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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 15, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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home run. the mom could be tossing a ball outside wrigley field but overthrows it the ball hitting the ground and exploding into a pile of blue dust. i have seen a couple of those where they don't go right we'll see you later. >> have a good day. >> the u.s. is officially open an embassy in jerusalem and not surprisingly hamas is responding with terrorism, violence and protests. >> the "new york times" tried to make it that this whole incident with the embassy is somehow is israel's fault that hamas is a terrorist that used human beings as shields? >> voters in pennsylvania are getting ready to go to the polls primary elections being contested under a new controversial descracketting system. >> spying feds inside the trump campaign. >> the author of the dossier told him that the fbi told him that they had a source inside the campaign. >> boortz betting is now legal across the country.
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why could that also be a win for sanctuary cities? >> federal government can't force our people to help them enforce federal law. >> last man standing is back. if you can't wait for it, don't worry, because tim allen tweeted a teaser trailer. >> you can't beat donald trump. >> why, because i'm black? >> no. because you're not orange. ♪ ♪ ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here. steve: now would be a doom good time to get it started go on in new york city. it is the 15th day of may and later today ainsley will be flying to great britain. ainsley: i know. heading over the popped. brian: do you know why? because she has her plane. you have to put a certain amount of miles in. she gets in her plane with her entourage and goes over to england. ainsley: that's true. that trump plane that you saw behind the president during the rallies?
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mine is twice as big as that. steve: earhardt. there is another earhardt who was a pilot. ainsley: i couldn't afford the tires. brian: will you be bringing in the father of the bride. >> the dad of meghan markle paid to have those pictures of him down in mexico getting fitted for his tux and reading the book about britain. one of his friends made a lot of money, paparazzi. he said let's stage these photos. now he is uninvited to the wedding. the question is who is going to be walking meghan markle down the aisle. the drama. brian: now i care now you got something going. steve: she will be heck out later today and be live throughout the festivities in gaza strip. meanwhile, we have a fox news alert. more violence is expected today by the hamas terrorists. what we talking about? yesterday at this time we were talking about how the u.s.s. embassy was moving our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. and then you know, it was
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not a surprise but hamas had planned a number of protests for the last 8 weeks they have been having them along the security fences in israel and today is supposed to be the last day. but you know what? yesterday they used the embassy as a great excuse to make a lot of mess. ainsley: so palestinians are calling for all these palestinians to come and protest. it's called the great march of return. they are saying come to the border. come to this fence. even though israel has warned us, if you do that you are going to be in danger because we are not even going to allow to you get close to the fence. and, if you do then you could be harmed. you could be killed. >> 2700 were injured. what do you mean scrured? about 130 serious. 158 did lose their lives. they were sending flaming lights o'er to israel starting e wildfire. after prayers great idea to tell everyone, stand up, prayers are over, let's rush
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the fence. there has been a breach. the fact is it was not breached. in the end when you go running at someone's border. something like this happen 800 people under a tent marking ceremonial move you are going to protect yourself. i'm amazed how the media is portraying. this. steve: many news outlets gave equal or greater coverage to the demonstrations. opening of the embassy and then the "new york times" israelis kill dozens in gaza. then the "new york post" daddy's little ghoul. ivanka all smiles at the jerusalem embassy unveiled. >> it didn't stop there. listen to what the media was saying overall. >> mr. trump said our greatest hope is for peace. the reality today was violence, especially in gaza. >> an awful scene unfolding. tens of thousands of palestinians, some waving their flags.
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the flags of a people without a country, a human ty protest against the u.s. embassy opening. >> with their slingshots and burning tires, the protesters, including six children who were reportedly killed today, seem to be losing their lives for nothing. >> more than 40 people dead today. and the white house isn't offering condolences. they are not offering any sort of heart felt comments on the loss of life. steve: the idea was hamas would try to grab as many headlines as they possibly could while this is going on over at the embassy. and they got a lot of attention. but here's the thing. when you look at the death toll right now it stands at 58. hamas tricked their own people. they told the protesters go ahead and breach the wall, breach the fence because the israeli soldiers who are guarding the wall have run away. you will be fine. just go ahead. they had knives. they had bolt cutters and fence cutters. they had bombs. they were firing guns, molotov cocktails and now
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they're taking the israelis are a lot of heat for the fact that they fired upon these -- i saw keith ellison said mainly unarmed people. do those look like mainly unarmed people? ainsley: they are throwing rocks and molotov cocktails. hamas according to israeli security services hamas is encouraging palestinian civilians to flood the border and wait there with guns just in case the fence is breached. israel is saying we are not going to let our fence be breached. brian: do you want to know who is supporting hamas? iran. who has rockets on lebanese border? iran. guess who is standing back, saudi arabia, qatar, uae. ainsley: didn't we give iran 150 billion? brian: they said it was all their own money. they got it upfront. ambassador u.s. israel over the embassy move. telephone wanted to rebuke us in some diplomatic ploy. you wonder how much longer turkey is even going to be
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in nato. mike huckabee was there. sees the imbalance up close. >> the "new york times" tried to make it that this whole i want with the embassy is what caused hamas to push people out into the open, trying to rush a border. do something that they were warned not to do. break laws. invade another country. and somehow it's israel's fault? it was not peaceful protests. it was burning of tires. it was throwing molotov cocktails. it was lowing rocks. it was trying to charge a border. these poor people who need food and shelter. instead the millions of dollars of aid that go to gaza ends up in the hands of these murderous terrorists hamas. that's a tragedy that these innocent people have been exploited and duped and now many of them are dead. and it's not israel's fault. it is the fault of terrorists. steve: of course, it was all timed to coordinate with the opening of the u.s. embassy as it moved from tel aviv to
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jerusalem. these are live pictures out of the west bank as you can see today was supposed to be the final day of the protests over there. i don't know if that's still the case. nonetheless, it all started with the embassy. and chuck schumer, the senate minority leader said i applaud president trump for doing it. ainsley: all right. in other news, house republicans, you have trey gowdy and devin nunes, they are trying to find out if the fbi hired someone to spy on the trump campaign. let me just tell you in layman's terms because it all gets very confusing. you have glenn simpson who co-founded fusion gps, right? he hires this guy, christopher steele, to come up with this dirty dossier. so glenn simpson sits down in front of investigators and he testifies or sits down in front of the closed senate judiciary committee back in august, last august. and he testifies that christopher steele, the dirty dossier guy, told him that the fbi had a human source. a spy within the trump campaign.
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well then all this comes out, the testimony comes out this past january and he says oh, hold on, let me retract it let me walk that back, but now he is saying he stands by his testimony. everyone is wondering was there a spy? steve: here's the thing. the republican congressional investigators want the access to the information regarding the secret source that the fbi had apparently either in the campaign or close to the campaign. the doj is saying nope, we're not going to give it to you. that's why we saw those subpoenas yesterday. former federal prosecutor andy mccarthy has a little bit of a time line you are talking about and how it all works with the secret source. listen to this. >> the testimony he gave was that steele, who was the former british spy the author of the dossier told him that the fbi told him that they had a source inside the campaign. the way he walked it back was to try to throw it off on this guy papadopoulos who had had this conversation with the australian
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diplomat. that whole story. when he gave the testimony in august, that story was not published until about five months later. so it's highly unlikely he could have known about it simpson's lawyer. simple was asked bsimpson lawyet letter to chairman grassley saying he stands by his testimony. steve: very interesting stuff. so the big question is why are the republicans so interested in this secret source and how does it relate to george papadopoulos and christopher steele? we have congress devin nunes live with us just about an hour from right now. we are hoping he can connect some of the dots. brian: one thing he wants is all the information. for some reason the justice department reluck tantaros to give it to him. very curious if trey gowdy and he saw anything last week when they went over there to take a peek. rod rosenstein said i heard you are suing me. before do you that come over and we'll talk about it we will see what's happening. jillian is back.
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this your monday? jillian: this is my morning. how was your mother's day yesterday? it wasn't yesterday. yesterday was monday. gets me all thrown off. ainsley: people don't know you took off yesterday. jillian: i took off yesterday. ainsley: we missed you and awkward tosses. jillian: and my awkward responses it's a story you don't need to know. get you caught up on some of the more important news starting with this. parents accused of torturing 10 children inside their filthy home. look at this. california police now releasing heart breaking details about the abuse saying the kids all under 12 years old were burned, bruised and had injuries consistent with being shot with a pellet gun. they were all removed from their home littered with garbage after one of the children ran away in march. the mother denies any abuse. she is out on bail. the father though is still behind bars. prosecutors dismissing a criminal charge against missouri governor eric greitens about the case far
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from over. st. louis circuit attorney plans to refile the invasion of privacy charge either through a special prosecutor or appointed assistant. greitens is accused of taking nonconsensual picture of a woman he was having annual affair with the charge's dismissal comes after the photo never materialized and as the offense was expected to call the witness. lawmakers will consider his impeachment later this week. trade talks kick off with t. today. meeting with steve mnuchin. visit comes on the heels of president trump's push to help chinese company zte facing penalties with deals with iran and north korea. the president tweeting, quote: zte, the large chinese phone company, buys a big percentage of individual parts from u.s. companies. this is also reflective of the larger trade deal we are negotiating with china and my personal relationship with president xi. president trump visiting the
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first lady in the hospital after a kidney procedure at walter reed treating a benign condition. the president tweeting an update saying, quote: successful procedure. she is in good spirits. thank you do you feel the well-wishers. the vice president also showing support. mrs. trump is on our hearts we are praying for her full and speedy recovery. and look forward to her work making a difference in the lives of our nation's children. jillian: first lady will likely stay in the hospital for the rest of the week. that's a look at your headlines. we certainly wish her well. steve: indeed we do. thank you very much. jillian: sure. steve: welcome back. meanwhile president trump heads to capitol hill today joining senate republicans for weekly policy lunch. senator john barrasso is hosting that meeting. first we are going to host him here. ainsley: plus the host of "the view" taking aim at tomi lahren and her heritage. >> we all come from immigrants, including you, tomi lahren. >> she talks about low skills. what exactly are her skills?
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dizziness, or confusion. ask your health care provider if you're tresiba® ready. covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ steve: all eyes on capitol hill where today president trump is going to be joining senate republicans for weekly policy lunch. on the agenda a lot of
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things, including the u.s. economy and his upcoming summit with north korea. here with an inside look senate republican policy committee chairman john barrasso joins us from the russell rotunda. good morning, senator. >> thanks for having me. steve: i would imagine the president is going to talk a little bit the fact yesterday we moved our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. a lot of presidents promised it but he kept his campaign promise. >> the last three promised it. president trump delivered. you can see the signs yesterday in jerusalem. bipartisan support for what the president has promised the people of the state of israel. so pleased with the decision. it was the right decision and i'm glad president trump got it done. >> steve: senator, what about the fact that a lot of media are talking extensively about the violence that ensued to the exclusion of the actual embassy opening? obviously israel has a right to defend their border if their sovereignty is imperiled.
3:19 am
>> well, absolutely. and you see hamas, a truly an organization that is a terrorist organization. this is fully contrived by them. i think israel has absolutely the right to do exactly what they are doing. steve: okay. one thing the president does like to talk about is the economy. and in particular, how the tax cuts and also less regulation are impacting measure businesses and our bottom line and everybody's pocketbook as well. i imagine is he going to bring that up at lunch today. >> i will expect that he will. he did a great job in indiana the other night. nobody talks about the success of the economy better than president trump. whether it's republicans in congress or the senate delivering along with president trump what we promised the american people. if you want to jump start an economy, you cut stacks, you get rid of the represented tape and unleash energy. that's exactly what president trump and republicans have done. unemployment is now at all time low. 3.9% first time i think in 17 years it's been ha low. consumer confidence at 18-year high.
3:20 am
3 million new jobs created since president trump has been elected. you are talking about american first economy. the president has a wonderful story to tell and he tells it very well. steve: you know, don't you think, senator, that the fact that the economy is doing well that's going to help your party? we have heard so much about a blue wave in november, but the last couple of weeks not so much on that. >> well, people are looking at the economy. 66% of americans, according to one new poll say the economy is doing very well. people see it in their paycheck. they see it in their home communities. i saw it wyoming in past weekend talk to small business owners people are hiring. people getting to keep more of their money. bonuses are being paid. it's not just in one location. it's all across the country. that's why this is so strong and i think it's going to help us in november as long as the president keeps telling the story. because it's such good story to tell. because of the impact at home. steve: i have a feeling is he going to tell that story to you today at lunch and you already know it that's
3:21 am
the idea. john barrasso from the great state of wyoming. thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. steve: you bet. meanwhile the "new york times" claims the trump administration is breaking up families at the border. now the aclu suing to stop. tomi lahren is going to talk about that. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through may 31st. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer.
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3:25 am
history. ainsley: fox news contributor tomi lahren is here t. what led to bashing on "the view." >> one woman over the weekend who took it upon herself to research my family history in hopes of digging up some kind of a gotcha moment, a gotcha angle to validate illegal immigration and open borders and what she found was really shocking, guys. she found that my family, who came here in the 1800s from norway and germany that they spoke norwegian and german. and really what she did is prove that my family came here legally. but what she was hoping to do was try to call me a hypocrite for believing in merit-based immigration. again, she failed miserably. but this really isn't what she calls resistance genealogy. it's another indication of trump derangement syndrome. i really am happy though that she has such a fascination with my family history and i'm hoping that she will take on elizabeth warren's next.
3:26 am
brian: that would be very interesting. tomi, a couple of things. they do not understand the conversations about illegal immigration and immigration. one group of people signs the guest book and says i would like to stay. here's my credentials. the other sneaks in. they might people a way in and there is a wrong way in. and for them to go that deep in your background, you have gotten under their skin to a level yink was possible. what is it about you that bothers them so much? >> it's not just me or anybody who advocates for merit based immigration or has an issue with open borders. again, just like you said, they don't seem to understand that we, on the right, believe in immigration. we understand that we are a nation of immigrants and i am proud of my heritage. however, i do believe that the immigration crisis of today is apples to oranges what it was in the 1800s when immigrants came to this
3:27 am
country legally. were documented, worked for themselves, asked for nothing and built a life and a family. that has nothing to do with illegal immigration crisis of today that we must deal with. but they don't want to acknowledge that whatsoever. brian: did you provide them with d.n.a. 23 and me. i cannot believe the detail on your background that they were able to get. >> well, i don't have to. she did all the research for me. i'm sure my family is very appreciative. ainsley: joy saying what are your skills? it's beyond research. it is personal. it is mean. >> of course this is classical joy behar. i would like you to ask joy behar what her skills are because perhaps we could swap stories. i know i watch joy and seems like a highly skilled lady but for her to attack me that's real interesting. those in glass houses should not throw stones. steve: meanwhile, one other thing the "new york times" has this headline, breaking
3:28 am
up immigrant families. this also has to do with immigration. a look at the latest border tactic. clearly, as we have heard from the attorney general of the united states, tomi, this administration is actually going to be enforcing our immigration laws where the last during the obama years not so much. >> during the obama years cattle call to come into this nation illegally. furthermore, this is the again the left's attempt at emotional blackmail. i would just like to state i don't know if they understand this or not but if you don't want your families to be broken up when you cross the border illegally, here's an idea, don't cross the border illegally then your family will surely stay together. i don't know why the left can't think of, this but they would rather try to tell us that we hate families and want to break up families, we are horrible, we are despicable. no we want to enforce federal immigration law which is why texas cysts in the first place, but, again, the left cannot seem to understanding this concept. steve: well, and the united states is trying to enforce
3:29 am
our border regulations down south. over the last couple of years it hasn't been so much. then the news out of israel yesterday was the fact that the israelis were protecting their border and the palestinians understood that there could be trouble but nonetheless their leaders said go ahead, you know, breach the border. climb over the wall because the israeli soldiers have run away. >> well, as we see israel clearly doesn't play around. every nation has the right to enforce their border. every nation has a right to protect its citizens. i have said it before. you don't lock your door because you hate the people outside. you lock it because you believe in protecting the people inside. that is why we have a border. but the left would rather us have open borders. again, that's a threat to our safety and security and we that believe in legal immigration and we that believe in border enforcement will never stand for that ever. brian: tomi, on behalf of the people of norway and
3:30 am
germany, we thank you for your parents. together have you become a fine human being. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it, guys. still waiting for elizabeth warren's genealogy, though. maybe she will work on that one next. brian: maybe it will be a talking point today on "the view." ainsley: thanks, tomi. steve: we are thanking her on behalf of europeans? brian: yes. i have a loft power bestowed on me right before the show. steve: okay. ainsley: in other news, they received millions in taxpayer dollars every year. so why is one university teeming up now with planned parenthood to create a scholarship? brian: great. the polls are about to open in pennsylvania for today's primary. pete is having breakfast with friends. hey, pete, that's an aerial level shot of you. >> it is. trying to get my good side, brian. we are here in butler county talking to voters. we got voters over there and voters over here.
3:31 am
a lovely lady from south korea who has great insight how view what's happening on that peninsula. who knew we were going to get foreign policy. talk to all of them. the big day. the house of representatives in the balance based on how these elections go here in pennsylvania. you are going to want to pay attention to their sentiments. it could matter to you eventually. breakfast with "fox & friends." i will steal a bite of your toast. ♪ ♪ they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road.
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but as it grew bigger and bigger,ness. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? brian: all right. if you feel yourself tingling, there is a reason. it's a big primary day in four critical states. voters casting ballots in oregon. steve, calm down, let me finish. oregon, nebraska, idaho and pennsylvania. ainsley: all eyes are on the keystone state where polls open in just a few minutes.
3:35 am
g.o.p. pushing to flip a democratic seat in the senate. steve: with the backing of president trump congressman lieu barletta will face state representative jim christina. the winner will go up against democratic senator bob casey in november. brian: due to pennsylvania's court ordered redistricting, which makes this a big state. republican rick saccone is back and running in a new and different district after losing march's special election to conor lamb. is he not wearing a mass touch. notice that? steve: how many people are going to go out to vote today? well, pete hegseth is talking to voters and folks from the keystone state live right now from max route 8 cafe in butler, pennsylvania. good morning to you pan take pete? pete: good morning. yeah, i'm taking a bite of her pancakes yet but they are fantastic here. i'm psyched to be out on the road here breakfast with friends. butler paye. big primary today. as was mentioned because of the redistricting here in pennsylvania a lot of the seats up for grabs that were
3:36 am
traditionally just republican seats or democratic seats. turnout in this primary matters because have you got to have the right candidate. talking to voters this morning. this is ed and chris. and both of which will be voting today. ed, you have been involved in butler county republican politics for quite some time. >> yes. pete: are folks on the ground, grassroots still optimistic will what this president is doing or the outcome or the prospect for 2018? >> yes. we are very optimistic. we love what the president's doing. even this week with opening the embassy in jerusalem. he is a man that says that he's going to do and he actually does it he delivers on his promises that he has made in his campaign. pete: if you watch other networks you are seeing russia, russia, still and stormy daniels, is that the stuff that matters to voters going out today? >> no. it does not. they are looking at any way that they can to undermine what the man is trying to do. and the voters are aware of that. they are absolutely aware what the game is and what they are trying to do. pete: turns out people are not stupid.
3:37 am
[laughter] >> yes. we are not stupid. flyover country we are pretty smart out here. pete: it's actually a fact. chris, thank you for being here this morning. we appreciate it? >> you are welcome. pete: you say the president's actions on the mandate. someone involved in healthcare. >> when i originally didn't have any healthcare. i had to go online and do it. the rates were just ridiculous because i didn't get help from the state. it was 200 or $300 that we had to pay out of pocket. so i had to go through the welfare office to get insurance. so no nowadays i pay like $31 with the help from the welfare office on the mod program. pete: your situation has improved. >> it's improved apays amazingly thank goodness. pete: we will talk to spencer and ari as well way up in your face. sorry about that. spencer, thank you for being here today. you met interestingly in south korea and obviously some huge developments on the peninsula there.
3:38 am
ari, let me start with you as someone who lived in south korea, you are seeing what's happening now, are you optimistic that peace can be achieved there. >> oh, yeah. sure. pete: is it a different feel now than it was years ago? >> yeah. people feel much safer and i think people are sure that it will come. pete: how do they view our president, president trump most south koreans? >> yeah. they are starting to like him more because of the relationship between south and north because people, you know, give credit to trump for that. pete: really? interesting. you are from here in pennsylvania. obviously, i like the shirt. you are in touch now with south korean politics. are you also hopeful in how you observe it. >> yeah, yeah. i think peace will be achieved. i think kim jong un is giving a lot of concessions ahead of the meeting. i think that's a good sign of what is to come and how serious they are about denuclearizing. pete: concessions upfront. >> no concessions for them,
3:39 am
that's a good deal. pete: well said. great point. they are also engaged you have a fiancee over here. four years engaged and they will be going -- he will be going to the polls today, we think, right, spencer? >> yes. pete: sometimes folks are going to vote but they are not quite sure. depends on the weather. that shows you how precarious primaries are going to be. brian: pete, there is a loft couples who love the four year engage the right now. a lot of guys feeling. ainsley: engaged for four years? steve: yeah. brian: yo pete: you guys have been engaged four years? >> no, no. brian: having trouble finding a hall? pete: he's not dragging his feet or anything, he's committed. ainsley: all right. thank you, pete. fascinating interview. i like that that's all brian got out of it. steve: yep. it started as a segment on the food network and devolved into love connection. brian: i took a lot of -- there was a lot of blow back to my 10 years of dating
3:40 am
dawn before we got married. steve: all paid off. ainsley: what are we going to do with him? jillian: i don't know. i don't have a boyfriend so i have nothing to say. i can't cement at all. ainsley: give out your phone number. jillian: now that i'm blushing. plane full of packed people slams. plane slamming into the. the force of the strike reportedly sparking a fire on the jet. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. the governor of illinois death penalty for mass murderers. allow suspects to be charged with, quote. death penalty murder and would need to be found, quote, guilty beyond any doubt. >> there are plenty of cases where there is no doubt whoswho's guilty and they need
3:41 am
to give up their life when they kale police officer. jillian: apply only 18 and older. reproductive justice. the city of new york is partnering with planned parenthood to offer a full scholarship to a masters or doctoral student in addition to tuition owe taxpayer funded school. the student will also have internship at local planned parenthood office. look at your screen a little leaguer gives us one of the best plays of the year for unconventional route to the home plate. [cheers] >> the boy jumping straight over the catcher who as you can see there is blocking the plate in little rock arkansas. the umpire rolling the boy safe at home the run would tie the game in extra innings. ainsley: he does touch the plate. all right. isn't that cool? steve: excellent. that's a good ball player.
3:42 am
ainsley: what's the jumping you do at the track? brian: broad jump? steve: the long jump. a lot of jumping. thank you, jillian. jillian: um-huh. ainsley: you are unhinged today so get ready. steve: it's been the democrats rallying cry since day one. >> i will fight every day until is he impeached. i continue to say impeach him. steve: now some democrats could be having a change of heart is it too late to change course? cailee mcenany and jessica tarlov will have that debate next hour. brian: all bets are on. the supreme court clearing the way for judge napolitano to gamble his savings. yes, it's true. could it actually benefit sanctuary cities? here's the judge. he can gamble in new jersey. ♪
3:43 am
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3:46 am
full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? brian: high court struggle down a federal law banning most sports banning in states. steve: fight sanctuary cities to explain that here is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> what does sports betting have to do with sanctuary cities. i need the number of your bookie. brian: everybody needs a bookie. great news for new jersey they are set up to gamble. >> i have not hesitated to you criticize chris christie when it seemed like seven years he was running for governor. he is the driving force behind this. he pushed it when everybody else resisted it. hired lawyers and caused this thing to happen. what is it. congress wrote a law saying to the states you cannot
3:47 am
allow sports betting. it didn't say sports betting is illegal. it just told the states what they could and could not do. supreme court said in this area gambling, which is mortality, finance, revenue generating. the congress can't tell the states what to do. just like that, betting on college and professional sports will begin to pop up in every state i >> yes, it hurts las vegas. because nevada was grandfathered in. nevada had sports betting before congress wrote this law. if you are in new jersey today and you want to bet on the yankee game tonight, you would have to go to nevada. next week you would be able to place that bet in new jersey. ainsley: what does this have to do with sanctuary city? >> it basically reinforces the notion that the states can resist the federal government which when the feds want the states to help enforce federal law. so, if congress wanted to ban sports betting, it could
3:48 am
have made it illegal. and then the federal government would pay to enforce that. congress tried to shift the cost of enforcing that to the states. so, because the states can say we're not going to cooperate in enforcing federal law, jerry brown, the governor of california, can get away with saying to, it's now a law in california, if you work for the state of california or any subdivision of it, an ice comes knocking, you don't have teent door. steve: that would also mean that the federal government then in turn could say you know what? if you are not going to cooperate with us, state of california, we are not going to withhold money. >> yes. or if you want the money there will be strings attached that you will cooperate with ice. now, the government has not done that much to the president's frustration. steve: that's congress' fault. >> right. the republicans have controlled congress and the president has been in the white house for 15 months now. they have one budget in. threatened to veto it i wish he had but he signed it. there is another one coming. we will see if they put the stridgesz on it so far they haven't done it.
3:49 am
six months as i could say the money going to -- i will just pick a city, san francisco was from the obama years. enough to the money going -- and didn't have strings attached. now, it's from a trump era budget with no strings attached. and is he frustrated about that. ainsley: one is gambling and one is national security. >> right. ainsley: if laws are in place for gambling, why are they the same for national security? judge: because this supreme court opinion says that the federal government cannot take state officials and make them enforce federal law. it can enforce federal law on it own. whether it's gambling or whether it's ice. brian: all right, judge. all bets are off. >> give me that number. brian: yankees red sox never lose again. >> yankees are in first place. brian: tied. steve: don't bet on it. >> i think they are in half a game. ainsley: president trump calling white house leakers traitors and changes might be coming. you will hear from kellyanne
3:50 am
conway at the top of the hour. brian: is he baseball all-star, world champion. one of the greatest guests on seinfeld ever. >> that's keith hernandez. >> keith hernandez, the baseball player? >> i think he is. >> i'm keith hernandez. brian: the one and only keith hernandez makes without us next. steve: come on out, keith? keith? [laughter] ♪ boys are back in town ♪ boys are back in town ♪ the boys are back in town ♪ the boys are back in town ♪ you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
♪? that's keith hernandez. >> keith hernandez the baseball player. >> i hate keith hernandez. >> i despise him. >> i happen to be very good friends with keith hernandez. >> who does this guy think he is? >> i'm keith hernandez. [laughter] brian: it's keith hernandez. is he write all about his journey in major league baseball success winning two world series and mvp and lessons he learned along the way. it wasn't all fun and games inside seinfeld. congratulations on your brand new book but. >> yes, it is. it's called appropriately "i'm keith hernandez." my famous line. brian: that's fantastic. what has that done for you and your recognizability? >> you figure sports reaches large segment society. seinfeld reached the whole nation and reached outside the nation. so i still today when i go through airports people come behind me and say can i help you move? nice game pretty boy. all good.
3:55 am
brian: that's great. seinfeld always looked up to you. so he put new there and you flew out there and did it and ended up being big success. now you are very successful in broadcasting. in this you talk about your days growing up with older brother and a dad that knew the game and knew that you were special. how hard was he on you? >> my dad, i was a protegee and my brother, too. my brother played three years in the minor leagues and didn't make it all-american at berkeley. my dad was a stakes father. he pushed us hard. he knew when i was 11 years old. it's in the book. that i had something special. and that he wasn't going to let me blow it. so he drove me a little harder and kept a tighter reign on me. my brother was more measured and i was the one that was more knee jerk and impulsive, compulsive. brian: heartening as talented as you were and you still had a hard time at times. up and down. >> yeah. brian: it wasn't a straight line to success. looking back, are your
3:56 am
thoughts mostly good during these times even during the struggling or are you looking back delightfully? >> i would never want to relive my early 20's again. the first half of my 20's i was mvp and batting title when i was 125. took me until 1980 to feel like i belonged. that's where the book ends where i'm keith hernandez. i'm keith hernandez. i'm a big league ball playerened i belong on the same field with pete rose and willie. it's a dual means for the book. i would not want to go through minor leagues when i was 18 through 27 ever again. brian: right. but you understand the game and finally last 30 seconds. what are you most prideful of? is it the two titles in the mvp? what is your most prideful? >> two world championships. did i a lot of things that are personal in awards, but nothing better than a world championship. that's the ultimate goal. that's a team effort and always feels great.
3:57 am
brian: got to love this book. you think you know keith hernandez you don't know the early days. thanks so much. early success in broadcasting. >> thank you. brian: devin nunes doesn't look like keith hernandez but would like him when he gets in the green room. him to t so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. can be a big bad problem that you could spread to. family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this.
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talk to your parkinson's specialist. there are treatment options that can help. my visitors should be the ones i want to see. >> hamas urging more violence along the israel gaza border. >> hamas is a terrorist organization. this is fully contrived by them. i think israel has absolutely the right to do exactly what they are doing. brian: it's a big primary day in four critical states. pete: here in butler, p.a. optimistic about what this president is doing. >> love what the president is doing, is he a man that says what he is going to do and actually does it. >> amazon is slamming the city of seattle passing controversial tax on big businesses. subsidize low income housing. >> president just tweeting out leakers are traitors and cowards. and we will find out who they are. >> i think the president is on solid ground here that if
4:01 am
you work at the pleasure of the president and you ought to be competent. you ought to be loyal. >> we all come from immigrants including you tomi lahren. >> i really am happy though that she has such a fascination with my family history and i'm hoping that she'll take on elizabeth warren's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ me and my gang ♪ we live to ride ♪ we ride to live ♪ me and my gang. steve: rascal flatts me and my gang. "fox & friends" may the 15th. it's a tuesday. ainsley: we are in the middle of may. middle of manhattan in the middle of may. feel like life is flying by. brian: really? ainsley: summer is almost here. your son graduated. i remember when he went to school. what's happening? steve: time marches on. brian: and you are going to england.
4:02 am
ainsley: i'm going to england today has nothing to do with what we are just talking about brian brian shows how life is going by. ainsley: planning we were going to the wedding that was months ago and we are here already. steve: my how time flies. brian: you and steve hilton are going pub hopping. ainsley: we are going pub hopping and we will bring it to you live -- not live but the next day. steve: we start with a fox news alert. ainsley: we have a live look at the israeli gaza border where bloody protests are still raging on. brian: hamas terrorists now calling for even more blood shed after 59 people killed yesterday. as the u.s. embassy moved to jerusalem and it's now opened. steve: benjamin hall is live on the israeli side of the border with the you very latest. benjamin? >> brian, steve, and ainsley, good morning. of course, mixed emotions over here because they had that ground ceremony yesterday in jerusalem. the opening of the u.s. embassy which was a campaign promise by president trump for since he ran.
4:03 am
campaign promise. presidents before him didn't follow through. that was widely separated in israel. here on the border, 53 miles south we saw those violent clashes and the just position couldn't have been greater as you say. 5 people were killed. 2700 were injured and among them, among the killed was an 8-month-old baby. funerals being held today. but they are still gathering at the fence, not as much as we saw them yesterday and for the moment it's quiet. yesterday, 40,000 palestinians came to the israeli gaza border. and they were running up and down the idf saying that they launched i-tried to launch a number of cross border raids. they were pushed back by the idf but they were armed with molotov cocktails and stones. israeli forces responding with live fire. very tense situation over here at the moment. there has been a diplomatic fallout as well. there have been calls for u.n. security council meeting and now turkey and south africa both pulling their ambassadors out of israel as a response. turkey pulling its ambassador out of the u.s.
4:04 am
as well. so we will wait to see how that pans out. but, back to that ceremony as well. just 53 miles north, that was celebrated widely, there was a big u.s. delegates that took part in that. jared kushner among them. ivanka trump. numerous senators and congressman. benjamin netanyahu. and as i say that was widely celebrated here. campaign promise of president trump. he went through with that. at the moment there is a feeling on both sides, jared kushner spoke at the ceremony yesterday. and he mentioned the protests. hear what he said. >> as we have seen from the protests of the last month and even today, those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution. united states is prepared to support a peace agreement in every way that we can. >> today is the last day of this long six weeks protest that they have been holding on the border. so we don't yet know if it's going to he i escalate or not. back to you.
4:05 am
steve: benjamin, thank you very much. he makes a great point. they have been having protests along the border. five different locations for the last six or seven weeks. of course, yesterday, the hamas leaders said okay, because the embassy is opening, we're going to make a big splash here. a lot of protests. and they had multi-tof cocktails, some of them had fence cutters. they were flying flaming kites, trying to catch the israeli farm land on fire. the whole idea was to grab the headlines. the israelis said if you approach the borders, security wall. the fence, we could shoot you. and they did. and now israel is being vilified for enforcing their border during the violent attack. brian: a lot of the 2,000 people that are hurt. large numbers listed suffered only tear gas inhalation that's because they are out protesting and they had no choice. the 56 dead are 56 dead. 130 really they say have substantially wounded. but, basically, the only
4:06 am
reason they are hit is because they were breaching the border. and in particular, this is hamas. a terror group that continues to be more popular than the palestinian authority. if the israelis want to start talks tomorrow, who do they start with? ainsley: hamas funded by iran, keep in mind. and we have given them billions of dollars over the years. all right, moving on to something else here at home. devin nunes and trey gowdy are trying to get to the bottom of whether or not there was a spy was that hired by fusion gps to or i'm sorry. what did you say? brian: keep up the good work. steve: we're going to have devin nunes. ainsley: the producers were talking in my ear i thought out i said something wrong. trying to find out if the fbi spied on president trump. steve: that's right. we're going to have devin nunes. have a bunch of questions for him in five minutes. also, keep in mind, a big story a couple of days ago was somebody in the white house in the communications staff said some inappropriate things about john mccain.
4:07 am
and apparently the white house has decided that they have refused to apologize and they had a private meeting where sarah sanders was talking about the leaks coming out of this white house, and she said i know this meeting, where i'm talking about the leaks, that's going to leak. brian: the problem. steve: and it did. five people in the white house called jonathan swan of axios and leenged. brian: all right. so jonathan swan sews there is more leaks coming out of this white house in a single day than four years of the bush white house. so president trump has had it. this is supposedly the inner circle, the people he trusts the most. they have got to be able to talk openly and honestly. nobody could possibly ever back up what said about john mccain was anything about abhorrent. but the president tweeted this out. the so-called leaks coming out of the white house are a massive over exaggeration put out by the fake news media to make us look as bad as possible. with that something said, leakers are traitors and cowards and we will find out who they are.
4:08 am
in fact, kellyanne conway went further, she says they are going to find out and they are going to get fired. listen. >> some leaks exist to hurt, i guess colleagues. some leaks exist because they disagree with the policies that are being put forth. but none of them are helpful. i think the president is on solid ground here. that if you work at the pleasurable of the president as we all do here, and you have the privilege and the blessing of come today work in this white house on behalf of the nation we all love, you ought to be competent. you ought to be loyal. you ought to be able to reinforce the agenda that prevailed here. ido you expect personnel changes as a result. >> i do. actually, dime. brian: jonathan swan goes through. this i ask your leakers why you leak. one inaccurate record of what is taking place at the white house. workers, he goes look at as a mexican standoff. look at each other we are going to get shot we might as well shoot each other.
4:09 am
others say leak because of grudges trying to get back at other people. ainsley: one guy that was interviewed says he is tries to put in different he might say certain it i don't mean or phrasing. he will put that in the leak so it looks like did you it and not me. steve: the president looks to his advisors to be around him to speak their mind. the advisors feel like if i say something that that pinner doesn't like and they are going to leak it the president is not getting good advice. is he owed the sanctity of a private conversation. nonetheless, there is leaking going on at the white house like nobody's business. will there be heads rolling? sounds like it if they can catch them. brian: john kelly made everyone hanged in their phones. they were not allowed to use their personal phones during the day. i don't know if he loosened that up or not. ainsley: they need to give each one on the staff different information and see which one leaks out and pinpoint who did it. brian: set it up. meanwhile guess what is not getting done.
4:10 am
the people's business not getting done. try to set up who is shooting from inside the tent. steve: just sad the president cannot trust his own staff. brian: who he hired. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: good morning. get you caught up on what is going to be happening today. president will have working lunch to discuss his agenda with republican senators. one of those lawmakers john barrasso joined us earlier saying the economy is at the top of the list. >> people are getting to keep more of their money, bonuses are being paid. so, it's not just in one location. it's all across the country. that's why this is so strong and i think it's going to help us in november as long as the president keeps telling the story. >> the president is also expected to discuss the upcoming confirmation vote for cia director nominee gina haspel as well as the upcoming summit with kim jong un. president trump visiting the first lady in the hospital after a kidney procedure at walter reed treating a benign condition. the president tweeting an update saying, quote: successful procedure.
4:11 am
she is in good spirits. thank you to all of the well-wishers. the vice president also showing support. >> mrs. trump is on our hearts. we are praying for her speedy and full recovery. looking forward to her returning to work making difference in the lives of our nation's children. >> first lady will likely stay in the hospital for the rest of the week. we have a live report from the white house later this hour. it could blow at any minute. officials warning the kilauea volcano in hawaii is becoming more toxic and major eruption is imminent. that is the sound of lava bombs shooting hundreds of feet in the air. frightening. some good news though among the chaos two dogs missing for 10 days were found trapped between lava and fence line. rescuers pulling bruce and little dude to safety. oh, i'm so happy that they are okay.
4:12 am
brian: little bit of an overbite with that last dog. slipped out of the lips. steve: okay. that's one way to put it all right, jillian, thank you. ainsley: so ugly they are cute. brian: yes. steve: some students are voted most likely to succeed. others best dressed. but these kids? >> most annoying. most disrespectful. most likely to bomb the u.s. steve: okay. how does that happen? we will explain. ainsley: we have been telling but the secret source spy on the trump campaign. chairman devin nunes joins us live next ♪ walk this way ♪ walk this way ♪ walk this way ♪ patrick woke up with back pain.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
ainsley: this morning the house intel committee demanding answers about the possibility that someone inside president trump's campaign was spying and secretly feeding information to the fbi. steve: or somebody close to the campaign. house intel committee chairman devin nunes joins us now. good morning, chairman. >> good morning a lot easier
4:17 am
than live hookup. brian: why is it important to find out who was possibly on the inside of the trump camp informing people on the outside? >> let's talk about how did this get started? you had fusion gps that was hired by the democratic party and the clinton campaign to draw up a dossier on the president as the president was running for president. what happened with that is that in his testimony he mentioned that there was a source within the campaign. brian: glenn simpson runs fusion gps. >> glenn simpson said that in closed testimony and became public he confirmed he was telling congress the truth which is probably a good idea. we believe he was telling the truth. what we are trying to do is get the documents to figure out did they actually have what methods were used to open this counter intelligence investigation? ainsley: if that is true. >> we don't normally believe is he telling the truth. but in this case. brian: you have a problem with his veracity? >> if you look at what he said and how he tried to
4:18 am
walk it back and plant a story in the "the washington post" to walk it back. ainsley: makes it look like really was a spy. ainsley: if there was a spy though, what does that mean for fusion gps? or for christopher steele? >> i think what it really means, i think it will look badly on the department of justice and the fbi on how they conducted this investigation. steve: right. >> that's what we are trying to get to the bottom of. we are trying to put clarity and sunlight for the american people so they know everything that happened on how this investigation began. steve: it kind of sounds as if your congressional investigators got the information regarding this secret source, it sounds like this might call into question the narrative we have heard so far it's like oh, really? it didn't happen like that at all. >> i think if the campaign was somehow set up, i think that would be a problem. right? if they were somehow meetings that occurred and all of this was a setup. we have yet to see any credible evidence or intelligence that led to the opening of this investigation. steve: by you saying that,
4:19 am
it makes it sound like you believe donald trump was framed. >> look, i believe that they didn't have -- well, first of all, i believe they never should have opened a counter intelligence investigation into a political party. counter intelligence investigations are very rarely do they happen and when they do happen, you have to be very careful because you're using the tools of our intelligence services and relationships with other countries in order to spy on a political campaign probably not a good idea. brian. brian: along with the fact that you could be influencing an election. last week you were asked to go. you asked and you got permission to go over because you had a subpoena to go over and view these documents with trey gowdy. what happened last week? what's going to happen tomorrow? >> well, i think we had a productive meeting last week. and really the solution here is to get the department of justice to just come clean with everything. provide all the documents in a timely manner. so tomorrow, we're going to go back hopefully to the department of justice. they have questions that we
4:20 am
left for them to answer for us this week. and i think we'll have another productive session. and hopefully you begin to shine some light on this whole situation. ainsley: we a statement from the doj. they say deputy attorney general ron rosenstein has said repeatedly we don't put a lot of stock in anorthern must sources over here. we are committed to continuing to work chairman gowdy and nunes to accommodate their requests. are they working with you? >> yeah. i think that rod rosenstein the deputy attorney general has a real chance here to clean this mess up for the american people. he really can step in and clean it all up. i think, you can make sure. nobody is asking for sources, right? nobody is asking for sources. nobody is asking for methods. let's lay all the cards out on the table. here is what happened and how this counter intelligence investigation was opened. brian: two years a president, whether you voted for him or not, has been hamstrung by a process that's making it impossible for him to move forward.
4:21 am
>> they never had any evidence of colluding with russians then you have to ask yourself why did they open this investigation. steve: great question. that's why you want to hear about the source. >> nice to be here in person. ainsley: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. best fitting diaper. pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom with up to twelve hours of protection for all the freedom to move their way in pampers cruisers only pampers diapers are the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents.
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4:25 am
been identified. the space rock is the size of the statue of liberty you can't walk up in the middle of it. it won't be visible with the naked eye. lastly, 20 feet. i will walk five feats to finish this story. that's the length of the giant lobster that washed ashore in the philippines. look at the size of that thing. officials belief the carcass is the body of a decomposed whale. i'm going to take a tape. hey, ainsley. >> thank you so much. since president trump took office certain democrats are been pushing one main message, impeach. >> i will fight every day until he is impeached. >> i continue to say impeach him. >> i rise today, mr. speaker to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. ainsley: now the left is warning against calls for his impeachment if they want to win back control of congress in the mid terms.
4:26 am
is it too little too late to change course cailee mac nanny and bustle jessica tarlov. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. ainsley: kayleigh, is it too little, too late if the democrats is i keep saying impeach, impeach, impeach. what does it mean nor democrats in november. >> it is too late. democrats have been leading the american people screaming will russia collusion where there is none. distracting the american people and the president from his agenda. but, look, this president is succeeding, ainsley. we see it in poll numbers and gallup. the weekly tracking poll. president trump is at his highest point in 14 months. early may gallup poll gained five pointsins january. american people recognize success. this president is succeeding and democrats can cry impeachment if they want. it's baseless and it is not a good strategy going into november. ainsley: jessica, your thoughts? >> my thoughts on the poll numbers are opposite to kayleigh's. he is improving and
4:27 am
incredibly below. gallup tracker 43%. rasmussen bump talked about outlier poll. generally in low 40's. improvement. he started at absolute rock bottom for an american president here. i personally and we have talked about this before on this program, i'm not a fasten the impeachment conversation. you need to know explicitly what you are impeaching someone for. i have read a laundry list of things that we could potentially be considering. right now we need to focus on our messaging on the bread and butter issues. economy, healthcare for sure. democrats' message on healthcare is what is going to win us the mid terms in november. ainsley: jessica, real clear politics. the president's approval ratings is the highest it's been in 14 months read this op-ed for doug schoen. >> my old boss. ainsley: he says the reason why he is warning democrats not to say impeachment because he says a significant number of americans are actually happy these days. they are making money. they feel safe.
4:28 am
they agree with the president's protections on trade policies. and now you are seeing, jessica, these democrats that are now running saying they are trumpian democrats. >> i there it is smart obviously for moderate democrats or democrats in districts trump won. look at conor lamb who was successful in pennsylvania the 18th district. he supports the president's trade policy. sherrod brown in ohio as well. they don't back him on the tax us with the tonight become him on obamacare. there are be core issues where can you get along with the president's policies but certainly middle ground to be found especially when your constituency voted for the president overwhelmingly. ainsley: cailee, what do you think about the democratic party right now. we saw in the last election you had so many that were so far to the left. and they supported bernie sanders. but then like jessica is saying, it's important now to be more moderate. what's the future of the democratic party in your opinion? >> >> that's right. well jessica brought up conor lamb that pennsylvania
4:29 am
special election. conor lamb hijacked the president's message. he acted like a trump republican to win that seat. he will vote like nancy pelosi. the problem is, ainsley, the state of the democratic party, they don't have a bunch of moderate democrats running around with messaging. they have a bunch of resist democrats who want to obstruct, who are screaming impeachment, who have an agenda of negativity. what is the democratic message? they don't have one. which is why they have to hijack this president wants success on the economy. on north korea. is he solving the world's problems. they have to try to attach themselves win. there is not a lot of moderate democrats running throughout. not a bright future for the left. ainsley: thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: some students are voted most likely to succeed. others best dressed but these kids? >> most annoying. most disrespectful. most likely to bomb the u.s. ainsley: wow. how does that happen? and the polls are now open in pennsylvania for today's
4:30 am
primary. pete is there having breakfast with friends. pete, good morning. pete: good morning. i already butchered the one pancake that i have. we are at the cafe. they do it so much better at butler p.a. mike kelly represents butler also cooking this morning. scrambled eggs. i like mine over medium. >> you are asking me i'm better at scrambling things than flipping them. pete: give it a shot. >> sure. will. pete: as we saw on the house floor is he a scrambling. look at that. >> you know what? when you have four children and 10 grandchildren you better be able to feed them. this is what we do. butler we also make not just the best breakfast we make the finest steel. ak steel right over the hill. pete: we will bring it to you on the other side ♪
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♪ ainsley: it's a big primary day in four critical states. today voters casting ballots in idaho, nebraska, oregon and pennsylvania. g.o.p. senate candidate jim chrisian expected to cast his vote. lowe barletta has the backing of the president. winner vying for the chance town seat bob casey in noe. brian: due to pennsylvania's court ordered redistricting, tilt democrat. republican rick saccone is back and running in a new and different district. no tie, no mustache after losing march's special election to conor lamb. steve: because they have changed some of the districts, do people know where to vote? pete hegseth is live from mack's route 8 cafe in butler, pennsylvania. pete, how close are you to some of these rejiggered
4:35 am
districts? pete: very close. about a mile and a half from one of the new district lines. a lot of folks in pennsylvania are having to figure out what new congressional district they are actually in. and a lot of districts that were safe now up for grabs. and that matters a great deal because democrats are hoping to win the house of representatives and you've heard maxine waters chant impeach 45. some think if they got that chance, they would attempt to do so. a lot at stake in pennsylvania. this primary day is a the focal point issues candidates will be running on to win the primary in their party but also in the general election. i'm here with jim and mary kay voters voting on primary day. jim, you are a mechanical engineer. >> yes. >> you saw all the issues and all the talk out there in the news media. what are the issues that really matter to you when you go to the ballot box? >> i guess at this point still, i think, the resolution of the affordable care act is still at the forefront for me personally. i'm a self-ploifd engineer and my wife and i pay for our insurance out of our own pocket. we have seen our costs escalate again this year.
4:36 am
i know that the president has repealed the mandate and he has talked about the associations which i'm interested in learning more about. but, i still think congress needs to address that in the near term. pete: thankfully we will be talking to a congressman here in a second and see if he can address it for you. >> thank you. pet pete mike kelly. same question i will ask you. same question almost. the key is trying to figure out what motivates people to get out especially on a primary day when the turnout is lower. what do you think the secret is on that. >> i think for this area we need to get the vote out to show our support for our party and our local candidates. and because of the redistricting. it's impacted this area and we are trying to make a positive spin on that with i think mike is calling it sweet 16. our new district number. so, but we are concerned with how this will impact
4:37 am
the democrats precinct in this state. pete: of course which matters a lot. speaking of democrats. what is the general theme of their re-election. when democrats come to the voters what kind of case are they making these days? >> i don't think they are making much of a case at all other than negativity towards the trump administration. pete: how about republicans? are they running on tax cuts? what's the big focus of republicans running? >> republicans are running on prosperity and a positive spin on what president trump has been doing. we are supportive of trump in this area. i like to say we cling to our guns and bibles like former president obama used to say. pete: you are one of those bitter clingers. you don't seem bitter. you are retired teacher. i'm sure you were a wonderful teacher. thanks for your time. talk to that congressman who is seated. congressman, don't eat that omelet. it has been out here since 5:30 and good prop for us. thanks for being here. >> great time. we had you on the program yesterday. covered ethics change opt house floor. a lot of people reacting to that get to the core issue
4:38 am
of what you were talking about as far as americans uniting and what that message means. >> with the trump administration we have seen the economy take off. almost every -- in every measurable way when it comes to african-american unemployment lowest it's ever been. when it comes to hispanic. lowest ever. women now having a better -- having more employment in the workplace, but we have seen so much happen. we have seen the economy take off. i just think that if you come to the floor and there are 60 minutes to debate. 30 minutes on each side. i was sitting there 30 minutes of democrats coming down and talking about how bad automobile people are because they discriminate against nonwhite buyers. i say that's not america. we don't talk about those things. listen, we are more united. we are a people of diversity but we come together to make america great again. when i seen what president trump has done and you come in this area you can see it. it is so uplifting. look at this, you say if you are only platform is hate and resistance and not about bringing the country together again, i mean, listen, we are still the united states of america not divided states of america
4:39 am
and we can't talk better than what happened on the floor the other day. i was disappointed and the democrats that came down, every single person demagoguing and talking about how bad automobile people are is just not true. you know about that business. pete: i do. you know about butler, paye, this is where we are. met some great folks here this morning. i mean, what do the voters, your constituents really care about at the end of the day, what are their concerns the future. >> future for them for their grandchildren and also for themselves. we have some challenges ahead. healthcare is still a challenge. we have the economy back up and running it is dynamic and robust economy. that fixes a lot of things that are wrong in the country and get people back to work and making more wages and benefits. it is about the ascension of the economy. we are getting stronger every day in every way. since the president has got in office, there is nobody in america that has not been touched in a way that things have gotten better for them. pete: absolutely. congressman mike kelly thanks so much for your service. [applause] [cheers] pete: like when we get
4:40 am
clapping here and there guys back to you in butler paye talking to people in primary day. brian: big kelly crew. steve: apparently they think you are picking up the tab. pete: fake news. you are paying your own way. ainsley: i bet paying for that whole restaurant would be cheaper than paying for his family in new york. when i go home, i'm like i will pay for everyone. brian: like a dollar a plate. ainsley: exactly. steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian has some news about betting. jillian: yes, i do. good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. all bets are on. the supreme court clearing the way for illegal sports betting. legalization now up to individual states. but as judge andrew napolitano points out this does have a ripple effect on sanctuary cities. >> it basically reinforces the notion that the states can resist the federal government when the feds want the states to help
4:41 am
enforce federal law. jillian: as many as 32 states could allowed sports betting within five years. the democratic party has taken away yourself worth. that's a quote from levi sanders son of vermont senator bernie sanders. democrats do a quote poor job of bolstering people's confidence and self-esteem. but he says president trump is doing an incredible job with boosting voter self-esteem. sanders also takes a jab at hillary clinton for calling voters deplorables. school yearbooks typically feature who is most likely to succeed or most popular things of that nature. but the science academy in arizona is causing controversy with some outrageous designations. >> most annoying, most disrespectful, most likely to bomb the u.s. jillian: eighth grade student voting himself as most likely to bomb the u.s. there was no actual vote but
4:42 am
rather students filling in the blanks themselves. the school is apologizing and asking for the yearbooks to be returned so new ones can be printed. pretty disturbing. i know a lot of people are very angry about that in that area. steve: you don't that as your legacy. just saying. jillian, out on the streets of new york city we find janice dean on this tuesday. brian: not disturbing. janice: beautiful day in new york city. this beautiful day is going to turn into thunderstorms later today especially across the northeast. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. so enjoy it while we can it's going to come later on this afternoon. let's take a look at the maps and i will show out temperatures and the threat for severe storms yesterday across florida as well as the plains. we could see the potential for heavy rainfall across florida because we have the disturbance in the gulf of mexico. don't think it's going to develop into anything. it's just going to bring incredible amounts of rain to florida and the southeast. you can see those storms developing. this is going to be a big news story. yesterday in the d.c. area they had something called a der raach der raceio.
4:43 am
new york city up towards new england. be advised and know what to do if there is a watch or a warning in your area. all right. back inside. steve: all right. my kids reported the derracio moving through washington last night. it was big. all right, j.d., thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: well wishes are pouring in for melania, the first lady. we report on her condition next. steve: plus, coming up on the program newt gingrich and ben shapiro. we have a busy "fox & friends," another hour and 15 minutes. stick around, folks. brian: which one of them was speaker? ♪ with best in-class towing best in-class payload and best in-class torque the f-150 lineup has the capability to get big things to big places --bigtime. and things just got bigger.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: president trump visiting the first lady in the hospital after a kidney procedure at walter reed. steve: well wishes pouring
4:47 am
in from around the world as she recovers from the treatment for a benign condition. brian: kevin, this caught everybody by surprise. she is going to be there all week? he is at the white house. here is kevin corke. >> it does catch you by surprise because you feel like you have a finger on the pulse. you talk to people on the record and off-the-record. had no idea she was going over there us a pointed out she is resting comfortably thankfully. we wish her the best. i don't know a great deal about the procedure and i would love having the medical experts describe what happened. i can tell you this the first lady has been incredibly active over the last several weeks, talking about everything from her rolling out be best initiative staining by joint base andrews when the president welcomed home the former american captives in north korea. she did the state dinner. she did all the planning for that let's take to you social media. here is what the president said yesterday heading over to walter reed medical center to see our great first lady melania.
4:48 am
successful procedure. she is in good spirits, thank you all to well-wishers. how about ted cruz? senator from the great state of texas. praying for the continued good health of our wonderful first lady. united states. and across the aisle chuck schumer senator of new york just heard the news that first lady of the united states underwent surgery today. sincere wishes for her speedy recovery. the vice president, mike pence, meanwhile, taking the message of the white house yesterday to the american people. >> i know i speak for people everywhere when i say mrs. trump is on our hearts. we're praying for her speedy and full recovery. and look forward to her returning to her work making a difference in the lives of our nation's children. >> making a indeed. don't forget the president is expected to make his way over to capitol hill today. he is going it speak at the peace officer's memorial and then he is going to have a lunch with republicans in the senate who will probably get a read out of that and certainly bring you the remarks the president makes today. in the mean time, our very best wishes to the first
4:49 am
lady in case she suspect watching us right now. brian: kevin, just a quick note. you are a big sports guy. are you excited about this opportunity to gamble legally in 50 states? >> i'm a huge sports fan as you know. #stoked. [laughter] steve: all right. brian: okay. kevin has some excess income that's going to get a rise this weekend. ainsley: thank you. nicole saphier is a radiologist we have ler on all the time. i heard her on an interview for "fox & friends first." she was talking about this. basically a mass benign right outside of the kidney they take a little catheter a radiologist does go through your leg or arm and cut off the blood supply to that mass and because of that the mass dies. she is going to be fine she says. steve: i like the fact that the well-wishes are bipartisan. meanwhile as kevin just mentioned we are marking national police week. the president is going to be speaking there later today. the family of this fallen officer is honoring her memory with a special line of clothing. find out how you can help a lot of police officers next.
4:50 am
brian: plus, the democrats lead in the midterm shrinking. the party is already looking ahead to 2020. what should their next move be? bernie sanders former campaign manager jeff weaver here to weigh in. that's what he looks like in a picture with bernie. ♪ don't, don't, don't ♪ don't you ♪ forget about me ♪ how do you win at business?
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4:53 am
steve: this is national police week but our next guest honors law enforcement every day. hometown hero matthew created the children's clothing line and the profits help families of law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty like his daughter-in-law, a palm springs california police officer who was killed in
4:54 am
october of 2016. hometown hero matthew zeribe joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: let's go back to october of 2016. tell us what happened to your daughter-in-law, the officer that day? >> leslie had just returned from maternity leave. she just gave birth to our granddaughter four months prior. and she and her partner were responding to a domestic violence call and family said the son was acting crazy former felony gang banger. he ambushed them and killed both of them. the 350-year-old veteran was scheduled to retire in a month. was unimaginable loss to our family. >> he was supposed to retire and she had just gotten back on the force after maternity. that's something you never
4:55 am
get over. >> it's devastating. i feel like i died when she died. and you just try to pick up the pieces of whatever is left of your life loss for success indescribable. steve: tell us a little bit about how you are trying to help other law enforcement families who have had an officer die on the line of duty. >> well, when we went through all this and you continue through this nightmare for thest rest i don't have life it came to our attention in the southern state the officers make minimum wage. they work two or three jobs and have no benefits at all. if you are a stay i can't tell home mom taking car -- sta. not only are you going through the most unimaginable nightmare in your life have no home and have no money to raise your kids. when i found out about this, i thought this sun imaginable. we live in the wealthiest country in the world and we don't care of our hero's families. kicked to the curb good luck and thank you for your
4:56 am
sacrifice. noble is taking care of them. for me i thought i have to do something. i started a clothing line named after our grand daughter and the purpose is to raise money for these families. steve: well, it's a wonderful idea. and the website is cora rayne matthew, it's such a nice thing you are doing as a tribute to your daughter-in-law because she died in the line of duty. there are tens of thousands of people who put on the uniform and go to work every day. and they don't know if today will will be their last day. >> you know, i have the utmost respect, anybody who puts on a uniform and says no matter what happens when the fire and the demons of hell come and take innocent life i'm going to stand in the gap for people i don't even know i'm going to risk my life for their life. so these people deserve us taking care of them to the nth dry. steve: absolutely.
4:57 am
matthew, thank you for joining us toes from los angeles and remembering the life of your daughter-in-law leslie zerebny. >> thank you. steve: we'll be right back. . . . . mitzi: psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ )
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♪ brian: hamas terrorists calling for even more bloodshed after 59 people killed yesterday. >> somehow it is israel's fault hamas is terrorists that use human beings as shields? brian: big primary day in four critical states. >> butler, pa, what do voters care about? >> future for them and their children and grandchildren. when you have seen what president trump has done it is so uplifting. ainsley: the house intel committee demanding answers that someone inside of president trump's campaign was secretly feeding information to the fbi. >> campaign was set-up, that would be a problem. that is what we're trying to get
5:01 am
to the bottom of. >> amazon is slamming the city of seattle. >> people come behind me, can i help you move? >> i got to move. i need help. >> nice game, pretty boy. >> newman says, nice game, pretty boy. >> sports reach as large segment of society. steinfeld reached the whole nation. ♪ brian: i never heard it before. seems like a different song every day. what is going on. steve: we have to repeat some though. songs are his, he could sing a different song every day, as long as it is somebody else. brian: here's the thing, no
5:02 am
sleeves, right? very good shape. very fit man. ainsley: acting. he acts. very talented wife. brian: acted in "the blind side." they do anything else? ainsley: yes. let's move on to something else. brian: do you know what else tug mcgraw's son was in, let me know. steve: kill meet add we start with a-kilmeade this is the israeli border. where bodily protests are raging today. ainsley: after 60 people have been killed as the u.s. embassy in jerusalem opened up. brian: conor powell live on gaza side of the border. conor, what's today look like? reporter: good morning, guys. palestinians announcing this is the day that palestinians mark as the creation of israel. when thousands of palestinians
5:03 am
lost their land across both gaza and the west bank. there have been protests. here in gaza, significantly calmer and quieter day today than it was yesterday. only couple hundred or so people, palestinians behind me along the israeli security fence. a stark contrast to what we saw yesterday when there were tens of thousands of palestinians here along the security fence. some put it as many, 50, 60, maybe 70,000 palestinians at 12 different points t got very violent yesterday. it is the most violent stay in gaza since the 2014 war. at least 60 people were killed yesterday. israelis warned for last six weeks that anyone who gets near the fence would be shot or targeted by live fire. we see people tried to get near the fence, tried to breach the fence be shot. we've seen people standing four, a hundred meters back away from the fence also get shot as well. it has been a very tense and
5:04 am
very violent 24 hours or so what we're hearing today, one of the main reasonses that the protests are much quieter today in gaza the hospitals are simply overflowing with victims. more than 2700 people were also injured in addition to the 60 people that were killed. the hospitals telling hamas and every one here in the gaza strip, there is not enough medicine and beds to treat. that is one of the reasons we're seeing significantly lower turnout along the israel security fence from yesterday and previous days. steve: conor powell on that side of the border, thank you very much. if they're running out of supplies, because the hamas leaders told their people go ahead to try to breach the fence because, and really, they set their own people up. they said that the israeli soldiers are no longer manning the fence. so go ahead, try to go over, cut through it, blow it up, you will
5:05 am
be fine. they weren't. ainsley: israel security forces are saying they're standing there right at fence with their guns. they're waiting on the breach, ready to come in. brian: but there is no breach. yesterday there was a little bit of violence. they went to pray. steve: there was a lot of violence. brian: after the praying, hamas went over there, agitated the entire crowd. they say there has been a breach, go run for the fence. they did, that is when the majority of violence took place. close to 60 dead. we had 58 dead. conor had 60. they said 2800 injured. more like 130. some were paying injured with tear gas inhalation. why do you say tear gas? because the mob was getting out of control and you don't want to shoot them. steve: united nations asked israel to respect the peaceful protest. they were firing guns. they are burning fuel to set
5:06 am
israel farms on fire. ainsley: firing off molotov cocktails and rocks. brian: listen to some. headlines around the country. here is the ones for "the new york times." israelis kill dozens at gaza border. steve: that's right. u.s. embassy opens in jerusalem but peace is as distant as ever. ainsley: israel's defense to that. they say, we told you not to come to the fence. you did it any way. this is what happens. we have to keep our country safe. steve: got started with the fact that the embassy opened yesterday. you have "the daily news" which does not like the president of the united states nor his family, they have ivanka trump at opening of embassy. the headline is daddy's little ghoul. she was dressed up and smiling there. it was embassy opening, i don't presume to know the level of violence that was going on. ainsley: she was smiling, celebrating for the jewish culture, what it meant for the jewish people there after
5:07 am
everything they have been there. her husband is jewish. she married him and converted. steve: chuck schumer said yesterday i applaud president trump for doing this regarding the opening of embassy. brian: bette midler not happy. i get up in the morning say to myself i wonder if bette midler is happy. today she is not. you lose the pr advantage, mr. trump, ivanka and jared yucking it up in jerusalem while palestinians are getting shot at. perfect. says something derogatory. but here's the thing, when you're in front of 800 people, something historic like moving an embassy, there is nothing to do but smile. if she was standing in front of the gaza border was smiling. most people at home figure that out. ainsley: in other news, we'll have ben shapiro on in 20 minutes to react to all of that. in other news, republicans in congress, nunez and gowdy they're trying to get to the bottom of whether or not fbi had a spy that infiltrated himself into the trump campaign to give
5:08 am
them secrets what was going on behind behind the scenes this gets very confusing. let me explain it in layman's terms. glenn simpson, one of the cofounders of fusion gps. he used money to hire christopher steele, right, to come up with the dirty does a. he had to testify, glenn simpson, fusion gps, he had to testify in front of the senate judiciary committee last august, he said christopher steele told me that the fbi had a spy in the trump campaign. his testimony was published this past january and he starts back things up and retract. he said, well, maybe, walking it back, maybe i mischaracterized what christopher steele told me. then later he said, i stand by my testimony. republicans are trying to figure out what's the truth? steve: so if the fbi had somebody inside the campaign the republican investigators simply,
5:09 am
in congress simply want to know, you know, give us details about the situation of that secret source. and the department of justice has stonewalled so far. devin nunez, the chair, was sitting next to brian yesterday, said they are going back to the department of justice tomorrow. >> i believe they never should have opened a counterintelligence investigation into a political party. the solution here is to get the department of justice to just come clean with everything, provide all the documents in a timely manner. so tomorrow we're going back hopefully to the department of justice. they have questions that we left for them to answer for us this week. i think we'll have another productive session. nobody is asking for sources, right? nobody is asking for sources. nobody is asking for methods. lay all the cards out on the table and how this counterintelligence investigation with opened. brian: here is what the letter said. grassley wanted to make sure, hey, glenn simpson, you so you
5:10 am
know you said there was a spy in the campaign. we want to know do you still stand by the statement? they say on january 11th, which you asked about, august 22nd testimony from our client glenn simpson, christopher steele said in the fall, that he believed the fbi had source within the trump organization, mr. simpson stands by his testimony. so double down. steve: meanwhile, mr. gowdy, chairman nunez are accusing the department of justice behind anonymous attacks in the press targeting a house intel republican committee staff member who authored the committee's well-publicized memo alleging surveillance abuse by the fbi and doj the doj issued this statement regarding that. ainsley: deputy attorney general rosenstein says we don't put a lot of stock in anonymous sources. we asked congressman nunez is that truthful, are they working with you at the doj he said yes.
5:11 am
brian: better but they are not -- we'll find out what they will do today. they are slow walking it. my hunch they wait for a new congress. they believe it will be democratic house. the pressure will be off. devin nunez is not the type to let off. trey gowdy will be relentless too. steve: if that is it true, that is terrible. i heard it as well. ainsley: all political. steve: keep you updated. meanwhile, 8:11 in new york and -- brian: get this democrat lead in the midterms is there but it is shrinking but the party is already looking ahead to 2020. so what should their next move be? bernie sanders former campaign manager who almost work ad miracle jeff weaver here to weigh in. ainsley: amazon is firing back at the city of seattle after the city passed a new tax on businesses to help the homeless. ♪
5:12 am
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♪ brian: all right the democrats to 20 vision coming into focus now as the party's midterm advantage as of today is slipping. the latest poll numbers show democrats lead in that so-called
5:16 am
generic poll down to three. turning to the tables to a toss-up in many cases. so do the democrats blue wave crash or just crash for now? let's ask somebody who would know. to weigh, former 2016 presidential campaign manager for bernie sanders jeff weaver, who has a brand new book, inside the bernie sanders revolution, from the man who launched his popularity. jeff, congratulations on doing it. >> thank you. almost, we did make history. the book is called, how bernie won. if you look at bernie sanders campaign, started at 3%, 4% in the polls. he ran on issues like medicare for all, $15 minimum wage. these issues were considered on the fringe when he started running. now the country has moved much more towards the view he articulated. brian: how do you explain the shrinking gap in many of these cases with which is traditionally a blue wave? if hillary won would be a red wave tradition shows you.
5:17 am
what is going on here? >> these polls will go up and down a little bit. but i got to tell you the senator traveled the country talking withs grassroots, enthusiasm for democratic candidates out there he is have, very strong. in midterm elections when turnout tends to be lower than presidential enthusiasm means a lot, that means your people are coming out. we've seen it in race after race after ray since trump was elected, whether republican end up winning or losing the republican candidate has done much less well than trump did. brian: when we see what is happening right now, as the president's popularity ticks up, president obama 42%, some polls up to 48%. had a week like last week. the generic poll is shifting lower, are people saying he will be here a while, wee used to it whether he will be in scandal. >> i don't know whether we get used to it. you can count on this president to muck it up again. that white house is in such disarray, there is so much
5:18 am
dysfunction, you read the story, everybody is feeding on everybody else. "new york times" is reporting that vice president pence is setting up his own shop within the white house. that is really administration in disarray. i don't think, he may have a good week now and then in terms of one issue or another, but in the long term, it is not going well. brian: well, you could say that and other people say i see progress with north korea. he doing what he said with iran. he is coming out when it comes to trade deals, he is dealing with each and every country there is inequity. taking on 10 at once. >> talk about trade deals, he is just given a chinese company a pass because losing too many jobs in china. come on. this is the, president of the united states is supposed to protect jobs in america, not in china. he can talk about trade. that is a loser, i have to tell you, jeff, you have to get used to he is doing everything in public. instead of rumors behind closed doors. i'm tweeting this out. he is setting table for follow-up meeting. talk about your guy. so you have this guy who is
5:19 am
avoid socialist, an independent. he runs on democratic ticket. you say he is at 4%. he makes a run at the clinton machine. how did he make, why was he so effective? >> he was effective because he articulate ad bold vision that energized people at the grass-roots. people, sometimes, i was just talking with somebody else, should we go the bernie direction or win back people we lost. going the bernie direction is how they win back people we lost. they did well with rural democrats than urban or suburban democrats. working people are looking for leadership. they turn to trump, a big mistake. brian: to some. some are happy. >> i hear about it all the time how great the president is doing. the truth of the matter the guy who promised to drain the swamp turned the white house into a cesspool. run by corporate insiders. they're looting the country. the tax bill.
5:20 am
ripping up iran deal is who are returned does. brian: right. >> somehow we can't deal with iran but somehow the president will magically deal with north korea. you know it is craziness over there. brian: well in a way, but didn't seem crazy as disassemble their nuclear plant. as we get closer and closer within three weeks of a summit. if you think leaving iranian deal a bad deal, you're going against most democrats, because most democrats didn't vote for the deal. >> this is the problem with the north korea deal. if he signs a deal with them, if they do nothing, oh, they are dismantleing their stuff. trump said it would only cost $200,000 to build embassy in jerusalem. it is craziness. brian: was supposed to go to billion. got it down to 400,000. >> no one you wan build a house in 400 million. how do you run most vulnerable part of the world with security infrastructure and do it for
5:21 am
400,000. brian: congratulations, how bernie won inside the revolution. you did shock america, jeff. you will try again. >> thank you. brian: newt gingrich. coming up next. don't go away. before nexium 24hr mark could only imagine... a peaceful night sleep without frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ♪ most people come to la with big dreams. ♪ we came with big appetites. with expedia,
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5:25 am
dismiss of charges against missouri governor eric greitens. they plan to refile the invasion of privacy charge either through a special prosecutor appointed assistant. greitens is accused of taking non-consensual picture of a woman he was having a afreire with. the defense was expected to call the attorney prosecuting the case as witness. state lawmakers will meet to consider greitens impeachment later this week. many noticed charles krauthammer has not been on the air quite some time. the syndicated columnist took off time to undergo medical operation, later suffering complications from the procedure. he gave bret baier update on recover i. >> he wrote, quote, the worst now, appears to be behind me. i'm finally get back on track with a rehab schedule that will eventually get me home. jillian: that is great news. sharing news that krauthamer was honored at the israeli embassy in washington for his
5:26 am
contributions to the u.s.-israel alliance. back to you. brian: that is the best news of the day. that is fantastic. i read about it, but didn't see bret do it on the show. can't wait to have him back. steve: ending iran deal, securing release of u.s. hostages and moving embassy to jerusalem, president trump had busy week and only tuesday. ainsley: our next guest says a lot of parallels with president reagan's foreign policy successes. we have newt gingrich, ought are the book trump east america. i'm sure that doesn't make it to the "new york times" list. every book has. good morning, mr. speaker, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. it has been quite a week, hasn't it? steve: tell us about the parallels what he is doing and what ronald reagan did? >> first of all they both believed in operating from strength and in providing firm leadership, the opposite of the obama model and the jimmy carter
5:27 am
model in reagan's era. second, they had big goals. reagan wanted to defeat the soviet empire and liberate eastern europe and work with pope john paul ii and with prime minister margaret thatcher to achieve that goal. president trump came in, you know, the thing that is remarkable about trump, he is very consistent in his strategic goals. he is very flexible. he zigzags wildly in terms of his tactics but if you look at his underlying statements, he said all along the iran deal was a terrible deal. he said all along he would not put up with a nuclear-armed north korea. you can go through case after case where trump has been very consistent in pursuing some very big goals, in that sense he and reagan very similar. the other way they are very similar, they both have their number one job remaining who they are. neither reagan or trump allowed the washington establishment to convince them that they had to
5:28 am
somehow change and be acceptable to washington. brian: right. >> both of them remained true to who they really are. brian: so the big story last week, excuse me, not the big story, it has been blown out of proportion on the networks, this thing that leaked out from one of the white house staffers about john mccain, don't worry he is going to be dead anyway. abhorrent statement to come out. no one at the administration has apologized for it but the president has blasted out tweets about the leakers and traitors within. kellyanne conway indicated people will lose their jobs. do you like the way the white house has handled these series of leaks? >> look i think one of the things that trump learned in new york in the toughest media market in america is that backing down, apologizing never worked, because the people who are your enemies just take that pocket and come at you again. so i think he has a very clear pattern. he has done this all the way through. he doesn't apologize. he doesn't back off. you know, i think, first of all,
5:29 am
if the statement was made it was stupid and it was abhorrent and i think none of us would approve of it. second, if it was made it was in totally private meeting. there is something a little weird that, there is a huge scandal about something that was said in totally private meeting but you can have a so-called comedian say vicious, ugly, nasty things about white house personnel at the white house correspondents' dinner, in public on television, i didn't hear anybody apologizing. i didn't see any of liberals say this was terrible. so you can savage people as long as you're in the trump administration, all you will get on the left, oh gosh, that was unfortunate. this is lot of to do about nothing. what matters is, the economy is growing, conservative judges are being approved. north korea is negotiating, the iranians are being corralled. these are big things that will change history. and that is the kind of typical
5:30 am
washington story by liberals who frankly don't want to talk about the next 100,000 jobs. don't want to talk about what is happening in the country. brian: steve: he has a new book coming out on june the 5th. i could see it right over his shoulder. it is called trump's america. you can preorder it right now. ainsley: that's right. enjoy your next few weeks, because you will be out on the book tour. >> i will be with you guys. ainsley: visit us, please do. thanks so much. congratulations. >> thanks. steve: meanwhile it is 8:30 in new york city. we've been talking about it all morning, the media empathizing with hamas after the deadly clashes in gaza. >> human tide of protest. >> protesters including six children who were reportedly killed today seem to be losing their lives for nothing. steve: ben shapiro they are a propaganda arm of hamas, and he is next. ainsley: the polls are open now in pennsylvania. one of the four states holding primaries today.
5:31 am
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visit to join the fight. in your noise cancelling trheadphones?ry maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪ ♪ >> gaza border an awful scene unfolding. tens of thousands of palestinians, some waving their flags, the flags of a people without a country, a human tide of protest. >> the protesters, including six children who were reportedly killed today seemed to be losing their lives for nothing. >> all of those babies are dead. all of those people are dead. they're dead. brian: right. 60 have lost their lives. over, just under 130 seriously
5:35 am
wounded after they stormed the border on the gaza-israel divide. ben shapiro joins us now, editor-in-chief of the daily wire, syndicated columnist. host of the ben shapiro podcast. ben, do you feel the coverage is balanced like we just showed you? >> no. i think that there is so many media outlets acting as propoganda arms for ma'am has it is incredible. they have been saying for weeks they want to send literally 100,000 people to storm the border with israel. hamas is obvious. we want to break in, kill israelis. they're not hiding the ball here. the media are hiding the ball. the media are playing propaganda wing for a terrorist group which made clear their intent. people storming the border attempting to kill israeli soldiers, sending kites with incendiary devices. sleeping stones at people over the border. that israelis are indiscriminate fashion killing people but that
5:36 am
is lie. the media has been doing that for years. steve: people in the sound bite montage there, would prefer the israeli does? >> the answer is they would prefer the israelis stop existing. these are two the choices. not that hamas is not in control of gaza strip. one. people say in the montage, people without a state. israel with drew from the gaza strip in 2005. the gaza strip has been entirely under control of the hamas in 2006. hamas is state department designated terrorist group. one. worst terrorist groups on planet. we're supposed to be believe this is israel's fault hamas is trying to storm the border? it is beyond all definition. the attempt to link it by the way with the jerusalem embassy is open something just insane. this has been going on for weeks. just the media hadn't wanted to cover it. they prefer to blame president trump for hamas trumped up violence than to lay the blame at feet of the people who are creating it. ainsley: what are the leaders of hamas telling those people to do? >> they're telling them to storm the border,
5:37 am
"the washington post," which ace left-wing outlet reported leaders of hamas were telling people israelis withdrawn from the border that israeli soldiers were no longer manning the border, if they ran up to attempt to breach the border they would be fine. they're lying to their own people. using them as human shields. people killed were open hamas operatives. this is not a surprise. this is what terrorists group do. terrorists groups attacking the border is still a terrorist group. ainsley: what about women and children. >> they're using children as human shields this is what hamas was. during the last gaza war, hamas hid the headquarters inside of a hospital. this is what terrorist groups do. when terrorist groups get a civilian killed they are happy. the media coverage that civilians are killed. the israelis are deeply devastated bit. gold today meier, we can forgive them killing our children. but we can never be forgiven for killing theirs.
5:38 am
steve: move to seattle washington. apparently 5-4 vote city council there approved so-called job head tax. for every head person that accompanied employs, if your company is making over $20 million profit in a year they will levy a 275-dollar per head tax. amazon, which, is the biggest employer by far out there. they're furious. they say, they put out a statement, they say the city does not have a revenue problem. it has spending efficiency problem. it kind of sounds like that's true. >> yeah. it is not just a spending efficiency problem. they have a massive regulatory problem. what they're using the head tax money for, this is problem for seattle literally years at this point, supposedly cure the homeless problem. they're suggesting because amazon brought in lot of employees, driving home prices up, rental prices up which is true, but the reason prices are
5:39 am
going up there, is no new additional supply for housing because seattle heavily regulates developers from building new units. affordable housing in seattle is not a problem. they have affordable housing in seattle abused by people for years going back to, i believe they were called drunk dorms in seattle because they don't have any restrictions on the people who are actually living in these affordable housing units. the prices continue to go up. homelessness will continue to increase. guess where homelessness really increase because when amazon leaves. plenty of states will be happy to have them without leveraging a $75 million a year tax. ainsley: vice president of the company is thinking about that. making them second-guess the decision. brian: when i think of ben shapiro i think of sitcoms, what he likes to watch. you have a opportunity couple years in hibernation, last man standing coming on fox. here is a little tease what it will be like. >> tell me that is a cat.
5:40 am
♪ what that's? >> got the tattoo, came home from the prom pregnant. >> she has a tattoo? oh. >> abc kicked them to the curb. no more. fox is bringing them back. after they saw how successful roseanne was. >> no question, certainly according to executives one of the deciding factors which make as lot of sense. "roseanne" had a enormous burst out of the gate. people looking at president trump, somebody on tv who voted for the president trump. "last man standing" was one of the few conserve tough shows then it went away. it might be smart for fox to appeal to other half of the country. brian: it is number two comedy in the country when they mysteriously canceled it.
5:41 am
>> it is number two, are they canceling it because he is a conservative. >> no question there is massive bias inside hollywood. i wrote entire book where i interviewed, people in hollywood, writers, actors, directors, producers, why there is so little conservatism in hollywood, many admitted on tape there is open discrimination of hollywood against conservatives. thousands an thousands of conservatives who hide underground they are afraid they will be fired as found out as people who didn't vote for hillary clinton. ainsley: tim allen said, bases are loaded, man is at home plate about to bat, something like this, and he said, and then they canceled the game. that is what happened to us. our ratings were so good. am i excited? he said, h-e-l-l hockey sticks. i don't like to cuss. brian: looking for the report on "the ben shapiro show" a little later. this is canceled, "kevin can wait." based in my town of massapequa
5:42 am
with kevin james. ainsley: why did they cancel it? brian: it is anti-massapequa bias. steve: fox canceled by brooklyn 99. brian: it cast picked up by nbc. >> happy days. brian: what is on voters minds in pennsylvania primary? pete will find out as they swallow their breakfast. steve: looking for easy way to clean your pool, if you're lucky enough to have a pool, there is an app for that. skip bedell is with us coming up. ♪ kyle, we talked about this. there's no monsters. but you said they'd be watching us all the time. no, no. no, honey, we meant that progressive would be protecting us 24/7. we just bundled home and auto and saved money. that's nothing to be afraid of. -but -- -good night, kyle. [ switch clicks, door closes ]
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the kayak explore tool shows you the places you can fly on your budget. so you can be confident you're getting the most bang for your buck. alo-ha. kayak. search one and done. brian: today, the battle to control congress heats up. voters casting ballots in four primary states. ainsley jo moments ago in pennsylvania, gop senate
5:46 am
candidate casting their vote. jim christiana against congressman lou barletta who has the backing of president trump. steve: pete hegseth is out in the keystone state in butler, pennsylvania. people, are people excited about the big primary? >> you know, excited might be a little bit hyperbolic. they know their vote matters. certainly in pennsylvania where redistricting has redrawn the lines. butler county is split. we're mile 1/2 from one of the new lines. i'm here with mark. retired navy guy. appreciate your service. appreciate it. you voted this morning. >> yes. >> how active was the polling place. >> it wasn't very active. i voted about quarter after 7:00, there were not many people at that time. >> which is pretty standard for primaries. what is it on your mind? you voted in the republican primary. >> yes. >> what is motivating you these
5:47 am
days? >> i always vote. that, you know, if you're asking about issues, my primary concern is foreign affairs. we have this situation in north korea, and now with iran i take it very serious. and i think, for example, trump has really taken the lead in doing some interesting things, out of the box. >> certainly shaking it up? >> yes. i think that is important. i want, i want people i vote for to support that. >> absolutely. well, linda, you're also been here with me all morning. your husband also runs the butler eagle which is the daily newspaper here in butler. "new york times" may be failing but the butler eagle is not. there was a story about us being here today. you're fired up about issues as well. what is it that gets you motivated to go to the polls? >> economy. i am a realtor. so i think it is important that we have increase in our money
5:48 am
that we get with take-home pay, and, basically, i have got 13, 13 grandchildren. i'm retiring in a few years so health care is really important. very important. >> so you hear the issues. wallet, taxes health care. you can sort of start to put together what a re-election effort for the president might be. thinking of 2018. what are democrats running on in opposition to republicans? >> from what i hear, from the local democrats, it is only against trump. >> even local democrats, like a negative thing. in past years, 15 years ago, they at least had an issue, the economy, or unemployment or whatever. now it is not so much like that. >> now it is opposition and resistance? probably a little russia sprinkled in there. no russian food. only american food. i had scrambled eggs. it is fantastic.
5:49 am
come here to russian, pa. steve: i bet they have russian dressing? >> do you guys have russian dressing? they don't even have russian dressing. >> probably call it thousand island. maybe. surprised they let you have a chair at end of the booth. a lot of time they dope want it because it gets in the wait staff way steve steph maybe there for tv purposes. ainsley: maybe so. steve: looking for easy way to clean your pool? there is an app. yeah, we're going. skip bedell along with janice will show us how it works. ainsley: check in with sandra smith who is going to london. >> can't wait to see you there. looking forward to it. meanwhile we have fresh reaction this morning from the white house after president trump called out leaky staffers, calling them traitors and cowards. are personnel changes on the way? update on the parents of 10 children taken from their filthy
5:50 am
home. the parents are arrested. now what the mother is saying. plus we are just days away as ainsley mentioned from that royal wedding. the bride's father says he is no longer going. so who will walk meghan markle, the american bride down the aisle? maybe a lesson or two for mr. bill hemmer on royal tea etiquette coming from up "america's newsroom" in a few moments.
5:51 am
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steve: yesterday, at skip showed you how to turn your backyard in personal resort f you have a pool, skip has a great way to check the water. there is app for that. >> memorial day, every one is opening the pool. you don't want to be the guy
5:54 am
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speakers. this is the best. watch this. this has a light show on the bottom. hook it up to the iphone. floats in the pool. cue up favorite song. hit play. [applause] it is a party in the pool, baby. that is what i'm talking about. brian: not just about the pool. >> floats in it. steve: after the pool you have to get out. >> after you get out of the pool you want to relax and lounge. bj's makes it awesome. bj's wholesale club, has berkeley jensen has umbriel at that fabric. holds up to the sun. end of may, $300 off on the set in bj's. walk in, actually sit on it. a lot of things you have to click on an app. bj's, you walk in. brian: rain leaves the cushions on? >> you leave them on. they have umbrella coating hold up to the such and no fading.
5:56 am
brian: follow up question. ainsley: they make patio furniture so much better. one or two different types. now beautiful. brian: comes in boxes, i have to put it together. >> bj's whole sea club, you walk in see what you want, put it together. steve: what about tomorrow? >> come back on thursday, i have a whole plaza full of swimming pools, guys. it will be amazing. i got, i got to tell you. steve: skipbet ainsley: who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want a chance to live longer. opdivo (nivolumab). over 40,000 patients have been prescribed opdivo immunotherapy. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs
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oral-b. brush like a pro. let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing. >> meet the newest member of the "fox & friends" baby. his name is daniel patrick born last night weighing 8 pounds 14 ounces, 20 inches long. >> he is named after his grandfather who passed away a few years ago. big sister super excited.
6:00 am
>> they're doing great. >> so cute. >> congratulations. >> welcome to the family. that will wrap it up for today. ainsley will be traveling to london tonight. >> i'll be live with you on thursday. bye, everyone. >> bill: top of the morning, everybody. good morning. new reaction from the white house after the president calls out leakers on his staff saying they are traitors and cowards suggesting a new crackdown is coming. trying to figure it out as we say good morning. welcome back to sandra. >> sandra: good morning. >> bill: you're about to head to london, too, by the way. >> sandra: i am. i may be having an afternoon tea or two and why later in the program i may be teaching you royal etiquette. i'm sandra smith, welcome. the president pushing back amid controversy over a staffer's harsh comment about senator john mccain during a closed-door meeting.


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