of big government and the guy on the right who thought you were so dumb he took away your big gulp here in new york city. michael bloomberg, former mayor, leader of the nanny state here in new york city. think about the implication. cowards talk in code. cowards talk in code. he's clearly talking about president trump, won't say name 'cause doesn't want the blowback but yet he calls out communists, tyrants, and fascists and says that the, quote, dishonesty
5:08 am
which he's implying to the trump administration is more dangerous than all of those and then he talks about the chorus of enablers. guys like me. that's fine. apparently we're just as evil. i just don't understand how they draw the moral parallel in light of a world where they think trump is consolidating power and shutting down the media when the media has had more access to this administration as many reporters have pointed out than the obama administration. and when you're lowering regulations and cutting taxes, are you really restraining people's lives? abby: also just what message are you trying to send, ed, to young people that have just finished four years of education that are all excited about beginning their life, living in the real world, what message do you want to hear in that moment? ed: why lead with a negative tone, first of all. and secondly when you talk about dishonesty in politics i seem to remember michael bloomberg trying to rewriting term limits here, keep running again and again saying he was only going to run a couple terms, then he switched from republican to democrat, he kind of is a democrat now. he's all over the map with his politics.
5:09 am
pete: that's true. plenty of hypocrisy out there. let us know what you think, is president trump more dangerous than fascism? abby: maybe bloomberg should have called his mom for advice before writing his commencement speech. oftentimes we go our moms and we want to hear their thoughts on things, so the s&l calfs did that. they brought their moms on and they ultimately gave them their thoughts on changes they could make to the show. here's what they said. >> normally we open the show with a political sketch which can sometimes be divisive. but since tomorrow is mother's day we're going to focus on the one thing we can all celebrate together, moms. >> mom, love you because you always give me the best advice. >> thanks, luke. here's more. enough with the trump jokes. and why doesn't s&l ever talk about crooked hillary? >> mom, you like the politics on the show, right? >> i think alec baldwin does a
5:10 am
great trump impression, but why does it have to be so mean? who writes that stuff? ed: well, they write it. pete: it's true. even within households i'm sure there's differences of opinion. abby: you know what? it's so refreshing to hear from, folks, that are honest, they all have families, and i'm sure they go home for holidays or see them at times and they hear from their families, why do they have to be this way? why can't we be more balanced, why can't we make fun of the other side just as much as we do republicans? abby: ed, do they constitutional to stop winning so much, tone it down? ed: my parents were getting tired of me winning so much, they said we're getting tired of the pete: let him win? ed: let pete win. abby: we've got a lot of other headlines coming to the newsroom newsroom. i want to bring those now. a serious notices, fox news alert, new details on paris's deadly knife attack. officers say the 20-year-old french citizen born in the rush republic was on their radar for
5:11 am
radicalism. isis claimed responsibility and called him one of their soldiers soldiers. the extremist stabbed a 29 29-year-old man to death and wounded four others in the famous opera district. officers fatally shot the suspect. police have now detained his parents for questioning. to another fox news alert. at least 13 people are confirmed dead following suicide bombings at three christian churches in indonesia. police say all six bombers were family, including a mother with two young children children. they targeted sunday's services. more than 41 people were injured including two police officers. indonesia is the world's largest muslim majority country and seeing a surge in isis inspired attacks on the christian minority. also this. terrifying moments after a ride crashes fire at a six flags theme park. watch. abby: wow. six flags officials say a train train's engine burst into flames on the railroad ride in atlanta.
5:12 am
no one was on that ride, luckily luckily. two park employees working nearby were taken to hospital but are expected to be okay. still unclear what sparked that fire to begin with. and an emotional ceremony tonight as fallen police officers willpower honored during a somber candlelight vigil, national police week kicking off with the 30th annual vigil at the national law enforcement officers memorial in washington. new names will be added ato that memorial wall including the 129 officers who were killed in the line of duty last year. that will be powerful. ed: dozens already killed this year. sad. still have more california craziness, pushing to replace washington or lincoln's birthday with a communist holiday? really? >> are we in competition to be the laughingstock of the united states? are we going that far to the left? ed: details coming up. pete: you're not in competition, you're the front-runner.
5:13 am
you're already there. and north korea outoutline be steps to dismantle its nuclear testing site, so just how crucial is the move? we're going to ask congress adam kinsinger. he's coming up n.xt abby: we are celebrating moms on the plaza all morning law with makeovers and brunch. sounds like a great morning to me. ed: get over here fast. i'm very proud of the fact that i served. i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family,
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ed: welcome back. north korea outlining steps to
5:17 am
dismantle its nuclear testing site just weeks before its leader, image, and president trump are set to meet. that's on june 12th. so how critical is this move by north korea? here to weigh in member of the house foreign affairs committee illinois congressman adam kinsinger. thank you for being here. >> may man. how are you? pete: good to see you. happy mother's day. i know you love your mother, as a veteran. this step vowing to dismantle and then allowing inspectors to come in and ensure that they do. let's say it happens and that's a big given, let's say that it happens. how important is it? >> it's ginormous. if you look at it, so we always have to be cautious. you know, some people i hear are railroad celebrating this as if it's the most massive victory ever. the reality is, though, this is the apex of diplomacy. so kim jong-un i think understands, i hope he understands that there is no more chances past here. if you're getting the president to meet with you, if you, you know, have taken this to this
5:18 am
level, it is either going to be a diplomatic solution with a verifiable deal that means you will never, ever get nuclear weapons in north korea, or i think, frankly, it means military action. so this is big. pompeo going and getting the prisoners released is huge. the dismantling of the testing site is huge. and the thing i like about this is this is all preconditions to talks. this is not, you know, in the prior administration where it's like, we'll give you four terrorists for one of ours if you just are nice to us, please, please, please, this is like coming from a position of strength. pete: we've had former obama officials saying the chance of this happening is less than one-tenth of 1%. would you say a denuclearization of north korea is -- truly is possible or is it still very, very farfetched? >> i think it actually really is possible. i think it's also possible that it doesn't happen. what amazes me, though, pete is like, you know, i still believe that politics ends at the water water's edge. when i was critical of obama's
5:19 am
foreign policy, i never did it in a personal way, i always cheered for him to be successful because i wanted america to. when you say some of these obama administration officials, now saying the reason iran attacked israel was because of pulling out of the deal when they know better or they're saying no way north korea will work because of whatever and they're doing everything they can not to give the president credit, it's very sad to me. i think whether you're on the far left or far right, he ought to hope for a deal with north korea. pete: as a veteran of iraq and afghanistan you'll appreciate this. top isis commanders were captured by iraqi and u.s. forces but some in the media barely seemed to notice. in fact, a couple of nightly news shows, abc, nbc when it happened gave zero minutes to the actual coverage. other networks have covered it. there hasn't been a mention perform it's one thing to talk about we've dismantled this terror group and captured five of its top leaders. what do you make of the overall
5:20 am
lack of coverage about it? >> if you talk about if taking away from minutes you could talk about the palace intrigue in the white house. why would you do that? it's huge international thing. some of those folks are more interested in the day-to-day -- when trump came in, isis was still a pretty strong international group, committing terrorist acts. they're on the run. we killed top five commanders, al-baghdadi is next. it's clear this administration deserves a ton of credit. pete: ultimately they say we'll give it a glancing blow, we don't want to could ever it because it interrupts or narrow programming of resistance. >> you know, i was watching a news show the other day and it was right when israel and iran were attacking each other, there was 30 seconds coverage on that and back to the palace intrigue in the white house for 30 minutes. i'm looking at that and saying there are major things happening on foreign policy like game changing, earth changing things. i think it deserves a little bit more intention. pete: adam kinsinger, thanks for your time.
5:21 am
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5:25 am
iran nuclear deal. and the message from the president has been we've got to get serious about iran nuclear threat, we got to get serious about the islamic terror threat around the world, and just hours later, look at this, all over again. >> here's the point, of course, that the regime there in tehran, which has been there since 1979 is an extreme radical jihadist regime, and they of course want to spread their ideology, not just to the middle east, but across the whole world. so anything that can be done to bring that regime down rather than prop it up must, it seems to me, be the right thing to do. ed: nigel, inside france, though you've got over 200 deaths at the hands of isis in 2015. what's happening there? do they have their hands around this at all? >> well, look. this particular attack was conducted by somebody who came to france as a child refugee, so the first thing you have to say is whilst we want to be compassionate human beings, we
5:26 am
have to be careful about who we grant refugee status to, who we let into our countries. but the second point, and the really important thing, is he was already on a suspect list, he was on a list of somebody who was a potential danger to the french state. and here's the problem: there are 40,000 people in france on that suspected terrorist or potentially dangerous list. so france has a massive problem, because even if you increase and boost security, policing and all the rest of it, how on earth do you follow or monitor 40,000 people? so the one thing we can say with absolute confidence is we will see more of these attacks. abby: yeah. and it's not just in france. it's right where you are as well well. it's right here in new york city as well. the bridge i'm looking behind you how recently that attack was was. and the knife, the stabbings that have gone on in london, talk about where you are and the policies. >> yes. let's draw a distinction here, you know, between terrorism and the knife attacks. now, london crime itself, what
5:27 am
we've seen is a 44% increase year on year in the murder rate going on in this capital. it's mostly knife crime. it's mostly associated with gangs. it is mostly black on black crime, although nobody has got the courage to stand up and say that for fear of being thought to be racist. and our police force, which used to, in areas of high crime, carry out stop and search, it would stop people, frisk them down, see whether they had knives on them. unfortunately we've even backed away from doing that. again, for fear of being criticized as being racist. and the mayor of london, sadiq khan, who spends much of his time attacking donald trump or telling us we shouldn't eat burgers and other politically correct things. you know, think about this. over 60 people killed in this capital already this year, and the mayor of london has not visited a single one of the
5:28 am
crime scenes and has not spoken to any of the families. and i think, frankly, what we've got to do here with crime in london is the police have got to get tougher, and the mayor needs to rethink his priorities. ed: yes. i mean, look at this tweet from the mayor to your point: "child obesity, a problem in london in the united states. london has one of the highest obesity rates in europe, 4% of children age 10 and over are overweight. as part of a new strategy we're banning harmful junk food ads from the london network." >>no more hamburgers on the subway. ed: he's focusing on transit ads for junk food, not on the stabbing deaths? >> i think that's right. and i think, you know, it is about priorities, and, as i say, he's also busy criticizing donald trump and saying he's not welcome in london and all the rest of it, but he's not -- you know, he's not gripped it. and again you see, one of the problems, one of the problems
5:29 am
that we've had with islamic terrorism is that we've actually been frightened of dealing with problems within these communities. again, it's this fear that if you tackle a problem head on, you get called racist for doing so. we've got to bury this rubbish. do you know something, actually, on crime in london the begot tougher with the offenders, it's black lives we'd save. so we got to cut this nonsense, cut this offensive, and we got get on doing the job and giving the police real powers. abby: these terror attacks are a real reminder that that's happening way too often. nigel, great to have you on. have a good sunday. >> thank you. abby: all right. more craziness in california pushing to replace washington or lincoln's birthday with a communist holiday. >> are we in competition to be the laughingstock of the united states? are we going that far to the left? abby: hmm. we're going to discuss the outrageous details. that's next. ed: we're whipping up some mother's day brunch on the plaza and giving moms some makeovers.
5:30 am
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so this is our associate producer, alex valentine and her mom susan. ed: and associate producer miguel castillo and her month, r rohas visiting the brooklyn bridge for the first time. very cool. ed: writer adam breitbart and mom lorraine. they look abby: and senior producer lorne pekov with her mom in seville a, spain. abby: and you know this guy, fox friends correspondent todd piro with his mother. ed: that looks like a wedding photo, maybe. abby: what she's been through all those years with todd piro. pete: i said text your mom, probably call. to each their own. ed: just one call. abby: i don't want to live in this world where we no longer do those old school things of writing notes and calling people people. let's have real conversations again. ed: we should have called you. abby: i would have taken anything from you two, just the acknowledgment. pete: forgot.
5:35 am
forgot abby's birthday. ed: in california there's now a bill where they want to replace either lincoln or washington's birthday with, believe it or not international socialist workers day as a paid holiday. pete: this is not just a bill. like, it's passed out of committee. it's going to go to floor of the california assembly likely for a vote. replace washington or lincoln with international -- abby: yeah, we have proof. watch this. >> i'm aghast that a bill like this would be able to get through committee. granted, it's california. but, seriously, the substitution of adding international socialist workers day, may day, day of parades in the soviet union that we all grew up with while menacing us with nuclear weapons against us, and deleting either lincoln's birthday or washington's birthday. are we in competition to be the
5:36 am
laughingstock of the united states? are we going that far to the left? ed: the train's left the station station. pete: yeah, quote to california: you're already there. it shows you the mind-set of the left oftentimes. it's like, well, washington was a slave owner, replaced e replace him with international socialist day. ed: this is not about statues but it does bring us back to what the president was saying last year about sooner or later we're going to go to washington, jefferson, people laughed at them. abby: he got so criticized for that. ed: now we're going to take washington's birthday away, california? come.on pete: we are the fault abby: things going on around this country that you may not think actually happened, it happened. pete: minnesota state legislature did it last weekend, they want to block "in god we trust" in the schools and it's terrible. ed: has california jumped the shark? abby: we're going to go outside for some cooking, ed. ed: chaos erupting inside a florida courtroom after four men are convicted of murder, three
5:37 am
of them attacking a defense attorney punching him in the head after jurors read the guilty verdict. officers tasing and tackling the men, taking them to prison where they will serve life sentences for a 2016 deadly shooting. the defense attorney is okay thankfully but suffers bumps and bruises. you saw this earlier. retired u.s. marine johnny joey jones is turned away without receiving treatment. he said he had to wait five hours and was given a hard time about a prescription. now he wants to manage the v.a. disability assistance office pe he joined us earlier saying all of these issues finally need to be fixed. >> it doesn't take a lot to understand, the v.a. doesn't have to compete for our business so if we can take our business and more importantly our funding elsewhere, a lot of those problems will self-correct. on top of that, we're simply not getting to veterans quick enough enough. there's a long way to go but it can be done and i hope to help out when i can. ed: congress is currently
5:38 am
mulling over a massive v.a. reform bill that the president's been pushing for. meanwhile, representative mike kelly firing back after this explosive exchange we brought you on the house floor with congresswoman maxine water. >> we are trying to make sure we're making america great every day and every way and the best way to do that is to stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation. >> it is your president that's dividing this country. i do not yield, not one second. >> only what i expected. ed: kelly, a pennsylvania republican was defending auto lenders who the democratic congresswoman accused of discrimination. kelly addressed this with our own neil cavuto. >> making a broad statement that listen, these are people that discriminated against nonwhite buyers. that is absolutely preposterous. ed: kelly has worked in the auto industry for decades, now owning his family's car dealership. so he knows a little something about it. those are your headlines. rick's outside, going to give us an idea of the weather. we've got a moms' brunch.
5:39 am
>> i just sat down with the moms having brunch. welcome to new york, it's your daughters's first time and your first time in a while. >> yes. >> from california? ed: that's right. >> is this a trip for your mom? >> this is her mother's day, yeah. >> we're glad we could share it with you. >> thank you. >> give you some good food. and keep the rain away from you for a minute. take a look at weather map, show you what's going on. incredible heat down across much of the south. you're aware of that. the heat is barreling in across parts of texas especially. we're going to see another day of record breaking heats, a little bit too early. you don't like to see that. across florida you're a little bit cooler because you've had a lot of rain. throughout this week very heavy rain falling, some spots maybe up to four to five inches. that's part of this system that's going to continue to meander in the area, the stationary front that's stretching from chicago toward the mid-atlantic, doesn't move well for the next couple days. if you've got gloom now, you may have some gloom file. ed: gloom on mother's day. abby: you know you always make
5:40 am
us happy. you never make us gloomy, rick, and i want to highlight your mom because she raised you, we love you to death. we have a photo of rick and his mother. she's in arizona, right, rick? >> she is in arizona and they were just visiting me here a few weeks ago. these are recent pictures of my parents, about two weeks old. abby: thank you so much. all right. so what better way to celebrate -- pete: rick came from hum.ns abby: not robots. abby: so what better way to celebrate your mom this mother's day than with a special brunch. ashley brunnaman is joining us, a chef herself and a mother. how do we get spoiled? >> absolutely. so i wanted to do something super classic today to really celebrate moms and make them feel a little bit expert. so we chose to do a certified angus beef filet with a little bit of crab hollandaise on top. i will show you how to grow the filet and plate it up with our crab salad on top, a little bit
5:41 am
of asparagus on the side and potatoes to round up the brunch menu. abby: this looks like the perfect pete meal. ed: i'm going to eat it while you talk. >> just to go over some really simple grilling tips, we use just salt and pepper on certified angus beef because our marbling specifications. ed: don't need to season it because of the great marbling. >> absolutely. we pride ourselves on the marbl marbling with certified angus. we'll go ahead and get these on the grill, we're going to let these -- here the sizzle. the sizzle is really important. ed: the sound of freedom. >> put on pepper again. ed: oh, more. >> yes. and let that go for about five minutes on each side. abby: that all it needs for a piece that big. >> i'm making a beautiful pl.te abby: mine looks nothing like yours. there's crab everywhere. >> so the recipe -- abby: this is for pete, enough hollandaise sauce for 20 people.
5:42 am
>> so the recipe on the certified angus beef website for the crab salad is super simple. it's just lump crab beat, a little bit of diced shallot, and a bit of hollandaise, this blender hollandaise is foolproof so refer back to that recipe. abby: you can't go wrong with a little fruit and salad. >> it brightens it all up and we seriously wanted to say happy mother's day to everybody out there, and also give a shout-out to all the ranchers that make our brands possible and obviously the mamas of the ranchers and the wives, because they're, as we all know, the true backbone. abby: so true. ed: we have so many smiling faces out there. this beef is amazing. pete: still time to go out and get certified angus. >> absolutely. abby: thank you so much. of course a mimosa. >> happy mother's day. thank you for having us.
5:43 am
>> president trump keeps earning platitudes for those successes, but his critics still insist he's exuding chaos. our next guest says if this is chaos we need a little bit more of it. abby: she is the highest ranking republican woman in congress and the first woman to have three kids while in office. now just in time for mother's day. lisa booth talks to congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers about the challenges of being a mom and being on capitol hill. can you imagine balancing both of those? mom? dad? hi! i haa very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness.
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5:46 am
>> president trump did and the way he did it once again indicates the chaos in this administration. >> we have a libertine, budget-
5:47 am
budget-busting president who exudes chaos and dotes on authoritarians who's replaced the space-time with twitter. >> with this president, i think he thrives on chaos. maybe that's the way to run a reality tv show. it's not the way to run the greatest country in the world. ed: ah. sounds like a narrative. well, his recent successes are earning praise around the world, you heard it in jerusalem a few moments ago, president's president trump's contradicts not changing their tune. in light of the accomplishments our next guest argues if this is chaos, we might need more about it. michael walsh's upcoming book " "fiery angel." if you say this is chaos, let's get more. >> right. there's been too much of this president not conforming to the norms of what the democrats think a president ought to do and my argument today in the new york post is chaos is actually a good thing. depends on how you define chaos, of course. ed: how do you define it here? >> i define it with the president what he's doing, fix
5:48 am
it, change it, fire this guy, fire this person, get it until you get it right, and so that's what he's doing preparing i think it's why he's been so effective over the last 15, 16 months of this presidency. ed: let's look at north korea as an example. this time a year ago, approximately maybe last summer, more like, we heard the president, you know, talking about fire and fury and his critics were saying he's bringing us to the brink of nuclear war by talking about little rocket man. and yet here we are almost a year later, and we're coming to the peace table in june. >> it's amazing, isn't it? i mean, if you think all the way back to the reagan administration, during the pershing missiles in europe thing and we were on the verge of nuclear war, the left is always on the verge of something and they think that the right is going to start something. but in fact what's happening is just look. there's going to be a peace conference, there's going to be a summit conference in korea, iran deal has now been negated, that's going to sort itself out. what trump does is he shows the big dog gets respect. and this is something that the democrats and the media have a
5:49 am
very hard time understanding, 'cause everything they learn that they know they learned in kindergarten. ed: right. but you say he's the most effective president since fdr? how do you back that up? fdr accomplished a lot in the great depression. >> that's true. but in the famous hundred days when all this legislation got passed when things got done, what the president's done i believe in the year-plus is get more done against greater opposition than anyone i've seen in my lifetime certainly, and all of this stuff, the foreign policy stuff, the domestic stuff the tax cuts, this is pretty impressive record of accomplishment. ed: so last question: is there a limit, though, to the chaos? because even if chaos can be used for good to sort of keep everybody off balance and on their toes, is there a point where there's sheer exhaustion even from the president's supporters, there's too much chaos? >> well, i think the president's supporters have to understand that this is what you get with donald trump. as long as the president keeps his core values, as long as he keeps living up to what he campaigned on, his group, his audience, his voters will stay
5:50 am
with him. and the media's just going to have to get used to being tired, have to run around a little. ed: he said they'll get tired of winning 'cause we're going to be winning so much. >> yeah, are you winning or are you losing? that's the thing that will be in front of american public this fall. ed: thanks. north korea now outlining how it will dismantle its nuclear testing site after freeing three americans. father jonathan morris says the president gets all the credit. he's here live next. and just in time for mother's day an anti-trump group has a disturbing new ad that even democrats are lashing out, warning moms about the g.o.p., really, on mother's day? >> everyone learned to do his own laundry. it wasn't until i met his college buddies that i realized that it might be too late. ed: diamond and silk will react live next hour. you're not going to want to miss that. broccoli!
5:51 am
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5:54 am
abby: welcome back. well, ahead of the high stakes summit, north korea now outlin outlining steps to dismantle its nuclear testing site. this on the heels of freeing three u.s. hostages through peaceful dialogue. pete: our next guest says president trump deserves it is credit. fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris. happy mother's day. you have a mother. >> i have a mother. pete: like, what are you talking about? ed: he's got a mother. appreciate you being here. the church, many faith leaders always want to emphasize dialogue and rightfully so, but there was some tough talk that brought this dialogue about, and you think the president gets
5:55 am
credit for it. >> i have been critical when asked about president trump's remarks sometimes about, for example, the leader of north korea, right, and calling him rocket man or "i've got a bigger button than yours" or whatever happens, i've been critical of that, so i think it's important to also say, look. this is some positive, real results. these three hostages being released, the fact that there is a summit. and sometimes when, for example, the pope, pope francis or others other religious leaders say, " "dialogue, never war, dialogue," i ask myself, does that really work when you're dealing with somebody like kim jong-un or some people who are not rational rational? this is proof that it is always worth trying and taking that to the farthest limits possible. in this case, it seems to so far have worked. and so the credit has to be given to where it's .ue abby: you mentioned the u.s. hostages that were freed this past week, and you saw their faces when they landed on u.s.
5:56 am
soil. we will never understand what they've been through over the years, but they are their statement, their public statement they made talked about hope and they talked about faith faith. talk to us about how that can help someone get through that really tough time in life, how you keep going. >> it was amazing to see that letter that was given to vice president pence with the psalm on the back and saying that -- quoting scripture saying that our hearts -- ed: we have it on the screen right now. >> there it is. "where the lord brought back the captives of zion we were like men who dreamed. our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy." that means that while they were living very, very tough times, they also maintained hope, because you can't do it if you haven't, during the moments of struggle, also been living hope. otherwise you'd just be angry, what took so long? how is it possible? but there is definitely examples of great faith and hope. ed: all right. an inspiring message from father john. we appreciate it.
5:57 am
abby: you have a busy day ahead. great to see you. >> i do. ed: moving on to a fox news alert. terror in paris, one person killed and four wounded in a vicious stabbing attack and isis claiming responsibility. reaction from the white house that's why there's ocuvite. ocuvite helps replenish nutrients your eyes can lose as you age. it has lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3. ocuvite. be good to your eyes. ... [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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6:00 am
abby: tomorrow is a big day. pete: the united states moves our embassy from tel aviv to gem sending a signal that will always be the eternal and undivided capitol of israel. abby: new york says they're dismantling their nuclear site at the end of may, ahead of the summit held in singapore on jun. >> this is the apex of diplomacy. kim jong-un understands i hope that there is no more chances past here. >> pulling out of the iran nuclear deal will make it harder to negotiate successfully with north korea. >> what is the strategy here to seize and suggest that america can't be trusted? abby: well happy mother's day to
6:01 am
you we've asked you to send us your photos today. ed: i'm going to call my mom. pete: you should call your mom. >> ♪ ♪ abby: we are giving mothers full makeovers out on our plaza they've had bunch, they're getting makeup done. pete: it's kind of a party out there. abby: it's the perfect morning so if you didn't get breakfast in bed and you're near our studio come on out because we have got you covered. pete: or give some shade to your husband or boyfriend, stay under the covers and say you know what you're supposed to be doing right now. get after it make bacon, eggs, pancakes, stay in bed, bring some coffee and maybe some flowers. abby: ed and pete brought me flowers. ed: it's your first mother's day very special. abby: you guys called your mom this morning, not text but called? pete: i like texting. abby: nope. not on mother's day.
6:02 am
ed: we've got viewer photos this from richard writes my beautiful wife and daughter getting ready for a mother's day breakfast that's beautiful. abby: bows in their hair and everything. pete: here is theresa with her three daughters, and seven grandkids. abby: wow. and here is steve, pictured with his mother lillian. adorable. ed: that's beautiful check out judy with her mom, mary. abby: we love these photos keep sending them in friends@fox news .com. we all have a mother. we all need to thank them for making this world better. pete: science we all have a mother. abby: we have a lot of news to get to. pete: we begin with a fox news alert. radical islamic goes on a stabbing spree killing one man and wounding four others in paris. abby: we're now learning details on the terrorist who isis is calling one of their soldiers. ed: jillian turner has those new details live in washington good morning. reporter: good morning, guys in the aftermath of last nights terror attack french authorities
6:03 am
confirm the man behind the deadly knife attack was a french national, born in the russian republic. he was shot dead at the scene by police officers, though the man had no criminal record, he was on the police's radar for suspected radicalism. he was included on france's list , the equivalent of the u.s. terror watch list. his parents have now been detained for questioning. french authorities told us just a short while ago. what happened last night at around 9:00 p.m., a chaotic scene breaking out in central paris as this man stabbed one person to death and injured four others. >> we heard shouting in a big movement of people, incredible. people were shouting, under the table, hide, get on the ground. i was having a drink with a friend and i heard a boom boom. i thought it was gun shots. i went out and saw him lying on the ground. after that we rushed back in. reporter: in the immediate
6:04 am
aftermath of the attack, a claim from isis, as their own referring to the male attacker as one of their soldiers. at least 245 people have died at the hands of terrorists in france, since 2015. guys? pete: thank you jillian. sobering number, no doubt. abby: let's bring in hogan gille y, white house deputy press secretary, always good to have you with us but your reaction with this latest breaking news we know that president trump had a phone call yesterday with the president of france macron about the iran deal macron is not happy about that deal but just after that call you had this attack in france as you just heard from jillian 245 people killed since 2015. how is the white house responding this morning? >> it's just horrible. horrible numbers your heart goes out to those effected by this. the president is obviously aware of the situation but these types of things are becoming all too common in many areas paris has been particularly affected over the last couple of years the numbers you just mentioned are
6:05 am
staggering but this type of hatred people have in their heart who commit these acts of terror. it's just a horrible horrible situation. pete: absolutely. well, another situation not horrible, optimistic and hopeful is the opening of the jerusalem embassy which will happen tomorrow the president will address it via video. this is a decision the president we knew he wanted to make and promised but of course the world thinks otherwise oftentimes the u.n. general assembly voted 128- 9 to reject the trump adminitration's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capitol. what is it about this issue the president is so focused on to make sure this happens? >> well obviously israel is one of our greatest allies around the world and this is something that politicians promised politicians have made for decade s and never delivered on that. everyone knows jerusalem is the capitol. this president comes in and then in a short amount of time says look, we know the fact exists, that's where the capitol is it's in jerusalem. we should move the embassy there this is something actually
6:06 am
passed the mid 90s. everyone said this is where it is we need to move our embassy there but no one had the guts to do it. donald trump comes in makes the promise and within a year basically says we're moving it. much of the country, much of this country was excited about the move because we understand that israel and the united states are have an incredible relationship. the president and the prime minister had very close, but that really doesn't have anything to do with that. it's the fact that everyone recognizes jerusalem as the capitol and it's time that someone did something about it and this president did. abby: so a big day tomorrow in jerusalem. a lot going on on the foreign policy front you look at the past week, tearing up the iran nuclear deal, what the president promised he would do but north korea as well announcing yesterday they are going to begin dismantling their nuclear site at the end of may. it seems like a sign of success or could be success as we head towards the summit on june 12 in singapore. what is the response from the white house just from the news coming out of north korea yesterday? >> well several signs of
6:07 am
success. we saw the three united states citizens released to secretary pompeo, a huge victory for the country there. president trump obviously the maximum pressure campaign is working, and those types of things all go into working to denuclearize north korea and that's the ultimate goal. the president said we must have a verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. it looks like that's beginning to occur but again, these types of words and rhetoric have happened before from kim jong-un , the president is optimistic and cautious and that actions must follow. these types of things with releasing the prisoners back to the united states, they are back at home doing very well. they are at walter reed and recovering well. the prognosis is good for them they're in good health but this type of move is one that shows president trump means business. the world understands that, and they're moving to do what the president wants which is get rid of those nuclear weapons because denuclearized north korea safer
6:08 am
for america but it's also safer forest of the world. abby: what does north korea get in return? obviously they only want to dismantle their nook site for benefiting in their way. kim jong-un only cares about kim jong-un so as diplomacy works the president has to promise something on our end so what will they get in return? >> i'm not going to get ahead of any negotiation but i can tell you we've given up nothing to this point. compare and contrast that with barack obama who gave away billions of dollars in carbon pallets to iran the largest state sponsor of terror in the world this president gets three people back and gave up nothing but that's just the beginning, right? secretary pompeo obviously already had a conversation with kim jong-un. we've been in constant contact with them, the place and time is now set in singapore, that's a good site for us too so hopefully this works to denuclearize that's the ultimate goal and what the president wants. ed: you mentioned giving the iranians all that cash. it's hard to defend and yet hillary clinton is trying to do it while she's in australia from meeting her book undoubtedly and
6:09 am
bashing the president. watch this. >> pulling out of the iran nuclear deal will make it harder to negotiate successfully with north korea or anyone else. pulling out of that agreement makes america less safe, and less trusted, and iran more dangerous. as second of state i helped negotiate the crippling international sanctions that brought iran to the table. it would be much harder a second time now that our credibility is shot. ed: hogan it used to be the partisanship stopped at the water's edge you got hillary clinton in australia bashing the president, john kerry the former secretary of state seeming to undermine what the president is doing what's going on here? >> well that type of rhetoric and detachment from reality is exactly why hillary clinton is promoting a book in australia instead of being in the white house getting things done for the american people. this president understood the lay of the land on the
6:10 am
international stage. people said when he came into office that our allies would flee the united states, flee from their partnerships, that our credibility would be lost around the world. we're now respected we're now feared we're now beloved because of this president. he has good relationships with our partners and allies in fact i would even argue they're stronger but now he's actually doing things that his promises during the campaign trail, he's actually coming threw on those promises he's pulling out of that iran deal and said it was the worst deal ever and pulls out. he says jerusalem should be the capitol, excuse me, that's what this president does and hillary clinton is so weak and ridiculous for going to another country and quite frankly, the american president and what he's done for the american people to keep us safe. pete: hogan what's next on iran? where does it go from here? >> look we've already put the largest sanctions ever in place on iran both for their petroleum
6:11 am
industry and also their banking industry as well but look this is what the negotiator in chief, this president is so good at doing. he sets the table on what he wants to do the ultimate goal is to protect america and now what we know from the israeli intelligence is that the jpcla did not prevent a pathway for a nuclear weapon for iran. it actually paved it. we now know that. they're way further along than anyone thought before. the deal was based on a lie and the president got out of it and rightly so. so moving forward the president will do only things to protect this country. ed: hogan this week the first lady unveiled this be best campaign among other things urging children, put kindness in your lives. when one of your colleagues in the white house communication shop decided at a meeting to joke that john mccain's opinion doesn't matter because he's dying of brain cancer do you think that was kind? >> look i wasn't in the meeting i didn't hear the comment. ed: but you've heard the comment now, pardon me. >> right, but ed i don't know if the comment was even made or
6:12 am
not. i can't confirm it. ed: so you're denying she said it? >> no, i'm saying i wasn't in the meeting. ed: she called mccain to apology was it kind? >> i heard that as well. look those comments whether they were made or not made there was some reports in there obviously too about the internal workings of that meeting that just shouldn't be made public. listen we work in the white house every day trying to make this country better and push forward the agenda to this president that was elected to push forth in protecting the american people rebuilding the economy, the president has done those types of things and look in the week where we actually saw the iran deal being torn up, we saw three american citizens come back to this country, those are the things we're focused on -- abby: but hogan why not just come out and apology apologize? its been reported she did call megan mccain and ask for her apology. you mentioned the leak has been a problem for over a year now but why not just come out and
6:13 am
make a statement saying we apologize about this horrific joke simple as that. >> again i wasn't in the meeting i don't know if it was said. we don't comment on internal private meetings in the white house but look if she called megan mccain if that's confirmed to some degree that's up to sell it sadler herself and the mccain family. abby: a very very busy week all over the world particularly where you are at the white house hogan great to see you this morning. >> and it's mother's day happy mother's day. abby: and to your mother as well hogan. >> to my mom especially. abby: at the white house love that. >> we have a photo you said? abby: we do of you and your mom at the white house. >> oh, good. pete: surprise for you too. very cool. thanks hogan appreciate it. ed: coming up a tail of two commencement speeches, mike pence offering college graduates hope while michael bloomberg delivers a dire warning and a look at their messages, next. we had a vacation that kinda put us in a hole.
6:14 am
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abby: welcome back well it is the season for commencement speeches people are graduating college going out into the real world and so before they leave you get a speaker that comes to your school and hopefully gives you some inspiration and hope for the future. well mike pence was, he was in michigan giving just the second time he's spoken there and given the students advice. it was pretty optimistic tone and another speaker was former mayor michael bloomberg had a different take and take a listen to both of these and we'll get your take on the end. >> on the world stage you've seen america embracing our role as leader of the free world with actions just this week on iran, north korea. >> [applause] >> here at home businesses large and small are growing again more than 3.1 million new jobs in the last 15 months, unemployment is at a 17-year low , faith in america is rising again, because president trump and our entire administration
6:18 am
have been advancing the very principles that you learned here in the halls at hillsdale college. the principles that have always been a source of america's greatness and strength. truth is when you leave this place, you're going to find an american filled with promise, being built again anew on a foundation of personal responsibility and individual freedom. in many of those at the highest level of power see the plain truth as a threat. they fear it, they deny it, and they attack it, just as the communist once did and so here we are, in the midst of an epidemic of dishonesty and an endless barrage of lies, when elected officials speak as though they are above the truth, they will act as though they are above the law. if left unchecked these abuses can erode the institutions that protect and preserve our rights and freedoms and open the door to tie ran it and fascism and the only thing more dangerous
6:19 am
than dishonest politicians who have no respect for the law is a chorus of enablers who defend their every lie. abby: i have no idea who he's talking about. pete: you know it's mother's day we want to be positive and happy , it's sunday, might go to church and have brunch but to michael bloomberg cowards talk in code. we know exactly who he's talking about, president trump and he's saying he's worse than communist s and fascists because he uses twitter and has another set of views from the so-called mainstream media. ed: didn't michael bloomberg blow through the term limits in new york city so he can keep serving as mayor? abby: ed i can see you doing the same for yourself. ed: i'd like to keep winning. abby: totally so we asked you what you thought of those commencement remarks so what would you like to hear from a speaker so this is from allen who says college graduates should hear positive comments from speakers instead of negative remarks about our great country. pete: that's right and e-mail says the dualing speeches are the best example of leadership seen in years the contrast is
6:20 am
site on point given "the rock" it political and cultural times we are experiencing yeah two different world's for sure. abby: exactly. pete: if you had a crazy commencement speaker e-mail us at friends@fox there's got to be crazy stuff out there. abby: i was thinking the same thing. pete: somebody give me the chance. abby: have you never given one before? pete: no who will give me the chance. abby: maybe princeton will invite you back. pete: good old high school in minnesota. next week i get -- ed: next weekend. pete: they just said three minutes to give my personal commencement. ed: start writing it. abby: that's a tease. pete: i haven't been this excited since father's day. ed: we can have competing commencement addresses. abby: we've got more coming up. pete: can america vote? we're always thinking of the next competition because i currently hold the trophy. it's the most crazy video you'll see all day an illegal immigrant smuggler blowing through the u.s. border checkpoint. abby: and she's the highest ranking republican woman in congress and the first woman to
6:21 am
have three kids while in office, now just in time for mother's day lisa booth talks to congressman kathy mcmorris roger s about the challenges of being a mom and working on capitol hill it's an interview you did not want to miss right after the break. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. what's in your wallet? roundup for lawns has arrived to put unwelcome lawn weeds to rest. so draw the line. roundup for lawns is formulated to kill lawn weeds to the root without harming a single blade of grass. roundup, trusted for over forty years.
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mr. elliot, what's your wiwifi?ssword? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope!
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which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. abby: welcome back. well she is the highest ranking republican woman in congress and also a mother. so how does congresswoman kathy mcmorris rogers juggle being a mom and leader in the house. fox news contributor lisa booth went to find out herself lisa always good to have you. >> hi, abbey yes and happy mother's day to my mom watching at home as well i love you so much. well, congresswoman kathy mc morris rogers is no stranger to making history while serving in the washington state house she became the first woman in
6:25 am
either party to become minority leader and when she ran for congress in 2004 she was single with no children, but after getting married kathy mcmorris rogers became the first member of congress to have three kids while serving so what can a woman and mothers learn from her this mothers day? take a look. >> being a mom made me a better legislator. how so? >> it just makes me more normal [laughter] now doing it on capitol hill is not typical. this is the best part of the day >> coming home? >> i bet it is. yes. >> hello. hi. >> hi. >> this is lisa. we want to get some snacks? are you hungry? well here you go banana and peanut butter. >> now take me through a physical day. >> a typical day is hard to explain because every day is so different. most mornings is great to be
6:26 am
able to help the kids get ready for school and we try to be out the door at 8:30. >> thank you. >> 8:25. >> very precise. >> tell me a little bit about b ren? >> she's our princess, she love s dressing up in the princess dresses every morning she's trying to get into my makeup bag and then our tom boy, seven years old, she likes sports and climbing trees. >> show me the handshake. tell me about cole. >> he's our 11 year old. he's our first. he's our oldest. cole was born with that extra 21st chromosome, which was unexpected, and it was really tough news. it's not what you dream. you don't dream of having a child with a disability, and it's overwhelming in that moment
6:27 am
and i look back now and contend that if any parent upon the birth of a child were given the likelihood of something going wrong, it would be over becoming a parent in and of itself is overwhelming so you are just trying to wrap your head around this news. i remember it being difficult even to say outloud that our baby had downs syndrome. >> does it all go away when you hold him for the first time? >> oh, you just have that sense that everything is going to be okay. >> and then the navy. >> the navy? >> yeah. you said you wanted to be a congressman too, right? >> i do. >> there's been so much positive because of cole and the fact that he has downs syndrome only makes me more curious as to
6:28 am
the impact that he's going to have on this world. i've learned not to put any limits on him. >> you're on your moms team? >> yes. >> that's a good team to be on. >> thanks, bud. >> so i need your advice. i'm 33. >> [laughter] >> i pride myself in my work but i also want to get married and have kids i want it all. what's your advice for someone like me? >> my husband tells me you can do it all but it doesn't mean you're going to do it all well every day, every moment of every day, so don't be too hard on yourself. >> so when speaker ryan announced his retirement and said that he wanted more time to spend with his family, he didn't want his kids to know him as a weekend dad is that something in the back of your mind? >> sure it is being a working mom on capitol hill is similar to millions of other working moms and i think there always is
6:29 am
that tug of war on your heart. i hope that they see me and one day can be proud that their mom served in congress and represented the people of eastern washington. abby: that was an amazing package lisa. it gives me chills. >> well it was so cool to be on capitol hill with her and see her being boss lady, this tough woman, you know, one of the highest ranking women in the house and then to come home to her house and see her be mom and there was just so much warmth and love her kids adore her, she adores her kids and her son cole told me we're going to be best friends forever so if cole is watching, hey, buddy. her kids were so sweet so it was really special to be behind the scenes and spend time with her. abby: what a role model she is not only to her kids but to young women everywhere that yeah you're not going to be perfect but you can have it all and you can be a mom and do something that you love. >> like you're doing my friend and i have two family members with special needs and so she's a fierce advocate of the
6:30 am
community so we appreciate that. abby: awesome and how she can relate to so many people great work out there. >> thanks, abbey. happy mother's day. abby: you as well. all right you may have heard president trump slamming democrat joe donnelly in his home state. listen to this. president trump: democrats like sleeping joe. joe donnelly will do whatever chuck schumer and nancy pelosi tell him what to do. abby: well now, it looks like the indiana senator maybe feeling that pressure from the president and hillary clinton says americans feel uneasy about women seeking power, diamond & silk, they are here to react and i hear they are fired up. you do not want to miss them in just a few moments. >> ♪ ♪ >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust. plus, with most insurance
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abby: happy mother's day to all of you amazing moms out there you've all been sending us in your photos of your mom. here is our line producer, a great producer on the show with grandma sharon and dana and mom, christine. beautiful family. pete: and kelly kramer, her beautiful little daughter ella. abby: she looks ridiculously cute girl. ed: and one of our great producers, amy with her mom, jennifer. and siblings hope i got
6:35 am
everybody's name right. abby: and here is a throwback photo from senior producer stephanie freeman with her mom carol and little sister mk in downtown chicago in 1987. pete: there's throwback and then there's throw back. i love that well donald here is fox & friends executive producer gavin's wife tracy with their son gavin and cole. ed: and of course fox & friends weekend executive producer shawn growman's mom, shawn's wife lauren and their son. abby: and it was shawn's birthday this week a happy birthday. ed: i'll have to text him. abby: you guys are great. pete: sometimes you forget. abby: do you know whose good with technology our diamond & silk social media stars and trump supporters diamond & silk good morning to you great to have you with us. >> good morning. thank you for having us. abby: so we hear that you've sent in a photo of your mom? >> yes. pete: mom singular?
6:36 am
ed: absolutely. pete: i love that. ed: happy mother's day mom. pete: she's got to be proud. >> she she is. it's because of that woman right there that we are who we are. >> yes, we love her so much. pete: great salute to moms everywhere. ed: so there is this guy tom sty re, he's a liberal you know him for pushing ads about global warming and horrific things are happening and he wants to impeach president trump and now he has this ad that we want you to react to reaching out to moms on mother's day saying, you know , go after your kids who might be conservative supporting trump, watch. >> i started noticing some issues with him maybe in middle school. he was never afraid to talk with girls, but things never really worked out for some reason. i'm worried when he went to college but he came home often, i guess he never really learned to do his own laundry. [laughter] it wasn't until i met his
6:37 am
college buddies that i realized that it might be too late. this mother's day, talk to your child about the gop. ed: so what do you guys think about that? >> well you know, it sounds like what's wrong with these democrats is they're trying to recreate their history or hide their history but we all know the real history about the democratic party how they were the party of the kkk, that created things and the party that's now been fighting our country and do you know what it's time time to vote these democrats out this is the party doing hatred in our country and that we don't need running anything around. >> it's really funny the democrat is all for gun control but okay with killing babies. pete: well think about the implication if you support the gop you must be marching in charlottesville with tiki torches and you're a white supremacist. where does that argument come from? >> listen the gop is the party of freedom okay?
6:38 am
freedom, free to think for yourself and to do whatever you want to do . the democratic party what they want to do is they want to control you and have you in a mindset, but it's not going to work and all americans need to take a look at whose trying to represent their country. this party right here is -- abby: speaking about democrats and someone that still wants to represent the democratic party hillary clinton who did her book tour here in the united states now she's gonnabroad, recently in australia and melbourne had a lot to say about president trump and the iran deal but at one point she talked about women and how americans feel uneasy about women particularly in leadership positions. listen to this. >> there is still a very large proportion of the population that is uneasy with women in positions of leadership, and so the easiest way to kind of avoid having to look at someone on her merits is to dismiss her on her
6:39 am
looks. abby: reaction to that ladies? >> well you know we're not uneasy about women. we were uneasy about her abusing her power and we understand she may have had it on her bucket list to run for president, but guess what? those buckets were full of sand and empty promise and the american people know that so listen she don't get to play musical chairs with the presidency. we've already had a clinton in office, it's time for her to go drink a glass of chardonay and sit down to where she's not running anything. >> or stay in the woods. abby: wow there is some tough words. pete: you know, a mother's day message you might say on this mother's day i think every mother you would agree should have a glass of chardonay this morning, right? >> yes, a glass of good old chardonay, especially hillary clinton. abby: diamond & silk good to see you. pete: appreciate you. >> we love you. abby: i'd love to meet their mom you know she would have a fiery personality. ed: we should have her on. abby: turning now to some other
6:40 am
headlines a lot of news going on starting with this an in legal melissa: sentenced to 30 months in prison for blowing through a border patrol checkpoint severe ly injuring an agent the 28 year old smuggling two other illegals in the floor of the car when he barreled through that checkpoint near san diego crash ing into a stop sign. debris exploding from impacts severely striking a border patrol agent and he's still recovering and has not returned to duty as of yet. also this, senator joe donnelly now backing president trump's pick to lead the cia, gina haspel. he had been facing pressure from the president right in his home state just the other night. take a listen. president trump: joe donnelly will do whatever chuck schumer and nancy pelosi tell him what to do. abby: well, now the indiana democrat says he will support haspel after having a frank conversation with her about her vision for that agency. he is the second democrat now to back her, likely giving her enough votes for final confirmation. and lawmakers in california are
6:41 am
considering replacing either lincoln or washington's birthday with international worker's day. that is real a holiday widely celebrated as may day in the old soviet union the bill sparking serious outrage. >> a day of praise in the soviet union that we all grow up with menacing us with nuclear weapons against us this is insane. this is unamerican. abby: well the bill was narrowly defeated but then reintroduced. pete: [laughter] what do you even say? yeah let's just get to washington and bring in the communists. abby: [laughter] rick? we saw your beautiful mother earlier on the show. changing topics here. rick: yes nicely done. look at this, oh, wait whose the , the men have taken over the women's breakfast that we had here. we had this table setup for women and mothers and now here you're eating your wife's breakfast is what you're doing? >> yes.
6:42 am
rick: well hopefully this is just, you're right here okay, gotcha. we'll get it right. take a look at the weather we stay dry here to start not the case for too long. it's really hot across parts of the south breaking all kinds of temperature records again today as we did yesterday across parts of mid atlantic, northeast you can see that dividing line to the south it's still very warm 88 today in richmond and down across the south this is where it's just hot not so much in florida because we've got rain showers and some are heavy at times 83 in orlando, but you get the idea 98 in la raid o. out across parts of the west that same dividing line the stationary front because it doesn't move and it's going to be the same case for the next couple of days to the north a bit cooler to the south a bit hotter and finally out across the west a little bit more left over rain and high elevation snow, aside from that warm 88 in portland. all right guys back to you inside. abby: thank you, rick. why can't the men just ever let the women have a day? pete: you went straight to the
6:43 am
guys. ed: come on. abby: steak and champaign? pete: it will suck me right in. all right, well -- abby: dumb and dumber i like that. pete: you like that reference? ed: thank you. pete: we'll try harder president trump has a message for congress get a spending deal donald or don't go home for summer vacation. maria bartiromo tells us what it will take to make that happen coming up next. ed: we're celebrating mother's day on the plazament we've got many makeup-ers from benefit cosmetics just ahead. when you combine ancestry's dna test with its historical records... you could learn you're from ireland donegal, ireland and your ancestor was a fisherman. with blue eyes. just like you. begin your journey at
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abby: welcome back. president trump putting the senate on notice in a tweet he warns the senate should get funding done before the august break, or not go home. wall and border security should be included, also waiting for approval of almost 300 nominations, worst in history,
6:47 am
democrats are doing everything possible to obstruct all they know how to do, today. pete: here to react sunday morning futures host maria bartiromo will be on this channel in wait for it wait for it, 13 minutes. all right, stay here, maria great to have you. maria: great to see you. pete: the president laying out the guideline right now don't leave unless you get it done or i'll fight for the border wall. maria: that's right he also said i am willing to let the government shutdown if we do not have this package in place and some spending clawed back. remember this is not clawing back the $1.3 trillion om any bus bill that a lot of conservatives were very upset about that they spent all that money and agreed to really being held hostage just to support the military, it's incredible that the democrats did that having said that this is money in place that has been in place that has not been used yet, so it's perfectly natural to think that okay, if it hasn't been used this money is sitting there maybe we can clawback $15 billion and again the president is saying that he is willing to go to bat even though it's very close to the mid-term
6:48 am
elections bay the way to shutdown this government until the funding is done. it is a little mind boggling that you have a $47 trillion budget over 10 years and you can't find $25 billion for the wall for that. pete: of course i mean that's because is he betting on the fact that a showdown in september might be good for him? the contrast is you've got the open borders crowd that doesn't want the wall versus folks that want to enforce the law and order. abby: you look at congressional approval rating and maybe he's saying i want them to actually do their job and do what the people voted them into do. maria: and it feels like people understand this slow walking that has been going on particularly with these nominations. its taken on average 84 days for one of the president's nominees to actually get confirmed. they want to put on this whole show so that they could stall the president's agenda. the president noticed it and a lot of people watching notice this as well so we'll see. i think he's serious about this. it looks like kevin mccarthy has been working in congress so perhaps we could see some money taken back. ed: you've got common mike mccaul on the show and the
6:49 am
israeli ambassador this big event happening in jerusalem tomorrow. maria: absolutely we'll talk about that as well we talk to dick cheney former vice president this morning. he's got a lot to say about gina haspel as the cia director as well as waterboarding you don't want to miss what dick cheney said. abby: you know what i'd love to meet maria is your mother? maria: yeah. abby: do you have a message for her this morning? maria: i love you so mom mom. my mom taught me one thing work hard and do the right thing and that's why i feel like i've been successful in my life. abby: she's done a good job of that. still ahead of course all morning long we're celebrating mother's day out on the plaza moms are getting makeovers you don't want to miss that maybe ed and pete will jump in too. pete: maybe. >> ♪ ♪ i'm just worried about the house and taking care of the boys.
6:50 am
zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job. it's okay. dad took care of us.
6:51 am
not the conservative guy, travis allen. what about this john cox? talks a big game... but what's he done? a chicago lawyer? huh? thirteen losing campaigns - seven in illinois? cox lost campaigns as a republican... and as a democrat. gave money to liberals. supported big tax increases. no wonder republicans say cox is unelectable in november.
6:52 am
6:53 am
abby: this morning we're celebrating mops everywhere for mother's day and now let's celebrate them with makeovers from benefit cosmetics their national brow artist deanna is here and it's going for a good cause right? >> yes, we're here for moms first of all so happy mother's day to all those moms today at all of our benefit boutiques and brow bars you can come in and get a quick makeover with real products, so stop on by all day today. abby: wonderful. happy mother's day to you. >> thank you. abby: so -- >> so the good news is that in the month of may all benefit proceeds 100% goes to our partner charities. abby: that's wonderful. and so you've done her brows? >> we have. abby: something you learn as you get older that brows make such a big difference and you feel look a different person when you get them right. >> i feel great.
6:54 am
abby: that's wonderful and they are doing it behind you as well? >> yes. abby: this is nicholas' mom, oh, my goodness so nice to see you. this is how it works on your show, they're in your ear but thank you for being here and it's a great cause. >> it's a great cause, go get your brows waxed we have world famous brow products and services and all day today you can get your makeup done. abby: that's wonderful. >> all month of may 100% of all brow wax proceeds go to our charity partners. abby: we'll have that on our website happy mother's day to all of you out here as well thank you for being here on our plaza so important to feel beautiful as well. pete and ed -- ed: great moms out here and what's the best part about being a mom? >> oh, it's having grandchildren after your own children -- ed: so it's not being a mom but being a grandmom. >> no. ed: why because you get to keep it going? >> yeah, and it does make more sense of your own children, it's
6:55 am
just a lovely feeling. ed: that's great, pete? pete: ma'am what's your name? >> mary ellen. pete: you're on tv happy mother's day. >> thank you. pete: absolutely and you congratulated me on my win yesterday. >> finally. pete: any plans for today? >> no we're actually just heading home we were in the city yesterday and we saw my son who lives way uptown. pete: i love it just relaxing on mother's day. that's what i'm talking about great folks here on the plaza always. like all of you. stick with us more fox & friends , thank you everybody for coming out more fox & friends on the other side. ed: more fox & friends coming up >> ♪ ♪ and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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all right, happy mother's day to my sister and my mom. >> this is a picture of my beautiful daughter gwen and her beautiful mother jennifer. >> i love that, happy mother's day to my mom and her mom who's in the hospital right now. to my girl isabelle who made my mother's day very special. >> i'm so happy for that. >> can you say, hi. >> and my husband jeff who i love. >> how is mother hood so far? >> between an a plus and a plus plus. a little inflation never hurt anybody. >> tell us about your first mother's day. >> your life changes like everyone says.
7:00 am
>> a plus and a plus plus. >> can you say happy mother's day to all of the mother's out there. happy mother's day to everybody out there. >> head to our website for the after the show show. we have goodies on there. welcome and good sunday morning everyone. happy mother's day to all my hero mothers everywhere. president trump is looking to graft a deal with north korea. we have two gop congressman this morning. then some red state democrats are feeling the heat to support the president ahead of the midterms. thank you for joining us. president trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal ahead of the summit with kim jong-un. this has tension flaring up and tar rest strike again in paris.


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