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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 14, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> kimberly: you are going to do online. >> juan: you went to school? >> greg: i regretted every minute of us. >> dana: mondays are crazy. set your dvrs, never miss an episode of the five. "special report" up next. hey,bret. >> bret: greg is such an inspiration. hey, dana. while the trump administration and the israeli government celebrated the move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem dozens of palestinians die in violent protest at the border. united states supreme court strike down a law sports gambling. killer from the 60's that was never cut. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the new american embassy to israel is open tonight in jerusalem. and that is sparking a wide range of emotions. from jubilation among israel and its supporters in the trump administration, to deadly rage from
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palestinians. and their supporters throughout the world. while the president's daughter ivanka fronted a huge delegates from her father's office, palestinians clashed with israeli troops on the gaza border resulting in dozens of deaths and thousands of injuries. that is where we start tonight with correspondent benjamin hall. ♪ o say can you. >> a campaign promise fulfilled today and with great fanfare as the new u.s. embassy opened in jerusalem. 25 years after america first pledged to do so. >> what a glorious day. remember this moment [applause] president trump, by recognizing history, have you made history. [applause] >> there was a sizeable u.s. delegates. among them ivanka trump and jared kushner. steven mnuchin and various members of congress. although the president was not in attendance he addressed the ceremony by video lunch link.
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congratulations it's been a long-time coming. the united states will always be a great friend of israel and a partner in the cause of freedom. and peace. >> not everyone was celebrating. 53 three miles south the move inflamed the protests in gaza. some 40,000 palestinians staged demonstrations along the border with israel leading to deadly clashes. over 50 people were killed. more than 2300 wounded. >> this has been the biggest protest carried out by the palestinians since the protests began six weeks ago. it's also seen the biggest response from the israelis, making this the deadliest day since the war in 2014. >> israeli military officials say they foiled several coordinated attempts by palestinians to breach the fence, pushing them back with live fire. they also carried out airstrikes on hamas camps, having warned the palestinians in advance. >> we have to be very clear and sharp and if needed forceful to defend our border because israeli civilians' lives are at stake. >> palestinian leaders say
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the move has ended their trust in america. forcing them to walk away from peace talks. >> we consider that america's moving of the embassy means the end of american control of the peace talks. we will not go back again to an american led peace talks. >> more protests are planned tomorrow to commemorate what palestinians call the catastrophe of the creation of the jewish state. but, in israel today, little could dampen the joy at america's clear sign of commitment to them. a sentiment shared across political divides. and even senate minority leader chuck schumer praised the president for moving the embassy. saying he applauded president trump for doing so. and in two countries, guatemala and pair guy have said they will follow suit and move their embassy to jerusalem. news just breaking in the last few hours, turkey has just announced it is going to put out its ambassador to the u.s. both in response to the embassy. that is a big diplomatic
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shift. bret? >> bret: benjamin hall in jerusalem. benjamin, thank you. president trump is raising eye bras tonight with a move to reverse course on a tough set of penalties against a major chinese business. some see it as a step to ease trade tensions. others regard the move as a potential threat to u.s. national security. late this afternoon, we received news of a different sort concerning the health of the first lady. chief white house correspondent john roberts leads us off tonight with that. good evening, john. >> bret, good evening. first thing we can tell you is the first lady is okay. she wonder went a catheterization earlier today to treat a nonlife threatening condition in one of her kidneys. the white house kept it very, hush hush until she was out of the or. in a statement the first lady's office said melania trump under went elm bowlism to treat a bee nine kidney condition. the procedure was successful and there were no complications. mrs. trump is at walter reed national military medical center and will likely remain there for the duration of the week.
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the white house would not say what the condition is, but elm bowlization is typically used to treat tumors in the kidney. a thin catheter cuts off blood flow to the tumor tumor. if is it is benign the tumor shrinks and disappears. the president did no travel with the first lady. later this morning he traveled up to visit her. president trump headed to iowa sensitive trade issue with iowa. u.s. sanctions against u.s. telecom giant zt. >> . the president tweeting this afternoon zte the large chinese phone company brings a big percentage of individual parts from u.s. companies. also reflective of the larger trade deal we are negotiating with china and my personal relationship with president xi. it was a rather stunning turn for a president who has railed against china stealing american jobs. zte had been punished for violating u.s. sanctions against iran and north korea. the heads of six major intelligence agencies worry
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that zte devices could be used to spy on americans. >> raise your hand if you would recommend that american citizens use zte services. none of you again are raising your hand. thank you for that. >> chinese officials coming to d.c. later this week for trade talks and president jinping's help with north korea stale crucial part of the diplomatic calculation president trump felt it necessary to dial back on zte. >> obviously this is part of a very complex relationship between the united states and china that involves economic issues, national security issues and the like. it's an issue of high concern for china that's been raise with the u.s. government and with our administration at various levels. >> move brought a sharp response from the senate minority leader. >> what happened to america first? president trump's latest about face on trade policy won't make america great again. it will make china great again. >> the back peddle on zte keeps a way clear for
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china's continued assistance on north korea. china also pleased that the u.s. appears poised to offer north korea security assurances if it dismantles nuclear program. >> we have to provide security assurances to be sure. this has been the tradeoff that's been pending for 25 years. no president has ever put america in a position where the north korean leadership thought that this was truly possible that the americans would actually do this. would lead to the place where america was no longer held at risk by the north korean regime. that's the objective. >> meanwhile sources tell fox news late this afternoon that the president really wanted to be there when the first lady traveled up to walter reed military medical center for her procedure this morning but if he had accompanied her, he would have had to bring the white house press pool with him. the president and the white house wanted to keep tonight down low so that's, bret, why he waited until this afternoon to visit her. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. john, thanks. let's get some perspective on today's event.
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senior political analyst brit hume is here tonight. >> hi, bret. >> bret: big day in jerusalem. your sense of how it's playing outs. >> all the sense of making peace with reality. think of the location of the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. that's 40 miles from the israeli capital. what has undo yodo you undoubten the capital. presidents have repeatedly postponed it so now it's unhappened. israelis are overjoyed. palestinians meanwhile are enraged. they are enraged about the movement of the embassy and enraged about what it represents. israel is here to stay. it's not going away. its borders are not going to be immediately reordered to accommodate palestinian wishes. they are involved in these deadly presses along the border in which they are trying to assault the israeli palestinian border from gaza. that is a failure on their part to make peace with relates. that's really what this is
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about. >> bret: let's turn to the story about the chinese company. the phone company zte and these kind of walk-back if you will on potential sanctions president tweeting out zte phone company buys parts from u.s. companies. also reflective of the larger trade deal we are negotiating with china and my personal relationship with president xi. fouyour thoughts? >> second or third tweet about this that came out. the first one, this looked like it was standing by itself as an act of generosity, if you will, of concession to china on the president's part and there was no immediate indication he was getting anything for it. this paints a somewhat different picture. we won't know, bret, how to judge this for a while, i think. because we don't know whether this was given or this was done in exchange for cooperation on north korea as a goodwill gesture there. we don't know if it's part of a larger trade deal.
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>> bret: which they are in the middle of. >> very complex. we have a long way to go now. on its face it looks alarming because zte security threat. technology here is thought that on the face of it, it looks disturbing. but, we have got a long way to go before we know what it's really all about. >> bret: all right, brit, thank you. >> you bet. >> bret: former candidate mitt romney not happy with the choice to give the opening prayer. romney tweets that prominent baptist is a quote religious bigot. he should not have been chosen to give the prayer. white house spokesman says jeffries reported statements if the statements about various religions are accurate, they are not embraced by the administration. this is a fox news alert. the elm battled republican governor of missouri is off the hook for now at least.
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in embarrassing and potentially disastrous legal case. matt flynn has the breaking news from st. louis about governor greitens. good evening, matt. >> good evening, to you. one of the first things that happened today in court was maybe of governor greiten's defense team approached the judge and the bench and made clear on the record that the alleged photo that is at the center of this felony invasion of privacy still has never surfaced throughout all of the discovery. leaving many people scratching their heads wondering how we are in day three of the jury selection process with a photo that had never surfaced. i want to give you quick background. governor greitens admits to have extra marital affair in 2015 unidentified woman known to be the governor's hairdresser tied her up during the sexual encounter and took a picture of her against her will and threatened to even share that picture. the woman's story amended to enough for greitens to be charged with a felony invasion of privacy for taking the picture without her consent with intent to
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possibly send it forensic experts scrubbed the governor's phone and a lot of his personal records and that alleged photo never surfaced. and in testimony following that woman's first encounter, she ended up admitting that the photo might have been a dream. she wasn't sure if governor greitens ever took that picture. today day three this the jury selection about one hour before expected to leave the state approached the bench and made the announcement it's going to drop this case and plans to file again with the special prosecutor. bret? >> bret: it's not over yet but right now this trial is. >> yes. >> bret: all right. matt finn in st. louis. matt, thanks. participants in everything from fantasy football to march madness pools to big dollar wagering on games and matches are rejoicing tonight. the u.s. supreme court has ruled a federal law banning sports gambling in most states is illegal. my colleague and co-anchor at tonight shannon bream tells us what that means. >> today the u.s. supreme
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court decision is set to up end the world of sports gambling. blocking states from sponsoring, operating, advertising, promoting licensing or authorizing sports gambling in most all situations. but. >> what they really said was that congress doesn't have the right to tell state legislators what to do. that should be up to legislators and the voters. >> judge alito likened the law to posting federal officers in state chambers armed with the authority to stop lawmakers from voting. quote: a more direct affront to state sovereignty is not easy to imagine. justice ginsburg writing the dissent argued the court could have used restraint in nullifying the federal law rather than, quote: deploy a wrecking ball. adding when a statute reveals a constitutional flaw, the court ordinarily engages in a salvage rather than a demolition operation. thousand plays out with
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liver. states like new jersey, delaware, new jersey and mississippi are expected to move quickly with the legislative framework already in place at the state level. gaming analysts expect as many as 32 states to offer legal betting within the next five years. there is a federal law in place that appears to ban gambling across state lines. meaning states that do move forward with legalized gambling will have to tackle the issue of policing their own cyber borders. with today's opinion to clearly backing states' rights some expect other controversial issues could soon be ripe for the picking. >> this could impact anything from marijuana, gun laws, really what the court affirmed was congress cannot come men deer the states. >> we are still awaiting decisions in several high profile cases including disputes over religious liberty. forced fees gerrymandering they are all du due between now and the end of june.
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>> bret: negotiations continue this week on nafta. the heavy hitter have gone home. there appears to be little chance of anything substantial before the deadline set by the u.s. rich edson has the latest tonight from the state department. >> there appears to be little progress in trade negotiations between the united states, canada and mexico. just three days ahead of a congressional deadline. a source close to the discussion says there are no meetings scheduled this week between u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer, the canadian foreign affairs minister and mexican economy minister. the trio met throughout last week in an attempt to try to secure an updated version of the north american free trade agreement or nafta. >> nafta has been a horrible, horrible disaster for this country. >> trump administration has forced to negotiation to keep the u.s. in the continental free trade agreement. negotiators say there are differences on auto manufacturing, the system for settling future disagreements, and the u.s. proposal to include an
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expiration date on any new version of nafta. to pull any deal through congress, house speaker paul ryan says he needs an agreement soon. >> we will see if they can get it done by may 17th and get to paper to congress and have this vote in december. >> without it he says the issue would fall to the next congress. one voters will choose in november's election he is. despite the congressional calendar mexican and canadian negotiators say they refuse to substance over pressure. >there are many who want this to stay in place and people adversely affected but that's still hanging over our head. >> president trump spoke today with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. the president underjordan the importance of quickly concluding these negotiations, bret? >> bret: rich edson lye at the state department. is a man accused of on series of murders and rain rapes a sust
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in serial killings? that's next.
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♪ >> bret: stocks were up today. the dow gained 68. eighth straight day in positive territory for the dow. the s&p 500 finished ahead 2. the nasdaq increased 8. the man accused of being the so-called golden state killer made another appearance in court today in california. and while former police officer joseph james d'angelo is facing charges from crimes in the 1970s and 180s, there is speculation tonight he may also be a notorious serial killer from the 1960's who was never caught. correspondent claudia cowan has this fascinating story from sacramento. >> now facing 12 counts of murder for crimes that
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spanned california from 1974 to 1986, joseph d'angelo ditched the wheelchair he had used in previous hearings and said nothing as the judge postponed arguments on a motion filed by the media to unseal search and arrest warrants. the arrest of the suspected golden state killer has renewed the hunt for another notorious serial killer. blamed for five murders in the san francisco bay area in the late 1960's, the zodiac killer claimed responsibility for dozens of other attacks through cryptic coded letters he mailed to newspapers and law enforcement. d.n.a. testing never led to a suspect but with the arrest of the alleged golden state killer using new technology and a genealogy site, there is renewed hope. 50 years later envelopes with the zodiac's saliva are now undergoing advanced testing to try to obtain a full d.n.a. profile. >> if we could find out who the zodiac's distant cousin is or was, you know, it wouldn't take too much time to figure out who the zodiac
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is. >> amateur absolute tom voight runs zodiac which tracks clues, theories, and possible suspects, including incredibly joseph d'angelo. >> it's been zoomed for along time that zodiac might have experience in law enforcement and have experience in the military, especially the navy and, of course, that matches up with d'angelo. >> d'angelo would have been in his early 20's during the zodiac's crime spree it is a long shot but brooten says he is keeping an open mind. >> until you know who the suspect is, how can you really eliminate anybody? >> results of the new tests are expected in a few weeks. hopefully uncovering a full d.n.a. profile for one of the most terrifying serial killers ever. meantime, joseph d'angelo is due back in court may 29th and at that hearing he may finally enter a plea more than a month after his arrest. bret? >> bret: claudia cowan in sacramento. claudia, thanks. a major new phish fissure and lava and kilauea volcano
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and that means more people running for cover. jeff paul is on the big island tonight. >> it's amazing to seat power line of the destruction. you know, you can see the house that was destroyed. you see this lava crossing the road and you wonder what is this going to be like for years to come? this is permanent. >> new lava more toxic gas and threats of the kilauea volcano blowing its top becoming the permanent worry of some residents on hawaii's big island. >> it's just deafening and large and huge explosion. we didn't understand what it was because we have never heard a sound like that before. so it was really impressive. awesome, really. >> there are almost 20 fissures and one opened up over the weekend continues to rupture spewing sulfur dioxide and lava. taken over roads and destroyed nearly four dozen structures. these are the scenes of why national guard are worried about fissures developing right near a family's home. once that lava starts flowing there is no telling where it will stop.
3:24 pm
emergency officials are advising people in the affected area to leave. and worried about those who stay behind. >> we are really concerned about having to conduct a mass evacuation because if all the roads get cut off to complete communities we might have to rescue about 2,000 personnel. geologies warn it could have explosive steam hurl rocks and ash miles into the sky. almost like your life is on hold. unlike a hurricane where in three days it will be here and go. or a forest fire. this is almost like a slow motion train wreck. >> geologies warped the volume contain nic summit remains very active. expect more earthquakes and some spot they might see ash fall. >> bret: jeff paul live on the big island. one city votes to impose huge new taxes on big businesses. we will explain. first, beyond our borders tonight. new attention tonight on the theory the pilot of the
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malaysian airlines flight that disappeared in 2014 deliberately crashed that plane. investigation by australian news program uses military radar to reconstruct the flight plan. family members of those lost tell cbs news this scenario is not new. french police are questioning the parents and a friend of a 20-year-old man who attacked passer byes with a knife in paris saturday. one person killed and four others injured before police fatally shot the attacker. the islamic state has as a group has claimed responsibility. indonesia's national police chief says this morning's suicide bombing at police headquarters was carried out by members of one family. four officers and six civilians were wounded. the attack comes one day after members of another family carried out suicide bombings at three churches in indonesia, killing at least 8 people. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back.
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>> bret: seattle city council is expected to vote later today on a hugely controversial proposal to impose a major new tax on businesses there. it has particular implications for the future of amazon. correspondent dan springer is in the emerald city right now. good evening, dan. >> yeah, bret. a big question is where will amazon build its second headquarters. i can tell you all the leaders in the city still running watching this vote taking place very shortly in seattle city council because they want to know what's going to happen with this tax. it's been called an amazon tax frankly because amazon would pay about a third of it and all that money would be going towards homeless services and the building of affordable housing. >> the online retailer has 45,000 employees in seattle with plans to add about 10,000 more. but amazon recently said if the original head tax proposal passes, which would be $500 per employee per year for a total of more
3:30 pm
than $20 million a year, the company would hold off on adding 7,000 jobs in seattle, a planned office tower would not get built. then raged supporters of the head tax who called it extortion and they doubled down over the weekend by organizing a protest the amazon headquarters calling for seattle to tax the rich and make the wealthiest man in the world pay more for the homeless crisis which they say is being made worse by amazon's rapid growth. >> let's put the blame on amazon who can easily afford to continue the construction, not hold the jobs hostage and pay this pocket change tax. let's make sure we remember an injury to one is an injury to all. >> they are passing a law that is biting the hands that feeds the city. amazon has contributed a lot to this city, not just in terms of job growth. not just in terms of construction and all those jobs, but amazon is already contributing over $250 million a year in state and local taxes. >> earlier today, we got
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word of a compromise which would reduce that head tax from $500 per year per employee down to 275 million. the democratic mayor here jenny durkin said she would not support that higher head tax. they will be voting on it even at $275 per employee, that's still a big hit for amazon at something like $13 million per year. bret? >> bret: okay. we'll watch this one. dan, thank you. voters in pennsylvania are getting ready to go to the polls tomorrow in primary elections that are being contested under a new controversial districting system. senior correspondent eric shawn has a preview. >> i hope you will come out tomorrow and vote and i humbly ask that you consider voting for me. >> democrat madeline dean is running for congress in pennsylvania. she is one of 84 people vying for 18 seats in a statewide jumbo that has shuffled the districts like a tossed salad. in february the state supreme court ordered district lines redrawn
3:32 pm
declaring the republican signed districts partisan and a violation of the state's constitution. >> people are just thankful that the supreme court did the right thing and drew maps that made sense. >> there's going to be a good bit of chaos. >> terry that donna, a veteran polster says he has never seen anything like it. and the result he prickets will boost one party. >> no downtown about it it's going to help the democrats because he? are in a position to win three suburban districts in the suburb of philadelphia at a minimum and perhaps one up in the lehigh valley and maybe one out in the western part of pennsylvania. >> this district, the old seventh was so severely chopped up it was nicknamed goofy kicking donald duck what it resembled on the map. it's split into two districts state's newest congressman conor lamb elected in march is running in the new district. the republican he defeated rick saccone running in yet another. republicans are not pleased. >> clearly the map was drawn
3:33 pm
by some partisan judges who were following the barack obama eric holder playbook of what they call fair districting clearly an effort to take back republican for the democrat party. >> it turns out that six republican districts now have more districts than before. so republicans are complaining. democrats like madeline dean are delighted. bret? >> bret: eric, thank you. former senate democratic leader harry reid is said to be in good spirits tonight after surgery to remove a tumor from his pancreas. reid's family say doctors caught the problem early during routine screening. the 78-year-old senator will undergo chemotherapy and his prognosis for recovery is good. president trump makes good on another campaign promise. moving the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem. we'll talk about the move, the reaction and what comes next when the panel joins me after a quick break. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jerusalem is the seat of israel's government. today we follow through on this recognition and open our embassy in the historic and sacred land of jerusalem. >> president trump. by recognizing history have you made history. we are in jerusalem and we are here to stay. >> israel is the sovereign nation with the right to determine its own capital.
3:38 pm
the same right that is enjoyed by every other country in the world. >> we also witnessed today a ceremony of the prime minister of israel and the administration of president trump the peace price. burying the two state solution killing the hope of the minds of the people in the middle east of the possibility of peace. >> bret: it was a campaign promise and it has been delivered. the u.s. embassy moved from tel aviv to jerusalem. other countries have followed suit or in the process of doing that the united states is the first one but guatemala this week, paiparaguay democrats supporting. this chuck schumer, the into the minority leader saying long overdue move moved embassy to jerusalem. every administration should have the right to move its capital. i sponsored legislation to do this two decades ago,ened i applaud president trump for doing. so obviously a lot of people had a real problem with it,
3:39 pm
including many palestinians took to the streets today. some 40,000 palestinian staged demonstrations along the border, more than 50 people were killed in the rioting there. 25 wounded and some of the arab street weighing in on that as well. bring in panel steve hayes editor and chief for the weekly standard march a liasson "national public radio." mollie hemingway senior editor at the federalist and we welcome former national security spokesman michael anton. michael, let me start with you. this was the plan for a long time. had it gone as planned, do you think? >> it's more than a campaign promise. first of all, this is u.s. law for, i think, 23 years passed in 1995. this is one of the things i just want to point out that i think drives middle america, the average american crazy about washington. congress passes a law with overwhelming bipartisan support. puts a waiver provision in it so the will of the people through their elected representatives is that this should happen. and evidence six months
3:40 pm
every president waves it, waves it waves it president finally fulfills the terms of the law and you saw that yesterday. he got some support and a lot of his political domestic political critics you know level all kinds of accusations at him when i thought as the terms of the law this is bipartisan consensus for two decades. >> on the bigger picture, mara, on the middle east peace process and where this goes, what does this do to that? >> i think that's the big question. kind of now what? it's not unlike getting out of the iran deal. okay, now what are you going to do next in the middle east peace proposal from the trump administration has yet to be unveiled. as you heard, the palestinian leader they are not inclined to enter talks now. they feel the united states is no longer an honest broker. it's just totally on israel's side. so i think now the ball is in the president's court. and he has to come up with the next steps for middle east peace if that's what he wants. if he just wanted to fulfill a campaign promise, he has certainly done that. >> bret: mollie? >> i think it is awful to
3:41 pm
see what we saw the loss of life with so many palestinians being killed and "the washington post" had reported that they were told that hamas had told them that israel was not manning these sites on the border and it was causing people to rush and it was found that they were manned. that is sad to see. it's not fun to watch. it is also true though that i think that this could, in the long term, lead to a greater chance for peace. we have the reality that jerusalem is the capital of israel. and it is important that everyone acknowledge that and it's time for palestinians to acknowledge that and that dealing with reality is a good way to get move forward towards a peace agreement which people hope for. >> bret: steve? >> there are other things taking place behind the scenes around the subterrainian level that suggest that there is some move toward peace. when you talk about the talks that are happening out of public eye. between israel and the saudis or the support-out the common values on the iran deal between israel and
3:42 pm
the sawedies, u.s. and uae. the bahrainys stepping up and speaking in favor of the withdrawal of the iran deal. this gets a lot of headline us particularly because of the locals of life there are other indications that are much more positive and this is something that donald trump campaigned on. this something that he said. i think mike is exactly right. this is something that you had presidents of both parties saying for literally decades and they didn't do it. he did it. >> bret: the equation of pulling out of the iran deal, then moving the embassy and those two things together, how do they interchange? how do they interlock? how do they affect each other? >> well, think that i, first of all, i just want to follow up on a point that steve made there. i think when you missed an opportunity, i don't think this is really the palestinians missing the opportunity. really the palestinians that need to come back to the table. that's what's important here. if the palestinians, if mahmoud abbas would come
3:43 pm
back and talk to this administration and this president and sit down, i think he would fight incredible willingness and eagerness to get a deal done. i have heard president trump talk about this some times there san old saying goes around washington people who have dealt with this issue that the palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. and that's what they are doing now. i think it's also interesting that what you are see something a lot of this is coming out of gaza, which is controlled by hamas and run by hamas, right? and you are not seeing this intensity come outs of the west bank. this is clearly being ginned up for political purposes and the white house is so concerned. look, what's only a couple weeks ago that the white house hosted a conference on the future of gaza and how typically prove its infrastructure and improve the lives of the people. got the gulf arab states to show up and, you know, pledge some aid. these are states that don't like to talk to one another in some respects because of the dispute in the gulf. and don't like to be in the same room with israeli representatives. and they were all there. i think that was never positive and hopeful sign. if only the palestinians would embrace the
3:44 pm
possibilities that president trump is opening up for them. >> bret: i guess the question is does the arab street change now because of the different relationship with the trump administration and the gulf states as far as how they react to both things, the iran deal and this move? >> there is -- does seem a reshaping in the middle east from what we had seen in the previous administration with an effort to make iran more dominant and the i-but i think it remains to be seen how they respond. >> bret: mara? i come back to this question if the united states is going to be the leader and is going to put forward a peace plan that needs to do that. the palestinians will come to the table if they see a good plan where they there is something in it for them. right now they don't know what it is. >> for years, middle east peace has been used as something to block progress in other areas in the region. if r. you know the foreign policy establishment says you have to solve middle east peace first and then you can address threats from iraq and address jihaddism and iran and all these other things. i think this sends a message pretty clearly that's not going to b obstacle anymore.
3:45 pm
take that and set te'o side and deal with threats from iran on realistic. >> bret: changes the paradigm and starting point? >> brit set it earlier in the show you are dealing with reality here. more realistic look how the middle east sun folding. keep in mind iran is a big supporter of hamas. a lot of the wealth that iran is able to take in because of the iran deal on frozen assets and the wealth they were able to generate by being allowed to do business with countries that used to sanction them, they are spending that to destabilize the middle east and fund terror. funneling to hamas and other groups like this. hopefully with the u.s. out of the iran deal. perhaps some new sanctions and other secondary sanctions going back into effect, some of that resource funnel gets choked off, gets reduced and iran doesn't have the resources or has fewer resources to spread mayhem, chaos and violence the way it has been doing. >> bret: we will see. next up the president reverses course on big trade issue with china. what's next there?
3:46 pm
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>> the commerce department's recent enforcement actions against cte zte essentially caused them to cease operations: president trump tweeted yesterday that we'll review that action. >> we think highly of the u.s. statement regarding zte's case. we are currently in close communication over details of the implementation. >> the president has asked secretary ross to look into it consistent with applicable laws and regulations. >> bret: well, this had some people in washington scratching their head after we saw candidate trump on the campaign trail saying
3:50 pm
this. >> you look at what china is doing to our country in terms of making our product. they are using our country as a piggy bank to rebuild china. so we're losing our good jobs so many of them. >> bret: okay. sunday the president tweets president xi of china and i are working together to give massive chinese phone company zte a way to get back into business fast. too many jobs in china lost. commerce department has been instructed to get it done. that caused all kinds of hubbub and then he tweeted out today zte the large chinese phone company buys a big percentage of individual parts from u.s. companies. also reflective of the larger trade deal we are negotiating with china and my personal relationship with examine th president xi. all right, you were one ever the people scratching your head. >> scratching my head and disappointed of the president's tweet. this is the opposite of the president talking about doing in the first panel where the president had laid out policy position stuck to it and implemented it. this is position of ad hoc national security policy making we have seen from
3:51 pm
president trump all too often first 18 months in office. zte is a horribly problematic company as suggested in the clip you played with tom cotton asking the heads of the community whether they would use zte equipment and they said no. >> bret: they are worried about chinese spying on the u.s. take them out of military bases across among many, many other reasons, correct. what have you now is the president in a sense saying well the chinese are losing too many jobs. we need to do. this maybe there is a north korea component we don't know exactly. but this is a bad company. we should have been happy to have it go out of business. >> bret: mollie? >> i would agree? a vacuum these comments don't make any sense. how do we care how china is doing and why do we care how this particular telecom is doing when particular security threats. in a vacuum dealing with multiple issues with china. it's reasonable to assume if not hope or assume that this is about a much larger issue perhaps a trade deal dealing
3:52 pm
with the much larger problems than just one company like the massive intellectual property theft that china is doing. if we can get something out of them like that, it makes sense that you might have some kind of large irissue of the north korea. >> bret: buy that bigger part of the threat. >> the president hasn't done anything yet. he apparently spoke to president xi. he apparently raised it. the president directed the secretary of commerce to look into and it get back to you. we don't know what the commerce department is going to find. we don't know what action may follow on the linkage to north korea i will say only the following that all throughout 2017 and up to the announcement that there would be a summit as the united states kept increasing pressure on north korea, the united states absolutely needed chinelz help in order to do it. there was a concern that the president would back off of his trade agenda with china because he needed them on north korea. but he forged ahead with steele, the 301, 322, commerce department about intellectual property.
3:53 pm
>> bret: you are walling out on us here. >> he went ahead with all of these things designed to make the chinese government unhappy at the same time that he was trying to get their help with north korea. is he able to do both at the same time. >> bret: is this what we saw with the terrorists and tariffsm and steel and say you know what you? are exempt. >> yes, but. this is isn't just putting tariffs on something that we import from china. this is a company that's been identified. why was it sanctioned? why was it fined $1.2 billion? because it broke the sanctions on iran and north korea. we are getting ready to sanction european companies that do business with iran and here we are wanting take off the punishment of a chinese company that broke our sanctions on iran and north korea. and my take away is, wow: donald trump must have a pretty weak hand with xi. xi must have a lot of leverage when it comes to north korea if can he get trump to back away from this particular punishment which had the whole national security community saying
3:54 pm
this is a bad company we should not have their phones in the united states for national security reasons. >> bret: all the people saying that the chinese trade war is bad, they were still on board with this zte thing. >> those same people are usually good at reminding people about the economic consequences of tariffs and sanctions it is true that zte is a company that also uses american products. tariffs and sanctions aren't just about the economy. they are also about national security. >> right. >> essentially what they are saying in order to gain leverage on china, to use what north korea to push china to do what we want on north korea, we are going to allow the continuation of operations of this company that was caught violating sanctions on north korea it doesn't make any sense. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> that's an assumption. we don't know that the president hasn't said that all did he was directed the commerce department. >> that's actually giving him the benefit of the doubt. >> very full of detail. job loss in china. you know, i have talked to xi. my good friend xi. he is so invested in getting a deal in north korea it
3:55 pm
sounds like is he willing to give up a lot. >> he hasn't yet. we have to wait and see if he does in the future. >> bret: all right. panel. that was good. when we come back, something that almost all of the emailers, the twitter users, facebook posters want. an update from charles krauthammer. ♪ ♪ the digital divide is splitting this country. we have parents who are trying to get their kids off of too much social media and computers, and then we have parents who would only hope their children have access. middle school is a really key transition point, right. the stakes start changing. students begin to really start thinking about their futures. what i like about verizon's approach is that it's not limited to just giving kids new tools, it's really about empowering educators
3:56 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, an update that many of you have been waiting for, and i mean many of you. panel regular no months ago, charles krauthammer sent me a very nice email this afternoon and he said i could share some of the good news about his recovery from multiple surgeries. he wrote "the worst, now, appears to be behind me and i'm finally getting back on track with the rehab schedule that will eventually get me home. the whole staff here behind me, hoping for no more setbacks and a speeding recovery. here's the breaking news. charles is being honored at the israeli embassy here in washington tonight for his contributions to the u.s.-israel alliance. charles said in that email the honor is especially meaningful for him on this day, the data u.s. embassy officially moves to jerusalem. charles' son daniel will be here in d.c. to accept the award on behalf of his father. congratulations, and you know you made a lot of worried
4:00 pm
viewers and listeners very happy. please keep me the updates coming. we will see you here on the panel very soon. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: a fox news alert to start tonight. melania trump in the hospital this evening. president trump leaving her bedside just moments ago and just a few minutes from now we will hear from kellyanne conway, counselor to the president. but first, kristin fisher has the latest this evening from the walter reed medical center. >> it's raining so hard right now that president trump arrived by marine one but he had to leave by motorcade because it simply wasn't safe to fly. as for the first lady, we are told that she is recovering. we are told that she's in very good spirits and she is expected to be in the hospital for about a week. while this was a fairly routine procedure, any time you are in the hospital for