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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 14, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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9:00 a.m. when special coverage of ceremony of jerusalem begins, until then, pass it on, see you later, bye. >> this is a momentous time. president trump is making history and our people will be eternally grateful for his bold decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move the embassy there. rob: it is monday may 14th, this is a fox news alert, you are looking live at the city of jerusalem. the new home the u.s. embassy starting today. we are live on the ground with the overnight celebrations as well protests to this event. jillian: denuclearization is not nonnegotiationable. inside look at the upcoming summit and what the united states prepare today put on the table. rob: also stopping the spread of sun culture in schools.
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liberal lawmaker now taking aim at school rifle and even archery teams. "fox & friends first" continues right now. carley: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on monday morning, i'm carley shimkus in for jillian mele. rob: i'm rob schmitt, history in holy land, celebrations ahead of u.s. embassy open. carley: prime minister netanyahu welcoming delegation for truly historic morning. harris faulkner live. historic to say the least. >> it is, i'm going to get to what you mentioned because there's news that are breaking at this hour, but first of all, they have begun arriving here at
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the u.s. consulate, this is where the new u.s. embassy offices will be housed. we have a consulate, the president in the neighborhood here in jerusalem, south of the old city, but now that presence will be greater. let me tell you how big a deal this is around this nation. not just the city all over, let's take a peek now at some of the signs they have been putting on about the u.s. embassy in the area but all throughout the city, we flew into tel aviv which is where the old embassy will now be called the old embassy, and people were talking about it there. this is a huge deal because it signifies a decision by the united states to be side by side with israel'. this has been decades old diplomacy and foreign policy that's been talked about since really president bill clinton handled it or tried to in 1995 with jerusalem embassy act. they didn't get it done. they were going to move by 1999,
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it didn't happen yet, the decision was made that we would keep it in tel aviv for political reasons mainly. reports that middle eastern arab nations were upset with unifying jerusalem of capital of recognizing it and if you just look at the very few countries that have come on board already, guatemala, paraguay, they are expecting more but the list so far is very short because this is -- wait a minute, they are making announcements, this is live, people, it's right now, the ceremony is getting ready to let people in. so we had last night a huge gathering of delegates, the prime minister spoke, let's watch. >> this is a momentous time. president trump is making history and our people will be eternally grateful for his bold decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and to move embassy there.
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>> all right, they kicked things off. you may see it in the video, senior white house adviser jared kushner will be speak today and he was at the event last night along with ivanka trump, also the treasury secretary steve mnuchin will be unveiling the seal here at the u.s. embassy and that's just over my right shoulder, they will unveil that and the dedication plaque with the secretary here. we will talk with him a little bit later, so keep watching for fox, carley and rob, thank you, a huge day in israel. carley: thank you so much, harris, appreciate it. fox news alert, family of 5 launches deadly bomb attack in headquarters in indonesia, the blast caught on camera after trio of church attacks in the city. at least 4 police officers and 6 civilians are hurt including 8-year-old girl whose family members were behind the blast. hours after husband and wife used 4 children as suicide
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bombers to attack charges. at least 7 people were killed in those blasts and more than injured including two police officers. onto fox news alert, isis releasing brand-new video showing paris attacker pledging allegiance before carrying out deadly rampage and calls on other muslims living in europe to carry out attacks this as we are learning the attacker was on france's security, uncoiled 22 attacks. president trump tweeting at some point countries will have to open eyes and see what is really going on, changes to thought process on terror must be made. one person was killed and 4 others injured, the suspect was shot and killed by police. rob: the denuclearization of north korea is nonnegotiable ahead of president's high-stake meeting with kim jong un which
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is less than a month away. doug as we learn what the u.s. is prepare today offer the rogue regime, doug. >> what will come out of the singapore summit? that's the both question for both the united states and north korea, we have a better idea of what the administration is expecting. >> the denuclearization is absolutely at the core of it and it means not just the nuclear weapons, we've got the ballistic missile issue on the table, we have to look at chemical and biological weapons. a range of things to discuss. >> if north korean leader kim jong un follows through on that and if there's evidence that denuclearization is taking place, he can expect a rejuvenate economy among other things. >> private-sector americans coming in to help build the energy grid, enormous amounts of electricity, capacity for american agriculture to support north korea so they can eat meat and have healthy lives. those are the kinds of things if we get the complete verifiable,
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irreversible denuclearization of north korea that the american american will offer in spades. >> finally, update on those three americans released by north korea last week, they appear to be in good shape when they were greeted by president trump in andrew's air base, all three have been released from walter reed medical center and the gesture helped move this whole process forward but there's still some skepticism from the white house and elsewhere about just how north korea is really going to handle this process and whether the summit is going to be successful. rob: good-faith gesture. doug, thank you so much. we appreciate it. the white house heading for a showdown with european companies who refuse to stop working with iran. the trump administration threatening sanctions just days after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. >> it's possible, it depends on the conduct of other governments. i think the europeans will see
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that it's in their best interest to ultimately come along with us. rob: interesting to follow. china, france, britain, germany and iran remain in that obama-era agreement. the situation very tense in the middle east where iranian protestors are burning american flags and chanting death to america. carley: cia nominee gina haspel has support of two democrats heading into confirmation vote, in a statement indiana senator joe donnelly says, quote, the cia under her leadership can help our country confront serious international threats and challenges. now his support follows pressure from president trump in his home state. >> joe donnelly will do whatever chuck schumer and nancy pelosi tell him what to do. carley: joins west virginia senator joe manchin in endorsing haspel, they are both up for reelection this year. rob: 8 minutes after the hour, both sides have to come to play,
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the message from north korea from secretary of state mike pompeo, so what happens if these talks next month go south? rebecca says, they don't call the president the negotiator in chief for nothing. she's live with more on that next. carley: she's taking aim at president trump plenty of times but kathy griffin has a new target in the trump administration, how the disgraced comedian is now bragging about bullying women. rob: and what do white house reporters and sarah sanders kids have in common? >> they can whine pretty regularly, they both like to ask the same questions and sometimes their tones need to be adjusted a little bit. [laughter] rob: press secretary channels her mom skills as she does her job. stay tune
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rob: okay, welcome back, newly-minted mike pompeo north korea with peace and prosperity if the country quickly gives up nuclear weapons. >> if we are going to get to this historic outcome both sides have to be prepared to take measures to achieve it. it is our hope that kim wants to make strategic change in direction of his country and his people and if he's prepared to do that, president trump is prepared to assure that this could be a successful transition. carley: with less than a month until historic summit between two leaders, what types of negotiations can we expect to see? joining us now is national security analyst rebecca, rebecca, thank you so much for being with us this morning. now, kim jong un is somebody who has essentially benefited from the fact that his country poor because when you are poor you can't rise and overthrow brutal
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dictator, does he have some sort of ulterior motive that we might know know about? >> he wants to be treated as the delegate mate power, he wants to respect from world leaders, he wants the respect from the united states, he wants promises of assurances that the united states isn't going to threaten fox news correspondent north carolina. he does want economic gains there but this is not a guy who cares about the well-being of his citizenry, if he does care now this will be a change in his mind. i think it's really important that the point that secretary of state pompeo made that they want to see an actual strategic change on the part of kim jong un, that is exactly right, that's what's necessary and what pompeo has layed out as necessary conditions for the united states to give them economic gains and economic prosperity and get them back on economic footing is exactly right. that's the complete verifiable denuclearization of north korea,
2:15 am
it's going to be hard to pull off. rob: this is coming up on june 12th, at this point a lot of space between the two on exactly what they are willing to give and, i think, what they want and she makes a great point about why why would you want to comp an economy. everybody is skeptical of this, it seems hard to think that it'll work out. >> you know, president trump is going to try to determine if kim jong un is being sincere and they are going to be several things to tell if he is or not. one if he doesn't agree to full denuclearization, i mean, it's really important that this is coming on the heels of president trump getting out of the iran deal. so he's determined not to make the mistakes to have iran deal which means the bar is high. it means totally dismantling the north korean program. i mean, in the iranian they were allow today keep low enrichment levels that. will not happen with north
2:16 am
korea. president trump and his team want to make sure missiles are removed. that's something that the obama administration kept with iran and remember missiles go hand in glove with the nuclear program because that's what's necessary to deliver the nuclear war heads and so the trump administration is exactly right that that is part of the program and we are not going to leave them and give them economic benefit until the whole thing is dismantled in leaving the country. carley: certainly a tricky situation to navigate. the u.s. moving embassy, how significant is that to the people of israel? >> it's incredibly significant. jerusalem has been the capital of the jewish people for 3,000 years, it's been the capital of the state of israel since it's inception 70 years ago, it is a historical fact and the fact that president trump is recognizing this fact means the world to our allies, the
2:17 am
israelis and palestinians of the notion that anything other than the capital of israel. it's also incredibly important to president trump's base because this is something that he promised he would do as hand date and once again delivering on it. it's been an american law since 1995 to move embassy to jerusalem and every president since 1995 has used waiver authority not to do it. president trump, he's listening to the will of the people and not differing to the un on it. rob: they avoid it because it could be messy, also end of two-state solution, a lot of clashes, but we will see how it turns out as we move into a big week, thank you so much. carley: well, the time now is 17 minutes after the hour, bounce-house horror, strong winds ripping right out of the ground tossing a 9-year-old boy onto busy highway, how he manage today make it out alive. interrogatory -- rob: drug pricing talks taking stage in
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2:22 am
fake severed head of president trump last year. all right, who would you rather deal with, cnn jim acosta or your kids when they start whining, that very we yous asked to sanders and her answer is getting some attention. >> it depends on the day. both of them can whine pretty regularly and both like to ask the same questions and sometimes tone need to be adjusted a little bit. rob: sanders mom of three kids making remarks on mother's day special along with mercedes schlapp and kellyanne conway. >> today senior administration officials will hold briefing on president trump's plan to lower prescription drug costs. >> we are not going to reward company that constantly raises prices. discounts should be passed onto
2:23 am
consumers and patients. carley: latest move as the trump administration tries to fix a broken healthcare systems, what are the steps they've taken, here to break it down fox news medical dr. mark siegel. doctor, what can we expect to happen here. when my parents were sick they were on 5 to 10 medications at a time and could be expensive especially on people with fixed income. would they see the cost of medication decrees? >> absolutely, carley. already pointed out one of the things you will see the middleman will get less to have profit, more to have savings will come to the patient, list prices of drugs are sky high, prescription drugs over $300 billion a year in the united states right now. falsely inflated list prices leads to middlemen coming in and gouging out their profit but the patient pays more out of pocket. all of that is being cut down on. there's going to be less hidden
2:24 am
prices, president trump talked about more price transparency where you will know what prescription drugs actually cost and rebates will come into play so that prices won't be as inflated. again, less out of pocket payment by the patient. carley: you say competition is also key. >> well, competition is key. this is how competition will come into the equation, more generic drugs approved. fda is working on that. lest year over a thousand new drugs were approved that were generics, most on record ever, why, it's getting easier and easier for generic to be approved. why does that bring down prices, because generic drugs are cheaper, instead of brand-name drug being able to hold to the market longer, cheaper drugs will come in and cost less, huge improvement and president trump is doubling down on that. carley: let's get a graphic of what the president's plan will include, lower drug costs for seniors, persuade other countries to pay more, require
2:25 am
price shown in drug ads and ban gag clauses for pharmacies and end the patient gains. the one thing that i found interesting, the gag clause situation where pharmacists couldn't tell about lower-cost drugs, why did that ever happen to begin with? >> that's in benefit of brand-name drugs. they didn't want to tell you there was an alternative. can you imagine an entire country like germany comes into play and says, we are only paying this amount for your drug and drug manufacturers say, sure, okay, you have millions of customers, we will accept that and pass it along to people back home. that's going to be ended now. carley: also amazing how expensive drugs have gotten over the past couple of years. in 2006 average annual cost of medication, $4,000, by 2015, that had tripled to nearly $13,000, how could that have happened over short period of time? >> manufacturers say it's
2:26 am
research and development, that's their excuse, but then they are passing the cost along to us, not along to foreign countries and you have the middlemen that come and price gouge. price transparency. seniors are being targeted to get more benefits. carley: yeah, those are the folks that shouldn't be because a lot of seniors can't really afford it. this is something that a lot of people care about because it affects their health and their finances, so if the president can really, you know, change the situation, it will be a major win for the trump administration. >> carley, if you're over 70 year's old and on fixed income and going to pharmacy, the last thing you want to be told, pony up another 50 bucks, you don't have it. >> dr. siegel thank you so much for breaking this down for us. >> good to see you. carley: fox news alert, brand-new warning for hawaii after more cracks open up, the potential to shoot chunks of
2:27 am
scolding hot lava hundreds of feet in the air. urgent evacuations underway right now. >> faith in america is rising again. >> here we are in the midst of an epidemic of dishonesty and endless barrage of lies. carley: the tale of two speeches. the vice president offering a message of hope and prosperity while former new york city mayor michael bloomberg delivers dire warning. when did graduations get so political? we will debate it next.
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2:31 am
away. the u.s. delegation includes ivanka trump, jared kushner and treasury secretary steve mnuchin, notably absent, germany, france and the uk all of which oppose president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. also breaking right now, brand-new cracks on hawaii's big island shooting rocks and magma into the air forcing more people to pack up and leave, nearly 20 open in the island fueling lava with fears of violent explosion which could send ash 12 miles from the top of kilauea. 2,000 people have been forced to leave homes since volcano erupted more than a week ago. mid-air forcing two jetliners to make emergency lander. losing cockpit windshield while heading to northern region of
2:32 am
china. no passengers were hurt but a pilot and one crew member did suffer injuries. broke as mechanical failure this as southwest flight from denver to dallas loses air pressure amid flight, passengers force today put oxygen mask for emergency landing. it's unclear what caused the issue but the plane is now undergoing a maintenance review. this is the latest in the string of safety issues for southwest airlines last month a woman died after nearly being sucked out of a window following an engine explosion. strong winds sending a bouncehouse flying into a busy highway with a child inside. the inflatable blow get away from front yard of home flying 100 feet before rolling onto road in san bernardino, california. the 9-year-old boy inside managed to walk away with only minor injuries, a driver who slammed into it on the high wi was not hurt. the family says the rented
2:33 am
bounce house was secure to the ground but it's not clear how. witnesses say the wind was so strong it felt like a tornado, rob. rob: carley, thanks. the tale of two commencement speeches, vice president mike pence offering some hope and prosperity to graduating students over the weekend but former new york city mayor michael bloomberg and oprah winfrey had a very different message. >> faith in america is rising again because president trump and our entire administration have been advancing the very principles that you learn here in the halls of college. the truth is when you leave the place, you will find an america filled with promise. >> we are in the midst of epidemic of dishonesty, they will act as if they with above the law. >> if they go low, thank you michelle obama, if they go low -- [cheers and applause] >> we go to the polls.
2:34 am
rob: all right, so when did graduations become so political, i guess everything is political now, join manager toe debate kristin tate and democratic strategists antawn. both people who have been considered as potential presidential contenders, bloomberg was just about to jump in before he found out hillary had the nomination. what do you -- does this surprise to see this kind of talk, these are political people? >> not really. politics have been injected in commencement speech ifs. >> decades, fdr, jfk and eisenhower made commencement speeches that spoke about political events of their time. the difference between now and now how nasty politics have become rather than use politics to shape a practical or uplifting message, many major figures today especially those on the left instead send a very cynical and hyperpartisan message to recent graduates. commencement speeches are supposed to be a gift from
2:35 am
universities to graduates, they are supposed to send a message that it's uplifting and inspiring, but we are just not seeing that in many cases. does anybody really believe that michael bloomberg's address to those students a few days ago instilled hope, absolutely not. it was a flagrant antitrump campaign speech and those kids could have gotten that message any day of the week by turning msnbc, the graduates deserve better. rob: every president has flaws. they really hyped on president trump's problem with the honesty issue. but every president has problems, every president does things wrong. you don't typically hear that in a commencement speech to a bunch of 22-year-olds kids that are about to start lives in real world, what do you say to that? >> well, first of all, i disagree with kristin u things are so nasty in the way they are no politics now because of president trump with rhetoric from him and some of the republican leaders who we have
2:36 am
controlling the country, number one, number two, college graduates have responsibility to go out into the world and make change, correct the wrongs. we have so many things wrong about society starting with the leader of the free world, so if they have an obligation to go out and do so, what better audience to do that. yes, they are supposed to be -- [inaudible] >> they also can be a challenge and i think these young people who graduate will be challenged to go out and correct the wrong that is we have in our country. i don't think it's a bad thing. rob: go back to kristin, for a second here. there's a lot to talk about in politics right now, of course a big issue, people graduating from college and going out into the job market about ready to start their lives. 3.9 unemployment. a lot of good economic news, a lot of things to be positive about in that environment n graduation environment, that didn't get touched on for.
2:37 am
>> exactly. kids want to be inspired and part of the problem, rob, is that not only are speeches become hyperpolitical, they are becoming increasingly liberal and i think part of the problem too is that students they don't want to be exposed to any speakers who don't reflect their own views. witness what happens when ann coulter or milo are invite today speak in berkeley, but even more mainstream republicans prompt protest. condoleezza rice pulled out. liberal commencement speakers outnumber commencement speakers 9 to 1. this is a reflection of how flagrantly partisan the universities have become. students are being indoctrinated. rob: i'm sorry to cut you off, we do appreciate it and we will
2:38 am
talk to you next time. all right. thanks. >> thank you. carley: all right, certainly controversial, something far less controversial the weather. janice: you don't know. rob: last weekend it was controversial. janice: we had the potential for something tropical brewing across florida. carley: a margarita? janice: i wish. i like to way you think, carley. prop call season, hurricane season doesn't begin till june 1st, we are watching the feature across florida that could potentially develop into maybe something extra tropical, doesn't matter, we are not talking about a hurricane here, but we are talking about the potential for heavy rain over the next few days, flash flood, potential for tornadoes as all of the moisture from the gulf of mexico streams in towards florida and all the way up towards mid atlantic and east as well. forecast rainfall, linger over the next couple of days and we will be monitoring it. i want to make mention threat
2:39 am
for severe storms along frontal boundary anywhere from texas and great lakes and the mid atlantic, i hope that wasn't very controversial. hopefully it was informative and people know what to do and i cannot believe we are talking about tropics already. rob: we are way early on that. carley: chilly today. january genuine we all need margaritas. >> we sure do. carley: it is 5:00 o'clock p. rob: janice, thank you so much. 39 minutes after the hour. live here in a second at jerusalem as american embassies around the world step up security ahead of today's historic move, this is some of the protests and some of the violence that's expected over this big move. the u.s. embassy moving to jerusalem, we will have more on that coming up. what does it take to guard our nation's interest in over 150 countries. todd piro trained with marines
2:40 am
and he's live with that. carley: it started out as joke, justin timberlake has new skill to add to resume, wait until you hear what the pop star just created, i hear it's tasty. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? full-bodied. bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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carley: final day of campaigning ahead of key primary elections tomorrow in oregon, nebraska, idaho and pennsylvania. keystone state has one big race to watch as gop hope to go flip democratic seat in senate, state representative jim christiania. the win will face incumbent democrat bob casey in november. due to pennsylvania's court-ordered redistricting, rather, republican rick sacumb is back and running after losing
2:44 am
march's special election. rob: a democrat wants to ban shooting sports in high schools to curb gun violence. linda introducing a bill that would put an end to school sponsored air rifle teams, even put end to archery clubs. the parkland shooter honed gun skills through program. the clubs and teens promote shooting culture and they could lead to violence. embassies around the world stepping up security ahead of today's historic move in jerusalem but protecting u.s. embassies around the world is a job that the marines have been taking on for decades now. carley: deep in the woods of northern virginia, elite group of marines trained to guard our nation east interest and roughly 150 countries, "fox & friends" correspondent todd piro got inside look at the security guard program. >> good morning, they call themselves ambassadors in blue
2:45 am
safeguarding u.s. personnel, property and classified secrets on foreign soil and all starts with intense 8-week course in virginia. take a look. >> standby. >> how strong is the threat that embassies face? >> absolutely critical. the threat is broad. range of responsibilities is wide and varying and marines are ready to support in any capacity. >> that's when their new phase of career starts. >> all brand new to them. >> the building behind me is a replica of overseas embassy and while we can't show you too much what's going on inside because of security concerns the marines behind me are doing a drill right now as to how they would respond to a security threat. >> the tactic is one weapon that we use to help deescalate the situation. >> drop the knife.
2:46 am
>> in the marines corp. is see, capture and destroy. here in the opposite, subdue, quickly push them off. >> i'm going to go against marines. this doesn't sound smart. >> i'm not winning that. what types do you train for in embassies around the world? >> a lot of times people would think terrorism, there have been threats long before terrorism was a buzz word, whether or not it's natural disaster, protest, crime, we deal with crisis as they go up all the way including attack on embassy. >> we also provide security support when we have vip's traveling overseas, vice president of united states, president of the united states, providing diplomatic representatives to have united states government and united states people an environment where they can go and do what's necessary for the republic
2:47 am
overseas without having to worry about personal security. every single day when we are working overseas, we think to ourselves, today somebody out there wants to do harm to our charge and we will make sure that doesn't happen. >> why do you do what you do? >> it comes down to pride. unique, it's dynamic, it's challenging, marines deploy and being part of that organization is a great feeling. >> having the iconic marine standing up, given the assurance that not only am i being protected but being protect bid one of the ambassadors. >> the marines really view the state department as client in its relationship and has roots in london following world war ii when marines were select today protect u.s. personnel trying to help europe recover. cool piece. carley: amazing. those guys are impressive and you held your own. >> i was roughed up pretty well. i need to train. rob: tough guy. i'm glad to see with what's happening in israel, we will
2:48 am
need them. thank you so much. carley: all right, another day, another data breach. if you've gone out to eat, ladies, check your credit card. the popular dining chain just hacked. rob: first let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what he did this weekend and what's coming up. >> i did not use my credit card. that's one thing that is good. carley: what did you know? just kidding. >> my san graduating from college. that's what took most of my time. let me tell you what's coming up on the show as history being made on our eyes as embassy, the u.s. embassy in israel goes over from tel aviv to jerusalem. we will bring you all the latest including protests in and around what happens there as well as ron desantis weighing in. we will talk to sebastian gorka about huge win in foreign policy. did you hear about big debate between mike kelly and maxine watters on floor?
2:49 am
mike kelly will be live on our show and we also have two hours and 30 minutes to fill, find out what we have in store. we might not have booked anything. [laughter] rob: i somehow doubt that very much. >> you never know. carley: i know you could do it. thanks a lot. mr. elliot, what's your wifi password?
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rob: all right, welcome back, fox news alert, large crowds gathering in the west bank to the east of jerusalem ahead of the historic opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. this also as protests break out right at the gaza-israel border on the other side of the nation putting embassies throughout the middle east on high alert this morning.
2:53 am
carley: official ceremony is hours away. the u.s. delegation includes ivanka trump, jared kushner and treasury secretary steve mnuchin, we will have continuing coverage on "fox & friends" and throughout the day on the fox news channel. rob: that all happening here in about 3, 3 and a half hours from now. fox business alert, have you eaten at chilly's lately, your credit card could now be in the hands of hackers. carley: tracee carrasco with the newest data breach. tracee, what's going on. tracee: another day, another data breach, you can at chili's to that breach. they found out on friday, but may have exposed consumer names, credit, debit card information, if you've eaten at the restaurant march and april, check out your bank statements. check for any suspicious activity there. chilii's are investigating and trying to figure out how many people may have been impacted by this. they haven't put out the full list of restaurants affected.
2:54 am
keep an eye for that but could be several restaurants. rob: they keep happening almost every day it seems like. what is a braberry? tracee: justin timberlake can do many things. you can see him putting a blueberry into auras berry, they took note of this, they posted a picture of a hand-packaged, hand-crafted brasberry, you can't buy in grocery stores yet, but they are trying to figure out a way to roll these out in store. there they are in your screen. carley: genius. that's a little lame. i love it. rob: i don't need somebody packing my berries for me. tracee: he can sell anything. rob: exactly right about that. thank you, tracee. 54 minutes after the hour.
2:55 am
animals gone wild. a racoon caught up warming up in the bullpen. carley: we will have the answer next. camping with my daughters was more than just a weekend. it was our time to unplug and be together. with my bladder leakage, i'm not doing that anymore. when i went hiking with the other product, it just didn't fit right and i was always readjusting it. so, now our camping trips are their camping trips. but with the new sizes of depend fit-flex, it feels like it was made for me. i'm ready to get back our time together. .
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♪ ♪ rob: welcome back. kind of a gloomy day on the east coast. d.c. and new york as well. things happening at the white house as we come up on 6:00 a.m. east coast time. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. animal edition. the torrence fire department in california responding to a call of a duck stuck in a chimney. the bird was rescued doing just fine. the department says this was certainly a first for them. jillian: next, the bad. a hangry bear in search of food ends up on the roof of a home. deputies in california say it tore apart a shed looking for snacks. no word on how they got it down. rob: wow, the you will. animal control moving a wild raccoon from the visitors bullpen. the member of the crew finding that creature hours before the game. thankfully most of the players from the visiting cincinnati reds hadn't shown up yet. reds got the win.
3:00 am
i do love that 5 to 3. jillian: dangerous situation there. crisis averted. rob: that's right. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. rob: we will see you later. >> the opening of the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem now just hours away. >> this is a huge, huge win for president trump. but it's more than that this move is a victory for america, for israel and for the middle east peace process. >> north korea announces it will blow up its nuclear test site as a gesture of goodwill. >> i think the president's tough talk certainly increases the pressure on the north koreans to come to the table. >> a lot of people who oppose haspel's nomination now over overboarding, et cetera. why is brennan okay but gina haspel is not. >> issue of torture. >> the denial of some of my colleagues about discrimination. >> stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation. we're coming together as a people in spite of what you say. >> don't you dare talk to me like that.


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