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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 15, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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harrison has donated more than 1100 times but has reached the maximum age allowed for donors in australia. is 81. he hope someone else will break his record. most-watched, most trusted, grateful you spent monday evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon breen. >> tuesday, may 15th, this is "fox and friends first" happening right now at 4:00 am. body clashes for the second straight as palestinian protesters use violence to cut celebrations short in jerusalem. >> somehow it is israel asphalt that hamas uses human beings as shields, encourage people to violence. shannon: live in the middle east with new calls from hamas to wreak havoc on israel. robert mueller waking up at the center of his own investigation, the bombshell report about his ties to russia and the legal
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questions it is raising. >> only one book you have to follow word for word. >> the bible. >> the federal tax code. shannon: the fans were heard. you put up a fight and won. last man standing is back. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ rocking the free world ♪ keep on rocking the free world ♪ shannon: great to be free and here in the united states of america. hopefully your waking up feeling like you are rocking a little bit. a shot of new york city, the street outside our studios, thanks for joining us on tuesday morning, let's begin with a fox
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news alert. hamas is urging more violence on the israel gaza border sparking an emergency un building after 50 people i killed in clashes. the violence not enough to overshadow the us embassy opening in jerusalem where we find david lee miller with more on the historic event. you have been working around the clock, very busy. >> reporter: indeed. it has been an extraordinary 24 hours for so many reasons. yesterday the israeli prime minister called a glorious day referencing opening the us embassy in jerusalem but the palestinians see things differently. monday's death toll in gaza was the highest since the 2014 conflict, 58 palestinians were killed including an 8-month-old
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baby who died from teargas inhalation, 2700 palestinians were wounded, many demonstrators tried to breach the border fence with his role. the military want protesters the consequences could be deadly, israel says actions were justified and rejected using excessive force. hamas which is in control of gaza tried to use the demonstrations to carry out shootings and bombings at the border to break through the border fence fails, israel faces international condemnation for its response to the protests. the un security council will take up the subject later today. the palestinian best recalls what happened, quote, and atrocity. the demonstrators were protesting the opening of the us embassy in jerusalem. hamas has called for more demonstrations today to mark the 70th anniversary of his relapse building, they palestinians referred to as the great catastrophe. as of now a smaller number of demonstrators are expected to take part in the protest. there are reports in israeli media that hamas is having
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second thoughts of continuing the demonstrations and israel has threatened to target senior hamas officials for assessing nation. during yesterday's embassy dedication ceremony there were a few references to the violence unfolding not 15 miles away. for the most part the mood at the dedication ceremony was festive. the us delegation included a dozen senators and congressmen and jared kushner and ivanka. donald trump said the us is fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace, but the us's role of brokering any future peace agreement is in serious question. the palestinians have said the us cannot be trusted at the negotiating table. shannon: let's hope they changed their minds and the violence ends. we appreciate all your hard work. the white house responding to death along the gaza strip, essentially with this one word. >> responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely
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with hamas. >> no burden on israel to do something to reign it in? >> we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that hamas bears responsibility for desire situation. >> the deputy press victory continued on saying the palestinian terrorist group is provoking the protesters who have been clashing with the israeli military. demonstrators have been setting massive fires, explosions across the border and at least 58 people have died in violent protests including that 8-month-old that was mentioned. the mainstream media faulty israel for the violence surrounding the gaza protests and the former governor of arkansas mike huckabee who was at the ceremony is calling out the media for ignoring hamas's role in the deadly event. >> the new york times tried to make this incident with the embassy what caused thomas to push people into the open trying
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to rush a border, do something they were warned not to do, break laws, invade another country and somehow it is his relapse fault that hamas is a terrorist that uses human beings as shields, that encourage people to violence? one accounts it was peaceful protest, it was not peaceful protest, it was burning of tires, throwing molotov cocktails, throwing rocks, trying to charge a border. and overrun it, millions of dollars of aid that go to gaza and zip in the hands of murderous terrorists and that is a tragedy these innocent people have been exploited and duped and many i did. it is the fault of terrorists. >> the white house says it will closely monitor the ongoing protests as the embassy begins its first official day today. to north korea, dismantling its nuclear test site weeks ahead of
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the historic summit with donald trump. researchers at 38 n. the north korean analysis site sharing these satellite pictures. can you tell what you are looking at? these pictures show the country has destroyed several key buildings over the last month. all the research facilities and security folks expected to be destroyed by the end of the month. donald trump has thanked north korea for, quote, the gracious gesture. a possible conflict of interest in special counsel robert mueller, underreport connecting mueller with a billionaire russian oligarch already sanctioned by the white house. jenkins live in washington dc with what this could mean for the rush of probe. this does mean it is a big story. >> very interesting. and a reporter illness paper from john solomon, unconfirmed by fox news at this point suggests a special counsel may have a conflict of interest involving the russian oligarch who served as a witness in the
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current russia probe. miller allegedly recruited him in 20092 spend millions of his own dollars in an attempt to rescue cia agent robert levinson in iran. >> did someone ask a favor, donald trump committed to try to get a favor, 6 or 7 years before collusion was a twinkle in the public imagination the fbi asked a favor of the same oligarch that is now a client and witness against paul manasia before and no disclosure. >> analysts raising questions over possible failure to disclose, marco rubio, key member of senate intelligence committee agrees it could be an issue. >> i'm on the intelligence committee, i want to be careful. if there's a conflict of interest that is born to be true it would jeopardize the investigation. it has to end at some point. people will look at who he went
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after and ask these questions but we should wait until that moment arrived. >> this is two powerful chairman accusing the doj of anonymous attacks in the press on one of their intel community staffers who helped author the report on surveillance abuse but dj spokeswoman denied allegations saying to put stock in anonymous sources over here. we are committed to continuing to work with trey guardian nunez to accommodate their request. two big stories out of washington this morning on this morning in washington. we will hear more about it. >> the rain will not slow down the work. thank you so much, great day. a white house staffer may have tried to identify and stop leakers. as russ cohen, a former national security council official, looked at ways to monitor his coworkers phone records and
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emails. no evidence anything came from the plane. this report coming as the white house announced a political to the leak. >> there are all kinds of leaks because they disagree with the policies being put forth, but none of them are helpful. >> donald trump tweeting leakers are traders and cowards. we will talk about that. amazon slamming the city of seattle for passing a controversial tax on big business. the city council voting unanimously to tax big companies $.14 per employee per hour to subsidize low income housing, costing amazon $12 million a year. that is less than the original proposal. amazon's vice president is disappointed, the city does not have a revenue program. it has a spending efficiency
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problem. we are uncertain whether the antibusiness positions or spending inefficiencies will change for the better. millions of voters heading to the polls today in pennsylvania, oregon, nebraska and idaho. the primaries could set the stage for some key races and a lot will be on pennsylvania as the gop pushes to flip a democratic seat in the senate, lubar will face jim christiana. the winner will go against democratic sen. bob casey in the fall and this will be the first election following a major redistricting. and update, first lady milania trump recovery after kidney surgery. the operation treated a benign condition. donald trump tweet searching a successful procedure, she's in good spirits, thank you to all the well-wishers is mike pence also stated his support.
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>> she is in our hearts, we are praying for her speedy and full recovery and look forward to returning to work making a difference in the lives of our nation's children. shannon: the first lady will likely stay at walter reed medical center for the rest of the week. our very own dr. nicole safire will explain what is wrong coming up. the time is 12 minutes after the top of the are. and eye for an eye, if you kill a police officer you pay the price. >> they deserve to give up their life when they take the life of a police officer. >> the new push to reinstate the death penalty in one state and the embassy opening in jerusalem just the beginning, trade with china, gina haspel, our next guest breakdown key moves donald trump needs to make in foreign-policy.
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shannon: a big week for the trump administration opened the
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us embassy in jerusalem and it doesn't stop there. we can expect to see the cia director with hearings on a trade deal in china and preparations of the historic summit with kim jong un. dr. rebecca grant, thank you for joining us this morning. what an important and exciting time for the trump administration. so much going on. let's begin with the embassy opening in jerusalem. i was working when that was transpiring, the official ceremony and it was something to see history in the making. >> it was very moving, something pres. truman started when he recognized the state of israel 70 years ago and shocked and sad to see the violent pictures. i wonder why children are put in protests like that but misses the mark of moving forward and assigned trump will not let a violent protest deter his foreign-policy. >> interesting to hear the white
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house's either because they say declaring jerusalem the capital of israel takes original out of the picture and out of the equation when it comes to the peace negotiations. we saw violence breakout yesterday and hopefully that will subside. >> the word peace negotiations, very significant was we heard from pompeo the peace process is still alive which we are getting a few hints but i think down the road we will see trump engaging seriously on an israeli-palestinian peace process. shannon: the cia director on wednesday, haspel. >> she has endorsements from former directors of cia like mike hayden. i was struck that there were no new issues that came out of her confirmation hearing this week. right now senators are keeping quiet indifference to sen. mccain but i think she will be
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confirmed. i think they will wait until the last minute and then jump on board. they are politicians. shannon: two democrats of come on board. the first woman cia director. the china trade deal, the 3 day hearing that starts today. >> several american companies coming in to testify on capitol hill to talk about china trade. the backdrop of tough sanctions that are integrated into the supplier base, trump put those tough sanctions on last year. >> let's bring up what he had to say as you talk more about it. >> he put this on, incredibly harsh sanctions. what he has now is a great bargaining chip. he can move back and try to get
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back to the straight and narrow. ct is accused of violating north korea sanctions which we hope to see them come back and he wants congress to get them back on the straight and narrow but the big picture trump knows the top issue in us national security is resetting the trade deficit with china. got to get that strong. >> first thing he talked about on the campaign trail. preparing for the north korean summit june 12th in singapore. >> great preparations underway. we see north korea says they are going to destroy the nuclear site. we are told that it may have caved in after their september 2017 nuclear test. still i like this. every few days more positive signs and what i like is there is a lot of when/win to go around. if kim jong un will traders
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nuclear weapons for economic prosperity this will be good and here come the carrots. we did the sticks of military pressure, you come the carrots, private investment, better trade deals and moving forward very strongly. shannon: and dealing with the human rights issues, we have three hostages released, that was an amazing scene as well. we love having you with us, lots to talk about, thank you so much. the time is 20 after the top of the on to bike sharing station with ar 15s, murders spiking in chicago and this art displays expected to start a conversation on gun control. the display is under fire this morning and last man standing is standing again. tim allen making his big comedy come back right here on fox and correlation because has a sneak peek at his big return. ♪ mom, dad, can we talk?
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not the other way around. shannon: welcome back. a plane packed with hundreds of passengers suddenly crashing into another jet on the runway, slicing off its tail. the dramatic video showing the plane colliding into the back of a parked plane. the parked turkish jet. the strike caused a fire, no one was injured. turkish authorities investigating how that happened. somebody didn't see somebody. if you need to fly begin flying with an emotional support peacock like that one. the airline rolling out new guidelines for animals in the cabin. you can look at that, no longer allowed on board.
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restrictions in support, and 40% increase from 2016-2017. starting in july americans will require proper documentation on animals. and party animals out there. first lady milania trump, news of her kidney surgery. all of the well wishes. >> a bipartisan show of support as politicians, celebrities and average citizens flood social media with well wishes for the first lady. donald trump tweeted he was on his way to visit her. to walter reed medical center to see our great first lady milania's successful procedure, all the well-wishers.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu praised the pres. for moving the embassy to jerusalem, posted this tweet, sarah and i send the first lady our warmest wishes, and the twitter account chimed in, on behalf of all white house staff we are thankful for the procedure, actor comedian rosanne barr wrote praying for our first lady, get well soon. sean aston and cnn's and a navarro who can be critical of the pres. send nice tweets and support for harry reid. jillian: dr. nicole safire will talk about the first lady. tim allen is back. >> outpouring of support from friends, last man standing is back, it will be on fox this fall, if you can't wait, don't worry because tim allen tweeted
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a teaser trailer for you. >> only one book you have to follow word for word. >> the bible. >> the federal tax code. >> fans of this show are celebrating the news on social media, i am so glad they are back, millions of fans have missed you. fans never give up, never surrender. they see this as a big win. courtney says i have missed the show so much. last one from john, time to make america laugh again. >> rosanne. >> a bit of a trend. >> people are tired of the jokes about trump. thank you so much. 27 after the top of the hour, donald trump with a message to the, quote, traders and cowards who leaked, we will track you
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down. can you plug the leaks for good? political panel on deck to debate it. lights, camera, action. all this on life tv.
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>> the iraqi air force, a crippling strike on the critical isis command center in syria, the ministry of defense releasing this video showing the assault which they say destroyed a logistic support center. iraqi forces increased efforts to wipe out the terror group despite declaring victory in that region last year. another fox news alert, israel defending itself against gaza, erupting around the border as the usmc opens for its first
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official day, the israeli terror group hamas is accused of provoking the rights that left 58 people dead and 2000 injured at least. israeli forces forced to (used teargas on demonstrators trying to reach the border. this is awful, 10 children rescued from a filthy house where officials say they were tortured for sadistic purposes. the children, under the age of 12 have burn marks, bruises and puncture wounds, the home fell better with gorbachev and spoiled food. police have been investigating the family since march after one of the children ran away from the home. their mother denies any abuse. >> it is unfair. their whole idea was wrong, me and my husband are doing what we have to do with 11 kids. >> the kids are staying with relatives. both parents under arrest. and it could blow it any minute.
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the kilauea volcano is becoming more toxic and the major irruption is imminent. that is the booming sound of lava bombs shooting hundreds of feet into the air. there is some good news among the chaos. they were found trapped between pooled lava and defense lines. and hope everybody else will be. severe thunderstorms bringing heavy rain and damage to the east coast. the tornado ripping through palm beach county, florida leaving a trail of damage behind and in
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pennsylvania, powerful winds lifting trees from their roots, big ones and a lightning storm blamed for two house fires in maryland outside dc. donald trump vowing to find the so-called traders and cowards hiding after a report accuses at least 5 white house staffers of leaking. what needs to be done to protect sensitive information? joining the to debate is dr. gina louden. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. the leaks are crazy. i was thinking, one of the points you wanted to make is this is why -- he could have someone near him to trust. >> the left loves to criticize him for having people around him he can trust that who can you trust more than your own family? this is a pres. who has endured untold betrayal, totally unfair, undermining not just the pres.
1:35 am
but he would tell you this, the will of the american people he is trying to carry out. >> it seems so brazen this article that came out that talked about the first conversations that was leaked and the second conversation with sarah sanders who started the meeting, what do they need to do? >> two things. one, the outrage being displayed about leaking versus what actually was leaked which was reprehensible, what was said about sen. mccain and the impact on that where he is fighting the courageous battle with cancer, number 2, the reason you have leaks in this white house is nobody trusts anybody at this white house and that starts at the top. officials from the head down. >> that is ridiculous. >> i would like to finish my
1:36 am
point if that is okay, this president established operation where nobody trusts anybody can because nobody trusts him. he wants loyalty. >> you are condoning disloyalty to the agenda of the american people. that is what you are saying. effectively you're comparing apples and oranges, what happened in a private conversation versus somebody distracting from the work being carried out of the american people. you cannot conflate the two of those. no one, no american in their right mind should condone the betrayal of the agenda of the american people which is their job in the white house to carry out, that is why it is treasonous. >> he said the so-called leaks coming out of the white house are a massive overexaggeration by the fake news media to make it look as bad as possible. look at the rest of it.
1:37 am
>> over exaggeration -- >> leaks are coming from people who worked on his own staff probably from sarah huckabee sanders. >> not only the authority on what is happening in the white house but who should be hired and fired? this is amazing to me the arrogance of condoning leaks in the first place but then standing here before the american people saying you know who should be hired and fired, name someone who has been a great advocate of the pres. like sarah huckabee sanders is a low -- i think these leaks are not exaggerated when the president of the united states and work is
1:38 am
another display of total hypocrisy. and relationship -- >> communications operation in the white house. >> so you agree with what axioms had to say that the leaks are strategic and the reason people are doing it and it is warfare and strategic to drive a certain narrative but the narrative we are driving is there is chaos in the white house and this is planted to do that and make the white house look that? >> by his own staff? this is not chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, these are people the pres. installed, the nonsense of what we are discussing is the president to be upset because he can't trust people around him because he is a poor judge of character who set a poor moral narrative. >> poor judge of character, ready to make peace with kim
1:39 am
jong un? >> nothing to do with what we're talking about. >> every campaign promise. >> thank you for joining us. anyone waking up is wide awake now. thank you very much, we appreciate the debate. it is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and sports betting is legal across the country. why could that also be a win for sanctuary cities? >> the federal government can't force our people, our state employees to help enforce federal law. >> judge andrew napolitano explains how the ruling could be gambled for border security and what do kentucky fried chicken and the royal couple have in common? stick around to find out.
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". and ivory night, the governor of illinois pushing to instated death penalty for copula's and mass murderers. the proposal would allow suspects to be charged with, quote, death penalty murder and need to be found, quote, guilty beyond any doubt. >> there are plenty of cases where there is no doubt who is guilty and they deserve to give up their life when they take the life of a police officer. shannon: the punishment would only apply to people 18 or older. a new art installation aiming to curb all gun violence in chicago. the metro gun share program looks like a bike rack. it is meant to spark
1:44 am
conversation about how easy it is to obtain an assault rifle and raise money for a gun violence prevention center. there were 650 murders in the windy city, a drop from 771 murders in 2016, chicago's deadliest year in two decades and all bets are on, clearing the way for legal betting in new jersey, legalization up to individual state. the government with all four major professional leads fighting to uphold the federal law which only allowed legal betting in nevada. unleashing billions of dollars into the economy. as many as 32 states could allow be difficult to reinforce it at the federal level. patty: cambridge analytical was just the beginning.
1:45 am
the 200 apps facebook just banned for abusing user data. >> reporter: facebook has suspended 200 apps for suspected misuse of information shared on or through facebook. they didn't name the apps but they are among thousands facebook has looked at in this investigation following the cambridge analytical fallout. facebook would not say where they are in the investigation process but it is still ongoing. we could see more apps suspended in the future. heather: let's talk about the royal wedding is what that has to do with kfc. >> reporter: prince harry is said to have proposed to megan markel while making a roast chicken. this concept is not lost on kfc. they decided to celebrate the royal wedding with a
1:46 am
commemorative chicken bucket. it has two flags. the american flag and british flag, we declare a day of celebration, jubilation and fried chicken. 50 of these buckets available exclusively from kfc's winter location, one way to celebrate the royal wedding. >> in england they have kfc? who knew? the time now is 45 minutes after the top of the hour. graduation day, one woman will never forget the soldier's surprise that will make your morning. milania undergoing kidney surgery, the white house saying the first lady had an embolization. dr. nicole safire here with what
1:47 am
you need to know.
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heather: milania responding in the hospital after kidney procedure, the white house saying she had an embolization and will remain at walter reed the rest of the week. what exactly does that mean? joining us now is dr. nicole safire and she can explain it better than i. what exactly did she have done in good morning.
1:51 am
>> great to be here. renal artery embolization is what the first lady had which is a nonsurgical minimally invasive procedure performed by a radiologist, interventional radiologist, it can be used for cancer, traumatic injuries, this was a planned event for something benign. that means there was a benign mass on the kidney, she potentially could have an abnormal vessel or aneurysm. >> anything she's experiencing? >> may have had back pain, particularly blood in the urine. hard to say without the facts. likely nothing serious. what happens is something reaches a certain size, to prevent potential bleeding you don't want to the cause bleeding, they put a catheter in the arm or leg and advanced to the kidneys and shut off blood supply to this one area. that -- >> that is a procedure. >> nonsurgical procedure. surgery doesn't do it, it is
1:52 am
minimally invasive. heather: how does that make it go away? >> they cut off the blood supply and then it dies. and sometimes patients stay overnight, it may be because of the first lady of status, keeping an eye on her. there is no risk or mild side effects. by weekend's end, back to the best campaign and raising her son. >> this is what the pres. will have to say after the procedure in walter reed medical center to see her successful procedure, she is in good spirits and one of the reasons she did not go prior to the surgery if she wanted this kept very private.
1:53 am
>> minimal complications, she appreciated that it is going to be okay, prayers still with her. great to have you here. 8 minutes until the top of the hour and a modern-day makeover, the us air force uniform got an upgrade. ability brawl at one of the nation's biggest waterpark says children watched in horror, you will never guess what started the whole thing. ♪ ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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>> the thunderbirds returning to the skies, the all cleared to resume for the first time since the deadly crash that happened last month lose the first show will be at airpower in virginia. this coming weekend. a major was killed in april when his f-16 crashed during a training flight in nevada. the first of the mishap for the team in 36 years. and air force pulling an about-face with the uniforms adopting army camouflage look through the branch. the current airmen battle uniform will be phased out the next 3 years. the new uniform is being used in certain jobs across the air force with a unisex version, there will be a secondary female
1:58 am
only uniform. now time for the good, the bad and the ugly, first the good. graduation day, a surprise one woman will never forget. >> sergeant first class ray flew 14 hours to virginia where he is stationed to surprise his wife, ashley as she got her nursing degree. fists flying in a massive fight in a waterpark that actually started over a chair. unreal. police say it broke out when someone took a chair from another table at mount olympus park, hurling trash cans, food and making grab at each other,
1:59 am
charges are expected. a russian journalist going viral after she is caught on camera trying to warm up before going live. you can hear producer yelling at her to take off her coat and as she ditches it behind a bush. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," "fox and friends first" continues now and i will see you tomorrow, goodbye. >> what a glorious day. remember this moment. donald trump, by recognizing history, you have made history. jillian: fox news alert, campaign promise fulfilled. in the us embassy in jerusalem open 25 years after america first pledged to do so. not everyone celebrating, violent clashes turned deadly and protests are planned for today. >> possible conflict of
2:00 am
interest. is robert mueller have his own connection in the russia pr


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