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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  May 13, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day. president trump wins the reloose of three american prisoners from north korea. the hottest story payments to michael cohen. an accusation by stormy daniel's lawyer. >> michael cohen shouldn't be selling access to the president trump of the united states. this is a big deal. >> what is alleged is one of the most serious claims you could make in connection with the entire muller probe. >> it's a bomb shell because it connects a russian guard paying $500,000 into a bank account
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basically that michael cohen was using to payoff hush money to stormy daniels. >> thank you to danielle's lawyer we know michael cohen has used essential consulting for much more than sex hutch money deals. >> there have been quiet a few mistruths stated by michael who has brought on some of these other networks. it's like an analyst. they forget he's rep celebritying a client. >> instead he says something and then the russian group runs behind it. >> they warrant this constant coverage. a media flurry over a while the house aide making fun of john mccain's health. has our culture come to this.
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the new yorker forces the resignation of new york attorney general eric schneiderman over horrible allegations of beating up former girlfriends. >> the president has been accused of sexual assault and some are taking glee in this. >> he accused donald trump of being a racist and fraud. he's himself. richly i ronic he was one of the loudest and most effective crusaders. >> why are some of them disgracing them the president of physical abuse. the first lady draws flak for helping children. why did a news paper make a false story about her marriage. this is media buzz.
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when president trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal it was big news. on cnn and msnbc did story bus pump to the latest about michael cohen. an american company with strong ties to a russian company paid the president's personal lawyer $500,000. he took in millions of dollars from major corporations as at&t at&tkorean industry. how much attention tuesday this deserve. joining us is julian turner. hemingway is a fox news contributor. capri is a senate leader in owe. julian, these disclosures are not knew but more important than the global impact of the iran nuclear agreement. >> is that a rhetorical question.
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the answer is so obvious which is no, they are not more important than u.s. nuclear threats. the nuclear threat against the united states from iran and north korea and the fact that the administration saved three hostages. when it comes to the president pulling out of the deal in particular the widespread panning from the media was really a reflection of what the policy community was saying in the incident. analyst across the board who were initially critical of the deal said now that we are in the deal it's important we stay in the deal so the u.s. lives up to it's word. the media was reflecting that sentiment. >> just to pun che harp on thatt let's come back to cohen as
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other channels do allot. what does it till you about the focus of cnn and msnbc. what does it say about the news about cohen getting fired. which have close ties to the russian bill narrow. it's been questioned by rob bitter mull letter's office. >> this was one thing highlighted. it's important to point it out right away. there was a criminal lake by some government agency. this is the latest in a tremendous series in criminal leaks. when they claimed they would be investigating. it'sdy signed to create a narrative. it was an american company that paid th essential consulting. that was ha big done nor t donoe
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clinton foundation. what was much more interesting was the department of justice leaking to the post what they were suggestioning was the -- sg they have a mole. that was a big story not getting a lot of coverage. >> fox prime time shows barely mentioned the payments. a. i believe it deserves coverage but the question becomes what do journalist focus on. it seems the cnn and msnbcs focused on the building the narrative as molly mentioned. there are some serious issues here i think warrant more scrutiny. one being would it have been necessary for michael cohad i known to be a registered lobbyist if he will represent companieslike at&t.
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>> although, no one has evidence he went to government officials to change their policies. >> agreeagreed. there was a memo about what att expected of him. this man is being sanctioned by the united states government. i think that, you know, if i-will talk ability the issue of russia in this context it's more about why is someone doing business with somebody who has been sanctioned. that's why it's important to know it was an american company. >> let me take a broader view. the media is shocked to discovering there is gambling in casablanca. i'm not defending the practice but d.c. is a swampy place. this has gone on for many
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administration. you higher someone who is a friend in the white house because you are looking for access and somebody that can carry your message. >> there is no one that they lout or are suspicious of. the national media is more critical of lobbying than the trump administration at large. there is no surprise the press zeroed in on michael cohen's lobbying firm called essential consulting. strange name. essential consults. they are a mega million dollars deals with big companies. >> that would be huge news to the american public had a problem. i believe the people have a problem. i don't think it's well covered. the michael cohen coverage is gross. people trade access for money. it happens all over the place.
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have you heard the name tony or rob emanual. >> they shuttered after speculation from the media in the wake of disclosures. >> let's not forget -- >> i disagree. >> go ahead. >> i disagree. i think the media keeps a good watchdog eye on a lot of lobbying. >> there is an exception. people think all of these lay firms do when they hire former white house officials. it's all about access and influence. >> it it's riglated. people outside the swamp thy arthritickenned president for draining the swamp. someone so close to him taking this money. >> i wanted to say saul of the millions of dollars of
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consulting and lobbying firms combined have had less coverage than cohen head. this is a daily industry. i did see one company make a point that this is what the town is about. >> i agree. at&t said it was a big mistake. they said he was hired to help with the merger with time warner which the trump justice department opposed. this happens all of the thyme and doesn't make it right. some people are so shocked over it. let's come back to michael. lit's hear from him first and ask a question on the other side. >> there has been criticism about how often i'm on cnn and your show and other networks. it's a bunch of nonskins. nonsense but it's working. it's networking in spades.
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>> he's been on nsnbc and nnn more than 100 times. >> he's a front man for a well funded operation that has received next to no criticism. i saw something that thousanded he had $175 million in free coverage on the various networks. it's worth asking who is this guy. how does he have access to special documents. he represents stormy daniels. he said she's not paying him. it's worth finding out more about who's driverring the coverage. >> some of the information he has that's part of the treasury investigation they had a different michael cohen in canada. don't you think till vision anchors and reporters need to question highjack for aggressively instead of saying
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what do you have on trump and stormy. >> the networks have really taken the bate. michael is a self- promoter. there hasn't been a counterpoint to what they have said. there is no questioning of michael. it's just tell us more dirt and there is no checks and balances. that's not jurialism. i would like one european point. i just saw today that michael had dinner just this weekend with the famous journalist that took down new york's attorney begunnural. >> michael cohen is not talking. reporters chase him into a taxi. his attorney is not out there
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very much. you have another lawyer who seems to enjoy being on television. he speculates getting his own show one day. he's a camera ready guy. does it seem embalanced. >> it does. laura made the opening that he's treated like an analyst or commentator on the programs but he's the representative. i would just say isn't it important to provide a counter point to that narrative. if he's the lawyer representing stormy daniels. the president's representative should speak out more as well. >> it east michael cohen under investigation on these points. let me get a brooke. there is a rumor that the first lady is not living in the white
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this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. john mccain is battling brain cancer. saddler made a crack about him not backing the cia director. she said it doesn't matter, he's dying any way. fox banned this guy for saying this for saying he suffered torture as a pow. >> the fact is it worked on john. that's why they call him song bird jon. >> he apologized on a call with
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megan mccain. >> i don't understand what kind of environment you are working in where that's acceptable and have a job. my father's legacy will talked about for 100 years. these people, nothing. >> whether people like john mccain or not like him as a politician given his there history of service to the country. for white house initials to talk about him dying. >> it's an inseasonstiv insensi. i saw a reporter say no one leaked this. they were just sharing a private conversation but this is another way of saying a leak. when someone says something bad and someone else goes and tells everybody it's worth asking what was hoped to be gained by this
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and sharing this comment that will hurt a sufficien suffering. it's an interesting media story and personal story. >> someone in the white house released this jock. i'm willing to believe the person was so offended by the casablanca yulcasual cruelty. >> it could be or an emmy of sadler. i'm not sure if the media coverage of this is calling on the calls for her to resign which has been getting ire time. whether journalist or commentators are saying it. the calls for her to resign holds her to a higher standard. who called for the president to
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resign when he did the exact same thing during the campaign. >> i will point out the white house isn't comet wanting because it's a leak. kelly hasn't said anything. good for fox for banning tom over this comments. torture breaks everyone. john mccain was in prison for five and half years. he can't lift his arms over his head because of the beatings he went through. he refused early release because he was an admirals son. he doesn't deserve that. >> the man is an american hero. no matter how he conducts himself in the united states senate. he has the right to represent the people the way he sees fit. the joke coming out of the white house is one of a larger
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narrative in washington. in political discourse at large. we have come to the point where it east okay to basically despairage a prisoner of war who severed his country admirably. there wasness of the dinner. john mccain doesn't dissever this. >> his legacy is secure. there is a belief that you can leak information and that's civil. it's uncivil to say something privately. penal look at this as junior high school. it's shiring negative information and comes off very petty. we understand civility should be privately and with the leaks.
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>> charles payne apologized to mccain. also reported that sarah huckabee sanders and said that was uncomfortable. she was also reported to have said i'm sure the conversation will leak too. i thank you you all. the new yorker ends the career of the new york attorney general. up next, the first lady steps into the media spotlight. are the media fair to the first lady? hasn't left my side. with the right steps, 80%of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. a bayer aspirin regimen is one step to help prevent another stroke. so, i'm doing all i can to stay in his life. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. this is not just a yard. it's where memories are made. and you have the best seat in the house.
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balanced life. >> there was some straightforward coverage. some journalist picked up on a washington post report saying the first lasteddy and husband lead separate lives. >> the washington post amongst many things reported there are rumors. mrs. trump doesn't live-in the white house and lives with her parents somewhere in the suburbs. what do you make of those rue rumors? >> i make of the fact that the washington post can't get things anymore wrong they do. that's an outrageous claim. >> i spoke earlier with a reporter from fox news 24/7 headlines. >> the rumor is reported in the 57th paragraph followed by officials saying it's false. would you have published the
8:27 am
rumor. >> no, i wouldn't have. to their credit every time they did have a claim from an unnamed source they did back it up by talking to the first lady's spoke person. still, that was published and it sticks with people. the fact that i felt like i was reading star magazine instead of the washington post is a problem. i think this article really crossed the line on several occasions. the most glaring was when they talked about the president never photographed with his son baron. it felt forced at times. i believe some people will read this article and take it with a grain of salt and say part of it is true and part of it isn't. the fact of the matter is this is not a tabloid this is the washington post. >> it's fair to criticize an
8:28 am
initiative. even to say her cyberbullying campaign is undercut by her husband's attacks on twitter. do you find some of this is dismissing or mocking. >> i really do, it all does usually focus around their marriage. the president and first lady are independent people. she's not the kind of person that will go up and hug someone in public. >> uh-huh. >> when she unveiled her initiative she was affectionate with the president. many say that moment was forced and staged. they can't win no matter what they do. a lot of that has to do with the stormy daniels situation and that's real. you should leave that kind of stuff to certain publications and twitter not serious news sources. >> we have a half minute. some say she was ripping off a booklet from the obama
8:29 am
administration. her spokeswoman hit the opposition media psiing it's one document. we didn't make a sec rit that this had been out there before. does this suggest she can't catch a break. >> also the fact they were criticizing the name of the initiative. saying she may have copied michelle obama because in 2016 she said be better. i didn't know anybody could stake claim on be better. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks a lot. the media are downplayingish i-ingdown playing the issue.
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>> it took less than three hours for eric schneirderman to resign after new yorker published devastating accusations from four former girlfriends accusing him of beating them and threatening to kill them. >> they described serious allegations of abuse, slapping, hitting, choking. bear in mind this was an individual who was public champion of women's rights who,
8:34 am
in fact, introduced antichoking legislation. >> because schneirderman has been investigating and suing donald trump, some commentators wrote about story about the president. >> it's interesting to see people in president trump's gloating about this given that there are plenty of charges against president trump as well. >> but instead of going after schneirderman for his misdeeds and abuse of office, today's never trump media merely used the scandal, it's just another vehicle for trashing conservatives. >> joining us to analyze gail trotter and in new york, kathy, publisher of catalina magazine. gail, reporting terrible allegations and eric
8:35 am
schneirderman quitting almost immediately, powerful criticism. >> something that should be commended o. >> kathy, a lot of left-leaning journalists, people who had him as guest, felt betrayed because he was a democrat who did put himself forward as champion of women's right and sued harvey weinstein and there was sense on the left. >> he betrayed women and humanity. the story is awful but it's beautiful journalism. this is a free press and this is what the suppress supposed to do. they uncovered something terrific and horrible, look at what happened as it result, this is journalism at its best. >> i think we have a consensus, what about sexual allegations against him, what do you make the way the story started to turn? >> classic case about what
8:36 am
aboutism and these are shocking and appalling allegations and questions that remain unanswered especially who knew what and when they knew it and we see this shift to washington post article that headline is trump, schneirderman, changing shape of sex scandal, completely changed from important investigation that had been done that needed to be continued and followed up onto tie republicans and particularly president trump. howie: kathy, this was because donald trump, jr. and kellyanne conway seemed to enjoy downfall. >> still, this is the way journalism works now. we had the story come out and now comes the analysis and you do have a president in the white house that has his own allegations going on, sexual allegations from different women, the stormy daniels is every day in the news, so we hear now that this man, democrat resigned because he couldn't
8:37 am
lead because of what was going on in his personal life, so people are turning around and say, can our president lead at this critical time given what's going on with these allegations. so it only makes sense that the news cycle can start turning. this is the way journalism is. howie: and also reflects, some partisanship in the media, so two very different. >> maybe, maybe. howie: nbc has conducted, completed internal review of the matt lauer firing and decided that senior management was unaware of the sexual harassment allegations against the former today anchor. that probe got criticism, it was conducted in-house, no outside law enforcement. lauer's former cohost, she went to management a couple of times about women who came to her to complain about lauer. let me get you two on one other thing, the president tweeting after study by conservative media group reflects other
8:38 am
studies that network news coverage of the president is 90% negative, but the president attacked onto that tweet, why do we work so hard in working with the media when it's corrupt? take away credentials question mark, gail, does that go too far? >> no equivalent of trump's bigger button tweet to kim jong un. howie: he's going nuclear with the press. >> he's telling them he has the capacity and the media does not understand that president trump is not tied to playbook. the media think that is the president should not be able to criticize the press and should not suggest fake news and bad reporting, president trump just wants the press to play fair. howie: when you bring up credentials, one thing to do it as candidate in some cases, it's different when you do it white house, i don't think donald trump would do this, it's taking a slap at the press, does it
8:39 am
give ammunition that the president would trample on first amendment. >> this is horrible. is this a dictator, are we in cuba, russia, china. this is not state-runed newspapers. howie: it's just a tweet. >> just a tweet, i had my white house press credentials and you work hard to get credentials, they don't hand out to anyone. to sake they will take away credentials, we need the media, every man to sit inside and ask tough questions. >> they need to be responsible with them? >> it's not easy to get credentials, we worked hard to get them, just anyone from the street cannot just walk in, yeah. howie: they do need to be responsible in coverage but i don't think the penalty should be pull get away pred -- credentials.
8:40 am
great debate, kathy, gail, great to see you both this sunday. coming up nick, liberals like him have become as the president they mock. later, nbc attack on sarah huckabee handers that went too far we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance. more sounds great. gotta love more... right, honey? yeah! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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howie: number of white house officials have said on the program that the media are
8:44 am
fixated on president trump's style that they give short to what the audience cares about. he's so dominates the round the clock coverage the media attention to serious issues is utterly shadowed. i spoke with two-time pulitzer winner from new york. welcome. >> good to be with you. howie: you're a strong critic to have president. his supporters have long said that the media trump obsession dye -- distracts from serious issues, you and fellow liberals and journalists are infected with the same fever, explain. >> i think it's important to have accountability journalism at this time and from my point of view that means rigorous investigative reporting about president trump but i also think that there is a danger that he subbings all the oxygen out of the room and there is so much more happening besides president trump, besides what he's saying
8:45 am
and besides what he's doing. you look around the world, you have a genocide unfolding in menmar, 65,000 people dying of drug overdoes this is year. you have enormous problems in american education and health care and so and so on. i think we in journalism have to figure out how to do a better job of absolutely holding the president accountable and covering the washington story but not losing site -- sight of all the rest that's going on around the country and -- out how let me jump in here. if all trump all of the time is the media business model for 2018 as you say, then it seems that it's driven about ringing cash registers than solid journalism that doesn't focus obsessively about donald trump. >> i think it is about business models and i think that in 2016
8:46 am
we made that mistake, as long as cameras were pointed at then candidate trump then audiences followed. now i think that so long especially in cable television frankly that as long as the topic is president trump and the things he's doing then audiences follow and there was some concern as you know, some anxiety and news rooms back in 2016 that we had a lot of audiences, a lot of clicks and that hillary clinton was going to win the election and then government be boring and audiences would flee. howie: that turned out not to be a problem. >> there is not a problem. howie: very candid that you write, progressives snobs like me, the truth is we don't pay attention either, cocktail parties, dinner table, all we talk about these days is trump. we complain about trump but we have become as well. we caught contagious that we
8:47 am
mock. >> i think it's exactly true. i think it's especially true if you look around the world that the issue that is we cover are those that are politically controversial, where president trump has some involvement, but issues, you know, meymar is a good example, we in the media have dropped the ball on it or global humanitarian crisis, sedan, or even these various domestic issues that don't have a strong political connection like the deaths of 65,000 americans from -- from opioids and other drug overdoses. howie: in fairness the president has made issue and talked about it, but it sounds like you agree with the trump white house that the coverage is often not terribly substantive? >> yeah, i mean, i would
8:48 am
hesitate to say that that's the essence of the trump white house media criticism. howie: part of it. they tell me this all of the time. >> well, i do think that there is, indeed, valid point that we tend to cover kind of the political side of president trump and we don't adequately cover the action that is he takes especially from the field but above all, we essentially cover the political agenda and president trump's agenda and i think progressives like myself too often let him drive that. howie: you say you talked about trump on date nights with your wife, enjoy your next date. >> good to be with you, howie. howie: after the break, "the new york times" discusses mike pompeo and winds up with egg on his face there's little rest for a single dad.
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howie: after president trump pulled out of the iran deal "the new york times" ran piece of mike pompeo headline at a key moment trump's diplomatic thousands of files away, that's true, he was winning the release of three american prisoners from pyongyang. >> i think our secretary of state despite the fact that "the new york times" said he was missing, he was in north korea but i think our secretary of state has done a fantastic job. mike, did you know that you were missing? howie: we are back with gillian turner, i bumped into mike pompeo, he said he hadn't seen the story, he was traveling. that was breaking news to him. whui do you think the media covered freedom of prisoners in. >> the media missed the mark across the board. i felt by criticizing the
8:53 am
secretary of state by not being in the united states while he was actually, you know, doing his job, and then also for the way that they covered president trump's travel in the middle of the night to the tarmac where the plane was land today personally greet the hostages, missed the mark, showed up all of the biases that the media does every single day. howie: people say it was a stunt. very different when bill clinton won the release in 2009, three female -- two female journalism of north korea. you will cover the world wedding, prince harry, meghan markle. only one reporting in the chapel. harry hates the press. do you feel like you're in the outside looking? >> i'm happy to be there. howie: it's not north korea. >> i spoke to a british source yesterday who told me that this is common knowledge in the uk, prince harry and meghan markle
8:54 am
since she has become girlfriend, are disappointed of coverage they have received as couple. not just the tabloid press in uk that can bitter and vicious but the actual mainstream media in europe has been unkind to her, making derogatory comments ant her race, making derogatory comments about coupling, it's been brutal for them. howie: quite a fish bowl. in harry's case it's not unrelated that his mother died being chased by paparazzi. >> aside from that -- howie: americans love royal wedding. there's a whole lot more interest because of meghan markle, american, actress, biracial, divorce, not exactly your ce sington palace bride. >> she's 37 year's old, princess diana was 21. everything about her is different and this is why the
8:55 am
mainstream media has rightly pointed out just the fact who she is is modernizing the monarchy and she's changing the face of things and i think that's good for everybody. howie: i love that you talk today a british source about the feelings because it let's us know what it looks like from a journalist point of view. if you're meghan markle and you're suddenly you're so scrutinized it's got to be difficult. >> at the going of courtship u harry put out statement defending her and telling media to lay off because it's ugly. from the begins it has been a trip. howie: have a great trip. apology from nicole wallace and new york time's story that turns out not to be fake news ress 6 concerns of aging, including heart health, supported by b-vitamins. your one a day is showing.
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i had a very minor fender bender tonight! in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. howie: nicole wallace, the bush white house official turned msnbc host was skewing sarah huckabee sanders to apologize to
8:59 am
senator mccain when he said this about the press secretary. >> why can't she just said if staffer said that we will get to the bottom of that and she'll be fired. howie: wallace has tweeted an apology. that was the right move. new york times reported that homeland secretary kristin nileson was upset that she came close to resigning but a dhs spokesperson called the story false. john kelly called neilson former deputy to implore her not to quit which means despite the denials the time's piece was essentially right. that's it for this edition of media buzz. i'm howie kurtz, we hope you like our facebook page, hope you will continue the page with me on twitter, post a lot of original content on facebook,
9:00 am
dvr the show, we are back here next sunday 11:00 eastern next sunday with the latest buzz. ♪ ♪ >> secretary of state mike pompeo discussing north korea. he held a candid conversation with chris wallace on fox news sunday this morning, america's top diplomat offering details about meeting with kim jong un and discussing what he hopes will be a productive summit next month between president trump and north korea's dictator. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm eric sean. arthel: and i'm arthel nfl, secretary pompeo react to go north korea announcing that it's plan to go destroy nuclear test site within the next two weeks. mr. pompeo calling a good news for the world as a whole and saying the u.s. could be on the cusp of making history and president trump