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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  May 15, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> melissa: i'm melania. thank you for watching. catch me at 4:00 on fox business. "the daily briefing" with dana perino starts right now. >> dana: palestinians clashing with israeli troops in the west bank a day after violent demonstrations left dozens dead on the gaza strip. as the united states opened the new embassy in jerusalem. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." the head of the united nations says the latest mideast violence clearly demonstrates the need for a political solution allowing palestinians and israelis to live together in peace and security. we have fox team coverage. bret baier is here with analysis. rick levinthal at the united nations but we start with benjamin hall along the israeli-gaza border. what is it like tonight, benjamin? >> good evening from the israeli-gaza border. we were expecting a lot more violence today. today was supposed to be the day the six-week protest came
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to an end. this is nakba day, the day they mourn creation of the israeli state. we didn't see what we expected to see. i was dialed down after the violence of yesterday. we saw a few hundred protesters at the border, tires were burning and tear gas was fired. we heard shots as well. compared to yesterday, there was very little action indeed. now one of the reasons for that is there were so many funerals taking place inside gaza. many of the dead now numbering 60 have been buried and the funerals are taking place. we have learned among the dead was an 8-month-old baby who had inhaled tear gas at the riots. another reason some people are saying is that the hospitals in gaza are simply full. 2,700 people injured yesterday and the health department in gaza saying they can't take any more wounded. egypt also is believed to have lobbied the militant group hamas to try not to escalate the conflict. numerous parties trying to calm it down after the intense
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day yesterday. yesterday was the worst violence since we have seen since 2014. 60,000 people are set to take part. the israeli defense force saying there were at least a dozen coordinated attempt to try to cross the israeli border fence by up to hundreds of people. and a number of i.e.d.s targeted forces. we have seen them use kites and molotov cocktails attached and that is a weapon of theirs but today they have pulled back. there is international focus on this. so a surprise to us here not to see the violence of yesterday but a relief as well. >> dana: from what you have gathered on the ground, is hamas instigating and behind the violence? >> i think it is a difficult question to answer. it's important to split the militant elements from the rest. the elements that seek to get
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into israel with weapons the target the i.d.f. forces and the i.e.d.s with the molotov cocktails and the weapons. those are hamas and on the payroll and those that israel separate the most. it's hard to separate them from the rest. hamas understands the benefit of civilian casualties and that putting more people in front benefits their cause. this started six weeks ago as a relatively peaceful protest but it was taken over quickly by hamas. they understand the p.r. well. there are 25,000, approximately, we think hamas militant in gaza. 40,000 protesters. so if you had all the militants and some of the symp size -- sympathizers that adds up. it's the hamas militant that israel fears the most and it is their sworn policy to attack israel and not recognize the state of israel as well. that is the difficulty here facing israelis. >> dana: thank you.
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over at the u.n. security council they are holding emergency session to discuss violence. and nikki haley placing the blame on the terror group hamas. >> make no mistake, hamas is pleased with the results from yesterday. those who suggest the gaza violence has anything to do with the location of the american embassy are sorely mistaken. rather the violence comes from those who reject the existence of the state of israel in any location. >> dana: rick is live at the united nations. rick? >> dana, at least 18 ambassadors spoke to the security council today condemning the bloodshed in gaza and at the border. virtually all of them condemning the violence and calling for restraint. many of them criticizing what is often called senseless attack against innocent civilians. no surprise the loudest voice in room in opposition to the action in the clashes a it the boarder that left dozens dead
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and 2,000 hurt was the palestinian ambassador who spoke for more than half an hour call israel cowardly power, acting above the law and targeting innocent unarmed demonstrators, he said. something the israeli ambassador disputed. >> we condemn in the most emphatic terms the odious massacre committed by israel in the gaza strip and call for a halt to the military aggression against the people immediately. and we call for a transparent independent national inquiry to be conducted. >> these were not demonstrations. these were not protests. these were violent riots. >> kuwait, the only arab member of the security council which called today's emergency session says it will propose a resolution on protection of the palestinian civilians and present it to the capitol tomorrow but it would require a unanimous vote.
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u.s., permanent member of the court council is unlikely to approve anything that doesn't recognize israel's right to protect its borders. >> dana: thank you. let's bring in the author of "three days in moscow" and anchor of "special report." the book came out and we hope to talk about that. bret baier, some think the move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel where the embassy will be is the death knell for the peace process. it doesn't have to be that way. as you have seen with north korea, timing is everything and it is possible there might be a break through as much as a possibility it is a death knell. >> that is right. there are people in the trump administration who is still hopeful that the peace process moves forward, that this shifts the paradigm that changes things up enough that both parties eventually figure out a way to move forward differently than they did for decades. i think it fits on a number of levels. we talked about earlier the
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iranian situation. you know, you have a different arab street that is reacting to the trump administration differently. saudi arabia, u.a.e., bahrain, these gulf countries are standing united with the united states and thereby tamping down some of the reaction initially to this move. >> dana: well, the other thing i think that people forget possibly is that it is in israel's best interest to help resolve the conflict. it would be in america's best interest as well. and the arab street, as you mentioned. so i imagine that aside from the palestinians and the iranians, there is movement to get the palestinians to find some way, a different way to live their life. >> think about how many years we have talked about this effort. how many years it had to be solved this first before dealing with other problems in the middle east. now they are dealing with other problems in the middle east, a different relationship with saudi arabia and this is now going to come to the
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forefront. >> dana: i was interested in talking to you about north korea because as the administration gets all the details organized for the summit -- and you have written a book about ronald reagan and how that was just, it shifted everything. it is possible and just as possible it might not, but the summit with north korea could really change things. what do you think is the most pivotal thing? we have seen the timeline here has gone so quickly. january 9, we find that the representatives are meeting at the d.m.z. from both countries, north korea and south korea. all the way to april 20. then you have north korea announcing it's halting nuclear missile tests. although we know the mountain did collapse so they might not have had a choice. what do you think from history the administration should think about going in the summit to take advantage of this period? >> determine what you want. don't play on anybody else's ball field. secretary of state schultz told me for the book he was so impressed with reagan that he knew what he wanted out of the summits and he knew when it
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wasn't there to get up and walk away from the table. it happened numerous times. gorbachev and reagan had a great relationship but they were pointing at each other and fought numerous times over what eventually became this big deal. perhaps president trump is going to do that. and the fear as it was back then from conservatives is that he is going to give up the game and give too much up. reagan didn't. maybe president trump will take a lesson from that. >> dana: interesting note. so this is "three days in moscow." let me hold the book up. president trump and kim jong un are set to meet only one day. tame is sped up. the 24-hour news cycle. we're can get more done quickly. do you anticipate it might go longer? >> it seems like they are laying the groundwork for doing things beforehand. working out some of the details. the devil is in the details. what this regime will look like, the inspections and how it will be the trust but verify as reagan would say. we haven't seen president
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trump in this kind of direct negotiation yet. we have seen him do things but not really one-on-one asking to get something across the finish line. >> dana: i know they want me to wrap but i had another observation. reagan and the united states and the allies, we knew a lot about what was going on inside russia. we do not know a lot about what is going on inside north korea. we have some idea. none of it is good. i wonder if you think it will be part of the discussion, which is when you go in to verify, is there going to be other obligations that western world needs to give to the citizens of north korea? >> that is a huge challenge. add to the dynamic that china doesn't want everyone flooding to china. south korea really doesn't want everyone flooding to south korea. so three-dimensional chess. a lot of moving pieces. >> dana: we do. good luck with the book tour. thank you for being here today. >> thank you. >> dana: we will move to senator mcconnell to talk about his meeting that he just had with president trump. >> the circuit judge a few
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moments ago and that manes one-eighth of the circuit judges in america have been appointed by donald trump and confirmed by this republican senate. so we think we are making dramatic progress on this front as well. of course, everybody is excited about the condition of the economy. and the way the country seems to be in an upbeat mood heading into the fall election. >> tomorrow, the senate intelligence committee will vote gina haspel. she is quite likely the most accomplished person ever to be nominated as c.i.a. director. and she reiterated this morning in a letter to senator mark warner the ranking member on the intelligence committee that she did not believe that the c.i.a. should ever restart any of the interrogation program for which she is falsely accused of
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participating in. actually, she learned about the program in some detail a year after members of congress like nancy pelosi and others were briefed in detail on it. after 9/11. i would just say that john brennan, the number four c.i.a. who was confirmed with the vote of 64 bipartisan votes in the senate was number four at the c.i.a. whereas when she was there at this particular time, she was the equivalent of gs-15, roughly of major lieutenant colonel. obviously not a management person when it comes to running the c.i.a. but i think democrats are running out of excuses to block this highly qualified nominee. i hope more of our senate democratic colleagues will come across the aisle and support her as they should. >> as the leader pointed out, we had a good discussion with the president today. as the leader also memsed a lot a lot -- also mentioned a lot
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had to do with what is happening in the economy. the president rightfully can take great credit for significant strides we have made. if you look at the economy today it's a reflection that a pro growth, pro-jobs agenda can make a profound difference in the lives of the american people. unemployment is at a 17-year low in the month of march there was a record number of jobs created. number of job listings. 6.55 million job listings, a new record. there have been 3 million jobs created since the president took office and about 800,000 since tax reform passed last fall. so, on a jobs front, on wage front, on the growth in the economy front there has been a lot of progress. you compare that to where we were a few short years ago and you can see where a pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda makes a difference in lives of the american people. we want to continue to work on that and the president does as well. and keep that focus on the economy. keep that focus on jobs and keep the focus on wages and
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american families and how we can improve their standard of living and their quality of life by putting policies in place that allow them to keep more of their hard earned money in their own pockets. and in an economy that continues to grow and expand and create better paying jobs. >> we had a productive meeting with the president today to talk about a number of things happening at home as well as around the world. we talked about iran. we talked about the new embassy in jerusalem moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. as well as talking about what is happening in north korea. but the focus, of course, on the economy. the fact that we have a strong healthy growing economy an america first economy -- >> dana: you have been listening to the senate republicans who met with president trump. mitch mcconnell started off the conversation saying they talked about the main things. judges, the economy and haspel. i kept bret baier on set with me to talk about this. one thing that is interesting about the judges is that does have a longer lasting legacy
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effect for president and for a party. it doesn't always get the big headlines. but the base really understands that. >> he has changed the face of the judiciary already. the potential for another supreme court pick. if that happens between now and the mid-terms will dramatically change what that looks like. they will tout that. they will tout tax cuts, the economy and you heard them talk about iran. i think there is some mobilization of trying to make an argument for republicans for the midterm. >> dana: right. to say everything is good, why make a change? get republicans out there. the numbers are improving but not in the bag yet. the other thing they talked about is gina haspel, the president's nominee to lead the c.i.a. senator cornyn said she will get a vote out of committee tomorrow but still remains to be seen if she can get enough votes on the floor. group associated with president trump is going to spend $1 million on ads in three states. missouri, north dakota and
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alabama. going after democrat ig senators mccaskill, hidecamp and doug jones. it will probably be effective. >> probably will. you have manchin and others. >> dana: donnelly. >> red state democrats will feel the heat when you have the intelligence officials from both parties supporting her. >> dana: indeed. bret baier. now i will let you go. >> okay. >> dana: president trump just leaving capitol hill after a policy meeting with republican senators where the haspel nomination came up as we were just saying. josh holmes is the former chief of staff to senator mitch mcconnell and we have the founder of storyline and co-host of political persuasion podcast, which i enjoy. josh, let me start with you. senator donnelly from indiana, a democratic in a red state with a tough re-election ahead of him. he was a senator that they were going to target about the haspel nomination. he decided earlier this week, i guess maybe yesterday because that was monday, that he is going to be for her. >> yeah. well, there are a lot of senate democrats that find themselves up in 2018 or trying to cover their tracks
11:17 am
here from the voting record over the last five years. so they are breaking with chuck schumer and the party line on nominations like this. frankly, i'm surprised that the nomination is controversial in the first place. this is one of the most if not the most well qualified nominees to head the c.i.a. in recent memory. so the fact that we have got to run ads highlighting behavior of senate democrats at this point over a nominee like gina haspel is sort of confounding. >> dana: it is remarkable. take a look at one of the ads from the america first policies ad about gina haspel. i think we have a sound bite from that. can you play that? >> isis, al-qaeda, foreign adversaries. we need proven leaders at the c.i.a. that is why president trump nominated gina haspel. >> dana: all right. chris, i wonder if you can talk about that. it's going right to where i think where the american people are. maybe i'm wrong. why we should not confirm this woman to the, to run the
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c.i.a. is a little bit confounding to most americans i think. and in these states, maybe i'm wrong, though. you tell me. would it behoove the democrats to vote against her? >> certainly the controversy here, dana, is that gina haspel, of course, part of the interrogation, the enhanced interrogation techniques after 9/11 that many have called torture including john mccain. mccain, of course, going to vote against gina haspel as is rand paul which is why the republicans find themselves in this situation where they need the separate democrats to get her over the line. and they are wisely looking at the conservative democrats in the states that donald trump won. they are spending a lot of money there as you pointed out with bret baier. north dakota, alabama and missouri targeting these folks. i think the senators probably have to vote with trump here. i think mitch mcconnell knows that. that makes a lot of sense. in fact, haspel today out with a letter she sent to virginia senator mark warner saying she does condemn this --
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>> dana: i have that, chris. led me read it here. a sentence from it saying with the benefit of hindsight and my experience as a senior agency leader, the enhanced interrogation program is not one the c.i.a. should have undertaken. she goes a step further than she did in the testimony to the hill. so perhaps maybe that will get a couple for democrats on board. but i also think that one argument i think the administration is trying to make but not really breaking through is that president trump didn't have to nominate her. he could have chosen many other people. he didn't have to have this fight. but he thought she was the most qualified person. that is backed up by other bipartisan leaders from the agency going way back from both sides of the aisle. i don't know if the administration makes that point enough. he saw in her she would be the best nominee. >> that is right. you can talk to some of the president's most fiercest critics who spent time around the intelligence agencies and all will tell you she is primly well qualify --
11:20 am
supremely well qualified on the position. on her letter, you are right. it does go a step further. she was careful not to criticize the administration in the process and not to criticize what people were trying to accomplish at the time, which is very important. some liberals are out trying to condemn the entire bush administration how they prosecuted the war on terror and she was careful not to do that. >> dana: i have 20 seconds left because of the senators that were talking so let me ask you. on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most, how much do the senators want to get this off the table to get back tom call paining on the issues -- campaigning on the issues? >> 10. they want it overwith to get it done. >> dana: i figured how out to get out of the segments quickly. josh and chris, thank you. primary elections in four states today including pennsylvania, where voters are going to the polls after the state's district maps were redrawn. how a republican who lost a special election is back on the ballot. we know the value of trust.
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[ child offscreen ] hey! let's basement. and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> dana: first lady melania trump is recovering after under going a kidney procedure yesterday. the president visiting her at walter reed medical center afterward. today he says his wife is doing well. >> president trump: melania is in the hospital doing really well. she is watching us right now. i want to thank the incredible doctors, walter reed medical center. they did a fantastic job. so thank you. she sends her love. >> dana: the first lady is expected to remain in the hospital for two or three days. today is primary today in four states but all eyes on
11:25 am
pennsylvania where president trump's pick for u.s. senate congressman lou barletta is facing the state representative. the winner will challenge democratic incumbent bob casey in november. eric shawn is in hazelton, pennsylvania. eric, you sat down with one of the candidates who is getting a lot of attention. what did he have to say? >> yeah, i did, dana. let me start with the congressional races you mentioned. the one candidate who lost the special election runing now in another. that happens to be rick saccone. you will remember two months ago near pittsburgh when democrat conor lamb won a special election. now conor lamb is running in another district because all the districts here were redistricted. 84 candidates running in 18 different seats. it's a jumble. but the senate race is on target and we did sit down with lou barletta this morning and this is a race that echoes president trump. barletta was mayor of the city for many years and well known for his stance on immigration and the like. he endorsed president trump early in the campaign and the
11:26 am
president endorsed him. even made a recent robo call a few days ago to try to get out support. when he was mayor of hazelton in 2006, he targeted illegal immigration. barletta this morning told me when he took office the city was bankrupt, couldn't have enough revenue to pay for services because of the illegal immigrant inflation. so they passed controversial laws that included denying business permits to companies that hire illegal aliens. penalized land lords that rented to them and even made english the city's official language. today he said that those laws were eventually struck down but they still resonate in the economically troubled rust belt here. >> the national media said donald trump could never win pennsylvania and trump won pennsylvania. the national media saying lou barletta could never beat bob casey. we will see what will happen here. bob casey has resisted, rejected and obstructed every
11:27 am
single thing that president trump wanted to do on his agenda. >> also vying for the republican nomination is state representative jim christiana. he is basically banking on his legislative experience and he wants to have a balanced federal budget and work on bipartisan efforts in washington. he told us he is not at all bothered that his opponent has the president's backing. >> i understand that the president rewards loyalty. and i can appreciate that. there is no hard feelings. i mean if you listen to the message, this is not based on merit. i think that my record, congressman barletta's and senator casey's speak for themselves. >> despite this race, there are these signs around here that say simply lou. lou. one word for mr. barletta. i guess it's the common man theme. he says people will get to know him as just lou. back to you. >> dana: thank you. on a first name basis with
11:28 am
him. eric, thank you. the united states taking new action against iran after withdrawing from the nuclear deal. plus missouri's governor no longer faces a felony charge linked to his affair but his political and legal troubles are still far from over. >> this is a great victory and a long time coming. this experience has been humbling and i have emerged from it a changed man. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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>> dana: you heard from republican senators after their meeting with president trump. here is the senate democrats. >> the alarming cost of prescription drugs. instead he released a proposal last week so good for the drug lobby that stock prices of the pharmaceutical industry soared after he gave his speech. we democrats want to work with the president to fulfill his promise to deliver more affordable healthcare for the american people. instead, since president took office, he and republicans have worked day in and day out to systemically dismantle the healthcare system, sending premiums skyrocketing for millions of americans. state after state we are beginning to see the results of the president's sabotage of our healthcare system. put simply, democrats stand ready to work with the president on these issues. he just needs to dropletting the right wing of the --
11:33 am
drop let right wing of the party call the shot, roll up his leaves and make -- his sleeves and make good on promises made to families. >> i want to focus on one of the promises, that is to do something about the pharmaceutical prices. i was eager to hear the president's speech. there is bipartisan work that has gone on, on drug prices in the senate. but instead, what i heard was really nothing to move the ball. here is what we saw. we not only saw the stocks go up but the "wall street journal" had a headline that summed it up well. "drug industry relieved by price proposal." that was it. that is what happened. that is why the stocks went up. during the campaign the president actually said that the drug companies were getting away with murder. his words, not mine.
11:34 am
i spent this mother's day weekend with a number of families who had actually lost their kids because of pharmaceutical prices. i was on the steps of the state capitol with a mom whose son alec died last year at age 26 from diabetes. he was a manager of a restaurant, loved by his family and insulin had gone up to $1,300 a month. he is not alone. the price of insulin tripled during the last decade. a tried and true dug insulin has truppalled. this young man was rationing insulin and he was taking less than he was supposed to, to save money. just like the senior who keeps insulin at the bottom of each syringe to use it for the next day. that is what is going on in the greatest country on earth. that is what is happening now. what i expected to hear from
11:35 am
him is number one, something he promised in the campaign. >> dana: all right. you are listening to the senator klobuchar talking about the democrats' big issue, healthcare. the republicans when they came out talked about the judges, the economy, iran and gina haspel. the democrats almost focused solely on healthcare and the president's plan for drug prices which they say is not good enough. meanwhile, listen to this. south korea's news agency saying north korea has canceled its talks with south korea planned for tomorrow due to joint military drills with the united states. and the north is threatening to cancel its summit with president trump next month. retired four-star general jack keane chairman for institute of the study of war and fox news strategic analyst. they literally happened 48 seconds ago, sir, so i'm sorry we didn't get time to talk about it beforehand but you are always prepared to talk about anything. is this expected leading up to a big summit like this where
11:36 am
you have two countries much at odds for so many decades trying to figure out a way to come together there will be back and forth and the threats to cancel talks over things like the drills? >> certainly. negotiating leverage is taking place here. but i'll say this. this is the first negative aspect of kim jong un's efforts going back to participating in the south korean olympics. because one thing after another has all been positive. moving toward a fundamental shift in strategic policy. and heading toward the denuclearization. likely this is what i said it is. negotiating over leverage and things they want to have on the table. i do believe behind the scenes, dana, right now our diplomats are getting insight to where north korea is really heading. they just can't put the two leaders in the room without a lot of preparation and without understanding what the positions are.
11:37 am
now we are finally getting to see and we are not going -- that is not going to be exposed to the american people, that is for sure. but they are getting exposed to the seriousness and the scale of what kim jong un is really proposing. and hopefully it is moving in the right direction. >> dana: tell me your thoughts about the issue that apparently is bothering kim jong un the most. we knew it was a problem. that the united states has a presence in south korea which has been a stabilizing force for the region. but he would love to have president trump remove troops from there. will that be a nonstarter for the united states? >> yeah, absolutely. we are not going to do that. they know that. he is taking that off the table as a condition for negotiations. which has always been in the past. but look, if there really is denuclearization, if the two armies do pull away from each other on the d.m.z. and they return to normal activity -- two of the largest armies in the world, the north korean and south korean army.
11:38 am
i could see years later -- and there is an armistice and peace treaty from china, united states, north korea and south korea. all of this would take a significant amount of time and at some point we would reduce forces but we are not going to do it now. >> dana: take you to the other part of the world i want to talk about. that is, iran. earlier today the ayatollah said that the holy system of the islamic republic will step up the missile capabilities day-by-day so israel, that occupying regime will become sleepless and the nightmare will constantly haunt it. if it does anything foolish we will raise tel aviv and haifa to the ground." tensions are high there. there are two schools of thought. one is iran is so isolated in the region and in a weaker position. but others saying actually iran is are strong right now. where do you see it? >> i think they are in a
11:39 am
considerably worse economic condition. the currency is in the tank. they have inflation problem. they have product problems, et cetera. and that is why one of the reasons the people have been in the streets recently. so that is issue one. but the military buildup data in syria is all about what the ayatollah is talking about now. they are doing the buildup because they want to have the missiles in southern syria. similar to the 130,000 rockets and missiles they have in lebanon. what is the reason for that? they want to discourage israelis having a military strike against them as they intend to build nuclear power capability in the country. they know israelis will come for that as soon as it gets close to the one-year break out point. they will move faster than the united states will move on it. >> dana: give us a word on your thought of the different realignment of the middle eastern countries, the allies in the thought and their support of president trump.
11:40 am
yesterday they were muted but they weren't against what president trump did with jerusalem. >> there is no doubt about it. there has been a very muted response to that. the reason is simple. the israelis are closer to the sunni arabs in the region than they have ever been. the issue in the middle east is not the peace accord. that is like the fourth issue. the top issue in the middle east that the leaders are facing is clearly iranian malign, aggressive behavior number one. number two, the two civil wars taking place in the middle east in syria and yemen. the peace accord between palestinians and the israelis has fall on the number four and number five. there are just other major issues that the leaders have to deal with. that is the reality. the relationships are closer as as a result of that. >> dana: general jack keane proving why he is one of the favorite guests on "the daily briefing." thank you, sir. >> good talking to you, dana. >> dana: a lot of focus on the mid-terms but the ground work is already being laid for
11:41 am
the presidential election in 2020. bernie sanders' former campaign manager joins me on the path ahead for both parties.
11:42 am
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11:45 am
now fewer than ten people eventually will number hundreds. the next guest is a manager of bernie sanders' presidential campaign and the awe for of a book "how bernie won." jeff weaver joins me. i'm honored to have you. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> dana: president trump had the element of surprise in 2016. >> i think he was surprised when he won. >> dana: they are not going to have the element of surprise in 2020. >> right. >> dana: as i understand it, it's like a traditional marketing campaign. people go from reluctance to neutrality and they hope to acceptance. his poll numbers are better and gallup saying the president at 43% approval up from 39% last month. generic congressional ballot showing the democrats lost ground with only being three points up if the election were held today. what are your thoughts on that? is that real? how is the revolution on your side working on it? >> the polls will go up and down a lot between now and election day. a long time to go in politics.
11:46 am
we are in mid-may and that is an eternity in politics. he will have better weeks and not so great weeks. but in the real world the enthusiasm and energy on the democratic side is incredible. in a midterm election where you generally have low turnouts it will make a difference for districts across the country. >> dana: we saw that in virginia and the gubernatorial election. >> we saw it in rural pennsylvania and montana. even though the democrat didn't win, came 20 points closer than in the presidential race. so i mean it is happening. it happened in kansas and it's happening everywhere. >> dana: i notice in this hour we had the senate republicans come out and the senate democrats. i noted republicans are talking about the judges, economy and foreign policy. when the senate democrats came out they focused almost exclusively on healthcare. i have been wondering about that. do the democrat sense something that the republicans are not paying attention to? >> there is a lot of anxiety about healthcare. one of the first things that president trump tried to do in his administration was to
11:47 am
dismantle the protections under the affordable care act which would have taken tens of millions of people off the healthcare insurance. that is a big deal. it's not just blue places. that is red places. >> dana: obamacare got more popular when it was dismantled. >> once it was under attack people realized how much of a benefit they were receiving from the plan. this is really the signature plan of the obama administration. and i think people who are critical of it before said oh, my god, i don't want to be without it. >> dana: how frustrated were you with the super delegate process? i understand they are looking to change the process for 2020. would it have made the difference for bernie sanders? >> i don't know if it made all the difference but it would make a difference. the democratic party should be democratic. that means that the rank and the file of the party should choose who the nominee is. when you had at the beginning of the campaign, secretary clinton had 300, 400 super delegates already aligned with her. so you would see after iowa,
11:48 am
bernie sanders tied in iowa with 20 something delegates. secretary clinton 400 delegates. that creates the impression that it's impossible to win. >> dana: at the end of the book you answer a question i want to ask you that i ask a lot of people. i will pull up the quote here. my question is if bernie sanders had been the candidate would he have won? you write let me be up front and what is painfully of course, the polling was right. bernie sanders was a stronger candidate against trump. bernie would have won, period. it's not a view i'm shy about. i'm curious about that. why do you think he would have won? do you think the democrats would have gotten behind bernie sanders if they didn't have hillary clinton as the choice? >> let me say this. one of trump's pollsters reported a couple of months having said this as well, bernie sanders would have beaten -- >> dana: i tell you. i have colleagues around here who absolutely believe if bernie sanders had been against trump it may have been close but they think bernie would have won. >> i do not see bernie sanders
11:49 am
losing pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, to trump. it wouldn't have happened. >> a youth movement? >> it's partly youth and party will fact he has a connection with some voters who used to vote democratic who don't vote democratic anymore. we have to bring the coalition, the f.d.r. coalition back together. >> dana: is there a coalition without bernie sanders and is he running in 2020? >> he has not decided if he is running in 2020. the democratic bench actually is amazingly strong for the presidential race. whether bernie sanders is in or not. we'll see if he is in. they can put it together. >> dana: jeff weaver, thank you for being here. i appreciate it. i have 20 more questions. concerns of the health on hawaii are growing as the volcano big island continues to erupt. ♪ i like it, i love it,
11:50 am
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>> dana: fox news alert. this just in. we love breaking news at fox news. in this hour, we were talking about gina haspel and how she was going to have her vote tomorrow in the committee and then be on the house floor. the confirmation was in question. but no longer, it would seem. senator mark warner the democrat from virginia has said he will vote to confirm gina haspel as c.i.a. director. that means that she probably i think is safe to say will have enough votes to become the first woman to lead the c.i.a. mark warner saying he was assured by her answers that she wrote to him in a letter about the interrogation program that everyone seems so concerned about. now that looks like that is going to be behind her and she will be able to lead the agency after they have that vote on the senate floor. mark warner probably paving the way for the senate democrats and the tough re-elections to be able to vote for her instead. all right.
11:54 am
another fox news alert. health officials warning people on the big island about serious health dangers as the kilauea volcano continues to erupt. jeff paul is live on the big island. >> another fissure erupted to bring the total openings to 20. each time it happens, it ads to the fear to the locals that a mass evacuation could be around the corner. as you take a look at the video, you can see that the volcano, the kilauea volcano from space. the fear right now with all the pressure building up in the volcano and all the earthquakes, locals are preparing for the possibility of a massive steam explosion from the volcano's crater. they are also new concerns over the toxic gas. counties are issuing a red alert after tests showed dangerous level of sulfur dioxide. this has caused several more people to pack up and leave their homes. >> there was so much rumbling
11:55 am
going on. i don't think it ever stopped. it was just low and high. low and high. and it reminded me if there were like a war, like 12 miles in the distance, what you would hear with explosions and smoke and everything. even the ground was shaking. >> now emergency responders warn if someone were to take in that toxic gas, they could choke or even stop breathing altogether. the locals we have spoken with this morning tell us what makes this control vayco -- makes this volcano so scary, they don't know what will happen next. >> dana: thank you. making it her mission to thank police officers nationwide. how a little girl is predding predding -- spreading the love. >> it's a blessing and they needed the love. hasn't left my side. with the right steps, 80%of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. a bayer aspirin regimen is one step to help prevent another stroke. so, i'm doing all i can to stay in his life. be sure to talk to your doctor
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and help you feel more strength & energy in just 2 weeks. i'll take that. ensure high protein, with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure® >> dana: new fears for the future of the north american free trade agreement. prime minister trudo and president trump suggested
11:59 am
bringing nafta talks to a prompt conclusion yesterday but mexico's economic minister saying today it is unlikely that negotiators would be able to hammer out a new deal by the thursday deadline. house speaker paul ryan set the date to give lawmakers time to approve it before a new congress is seated in january. an will-year-old girl from louisiana takes on a mission to thank police officers across the country. roselyn baldwin is traveling to all 50 states to deliver hugs to our men and women in blue. she was in cincinnati friday for a memorial parade to honor fallen officers. the chief of police said her visit made a real difference. >> to have a young person like that really just share that love that she has for police officers, it really warms our hearts, especially on a day like this when we are remembering those that we have lost. >> it's a great feeling knowing that someone you don't even know is reaching out to you and just bringing
12:00 pm
love to everything. >> dana: roselyn's mother says she decided to do this after five dallas police officers were killed in ambush in 2015. thanks everyone. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the white house. 4:00 a.m. in seoul, south korea where we have news. the source of a report that north korea has just cancelled high level talks with south korea and suddenly the north koreans are threatening to pull the plug on the summit with president trump. the reason? not new. bottom line, you do not trust the north koreans. that's our top story and it's coming. today in gaza and the west bank, fires are burning. fear and rage is simmering. and the palestinianing are burying their dead. while the israelis say that dozens of those killed were actually militants with ties to hamas and islamic jihad. we are live in jerusalem. here at home,


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