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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  May 13, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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. greg: thanks to jedidiah bila, dan roebuck, kat timpf, tyrus and awesome studio audience. [cheers] . greg: i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. rick: new fallout from president trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. the country's still in it, but could take measures to counteract u.s. sanctions, sparking the white house to warn any nation help in tehran will be held accountable. good evening, i'm rick leventhal. this is the "fox report." the u.s. exit from the deal prompting thousands of iranians to take to the streets in protest while the uk and its european allies work to salvage the pact. the iranian country says he is committed to upholding the agreement calling president trump's decision, quote, a violation of morals. the white house not backing down insisting this is the only
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way forward. >> if it continued, it would have given iran extraordinary economic benefits, without any guarantees of iranian performance. the rationale for getting out of the deal is it was contrary to national security interests when we entered into it and hadn't gotten better with age. rick: garrett tenney following this from washington. how optimistic are the europeans about saving this deal. >> everyone says they support it and iran wants the deal to continue as well. that sounds positive, right? there is one caveat. iran wants to ensure it can get the full benefits the of the deal even after the u.s. backed out. that is what the uk, germany, france, russia are trying to say that sticking in the deal will be worth their wild. iran's foreign minister kick off a tour of meetings starting in china to discuss the future of the deal. back in tehran, iran's president said he is hopeful they can preserve the deal.
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>> if the five remaining countries in the deal accompany us and fulfill their commits and guaranty that benefits will be preserved, this deal will remain in place, despite the will of america and the zionist regime. reporter: iran's president spoke with british prime minister theresa may today and to express the commitment uk and european partners to ensuring the nuclear deal is upheld. rick? rick: doesn't sound like iran is being flexible here. wants the full benefits of the deal and u.s. sanctions could get in the way of that, right? . >> yeah, president trump said this week the u.s. will not only reimpose all the sanctions on iran that existed before the deal but consider sanctions of the highest level on european company that helps iran pursue a nuclear weapon. that has put a lot of european corporations on edge because after the deal was signed, they invested billions of dollars in iran. european officials are lobbying
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the trump administration to exempt those businesses from the sanctions. and fox news sunday secretary of state mike pompeo didn't rule that possibility out, but made it clear what the u.s.' goals are. >> the sanctions regime that is now in place is very clear about what the requirements are. my fission that i've been given by president trump is to work, to strike a deal that achieves the outcomes that protect america. that's what we're going to do, and i'll be hard tat with the europeans in the next several days. reporter: what the trump administration is pushing for is new and separate deal with iran to destabilizing actions in the union. russia and china, not so much, so far iran has said there will be no other deal. rick? rick: garrett tenney in washington. thank you. good news on those three men recently released from north korea. the pentagon says they're in good spirits, coping well, now reunited with families after health examinations at walter reed national medical center.
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the former detainees were let go ahead of that planned summit between president trump and kim jong-un with the north making another gesture of goodwill pledging to dismantle nuclear test site. secretary of state mike pompeo speaking today on "fox news sunday" expressing cautious optimism about kim's stunning shift towards diplomacy. >> he's paying attention to things the world is saying. he too is preparing for june 12. he and his team will be working with him to put our leaders in a position where it's possible we might pull off a historic undertaking. every single cite that the north koreans have that is destroyed, dismantled, eliminated is good news for the american people and the world. rick: historic undertaking. gillian turner has more. reporter: the brand-new secretary of state speaking out after his trip to north korea where he met with dictator kim jong-un and returned home bearing three freed american
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hostages. his tone since his return has been hopeful about the future of washington's relationship with pyongyang, and now he's reiterating that sense of optimism just this morning. >> we will have to provide security assurances to be sure. this has been the trade-off that has been pending for 25 years. no president has put america in a position where the north korean leadership thought this was truly possible. reporter: north korea's foreign ministry announced plans to dismantle nuclear test ground between may 23 and 25. they claim all of the test grounds tunnels will be blown up and journalists from china, russia the u.s. and uk as well as south korea are going to be invited. more signs of goodwill according to pompeo. >> chris, it's good news, every single site that can inflict risk that is destroyed, eliminated, dismantled is good news for the american people, and for the world. reporter: pompeo said friday
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that the u.s. and the north have a shared vision for the future of the korean peninsula and are in complete agreement what they seek to achieve at june 12 summit in singapore. also offered a lifeline to pyongyang's national economy if they can commit to denuclearization. foreign policy experts cautioning that washington and pyongyang don't have the same understanding of the concept of what denuclearization means. they say it's unlikely kim actually intends to follow through on offer and point out the program is the regime's crown jewel. president trump's initial claim was that kim would relinquish all nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles before sitting down to the negotiating table, and with that hotly anticipated summit now just a few weeks out, the window for kim to comply with the president's demand is closing rapidly. rick? rick: gillian turner in washington. so many questions in
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anticipation of that historic north korea summit and the trump administration bracing for foreign policy development, the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. i'm joined by francesca chambers, white house correspondent for the daily thanks for being with us. >> thanks, rick. rick: start with israel since the embassy is opening tomorrow, marking the 70th anniversary of the israeli independence day. but it's also a day that palestinians call their catastrophe. is the move worth it considering the flames it has fand so far? >> well, the trump administration certainly seems to think so. john bolton, the national security adviser to president trump today saying that he believes it will be easier to get a peace deal not harder despite that. they know exactly what's on the table, that moving the embassy isn't something that can be negotiated as a result of that. tomorrow you'll see several u.s. officials in israel for the opening of that embassy. there will be jared kushner, the senior adviser to the
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president and son-in-law. ivanka trump will be there. treasury secretary steven mnuchin and the deputy secretary of state john sullivan as well. rick: palestinians view east jerusalem as their capital of a future palestinian state. so despite what john bolton says, there are those who suggest this is not going to happen. the possibility of some sort of two-state solution here because of the controversial move to jerusalem. >> that has been a long running sticking point through the administrations and the trump administration seems to believe it can get a deal. originally we were told last year they plan to have a peace plan ready to go by this year. however, we haven't heard anything about the peace plan and when it might be revealed any time recently and certainly the administration said as a result of moving the intaeshgs they knew that could potentially be delayed a little bit. rick: seeing what happened in north korea, anything seems possible at this point. most of the world has not followed president trump's lead in moving embassies to
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jerusalem. do you think that anyone else will? >> signaling in europe they'll not be doing that any time soon, but potentially there could be something down the line if it does work out for the united states, but certainly a test case. >> the tensions between israel and iran are ratcheting up and we heard from secretary of state mike pompeo today saying that the embassy move has nothing to do with this. he also says that a new deal between the u.s. and iran is possible. we want to play that sound and get your reaction to it. >> i am hopeful in the face and weeks ahead we can come up with a deal that really works, that really protects the world from iranian bad behavior, not just nuclear program but missiles and maligned behavior as well. we'll be working with the europeans to achieve that. rick: what do you think francesca? >> the administration admitted they are not close to coming to the same terms with the europeans that they would want to see in a deal with president trump. we know president macron of
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france was trying to negotiate a new deal on behalf of europe that encompasses so many of the things that president trump wanted to do. he only said he started working on that when he visited the white house recently. it will take a lot more time. rick: we heard from representative mike mccaul who thinks they are lined up in their corner. here is what he said. >> that is fundamental choice, do i do business with the united states or iran? i pick the united states, that's why we have the ultimate leverage on iran. rick: is that too optimistic? >> many european count rears wondering whether president trump will put the sanctions back, the external sanctions on the companies. today, john bolton said it's possible president trump will but left the door open for the fact that the administration could issue waivers for companies or countries. we'll be waiting to see what happens with that. rick: one more topic, francesca. north korea, the summit june
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12th in singapore. the first time ever a sitting u.s. president will meet with a north korean leader. what do you think we can expect? >> president trump thinks it will be a big success, rick. today we saw mike pompeo, the secretary of state, starting to lower the bar for what a successful outcome would actually look like. if president trump gets to the table and they have a discussion about denuclearization, he seemed to suggest today that would be successful. but as you noted earlier on, they originally had said that it would take complete denuclearization as well as getting rid of the ballistic missile program to be a success. if that's something they can get out of the meeting, i was told by raj shah that is certainly the goal but not necessarily something they expect to happen. rick: francesca chambers, with the daily, thank you very much. we're going to bring you back at the bottom of the hour. we'll look at the large number of democrats testing the waters for 2020.
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lava fissures prompting more evacuations in hawaii as experts fear another eruption could happen any day now. we have a big report from the big island coming up. the white house taking heat after refusing to apologize for a comment allegedly made by an administration aide about senator john mccain. the remark sparking outrage. >> disgusting to say. if it was a joke, it was a terrible joke. i wish somebody from the white house would tell the country that was inappropriate. that's not who we are. today, 97% of employers agree that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day.
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and customer service are critical to business success. whoamike and jen doyle?than i thought. yeah. time for medicare, huh. i have no idea how we're going to get through this. follow me. choosing a plan can be super-complicated. but it doesn't have to be. unitedhealthcare can guide you through the confusion, with helpful people, tools and plans. including the only plans with the aarp name. well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. aarp medicare plans, from unitedhealthcare. . rick: president trump announcing he's working to help a chinese telecommunication company get back on its feet. the commerce department initiated a seven-year ban for smartphone and telecom equipment maker zte doing business with american exporters. it settled charges of violating
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sanctions against north korea and iran. president trump tweeting -- a white house spokeswoman saying moments ago the president's tweet illustrates the importance of free, fair, balanced and mutually beneficial trade relations between the u.s. and china. the white house under fire after refusing to apologize for a tasteless comment made about senator john mccain by an administration aide. white house staffer kelly sadler dismissed mccain's opposition to president trump's cia nominee gina haspel saying in a private meeting -- the comment sparking outrage on capitol hill. >> i personally like john very, very much. he is very well respected in the senate and in the country,
3:17 pm
and jake, it is beyond my comprehension. it is one thing in the white house for somebody to say something crude and stupid and disrespectful of an american hero. it is another thing for them not to apologize. it is beyond my comprehension, i don't know what goes on in that white house. rick: ellison barber is at the white house with more on this. ellison? reporter: rick, the white house said in the past they respect senator john mccain, but when it comes to the comments about senator mccain, one big thing missing is an i'm sorry. instead, what we're hearing from sources is most of the focus at the white house seems to be on the leak. senior white house sources tell fox news there is so much disappointment over the situation and the leak that staff changes are likely coming soon. here's what deputy white house press secretary hogan gidley said on fox and friends this morning. >> i don't know if the comment was made or not. i wasn't in the meeting. i'm not denying it, i wasn't in
3:18 pm
the meeting. that's an internal meeting, a private meeting at the white house. the comments, whether made or not made, there were reports that comments should not be made public. reporter: they believe the controversy itself is overblown and they're disheartened by it because they believe someone on the team is out to get kelly sadler, and the leak of her comments were done out of malice. south carolina senator lindsey graham says the white house needs to do better, mccain's daughter says her father's legacy is bigger than all of this. >> i think most americans would like to see the trump administration do better in situations like this. it doesn't hurt you at all to do the right thing and to be big. >> i don't understand what kind of environment you are working in when that would be acceptable and come to work the next day and have a job. my father's legacy is going to be talked about for hundreds and hundreds of years. these people, nothing burgers. reporter: at a meeting one day
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after reports surfaced about sadler's comments, senior communications aide mercedes schlapp stands with sadler. as for the initial comments, our sources say they were not made as a joke, but rather sadler said them matter of factory. rick? rick: ellison barber at the white house. ellison, thank you. reporter: you bet. rick: history in the making with the opening of the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem set for tomorrow. move coming amid high tension in the region. we'll go to the holy city just ahead. and new developments on the ground in hawaii sparking fears of another eruption. why scientists say the situation there could get a whole lot worse. >> i know people are starting to get concerned, they should have been concerned since last week. people need to consider self-evacuation or voluntary evacuation at this point. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills?
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. rick: chili's grill and bar apologizing to diners for security breach and customer payment information. the company announcing that a, quote, data incident may have resulted in hackers getting access to credit and debit card numbers and names. officials have not released a list of restaurants that were hacked. the company assuring the public it's working to determine the details of the breach and figure out how many customers might have been compromised. there are renewed worries in hawaii where new lava fissures from the volcano have opened up. residents remain on standby ready to evacuate at a moment's notice. jeff paul is live on the big island. jeff, what's the latest concern and biggest concern now for first responders? reporter: well, rick, this is the closest we have been all
3:24 pm
day to the volcanic activity here on the big island. if you take a look behind me, you can see some of the steam coming up pr a road. this is a normal road people take to and from houses, one way in and out, that is steam coming up from the road. fissure, this is how they start right here. a big crack in the road. you can see the exposed earth and then have you venting and after that you have to have lava coming out for it to be considered a fissure. there were 18 fissures, that was downgraded to 17 fissures because one of them didn't have the lava element coming out, rick. rick: can you feel it where you're standing? can you see it and can you feel it? reporter: you can feel the heat a little bit. there's definitely a different smell in the air. fortunately for us, we are in a safe area, the hawaiian national guard is take us out. the wind is blowing away from us. nothing coming this way. earlier we were at a scene where there was lava and you
3:25 pm
could see the heat coming off of the lava but the heat was working with us and we couldn't feel the heat where we were standing. rick: jeff, we're hearing things could get worse, what could happen now with all the fissures opening up? >> as we keep seeing more and more fissures, the danger is the volcano could blow its top and send massive boulders into the air, ash for miles. i think a lot of the hawaiian national guard members out here, trying to get people to leave scenes like, this once a road like this is covered with lava, there isn't much they can do to get out of there. they can fly out there, conditions are like this and you don't do much for them. rick: how much warning could you or would you get? >> wouldn't be much warning at all. earlier this morning there was a fissure and you heard rumbling, it was hard to tell where it was coming from. it's mother nature, totally unpredictable. if that were to happen, it shoots in the air, and it's
3:26 pm
anyone's telling where it's going to go. rick: jeff paul for the fox news channel, we appreciate your reporting in hawaii. now mark levin with a look at his show tonight. >> this week on "life, liberty & levin," gary sinise, don't miss it. rick: levin, "life, liberty & levin" tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. who will president trump face off against in 2020? dozens of democrats are considering it, even trying out catch phrases. how the field is shaping up. plus ivanka trump and jared kushner arriving in israel ahead of emotional day as the u.s. officially opens new embassy in jerusalem. >> historic moment. we need to celebrate it and we are grateful for president trump for finally, many presidents promised to move the embassy to jerusalem.
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. rick: i'm rick leventhal, welcome back to the "fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, the opening of new u.s. embassy in jerusalem hours away. israel is bracing for protests. president trump's decision to move the embassy from tel aviv has infuriated palestinians. critics calling it a major setback for any potential peace process but secretary of state mike pompeo says the administration is not giving
3:31 pm
up. >> the peace process is most decidedly not dead, we're hard at work at it. we are hopeful we can achieve a successful outcome. we are aware of the situation on the ground. the united states government has taken a number of actions to ensure that not only our governmental interests but the american people in that region are secure as well and comfortable. we've taken action. rick: for more on all this, we go to david lee miller in jerusalem. reporter: rick, here in jerusalem, it's been a day of confrontation, anticipation and celebration. hours before the ceremony marking the relocation of the u.s. embassy, president trump's daughter ivanka, her husband, presidential adviser jared kushner and steve mnuchin landed in israel. along with other dignitaries they attended a welcoming ceremony in jerusalem at the foreign ministry. prime minister benjamin netanyahu told the crowd president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's
3:32 pm
capital and to most embassy has made the alliance between the u.s. and israel stronger than ever. >> this is a momentous time. president trump is making history. we are deeply grateful, and our people will be eternally grateful for his bold decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and to move the embassy there tomorrow. reporter: a u.s. delegation including u.s. ambassador to israel david friedman and jason green black will be among the 1,000 invited guests attending the embassy opening. dozens of foreign diplomats will attend. representatives of germany, france and the uk, countries which disagree with president trump's middle east policies will not be on hand. the location of the new embassy is currently a u.s. consulate building in the arnona neighborhood of jerusalem. there is no timetable when a new embassy will be built.
3:33 pm
u.s. ambassador david friedman says it is in keeping with president trump's campaign promises. scuffles broke out in a portion of the old city between arabs and jews, muslims refer to it as the noble sanctuary. followers of both religions consider the area to be holy. further conflict is expected when palestinians are expected to hold mass demonstrations along the gaza border, protesting the embassy move as well as the anniversary of israel's founding, which they call the great catastrophe. and lastly, this was a day of celebration here in israel's capital. thousands took to the streets for jerusalem day. the event marks the reunification of jerusalem under israeli control following the '67 war. rick? rick: david lee miller in our mideast bureau. fox will have complete coverage of the embassy opening
3:34 pm
including "outnumbered" with harris faulkner right here on the fox news channel. dozens of democrats testing the waters for possible run for party's nomination and a bid to deny president trump a second term. michael scherer writes in "washington post" -- let's bring back francesca chambers, white house correspondent for the welcome back. >> thanks, rick. rick: a lot of politicians including senator cory booker, former vice president joe biden, kamala harris and entertainers like oprah. anyone stand out in your mind? >> if you thought the field was
3:35 pm
large last time when there were 17 republicans running, you named the heavy hitters. take a look at a couple of them. joe biden, the former vice president. he is someone who out of all of them so far demonstrated he is willing to stand up to president trump when he disagrees with him. you will recall they had the issue a few months back where they offered to fight each other? that's something the candidates have to deal with if they face off against president trump in 2020. he called other candidates raft time low energy jeb. he went after ted cruz as lyin' ted. they are certain to be called names by him and what will you do if president trump comes after you? there are other candidates who tried to stand up to him like bernie sanders saying it would beyond his comprehension that the white house had not said that it was unacceptable for an aide to have made a remark about john mccain and his health. so you have those two examples
3:36 pm
whereas you have other democrats focusing on the economy. focusing on racial issues, and all looking to find a message in that very crowded field. rick: i don't think it's if the president comes after them, it's when the president comes after them. bernie sanders was on state of the union this morning, he went after president trump pretty order. >> what the american people perceive is you have a president who says one thing and does another. i think in many ways you have a president who said something during the campaign that is moving in a very, very different direction after he took office. rick: we keep hearing things like this is a pivot point for what it means to be a democrat. this is a critical race for the party. >> well, the white house would argue that president trump has not actually changed his position on so many of these things. he said he would move the embassy from tel aviv. he did. that he said he would pull out of the iran deal, he did. that the same thing for the paris climate accord.
3:37 pm
this is what he told voters he would do and he's following through on campaign promises. there's a large question as to whether most americans like what president trump is doing in office. he has very low approval ratings. so that creates an opening for a democrat to be able to run against him successfully in 2020. but again, with so many of them and such a crowded field, how will one of them potentially break out with the message? bernie sanders having run already has quite a large group of people who already know who he is and has a large national platform and he's been campaigning almost nonstop since the end of that election battle first for hillary clinton and the democratic party. that would give him a head start in this race. rick: it would make sense the president's successes would make it tougher for potential opponents to have a shot at him. >> and polling is showing, however, that voters don't necessarily want the democratic candidate who just says i'm anti-trump. they want that person to have a
3:38 pm
message and whether that is the economy, which, by the way voters are saying they're very happy, one issue where they are and the polls very happy with president trump and moving forward potentially if president trump is looking to strike a deal with north korea, that's something else and the tax cut deal. so going into the 2020 election, he could have a few successes to run on there. rick: the list that we talked about is stensive and you have youth versus experience, brawlers versus healers, politician versus entertainers. one more quote from the article -- certainly, president trump is outside of that group. >> and with the midterm elections coming up, all of those democrats will have many opportunities to go out and get
3:39 pm
on the stump and start talking to voters and testing out those messages but building very important allies. if the people they're stumping for get elected they can endorse them in 2020 and campaign for them as well. rick: francesca chambers, thanks for sticking around tonight. >> thanks, rick. rick: the golden state killer linked to more murders, where joseph deangelo is facing more charges? a u.s. facility built during the cold war getting renewed focus after president trump's decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. a rare look inside cheyenne mountain where experts are preparing for the worst?
3:40 pm
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. rick: the suspected golden state killer due in a sacramento county court days after prosecutors filed additional murder charges against joseph deangelo. this time in santa barbara county. deangelo is accused of killing four people there in the 1970s and 80s, he's also been charged with four killings in orange county, two in ventura county and two in sacramento county during the same time period. last month, police arrested deangelo after linking him to a string of killings using dna from a genealogy website.
3:44 pm
the end of the cold war did not mean the end of nuclear threats. there's progress with north korea but it has nukes and the ability to deliver them, and iran could resume its nuclear program. so the u.s. keeps watch, from keep inside a fortress, buried inside a mountain in colorado. here's a look at the unseen outpost where our nation keeps its eyes on the world's bad actors. the year was 1967. american involvement in vietnam was growing and already controversial. ♪. reporter: the monkee's topped the charts, number one for 10 consecutive weeks. >> it's spencer tracy as you've never seen before. reporter: the nation mourned the death of spencer tracy, and a mysterious military installation, the cheyenne
3:45 pm
mountain complex in colorado springs opened 25 ton doors. it took years and a million and a half pounds of dynamite to blast through thousands of feet of solid granite. cheyenne mountain is the most fortified military installation in north america. conceived and constructed during the cold war when a soviet nuclear attack was a chillingly real possibility. as americans learned to prepare for the worst-case scenario of all-out nuclear war. >> first, you duck, and then you cover. reporter: the army corps of engineers was busy hollowing out a cavern deep inside cheyenne mountain, erecting inside a complex of 15 buildings, each rests on massive springs, shock absorbers so the people, the building and equipment can ride out any type of seismic event, including shockwaves from a nuclear detonation. >> this is born out of fears of
3:46 pm
the cold war and nuclear attack, right? >> it was. early design concepts were developed in the late 50s with construction starting in '61. >> and the idea is that you have a fortress in here impenetrable from the outside, no electromagnetic pulse even nuclear attack? >> correct. it was designed to survive and endure all those types of threats. reporter: the hundreds of people who work here commute through a long tunnel arriving at the twin blast doors. >> those are serious doors. we have twin 25-ton blast doors to protect the inner workings of the complex. reporter: the doors open and close in sequence to let staffers in and out, but one of the two doors remain closed around the clock from 1967 until 1994, well after the cold war was over and the soviet union disbanded. these days, both are left open unless there say drill or a threat to the nation. >> when was the last time these
3:47 pm
doors were closed due to an emergency? >> last time would be on september 11th, there was a nonresponsive aircraft that departed san diego. it was over colorado at the time that the u.s. grounded all air traffic and because they couldn't reach the pilot, we closed the doors just as a precautionary measure. reporter: the primary mission of the cheyenne mountain installation to monitor missile launches. any launch, anywhere in the world is instantly seen. >> we actually get data sent to us from sites all over the world and space and we process that data and send it to norad, u.s. north com, so the decision-makers can make decisions about launch these have taken place. reporter: the air force personnel on the front lines of high-tech, keeping tabs on the threats facing this country. >> got to be a pretty big burden, huh? >> i wouldn't use the word burden. i feel honored to be able to
3:48 pm
sit in the mountain and protect everybody, friends, family and again allies, country, everything. it feels good to do something that is a part of the fight. reporter: given recent bellicose language from north korea, syria, russia and iran, it's clear the worries of the cold war era remain alive today, as does the need for vigilance inside this granite fortress. >> you guys drill all the time, but we could wake up any day and you're watching the screens and it's the real deal. somebody is launching an icbm? >> correct, if that were to occur, we're ready, if that is the worst day in american history, the airmen on duty are ready to react and do what's necessary to protect americans. rick: john scott reporting from inside cheyenne mountain. learning new details about a suspected terrorist in paris who stabbed random people with a knife in the heart of downtown. police trying to determine
3:49 pm
whether the suspect is acting alone? we're live with the latest next. plus a little girl in louisiana on a very important mission to pay tribute to police officers coast-to-coast and honor those who were lost as they were trying serve and protect. >> to have a young person like that really just share that love that she has for police officers, it warms our hearts. especially on a day like this when we're remembering those that we've lost. ♪ i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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. rick: new developments in the paris terror investigation. authorities say they've detained the parents and friend of the dead suspect. this as they try to figure out whether he had assistance in last night's stabbing spree that left one person dead and four others wounded. bryan llenas is following this
3:53 pm
story for us. reporter: isis released a new video claiming to show the knife attacker who stabbed five people killing one last night in central paris. isis took responsibility for last night's attack calling the knifeman a soldier of the caliphate. according to memory, a nonprofit middle east think tank, the two minute video by isis shows the attacker whose face is partially covered with a hood pledging allegiance to the leader abu bakr albaghdadi. chechnya's president has identified him as a 20-year-old french citizen who was born in the muslim russian republic, a counterterrorism contact tells our catherine herridge that this video proves it's beginning to look like this man was not necessarily an independent inspired actor or so-called lone wolf. in other words, he may have had
3:54 pm
a direct relationship with isis. on "fox news sunday," secretary of state mike pompeo reiterated it's too soon to know because isis often falsely claims responsibility. >> we don't know much more, we know that the caliphate isis has claimed responsibility. he said he was one of the soldiers, we can't verify that yet. the french authorities with the intelligence help the united states can provide, will do our best to unpack this in the coming hours. reporter: just before 10:00 p.m. last night, he began stabbing people at random near the opera house, a popular tourist spot with restaurants and bars. he was shot and killed by paris police last night but not before he wounded four and killing one before yelling allahu akbar, god is great in arabic he. did not have a criminal record. so far a friend of the suspect has been questioned. so too has asimov's parents who
3:55 pm
live in northern paris. france has been on alert in the past three years and recently, rick, the press secretary for the white house released a statement saying thoughts and prayers with the people of france and this will strengthen the coalition fighting isis. rick: bryan llenas reporting from new york newsroom. thank you. >> of course. rick: can you give her flowers and cards, jewelry, but there may be no tribute big enough for the amazing women we call mom. this mother's day we honor and celebrate all the great things moms do when the "fox report" continues after this. ♪ today, 97% of employers agree that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success.
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forghettoed is mother's day. if you did, it's not too late to make a phone call. we're celebrating moms here at the fox report starting with my mom and dad, carol and allen, married 62 years. that's booker eric price with his mother, and pearl's mom kim, production assistant connor and his mother mary ann. connor graduated from somewhere. and christina and sister debbie with their mom rose. associate producer with her mom, jesse. katety ankatie and her mom rose. and katelynn manning from ore media desk and her mother elaine and the rest of the family there. thanks, moms, for taking all of this possible an 8-year-old girl from louisiana traveling across the country hugging as many police officers as she can.
4:00 pm
rosalind baldwin starting the project with her mom after several police officers in dallas were shot and killed in the line of duty. and that's how fox reports this sunday, may 13th, 02018. thanks for spending part of your sundayis evening with me. north l blow up its nuclear test site as gesture of good will leading up to the landmark summit with president trump. ♪ >> you know what gets you into nuclear wars, weakness, weakness. >> the chairman can chooses the right path, there's a future with prosperity. chris: we will preview next month's summit and discuss the president's decision to pull out iran nuclear deal with secretary of state mike pompeo in first interview from returning from north korea. then as the high-rest, high-reward summit approaches, what happens if the two leaders can't make a deal?


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