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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 15, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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"special report" up next, hey, bret, congratulations on your book. we are delighted to see you tomorrow with us. d.c. >> bret: this is a fox news alert, and there appears to be a major setback in what has been widely perceived as progress towards peace and of the of nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula. north korea is threatening to cancel next month's summit between kim jong un and a president trump over military drills going on right now, involving the u.s. and south korea. >> this news was reported by the south korean news agency early wednesday morning. it could very well be a wake-up call to some who thought that things had completely changed between pyangyoung and
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washington. >> signs of turbulence in a reasonably smooth relationship between pyangyoung and the u.s. counseling a meeting between the north and south korean official officials. north korean state media going on to say the united states will also have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the u.s. summit in light of this provocative military ruckus jointly conducted with the south korean authorities. the drills are not provocative. >> kim jong un has said he understands the importance to the united states that we conduct these joint exercises, and that they continue to go on. >> as for the summit plan for singapore in june, washington is going forward with planning. some, however were cautious about kim jong un's recent words. >> i don't think we should trust him, on the other hand i think it's good we have a direct
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dialogue. and i think there are some positive signs that we have seen recently that the summit could be successful. >> reporter: north korea is going ahead with dismantling its nuclear test site and is shut set to be shut down next week. >> there will certainly be prioritization in the first instance on denuclearization, because that's the goal that we set. >> reporter: still some way that even if they do sit show up at the summit, they only offer phased disarmament to the united states. >> when kim jong un sees president trump in singapore, he should give something big to president trump. >> bret: a statement the white house really is just a short time ago said, we are aware of the south korean media report. the united states will look at what north korea has said independently, and continue to coordinate with our allies. lots to follow.
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bret? >> bret: the president's nominee to run the cia is issuing her strongest statement yet about the agency's role in the enhanced interrogation program following 9/11. gina haspell now says it should have never taken place. the comments, in a letter to senators as the trump administration works to try to shore up support for her confirmation, amid an intensifying public debate over torture. at this time, tonight, it appears that haspell has the votes to be confirmed. a committee vote is set for tomorrow. in the meantime, another of the presidents picks to a key national security position appears to be against the president's decision to reverse course on tough penalties against the major chinese telecom company. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has that tonight from capitol hill. >> the president's nominee to track her terrorist and communist threats singled out
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high risk. >> would you recommend anyone in any position that a sensitive weather and commerce or government and contracting use the phone? >> know i would not. >> they use the technology to infiltrate networks and a steel american's personal information. >> china uses its telecommunications companies for reasons for aspen, espionage. >> we've been on the record in the intelligence community and law enforcement with that fact. >> he wanted to save vt as part of a larger trade deal with china and that drew criticism from other lawmakers. >> doesn't make sense to overrule the advice and judgment of the security community and offer cte a way to get back into business fast? how are you raising these facts without white house? >> we are garnering the support of the intelligence community and regulatory community. we had meetings yesterday at the white house.
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>> american jobs and national security should be ahead of chinese business interests. >> usually keep the ban on zte. it was the first time that we saw show china we would be tough in mid business and as soon as that happens, the president backs off, bad for american jobs. >> the russians are in midterm elections. >> i don't think anyone in the intelligence community will underestimate the potential of the russian intelligence services. their capability and intent. >> and new warnings about sophisticated videos called deep fake. >> the ability to create alternative reality. if you add to that the social media, is a perfect storm of disinformation. >> i think we saw that the intent is there and capabilities are there. >> a growing number of foreign adversaries have a cyber capability to remotely access intelligence targets and infiltrate u.s. infrastructure
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and to do it without attribution, bret. >> bret: president trump is trying to rally senate republicans to push through more of his nominees. and if to push harder toward holding onto their majority in november. there continues to be a separate push among senators for some kind of response to an insult against one of their own. chief white house correspondent john roberts deals with that story tonight from the north lawn. >> just a few minutes ago the president returned to the white house, he had been up for the walter reed medical center visiting the first lady as she recovers from a kidney procedure. earlier today he was pushing his legislative priorities. president trump came to capitol hill with a lot on his mind, first and foremost of slow pace of confirmation for his nominees. he says obstruction is standing in a way of getting a staff in place. exiting the meeting, senators preferred to focus on what has
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been done rather than work outstanding. >> we were all in a celebratory mood as a result of having approved at the first circuit judge, just a few months ago. >> president trump had a number of other items on his agenda to talk about including appropriations, making sure he doesn't get more omnibus spending bills, funding for a border wall and latest developments from iran and north korea. the president will also push congress for immigration reform. this morning he is the backdrop of the national peace officers of memorial service to drive home the urgency. >> president trump: that is why we are calling on congress to secure our borders, support our border agents, stop sanctuary cities and shut down policies that release violent criminals back into our communities. we don't want it any longer. we have had it.
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enough is enough. >> one topic that didn't come up even though iowa senator joni ernst wanted to raise it was the cutting remark that white house staffer kelly sadler made about senator john mccain in a meeting last week. a growing number of senators now saying sadler, the white house, or both should apologize. >> of the prison he said that should apologize and should apologize publicly. >> white house staffers tell fox news that sadler could have easily put the issue to rest by making a public apology to mccain last week. according to sources that was initially the plan, but the plan changed. sadler dug in her heels and six days later the issue was gathering steam. and an effort to change the subject president trump made the insult of all about the fact that it was leaked. meaning the so-called leaks coming out of the white house are an exaggeration coming out of the news media in order to make us look as bad as possible.
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with that said, leakers are traitors and cowards and we will find out who they are. sources say there were about 30 people in the meeting where the remark was made and officials believe it was leaked simply to damage the president, , and that there will likely be repercussions. >> i had several discussions on this very topic today. >> do you expect personnel changes as a result? >> i do. >> kelling and conway said a lot of staffers use link to "shiv" each other. white house has set in the standard at least for the volume of the agenda driven leagues. >> bret: stocks are down today, the dow lost 193, the s&p 500 s&p 500 dropped 19. at the nasdaq fell 60. as palestinians hold funeral processions for dozens of their own killed yesterday in protest at the israeli border, the u.s. is denying any responsibility or
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link between the violence and at the new embassy in jerusalem. correspondent david miller has more from the newsroom. at least two palestinians died and more than 130 were wounded in clashes with israeli troops. palestinians on the west bank and ramallah and bethlehem also took to the streets. the israeli military was bracing for larger protests to mark the anniversary of israel's founding, or what the palestinians referred to as the great catastrophe. hamas, which is control of gaza caused called on protesters to reach the border fence. instead of protesting, many gaza residents found themselves at the funerals with the 60 people who died in yesterday's demonstrations, coinciding with the u.s. embassy with jerusalem. more than 2,000 were wounded and hospitals in gaza are unable to cope.
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medicine, blood and doctors are in short supply making it difficult to treat patients. >> we received almost 500 injuries while the capacity of the emergency department is 20 beds. >> at the israeli military release video of monday's violence and said its actions were in self-defense. israel says some of the demonstrators are hamas operatives and in the video palestinians can be seen trying to cut the border fence. in one instance the military opened fire when militants tossed pipe bombs and grenades at soldiers. at the end, investor nikki haley came to israel's defense. >> i asked my colleagues here in the security council, who among us would accept this type of activity on your border? no one would. no country in this chamber would act with more restraint than israel has. >> the palestinian u.n. ambassador also addressed the council asking diplomats how many palestinians have to die
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before you take action. and in none of their development, palestinians say they are recalling their u.s. ambassador in protest over the relocation of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. bret? >> bret: david lee miller live in jerusalem. it's been a surprise winner so far in iraq's parliamentary elections and he's not even one of the 7,000 candidates. rich admen shows us who it is from the state department tonight. >> i rockies to liberate parliamentary results and victories for an american nemesis. >> he is the only one who can save iraq. all of us are looking forward to him coming into power in order to solve the problems of iraq. now the shiite coalition of candidates leads iraq's parliamentary elections.
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one, it must navigate to stabilize a country, prevent and isis resurgent and counter iranian influence. pico is principally a defensive concern to ensure that iran does not succeed in its hegemonic ambitions to dominate the entire northern tier of the northeast. >> analysts say that al sadr has exposed iranian influence. he has positioned himself as an iraqi populist, opposed to corruption and supportive of a competent, effective government. the state apartment congratulated iraq for holding nonviolent, national elections. top american officials would only point to political progress as they wait for iraq to form its government. >> the iraqi people have an election in a democratic a process that at a time, many
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people doubted that iraq could take care of themselves. >> in the next few weeks, the political parties will try to form a governing coalition. the current prime minister is that there should be a recount if officials find inconsistencies with the country's new electronic voting system. >> bret: rich, thanks. the touring cast of the broadway hit "hamilton" performed today for former president george w. bush and his apartment. he tweeted, a complete joy to welcome the ham family, the cast and crew of the hamilton for a special performance i will never forget it. history never sounded so powerful. up next, boating and the pennsylvania primary with a new congressional map in force. and beyond our borders tonight. russian president vladimir putin has driven a large construction truck to open the much anticipated the southern russia and the peninsula.
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the 12-mile bridge crossed three and a half billion dollars to build and its prudence project to show that crimea has joined russia for good. the world trade organization has ruled that illegal subsidies have been provided to air maker airbus. the decision comes as the trump administration exerts intense pressure on the geneva-based wto, over what president trump alleges is, it's unfair treatment of the u.s. strained diplomatic relations between germany and turkey are bleeding over into their competition to host the soccer 2,024 european championship. the head of germany's soccer federation is raising concerns about what is perceived as an increasingly repressive regime of turkish residents. that comes after two german players came to pose with him after next month's elections in turkey.
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>> bret: this is a primary day in pennsylvania, and a few other states as well. in p.a., voters are participating under a newly drawn congressional map. republicans are choosing g.o.p. challengers to democratic governor tom wolf and bob casey. eric shawn is in hazleton tonight with the latest. good evening, eric. >> good evening >> nine. some think that the races here in pennsylvania could eventually help to control of the house. in fact the chairman of the state g.o.p. today predicted that the democratic party could pick up as many as five seats in november, and the reason he said is it redistricting.
3:20 pm
today, 84 candidates are running in 18 new congressional districts that were read iran after the state supreme court ruled the old lines were partisan and violated the state's constitution. the democrats say that ruling leave end of the playing field but republicans are angry against that, crying foul. meanwhile, president trump is looming large in that senate race. he has endorsed congressman lou barletta, who today we interviewed and discussed the issue of immigration. he made national headlines in 2006 targeting that issue when the city enacted laws that deny permits to businesses who hired illegal immigrants, landlords who rented to illegals, and declared that english is the city's official language. today, he told us that even though those laws were eventually struck down, they remain meaningful in this economically depressed area. >> the national media said donald trump could never win pennsylvania, but donald trump won pennsylvania. the national media is saying he
3:21 pm
could never beat buck casey, but we will see what happens here because he hasn't resisted, objective and obstructed every single thing that president trump has wanted to do on his agenda. >> also vying for the g.o.p. nod is state representative jim christiana. he's banking on his legislative experience in harrisburg saying he can bring a bipartisan spirit to washington. he told us he's not at all bothered that the president is backing his opponent. >> i understand that the president rewards loyalty, and i can appreciate that. there is no hard feelings. if you listen to the message, it's not based on merit. and i think that my record comes from and speaks for themselves. >> whoever wins tonight could have a tough row against the incumbent senator. casey is a three term incumbent and the son of storied former governor robert pkc.
3:22 pm
we reached out to the casey campaign and they have not reached out. the polls close in less than two hours and the results tonight could clearly resonate far beyond this evening. bret? >> bret: eric shawn in pennsylvania tonight. while republicans are mostly pulling in the same direction this election year and trying to maintain their congressional majorities, democrats are still trying to find a unifying message as they seek to flip the house and the senate. tonight, correspondent doug mckelway looks at the perception that democrats are losing momentum. >> democrat's have been confident of a long-term blue wave that have allowed them to flip 23 seats and regain house majority. the white house sees signs that the blue wave may be losing steam. >> president trump: we are unlocking new opportunities for prosperity and peace. all of these changes are happening because america is being respected again. [cheers and applause]
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>> republican hopefuls find strength in the hostage release, the embassies moved to jerusalem, and open skies agreement with the united arab emirates, a tax cut and a 20 euro low unemployment rate. the upcoming something dumb like a summit with kim jong un to come if it happens, is looking at more success. it will help nudge approval ratings up worried or a coattail effect. his advantage in march shrunk to seven points in april. another democratic pole saw the lead slipping from 15 points in january to five points in april. democrats have learned some hard lessons from 2016 and have changed their strategy. >> what we have been doing as a democratic national committee is organizing everywhere. no one ever thought we would win alabama, but the reason we won alabama is because we invested there. we invested in rural iowa. democrats are showing up with a
3:24 pm
positive message. >> that message includes a $15 minimum wage. government-funded college loans and child care. other kitchen table issues and concerns of women in the me to air out. >> when we get to the midterms in 2018, you will see women turn out. >> in pennsylvania which is pivotal to democrats' hope of taking the house, many of the midterms have more than 20 democratic women running. >> there's also a wild card that could limit the blue wave effect. in her book the great revolt, o talks about the coalition that swept trump into office and the backlash against cosocialism, secularism and coastal elitism it represents. >> bret: abortion rights groups say they have found a lawsuit challenging the nation's most restrictive abortion law, and i will provision banning most abortions once a fetal heart beat is detected, around the six week of pregnancy.
3:25 pm
the state democrat attorney general responded that he will not defend the law, saying the major would undermine life, rights and protections for women. a lawsuit filed by the american civil liberties union union and planned parenthood of america seeks injunction that would put the july 1st implementation on hold. during that lawsuit, it's a legal process that could take years. author tom wolf has died. the reporter and novelist was famous for books such as, "the right stuff" >> and he was knos both a rule breaker and traditionalists. a man of other contradictions as well. the late william f buckley once called wolf probably the most skilled writer in america. his agent said he died of pneumonia monday in a new york city hospital. tom wolf was 88. as a control enthusiast,
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>> bret: we have new video tonight the spectacular sites near the kilauea volcano. this shows the situation at fisher 17 as lava moves another two tenths of a mile near the ocean. and to new have opened fissures up as well. officials on the island say they have lost more than 5 million in cancellations from may through july. and while the economic pain is high and real, there's also real physical danger for people still there. jeff paul reports again from hawaii tonight. >> reporter: a red alert on hawaii's big island and it's not
3:30 pm
just about the lava. hawaii county issuing an air quality alert known as condition read it, after one of the most recent areas of began emitting a high amount of sulfur dioxide. the high amount of toxic gas could lead to choking and the inability to breathe. people in those areas should just get out. >> remove oneself from the exposure, that's the treatment. we don't want people to be in some sort of a device in the exposure, we want them out of there. >> those of us who have respiratory problems, that's very harmful. >> reporter: so harmful that 2,000 people have been ordered to evacuate since lava began shooting into neighborhoods since may 3rd. now there are 20 cracks or events and with continued earthquakes, the possibility of the volcano create our dumb academic crater having a massive steam explosion. >> you don't know where the next
3:31 pm
eruption is going to be. this volcano is dynamic. >> reporter: they are also worried whether insurance will cover possible losses. special lava coverage can cost more than $3,000 per year. >> there are people that have anxiety is, there are people that have a hard time with this kind of stuff. and they are freaked, they are panicked. >> reporter: this is what the hawaii national guard is worried about, lava covering the roads. if this continues to happen on the other areas, and a mass evacuation were ordered, the only way to rescue anyone would be with chopper. >> bret: that's an amazing live shot, how did you get there and what's it like there? paint the picture for us. >> reporter: just behind us, you can't see them but we have the hawaii national guard here with us and they have been escorting correspondents and reporters to show the world really what's going on out here. as far as where i am standing, this has been cool for several
3:32 pm
days but you can still feel a little heat. it's completely safe where we are, we are checking for any toxic gases right now and we have a meter running. it's quite safe, but it's incredible to see up this close. another thing you may not think, it's extremely sharp. >> bret: is the nearest fissure far away or is it relatively close to where you are? >> reporter: where we are, there hasn't been an active fissure in a while, those are further away. i don't know if the mic is picking it up, but throughout our lives shot you can see booms and explosions in the background, and those are from some of the more active fissure or less, like 17 and 18. some of the ash that is going in here, that's another focus on the minds of many people right now, where that's going to go. >> bret: great reporting, thank you and stay safe. seattle's political leaders are
3:33 pm
taking both heat and praise over the decision to impose a major new tax on big businesses in the city. correspondent dan springer is at amazon headquarters in seattle to follow up on a story that we brought you here for us last night. good evening, dan. >> in seattle did in fact move forward with the new head tax, charging $245 per year for every employee working in the city. that didn't seem to matter, reaction from businesses was swift and scathing. amazon saying it remains apprehensive about its future in the city because of quote the council's hostile approach and rhetoric toward larger businesses." starbucks was even more cutting, the coffee pioneer which is also headquartered in seattle went after officials mismanaging the homeless crisis. "if they cannot provide a warm meal and a safe bed to a 5-year-old child to come no one believes that they will be able to make housing affordable or address opiate addiction." it all, 600 companies will be
3:34 pm
hit with a tax, that's 3% of seattle's business is about 150,000 were a quarter of all the jobs in the city. some grocery store owners say they will have to raise the price of groceries because, while they have lots of revenue, their profits are small. we also spoke to the owner of driving, a small successful company started in seattle 54 years ago. as long as that tax is in place, he says they will not expand in seattle. >> if they are literally forcing businesses to see if they need a more efficient workforce, whether we give less money to charity, or whether we have businesses in the city of seattle. >> dan: homeless advocates in the meantime are thrilled with the new tax. they say that $47 million it should raise will ease the homeless problem outside of new york and los angeles. most of the money going towards affordable housing and the tax begins in january. >> bret: dan, thanks. what could be a major setback to what appeared to be rapidly
3:35 pm
progressing peace efforts in north korea. we will get reaction of what is coming out of north korea and the white house reaction when we come back
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3:39 pm
in its joint exercises. they are exercises that are legal, planned well, well in advance. >> they are negotiating overleveraged and, now our diplomats are getting some insight as to where north korea is really heading. >> i think not doing military exercises would be a share, so in good faith on our part, it doesn't change anything permanently but delaying that until after talks would be a good idea. >> a reaction from north korea today that acknowledges that they have a problem. so much of a problem that they may cancel the upcoming summit, june 12th, between president trump and kim jong un. the north korean statement saying this exercise targeting us, which is carried out across south korea and targeting us is a flagrant challenge to the declaration and military provocation, when encountered to the possible to element on the korean peninsula. the united states will have to
3:40 pm
undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned north korea and u.s. summit in light of this provocative military ruckus jointly conducted with the south korean authorities. so, what about this ruckus, where this leads and what is it? let's bring in our panel. judge andrew napolitano, philip bump, and steven hilton, former advisor to british prime minister david cameron and host of the next revolution here on fox news channel. steve, it seems like posturing. is this thing falling apart, do we think? >> i think it's perfectly possible this is part of the choreography. we never, just as what president trump is doing is seen here as a big risk, it's also likely that back in north korea, what kim is doing is seen as a risk and he may have people and factions there that he needs to placate to show that he's not caving in. and there's this delicate dance that has to be done to get to that summit.
3:41 pm
i think the response from president trump will be crucial. he wants this really badly, and i think he's going to do everything to herd the cats the right way to get in that summit. it's going to be very important to see his response and i think that matters much more than anything we hear from our diplomats. >> bret: if you heard rand paul say, is not so bad that we stop the military exercises. the people at the pentagon's heads would explode it because they've been doing that for so long and they think it's crucial to the region to continue to do it. >> it certainly is down the line, i think everyone would like to see a scenario where sets of exercises are less necessary. the critical point is, president trump has gone against his art of the deal mentality and put his cards on the table. his cards are, i very much want this thing to happen. i think north korea recognize us to some that that gives him leverage over the united states and president trump in this moment to try to twist some arms
3:42 pm
come and knowing president trump has said i hope to win the nobel peace prize, but he hinted he would help there would be some recognition for this. it's also interesting to note, north korea is also a little incensed in the way that the united states has sort of assumed ownership over that of elements on the korean peninsula, and this could also be to some extent and a reaction of that. >> it could be some posturing, trying to show strength coming up to the summit, but we have also seen in the past, 1992, 20,002,007, but they had nice words about moving toward more of a piece, and it ended up being nothing toward the regime. >> bret: basically looking at north korea's past, they haven't been great about keeping up with their promises. >> not at all.
3:43 pm
when congress woman mick sally and us were here, i agree with her but i wonder if our diplomats ought to have known that this was coming? i mean certainly, kim knew that these exercises were going to take place. rand paul is my dear friend but you are right, the military heads would explode. it's too late late to stop this thing. the cost would be far too much and the implication of stopping it is so contrary to everything donald trump stands for. >> bret: which is essentially strength. >> correct. so either we didn't know this was coming, or we poorly prepared and this is the way we are. and as steve said company has to appeal to his base. it's not a nationwide base, it's a small base, but to ensure to see how he stays in tub power. >> bret: then we have zte come this chinese company and a walk
3:44 pm
back of what were going to be sanctions against this. i saw on twitter as someone speculate in that maybe kim looked at that and said, i want a piece of that. maybe i should ask for some too. >> that's one way of looking at it. i think the sophistication of the different players here is something that we can't be certain about. i think the chinese definitely feel, as you are saying, because the president wants this so badly, they have some leverage here. >> bret: in that case, the chinese deal with trade. >> that's right. but if he does one deal, that's one. but if you look at the increased scrutiny across the spectrum, not just this big one but throughout the technology deals, i think overall the stance towards china is way tougher than it was before and i think that needs to continue. but to get this delicate process on and keeping it on the road, you may need to give the odd
3:45 pm
concession here and now. >> that's why pompeo was out there. this is a lot of spinning plates for the new secretary of state, mike pompeo, and we will see what happens. time will tell where they're at the stays on schedule and june 12th is a momentous day in history. june 12th, 1987, was the day that president ronald reagan deliver that now iconic phrase, mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. five months after that, mikael gorbachev traveled to d.c. for a summit in washington and two years later that while would come down. i have a new book out today, three days in moscow. ronald reagan and the fall of the soviet empire. it details the three days around the summit and reagan's speech to moscow university's students. the moscow summit was the final of four summits. geneva, greco vic, washington and moscow and that led to a
3:46 pm
major treaty on intermediate nuclear weapons, eventually leading to the end of the cold war. i recently spoke with reagan secretary of state, george stoltz tell mike scholz, about those summits. reagan and gorbachev hit it off from the start, talking for hours. >> they go in and start talking. they are there for 15 minutes. they are there for half >> did you want to interrupt? >> there is someone whose job it in the white house is to go around and say time is up. and i said, don't you dare go in. the longer they spent together, the better it is. >> that's true. the book is out today everywhere. we will see how those talks between president trump and kim jong un may go. next up, the senator john mccain insults
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>> the person who said that should apologize, and should apologize publicly. >> if i had said that, i would apologize. >> why would you not just apologize and move on. it would be easier to do. it wasn't the president making a statement, but i'm sure if he asked her to apologize, she would. >> bret: president meeting with senate republicans today on capitol hill, and we are on our third news cycle now on calls for an apology about something that was said behind closed doors about senator john mccain, essentially not being around longer, and the reaction from capitol hill has been amazing. direction from the white house has been amazing. it's amazing that this has gone on so long.
3:51 pm
this is a leak about something that was said, it was horrific, and yet we are still talking about it. >> i think one thing that the trump administration has shown and the president showed on the campaign trail was the ability to keep things festering for a while. >> bret: do you think he wants to keep it festering? >> i don't think he wants to come up they also don't want to apologize. he was talking about the mentality behind that that, but most politicians would very quickly jump on this and try to prevent it from being something that was talked about for multiple days. but that's not how it works. quite frankly, his relationship with folks on the hill has not been terribly great because he doesn't act like a typical politician and i'm sure this will hurt him over the long run, either. >> will certainly on the hill they want this to happen, and he's not doing it. people at home, where they've
3:52 pm
perceiving that? >> well if you like him, then you think this is another example of getting at him for no good reason. this whole conversation about leaking does remind me of the famous saying, former british prime ministers james callahan. he said what you do is leaking, what i do is briefing. and so that goes down in history as defining. >> the brief in chief is upset about a leak even though we know how sophisticated he can be when it comes to that. this is now a moral issue. john mccain is an icon in a republican party, obviously close to the end of his days. he is a colleague of republicans in the senate, in the house. and that's the support and enthusiasm the president needs. the quickest way to end them is to apologize, unless you have a moral revulsion about the apology.
3:53 pm
>> but now the story from the white house is about the leak and not the original statement. >> the president wants a story to be about the leak. the moral issue is the original statement and the refusal to address it. calling leakers, traders, is an insult to the constitution. this is not an act of treason. >> what's happening is this comes out from the white house in a negative way about what's going on. >> there are all kinds of leaks. some exist to her colleagues, and some disagree the policies putting forth. but none of them are helpful. i will say to something else that has gone on in the white house but not as badly as it has, using the media to shiv each other. that was going on quite a bit in the administration. >> and she said the personnel changes coming. >> i worked at the heart of the
3:54 pm
administration, i started companies and run them and it's a very simple truths, in any organization, leaking is a sign of a bad culture. a bad culture is a sign about management. in the end do you have to ask who is running the team. that is not the job of the president, that's the job of the chief of staff. it's quite clear that john kelly, for him all his attributes in his career, he has not put in place the professional team that delivers the president's agenda in a unified way. so he has to take some responsibility for it. >> the they now may be see it as chaotic again. >> the two things i'd say about that for us, that certainly is the case. what we saw in the early days of the administration, we are not seeing that level of leaking at this point. it's hard to remember how often that happens. but also, he and the president have grown distant recently.
3:55 pm
i don't know if that plays a role. the way that he first planted his flag as being antiestablishment and it rallied people to his cause was by challenging john mccain's war record. i don't know that this is -- that this particular thing as a sort of thing that donald trump would take a hard stance on. >> we shall see, but we are talking about it. thank you panel. when we come back, they write the songs the blade quality you'd expect from gillette... affordability you might not. the new gillette3 & gillette5.
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>> bret: it live look at the rain in new york city. all the cabs and lying there. finally tonight, the miracles of music. motown giant smokey robinson came to capitol hill today to back changes in federal music licensing and copulate law. if the current system denies royalties to the writers and producers of many oldies written before 1972 that are still on the radio and streaming services. >> i know a lot of musicians and producers and writers who have fallen on hard times and who could really use that money. >> those motown hits were literally the soundtrack of my life. today we get to say i love you back and forth to smokey robinson and the judiciary treaty hearing is a very good day. >> the comments kind of brought a tear to my eye but it's not the tears of a clown.
4:00 pm
that would be senator tillis. >> bret: you can always count on senator kennedy. a little zinger among all that harmony. that's it for the "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story" with my friend martha write down the hall. >> martha: good to have you in new york tonight. it is election night and we are now less than one hour away from the first bold closing as voters are casting their ballots in four different states. one of them critical for democrats if they want to win back control of congress. and as the president ready to make some changes at the white house to stop the latest round of leaks? sean spicer has some thoughts on all of this for us tonight and he's coming up next. but first. this fox news alert is kim jong un calling president trump's bluff tonight. we are waiting for direct word now from the president if he chooses to speak in