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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 14, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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i do love that 5 to 3. jillian: dangerous situation there. crisis averted. rob: that's right. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. rob: we will see you later. >> the opening of the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem now just hours away. >> this is a huge, huge win for president trump. but it's more than that this move is a victory for america, for israel and for the middle east peace process. >> north korea announces it will blow up its nuclear test site as a gesture of goodwill. >> i think the president's tough talk certainly increases the pressure on the north koreans to come to the table. >> a lot of people who oppose haspel's nomination now over overboarding, et cetera. why is brennan okay but gina haspel is not. >> issue of torture. >> the denial of some of my colleagues about discrimination. >> stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation. we're coming together as a people in spite of what you say. >> don't you dare talk to me like that. >> a military couple
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graduates together. 5,000 miles apart. tyler white's wife alex carrying him up onto the stage on an ipad. [applause] ♪ rocking into the night brian: by the way i had that on 8 track tape 38 special. lynyrd skynyrd went out on their own. hold on loosely was their big hit. ainsley: how did that go? brian: not a big singer. everybody knows hogan loosely. steve: i hope the edit where they did the splice wasn't in the middle of the song. 8 track in the olden days. you would listen to your favorite song and it would go click click, click click. ainsley: why? steve: it was endless loop.
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ainsley: 8 track was that like a cartridge that you put in. brian: exactly. ainsley: i saw some of those over at my grand parent's house. steve: they have them in the museum. it's a dave history. that's where me start on this monday morning. ainsley: let me change to a serious note. we start with a fox news alert. history nut holy land. his -- history in the hoil land. protests underway at the israeli border. this is not unexpected where palestinian has already been killed. steve: our own harris faulkner joins us live today. she joins us in jerusalem where just about three hours, harris, it all happens. >> oh, it's all happening right now. you're going to hear a lot of music behind me because they are doing the test for the concert and singing that will go on during the ceremonial. the other thing that's happening right now is that people are already arriving. you mentioned the challenges for security here. it is tight all around the city of jerusalem. but particularly in the
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southern jerusalem neighborhood where our u.s. consulate actually already exists. and thought owning. the moving o -- the opening.jusr they will unveil. treasury secretary steve mnuchin will do the unveiling and the dedication. let's take a look at the delegates who arrived last night. ivanka trump along with her husband white house senior advisor jared kushner who is on the schedule today to speak. he'll speak before benjamin netanyahu will be here the prime minister. a lot of other members of our people on the hill and lawmakers and just people and dignitaries here from israel. this is such a huge day. you talk about the history here. benjamin netanyahu certainly recognized that and talked about it. last night at the open ceremony. watch. >> united states government has taken number of actions to ensure that not only our governmental interests but the american people in that region are cure as well and
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comfortable. we have taken action that reduces that risk. >> letter. i accidentally did that that was my fault. that's secretary of state mike pompeo. and the secretary of state deputy here is here today as well. but, you heard him talking about the security situation, too. so that flows right into what is happening at gaza strip which you guys mentioned off the top. the israeli military dropped leaflets early this morning to tell people to back away from the border because they were planning to take human shields, women and children to the border and bring violence to the border. so the israeli military is trying to keep that situation peaceful. away from that though is a lighter moment. and where they recognize the difference that our president is making in all of this. other presidents have talked about it. other congresses have talked about this. in 1995, the jerusalem embassy act passed but president bill clinton didn't hold to it and it didn't get built by 1999 as it was promised to do.
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moving the embassy from tel aviv to here. now it is. there are signs all over the place can we pop up trump make israel great? they are everywhere. and so that's part of the fanfare here too. back to you guys. steve: thank you very much. it was a campaign promise by donald trump. bill clinton promised he would do it. didn't do it. george w. bush promised he would do it. he didn't do it. barack obama promised he would do it. didn't do it. and now donald trump, this afternoon, it will be official. the u.s. embassy will open as it transports from tel aviv to jerusalem. it sounded like they were going to spend a billion dollars to let tr retrofit somew buildings. the president said that's too expensive. using the cons lore building $400,000. a lot cheaper. steve: just a little bit. ainsley: for 70 years they have been waiting for
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international they are getting it today. brian: looking at the arab world. not against israel. they have friends in the region. look at egypt, saudi arabia, cutter, the uae. there is a time in which they would be supporting some palestinian unrest. instead the message is palestinians keep it down. hurt? the problem is they have got some enemies there, iran. and iran is where everyone says i looked at israel. we may not love their presence in the region. we really dislike what iran is doing in the region. therefore, israel actually has more friends than ever, maybe allowing this to come off. we know there is going to be some violence sadly but not without a hitch. maybe not without overwhelming violence overwhelmed the majesty at the moment. there is some news, some soccer news to report. steve: that's right. ainsley: so dramatic. brian: ainsley accused me of putting this in the show. i have not put this in the show.
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ainsley: producers say you didn't it was their idea. i read this we are leading with the soccer team changing their name. turns out it's a soccer team in jerusalem. brian: it's beitar trump jerusalem. steve: if they changes the name they could actually be sued those because apparently donald trump has been a registered trad trademark in israel for the last 10 years. unless they get some sort of variance there could be a problem. plus apparently the football league has to approve it. brian: i don't think trump will sue. important to point out ivanka and jared kushner as well as steve mnuchin will be there. this is just the beginning of a huge foreign policy week for this administration. ainsley: not only working on israel palestine peace deal. the embassy is opening in jerusalem today. also we're watching the world's reaction to the exit of the iran deal and preparing for the north korean summit that's less than a month away.
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steve: plus, we are trying to work on the same page with china and contentious cia director vote in the u.s. senate. here's the thing m. bremmer who is an author, he was on the show about 10 days ago, he says if you thought that president obama had problems with his foreign policy you are right. but when it comes to donald trump here is what he says. >> no question that if you thought that obama's foreign policy was a failure and you really wanted to show him that you were going to do something else, you are very happy this week with everything trump is accomplishing on north korea, threatens and bludgeoning and forcing to the table. ripping up the iran deal, accepting jerusalem as the embassy. i mean, getting out from tpp. getting out of paris. i mean, literally every single obama supporters wanted trump is saying i'm done with that.
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brian: no surprise. i mean this is everything president trump said. he listened. he evaluated after 18 months he said i want out. big debate over the weekend. key have given it a few more weeks and seen if the europeans would have come through with an overlay he said no. we gave them plenty of time and nothing came from it we don't have germany, u.k. and france transfer of embassies. they didn't support us pulling out there. they don't support what we're doing in israel. and i don't think this president could care less. on the chinese situation they are sending a delegates here to work on new trade agreement after last week we swung and missed in china. this could be impactful week because we are looking to help them with this huge electronics conglomerate which is going to cost them 70,000 jobs because with a series of sanctions they are really being brought to their knees and the president is doing some deal-making saying okay, if you want a hand with that company, maybe when your people come over here, you will start dealing with us
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on the up and up when it comes to world trade. ainsley: joy reid has a guest on her show on ntsb she has this terrorist analyst who is on the shows over at ntsb a lot. mall con nance. deserve our country. he was in the navy. is he a terror analyst. this is what he had to say about veterans who support this president. >> these military people love him. all right? >> yeah. >> i'm going to come right out and say it not honorable military veterans. they have this copish love where the love exceeds the constitution. exceeds the love of the honor of everyone who has sacrificed and lost in this nation. steve: okay. so what brought that up is they were talking about donald trump's history with john mccain. john mccain this past week said he would not support gina haspel when it came to the cia directorship. the host reid brought up
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duncan hunter who has defended the president in the past on his attacks regarding john mccain, and this is what prompted him to say what he said right there. ainsley: let us know what you think about that. the military supports donald trump have a cultish love of him. brian: 1.4 active. many that aren't that were come in to weigh in. was malcolm nance on the money or way off? let us know. steve: it is now 6:11 this morning. jillian is off and ainsley is not. ainsley: turning to your headlines. it's a fox news alert. a family five launches a deadly bomb attack at a police headquarters in independent doneisha. the blast just one day after a trio of church attacks in that city. 4 police officers and 6 civilians hurt including
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8-year-old girl whose family members were behind the blast. comes just hours after a husband and wife used their four children as suicide bombers to attack churches. at least seven people killed in those blasts. and more than 40 injured. brand new cracks on hawaii's big island shooting rocks and magma into the air. 20 open phis20 open fissures. smiles on top of kill way i kil. hundreds of fallen police officers honored with a candlelight vigil the names of 360 men and women killed in the line of duty unveiled at the national law enforcement memorial. attorney general jeff sessions speaking at that ceremony. >> we must honor and support
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those who protect. and it is fitting and right that we join together annually as a nation to remember those who have given their all for us. ainsley: the 30th annual vigil kicking off national police week. and those are your headlines. steve: all right. meanwhile, we are just about three hours away from the opening of the u.s. ambassador in jerusalem. how important is that move for people of faith? david brody and jenna browder are here to discuss that they are live from d.c. next. brian: what do sarah huckabee sanders and jim acosta's children have in common question mark? >> both drinking wine pretty regularly. they both like to ask the same questions and their tone s needs to be adjusted a little bit.
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steve: fox news alert. christian leaders praising the opening of the jerusalem embassy by the united states today as a move in line with god's will. our next guest point out those screaming death to israel may want to brush up on history as no empire has ever succeeded. here with more of today's significance for people of faith, host of faith nation on the christian broadcasting network jenna browder and david brody. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. steve: as that intro said, jenna, israel has been through a lot. there have been a lot of people who have tried to take that land away from them. >> yeah. it's so true. you look at the persians, the babylonians, of the
3:18 am
nazis? germany, the roman empire, all of these empires that came against israel toppled and it just shows to just prove that iran may want to brush up on its history like you said. and the reason that some christians love israel is they feel god loves israel in the bible genesis 12:3 says those who bless israel will be blessed and those who curse israel will be cursed. that's what history has shown. steve: david, why has this been on the top of the list of evangelicals in this country to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem? why is that important to so many people in this country? >> steve, it's the emotional bond. we always talk about judeo-christian values. here it is. judeo, israel, embassy, the evangelicals love the jewish people. that emotional bond. they see president trump actually defending israel in this case. and observe as jenna was talking genesis 12:3, if
3:19 am
donald trump is going to stick his neck out on the line for israel, christians believe that god will definitely bless america as well. they see it as kind of basically getting in line with that biblical path. with trump and veangses all together it's crucial. steve: okay. we are looking at images of president there in may in 2017 in the old city. we actually saw on twitter this morning the mayor of jerusalem, near bar cot has put up on his twitter page an image of the old wall that actually shows an animated u.s. flag and israeli flag and the message on it is thank you. there is the image right there. thank you, president trump, jenna. >> and it's not just that one of the main soccer teams over there is renaming itself with trump in its name. squares in the city, they are going crazy over there for president trump.
3:20 am
and they so appreciate his support. >> wait until they get a load of the coin with donald trump's face on it that's an egg avolt moment there. steve: why is it so many presidents in the past have promised if i'm elected i'm going to move it and none did until trump? >> yeah. well, once again, i believe it's in essence to invoke the yiddish word chutzpa. no question that donald trump has brought the hut th the chutzpa to the. recognize the western wall and go to the western wall while being president and of course today in the jerusalem capital. this is a big day for for israel and the evangelicals. steve: thank you for joining
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which is why i have xfinity xfi. it's super fast and you can control every device in the house. [ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. brian: plane forced to make an emergency landing after windshield breaks apart. from inside the cockpit of -- airlines. pilot and crew member only ones hurt. a plane forced to land at
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different closer airport in dallas. passengers forced to put on oxygen masks after the cabin lost air pressure. it's unclear what caused the issue. now, here's ainsley who is already talking. ainsley: sorry. i'm a girl. that's what we do. we were chatting all three of us. all right. a new campaign ad is urging mothers to talk to the their children about the dangers of the republican party. >> he was never afraid to talk with girls. but things never really worked out for some reason. i worried when he went to college, but he came home often. i guess he never really learned to do his own laundry. it wasn't until i met his college buddies that i realized that it might be too late. this mother's day, talk to your child but the g.o.p. [laughter] ainsley: does that ad go too far or do you think it's all in good fun? here to debate this is author and journalist and
3:26 am
host of truth exchange cathy barnett. ladies, thanks for being with us. you were laughing. you thought it was funny. why? >> it's parody. it could have been better. tom stiers is a billionaire. is he supporting this effort. he could have hired a better comedy writer. ainsley: cathy? >> this is about as funny as kathy griffin holding up a bloodied head of the president. she called that is satire. i'm black. i'm a conservative. i voted for president trump in 2016. i intend to vote for him again in 2020. does that make me a torch carrying card member of the kkk? it doesn't. but, liberals tend not to get it. that's the height of racism. you think you can look at me and tell me who i am and it's that kind of arrogance throughout the ad. throughout the democratic party that got donald trump elected in the first place. >> that attitude, look, that is the height of this administration. he did not condone the
3:27 am
charlotteville torch bearing white supremacists. people who are supporting donald trump are in effect supporting that kind of activity. >> no, that is not -- ainsley: that's a blanket statement. >> that racist is intolerant. >> how can you. >> demeaning and ai arrogant. the if anything this tsa serves as a get out the vote for searches, right? these are the same arrogant and demeaning people that are behind this ad. they are also occupying the previous obama administration and who are clawing to get back into power this year. ainsley: let me read what john lovett wrote a former obama speech writer. hey, tom steyer, the ads are counter productive and annoying. you are not helping anyone but yourself, maybe. and you are wasting money that could really help that when we are in the fight for our political lives. that's a democrat. >> my big question is why is
3:28 am
this so irk some to conservatives? you are idol -- interesting using a mother an every day average mom little bob in nice home which is frankly along the lines of conservative ideology that the mother should be in the home nurturing future generations taking that and turning it on its face when in reality. >> i many sitting here as a stark contrast toggle everything that ad. i am black, i am a conservative and that's. >> you are an outlier. >> that's intolerant. all throughout my neighborhoods i see these ridiculous signs talking about hate has no home here. but, liberals are the physical embodiment of that very thing. >> no. we are -- >> how is this piece of propaganda any different than the russian facebook
3:29 am
ads that seem to make liberals run with their hair on fire. it is derogatory. it is biased and it is promoting misleading information that is meant to divide the american people. hohow is this any different than the russian ads that seem to put their hair on fire. >> this is not bigot trinchts is bigotry. >> based on anybody's race, ethnicity. >> is he beating up poor kids. >> let me ask you, are you worried that this type of a message, just a blanket statement about the g.o.p. and what you said in the beginning and it's almost like that deplorable comment. it doesn't -- do you think that is going to back fire when we see the -- >> -- why are we so upset about this? this is a parody. speaking to styer's base which are people who believe these things and speaking specifically to mothers. that i is the part so irk some to the right we are talking
3:30 am
about families. the reality is that families talk about these things at home. i talk about politics with my children at home. the radio is on all the time. these are actual issues that people are talking about. and if you don't want mothers to be influencing their children about what the g.o.p. is about, then you need to be having a different message about what the g.o.p. is. >> misleading and derogatory information. there is no truth there. i am not trying to beat up on poor kids. i am not walking around with a torch in my hand. and i am not trying to beat up illegallies and send them home. it's derogatory. talk to your children, talk about facts. talk about clear-eyed logic and stop the constant narrative of pushing hate. liberals are embodiment of hate. ainsley: emma and cathy thank you for being here. ainsley: secret fbi source is now the focus of the russia investigation. dan bongino says that source proves that president trump was framed.
3:31 am
and he's on deck. plus, congressman mike kelly is firing back after this heated exchange with maxine waters. >> stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation. >> don't you dare talk to me like that. >> do you yield. >> no. i do not yield not one second to you. ainsley: congressman kelly is going to join us live coming up ♪ it's my life ♪ it's now or never ♪ i ain't going to live forever ♪ i just want to live while i'mm alive oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man.
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3:35 am
make no bones about it, a fisa warrant is, in fact, a license to spy. now, the question is: did you lie, cheat, or steal in order to do that? they did mislead the judge, get a warrant, multiple, you know, ability to spy, and now we're asked to believe that you can trust the very people who know this and are covering it up. steve: there you've got darrell issa yesterday on one of the sunday shows talking about the department of justice and the republican's investigation they want a whole bunch of documents they are not getting them. the doj says they are providing them. let's bring in dan bongino. he has a lot of sources on this former new york city police officers. secret service guy. host of the dan bongino show. thanks for joining us from florida today. you know, fort end of the week we started to hear about how important it is that the republicans get all the documents regarding this secret intel source. they almost regard that information as important as the whole russia dossier.
3:36 am
>> right. and there's a reason, steve. listen, i've spent nearly 20 years of my life as a cop and federal investigator. i have never, in my life, seen such an obvious frame job and setup. this was a sting operation against the trump team. that is why it's critical that they hide the source. why is it critical that they hide the source, steve? because we have been told the entire time by the hacks in the mainstream media, democrats and some establishment republicans that the case against trump was just a series of accidental contacts where they ran into the trump team and they said stuff. but, steve, let me ask you this, what if those contacts were deliberate that throws this whole story out the window? i've been saying for months, so have many other people. these were deliberate contacts. brian: i don't know what you mean by that i don't know what you mean deliberate contact? people set up there to set up people on the trump team, set up this interaction and make it look terrible? >> yes! exactly. brian, it's like i wind up on a park bench with you and
3:37 am
ask you to rob a bank with me and have you never met me before. you are like who is this guy? there is only two possible explanations. either you really want me to rob a bank with you or i'm trying to ro frame you for robbing the bank. i would say it's the latter with trump. >> they say there was a source embedded in the trump team that provided a lot of information to glenn simpson and the dossier crew, right? >> brian, simpson's already admitted in sworn testimony in the senate that the fbi told christopher steele they had a source in the campaign. none of this is new news. and by the way the list of subjects for that source or suspects is very short. and very disturbing. steve: sounds like according to what we have read, the source was not feeding things to the fusion. the source was actually feeding it directly to the fbi. >> and when we find out hot source is, i think some establishment republicans are going it be a little worried, too u this was a swamp operation. this wasn't just democrats.
3:38 am
ainsley: we want to show you this interview. it was bernie sanders, he was on with jake tapper. jake was asking why do you support -- why did you support john brennan for cia director and then you don't when he was gina haspel's boss. but why don't you support gina haspel when they were doing the same thing right after 9/11? listen to this. >> why is brennan okay but gina haspel is not. >> if the united states condones torture for other people, then that subjects our own men and women who were captured to be tortured as well. i think brennan did a good job in his position. i have serious reservations about this nominee. >> you didn't have reservations about john brennan. you voted for john brennan. >> it goes deeper than that and that is the foreign policy that we have seen from mr. trump, something that i also strongly disagree with.
3:39 am
brian: so because it's donald trump. >> yeah. guys, it doesn't go -- bernie says well, it goes deeper than that it doesn't go deeper than that. let me explain to you what's going on from a guy who has run for office before. the democratic base has blood from its fangs for trump. they can't stand him. they will not allow anyone on there with a d in front of their name, anyone to do anything pro-trump ever. even if it violates principles they have had in the past. look at the tax cut thing. the argument they made about the tax cut thing nancy pelosi just crumbs. what do you mean? i thought you hated tax cuts and now you want them to be bigger? complete hypocrites on this stuff. brian: we don't know how haspel is going to go. people are optimistic. sleepy joe donnelly says he would do it. joe manchin says he would do it. obviously john mccain isn't going to be there to support it. we know jeff flake is considering not doing it. and we don't know what rand paul is going to do. but they do think that more
3:40 am
democrats will end up putting her over the top, just barely. >> well, at least rand paul is principled on it. the democrats are doing it just to get reelected. you may see heitcamp as well. you will see a couple more. this is a tough fight for the democrats to get involved in. after 9/11 was a far different environment. and judging it now by those standards is kind of hypocritical. >> i think. so obviously the only reason they are doing that because they are in red states and this is one of the last votes they have to show they were actually with donald trump as they run for re-election. steve: big vote is going to be on wednesday. ainsley: thanks, dan. steve: thanks for joining us from palm city today. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: 5-year-old little girl is recovering after being attacked by a bear on mother's day. the terrifying scene unfolding in colorado where her mother was investigating why her dogs were barking when she heard her daughter screaming. >> she came out. she yelled at the animal. she screamed at it and by doing so, she probably saved
3:41 am
her little girl's life. ainsley: wildlife officers are attempting to catch that animal and euthanize it teen vogue sparking outrage for an article titled "who is karl marx" meet the anti-capitalist scholar instead of telling teenagers about the brutality of communism. examples of violence that aided in the establishment of capitalism in the united states include stealing the land of indigenous people and trafficking africans through slavery. conservative commentator ben shapiro responding on twitter saying his horrifying and stupid ideas led to the deaths of 100 million human beings and the misery of billions of others. saved you a click. who would you rather deal with? cnn's jim acosta or your children when they whine? that very question was asked of the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and her answer is making waves. >> it depends on the day.
3:42 am
both of whom can whine pretty regularly. they both like to ask the same questions and sometimes their tone needs to be adjusted a little bit. ainsley: sanders a mom of three children making those remarks during a mother's day special along with mercedes schlapp who you see there and kellyanne conway. and those your headlines. steve: i wonder if she would like to put anybody in a time-out from time to time? just saying. brian: i think so. steve: janice dean is joining us now. yesterday was mother's day. the big question is, did your children provide the bagel dogs in bed. janice: we had lots of snacks. we didn't do baking obagel dogs, chocolate and pancakes and chinese food left over for today. take a look at past 24 hours. hurricane season doesn't start until june 1st. but we are watching an area of disturbing weather. don't think it's going to become a tropical storm. but it is going to bring the potential for very heavy rain across florida the next couple of days.
3:43 am
several inches of rain really over a very short period of time is going to cause flash flooding concerns. potential for large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes along a frontal boundary texas and great lakes and the mid-atlantic. so, hopefully, have you some chinese food later on to eat. ainsley: did you bring enough for everybody? janice: did i not. it was delicious. i'm paying for it a little bit. brian: do you know what's under appreciated in the chinese food region bamboo chutes. steve: they are delicious. brian: mike kelly is firing back after heated exchange with maxine waters. >> stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation. >> don't you dare talk to me like that. >> will you yield? >> no, i do not yield not one second to you. brian: coming together as a country. congressman kelly joins us live next. steve: plus, we're going to help you turn your backyard into your own personal
3:44 am
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make every adventure a happy one with subaru outback. get 0% apr financing on the 2018 subaru outback. >> we are doing the same thing every day that you are doing. we are trying to make sure that we're making america great every day in every way. the best way to do that is to stop talking did b. discrimination and start talking about the nation. we are coming together as a people despite of what you say. >> i'm more offended as an african-american woman than you will ever be. this business about making america great again, it is your president that's dividing this country. and don't talk to me about the fact that we don't understand what happens. >> will the gentle lady yield. >> no i will not yield. brian: made headlines last week after heated debate
3:48 am
with maxine waters on the floor and now he joins us from pennsylvania. the study on car dealerships that there is iniquity between who they give loans too, correct? >> yes, yes. and as you know, brian, this is not my words, it is called a flawed study. called junk science. when you try determine credit worthiness, credit worthiness is built on your credit history. there is the five cs in banking. fowmplet cs, three cs. none of those have to do with color. the color of a person's skin has to do but the content of their character does. that is martin luther king, not me. but, when you sit on the house floor and you listen to this debate going back and forth on this issue. 30 minutes to each side. chairman henselman controlling one side ms. waters the other side. democrats coming down to the microphone and constantly berating automobile dealers and automobile people. these are people that i know so well, love so well and have worked with for so long. this is absolutely
3:49 am
preposterous. again, it's about dividing us as americans. not about uniting us. go to saying it's white vs. nonwhite. it's man vs. woman. that is so preposterous. and those are the type of things that divide us as a people. so, it's appalling for me to sit and watch that i will tell you this: if people think it's okay to sit back and not say anything when you know it's not true, when you know it's an outright lie, when you know it's an outright attempt to divide us and say nothing, that is not being a standup american. have you got to stand up for all americans, by the way. brian: this one instance because you know dealerships. that's how you made your money. now you are serving and still do. is this the first time maxinmaxine waters, do you thin, has brought up color unjustly. >> no. i think if you were to google -- don't take my word. google ms. waters and see what she has done in her lifetime. everything has got to come down to discrimination somehow we are not treating nonwhite people fairly. we are discriminating against them.
3:50 am
since this president came into office and this administration. we have seen an economy that's skyrocketed and good for all americans. not just white americans or not white americans but all americans. these are red, white, and blue issues. and if we can't get away from this divisive type of talk, we cannot come together as a nation. that's horrible. it's totally unacceptable. brian: all right. so maybe you two will make up some day. we will see what happens. i know one day. she cannot stand this president. congressman kelly, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: all right. 10 minutes before the top of the hour, more california craziness have to replace washington or lincoln's birth day with a communist holiday. the lawmaker fighting back joins us live. help you turn your backyard into your personal resort. skip bedell is on our remember van da and iveranda. he is doing something special with janice. ♪
3:51 am
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steve: well, we are in the middle of may, the weather is starting to get warmer. ways all week to turn your backyard into a personal resort. ainsley: every day this week a new home improvement segment with the catch a contractor and home improvement expert skip bedell. >> i'm back all week. you guys are going to be sick of me by friday. brian: this used to be indoor. >> it's like bringing your indoors outdoors and way fair is the best. i love these guys. basically point and click and on your porch in a couple days. over a thousand different selections this is the bayou breeze. you can arrange it in so many different ways. sun brel la cushions it
3:55 am
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3:56 am
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3:57 am
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>> history in the holy land. the u.s. embassy's official move to jerusalem now just a few hours away. >> all over the place signs all over the place. trump make america great. >> actually defending. >> why is brennan okay but gina haspel is not. >> not just the issue of torture. >> the democrats have like blood from its fangs for trump. they will not allow anyone on there with a d in front of their name to do anything pro-trump whatsoever. >> stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation. >> don't you dare talk to me like that. >> if people think it's okay to sit back and not say anything when you know it's not true, that is not being
4:01 am
a standup america. >> with your children, when they are having a bad or onerous day or dealing with jim acosta. >> probably gensdz on the day. both of whom can whine pretty regularly. ♪ good to be alive ♪ right about now ♪ woo hooh ♪ good, good, good ♪ good to be alive right about now. steve: live from new york city it's may 14th, 2018 and you are watching "fox & friends." ainsley: it is good to be alive. i hope had you a good mother's day. brian: how was yours? ainsley: wonderful. his son graduated from college. brian: on the road and three soccer games we are celebrating it today. ainsley: three soccer games on mother's day? don't they know all these boys have mothers? brian: girls were playing. syracuse. got in right on the field
4:02 am
realized let's just do this monday. the restaurants are open. ainsley: everyone can relate to that. brian: be smart about it america should have mother's day saturday and then sunday should be the day for people who couldn't do it saturday. instead have you no room for error. steve: i think a lot of people like it on sunday. it's a day all about mom. ainsley: lunch with mom. steve: historic day. and we start with a fox news alert. it's history in the holy land. u.s. embassy is officially mufing to jerusalem. just about two hours from right now. brian: as promised. right now protests underway on the israeli border. the gaza border specifically where 12 palestinians have died. ainsley: david lee miller is live in jerusalem with the latest for us. david? >> good morning. as you mentioned. only about two hours until the ceremony. the dedication ceremony gets underway. it will be official. the u.s. embassy will have moved from tel aviv to jerusalem. we are here at the ceremony itself.
4:03 am
final tweaks and preparations underway. off in the distance, i saw the color guard rehearsing. can you take a look and see some of the and dignitaries who have already arrived here. as many as 800 where expected to attend this event. the u.s. delegates includes president trump's daughter ivanka, her husband jared kushner, presidential advisor and steve mnuchin. they attended a welcoming ceremony last night. it was then that prime minister benjamin netanyahu told the crowd that the decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capitol on the move of the embassy has may the alliance of the u.s. and israel stronger than ever. the israeli prime minister said this is, quoting him now a momentous time. president trump is making history and our people will be eternally grateful. now, although ambassadors from more than two dozen countries are going to attend this dedication ceremony, conspicuously absent this morning will be the representatives from germany, france and the u.k. those are countries that
4:04 am
strongly disagree with president trump's middle east policy, specifically in this case the recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. and as you mentioned moments ago, this is also a day of conflict here in the middle east while there is great joy in the city of jerusalem, along the israel-gaza border. a very different situation at this hour unfolding. we should have live pictures of the scene there as you mentioned a moment ago, at least 12 people have been killed in clashes. the palestinians for the past several months have been holding regular weekly demonstrations there. they will culminate tomorrow in what is called the day of what they call the great catastrophe marking the anniversary of israel's founding. the embassy relocation today had hamas calling on palestinians, hamas controls gaza to come to the border and essentially infiltrate the border fence. controls the fence. the israeli government has told palestinians if they do
4:05 am
so, the consequences could be lethal. and, lastly, today, the israeli prime minister's position on the embassy move is that it is going to move the peace process along. it's a good thing for the peace process. but, today, guys, there are still a great many people in this region who think otherwise and that the event that's going to start here in a little less than two hours some believe is further going to inflame the region. back to you in new york. brian: david lee is, it basically considered that there is no part of jerusalem now that will be part of a palestinian capitol. >> well, there has been a proposal and we heard it repeated again possibly as a trial balloon that one neighborhood in jerusalem called abu -- could become a capital of palestine. this has been mentioned before in negotiations and failed. we have heard rumblings of it again. but, this is still something that is very much yet to be decided. back to you. steve: all right. david lee miller live in jerusalem with the very latest.
4:06 am
remember, it wasn't just the united states moving the embassy to jerusalem that made, you know, recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel. king david named it the capital of israel 3,000 years ago. brian: in fact. we have a sound bite. let's go to king david. i'm sorry we don't have that. ainsley: jenna browder and david brody, they work for cbn christian broadcasting network they are talking about the importance as far as scripture is concerned and king david played a role. god in very pleased in all of this and as a result the united states will be blessed. listen to this. >> the reason that so many christians love israel is because they feel god loves israel in the bible genesis 12:3 those who bless israel will be blessed and those who curse israel will be curse you had. that's what history has shown. >> if donald trump is going to go ahead and stick his neck out on the line for israel, christians believe that god will definitely
4:07 am
bless america as well. brian: that's what they're hoping for. a couple other things. i think that in the region, if there is ever going to be a time where this is pulled off it's now. i can't believe this in my lifetime in the middle east, to do something like this and to have a limited violence because it's a time in which people look at israel no longers problem. the main problem. it's iran. have you israel and saudi arabia setting up a relationship to a degree cutter and uae setting up a relationship. jordan and egypt's at peace with israel for years. when the palestinians are looking for support, they look one direction. it's really iran. and their sur gats hamas and hezbollah. steve: what the united states has done by moving the embassy to jerusalem, that has inflamed the palestinians and they say we're not even going to talk to the americans anymore. we do not look at them as being the main broke are when it comes to an ultimate peace deal. although the administration is telling people that apparently they are that close to having a final
4:08 am
deal, something that they call of the ultimate deal for peace and they will reveal it when the time is right. obviously right now with the violence and the protests going on with the palestinians now is not the day to do it. brian: we don't know if the palestinians had a word to say about jared kushner's plan they are not speaking to us. how would you have this ultimate plan if the palestinians don't know what it is. ainsley: who would have thought we would be negotiating with north korea and sitting down with kim jong un. seems like a stretch and never happened before but let's be hopeful. steve: there you go. let's talk about a little intrigue at the white house. apparently, i think it was on friday. sarah huckabee sanders had a staff meeting with her communications staff and she said, look, somebody is leaking to the press. what we are saying behind closed doors. and she knew that her comments would be leaked to the press. and they didn't let her down. within, i think, probably five hours or so, jonathan
4:09 am
swan over at axios had heard from five sources inside apparently the white house, it sounds like leaking details of her essentially meeting with the staff saying have you got to stop leaking. ainsley: this is unbelievable. these are individuals who work in the white house. they are supposed to serve the country, serve this president. if they don't like what he is doing and they want to leak information, then get out. because there are a lot of people that do believe that you need to keep what happens in the white house private. for security purposes for the betterment of our country. evidence goes in to ask people in the article that are leaking, he says why are you doing this? some said personal vendettas, transparency, if someone inside loses personal policy debate this is last shot retaliation just sticking it to that person or people that were against us. one guy said to cover my tracks, i usually listen to other staffers, like the phrases that they use. and i include those in the leak so it looks like they are the ones leaking.
4:10 am
>> unbelievable, for a while i thought general kelly did a really good job on tamping down the leaks. but they seem to have bubbled up again like crazy. and i will say. this you know, we all love inside information. everybody does. if you ever follow sports someone can tell you what's happening in the clubhouse, locker room, conversation you love stuff. inside baseball. and we love to know what's going on. is it in the country's best interest for this to come out? and very rarely did it come out with president obama's administration. you rarely heard that but, manual, it's coming out now. look, you know, we have done stories where there are people opt president's team who feel that the press is out to destroy the president, but then again, there are people on the president's own team who are leaking things to the press to make the white house look bad. will donald trump pick up the paper and say what? five people? five sources are leaking stuff within just a couple hours about the anti-leaking meeting? that's nuts.
4:11 am
ainsley: that's happening inside the communications team. she just met -- sarah huckabee sanders met with the communications team. steve: experts talking to the pressfullyway. ainsley: five this that room she needs to tell every single person a different piece of information and see what's blasted out. brian: remember when secretary gates was asked to stay on for president obama when he was already president bush's secretary of defense. he writes three hours later i used to sit in these meetings and they would blast president bush and blast the administration. guys, remember, i'm still here. three years later telling what's going on behind the scenes. having that leak out at the time was extremely decisive. this is leaking thought realtime. ainsley: i read an article where he was saying over the weekend tough talk on north korea has been really helpful with the negotiation process. that the president unpredictability has helped get summit with kim jong un. steve: meanwhile, it is now 7:11 in new york city.
4:12 am
brian: brand new twist in the spy games in washington. is it possible that the fbi spied on the trump campaign? congressman ron desantis here to weigh in next. steve: plus, a wild prom guest has parents and students roaring with outrage. a live tiger wheeled out on the dance floor in the cage. what could possibly go wrong ♪ you make my heart sing ♪ you make everything ♪
4:13 am
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♪ ♪ brian: is it possible that the fbi spied on the 2016 trump campaign going as far as planting a mole, which would contradict the story about the origins of the investigation which they say started with papadopoulos in a drunken conversation with an australian ambassador? here to weigh in is florida congressman and gubernatorial candidate himself republican congressman ron desantis. congressman, what do you know about what could be a setup with this entire investigation? >> well, i know that we're actively trying to get the underlying document that would tell us did they spy on the trump campaign or
4:17 am
not. the reason why a lot of us were suspicious glen simpson of head of g.p.s. testified there was a human source inside the trump campaign based on his conversations with christopher steele it suggests that steele as a british agent may have been working with somebody hot fbi was also working with. so we just need to get that information. yes, youyes or no. i think i may know the person just based on what i have learned, not even classified. but we don't even need to note name. we just need to know did they, in fact, target trump's campaign? yes or no. it's a very crucial fact to know, to see how this whole thing started. brian: the president's justice department is slow-walking. this some theory rise the house to flip and go democrat so they don't have to deal with this at all so we understand that devin nunes and trey gowdy went over last week. did they see anything that helped with this investigation? do they have a follow-up appointment. >> i think there needs to be follow-up. my understanding is that
4:18 am
they had discussions. there were concerns raised from the justice department. but i do not think that they fully answered chairman nunes' questions. and that's why, brian, we have been going back and forth on this stuff for months and different varieties. they need to produce the information, otherwise, there needs to be some type of sanction, whether that's contempt of congress or something else. brian: by the way, it's not eric holder. this is jeff sessions appointed by president trump. what is the problem? this is unprecedented. >> well, i think the problem is i don't think that jeff sessions is involved with this because of the initial recusal. so, a lot of this is being done between chairman of the respective committees and the deputy a.g. rod rosenstein. it's not actually reaching sessions' desk. brian: the doj says they are working with congress. hopefully that will produce some type of result. next, where are you now? you are there for historic opening of the u.s. embassy moves from tel aviv to jerusalem. how concerned are you about security? what's the mood on the
4:19 am
ground? >> well, look, i think this is historic event. but, the thing is, brian, it really just represents reality. if you want to have peace, have you got to build it on the foundation of truth. jerusalem is, in fact, the indivisible capital of the jewish people. it's been that for thousands of years. it's the capital of the modern state of israel as well. so, i think there is always pretext people can use in the middle east to try to create different types of uprisings. i'm not sure that's going to happen today. we will hope for the best. but, at the end of the day, the president made a bold and historic decision and this is really an historic day. i mean, this is not like naming a post office and normal things that are done in the congress. this is big time. brian: obviously that is true. does it bother you that our allies aren't there? i'm talking about the u.k., france, and germany? >> it's interesting, guatemala is going to open up an embassy in jerusalem two days. pair guy is on the way. you will see a lot of the countries outside western
4:20 am
europe start to follow the united states' lead. i bet you some of those countries who are traditional allies will probably be the laggards in this. brian, that's fine. do the right thing and some of these smaller countries who have done that they have shown a lot of courage in doing so. brian: yep. the united states is used to leading. we are doing it again. thanks a lot congressman desantis. best of luck today. >> thank you. brian: all right. 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour mike bloomberg delivering a dire warning to college grads. here we are in the midst of epidemic when elected official speaks as though they are above the truth, they will act as though they're above the law. brian: when did graduations get so political? we will debate that next. ♪ best behavior ♪
4:21 am
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and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. steve: back with headlines and a fox news alert. a family of five launches a deadly bomb attack on headquarters in the country of indonesia. a blast after a trio of church attacks in that city. at least four police officers and six civilians hurt including 8-year-old girl whose family members were behind the blast. comes just hours after a husband and wife used their four children as suicide bombers to attack churches. at least seven people killed in those blasts and more than 40 injured. and the three former north korean detainees, american citizens are finally back with their families. all the men released from walter reed medical center in maryland after several days of evaluation. the pentagon calls the reunions an incredibly
4:25 am
joyous occasion and they ask ised for privacy as they transition home. president trump greeted the men when they touched down in the united states at 3:00 in the morning last week. they were held prisoner by north korea for more than a year. all right. ainsley? ainsley: all right. thank you, steve. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg getting political during commencement speech over the weekend issuing new graduates this dire warning about the current state of politics. watch this. >> and so here we are in the midst of an epidemic of dishonesty in an endless barrage of lies. the seat in government isn't something to just shrug your shoulders at. when elected officials speak as though they are above the truth, they will act as though they are above the law. >> that was at rice university in houston on saturday. aren't commencement speeches meant to uplift and inspire people. here to debate is olympic media united states franks and jason anthony nichols.
4:26 am
thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: let me ask you first, i will start with you, what did you think of that speech. >> you know, the first half of it honestly, i was hesitant. it seems to fall fairly stereo typically comparing him to regimes. comparing him to dictators, the president, of course, who i'm referring to. the second half of it, actually i was quite heartened by. because i believe mr. bloomberg is correct when he says if your loyalty is to left or to right, then you are taking tribe over country. that, i think, is spot on in terms the partisan toxicity going on in our political system today. first half not great. second half pretty good. ainsley: jason, what did you think in the i think the first half you are talking about katie is the epidemic of dishonesty he says is the worst threat facing america not terrorism and not communism or the other issues. he said it was the epidemic
4:27 am
of dishonesty and said politicians who can't tell the truth. your thoughts, jason? >> i think we are in a sad moment in american history when you talk about an epidemic of dishonesty and everyone in the audience automatically knows it's the president of the united states that he is referring to. i think what is he trying to tell these young people, i think can you gather right now that can you reach success by being dishonest. that you can even reach the presidency that wait a minute we have a president who has told 3,000 falsehoods in under 400 days. so i think what is he trying to say is integrity still matters. that the values that you got from your mother, we just celebrated mother's day, that the values that you got from your mothers that were reinforced in your churches and mosques and synagogues are still important. and they are still going to lead you to-to lead a successful life. it's not necessarily a negative message. ainsley: katie, compare his speech to mike pence's speech. he was speaking at hillsdale
4:28 am
college he said you are beginning your careers at a time of growing american economy and restored american statue at home and abroad. i think we have a sound bite, a clip of that speech. listen. >> on the world stage, you've seen america embracing our role as leader of the free world. at home businesses large and small are growing again. faith in america is rising again because president trump and our entire administration have been advancing the very principles that you learned here in the halls of hillsdale college. ainsley: katie, compare those two speeches. >> of course, the vice president was certainly more optimistic and forward-facing. i will also say i was so happy to see him at hillsdale which is my alma mater. i do think that it was. i mean, americans and american families have never been in a better place. it's never been a better time to be an american than right now. wages, tax cuts, jobs. everything is getting better and continues to go onward and upward. it was nice to see him reminding people of that. ainsley: jason, is it time
4:29 am
to stop the identity politics? >> well, i think we can challenge some of the things that katie just said about the tax cuts. we don't know if they're actually going to give us any kind of sustained wage increases other than just one-time bonuses. what i can say is that identity politics. you know, do i think that we need to get away from the divisions and the fracture that we have in our nation. we need people who are going to bring us together and thus far this president hasn't done that. we are more divided, morale is lower in this country than i can recall in my entire lifetime. i think what we actually need is a change. and i think that's what, you know, mr. bloomberg was getting at. and i think mr. pence is kind of missing the boat there. ainsley: katie, jason, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. ainsley: security on high alert ahead of the embassy opening numb jerusalem. todd piro went to quantico to learn how marines defend our embassies around the world. is he here with inside look at that next. plus, congressman mike kelly
4:30 am
is firing back after this heated exchange with maxine waters. >> stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation. >> don't you dare talk to me like that. no. >> will you yield? >> know will not yield one second. >> totally what i expected. ainsley: you will hear from the congressman coming up next. ♪ got the wrong guy ♪ i'm only of guilty of a damn good time ♪ no, it ain't my fault ♪ ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪ uhp. i didn't believe it. again. ♪ ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ♪ i want to believe it. [ claps hands ] ♪ ooh i'm not hearing the confidence. okay, hold the name your price tool. power of options based on your budget! and! ♪ we'll make heaven a place on earth ♪ yeah! oh, my angels! ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪ [ sobs quietly ]
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♪ kisses sweeter than super honey. ainsley: southern girl. i went back home. i went to south carolina. we were in mount pleasant at the barnes & noble. they were so nice to us. thank you for that wonderful group of individuals that works there we were there at 7:00 on friday night. and these are some of the folks that came out. it was a long line. so thank you so much for
4:34 am
being there. look at that little baby. just a few months old. the police officers, they guarded us. and walked us out to the car. and they were so nice. and i just told them we loved them and we support them. steve: southern girl goes home. ainsley: thank you for everyone that was there for me. ainsley: "new york times" best seller list. thank you. thanks. it's on facebook "new york times" best seller list which is good. brian: john who leads joel collapsed on anything. ainsley: to god be the glory. steve: meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. it was tuesday at the house of representatives, you know, while there can be fiery speeches, it is rare that one member directly yells at another and visa versa. maxine waters had been talking about car dealerships where she said that dealers think women are stupid and have been taken advantage of. mike kelly, who is a congressman screen left, from pennsylvania, also owns
4:35 am
a dealership, he took offense and this was the back and forth. >> we are doing the same thing every day that you are doing, we are trying to make sure that we're making america great. every day in every way. the best way to do that is to stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation. we're coming together as a people in spied of what you say. >> i am more offended as an african-american woman than you will ever be. and this business about making america great again, it is your president that's dividing this country. and don't talk to me about the fact we don't understand what happens will you yield. >> no, i will not yield. brian: he knows car dealerships he says there is no iniquity when it comes to loans and no iniquity when it comes to sales and gender. ainsley: they are just trying to sell cars. brian: congressman mike kelly we all know that whole study was flawed. listen. >> everything has always got to come down to discrimination somehow we're
4:36 am
not treating nonwhite people fairly. we are discriminating against them. i would just tell you this. since this president came into office and this administration, we have seen an economy that's skyrocketed and it's good for all americans. not just white americans or not white americans. but all americans. these are red, white, and blue issues. and if we can't get away from this divisive type of talk, we cannot come together as a nation. that's horrible. it's totally unacceptable. ainsley: backing people into a corner. they are getting tired of that finally speaking out. now doing it on the floor. steve: there are rules where you cannot do that suddenly congress now looks like cable tv show. brian: looks like britain. they scream at each other right there. right? they seem to be okay. ainsley: they throw punches. steve: i don't think so you can impugn the integrity of another member. that's the problem. the back and forth was sharp. what do you think about it? let us know. ainsley: gina haspel now has the support of two democrats
4:37 am
heading into confirmation vote. in a statement, indiana senator joe donnelly says, quote: the cia under her leadership can help our country confront serious international threats and challenges. his support follows pressure from president trump in his home state. >> joe donnelly will do whatever chuck schumer and nancy pelosi tell him what to do. ainsley: donnelly joins west virginia senator joe manchin in endorsing gina haspel. the vote is expected on wednesday. the four legged -- a four legged prom guest has parents and students roaring with outrage. look at that a caged tiger wheeled out on the dance floor at a high school at a prom in miami. the theme of the dance welcome to the jungle. parents and students say the tiger looked stressed and uncomfortable. defending their choice saying the animal was never in danger and was always accompanied by handlers. i don't know if we are worried about the animal being in danger.
4:38 am
more about the kids. all right. auto pilot may be to blame for terrifying crash between a tesla car and a fire department's mechanical truck. brian: there is nothing left of it. ainsley: tesla going 60 miles per hour when it rear ended a truck at a red light. did not appear to break before the crash. unknown if the auto pilot feature was turned on. no one thankfully was seriously injured. brian: can we work this out before we do this again? ainsley: iphone explodes and bursts into flames feet away from repairman. surveillance video showing the man jumping away from that blast inside a store in las vegas. he was trying to fix a cracked screen caused by the battery that reportedly expanded from the heat. no one was seriously injured. brian: did he loads all his contacts? ainsley: no one was seriously injured. steve: that's why have you the cloud. all backed up to the cloud. speak of clouds do we have any over knox? janice dean is outside. janice: can i point your
4:39 am
attention to some fellows taking down the christmas decorations here on the plaza. brian: is that what they're doing? janice: can you believe this? it's may. hey, guys, wave to everybody. you are on "fox & friends." i mean, they should have just left them up, right? just leave them up all year. that's what some of our neighbors do. they are hard at work bringing christmas decorations down. look at the weather, shall we across the northeast. it is a little bit chilly we are expecting rain in the forecast across new york city and cooler than average across the rockies. we do have the potential for heavy rain across florida. hurricane season doesn't start until june 1st all right. we do have the potential for tropical development over the next couple of days regardless of if this develops. i don't think it's going to become a hurricane. i don't think it's going to become a tropical. it is going to bring heavy rainfall across the hundred shine state and potential for hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes for the next couple of days across a frontal boundary draped across texas, great lakes and mid-atlantic. still very warm across the
4:40 am
south. beautiful 94 in phoenix. hi. wave to irving at home. -- everybody ought home where are you from. >> richard monday, virginia. >> what's youi would like to sao my wife and mother. janice: like it was planned. thank you for coming my friend have. >> a great day. janice: everyone is nice in new york city especially the visitors. ainsley: louie is his son's name. isn't that the new prince's name? that's my dad's name. it's coming back. janice: it is. brian: louie was a great manager of the. ainsley: martha does the show and has great red lights behind her. steve: tune in tonight. there won't be those lights anymore after tonight. brian: if i refuse to read we will ad-lib all afternoon. let me tell you what's going on. a little bit of unrest in israel. security on high alert ahead of the u.s. embassy hoping
4:41 am
in jerusalem this morning. todd piro went to quantico to learn how marines defend our embassies around the world. here is an inside look on that next. steve: plus, more california craziness. the effort underway to replace washington or lincoln's birth day with a communist holiday. >> are we in competition to be the laughing stock of the united states? are we going that far to the left? brian: you won. steve: that lawmaker who is fighting back joins us live in about five minutes. ainsley: nicely dressed. brian: there is no competition. ♪ you can go your own way ♪ misjudge quiet tranquility with the power of 335 turbo-charged horses the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350 and a quiet interior from which to admire them.
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>> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. steve: at least 16 people, presumably palestinians killed clash in gaza ahead of the new embassy opening in jerusalem an hour and 15 minutes from now.
4:45 am
ainsley: just one of the security concerns but protecting embassies around the world is a job that the marines have been taking on for decades. brian: deep in the woods of northern virginia a group of hand picked marines guard our nation's interests about 150 countries. steve: how do they do that todd piro went to quantico for a preview. >> it was fascinating. call themselves ambassadors in blue proudly safeguarding u.s. personnel, property and classified secrets on foreign soil it all starts with intense 8 week course in quantico, virginia. take a look. >> stand by. [gunfire] >> how strong is the threat that our embassies face. >> absolutely critical. the world is a challenging environment today to the threat abroad, the range of responsibility is wide and varying and our marines are prepared to support in any capacity. >> security guard school that's when the new phase of
4:46 am
career starts. it's all brand new to them. >> the building behind she a replica of an actual overseas embassy. while we can't show you too much of what is going on inside because of security concerns, the marines behind me are doing a drill right now as to how they would respond to a security threat. defensive tactics is one weapon that we use to help deescalate a situation. >> dropped knife. >> in the marine corps sometimes it's seek, capture and destroy. here we are looking for the opposite. looking to subdue somebody and quickly push them off and get them pushed outside the embassy. todd: i'm going against the marines. this doesn't sound smart. >> i'm not winning that. [gunfire] >> what types of threats do you train for at embassies around the world? >> a lot of times people would think, hey, terrorism. but the reality is that there have been threats long before terrorism was a buzz word. so whether or not it's natural disasters, protests,
4:47 am
crime, we prepare to be able to deal with the spectrum of crises as they go all the way up to and including an attack on the embassy. >> also provide security support whenever we have that are traveling overseas. the president of the united states. vice president of the united states. secretary of state, providing those diplomatic representatives of the united states government and the united states people. an environment where they can go and do what's necessary overseas without having to worry about personal security. every single day when we are working overseas, we think to ourselves today somebody out there wants to do harm to our charge and we're going to make sure that doesn't happen. >> why do you do what do you? >> comes down to pride. it's unique. it's dynamic, it's challenging marines deploy to serve a greater purpose. >> having that iconic marine standing there gives assurance that not only am i being protected but being protected by one of the ambassador in blue one of the few, the proud the
4:48 am
marines. >> the marines view the state department as a client and relationship that has its roots in london following world war ii when the marines were selected to protect u.s. personnel trying to help europe recover. steve: why weren't there any of those guys in benghazi that night. >> they don't want to go into too many details on that. obviously it's a situation that if those individuals had been there. steve: a different outcome perhaps. >> different outcome would be the case. ainsley: what was it like for you to be there. >> we do so many stories with the military. awesome to go with the marines a different level. something different that i think it's lost in the shuffle. we don't necessarily think about this important work that's being done. it's personnel. it's property. and it really is these classified secrets that every single one of these embassies has and that really you are in a foreign country. they are vulnerable without the brave men and women who protect them. ainsley: they are more than marines. they are choir patrol car tores as well? >> i have a bad shoulder this is not a joke. doing that thing when they
4:49 am
twisted my arm back. they popped something and my shoulder has beeshoulder has nes good. steve: critics keep attacking the president for his leadership. more than the left can handle? dr. sebastian gorka is making a house call. he is in the next hour. brian: effort now underway to replace washington or lincoln's birthday with a communist holiday. fantastic. >> are we in competition to be the laughing stock of the united states? are we going that far to the left? brian: the answer, yes. and you are. there is no competition, california. you win. ♪ ♪ let's see how far we've come ♪ i believe that it is all every way we look out for
4:50 am
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4:53 am
steve: some lawmakers in the state of california are essentially trying to erase history, some say, by replacing washington or lincoln's birthday with a communist holiday as can you imagine the proposal sparked outrage when it came up for a vote on the floor last week in sacramento. watch. >> this is ridiculous. this is insane. this sun american. granted, it's california, but, seriously. steve: joining us now is california assemblyman matthew harper joins us today from los angeles. matthew, good morning to you. >> happy to be here. steve: good to have you as
4:54 am
well. the bill santiago schools to replace washington day, lincoln's day and presidents' day and install an international workers' day. what was he trying to accomplish with that? >> well, the thing that i think is ridiculous about this is it establishes may day i have always known as international socialist workers day as a holiday for schools it would delete either lincoln's birthday or washington's birthday to do it. i don't understand letting kids out and letting teachers out school day to a may day rally. >> we are looking at some famous may day arms demonstrations and parades over in communist countries. how did this particular bill, matthew. get out of committee for a floor vote in the california assembly? it? >> actually was a party line vote in both the education committee as well as the
4:55 am
appropriations committee. when it got to the floor, however, both myself and assembly member melissa menendez spoke against this in its ridiculousness. under scrutiny, this thing ended up not passing on the floor of assembly, of course the author asked for reconsideration which allows this to come for a future vote. deceive steve it does, indeed stay tuned for that why are on the east coast looking in on what's happened on the left coast. california is being so far to the left that they would even consider this that's what i think was truly outrageous nobody spoke up and really pointed this out in committee it's just taken for granted that the state legislature is that far left wing. i mean, between an increase in the gas tax single pair healthcare bill and sanctuary state bill. we're just moving like a
4:56 am
freight train into the pacific ocean. steve: no kidding. just the fact, i mean, as people look in, preparing their kids for school, and they hear oh, they might get rid of the president's birthday and have a socialist holiday in california, instead. what does that say about your state? >> i think it's a pretty sad state of affairs. state legislature is actually far left to the people in the state of california. people of the state of california are much more main line and not into this kind of fringe politics. you know, flirting with socialist, communist movement, holidays, and i think that this is outrageous. and i think they got scared off by possiblily overreaching on this and many other issues. >> sounds like they are going to bring it up for a vote again so stay tuned. thank you for jipg us from l.a. >> happy to be here. steve: what do you think about that? email us at continuing coverage of this
4:57 am
historic day in the holy land. hour away from u.s. u.s. embassy opening in jerusalem. steven mnuchin joins us live in jerusalem coming up. who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want a chance to live longer. opdivo (nivolumab). over 40,000 patients have been prescribed opdivo immunotherapy. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ >> it is history in the holy land. the u.s. ba sy is officially moving to jerusalem hours from now. >> president trump is making history and our people will be eattorneynally grateful. brian: is it possible the fbi spied on the 2016 trump campaign going as far as planting a mole? >> i think i may know the person. did they in fact target trump's campaign. yes or no. that is a crucial fact. melissa: this is what he had to say about veterans that support this president. >> these military people love him. i will come right out and say it, not honorable military veterans.
5:01 am
melissa: todd piro went to quantico to learn how to defend our embassies around the world. >> we're looking to subdue somebody, de-escalate the situation, quickly push them off, get them push the outside of the embassy. ♪ steve: that is what freedom looks like right there. the united states of america fulfilling a campaign promise of donald trump. he wanted to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv where it has been for decades to jerusalem. a number of other presidents promised that but he is the one who made it happen. it happens one hour from now. melissa: reporters on the cbn reminded us what scripture says. god blesses those that bless israel. the chosen people. brian: that is true. they made the announcement, it will take a while actually to
5:02 am
happen. quickly month later we'll move this pretty quickly. we'll do it by may. today is the day. upset about it? iran extremely upset about it. the palestinians extremely upset about it. steve: absolutely the government of israel made it very clear to the palestinians in the gaza strip. we know you may be upset, you may be planning protests. if you get close to the wall there, is possibility there could be violence. in fact so far we can confirm that 16 palestinians killed and 700 have been injured so far. melissa: let's get right to the fox news alert. we do have a live look at the fiery protests rocking the israeli border. at least 26 palestinians are dead now. steve: that is a new number to us. meanwhile the protests are raging on we're less than an hour away from the u.s. embassy opening in jerusalem. brian: harris faulkner is live there with treasury secretary
5:03 am
steve mnuchin. hey, harris. >> i'm standing with the secretary. you will be unveiling with the actual, doing dedication. tell me what you will be doing. >> i will indeed. i'm very excited to be here on this incredible momentous day. i have the great honor of pulling the rope that will bring down the drape and unveil the big flag. >> we have a u.s. conflict here. that -- consulate, that is where we are. this increases our footprint. it is all over the city and the country. the banners say make israel great. promises kept? >> absolutely. absolutely. the president is fulfilling a campaign promise something he said he would do. other presidents said they would do this and they didn't. it was over 20 years since congress passed the jerusalem embassy act and the president is making good on it now. reporter: secretary, can i ask but the political hurdle for
5:04 am
some years, decades in some cases as lawmakers try to figure out moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. what changed with this president? >> i think the president is taking action. whether it is this. whether the nuclear deal or with north korea, this president is taking action. he is doing it because it is the right thing to do. this is the capital of israel. israel is one of our closest partners. israel is absolutely fighting terrorism with us and combating terrorist financing. the president is fulfilling what has been an act of congress. reporter: one of the stories burst on the scene the israeli military dropping leaflets, don't go to the gaza strip with your women and children as human shields. they're protesting mightily. when we stand with israel what does that mean in. >> president trump wants peace in the middle east and that is his on veck tiff. with every other country in the world we recognize having the
5:05 am
embassy in their capital. this is the capital. this is, as i said, on the 70th anniversary president trump is fulfilling something we should have done long ago. reporter: one last question about that point, it is 70th observation of israel as nation-state today. there is a lot going on in the country. there is high security, you felt it as you were coming in, we all did, what will the president say? he will have a taped video today. what will the president say moving down the road in regard to israel? >> you know i'm not going to preview what the president will say, we'll have a bunch of speeches. jared kushner is working on the speech process is one of the speakers today. we're looking forward to it. this is incredible day to be here in israel. very proud to represent president trump and the administration. and it is momentous time. the president is just absolutely focused making sure that
5:06 am
americans are safe, that people here in the region are safe. it is not coincidental this is the week that president trump said we're getting out of a bad iranian nuclear deal. reporter: that timing is so interesting. you know as you come in here you feel people have their chest out and there is so much pride. i talked with a lot of young people in the country about the president and about america. the president talked about respect last week. what do you say about that, america respected more around the world? >> i think it's the case. i think that the president is making difficulty decisions what he believes are the right long-term decisions and not just kicking the can down the road. and if you, again, if you look at israel, we are acknowledging that this is their capital, which it has been. we're doing that because that's the way we treat every other country. reporter: when critics even some here in israel, saying this is
5:07 am
mostly symbolic, will it be real? will it be real? >> it is very real to the people of israel. it is very, very meaningful. we've been here yesterday midday. been to lots of activities. people in this country are very excited that the president stood up for them. reporter: we got to be here for the testing, rehearsal earlier and they sang hallelujah in hebrew and english. there is so much going on. is there something you would say to the people of world and israel because the world is watching? >> thanks for being a great partner with the united states helping us fight terrorism throughout the region and standing with us. it is an important allies. we have lots of important allies and we're thrilled to be here today. reporter: secretary, when you pull all that rope and you do all that jazz you do today we'll get it all. >> thank you very much. reporter: thank you. back to you guys. steve: harris, thanks for the interview live from jerusalem. the president will be appearing via video link.
5:08 am
800 invited guests. there are 11 members of congress, all republican, no democrats. and nobody from another country, other countries were invited because washington sees this as a bilateral event. as you look in live at jerusalem and look at all those red caps we saw in the live shot. brian: you know what, steve, it was pointed out by congressman desantis, paraguay and uruguay have moved their embassies. harry truman recognized israel. because of that the israeli vote has been democratic. with historic moment like this, and republicans in attendance, and republicans attending this, is it time to shift in country es specially the leader of israel says what he says about this president and the role he has played in israeli-u.s.
5:09 am
relations? melissa: the folks there have been waiting 70 years for international recognition. harris mentioned ivanka trump was going to be there. she was tweeting out a thank you to benjamin netanyahu with warm welcome. she married jared kushner. he is jewish. means so much to his family and ivanka. they will be there. steve: jared kushner is working on secret ultimate deal for peace between the palestinians and israelis and because the president couple months ago announced he would be moving the embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv, that inflamed a number of pal steens who are now refusing to meet with the trump administration publicly, saying they no longer regard the united states as the main broker of peace talks with israel. that is a problem but nonetheless, it does feel as if some sort of motion, some direction, don't know if they're getting closer together but things are happening on the
5:10 am
frowned -- ground in jerusalem. melissa: the owner and executive manager of the soccer team, they want to thank president trump for what he is doing today. they're changing the soccer team, or at least they have shown signs they're trying to change the soccer team, they want it to be called batar trump jerusalem. but israel football association is going to have to approve that. brian: i think i speak for steve, i say enough about soccer, ainsley. all you talk about. it is non-stop. this is historic day. one of many international events taking place with the president. iranian deal moving forward in preparation for the korean deal. jay sekulow, as we continue trade talks with that country. we're in the back stretch of nafta, renegotiating nafta. besides that really nothing on the agenda. steve: when the president did announce they were going to be moving the embassy to jerusalem the estimate at that point to
5:11 am
construct an embassy by the united states in jerusalem north of one billion dollars. but donald trump, real estate developer said, that is too much money. we have buildings there. that is what they're doing. they're using a consular building t cost $400,000 to fix it up. melissa: smart to do it at this time. look at the time top left-hand side of the screen. it says 3:11. great for the time in is rainfall and you folks watching in united states. brian: like a morning show. >> 9:00 in the morning? steve: they are seven hours ahead of us. melissa: they are doing it at 9:00 we're told. steve: 9:00 eastern time. melissa: turning to more headlines starting with a fox news alert. a family of five launched a deadly bomb attack on a police headquarters in indonesia. four police officers and six civilians are hurt.
5:12 am
including 8-year-old girl whose family members were behind the blast. it comes hours after a husband and a wife used their four children as suicide bombers to attack churches. at least seven people killed in those blasts. more than 40 injured. brand film from ha's big island forcing more people to pack up and get out. there are 20 open fissures a violent explosion could send plume of ash 12 miles to the top of kilauea. military couple graduates together 5000 miles apart. tyler white's wife, alex carrying him up to the stage on an ipad when he couldn't make it to the ceremony. look at that. [cheers and applause] the crowd at southern
5:13 am
new hampshire university giving them a standing ovation. you can hear how excited they are. tyler is stationed in hawaii, wore his cap and gown on face time as his wife act accepted their degrees. brian: a great idea. 13 minutes after the hour. president trump's critics attack him for his leadership but he is accomplishing more than the left can handle? he has a lot of plates in the air. dr. sebastian gorka is here who also likes plates. steve: he is a hero rushing a baby to the hospital in his patrol car to save the child's live. >> i'm half an hour from ormc. i'm heading to the emergency room with the baby. i. >> i will give them a call. steve: that deputy, mother and healthy child all here live coming up. ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
feeclaritin and relief fromwsy symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. steve: you're looking at live images of the embassy in jerusalem, and on this historic day for the world. critics still blasting the president, his leadership and the administration. here to explain fox news national security strategist and former deputy assistant to president trump, dr. sebastian
5:18 am
gorka joins us from virginia. sebastian, good morning to you. >> good morning,. steve: steve what is it about this president simply drives the left so crazy, getting so many check marks on that whiteboard up on the wall of the white house and yet they can't acknowledge the fact that it does appear we're making some progress? >> well, i think it started back on november the 8th, the day of the election. they were so in the tank for hillary, if you remember "the new york times," "huffington post" she has more than 90% chance of winning. their world just shattered and crumbled and they can't psychologically cope with it. let's look at one metric, the heritage foundation. whenever there is a new presidency, they write a book called mandate for leadership. in it they talk about the things new president should do if they wish to be a conservative. the heart taj foundation list this time was 355 policy recommendation for the new
5:19 am
president. they have just went back to that list. they did a kind of spreadsheet he has realized more than 60% of those policy recommendations in less than a year-and-a-half, steve. it's stunning. he has achieved things in one year that most presidency was be happy with after eight years. it drives them insane. it drives them insane. steve: as we look at the big board, some of the president's accomplishments, moving embassy to jerusalem. leaving iran deal. god guys back from north korea. approval ratings on the rise. couple judges rebuked what robert mueller's investigation was all about and making the economy great again. so much of the news is about small kind of trivial things, and, separately there are these stories out about how many leakers are in the white house communications department, which ultimately leaked things about
5:20 am
the president to make the president look bad. >> yeah. the leaks, the leaks disturb me. general kelly really got a grip on the white house when he came in. now there seems to be a resurgence. i know there are still people in the white house who don't respect the president, and i never understood why you would want to work for somebody you don't respect. they will be dealt with. i trust the general. but the at end of the day, it is really stunning. just the economy, steve, we have five million americans who have been given cash bonuses because of the president's tax reform bill. not 5000. not half a million. steve: right. >> five million americans. that will be great for november. steve: absolutely, indeed. sebastian gorka, as we look lynch at jerusalem where they will be unveiling the big plaque to designate that building as the u.s. embassy, sebastian, thanks for joining us today. >> thanks,. steve: steve straight ahead on
5:21 am
this monday, dep hi hailed a hero. the mom, the deputy, the baby all here live next. patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. we're inspired by color, driven by clarity and dedicated to improving your view, no matter your vision. our prescription sunglasses are the most technologically advanced available, and are ten times more accurate than those produced by conventional labs. our polarizedplus2 technology
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5:25 am
raccoon. they can kill you. members of the cleaning crew found the creature hours before the game against cincinnati. the reds went on to win the game 5-3. unrelate here is ainsley. melissa: we're not related. we're highlighting national police week, high hitting one florida depthty who went above and beyond the call of duty to save a boy. he performed life-saving measures on kingston after being flagged down by the baby's mother and rushing him to the hospital rather than in his patrol car rather than waiting for the am bans. >> i'm heading to the emergency room with the baby. >> we'll give them a call. melissa: he got him there just in time saving his life. here is deputy nix of marion county florida, sheriff's office and the mother of kingston, the
5:26 am
mother of the 3-month-old child. she calls king. thank you for being with us. nicole, start with you, tell us the story. what happened that day? >> well, i was actually at a funeral home planning my dad's funeral and i got to phone call from my sister who was with him and she said kingston is not looking good. like he doesn't look his usual self is. i said, well, maybe he is tired? and you know, we just kind of went from there. she said no, he is not looking good. i told her to face time me so i could see him myself, see what he was looking like, when she put the camera to his face i automatically knew something was wrong. i asked her where she was? she told me where she was and i got in the car with my other sister and we find of drove as fast as we could to get to him. we actually ended up meeting like in the middle of the intersection, and i kind of grabbed him out. i was like, i have to get him to
5:27 am
the hospital. traffic was so bad, we barry could get through the cars and stuff. i just kept praying, please let us make it, please let us make it. when we got ready to the turn the corner we saw a deputy sitting at light. i was like, stop. she started honking the horn really loud, screaming. when he let his window down, my baby is not breathing, i need help. my baby is not breathing. we went from there. melissa: wow. deputy nix, what was going through your mind? >> honestly confusion. i wasn't sure what was going on. i heard horn honking thinking it was impatient drivers. when i rolled the window down my baby was not breathing. i told her to pull over. i did a quick u-turn. that is where you see the video pick up. melissa: he was tired. he is yawning. he is precious. how old is he now, nicole? >> he is four months actually. melissa: he is? he is so cute. so you lost your dad that week
5:28 am
and, i can't even imagine what was going through your mind. you lost your dad. your son is not breathing. so you get to the hospital. >> it was rough week. melissa: rough week, sorry to interrupt you. what did you say? >> it was a rough week for us. >> what is your message now to deputy nix who is sitting next to you and other police officers? >> well, to him, i just i'm so grateful. i give all glory to god and to him for even, you know, rolling his window down because you know, some people may have just ignored the horn and whatever. and i just wanted him to know how much i appreciated him for thinking fast and realizing that my baby was in, he was in a rough situation and needed immediate help. he actually, you know, just took over and pretty much saved my son's life. melissa: deputy nix, these
5:29 am
stories are underreported. we hear so much about police officers, you guys have been under attack recently. what do you say about the other officers, that are on your force do this kind of thing on regular basis? you really are our heroes? >> that is the thing. there are some great guys out there. so many times like you said, the bad stories make the headlines. so today was awesome. being able to be there for kingston. god put me in the right place at the right time for the right reason. obviously the proof of that is sitting in mama's lap today. for me it is just, i was glad i was able to be there for nicole and kingston. melissa: deputy nix, we honor you, we thank you. it is national police week. >> grateful. melissa: we're grateful and indebt what you did for nicole. i'm a mother, nicole. i know what it feels like to hold your baby. we all pray for them to have long will lives. looks like god has plans for your child. >> amen.
5:30 am
melissa: ahead of historic opening of our embassy. we're live on the ground. we watch live arrivals ahead of the embassy opening half an hour from now. "teen vogue" wants you to read their new articles. everything you should know about karl marx. they're glamorizing the founder of communism. ♪
5:31 am
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. look at this video. fiery protests rocking israeli border in gaza. at least 26 palestinians are dead. steve: these violent demonstrations raging on. we're half an hour away from the
5:34 am
u.s. embassy opening in jerusalem. brian: this is something that we can't say that's surprising but anytime you have loss of life on something like this, you understand. because precautions were taken but if someone is determined to create unrest with these great numbers, what are you supposed to do if you're security, security on the other side? steve: the palestinians were warned they could get hurt if they approach the fence and they did. israeli snipers apparently killed a number of palestinians. we do know at least 26 are dead and 700 are injured. they are squarely against the fact that just about 30 minutes from right now the united states of america is going to move our embassy officially from tel aviv to jerusalem. it has been in tel aviv for decades. ainsley: steve mnuchin is there, ivanka trump, jared kushner. ivanka was tweeting welcome to benjamin netanyahu. steve: people are gathered for
5:35 am
the official opening. they are going to unveil a plaque very shortly that shows it is officially the embassy, but that doesn't make jerusalem the capital of israel because remember, king david made jerusalem the capital of israel 3,000 years ago and of course it was back in the '90s when the united states of america it, was a bipartisan agreement that jersey embassy act of 1995 that congress passed that said we would move our embassy there but bill clinton didn't have the political will, george w. bush didn't do it, neither did barack obama, but this president, donald trump, made it a campaign pledge and today he is accomplishing. brian: nobody had worst relations than i can remember president obama and benjamin netanyahu. they had instant dislike for each other. they were constantly showing disrespect for each other. netanyahu addressed congress. didn't go over there right away.
5:36 am
they didn't hit it off. obama administration one of the last international acts pushing for benjamin netanyahu's opponent. on other hand president trump comes over here, they had a deep relationship went back 30 years before either one was necessarily in politics. so they have a history together. they have known each other at different level. ainsley: that's right. right now the white house is working on israel-palestine peace deal. 70 years ago, the state of israel was declared. they have been waiting 70 years for international recognition. steve: the plo called for protests today. that is what we're seeing. we have a correspondent, conor powell, over in gaza and he can see hundreds if not thousands of those who are gathered for the protests. once again, the israeli government was very clear. we know that you have called for protests, but if you get close to the fence there will be trouble and there has been trouble. ainsley: that's right. security is supposed to be tight there. harris faulkner from fox news,
5:37 am
she interviewed steve mnuchin the treasury secretary, about 30 minutes, an hour ago. here is a little clip of that interview. >> i think the president is taking action, whether it is this, whether the nuclear deal or with north korea, this president is taking action. and, this is, he is doing it because it is the right thing to do. this is the capital of israel. israel is one of our closest partners. israel is absolutely fighting terrorism with us and combating terrorist financing. and the president is fulfilling what has been an act of congress. brian: you know, not everybody is pleased by that the arab league is meeting right now but they called this, the meeting because they want extraordinary meeting to discuss the united states illegal move of their embassy to jerusalem. the arab league who famously said, have an idea, why don't you get rid of gadhafi and we'll support you. we got rid of gadhafi and backed
5:38 am
out and did nothing. the arab league to a degree is unhappy. saudi arabia, u.a.e., qatar, egypt not happy. >> owner of the soccer team to change the name of their soccer team to batar trump jerusalem. they have to get a approval from the israel football association. steve: a lot of israelis approve what is going on today. we'll take you live to the ceremony coming up 22 minutes from now. ainsley: strong winds inflatable house blowing away from nearby home and rolling on to a road in san bernardino, california. the nine-year-old boy inside was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. a driver slammed into the house on the highway was not hurt. ben bernanke -- bernie sanders struggling to say why he supported john brennan and but
5:39 am
not supporting gina haspel. >> you didn't have reservations about john brennan. you voted for john brennan. >> it goes i think deeper than that. i think the, that the foreign policy we have seen from mr. trump, something that i also strongly disagree with. ainsley: the senate expected to vote on the cia director nominee, gina haspel this wednesday. sparking outrage from "teen vogue" publishing a article who is karl marx, the anti-capitalist scholar. instead of telling about the brutality of communism. says examples of that violence aided in the establishment of capitalism in the united states, include stealing the land of indigenous people and trafficking africans through savory. conservative commentator ben shapiro tweeting back, saying his horrifying and stupid ideas let the deaths of 100 million human beings and misery of billions of others. she is a little girl with a big heart.
5:40 am
8-year-old log lynn baldwin is on a mission of love to hunt for police officers in all 50 states. >> i've been waiting for my. >> all right. ainsley: rosalind spreading cheer in ohio, checking off the 27th state. the louisiana girl was on a call by god to spread love, following the deadly police sheetings in dallas. those are the headlines. >> that is a good story. ainsley: she has supportive parents, how sweet. allowing to travel, traveling with her because she is so young. brian: if janice wanted to travel we would support her. >> i appreciate that. i have my passport and everything. brian: good job. >> where are you from, name and town. >> cocoa beach, florida. >> what is your name julia. >> and where are you from north carolina. >> where are you guys from. >> indiana. >> indiana. >> want to do the weather with me? what is the weather here in new york city? >> cloudy and 57. >> amazing.
5:41 am
what about you fine folks? >> new jersey. >> and with you, where are you from? >> england. >> you're from england. this is your 50th anniversary being in the united states everybody. big round of applause. yea. ainsley, is going to england for the royal wedding. >> i know she is. >> yes, maybe you can give her some tips. real quick across the country we have potential for cooler weather across the northeast and great lakes. we're watching a lot of moisture in florida. i don't think it will become a tropical storm but potential for flooding. wave to everybody. wave to every one in the u.s. and england, jolly old england, a big wedding coming up, miss ainsley. >> gave me a tip. you reminded to put my passport in my luggage. glad you said that. >> that was brian. steve: take an umbrella. and your london fog. ainsley: metro system there, traffic will be a nightmare. brian: ever have the clear pass. two fingers. go clear. the so worth the money. valley brings you to the top. steve: only have them at couple
5:42 am
airports so far. brian: they're getting there. steve: i do have that. the fingers don't work. i do the eyeball recognition. brian: i use my eyes to stare at my fingers. every one does that differently. msnbc analyst, malcolm nance under fire for slamming veterans who support president trump. >> these military people love him all right? and i'm going to come out and say it. not honorable military veterans. brian: really? viewer emails are pouring in on that. we'll share them. steve: we're taking you live to jerusalem. the historic opening of our embassy just about 18 minutes away. live coverage continues right after this. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate
5:43 am
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brian: we're back with a fox news alert. a live look outside what will be the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem. we're now minutes away from the historic opening ceremony which should go on for about two hours. ainsley: the u.s. delegation anxiously awaiting the big
5:46 am
moment. president trump will make an appearance by video link. steve: meanwhile protests are rocking the israeli border. more than 35,000 demonstrators flooding locations along the gaza security fence. at least 37 more have been killed. and, it looks like the number of those injured, 900. probably approaching 1000 before it is all done. brian: there was a thwarted terror attack. they planted a bomb at the border were killed. the bomb did not go off. steve: meanwhile here is a story a lot of folks are reporting online after we told you the story a little while ago. they're is msnbc terror analyst, malcolm nance. he was on the panel over the weekend. how john mccain will not support the nomination of gina haspel for cia director. talking about donald trump's history with john mccain and, a host brought up how republican congressman duncan hunter of
5:47 am
california has in the past defended donald trump's attacks on john mccain, and that is what prompted this exchange on that show. >> these military people love him, all right? >> yeah. >> i will come right out and say it. not honorable military veterans. they have this cultish love, where the love of donald trump exceeds the constitution. and exceeds the love of the honor of every one who has sacrificed and lost in this nation. brian: wow. where do you stand from that? if you follow donald trump you're basically off, you're follow him blindly. ainsley: horrible. brian: e may from ray says this, totally offended. i served my country honorably. i support president and continue to do so. veterans have many supporters. those who offend us as a group will pay the price at polls this midterm. ainsley: jeremiah says once again the example of the left trashing the character of people who don't think like them.
5:48 am
we are the deplorable vets. steve: ken emailed us, a former vet would disrespect the president, even worse, disrespect the very men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. keep the comments coming. we read them all day long. >> meanwhile we are just minutes away from the opening of our embassy in jerusalem. we're live down there on the ground next. brian: but first, bill hemmer is somewhere almost on the ground. second floor, right, bill? >> yes, sir. how is the weekend? everything cool? brian: great. >> right on. nice to see you on the monday, as you mentioned. big morning of breaking news. awaiting the president's address on the u.s. embassy. there is lot more than sim is bowism at play. -- sin bowlism. we'll take you through this. cia director talks about his trip to north korea and his conversations with kim jong-un. we have better idea about republican strategy when it comes to the midterms. nasty fight between lawmakers on a divided america.
5:49 am
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steve: that was a fox news alert. the u.s. embassy move to jerusalem will become official about ten minutes from right now. brian: david lee miller is live inside the new embassy with a good friend of our show, senator lindsey graham. david, take it away. reporter: indeed. you know, brian, this is the toughest ticket in town. there weren't enough seats to accommodate all the members of the israeli parliament but senator lindsey graham, today you were one of the chosen people. tell me why is this event so significant, the relocation of the embassy? what does this mean? >> of all the things president trump could have done to tell israel we have their back, making jerusalem the capital is the strongest signal he could
5:53 am
have sent n 1995 we voted 95-3 to make jerusalem the capital of israel. trump is the first president to make it happen by moving the embassy. an unequivocal statement in very difficult times. i just left the prime minister's office. he said of all the things president trump could have done, doing this is the strongest signal he could send to the israeli people. reporter: senator, the embassy is low locating a existing consular facility. this building was here before. some critics suggest what is happening today is really nothing more than symbolic. this is not a new embassy building. they're simply putting up a plaque. what do you sy to that criticism? >> i would say since 1995, we talked about making our embassy moving to jerusalem. donald trump did it. when the plaque goes up, it becomes the embassy. i'm in charge of appropriations for the state department. i like the chances of building an embassy here because i'm in charge of the money. this is a huge deal. i hope north korea is looking and listening. when donald trump says he is
5:54 am
going to do something he means it. reporter: let me ask you very quickly, palestinians are protesting. 25 dead. what is the significance of that and does that make you think twice about what is happening here today? >> we'll not let palestinians or anybody else make u.s. policy democrats and republicans voted to make jerusalem the capital of israel. it will be and i'm sorry about the loss of life. reporter: as you could hear the applause. ivanka trump arrived. the ceremony will get underway in less than ten minutes. back to you in new york. steve: folks will see it live. david lee miller along with lindsey graham, thank you very much. we received excerpts from jared kushner's prepared statements. there is ivanka and jared right there. he will say regarding the israeli-palestinian conflict, he will say we believe it is possible for both sides to gain more than they give so all people can live in peace, safe from danger, free from fear and able to pursue their dreams. jerusalem must remain a city
5:55 am
that brings people of all faiths together. brian: right. will there be a portion of jerusalem that could potentially be a palestinian capital? i'm sure. that is indeed even possible. one thing is pretty clear. this whole move is off the table. so pick it up from here. it has got to the point where the palestinians, mahmoud abbas, who has questionable in his background whether there is real quest for peace from him anyway, who replaced yasser arafat, that is who they want anyway. ainsley: look at image. benjamin netanyahu on the left, prime minister, then the president's daughter i have van can, married to jared kushner who is jewish, she converted. that is beautiful scene represented both countries. jared, we have excerpt from his speech. israel proves every day the balanced power of freedom. the land is the only land in the middle east which jews, must sims, christians, people of all faiths participate freely.
5:56 am
they protect freedom of speech, women's rights and every one to reach their god-given potential. brian: this is from the administration. iran's aggressiveness threatens many peace-loving citizens throughout the region and the world. from egypt, saudi arabia, and beyond they are modernizing the their lives. pursuit of the common interests previously unimaginable. opportunities in the alliance are starting to emerge. those countries which i just mentioned there, egypt, saudi arabia, and jordan, that is the reason why this is able to come off at all because there is a sense in the region this was inevitable and they support it. if not, outwardly, by their silence. steve: this has been a long time coming. the united states congress back in 1995 on a bipartisan vote passed the jerusalem embassy act. and you know what? even though it passed during the
5:57 am
bill clinton days he did not make it happen. george w. bush did not make it happen. barack obama did not make it happen. but it is something that donald trump did run on and, as we look at alan dershowitz, he told us he was delighted this is happening. he is there. he has a ringside seat. ainsley: we saw ivanka talking, ivanka and jared talking to robert jeffress pastor of first baptist at dallas. he will give the prayer over there. steve: keep in mind you have pictures of the unity and happiness brand new soon to be u.s. embassy, not far away 35,000 protesters have been gathering to demonstrate this. just last couple day al qaeda's al-zawahiri called far jihad. so far the numbers coming in sporadically, at least 900 people have been injured. the israelis have warned people, stay away from the fence. but of course they rushed the fence and snipers have killed a
5:58 am
number of palestinians. brian: right. there you go. some of the keynote speakers addressing the world and of course israel and make it official, by the way the, security has to be great after today, too. because that will be a target for just about every would-be terrorist that decides that is not where our embassy really belongs. my hunch is in a few years you will see some of these european countries moving because we did it first. their embassies there. it is not up to you to decide what other country's capital should be. that is what they decide. so there is a line in the sand there for some but no longer for us. steve: you have to wonder what the conversations are like between jared kushner and bibi netanyahu we saw with ivanka. for the most part jared kushner has been the point man on donald trump's ultimate deal for peace. even before he became president of the united states, donald trump has talked about trying to broker some sort of
5:59 am
mid-east peace. of course the palestinians now reportedly have refused to meet with the administration ever since it was announced that this embassy was going to be moving. they say the united states the no longer main broker of peace talks. nonetheless, jared kushner and the administration apparently are really close to the final version of the proposal. they will present it at the right time, today given fact there are 35,000 protesters not from that picture. ainsley: u.s. marines are there. they will sing the national anthem in israel as well. brian: two or three weeks ago the president was considering going himself. instead jared and ivanka goes. steve mnuchin goes. others will be there. he has a video address. he may overwhelm the moment. this is about israel. ainsley: that will happen at 9:30 if you want the president
6:00 am
address. we'll have it live here. jared was thinking i grew up in jewish home, married the president's daughter and now i'm sitting here with our embassy moving to jerusalem. brian: he will be speaking. steve: short day. "america's newsroom" now. . .


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