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tv   Outnumbered  FOXNEWSW  May 15, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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penalty. [applause] bring it forth. [applause] one of the most alarming crimes taking place against our police are ambush attacks. think of that. ambush attacks. i have directed the justice department to do everything in its power to defend the lives of american law enforcement. we are honored to be joined today by the family of detective moisikis famalia. detective famalia was a proud member of the new york police department. where is that family?
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where is that great family? great family. [applause] thank you so much. can you come up here? i'd like to have this family. new york police department, close to my heart. come on. can you open those gates, please?
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[applause] [applause]
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i promised i wouldn't tell you she's 90 years old. but she's really something. you look like 55 maybe? 55? huh? boy, i tell you what, you got up those stairs better than i did.
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thank you, ma'am. thank you. a great guy. a friend of yours. so i just want to say, the officer just -- say something. you know what i'd like to do? say how great she was. he's done this before. say how great she was. you just told me something, that this was a great partner. go ahead. >> that was unexpected. yes, my name is officer morrow. i was a detective the night she was killed. i knew her for about ten years. i worked with her on and off.
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this is a woman that got injured awhile ago and volunteered to come back to patrol to one of the roughest places in new york city. she volunteered to come back to leave a cushy job to come back and patrol. she was only there about two weeks. i had the honor of being with her that night. and she may have been lost that night, but she saved a lot of lives in turn because of her memory and everything that transpired after the fact. she was missed by this family. this family is incredible. [applause] >> thank you very much.
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special people. just special, special people. and i want to tell you that last year just a few hours after the city of new york celebrated the fourth of july, detective famalia was on duty in her vehicle'far from yankee stadium. big yankee fans? we're all yankee fans. she was ambushed by a man for the simple reason that she was a member of the police department. she was a member of law enforcement. that was the simple reason. the attack because she was so incredible was just looked upon so horribly. her family, when people met the
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family, they saw what an incredible person she was. i just want to say that to your entire family, it's such an honor to have you up here. we weren't going to bring you up but i looked at you in the audience and i say you have to come up. you're representing something so important. you understand that? she loved the department. she loved being a police officer. she loved her job. she was respected by everybody. they told me all about her. she was respected by everybody. so she's right now, right there and she's looking down and she's so proud of you. she's so proud of you. you are great. you are great. thank you very much. i told them to stay. we'll go down to together. i'm almost finished. so to all the families here
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today who lost a loved one, i'd like to ask you to all please stand please stand. you lost mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters. america lost incredible heros. they will endure forever and ever. they're going to endure forever. she will endure forever. our memories and our hearts and the countless lives they touched through their courage and through their grace. their legacy will never die. your mom's legacy will never ever die. you have good genes, right? good genes. best genes i've ever seen. in a moment we will listen to the role call of these great
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fallen officers as we read the names of your loved ones, we engrave them into the eternal chronicle of american valor. when that siren blares, when the squad car races down the street, when the police officer steps forward proud and strong, so brave, in that crisp blue uniform, we will think of you, we will think of your incredible daughter. we will be thinking of her. we will be thinking of all of the heros we lost. we will thank god for the men and women of law enforcement. thanks again to all of our
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wonderful police, our sheriffs and owl of law enforcement and law enforcement officers. your incredible people. you are the finest. you are the greatest. you're our heros. god bless you, god bless our fallen heros, god bless their families and god bless america. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. [applause]
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>> mr. president -- >> julie: president trump wrapping up his remarks there at the 37th annual national peace officer's memorial service. attorney general jeff sessions present as well as paul ryan as you saw on the stage. the president standing on the capitol steps saying today every american heart bleeds blue. we stand with our police. the president will go lay a rose on a wreath there on the capitol steps. all of this ahead of a meeting with senate republicans just a short time from now. he gave a brief update on his
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wife, melania off of a planned surgery. she's doing well and she's watching. the president laying this wreath now. let's watch this moment. the president honoring 199 police officers that lost their lives in the line of duty honoring their families. many of them present today. he did take the moment also to blast those that subject police officers to hostility and violence as he put it and praised the sacrifices made by police officers around the country. the president just a few moments ago. bret baier is on the couch today. he joins us now.
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bret, you've been watching this with us. >> yes. this president is very comfortable talking about police officers, talking about this issue, calling for the death penalty for anyone that kills a police officer. you saw him interacting with the family there from new york. someone that clearly feels at home talking about police officers and all they do for us. i think, you know, more challenging after this event will be listening to senate republicans and maybe some of their concerns about what is happening as they get ready to plot forward towards the mid-term election and what they're going to try to get done. >> also on the couch, lisa and dagan and melissa. >> my heart goes out to all of those families. >> i always go back to a story,
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someone told me on the campaign trail with candidate trump. president trump obviously. he would bound off the plane and there would be police officers, local police officers there to greet him and escort him to the rally he was going to. it was like one of his happiest moments according to the person talking to me. that he would talk to them and really bond with them. communicate, want to know where they ate, the best sandwich shop in town. you saw that bond today. >> speaking about the election, president trump made law and order a heavy theme of his campaign. he made it known he stood behind law enforcement. have to imagine that they were beaten up by the previous president and media means a lot to law enforcement and their families. >> president trump honors those
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killed in the line of duty, nearly 200 in 2017. the president just saying on the capitol steps, we stand with you. more from "outnumbered" in moments. baby boomers,
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new fallout from the president's decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. some democrats throwing their support behind it as world leaders react to the deadly protests that coincided with the embassy opening. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here with us is melissa francis. fbn, daga mcdowell. lisa booth. also chief political anchor and executive editor of "special report" bret baier is here. he also the author of a new book "three days in moscow, ronald reagan and the fall of the soviet empire." i love it. we're psyched you're here. >> thank you. >> thousands joined funeral
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processions a day after deadly protests at the gaza border. new protests in the west bank. earlier at a u.n. security council meeting, nikki haley defended israel. >> i ask my colleagues here, who among us would accept this type of activity on your border? no one would. no country in this chamber would act with more restraint than israel has. in fact, the records of several countries here today suggest they would be much less restrained. those that suggest that the gaza violence has anything to do with the location of the american embassy are sorely mistaken. rather the violence comes from those that reject the existence
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of the state of israel in any location. >> meantime, president trump is getting support for that move. senate minority leader chuck schumer saying in a statement yesterday, i sponsored legislation to do this two decades ago and i applaud president trump for doing so. dan shapiro writes this. the move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem can actually help advance an end to the conflict. several nations are condemning israel's border protests. turkey recalled their ambassadors to israel and the u.s. israel's military saying they were defending their border and accused hamas as using protests for a cover of attacks. bret, your thoughts as we see this situation develop. >> obviously it's horrible to see the violence, 60 dead and hundreds wounded. it was expected there were going
9:22 am
to be protests. when it was originally announced, a lot of people thought there would be violence. it didn't happen. they probably had a lot to do with tamping some of it done. where it goes from here, there's wisdom in washington that this is the end of a peace process. it's come to an end. changing the paradigm sometimes opens different doors. i think that there are people inside the trump administration that are still hopeful that they can get to something that advances them both. >> i think he's rights about that. if you look at the way that he does a deal and look at it through that lens, timing this were stepping out of the iran deal and at the same time moving the embassy seems all very pro israel. as you said, supportive to the other gulf nations. they were feeling like wait a second, iran is circling everybody. at this point i think he's set
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them up almost now to come in and maybe netanyahu accepts something in the area like a two-state solution, which he's said he would never do. when you talk about changing the paradigm, that's a bit of what it feels like with these two moves back-to-back. i think what they were doing before wasn't working. >> an interesting live shot here, by the way, after the president wrapped up his remark at the capitol. he just walked in and will begin his lunch with senate republicans. you can see mitch mcconnell there is by his side. >> it's good to see people like chuck schumer step up and applaud the president's actions here, this has been u.s. law since 1995. the embassy was supposed to have been moved by may 31, 1999. we've had presidents signing waivers-to it not to happen. this is u.s. law. shouldn't be surprised that it's happening under president trump when you've had president and presidential hopefuls saying that this is something that they wanted to see happen and get done. >> both parties.
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>> both parties. we should not be labelling what we have seen happening as protests. i think the weekly standard editorial said these are suicide riots where you have hamas encouraging young palestinian men to threaten israeli guards and throw molotov cocktails at them, to wield axes and other weapons. we should be careful we label what is happening. >> to melissa's point, this is part of pulling out of the iran deal. rather than enriching a power in the world which the iranian nuclear deal that was brokered by the obama administration did, we're trying to weaken it. trying to remove its power. iran is directly connected to what its doing in syria. this is money that we have funneled through a hundred billion dollars in sanctions relief that we funneled to iran that they're spending in this aggression campaign in syria, waging war against israel and
9:25 am
also building a hezbollah malitia along the border. it's so important to show that we stand with our ally in israel and also sunni arabs and egypt across the arabian peninsula. >> and it's the same strategy that iran has used around israel, to encircle them and put the pressure on. saudi arabia said look at yemen, what's going on around you. you're getting encircled as well. this is an opportunity for president trump to get the gulf nations on board and change the dynamic. >> it's very telling that when there was that recent conflict between israel and iran and syria, when israel went after iran, after the missile strikes, the u.s. issued support for the israeli strikes and so did arab states expressing support on the iranian positions.
9:26 am
>> and it's funny how the media reacts to it. critics citing reporting that didn't mention or bury the role that hamas played in the protest. here's fox news media analyst, howard kurtz. >> this was a confrontation orchestrated by hamas knowing full well that there would be casualties for propaganda purposes, this is something that was left out in the coverage. for example these supposedly unarmed protesters, some had explosives and kites and burning tires and israel dropped legislati leaflets. >> that was howard kurtz this morning. but the coverage from "the new york times" talking about the people that were slaughtered by israel. >> sure. you see some of thehead lines
9:27 am
and the front pages, the daily news. that was really aggressive. now from the palestinian's point of view, they say where is our opening. where is the chance. you're right. the coverage of the moment seems like it left out the hamas role in stirring the pot to get a lot of people to that border. >> yeah, just look at the headlines for "the new york times" and "the washington post." looks like they're buying hamas' propaganda. reminds me of what we saw during the winter olympics when you had cnn red headlines about kim jong-un's sister and the fact that she's stealing the show and giving mike pence the side eye and the headlines buying north korea's propaganda. >> all sides undermine their own credibility when they ignore the fax in the case. when you hear nikki haley hear this has nothing to do with the opening of the embassy, we don't know about that. clearly the protests have to do with the timing and the
9:28 am
anniversary of the 7-year anniversary. they're not happy about it as well. >> this is a repeat of behavior that we've seen over and over again. and i don't know had a piece in commentary magazine. he pointed -- i'll paraphrase from it. he said, again, europeans and american leftists are screaming murder. again, what else is new? what is new, there's an american administration that isn't listening to them. doesn't care about their opinions. that is why this iembassy was moved to jerusalem. >> i'm sure we had a chance to see the powerful words from nikki haley. what did you think? >> she's been the tip of the spear a lot of times in articulating where this administration is. you look at her role in the united nations. i think she speaks trumpian in a united nations way. that is -- with john bolton as national security adviser, they
9:29 am
have an interesting team. pompeo has the trust and respect of the president and pretty close. >> that's why when larry kudlow was explaining to nikki haley, somebody needed to give him a smack upside the head. >> he quickly apologized. >> and he should until the end of time. >> but i love bret's point about the idea that she's great about somebody speaking trumpian. she's tough, on point, precise, great at communiques in language what he's trying to accomplish. >> yes. similar to president trump and this administration who have sent a message that there's a new sheriff in town that we're going to have a different leadership than what we saw under president obama. nikki haley certainly brings that message. she's tough, she's a strong advocate for the president. she's does not mince words. seems like she's respected and obviously been successful in moving things forward. >> one of the problems to your
9:30 am
original point, it's the cover of a newspaper. it's the headline in a newspaper. that's the culture we live in today. it's a headline that somebody sees on twitter and they don't bother -- >> because who has time? niece what they take away -- >> one photo in a headline. >> but headlines are important as well. >> for sure. very important. all right. so two powerful republicans levelling new allegations against the justice department. we have the dodge response and more. that's ahead. whoooo.
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9:35 am
this comes behind an anonymous source that rod rosenstein felt miss l.e.d. gowdy said i would have more respect nor doj or house committee democrats if they would take out their frustrations on members of congress and leave staffers alone. the members make the final decision and are responsible for them, not staffers. the doj responding with this. >> former gop congressman, jason chaffetz weighing in earlier today. >> we have the top of the food chain there apartment the department of just leaking information to disparage the credibility and the person that works on the staff of the house intelligence committee. that's how high the animosity
9:36 am
level is. >> could this be the case, bret? what do you think? >> bret: it's possible. we're in an environment in washington where the sourcing is almost always anonymous for some of these store representatives that are critical of one way or another. and it's gotten to a point where just little items make it into big headlines. then they get picked up and click on through the day. this is a staffer. this is -- as chairman gowdy pointed out, this is not the lawmaker that makes the final decision. it's a person that preps the material. and you wonder, you know, in this environment who is next. >> melissa: . >> dagen: i've been a staffer. it's difficult to go after them if that's what's happening here. you're doing the bidding of your committee. 82 -- the staffer is doing his job. so i mean, it's pathetic to bring him into the equation.
9:37 am
>> so what if they are hinds these anonymous attacks? then what? >> that's the question that everybody has. they just want to get one, to the bottom of what the fbi was up to during the 2016 campaign and to what expect the trump campaign was being spied on. number 1. number 2, if you lie, it's -- if you lie to investigators, it's against the law. jim comey. number 2, it's illegal to leak information. if you want to go back to the leak of the pentagon papers, it's perfectly legal to publish something, but it's illegal to leak it. you can ask daniels elsberg back. >> bret: the definition of a leak was interesting with comey. >> i wanted to get your take on that. chairman chuck grassley coming out as some of the things that he told you. he basically told the senate judiciary committee something else.
9:38 am
he told house investigators something opposite. what do you make of that? >> bret: you have gowdy and grassley both saying that comey was telling lawsuit makers that michael flynn did not lie. that was their assessment. now he says that that was not the case and that interview with me. so something doesn't match up. >> what he said to you -- i sent mr. richman a copy of a two-page unclassified memo. i asked him to get the substance out to the media. i don't care what i did a leak. i told him about an unclassified conversation with the president. that sounds like a leak to me. he went back and forth. it was interesting to watch that. i don't know. what is your take afterwards? were you convinced? >> bret: no. [laughter] no. >> there's your answer. >> you look composed at the time. i think -- >> bret: i tried to get as many as my questions as i could. >> many people say they work for us. we're paying them. they're lying and leaking and
9:39 am
stabbing each other in the back. it's like the lord of the flies combined with the real house wives. not being an insult to the real house wives. again, when are they going to jail? andy mccabe was referring to the justice department. >> bret: that would be quite a reality show. >> stay tuned for that. the president hinting at a crack down coming calling leakers traitors and cowards as the white house pushing back of what a staffer said about john mccain said behind closed doors. why heads could roll in the west wing. >> it's not so much leaking. it's using the media to shiv each other. that was going on quite a bit at the beginning of this administration and it's less so now. people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked.
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>> new reaction from the white house after president trump called the leakers traitors and
9:44 am
cowards. kellyanne conway says heads cold roll as she also takes aim at the leakers. watch. >> there's all kinds of leaks. some leaks exist to hurt colleagues, some disagree with the policies being put forth. none of them are helpful. it's not so much leaking as using the media to shiv each other. that was going on quite a bit at the beginning of this administration. i had several discussions with the president on this very topic today. >> you expect personnel changes as a result? >> i do. actually yes, i do. >> how about that? >> yeah. so bret, there's been a lot of discussing about the leaking and the leaking of the leaking to the leakers and all that kind of stuff. you see leaking in every administration. it's one way. the group decides on a policy you don't like. as your last ditch effort, you leak it and hope that the blow-back out there will change the policy. this is way beyond that. >> bret: it is. there's a lot of them.
9:45 am
it's happening with great frequency. i think to the genesis of this, one would think that there might be some issuance of an apology from the white house to just say something broadly from the podium. >> melissa: about the comment about senator mccain that was totally inappropriate. >> bret: and just move on. but we're now in the leaking of the comment and not the comment. there is a problem. she says kellyanne says there will be personnel changes. i'll be interested to see how that comes down. >> melissa: yeah. dagen, any time you work in a big organization and leaks come out and it's directed at somebody in the company, you think about, okay, who within the company hates that person? when she talks about shiving other people, this is sort of how you -- personal vendettas, how you crush somebody you don't like -- >> dagen: i don't think i'm overstepping by saying steve
9:46 am
bannon was a shiv. the wall street pointed that out. >> bret: the wolfe book pointed that out. >> is there a method to this madness? if you think about the hateful sadler comment and then the ensuing media cycle about the leakers leaking, it basically has -- media is not talking about stormy daniels as much. >> it is important to continue to point out that every administration has their leaks and leakers. but hugo was talking to us this morning and made the point it's the nature of the leaks that makes them so different, right? it's purposeful and inflicting harm that makes these -- >> and john roberts said this morning, he had said from the beginning, there's no shortage of people that said yep, she said it. >> yeah, it looks like somebody is out to get kelly sadler.
9:47 am
but it does create a hostile work environment that makes it difficult to do your job. if you're supposed to be among the communications staff and having conversations about strategy, how to get certain messages out, you know, information that shouldn't be out to the public and it surfaces, how can you do your job and have -- >> melissa: and a major distraction. >> bret: an important point. >> it makes it very difficult to do your job if you cannot have conversations that will not surface out to the press. how can you do your job particularly in the communications world? >> melissa: real quick, so maybe everybody was sitting around and such a horrible comment, that they wanted it out there. they were so offended by what she said. that's possible? >> bret: i don't know. we're on our third cycle of this story, which is -- >> melissa: and there's bigger things going on. >> and my mother is fighting
9:48 am
cancer. if anybody said anything like that, i would wait to punch them in the mouth. country justice. >> melissa: and i leave you. >> and i wouldn't want to be in the post. >> melissa: voters head to the polls. why democrats are worried the odds of a blue wave could be dwindling and what the results could say about the president's influence ahead of the mid-term. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. not in this house.? 'cause that's no ordinary family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese.
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>> voters heading to the polls in four states including pennsylvania which is another test of president trump's political clout. mr. trump won the keystone state in 2016 and the first republican to do it in nearly three decades. in the gop senate matchup, four-time congressman lou barletto is squaring off against jim christiana. the winner will challenge bob casey running for his third term in november. bret, what are you watching out
9:53 am
for today? >> well, i think barletto has the backing of the president. the president's poll numbers are going up. pennsylvania is a state where the president won and there's a senate democrat up for re-election. one of ten states. so how this race turns out will paint a picture about pennsylvania. it's one of the swing states obviously we're following for the mid-terms and 2020 down the road. >> and congressman barletto should win. we can expect president trump to campaigning for barletto in pennsylvania. what is interesting, the recent primaries, there's this narrative that president trump is so bad for the republican party. we've seen in states like indiana, west virginia, ohio with primaries, the candidates openly embracing the president and wanting him to take part. >> and his economic policies. doesn't the gop stand to benefit from the economy right now, the number of jobs that have been added since this president has
9:54 am
taken over? >> i will argue right now is a different economic snapshot that might be when we get closer to the elections in november. you can see gas line at a three-year high. you see inflation. those higher consumer prices are eating into people's wages. guess what happens in october? people find out what their premium increases are on health insurance for the poll lowing year. kellyanne conway said when the president was running in 2016 how critical that would be for the voters. they would see obamacare didn't work. they'll vote for president trump. now it's on them. it hasn't completely been fixed. >> bret: expect healthcare to be an issue. it will be. republicans will be running on the tax cut law, they'll be running on the importance of keeping the senate for judiciary and the supreme court picks. who knows between now and the mid-terms, we could have another. >> that's what we've seen republicans float with chuck grassley as well as dean heller
9:55 am
running in nevada. we're not going to get a clear idea until september about the mid-terms. >> i'm waiting to see the nancy pelosi adds, corporations putting the schmooz on. >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. .. alright, i brought in new max protein
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>> it's a second in the series. i did final three days of the eisenhower. this is three days in moscow, the summit that reagan meets with gorbachev in moscow and the speech overlooked at the time to the moscow university students. i look at that and how reagan gets to the point in his life. there are amazing things from the interviews and the nuggets from the archives that lay the groundwork for what we are facing now, a summit coming up. >> what was the most important thing you learned researching for it? >> it was all part of reagan's plan from the beginning. he was underestimated at the time but back to the time as the president of screen actors guild in hollywood he had an anticommunist theme. he used it to really set the moment to then negotiate with mikhail gorbachev. >> fascinating stuff. if you look for your summer beach read, add it to the
10:00 am
list. >> father's day. >> the new book. "three days in moscow." thank you for being here. where do we see you tonight? >> "special report" here. >> great to have you today. we're back tomorrow at 12:00 noon live. >> melissa: fox news alert president trump making a rare trip to capitol hill taking aim as what he calls the democratic obstruction. i'm melissa francis in for harris faulkner for "outnumbered overtime." president trump is having a lunch meeting for senators on the hill where he is expected to press them for passing the key agenda items and pushing them to speed up the nomination process for the appointees as the democrats used current probably -- proceedural rules. this is as gina haspel is expected to face a key vote. earlier the white house took


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