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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that would be senator tillis. >> bret: you can always count on senator kennedy. a little zinger among all that harmony. that's it for the "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story" with my friend martha write down the hall. >> martha: good to have you in new york tonight. it is election night and we are now less than one hour away from the first bold closing as voters are casting their ballots in four different states. one of them critical for democrats if they want to win back control of congress. and as the president ready to make some changes at the white house to stop the latest round of leaks? sean spicer has some thoughts on all of this for us tonight and he's coming up next. but first. this fox news alert is kim jong un calling president trump's bluff tonight. we are waiting for direct word now from the president if he chooses to speak in response.
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at what is his next move now the kim jong un appears to be threatening to call off the summit if the united states doesn't stop military exercises with the south? hears heather at the state department responding. >> they are exercises that are legal. they are planned well, well in advance. we have not heard anything from the government. >> martha: this comes on the heels of huge concessions that began at the olympics and kept right on going through the release of our hostages. so what is up? marc theissen, michael and ambassador dennis ross, under five different presidents all here to respond tonight. kristin fisher live at the white house with the latest there. >> so far the white house isn't saying much. all they've said is that they are aware of the reports that the north koreans have canceled talks set for tomorrow with the south koreans and are threatening to perhaps not show up or perhaps even cancel next month's big summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un.
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why? all because of an ongoing joint military drill between the u.s. and south korea. these kinds of drills are very common. the pentagon's as they are defensive in nature and this one has been planned for months. in fact, the state department spokeswoman says the north koreans were well aware of this drill and they said they were fine with it. now they are not sure what changed, especially since the north koreans have not reached out to them. >> what we have to go on is what kim jong un has that before, that he understands and appreciates the importance to the united states of having these joint exercises. the republic of korea has as well. we have received no formal or informal notification about anything. >> all the u.s. has to go off of is this statement from north korea's news agency. "the u.s. will have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned north korea-u.s. summit in light of this provocative military ruckus jointly conducted with the south korean authorities." they also said that these drills are running counter to the
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positive political development on the korean peninsula. just six days ago that president trump was thinking kim jong un for releasing those three american citizens. this really is a very big shift in tone from the north koreans. the state department says it is going to continue going forward with planning and preparing for this big summit in singapore which is exactly four weeks away from tonight. >> martha: that's four weeks to figure this whole thing out. here now, marc theissen. american enterprise institute scholar and fox news contributor and michael nettles, author of dear reader, the unauthorized autobiography of kim jong il, kim jong un's father. good to see both of you tonight. mark, let me start with you. what do you make of this news? >> has a number of possibilities. one of them could be as kim jong un is looking for a way out of this thing. if the fact his trump is pretty much boxed human pretty quickly. he accepted the offer for the summit a lot faster than anyone thought. kim probably wants an agreement
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like the iran nuclear deal which has sanctions and cash up front. no restrictions on ballistic missiles and the like and sunset clauses and from sent a message last week that that's not going to happen, he doesn't cut deals like that and then secretary pompeo went out and made a stunning offer, which is to say that if he gives up his nuclear weapons, we will help them gain prosperity on par with that of south korea. that is a destabilizing offer because if kim goes to a summit and turned that down, he is responsible for the misery of the north korean people, so he may be looking for a way to get out of this thing. >> martha: you've been studying this regime for a long time. how do you read this move? >> notice this has been done publicly instead of behind the scenes. those back channels for a long time now between the u.s. and north korea. north korea and south korea. the fact they are not giving us a heads up even though the exercises have been held since the 70s at the very least, north korea always complains about provocation. so this is just nonsense. this is their attempt to very effectively humiliate us and
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also to embarrass us because now you have the state department going on tv saying we don't know what's going on. that makes us look like fools and that is something that they do very effectively. >> martha: i can't help but wonder this is sort of a negotiation tool because a lot of these concessions are things the president has been able to tout. they give is this, they give us that. so kim jong un is a leader. he's a young leader. he is surrounded by advisors and people who are perhaps pushing back at this idea to a certain extent and i wonder if some of this isn't just his way, michael, of saying, you know what, we are coming to the table, but we are going to hold a bit back your and now we are a little bit upset about these exercises, it's a bargaining chip. >> again this is not exercises that just happen overnight, these are plan months in advanc advance. north korea posts that were necessary they will stop america across the face of a what kim jong un can go forward to his people when they look at the propaganda, and made fools of them and south korea at the same
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time. don't think i'm giving up anything. >> martha: john brennan with his response today to what happened. he never misses an opportunity to be critical of president trump, so he took an opportunity this afternoon to do this. this turn of events is on a pricing, donald trump seems enamored with a fire aimed ready policymaking process that is fraught with pitfalls as well as potential disasters. not sure when if ever mr. trump will realize he has not the smartest man or even the best negotiator in the world, indeed, far from it. mark. >> that's remarkable. john brennan, never misses an opportunity to politicize national security. there something going on here and we have to figure out what it is. another possibility, quite frankly is that kim jong un is probing donald trump to see if -- this is a typical north korean tactic, to make nice and then all of a sudden threaten to take your marbles and go home and he wants to see can he get trump to scale back the exercises? and he get a figure with south korea? the south korean president is a supporter of this sunshine policy.
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maybe he sprinkled a little rain on the sunshine policy and it goes away. or finally, it's possible that kim is not that strong. we don't know all that much about how solidified he is in his leadership and this could be a sign of weakness on his part. >> martha: here's an interesting headline that came off of cnn. in the middle of all of this, while we were waiting for the white house to respond, this story. sought to evacuate military families right before the olympics. it goes on to sort of describe this back and forth pentagon and the president right before the olympics. he said maybe we should pull these families out because we all were member during that time we had just watched several very provocative missile launches and there was discussion that a military option was perhaps on the table. what do you read into that? >> north korea when they take hostages, they always have a dubious explanation because then they can later return them in exchange for ransom. the military, a straight face, these are enemies. we are taking them for a reason. we'll meet briefly address the brennan commons. if you are dealing in weapons
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disaster of course that's on the table. that's why you have those negotiations. the idea that you will have these negotiations and be fined automatically is not good. >> i agree with that entirely. of course the only way we can have a successful negotiation -- kim has no intention of giving up his nuclear weapons just like his father had no intention when he duped the clinton administration. the only way you have a chance of a successful negotiation of any kind is if the threat of military forces on the table and the north koreans believe it's a live, real threat. by definition, any negotiation, the alternative to negotiation is military option. >> martha: they made a lot of concessions and you see mike pompeo, the new secretary of state combat, he said they had these warm discussions, they realize they're both working on the half of their own country and they have their own interests at heart and there seems to be from a number of folks that we have spoken to over the course of the last week on this, the indication that perhaps kim jong un is looking for a slightly different path for north korea at this point. and if he wants that he is going to have to come to the summit,
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michael. >> there is some truth to that and maybe china is putting pressure on the back end. it doesn't matter what they say, it matters what they do. with cotton three hostages. there's 25 million left, which are the north korean people. they can promise us the world but they boast they lie when necessary. they played russia and china against each other. these are people who lie, cheat and steal to maintain their hold in power because they have to when these companies -- >> martha: thank you very much. good to see you both. joining me now with more, ambassador, former national security council senior director. ambassador, very good to have you with us. thanks for being here. i want to get your reaction to this breaking news from north korea and their objection to these exercises. what's your take? >> i do think that we are seeing some probing to see what we might do. there also certainly is a possibility he's trying to play
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upon what is the unmistakable desire of the south to have all this work and here again see if he can get something for it. to show he get something even before the summit. i think there's one other possibility. obviously here the president has made it clear he is looking forward to this. in his building expectations and maybe what you see kim jong un do is also probe to see or at least send a message to the president that this isn't necessarily a given. he is i think maneuvering right now. he's going to be kind of a k.g. player when it comes to negotiations and he is testing to see how important this is to the united states. >> martha: what to think president trump's response should be now? >> i think the response should be he's serious about discussions, but obviously you can't talk to yourself. if he doesn't want to come to the summit, that's his choice. >> martha: i want to turn your attention to what we have seen playing out in israel and along the gaza border. there has been a lot of mixed response in the media with
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regard to the violence that we saw on the gaza strip and here is some of what we have been hearing in that regard. let's play that. >> more than 40 people dead today and the white house isn't offering condolences, they are not offering any sort of heartfelt comments on the loss of life. >> with their slingshots and burning tires, the protesters, including six children who were reportedly killed today, seem to be losing their lives for nothing. >> all of those babies are dead. all of those people are dead. there are a lot of folks who are dead today. for what? >> martha: here's the response from ben shapiro. >> i think there are so many media outlets that are -- it's actually quite incredible. hamas has not been unclear about their intent here. they've been saying for weeks they want to send literally 100,000 people to storm the border with israel. >> martha: what do you think? >> look, there's no doubt that hamas is trying to take
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advantage of this. i think we have to take a step back and say what is it that hamas is trying to do? i think there are several things. one, they want to change the subject. they want to divert attention away about what life is like in gaza, which is, it's awful. if the people in gaza in no small part hold hamas responsible for it. two, they want to put pressure on the president of the palestinian authority. he is putting pressure on them economically and when they take on the israelis this way they obviously put him in the corner as well. three, they actually want to stigmatize the israelis and i don't mind if they die in the process. a better way to put israel on the docket. and for they are probably trying to show they are at least doing is something on behalf of the palestinian movement. these are all motivations, none of which relate to doing something for the people of gaza, all of which relate to hamas trying to change the position that it's in. >> martha: i want to play this from nikki haley today and get your thoughts at the u.n. >> the common thread in all of this is the disabling conduct of
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the iranian regime, everything that insists on promoting violence throughout the middle east while depriving its own people of basic human rights. >> martha: she walked out before the palestinian leader spoke there today. what did you think about her comments? >> i think she is putting what's happening in a broader context. i don't think the iranians are responsible for what's going on there. i do think they are certainly interested. one of the things the iranians want to do especially after the president made the decision on walking away from the jcpoa is to try to demonstrate that there's a clock. -- there's a cost. it doesn't come cost free. are they the ones responsible for it? no. are they certainly trying to promote it? absolutely. >> martha: ambassador, always good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> martha: less than one hour until we start to get the polls closing in a race that is crucial for democrats who want to win back control of congress this fall.
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but their numbers have been shrinking in the polls. chris stirewalt and mo elleithee on where this whole blue wave thing might be going. and president trump called white house leakers traders and cowards. so who is he pointing the finger at, and are they next to be fired? former white husky communications director sean spicer, straight ahead. >> some lakes exist to hurt i guess colleagues, some because they disagree with the policies that are being put forth. but none of them are helpful. ♪ liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> martha: it is primary night across the united states tonight is the midterm outlook looks to be changing daily as democrats blue wave prospects -- it's around plus three, plus four, plus and some if you look across them and a top g.o.p. pack is saying if the midterms were held today they think they would keep the house, so are they right? here's what we find out tonight. four states on the board, pennsylvania, nebraska, idaho and oregon. the polls close in less than an hour in pennsylvania where her dull my current house g.o.p. and from support of lou barletta hopes to beat fellow republican jim christiana in the primary
4:19 pm
there and the winner will go up against incumbent democratic senator bob casey, the kc name obviously is storied and has a long history in pennsylvania, so that's going to be a tough one for republicans and it is clearly one to watch. here now, political expert chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor and mo elleithee, executive director of georgetown university's institute for politics. wait to see both of you tonight. >> howdy, ma'am. >> martha: chris, let me start with you. what are you watching closely tonight? >> we got six races on our fox news power rankings that are competitive in pennsylvania. that's six house races. democrats could come out of there with as many as a net four. republicans are ceding a lot of territory but it's going to depend a lot on how these primary go. it's a little harder for democrats to flip as in a incumbent republican who doesn't have a ton of baggage. they are having a tough primary.
4:20 pm
it's getting better, the kind of candidates that national candidates want. she's a former republican, she's a moderate. a veteran, an attorney, she is a young woman but she is up against and entranced local force, a trial lawyer. they have a lot of money. it's races like that that will determine whether the democrats have the horses they need to knock off republicans and turn it from a good year to a great year for them. >> martha: one of the things that people are looking at is that there is a flood of democrats in these primaries and the concern for your party that there may be too many, that they might dilute each others chances and cancel each other out. >> i don't know about that. the fact that there are so many democratic candidates jumping into these braces, there are democratic candidates running in districts that the party hasn't fielded a candidate in decades in some cases. i think it speaks to the energy that democrats are feeling right now. we've been seeing this throughout the course of all these special elections and now
4:21 pm
through the primary season or democratic turnout is up. oftentimes significantly outperforming what's been happening in the past. >> martha: let me stay with you for just a second. corey bliss, interesting from the congressional leadership fund. they are trying to keep the house on the republican side. kevin mccarthy and paul ryan. they are feeling pretty optimistic from what they are seeing right now and he's saying that his advice to democrats if they want to win is don't nominate progressives. don't talk about impeachment and don't talk about russia. are you concerned that democratic candidates are spending too much time on those three things? >> no, because i'm actually not hearing that for most democratic candidates in the races that they are running. if you look at the ads that most democratic candidates in these competitive seats are running, they are not talking about impeachment and they are not talking about russia. they are talking primarily about economic issues and bread-and-butter issues and drawing contrast with the
4:22 pm
republican candidates. they are going after president trump pretty aggressively but that's only part of the equation for them. we saw that with conor lam in a special election upset earlier this year and we are seeing it in a lot of these races across the country. that's where i expect most of the candidates in these real swing districts like the one we are seeing in pennsylvania will land. >> martha: republicans are raising a lot of money. that clf, $71 million versus $2 million in the same cycle last time around. the american action fund has similar growth. cannot money put them over the top and some of these races? >> it's good to have national money. national money is great, but it comes with national direction. but the democrats have comparably this year is they have on the race by race level, democrats have turned out to be better at raising money on the candidate by candidate basis. you saw with connor lam versus rick, a good example where you had all this national, corporate
4:23 pm
money flowing through a big spigot to try to help them out. connor lam was getting direct money and generally, generally there are idiots on every level, but generally speaking the candidates closest -- the people closest to the race are better at knowing what the race needs, so the democrats to have that going for them. >> martha: chris, what do you think? when you look at these numbers and the advantage for democrats has narrowed in polls over the recent weeks. is that meaningful to you? >> democrats to a certain degree living with the false expectations that were set at the end of the year when things were just a total garbage buyer for the republicans. it's been a consistent five, six, seven points. it's been right in that space on average. that's what it is. if the electoral held today the republicans might lose the house, they might keep it by a couple seats it would be on par with what we have expected historically to see in presidential first-term midterms. the average loss of seats is 24,
4:24 pm
historically speaking. republicans can only lose 23 and hold on to the house. >> martha: very interesting. thanks you guys, great to see you both tonight. still ahead, responsible for hundreds of deaths of american servicemen and women in iraq. so is this headline from "the washington post" a bit disturbing? rob o'neill is here to answer that question. he remembers this killer's work only too well. and last night on the story. >> do you expect personnel changes as a result? >> i do actually, yes, i do. >> martha: former white house press secretary sean spicer joins me next. ♪
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>> i will tell you something that's going on in the white house but not as badly as it was at the beginning. it's not so much leaking as using the media to shiv each other and that was going on quite a bit at the beginning of the administration and its less so now. i can't go on more but i had several discussions with the president on this very topic today. >> martha: do you expect personnel changes as a result? >> i do actually, yes i do. >> martha: that was tantalizing. kellyanne conway here on "the story" last night. comes in the wake of several major leaks that if white house hard and sent them scrambling on defense to put an end to this flow. a man joining me now, former white house press secretary sean spicer. also the author of the upcoming book, the briefing, which we are looking forward to talking to him about as well. while matt, sean. people using the media to she shiv shiv each other. it sounds like there are going
4:30 pm
to be some people who will get fired. >> might once have started to heal so i feel pretty good. she's absolutely right. it's an absolute honor to be able to work at the white house and serve the american people and help implement the president's agenda and anybody who goes there and leaks really undermines both the honor that the president has bestowed upon them and the agenda that the president is pursuing on behalf of the american people and i think kelly anna's absolutely right. any unauthorized leaks information -- >> martha: this is like a year and a half. all the cycles of people in the communications department and then john kelly was brought in. this was going to stop the leaks. anthony scaramucci said he was going to stop the leaks. what is the problem? how tough is it to run a tighter operation? >> people have very ingenious ways these days, encrypted apps, et cetera to go after each other but i think part of the problem is that you've got a media
4:31 pm
that's willing to take any story that comes from anybody that wants to as kelly and put it, shiv their fellow employees so that there is a willing audience to get retribution or undermine someone else's agenda and score political -- petty political points if they don't want to undermines models on the team. i think that's sad, that's wrong and i think kelly and as i mentioned is right. the people who are caught doing that undermine what this president is working hard to do and distract from his ability to implement and drive a message that cares about the american people. >> martha: the big one this week was this woman and what you said about john mccain, very heartless comments and i guess somebody who doesn't like her shivved her as kelly and said. what do you think should happen to her? >> i'm not privy to the information that happened or exactly what did but i will tell you this, senator mccain and anybody who has suffered from any of these horrific diseases
4:32 pm
should have our utmost sympathy and prayers. regardless of the context that it set in, i believe as a catholic that if we make a mistake, we ask for forgiveness and we forgive. if it was set i would implore her to ask for forgiveness and those who were hurt by that, to equally give the forgiveness. but right now our thoughts and prayers are with senator mccain and all those who suffer from diseases that are taking away from their ability to live a normal and healthy life. and so i wish we could get over this in a way that honors senator mccain and expresses our thoughts and prayers for him and his family. >> martha: i hear you. i agree with you on that. this is john kelly, the chief of staff, on npr. >> in retrospect, i wish i had been here from day one. >> how so? >> in terms of staffing or serving the president, the first six months was pretty chaotic. there were people hired that
4:33 pm
maybe shouldn't have been hired. it's not that things were a disaster that first six months, but i believe they could have been better. >> martha: do you think, take that personally i guess is the first question and do you think it would have been better if he had been there from the beginning? >> i have a ton of respect for general kelly kelly and his seo our country. i will leave it at that and just say that the first six months we had a disrupter coming into this white house who hadn't served in politics before. he wasn't a politician. he brought in a team that really was able to shake things up and we had some bumpy roads but we did a lot to succeed for this president and his agenda. i'm proud of the work that we did over those six months and i think everybody in the white house should stop worrying about what happened in the past and focus on the future and what the president is doing to keep our country safe and make everyone live a better, healthier and more prosperous life. >> martha: with regard to the chief of staff, general kelly, he's off on the subject of leaks, about things he said and
4:34 pm
then he has to apologize for them. who is after him in the white house? who is putting this out there? >> i will tell you this, i generally -- i wouldn't want to cross a marine, never mind a four star remain. i don't know who's got the guts to do that but it's probably not a smart move because they think of general kelly found out they would last about two seconds of the white house. i think generally speaking people who week are people who are losing an argument or want to undermine the person that's winning the argument or undermine their authority so i think general kelly was brought in to bring some discipline and order to a white house and i think people who are unhappy with the process that he has laid out are probably trying to undermine that. >> martha: do you hope he stays? >> i hope that if that's what the president wants, but i think ultimately i want the president the president's agenda to succeed. i think general kelly has done a great job as chief of staff and if you do president and he want to keep going together that's
4:35 pm
great. they are tough jobs. it's extremely intense and i think it's a mutual decision that both of them have to have going forward but as long as the president wants him and he wants to stay i think it's a great combination so far. >> martha: you been writing a book about your time, the briefing. i asked you when you were in the break if you had need ptsd when you were writing the book and you said it was very cathartic experience. i hope you will come back soon and we will talk about the book when it comes out very good to see you. >> good to see you, thank you. >> martha: take care. coming up, take a look at that photo. what do you see? >> the photos or exactly how they were taken. i choose to believe it. i think it's an angel. >> martha: and also coming up, a man responsible for explosives that killed and injured hundreds of u.s. military now being called a maverick in the u.s. press. that's not exactly how former navy seal rob o'neill remembers it. he's up next. ♪ ity
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>> martha: a shiite cleric who was enemy one during the iraq war is now leading in the elections in iraq. responsible for the deaths of hundreds of u.s. forces, but now he is the subject of a report in "the washington post" that called him a "maverick cleric." trace gallagher with a clear eyed look at his back story tonight. hi, trace. >> hi, martha. during the u.s. occupation of iraq, who "the washington post": maverick was in fact enemy number one attacking and killing american soldiers with ak-47s and rocket propelled grenade launchers. at the time the pentagon said that she had melissa known as the army had "replaced al qaeda in iraq is the most dangerous accelerant of potentially self-sustaining sectarian violence in al-sadr's hatred towards america and its allies with well-documented. here is shiite cleric back in
4:41 pm
2011, watch. >> iraq is going through difficult times that send people into a panic, disturbed all the people and was a source of discomfort for all except for our common enemy, america, israel and britain. therefore, repeat after me. no, no america. >> but foreigners aside, al-sadr and the army were also behind the also the so-called cleansing of baghdad where they targeted sunni neighborhoods killing civilians by the thousands. the army also propagated the widespread corruption that has plagued iraq for more than a decade and get now the army has renamed itself the peace brigade and al-sadr's major campaign theme was anticorruption. even though al-sadr didn't run as a candidate winning the most seats in the election means that he is now in the best position to select the country's next prime minister and shape iraq's policies going forward, which is
4:42 pm
significant considering u.s. troops could be in iraq for some time. both defense secretary jim mattis and the chairman of the joint chiefs marine corps general have said keeping u.s. troops in iraq is critical to prevent the resurgence of the islamic state. the question now is how u.s. leaders recalibrate their stance towards the former public enemy number one. >> martha: that's a great question. thank you very much. now with more, rob o'neill. former navy seal as you may know as the man who killed osama bin laden and he is the author of the book "the operator." good to see you. al-sadr, that's the way that we remember him, as the number one enemy. try to take him out many times. i remember lots of reports that he was dead and that he wasn't dead. this is the person who was responsible for very complicated explosive devices that hurt a lot of our people. why is he being called a maverick? >> he's being called a maverick, some reason a lot of people in the media want to go against any
4:43 pm
agenda president trump has. part of the hashtag thing, "the washington post" is very, very liberal. if they can build them up it maybe looks president trump look bad for the iran nuke deal because of this guy is a shiite muslim like the iranian regime, sort of from different schools of it. he's always been involved with everything and he's been really, really good about using parts -- this is religious. make no mistake of it. iran is about the religion and al-sadr is about the religion. and what he's been able to do is use a religion to sort of life or different things and get his agenda. he said before every time he was surrounded he would hide in a mosque because he knew we wouldn't hit it because we don't want to insult islam. he would end it when he wants to win. now he's lying to say -- what he's saying is he's not going to support the iranians because his school of shiite islam respects borders and respects iraq. excuse me, respects iraq and
4:44 pm
supposedly will not let iran go through iraq and deal with syria, which makes it look like he doesn't care about israel, but you heard it right there. number one eminent domain enemy is america, than israel and britain. if you can come forward, he uses a lot of the poor to get power, including sunni to say he wants iraq back. then he can work with has below behind the scenes. if the iraqi eyes are looking at him, you can do a lot of stuff behind a curtain, which it has always done. he's very smart. his family has always been involved. he cleverly escaped assassination when his father was killed by saddam hussein and two of his brothers. this guy is no stranger. they like him in iraq because he never once pled even during saddam, he stayed there. >> martha: the current leader, he may lose it looks like to al-sadr's coalition and whoever he puts in place. what will that mean for our u.s. troops who are still the ground there? >> al-sadr is saying he's going to respect the deals that we have between the united states, the coalition and the iraqis. but he's not going to do that.
4:45 pm
>> martha: he says we are now at the peace brigade. >> the peace brigade is the former army, pretty much the number one -- they started bringing in iranian-made explosively formed penetrators, the most advanced type of improvised explosive device that killed and maimed hundreds and hundreds of american and coalition forces. that's the army. they changed their name to the peace brigade and naturally the liberal media is all over it. it must mean they're peaceful. but part of their religion in the quran that says it doesn't matter what you say, what matters is in your heart, which means you can get close to them until these nonbelievers nonbelievers what they want to believe and we will just turn a blind eye because we take them at face value. >> martha: it's amazing to look at this guy who was, as i said, number one enemy. to be called a maverick cleric. maverick is aware that i think most americans associate with john mccain. thinking outside the box, the guy who is unconventional, who's going to vote however he wants to vote.
4:46 pm
that is a very -- >> he kind of does that, he thinks outside the box and he's been involved for a long time. he's just telling people what they want to hear. he stood up against the sunnis and he didn't mention the death squads. now we can do it again. taking advantage of the poor, taking advantage of the sunnies. he tells them you don't want the iranians to come in and he tells the shiite you don't want isis. i can help you. >> martha: do you think you will win? >> it yet. he's going to pick the next bar minister. it will be him. it won't be him. he had his own plane. he knows what he's doing. >> martha: always good to see you. thanks for being here tonight on this rainy new york city night. he walked all the way here. a tough guy. so what do you see in this picture? rob sees an angel. right? >> angel. he >> martha: up next we will ask an expert. ♪
4:47 pm
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>> martha: story of the night right here. a michigan couple getting the shock of their lives when they got an alert from their security camera in the driveway. >> it was kind of like really unusual. i've never, ever seen anything like it. >> i was like wow. that is an angel.
4:51 pm
>> the photos are exactly how they were taken. i choose to believe it. i think it's an angel. >> martha: take a good look. many, including their pastor said that they believe this image, captured, captured by a security camera shows an angel hovering over the family struck last week. so could it be? and in the next picture, i think we have it, it sort of looks like it has moved to a different part over the truck. joining me now is an expert. pastor don piper who was written about his own experience. he was in a terrible car accident and he says he died and went to heaven and came back. he is the author of "people i met at the gates of heaven." pastor, good to see you tonight. i'm sure that you believe these folks when they say that an angel, right? >> i do. i think we are around them all the time. the bible says that we should treat strangers with absolute courtesy because we never know
4:52 pm
if they are an angel and what that says it is we are to probably treat each other better as humans, but it also says that angels are everywhere and we may not always know who we are talking to. it could be an angel flying above our truck and anytime, anyplace, anywhere. >> martha: this was a motion activated security camera that they keep attached to their home to look out over their driveway and their car. so they believe that the motion of this angel that they feel they saw is what set off the motion detector and they were able to trap it on the video, which you can do if you have one of these cameras. it's a very stunning, beautiful image that they got. but tell me a little bit about your experience, pastor piper. you were in a car crash and you say that you are transported instantly to the gates of heaven. tell me about that. >> exactly. one of the things that happens at the moment of death, and i
4:53 pm
was killed in a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer truck. we are absent from this body and present with the lord. if we are prepared to go, i wasn't planning to die that day but i was ready and it was transported by angels in the bible says in job that we are transported to heaven by angels to abraham's bosom, and that's another euphemism in the bible for heaven itself. if we go there by virtue of angels. a lot of people who are with someone who was dying feel like there's a presence in the room and usually there is and i arrived at the gates of heaven and was greeted by people who helped me get to heaven who preceded me in death. i was surrounded by a lot of humans, but there were angels everywhere as well. angels are not just little cherubs playing harps on clouds. these are robust amazing creatures. some have six wings. some have four, some have two. some have none. but i could hear their voices
4:54 pm
and i could actually hear their wings. that's one of the things that was most stunning and most encouraging and comforting. >> martha: amazing. you say that when you were there -- i just want to put up a glass pipe demographic about the number of people according to gallup who believe in angels and everybody wants to believe in angels. 72% say they do and you can see the other numbers there. you say that everyone that you saw when you went to heaven was someone that you knew. >> they were. i think the people that i did not know in this life were inside. they did not come out to greet me. i think the ones i greeted at the gates of heaven were the ones who helped me get there. which of course when i came back, that motivated me all the more to try to get people into heaven because i know those people helped me get there the question ultimately is who are you going to greet? who are we going to greet when we go there? i think it's going to be the people we help get there. there was an angel back here on earth when i return. a man climbed in the car of the
4:55 pm
wreckage because he felt like i told him to. he prayed over the body and i did return because a lot of people were praying for me who did not already know i was dead. it when i came back, i met him three weeks later after i recovered enough to be conscious and i told him thank you. thank you for praying for me. i found that he prayed for me, but i didn't know he held my hand. >> martha: that's an amazing story. i got to leave it there but thank you so much for sharing it with us. >> absolutely. >> martha: good to see you tonight, sir. >> honored to be here. >> martha: honored to have you. quote of the night when we come back. directv gives you more for your thing. your... quitting cable and never looking back thing. directv is rated #1 in customer satisfaction over cable. switch to directv and now get a $100 reward card.
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let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing. >> martha: author tom wolf died today at the age of 88. known for his unflinching eye on american culture, perhaps best remembered for his portrayal of the sharp contrast of new york city in the 80s. writing this. "and bonfire of the vanities he could see the island of manhattan off to the left. the towers were jammed together so tightly he could feel the mass and stupendous weight.
5:00 pm
just think of the millions all over the globe who yearned to be on that island, that city of ambition, the dense magnetic rock. the irresistible destination of all who insisted on being where all the things were happening." " they were among the victors." >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" ." it is this week, the year anniversary of the beginning of the robert mueller rush investigation at the end of that period we have discovered there is still no evidence at all of collusion between the donald trump for president campaign of 2016 and the russian government but mueller's many supporters in washington don't seem to care about that. that's because the investigation was never about russia, obviously. the whole absurd fever dream was always a way for the ruling class to feel better about losing power in 2016. it was a way for them to avoid thinking about why trump got elected. they never have thought about it.


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