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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 14, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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report, the developments that were just posted before the show started. got to read the story, it's posted on my facebook page. also on the hill. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team have a huge show lined up for shannon. >> shannon: we do. we will have andy mccarthy dig into all those revelations as well. thank you very much. this is a fox news alert. this is a fox news at night exclusive. amid the fiery back as to the embassy moved to jerusalem pastor robert response to the critics and talk about his historic opening prayer today. plus, the house intel committee demands answers to the suspected controversial source for fusion gps and the latest on mike flynn's guilty plea. former federal prosecutor andrew mccarthy is here life tonight and the backlash to the anti-trump media from "snl" to the press. why are some calling out their comrades? hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. they are calling it the maximum pressure campaign. it started with tearing up an
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obama era iran deal and it is continuing tonight with a campaign promise fulfilled. the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. none of this is going down without a fight. we cut team coverage for you tonight. reports on how the embassy move fits into the broader picture of president trump's foreign policies. but we began with benjamin hall live in jerusalem tonight with the very latest as it begins at sunrise over. benjamin. >> good morning from jerusalem. you really had a tale of two cities in israel today. in jerusalem you had a grand celebration, the opening of the new u.s. embassy, widely celebrated by many people in israel and then just an hour and a half south of here where we were, there were these clashes in gaza which saw palestinians trying to cross the fence into israel. that flared up in a big way. first of all to the embassy opening. there was a large u.s. delegation that came. it was a campaign promise finally fulfilled by president trump. 25 years after america first pledged to do so.
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and that delegation contained ivanka trump, jared kushner, steven mnuchin and numerous members of congress. although the president was not in attendance, he sent a video message. >> congratulations. it's been a long time coming. the united states will always be a great friend of israel and a partner in the cause of freedom and peace. >> glorious day. remember this moment. this is history. president trump, by recognizing history, you have made history. [applause] >> not everyone was celebrating. 53 miles to the south, the move inflamed protests in gaza which have been going on for six weeks. today some 40,000 palestinians staged demonstrations are on the border with israel leading to these deadly clashes.
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55 people were killed, more than 2700 wounded. black smoke poured across the border as palestinians sought to evade israeli snipers while drones dropped teargas from the sky as they tried to disperse them. the israeli defense forces say they foiled several coordinated attempts by hundreds of palestinians to breach the fence, pushing them back with live fire. they also carried out air strikes on hamas camps having warned the palestinians in advance. this was the worst violence since 2014 here and more protests are planned tomorrow to commemorate what palestinians called the catastrophe of the creation of the jewish state. if we don't know what we expect to see. today is expected to be the largest day. however if you look back this past week you will see that just last week israel was attacked by iran in the north. yesterday it felt like it was attacked in the south by -- really a sense in the last few days of how precarious is real's position is and how they are facing a tax on all sides.
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back to you. >> shannon: will be watching for those. new pressures and tensions today as the new day begins. we will check back with you. thank you very much. so about that term, maximum pressure campaign, trump officials are using it to describe their strategies in iran, north korea and, yes, the middle east. garrett tenney has a report on that tonight. garrett. >> still leading a team working on a proposal for an israeli-palestinian peace deal. however with the move to jerusalem, palestine's president said he won't accept any deal that comes from the u.s. no matter what it looks like. here's a look at what happened today in jerusalem. >> today's embassy move is the latest example of the trump administration's foreign policy of maximum pressure in action. in the last week alone the u.s. backed out of the iran nuclear deal, secure the release of three americans held by north korea and then announce plans for presidential summit with kim jong un. today's move is no less controversial than some of his prior decisions and breaks with decades of u.s. foreign policy.
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critics, including some in the media argue that by moving the u.s. u.s. embassy to jerusalem, president trump has ruined any prospects for a peace deal between israel and the palestinians. some are even suggesting he did it for purely political and financial reasons. >> people were so hopeful at certain points during history that there might be some sort of peace deal. this just has to make it nearly impossible. >> this has to do with the president appeasing his base and the people who finance the g.o.p. >> over the last 30 years u.s. presidents have filed an epidemic tried and failed to broker a peace deal. if the trump administration argues that just like we've seen with north korea, this new foreign policy of maximum pressure could lead to better results, which the president alluded to in a video message at today's ceremony. >> the united states remain fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement. we extend a hand in friendship to israel, the palestinians and to all of their neighbors. >> back at home, senate minority
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leader chuck schumer said in a statement every nation should have the right to choose its capital. i sponsored legislation to do this two decades ago and i applaud president trump for doing it. but senator dianne feinstein, democrat from california said the timing was a mistake. "the location of the embassy is a final status issue that should have been resolved as part of peace negotiations where both sides benefit, not just one side." but in his speech at the embassy opening president trump's senior advisor jared kushner argued today's move was key to the peace process. >> above all else we've shown that the united states of america will do what is right. when there is peace in this region we will look back upon this day and remember that the journey to peace started with a strong america recognizing the truth. >> today the white house was asked about the forthcoming peace deal or proposal for a peace deal and they said with this move of the embassy to jerusalem they don't believe it will have any impact on those
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negotiations. again, palestine says we are not interested in any deal coming from the u.s. >> shannon: remember having those conversations back in january when we were there. i don't know that they botched at all. thank you very much. great to have you. besides the political concerns over the embassy move, a pair of controversial christian pastors are facing criticism tonight over their involvement. pastor robert will deliver the opening prayer. >> we thank you every day that you have given us a president who boldly stands on the right side of history, but more importantly stands on the right side of you, god when it comes to israel. >> shannon: joins us now live from jerusalem. a fox news contributor and senior pastor at the first baptist part of my church of dallas. thanks for your time today. >> thanks. >> shannon: i know you had a short night there. it's morning there in jerusalem. let me ask you because there's been so much reporting all day talking about the violence, talking about the dozens who have been killed, that is
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tragic, but i want to ask you about the other side of this there in the streets of jerusalem. what did you see just talking to average folks today about how they were feeling? >> there is an absolute air of excitement here in jerusalem over what happened earlier today. shannon, i can't walk down the streets of jerusalem without people stopping me and saying pastor, thank you for what evangelical christians are doing. thank you for what america is doing. thank you for what president trump has done in standing with israel. there is real excitement in this city that is not being drowned out by the violence. >> shannon: you were a big part of the ceremonies today and there were folks that were not happy about that. mitt romney among them tweeting out that you should not have had that place. the met representing the united states there based on previous comments that you've made about mormons, about other religions. tweeting this today. today is a day of celebration as the u.s. embassy opens in jerusalem. the choice of pastor robert
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jeffress to offer a prayer sends exactly the wrong message. he has a history of bigoted comments about lgbtq people, muslims, christians, and other religions. your response? >> first of all, i've never said anything derogatory about the jewish people. i talked about today the one thing we share is the same scriptures. i want to be clear. i'm not a bigot, i'm not an extremist, but i do without apology embrace the most foundational belief of christianity, and that is that faith alone in jesus christ is the exclusive way to heaven. jesus said i am the way, the truth and ally, no man comes to the father but by me. people can disagree with jesus' words. millions of them do, but the fact that i and hundreds of millions of evangelical christians around the world believe what jesus said about the way to heaven does not make us a bigot. this is not a surprising
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statement. the fact is this has been the teaching of the church for 2,000 years. >> shannon: do understand why some folks are offended and are you surprised at all by the reaction and the critics that you had today? >> i think people many times take my statements out of context and i think that has happened many times. i think it's sad, really, that on such a historic day like today mitt romney would feel the need to steal the spotlight by launching a vicious and unfounded attack against me. i'm not a bigot or an extremist. i don't hate anybody, but i do want people to know christ as savior. just a few weeks ago i did a deal at the reagan library with dennis prager, the jewish talk show host and for 90 minutes we talked about the commonality between judaism and christianity. we worship the same god, revere the same scriptures, but we honestly talked about the differences. dennis said he believes you go to heaven by good works.
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i said christianity says it's by faith. but dennis kreger tell mike prager said i'm not offended, i see it as a sign of affection, that he really cares about me. and if i believe what robert did i understand why he would try. i think we can have a civil dialogue without launching into these vitriolic attacks like we witnessed over the last two days. >> shannon: of course religious differences are much of the unrest, the root of the unrest there in the middle east. very quickly, which side do you weigh on, does this move us closer to her further away from lasting peace process there? >> i think this moves us much closer to lasting peace and i know from talking to president trump, that's what he wants. the other day benjamin netanyahu said to a group of us, something i will never forget, he said you can never build peace on a lie. you have to build peace on truth. and the truth is jerusalem is the capital of israel and has been for 3,000 years and recognizing that is the
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beginning place. not the ending place, but the beginning place for true peace in the middle east. >> shannon: having been there and talked to the top palestinian negotiator back in january, i know that there are deep wounds there and a lot of people who aren't ready to come back to the table. we will watch and see. get a nap. thanks for getting up super early for us. great to see you. >> good to see you, shannon. >> shannon: a year's worth long dispute between u.s. airlines and golf carriers over alleged unfair subsidies has come to an end today. doug mckelway has more on the agreement the trump administration is hailing as a victory. >> i learned that we have now concluded, which american industries happy with. thank you for working so hard personally on that. i think it's a good outcome for all concerned and we are very pleased to have the chance to work with you on that. >> thank you for being a great partner and congratulations on all your successes recently. >> the trump administration and
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three american air carriers, delta, american airlines and united are hailing today's announcement of the open skies agreement with united arab emirates as another victory for american business and fair trade. >> the fact they got it done so quickly after taking office, it dragged on for years. and number two, i think the american public has become skeptical of trade agreements, i think we know that. partly because they think they don't ever get enforced. this is a clear enforcement effort and i think it's a really valuable step. >> the agreement follows years of pressure and an intense public relations campaign by the affected u.s. carriers. >> we will stand up to trey cheating anywhere and everywhere it threatens the american job. >> nowhere is that threat more real than america's airline industry. 1.2 million jobs are at risk because mideast carriers pump billions of dollars into illegal subsidies into their airlines. >> since 2002 u.s. carriers have complained about how the united arab emirates subsidizes what are called fifth freedom
8:14 pm
flights, routes that allow us to carriers to operate between our two countries through other third countries. >> there have been estimates that they have subsidized to the tune of 50, $60 billion. >> in the deal privately agreed to friday but announced today, neither country admits blame but the uae admits acknowledges that that subsidies may adversely impact competition. they both agreed to issue on meta-reports with internationally recognized standards. >> in an added agreement. it may help preserve them as the largest foreign buyer of u.s.-made commercial aircraft. shannon. >> shannon: doug, thank you very much. it is right out of a spy novel. the fbi getting information from a source inside the trump campaign. was there really a spy feeding information to the feds? the house intelligence committee wants to know and sort his former federal prosecutor andrew mccarthy. he's your life to help us sort
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>> the reason why a lot of us were suspicious is because gwen simpson at one point, the head of fusion gps testified that there is a human source inside the trump campaign based on his conversations with christopher steele. >> shannon: former chief assistant u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy joins us live with reaction. great daddy with us. i'm going to tweet it out because i think it's really important for people who aren't as familiar with this case pretty well in the facts, the names, the dates of everybody involved. it's very informative. glenn simpson, cofounder of fusion gps is a key player in this whole thing. he told lawmakers one thing, kind of tried to backpedal and now it sounds like he's back to saying what i originally told you about the sourcing and the start of this whole investigation was right. >> it's interesting. the testimony he gave was that christopher steele, the former british spy who was the author of the dossier told him that the
8:20 pm
fbi told him that they had a source inside the campaign. when that became a big controversy after he said it, he tried to walk it back. in the way he walked it back was to try to throw it off on this guy papadopoulos, who had had this conversation with the u.s. australian diplomat. that whole story. it doesn't line up timewise because when he gave the testimony in august, that story was not published until about five months later so it's highly unlikely he could have known about it. but what i learned this evening is that on the judiciary, the senate judiciary committee's website, simpson's lawyer, simpson was asked by the committee, if you changed your mind about something you said, how come you didn't let us in on that? and the lawyer for simpson gave a short letter to chairman grassley saying he stands by his testimony. >> shannon: the original testimony that he said to simpson that the fbi told steele
8:21 pm
there was an informant or somebody was giving out information on source inside the trump campaign. he's back to that story? >> his back to the story that that's what he told him. i would underscore here that he and steele have a lengthy relationship and collaboration. i really thought that it was highly unlikely he was confused. >> shannon: any hints or thoughts, and you may have your own theory, everybody has theories, everybody is sharing names about who this person was. somebody inside the trump campaign started working with the feds. was it somebody they pushed into that circle that they then used for information? any ideas? >> i don't think we know enough yet but i would so expect there not be just one because it seems like -- what we've heard in recent days is that there was a whole other thing going on overseas. not in the trump campaign sort of where the trump campaign was located, but dealing with trump people were in britain specifically and that looks like a fruitful --
8:22 pm
>> shannon: interesting bit from "the new york times" on saturday, increasingly top officials at the justice department have privately expressed concern that the lawmakers are simply mining government secrets they can weaponize against those investigating the president, including the special counsel, robert s muller the third. how do you weaponize information not something nefarious about it? >> i just think that is so overstated. as i understand that they are making a very narrow request for information. and i don't know that they necessarily need the name of the informant. but what they need to find out is was there one, that's the important thing, and i think, shannon, everybody sensible would agree that if there was a certain quantum of evidence that was serious that we had a presidential candidate who was in cahoots with the putin regime, particularly targeting our election system, that would be something that cried out to be investigated. but i think they need to show
8:23 pm
that they had a certain threshold of evidence before they started to aggressively investigate a presidential campaign and that's what we are trying to find out, did they? >> shannon: do you think we will get that time on, the who, when, where, exactly what launched this fbi investigation? >> i do. i think one of the ways we will get it. i know they are all into let's look in their files and look in the informant file. and i spent weekend looking at the text messages between peter and lisa page. agent, the fbi lawyer lisa page who was the counsel to the deputy director of the fbi, andrew mccabe. they are a day by day narrative of what was going on in the investigation and they are constantly in communication. so with respect to every decision that got made and the deliberation over it, these two are weighing in. we don't know as much as we could no about that because they have massively redacted it, but the window we have indicates to
8:24 pm
me that if you got to see that it would answer a lot of questions. >> shannon: we do have a lot of questions. i'm going to send this piece out so people can read and make their own decisions. it's probably going to raise more questions for them after they read. thank you for joining us tonight. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the embattled republican governor of missouri seemingly off the hook for now in a case that could still lead to his impeachment. the latest developments from st. louis and a really interesting day in the courtroom. >> it was a stunning day today. it was a long day. jury selection process, a very tedious process. we were getting potentially ready to wrap up for the day closer to 4:00 in the afternoon and all of a sudden the prosecutors get up and announce that they are dropping the charges against governor eric greitens and that they plan to refile with the new special prosecutor. what's been so baffling is how we even got to day three of the jury selection process, because this felony case is centered
8:25 pm
around a picture that has never materialized. governor greitens admits to an extramarital affair in 2015 with a woman known to be his hairdresser. that woman alleges that greitens tied her up during an encounter and took a picture of her against her will, even threatening to share it. that's a felony. but forensic experts scrubbed greitens' bones and documents and the picture was never found. here is the governor shortly after the charges were dropped and one of his attorneys. >> in time comes the truth. we have a great mission before us and at this time i have asked people of goodwill to come together so that all of us can continue to do good together. >> these people have a right to know how this whole case started where there was zero evidence, but all of that power and all of that money was brought to bear against governor greitens. just think what's happening to normal people who are charged in these cases.
8:26 pm
>> governor greitens is still in a lot of hot water. he could potentially be impeached. state lawmakers are meeting this week to potentially proceed with his impeachment and he also faces potential charges from a separate case in which he allegedly used a donor list for political purpose. >> shannon: matt finn lie for us on the case. thank you very much, great to have you with us. president trump complained about widespread voter fraud and a lot of people thought it was funny. they didn't take it seriously. but there are new cases in texas and florida. vice president pence hires cory lewandowski. what does it mean for the midterms and beyond? plus four more primaries tomorrow including a high-stakes, big money battle in pennsylvania. peter steigerwald is here to break it down. ♪ ♪ big jim, he's got you covered ♪
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8:31 pm
investigating a mexican citizen who stole a texas woman's identity in order to vote illegally. trace gallagher is on the case tonight. good evening, trace. >> good evening. without mentioning the name of the american woman whose identity was stolen, she didn't realize she was a victim until she applied for a passport and found out that somebody had already applied for one using her name. federal authorities then notified texas authorities that the suspect had also used the american identity to vote in texas in three presidential elections. 2004, 2012 and 2016. texas attorney general ken paxton said he will prosecute the 2016 violation saying "this case demonstrates my office's commitment to protecting the integrity of the elections. if she's convicted, she could get 20 years in prison. she also puts a face to the voter fraud debate. remember president trump aleve some 3 million people voted
8:32 pm
fraudulently in 2016. experts say 3 million is way too high, but the casting a phone a ballot is certainly not uncommon. the public interest legal foundation has documented thousands of instances of voter fraud just in virginia and new jersey after obtaining records showing people registered to vote, then canceled after acknowledging they were not u.s. citizens. they are also looking to get voter records in harris county, texas, the state's most populous. the texas ag is in favor of releasing those records. the county registrar is not. meantime, after seven years of legal wrangling, the fifth circuit court of appeals has ruled the texas voter i.d. law can go into effect. senate bill 14 passed in 2011 requiring voters to show government i.d. before casting ballots. supporters say it will prevent voter fraud. opponents say it will disenfranchise poor and minority voters who face difficulties
8:33 pm
getting ids. voter i.d. laws, by the way have also stirred controversy in wisconsin and north carolina. finally, in florida, a judge has ruled that brenda snipes, the election supervisor in broward county, the states second most populous. broke state and federal laws by destroying ballots cast in the democratic primary of representative debbie wasserman schultz. the gate was brought by her challenger, who wanted to check voter irregularities. governor rick scott now has the power to fire brenda. it's unclear if you will, but he will certainly send state monitors to broward county to oversee future elections. >> shannon: thanks for digging into those cases for us. much appreciated. cory lewandowski, the president's former campaign manager isn't good at joining the campaign game again. this time for vice president mike pence. he's going to focus on midterms and 2020, so what does it mean? let's ask the editor of the half term report, the
8:34 pm
chris stirewalt. welcome. >> happy monday. >> shannon: to you as well. what you make of this? i heard a piece saying he's clearly on the trump team but pants adding him, it says he isn't trying to run off into his own thinking he's loyal to the present. having cory around guarantees that. >> mike pence is a guy who just said in jerusalem that the president had carved his name on the stone of history like a line of rulers going back to david. i don't think we need to worry too much about mike pence's insufficient devotion to donald j. trump. >> shannon: some people do though. >> he's in. and if he is not, he is the most convincing liar in the history of politics. >> shannon: given author. >> i think for lewandowski part of this is you've got to do something with them. there was talk about him coming into the administration. there were always factions, this is a fractionalizing white house and they are always at war with each other and as we know leaking. part of it was to try and maybe get him to replace john kelly,
8:35 pm
who many of the original trump supporters disliked because he takes too heavy a hand. all that stuff. this is a place to put lewandowski of honor. what we will wait and see's candy he get along with pens and can he get along with pentz's ways, nick errors, who may be the best minded republican for politics today. he may be one of the sharpest guys. can they work together? we will see. >> shannon: that is interesting. i will be interested to see how they work together. let's talk about pennsylvania because primaries tomorrow, a lot of folks saying with a number of house seats in play, that could be the way the democrats either make or break get into a house majority. they have new electoral maps there that have been contested through the courts. here's what the g.o.p. state party chairman has to say about those new maps. >> clearly the map was drawn by some partisan judges who were following the barack obama eric holder playbook of what they call fair districting. it was clearly an effort to take
8:36 pm
back republican seats for the democrat party. >> shannon: what are you going to be watching for in the commonwealth tomorrow? >> we stole it fair and square first, they can't steal it back to us. we gerrymander our way. >> shannon: it goes on on all sides. >> the map was a joke, the republican opposite joe. the judges made it look more fair and they are democratic appointed judges. they made it look more fair but it definitely has a democratic tilt. so much so that by our fox news, what do we call it, something. >> shannon: production. power ranking. >> power rankings. by our power rankings we have six seats that are in play in pennsylvania, four of them look right now are tilting are either leaning towards the democrats. the republicans could lose. if the democrats can come out of pennsylvania with four net seats, that would be a big deal for them. they're going to probably give a couple back and we will be looking at these primaries tomorrow in pennsylvania because if the democrats, especially looking at the first congressional district, if the democrats can get -- they've got
8:37 pm
a moderate female military veteran. she's an attorney. it's all the right notes the democrats are trying to with suburban and rural voters this year. if they could get the right combination of candidates through the neck and probably give the republicans are real hard time. >> shannon: how many days until november? you are counting down to midterms, i'm counting down to college football. either way. >> wv will win its first came before anybody loses another race. >> shannon: college football and politics, we love it. >> hear, hear. >> shannon: first lady melania trump undergoing kidney surgery. a lab report from the hospital with an update on her condition and prognosis when we return. plus in tonight real news round up even the mainstream media has had enough. are the trump jokes too much for prime time? >> there is so much more happening in the world than donald trump. ♪ company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job. it's okay. dad took care of us. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. first lady melania trump underwent a procedure today to treat a benign kidney condition. kristin fisher is at walter reed hospital with what else we are learning to make very good evening, kristen. >> good evening, shannon. at the white house as that this procedure was a success and that the first lady is in very good spirits, but she is expected to stay at the hospital for the rest of the week. that's how serious this procedure was. the white house is describing it as an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.
8:42 pm
the procedure was successful and there were no complications. we don't know exactly what the condition is, but embolization is typically used to treat tumors and in this case we believe based on that statement that this was indeed a benign tumor in the way it works is to put a catheter in an artery and then inject some particles into the artery which then blocks the blood vessels which leads to the tumor. it essentially kills it. that procedure, we are told it was a success. it's a complicate a procedure, but a fairly routine one and the vice president tonight said that it had been planned for quite some time. >> i know i speak for people everywhere when i say mrs. trump is in our hearts. we are praying for her speedy and full recovery. >> as for the president, he was here visiting his wife earlier tonight. we are told that he arrived after the procedure was over because he didn't want to tip off the press. it's very clear his wife wanted to keep this private. he arrived on marine one but had to leave in a motorcade due to some really bad weather.
8:43 pm
he's now back at the white house while she will spend the next few days recovery here at the hospital shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much for the update. we will watch all week. lots of good wishes and prayers going out to her. thank you. time now for your real news roundup. late-night comedian jimmy kimmel conceding americans may have had enough of trump bashing. in an interview with deadline he says he plans to focus on other targets during an upcoming abc upfront roast of advertisers. he tells deadline i think people have had a blank full of donald trump, already i'm seeing a lot of other things to point out to make fun of. it's not just jimmy kimmel. "saturday night live" also took a shot at themselves for their constant divisive political sketches. >> mom, i love you because you always give me the best advice. >> thanks, luke. here's some more. enough with the trump jokes. >> mom, i don't write those. >> why doesn't "snl" ever talk about crooked hillary?
8:44 pm
>> shannon: "new york times" columnist making a major admission about what he calls the mainstream media's addiction to covering president trump and how it's affecting their coverage. >> we risk not covering a lot of really important things at home and around the world and we complain that president trump is parochial, isn't paying attention to important things around the world and we are absolutely right, but i can also be said about us. >> shannon: let's talk about it with our panel tonight. isaac, democratic strategist and charlie hurt, opinion editor and columnist for the washington times. welcome to you both. >> good to be here. >> shannon: i want to read from a piece in vice of all places. said this about "saturday night live" and where that got into. your cold opens are terrible. pieces of self-satisfied liberal propaganda that are sometimes so bad they seem like parodies of themselves. it's a toxic example of limousine realism.
8:45 pm
millionaires putting on a congratulatory show for themselves. isaac. >> at least it's not like they made a joke about a dying u.s. senator war hero , right? pgh that's only for the white house. >> shannon: i don't think that was meant to be a joke. >> as far "saturday night live," open skits, jimmy kimmel. a lot of this right wing conservatives and republicans are irritated and they don't like being the ??? of jokes. hopefully the media can get back to covering other stuff. >> shannon: i do watch "saturday night live" because i don't mind what they are making fun of if it's legitimately funny. i don't know that they've had very funny things lately. >> i've been chuckling. >> i've been chuckling the last couple of weeks. >> shannon: charlie is chuckling now. >> amy schumer had an absolutely hilarious kid. nothing to do with politics. >> on the day you were born. >> i sent it to my wife, who was away at the time off for the
8:46 pm
weekend. and i said i'm sorry that i couldn't watch this kid with you that then again we lived through it together. of course it's not political but i hate to agree with christof about something but he is right about this. the media is obsessed with trump and it's not just obsessed. they have an undying hatred for him that i think also clouds their judgment about a lot of things and a lot of stories. they fall for stupid stories that are not real where they fall for stories that aren't very important because they don't they will believe anything about the guy just because they are blinded by hatred. and i do think that it prevents them from focusing on other very important stories that are going on. although i don't know if that's necessarily a bad thing because a lot of times i think that focus on other things has given this administration a lot of running room to do a lot of the serious stuff that they want too do like it epa.
8:47 pm
not getting a lot of coverage. >> shannon: i want to make sure that we get to topic two because i want people to weigh in on this. note democrat lawmakers, elected lawmakers who showed up today for the embassy dedication in israel. former senator joe lieberman says this. i hope that the democratic members had scheduling conflicts and they had to be somewhere else. i hope that they don't see this as some sort of pro-trump rally in jerusalem. it's not. it's a pro-u.s.-israel friendship, partnership, alliance ally and it's celebrating the strength of our relationship, which has been and always been bipartisan. in fact, you guys know within the embassy years ago was a bipartisan measure. and it has been supported for years and years. senator schumer, one of the folks who supported it. >> they have run elections promising to do justice and then they never do it and then trump is the first one to come along and probably out of ignorance of how diplomacy is supposed to work in the middle east said we are going to do it. >> shannon: isaac would have been helpful to have a
8:48 pm
bipartisan delegation there? >> i don't really think so. four u.s. senators there. 96 other u.s. senators that didn't make it of both parties. i don't think that's a huge, 4% of the body is a huge sway one way or the other in terms of partisanship. i think the bigger question was this the right move, was this the right time to make the move, what was gotten in return towards peace negotiations. i think those are much more substantive comments then what rose politicians got in the blinkers. >> shannon: all all right, thee has been some laughter, a chuckle. but no agreement tonight. >> i think we can agree the jokes on "saturday night live" get it right sometimes. the schumer skit. >> shannon: i think some of the political ones are funny. for those of you who like to gamble you may soon be able to legally bet on your favorite sports team without traveling to vegas or atlantic city thanks to a supreme court decision today. that story is next. ♪ ♪
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>> shannon: tonight, seattle has voted in support of a new "head tax" on the city's largest businesses in an effort to help the homeless. amazon, the city's largest employer fired back saying the city does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending efficiency problem. questioned its future business relationship with the city. we are just getting a reaction from starbucks saying this. the city continues to spend
8:53 pm
without reforming and failed without accountability. if they cannot provide were male and say fed to a 5-year-old child, no one believes they will be able to make housing affordable. states across the country can soon offer illegal betting on your favorite sports teams thanks to a landmark ruling from the supreme court. here's a look at the potential impact. >> today 6-3 opinion from the u.s. supreme court is set to offend the world of sports gambling in an historic way. if the justices struck down a federal law blocking states from sponsoring operating, advertising, promoting licensing, or authorizing sports gambling in almost all situations. >> with the release that is congress doesn't have the right to tell state legislators what to do, that that should be up to the legislators and the voters. >> justice alito, who offered the majority opinion like in the law to hosting federal officers and state chambers armed with the authority to stop lawmakers from voting.
8:54 pm
a more direct affront to state sovereignty is not easy to imagine. justice ginsburg writing the dissent, argued the court should have used restraint rather than deploy a wrecking ball. adding one a statute reveals a constitutional law the court ordinarily engages in a salvage. a house today's decision plays out will differ across the country. states like new jersey, delaware, west virginia and mississippi are expected to move quickly with a legislative framework already in place at this state level. analysts expected as many as 32 states to offer illegal betting within the next five years. there is a federal law in place that appears to ban gambling across state lines meaning states that do move forward with legalized gambling will have to tackle the issue of policing their own cyber borders. with today's opinion so clearly backing states rights, some expect other controversial issues to soon be ripe for the
8:55 pm
picking. >> this could impact anything from marijuana, gun laws. it really what the court affirmed was congress cannot commandeer the states. >> shannon: we are still awaiting decisions in several high-profile cases, including disputes over religious liberty. forced union disputes and gerrymandering in the travel ban 3.0. they are now do between now and the end of june. we have an offer you don't want to miss, next. ♪ because life should have more wishes, and less worries. feel the clarity, and live claritin clear. it can power your apps with public services without starting from scratch. it brings your business up to speed, doing more with systems you have in place. it can bring all your apps to life and run them within your data center. it is... the ibm cloud private.
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with advil liqui-gels, what bad shoulder? what headache? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels >> shannon: james harrison holds an incredible record. he saved more than 2 million babies. the 81-year-old australian has a type of blood that contains a very rare antibody. it is used to create a drug given to pregnant women that can help fight a disease that can cause brain damage or death for their unborn children. harrison has donated more than 1100 times. he has reached the maximum age
9:00 pm
for donors in australia. harrison said he hope someone else will break his record. he is a hero. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent your monday evening with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's a big week. this is the one-year anniversary of robert mueller's appointment as special counsel to investigate russian interference into the 2016 election. it seems like a good time to assess, how it's going? the investigation is costingit millions of dollars, it's producing thousands and thousands of hours of cable news commentary. our political system has been brought to a virtual standstill. we still await the investigation, its conclusions. one year in, what do we know so far? certainly nothing we were promised at the outset of the investigation.ou there's still no evidence of any plot by the trump campaign to collude with the russiannl government to hack the presidency, to beat


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