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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 14, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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next sunday 11:00 eastern next sunday with the latest buzz. ♪ heather: good morning to you. it is monday may 14th and this is "fox & friends first". happening at 4:00 a.m. fox news alert for you. one to have biggest promises of the trump presidency is about to become a reality. the u.s. embassy is opening hours from now in jerusalem and we are live. were no president has ever put america in a position where the north korean leadership thought that this was truly possible. heather: nuclear-free north korea is nonnegotiable. the trump administration laying down the law and what we would be offering during high-stake summit. communism in the calendar, trying to make it a reality in
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california. "fox & friends first" starts right now. live shot from jerusalem for you where history is about to be made. we just told you the u.s. embassy opening hours from now. thank you so much for joining us on this monday morning. i'm back from vacation and it is another week ahead. history in holy lands celebration underway ahead of u.s. embassy opening in jerusalem. prime minister netanyahu welcoming delegation for truly historic moment. david life from jerusalem. david, a very big day.
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>> indeed, it is. 5 hours to be precise, that's when it will be official, the u.s. embassy will make the move from tel aviv to jerusalem. the embassy is actually going to be relocating to an existing consul or building in neighborhood of the city, no timeline is in place when a new embassy will actually be built, some 800 diplomats and vip's are going to attend, the u.s. delegation includes president trump's daughter, ivanka, and her husband, jared kushner and secretary steve mnuchin along with other dignitaries they welcomed and netanyahu told crowd, president trump's decision to recognize as israel's capital and move embassy has made alliance between u.s. and israel as strong as ever. >> this is a momentous time. president trump is making
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history and our people will be totally grateful for his bold decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and to move the embassy there. >> ambassadors from more than 2 dozen countries will be attending, notably absent germany and the uk. israeli military is bracing for as many as 10,000 palestinians to take part in massive protest in israel-gaza border. weekly demonstrations have taken place, hamas is urging palestinians to breach the border fence to carry out massacre. israel is warning palestinians, anyone trying to infiltrate the border could be shot and killed. the prime minister issued statement, the declaration on jerusalem by the u.s. president and his decision to move embassy
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in jerusalem disregard core value of justice and morality. israeli prime minister netanyahu said last night that moving the embassy is going to help move the peace process forward but there are many here who disagree, heather, and say it might very well have the opposite effect and further inflame tensions. heather. heather: david lee, i know that you have done extensive coverage for israel. did you ever think that you would see this moment happen? >> i think there was an understanding that it was going to happen in 1995 the u.s. congress said that the u.s. embassy was going to relocate to jerusalem but every six months the president signed a waiver putting it off so there was a consensus that it was going to happen, uncertainty was when and it was president trump who made that station that it would take place today. heather: all right, david lee miller live for us. thank you, david lee, appreciate it. of course, much more coverage on the story coming up.
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a family of 5 in the meantime launches deadly bomb attack on police headquarters in indonesia, blast was caught on camera, that's one day after trio of church attacks in the city, at least 4 police officers and 6 civilians are injured including an 8-year-old girl whose family members were behind the blast, hours after the husband and wife used their 4 children, used them as suicide bombers to attack churches. more than 40 injured including two police officers. breaking right now brand-new cracks on hawaii's big island shooting rocks of magma into the air. there are nearly 20 open cracks on the island, spewing lava and steam and calculating fears of violent explosions which could send ash 12 miles from the top
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of kilauea. 2,000 people have been forced to leave home since volcano erupted more than a week ago. emergency landing after losing a cockpit windshield. the airline's plane, right side breaking off as it was heading to northern region of china. the pilot and cabin crew, one of those members to have cabin crew did suffer injuries, officials say it was due to mechanical failure this comes at southwest from denver to dallas loses pressure to mid flight. oxygen force today put on emergency mask. no one was injured there. unclear what caused the issue. the plane is going maintenance review. the denuclearization of north korea is nonnegotiable. stern warning after the president's high-stake meeting
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with dictator kim jong un now less than a month away. doug joining from washington, d.c. as we learn what the u.s. is prepare today offer the rogue regime. doug, a lot of people have been asking. >> the summit itself is on track now and we are learning more about how these negotiations are taking place. the administration is not menacing words here. what they would like to see is full denuclearization and what north korea can expect is rebuilding cripple economy. >> private sector to build energy grid, enormous amount of electricity, capacity for agriculture to support north korea so they can eat meat and have healthy lives. those are the kinds of things if we get verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of north korea that the america will offer in spades. >> in the meantime new developments in the good-will gesture that helped move process forward.
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last year president trump greeted americans after being released from north korea, they appeared to be healthy and pleased of return. now the pentagon has issued a statement saying the three have been released from walter reed medical center, all grateful in great spirits and coping well. there time together has been joyous occasion, they asked for privacy as they transition home and as far as the scheduled summit in singapore is concerned, we hear again and again from the administration that they are going into this with open eyes well aware of the kind of track record, heather, that north korea brings to the table. heather: absolutely. thank you so much. doug, appreciate it. as doug was mentioning, the singapore summit as it draws closer. even some of president trump's biggest critics are finally giving him his due. former defense robert gates says it was the president's stance that forced north korea into diplomacy.
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>> unpredictability of tough talks did get the attention of the north koreans and the chinese as well in terms of fire and fury, my view generally, tactual unpredictability is good, strategic unpredictability is probably not a great idea for power. the president's decision to meet with kim jong un was a bold decision, but the reality is 25 years we have tried and failed to get a handle on the north korean program and so why not try something different and perhaps the drama and the nature of this meeting will -- will provide a path forward that may ultimately lead to a good outcome. heather: president trump's meeting with kim jong un is now as we said now less than a month away. the white house heading for showdown with european companies
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that refuse to stop working with iran. the trump administration threatening sanctions days after pulling out of iran nuclear deal. >> it's possible, it depends on the government of other governments. i think the europeans will see that it's in their interest ultimately to come along with us. heather: we are talking about china, france, russia, britain, germany and iran, they remain in the obama-era agreement this as tensions boil over in the middle east where iran protestors there continue to burn american flags and chant death to america. well, cia nominee gina haspel now has support of two democrats, joe donnelly says, quote, the cia under her leadership can help our country confront serious international threats and challenges. his support follows pressure from president trump in his home state.
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>> joe donnelly will do whatever chuck schumer and nancy pelosi tell him what to do. heather: joins west virginia senator joe manchin in endorsing haspel. they are up for election this day. key primary elections going on tomorrow. the keystone state has one big race to watch as the gop pushes to flip a democratic seat in the senate there. with backing president trump, congressman lou will face state representative jim christiania. the winner get to go face incumbent democrat in november. due to pennsylvania's court-ordered redistricting, republican rick saccomb is back after losing special election. we will have complete special coverage on all of that as well. former congressman jason chaffetz spent years in washington sleeping on a cot in
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washington but a newly-proposed bill lawmakers could have a home away from home. vacant form into affordable housing option. many lawmakers are force today sleep in offices since renting a place in dc and their home state is too expensive. they could get work done quicker and they wouldn't have to worry about. as we learned that he was on francés' watch list. promise kept by president trump, embassy opening to jerusalem today. pastor robert jeffress with the opening prayer. the distance his wife went to help her hero husband get his diploma.
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adjustable mattress sets during our memorial day sale. visit to find your exclusive retailer today. heather: we are back now with fox news alert. the world will be watching as the united states joins israel to watch official opening. pastor robert jeffers is delivering the prayer and joins us now from jerusalem with a preview of today's historic celebration. good morning, pastor, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. heather: huge day, can you let us know a little bit on what you plan to do, how you plan to address this historic day in opening prayer? >> heather, i'm going to do three things in prayer, first of all, time to thank god for his faithfullness to israel for 4,000 years. you know, 4,000 years ago god said to abraham that he would
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make him father to great nation and israel has been that and god is super naturally protected israel from all of our enemies. i'm going to take time to thank for god, i'm going to thank god for strong leadership of benjamin netanyahu who is determine today protect his people and express gratitude for tremendous president donald trump, you know, last night i was at a gather with prime minister netanyahu and he said nobody else could have pulled this off other than president donald trump. we are going to thank god. heather, i will close with praying with peace of jerusalem, may all who love her prosper. heather: it is amazing, you talk about the history there, 70 years israel declared independence, jerusalem has been the capital of jewish people for 3,000 years. many u.s. presidents have promise today move embassy to
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jerusalem. we heard david lee miller talking about that earlier since 1995 he said, you know, we have been waiting, it was a question of when this would happen. are you surprised it's finally happening? >> i am really not surprise because this is another example of a promise made and promise kept by president trump. i know when talking to him before he made this decision and afterwards, this is something he was absolutely reslute in doing. one of the things i'm going to say in my prayer, thank god that we have president ha stands in right side of history and side of god. it's timed exactly on the day the hour that 70 years ago that israel was recognized as a state. this is historic for two reasons today. heather: pastor, i do need to ask you about this, there's been pushback that you, in fact, were
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chosen to deliver this opening prayer, senate candidate mitt romney of utah amongst some of those people, what do you have to say about controversy or pushback? >> well, first of all, these were comments ripped out of context from years ago, secondly, historic christianity for 2,000 years ago has taught that salvation is through faith and christ along and the fact that i christians believe that social security not bigoted and not news worthy. i'm talking about common bonds with judaism and christianity. evangelical christians are most faithful and ardent supporters. we are talking about unity and not disunity. heather: we appreciate you and we will be listening to prayer today. we will be covering live here on fox. >> thanks, heather.
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heather: good luck, the time now 19 minutes after the top of the hour, imagine this, replacing washington or lincoln's birthday with communist holiday. the liberal state is actually trying to change the school calendar. tim cook turning commencement speech into political platform. >> it's in those truly trying moment that is the fearless inspire us. heather: and that was just the beginning, his praise for fearless immigrants who break the law. stay with us. mr. elliot, what's your wifi password?
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wifi? wifi's ordinary. basic. do i look basic? nope! which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. heather: you're watching "fox & friends first" and you're back with fox news alert for you, isis releasing brand-new video
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showing the paris attacker pledging allegiance before carrying out deadly rampage and also calls on other muslims living in europe to also carry out attacks, this as we are learning that the attacker was on france's watch list. 22 attacks over the past 22 months. bryan llenas has more. >> the attack taking place in area full of bars and theaters. >> i was having a drink with a friend and i heard boom, boom, i thought it was gunshots. after that, we rushed back into the bar. >> moments later gunfire ringing out, police shooting and killing the armed man.
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>> then i went to see and people were taking care of her. >> on twitter french president emmanuel macron praising police who said, quote, neutralize the terrorist. >> i heard fire shots. i walked two of them policemen came, bullet proof vest told me it was the police that shot fire. he couldn't harm us anymore. >> france on high alert. islamic state media saying the attack is in response to u.s.-led military coalition squeezing extremists out of iraq and syria. in nuevo méxico, bryan llenas.
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heather: definitely a story we will also continue to follow. drug cartels, now talking about that, recruiting high school students to smuggle drugs and people into the united states. that new warning coming from the feds after san diego student from méxico was arrested for trying to get his classmate to sneak meth and fentanyl into the country. plan was to strap drugs to their bodies apparently and then walk across the border. the 18-year-old is also accused of trying to bring two illegal immigrants into the country in the trunk of his car. well, counterterrorism police officers are now using video game-like virtual technology to prepare for potential terrorist attacks, the multiuser training platform is called augmed, real-world training scenario and respond with ways to survive along with most effective way to escape. primarily used across europe by british police officers. last year 22,487 terror-related
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incidents worldwide. and that is scary. heather: honoring socialists, instead of founding fathers' birthdays, in california replacing either lincoln or washington's birthday with this, international socialist workers' day. already a holiday widely celebrated as may day in the old soviet union but it's already sparking as you would imagine outrage. >> the day of parades in the soviet union that we all grew up with have been menacing with nuclear weapons against us. this is insane. this is un-american. heather: measure was narrowly defeated but it was reintroduced. your comments have been pouring in over this. most of you feel the same way, the golden state has become fool's gold, i'm ashamed of my state. hyperliberal policies and we have lynn tweet this, citizens of california are begin to go wake up of recklessness of
1:28 am
left-leaning state and local governing bodies. penny writes on facebook, do not put all californians in the same group, born and raised here and extremely disappointed in our government and the ad -- idiocy they continue to show. keep them coming. the time is now almost half past the hour and the u.s. is vowing to lift sanction ifs kim jong un blows up all of his nukes but how would it be different than the failed iran deal, our political panel to debate that up next. live look at jerusalem for you, that's where history is being made today, celebrations happening right now ahead of the u.s. embassy opening, also definitely some protests going on by palestinians that was expected, we will take you to both scenes as that continues to unfold. this is a live shot for i do believe. we will figure out exactly what is happening there.
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stay with us, and we will have that coming up ahead my name is jeff sheldon,
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make it better with audible. text summer10 to 500500 to start listening today. heather: welcome back, fox news alert for you as we brought you just before the break a protest on the gaza-israeli border ahead of historic opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. embassies all around the middle east are on alert this morning. this particular incident is happening in northern gaza. we will continue to follow that for you. in the meantime the official ceremony is just hours away. the u.s. delegation in attendance includes ivanka trump, jared kushner and treasury secretary steve mnuchin amongst others, more than two dozen countries will also attend, at least some 800 people, notably absent though germany, france and the uku all of which oppose president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital.
1:33 am
live coverage for you throughout the day right here on fox. doj reluctant to bring two accused isis fighters to the u.s. for trial even though prosecutors say that they can win. concern that there isn't enough evidence to secure a long sentence, the trump administration has pushed as you know for britain to prosecute them because they used to be british citizens but attorney general jeff sessions has proposed that they be sent to guantanamo bay, both men captured in syria are accused of being part of terror cells called beatles that tortured and killed hostages including american and british journalists. denuclearization is nonnegotiation, that message to north korea from the white house ahead of president trump's historic sit-down summit. >> we would have to provide security assurances to be sure but it is hope that chairman kim wants to make strategic change for country and his people and
1:34 am
if he's prepared to do that, president trump is prepare today assure that this could be a successful transition. heather: so will these negotiations be different than the failed iran deal, here now to debate is democratic strategists chuck rocha and tammy bruce. tammy, let's begin with you, the u.s. may left sanctions, they will allow kim jong un to stay in power in exchange for complete denuclearization, how do we know that this will work this time, how would it be different than the failed iran deal? >> well, this is totally different. the iran deal was a fraud. it was not about denuclearizing iran. it was about a promise to not work on it for a period of time and then that period of time would end in 10 years. there was no inspection regime that was legitimate. we were banned from being able to go to nuclear sites, there were maybe symbols and promises and gestures but it was a fraud. this, of course, as you heard
1:35 am
now also from the president, from john bolton is that this is real. john bolton said it should be like the libyan where the united states and in that case the united kingdom were in libya, they were confirming the nature of the drawdown, of the dismantling that there was an actual complete denuclearizing of libya, this is what our aim is with north korea. the president says without that, there will be no going forward. that is the end goal. heather: chuck, some different checks and balances this time around that would allow it to be successful and true? >> yeah, i think you have seen this before to north korea. going back to what tammy said and disagree with the iran deal, i don't think people around the world were ignorant, they were trying to do do something to bring down something and put regime in control. the other thing in iran we gave them all their money, all their money up front and you have to do this and pull out of the deal after we gave them all the money. we could be using the money for
1:36 am
ourselves, i could have used the money. on top of north korea, we have seen him backtrack on things, i'm not going to sit here and throw cold water on everything, i'm just going to say that great for all of us. heather: speaking of north korea because you brought that up, will successful deal with north korea would be the cornerstone of president trump's legacy? >> i disagree with most things that he does but this is crazy good fanned this actually was to happen f he could stay off twitter for 20 minutes, this would be something that people would talk about all day long and secure legacy for a long time and democrat sitting here on "fox & friends first". heather: i don't know, tammy, he did this, he brought the three hostages home and this is coming up and it's a huge deal but yet other media outlets seem to still want to talk about other things. >> they are living in the past, right, they are not attaching to what's happening now. the president's success in north korea is not a stand-alone one-off situation.
1:37 am
it's because of his attitude, it's because it's a negotiation, it's because of china and the deals there, it's because of issues of trade, it's because of his being seen as let's say a rogue kind of president who is willing to act when he says he will act, that's something that the north koreans in the world have not seen for several generations, frankly, at this point. so this is why north korea is responding, they know it's different, they know the president is serious and this has been achieved by all of his actions, the culmination of his act study and strategy which includes twitter and other comments but also, of course, his statesman like attitude to approach of issues domestically and also internationally. heather: well, he has had a lot of successes under the belt. a lot of promises kept i should say that. when chuck rocha says he's making a difference, somebody needs to listen, right. >> from my lips to god's ears. heather: appreciate it.
1:38 am
apple ceo tim cook praising left-wing activists in commencement speech at duke university. >> fearless like those who fight for the rights of immigrants who understand that our only hopeful future is one that embraces all who wants to contribute. heather: cook also spoke about gun control and criticized the country for being divided. he also said that americans refuse today hear any opinion that differs from their own. it is, of course, a star contrast to predecessor steve jobs who in 2005 speech in stanford cleared clear of politics. military couple graduates together 5 miles apart. tyler's wife alex carrying him off to stage on an ipad when he couldn't actually make it physically to the ceremony. watch. [cheers and applause] heather: awesome. the crowd in southern new hampshire university giving him
1:39 am
standing ovation, tyler is currently stationed in hawaii but he still wore cap and gown on face thyme as his wife accepted his degree. what a great idea, i think that will be happening a lot more. the time now 20 minutes until the top of the hour and a vigil to honor the fallen as national police week takes off, what needs to happen to end the war on cops as line of duty deaths skyrocket? our next guest says it starts with the narrative based on the facts not fake news and be ware before you eat breakfast, salmonella outbreak on eggs got even bigger, just what you need to know. outrage of a tiger, yes, a tiger is the guest of honor of high school program. the school now responding to that controversy.
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heather: welcome back strong wind sending this bounce houseflying onto busy highway and there was a young child inside. the inflatable blow-away home actually blew away from a home and rolled on to the road in san bernardino, california, 9-year-old boy inside was rushed to hospital with minor injuries thankfully. a driver who slammed into the house on the highway was not injured. that could have ended so much differently. very lucky. four-legged prom guest has roors without ranking, the live tiger was wheeled out right right on dance floor. christopher columbus theme welcome to the jungle, participants and students the tiger looked stress, you can see him facing back and forth but the school defended it saying the massive cat was overseen and cared for the whole time by
1:44 am
professionals. well, fox business alert for you, be ware before you eat breakfast, massive salmonella outbreak affecting 2 million eggs just got worse, tracee carrasco from sister network fox business. >> good morning, health, 12 more people have gotten sick with salmonella, total to 35 people. 11 of them have been hospitalized. this, of course, as you said 2, 00 million eggs have been recalled. they are traced back to indiana-based rose acres farms specifically from one to have farms fa.s in north carolina, so far the states affected, california, florida, new jersey, new york, north carolina, pennsylvania, south carolina, west virginia, there's the map on your screen right there. sold under multiple brand names in wal-mart and food lion stores, restaurants as well, so definitely be careful if you're
1:45 am
eating eggs anywhere in one of those states. heather: i was in north carolina and i had deviled eggs. i should have listen today you. tracee: hopefully you will be okay. heather: i was not okay and i will leave it at that. tracee: they are known as being ultra low cost, but there will be introducing wi-fi capabilities to their fleet of 120 airplanes. spirit airlines, they are charging 650 average for the inflight wi-fi, higher, lower depending on how long your flight is, spirit says that they're trying to improve customers' experience, they've also been named by people as america's most hated airline, so hopefully this will help that. heather: okay. thank you so much if, tracee. appreciate it. honoring our fallen heros as
1:46 am
national police week begins. we salute those who lost their lives protecting ours. so how can we keep officers safe, our nest geks, national president of fop says it's time for congress to take action and a live-changing thank you, how nearly 10 strangers helped struggling korean war vet to turn things around. you want to see that for sure
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heather: welcome back, fox news alert for you, protests on the gaza-israeli border ahead of historic opening of u.s. embassy in jerusalem. embassies all around the middle east on alert this morning. you can see a live shot from the scene there. this happening, of course,
1:50 am
obviously with opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem, also the beginning of ramadan on tuesday, the idf gearing up for several days of violence and some of the most explosive arenas there, thousands of soldiers were told from 11 different battalions including special forces, intelligence gathering units, all of them, snipers, drones will reinforce the troops already deployed there. so we will continue to keep an eye on all of that for you as it continues to unfold. but back at home, speaking of authorities and police, it's national police week here kicking off with a canned light vigil honoring hundreds of officers killed in the line of duty. >> we must honor and support those who protect us and it is right that we join together annually as a nation to remember those who have given their all for us. heather: this as hows have expect today gather at the funeral tomorrow for florida
1:51 am
deputy who was killed just last week. deputy william, 9-year veteran of the force shot in the head responding to a call about a cat. as deaths skyrocket, what do we need to do to change the narrative? chuck, thank you so much for joining us, we really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. heather: funeral of this officer just the latest, 35 officers killed in the line of duty in 2017, what do we need to do ultimately to change this? >> well, we are currently at almost 60% increase over last year, 28 officers have died by felonious attacks and one of the things that we are doing, a bill has been introduced by congress man and congresswoman called the service protect act, which will enhance penalties for those who are targeting law enforcement officers.
1:52 am
the fbi released a report showing that the targeting of law enforcement is up dramatically. heather: do you think that with the trump presidency specifically that we will begin to see a change in that? >> well, we are attempt to go change the narrative. i think the most important thing about the trump administration they haven't jump today conclusion when videos come out, they don't automatically condemn the law enforcement officers, they wait until there's a full and complete investigation and then make comments and that's helping the morale of law enforcement around the country, we have to be doing other programs to get communities that are steeped in poverty. community policing has been a long time and we are working on a program out of atlanta area called one congregation, one cop, we are teaming police officers with houses of worship over 600, my understanding so far and we are going to get back
1:53 am
into the communities. heather: that's a great idea. >> and use holistic approach. police cannot solve systematic poverty and we need other partners to help us in the communities and win back the trust. gallop polls, preferringson support to the american public. we have to tell the media. heather: the media definitely needs to do a better job of bringing positive stories that officers are doing every single day out there in their community, something that i found incredibly disturbing is there's this memorial wall and will bear the names of 21,541 officers and it will apparently be full, expected to be filled by 2015 -- i'm sorry, 2050, we can't let that happen. >> well, we are working on that. unfortunately i'm on the board of the national law enforcement officers memorial. we are working on a plan to make the wall bigger.
1:54 am
we hope we never have to use it. we would like to come to washington one year just to honor previous years' victims of police deaths, but we are just not there at this point. heather: yeah. >> we need to continue to honor those on the 15th, the president will be addressing the survivors, we have over 1200 family members that will be on the capital lawn and we will be honoring 199 fallen officers because we can't forget the officers from the 9/11 tragedies that are dying from cancer and other illnesses. heather: good point. >> we will be honoring them and have the president and and vice president, attorney general, speaker of the house, let the public know that we believe that america supports us, absolutely. heather: and they do. chuck, thank you so much for joining us and obviously thank o all officers and their service, we will be right back.
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heather: welcome back, iphone explodes and then bursts into flame just feet away from repairman. watch this insane surveillance video showing the man jump away from the blast inside store in las vegas. he was actually trying to fix a cracked screen when the screen exploded on the desk. the battery exploding from the heat. no one was seriously injured. that's amazing. the first time we heard about it, though. this armed robber no match for
1:59 am
this off-duty officer and very protective mother, the mother picking up children in brazil when a man pulls out gun and threatens the group. that is when she gets her own gun out of her purse and shoots him in the street, look at this. she was later honored with special mother's day ceremony for acts of bravely, that gunman by the way, though, is dead. and then there's story, 83-year-old korean veteran struggling to make ends meet breathing sigh of relief all thanks to group of nearly 10 volunteers who helped renovate home. >> i feel blessed. i'm just really thankful. lots and lots of good people. he could not afford air-conditioning and was using portable coolers, the volunteers fixed that and renovated patio free of charge. definitely well deserving and thank you for your service as well. "fox & friends first" continues right now. i will see you back here at 9:00 a.m. when special coverage
2:00 am
of ceremony of jerusalem begins, until then, pass it on, see you later, bye. >> this is a momentous time. president trump is making history and our people will be eternally grateful for his bold decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move the embassy there. rob: it is monday may 14th, this is a fox news alert, you are looking live at the city of jerusalem. the new home the u.s. embassy starting today. we are live on the ground with the overnight celebrations as well protests to this event. jillian: denuclearization is not nonnegotiationable. inside look at the upcoming summit and what the united states prepare today put on the table. rob: also stopping the spread of


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