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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 16, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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loser, 2007 amnesty went down in flames, 2013 amnesty went down in flames, don't try any? little tricks, parliamentary discharge petitions or others because we are on to you. see you tomorrow on the radio. we want to hear your thoughts about tonight's show. tweet me at in graham angle. shannon bream's next. >> we begin with a fox news alert. breaking news from north korea. kim jong un threatened to scrap a historic meeting with donald trump a day after canceling talks with south korea and jim comey back in the news, the doj response as the clash over information intensifies. alive report. a shocking story, one of the biggest scandals in minnesota history. a day care fraud system tied to terrorism and it involves tax dollars, is rocking minnesota politics. we have brand-new reaction. we begin tonight with potential
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change of heart by kim jong un hinting he might cancel the historic summit with donald trump. major setback in what appeared to be weeks of progress toward peace and denuclearization. kristen fisher has the latest developing minute by minute. >> the seem to come out of nowhere because the north koreans have made so many concessions in recent weeks but they are notoriously unpredictable and just minutes ago a north korean official said his country has no interest in the summit. all that is based on his 1-sided demands to give up its nuclear arsenal and the trump administration has said repeatedly that complete and the total denuclearization of the korean peninsula is there one and only goal. just 5 days after donald trump personally thanked nikolas cruz releasing those three americans, the north koreans are threatening to walk away from the summit in singapore because
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of ongoing joint military drills between the us and south korea. the pentagon describes these drills as a routine annual event that has been going on for decades. they described them as distinctive in nature but the north koreans don't see it that way. they described them as intentional miller provocation running counter to the positive political development on the korean peninsula adding the us will have to undertake deliberations about the fate of the us summit in light of this military ruckus jointly conducted with south korean authorities. the statement seems to catch the state department of god. >> we have no information on that. we have to go on what kim jong un says, that he understands and appreciates the importance to the united states of having a joint exercise. >> the north koreans have
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canceled talks with south korea when another country, japan, was softening its hard-line stance against pyongyang. japan's prime minister said he considered his own summit with north korea the donald trump summit went well. >> the news just came out. we need to verify, get additional information but we are planning our meeting next month. >> john brennan said he hopes this turn of events isn't surprising since donald trump seems enamored with the policy ready policies process fraught with potential disaster but republican congressman argues it is too soon to say what the statement from north korea means. >> could be just some posturing, trying to show strength coming up to the summit. is a lot of diplomatic efforts going on behind-the-scenes and we should prepare for that so let's see how the next days unfold. >> response to all of this the white house says it is where the statement from north korea and
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is still working to independently assess exactly what it means and how it will proceed. >> in the middle east, the sun is rising and gaza were palestinians organized by hamas are being encouraged to rush security barriers putting them in the range of live fire, teargas and other members meant to repel them. the latest on the situation is the israeli military has delivered 8 trucks with humanitarian and medical supplies to the gaza strip. at the same time i level government officials are debating their next step and the minister said it is time for the personal price for organizing these terror attacks. we need to go back to targeting killings and they need to go back to hiding underground and fearing for their lives, not organizing masses to carry out terror attacks. there's a surprise winner in iraq's primary elections and he's not even one of the 7000
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candidates. the military thought and killed american forces in iraq following the 2003 invasion but he is also opposed to iran's influence. the shiite cleric's coalition of candidates leaves a rack's parliamentary elections. north korea, the summit with donald trump might be in jeopardy to violence at the israeli border. of the trump administration's maximum pressure campaign working or hitting some resistance. let's go to gardner for analysis, director of the market faster center for freedom and republican from wyoming on the senate foreign relations committee and happen to have lunch with the president today and i understand both of these topics came up. great to have both of you would let's start with israel. a lot of blame being spread around on this front. we have this sweet saying a reminder to benjamin and yahoo hamas is not a terrorist organization and palestinians are not terrorists.
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it is a resistance movement that defend the palestinian homeland against an occupying power. the world stands with the people of palestine against their oppressors. >> hamas is a terrorist organization, republicans and democrats agree hamas tries to shoot missiles to kill people in israel. donald trump did the right thing, he promised to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. the last 3 pres.s made the promise, donald trump made it happen, bipartisan support for what he has done. they are inviting this sort of activity but this is their business model, to try to kill people in the state of israel. >> there are reports that hamas was encouraging their people to encroach these areas, we have been there and seen the borders and were told israelis were retreating, they should press forward and a number of leaders including israeli saying hamas is sacrificing its own people
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but the leadership seems unafraid. >> hamas is a terrorist organization committed to the destruction of israel and without a doubt these protests, these riots were used in order to be against israel that hamas has no concern for human life. as one magazine put at the protests, suicide rioters, hamas has no concern for the well-being of the palestinian people. this is a palestinian back terrorist organization backed by iran and israel's right to defend itself against this brutal regime. shannon: we will talk about how the media has been covering this. continuing breaking news, i want
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to read what we have tonight, north korea's first foreign minister says the country has no interest if it is going to be a 1-sided affair where pressure to give up its nukes. that was a key part of this conversation. >> donald trump will not be buffaloed by discussions like this. i continue to be skeptical. this is the best opportunity for them to get rid of their nukes in a peaceful manner. it may work, it may not. he will not be taken in. >> business is late but moving forward with the summit. >> he is hoping they will and happy with the release, this is
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something we can do. he knows north korea, nuclear weapons make the world less safe, less secure, less stable, he wants to remove nuclear weapons from the korean peninsula. a noble goal, he has cooperations including china. he will apply sanctions, to make sure they become to the negotiating table. shannon: the statement media agency says the united states will have to undertake deliberations about the summit in light of this provocative military ruckus jointly conducted with the south korean authorities. these military exercises between south korea and the us are a provocation. and acknowledge the importance of them. and in that issue, what do you think is going on?
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>> these exercises were going to be taking place, they voiced opposition to previous exercises as part of these negotiations. in dealing with a barbaric regime that has helped sway over 7 decades. their actions can be unpredictable. we are dealing with a regime that doesn't play by the rules, just saber rattling from pyongyang to disrupt positive momentum on the us side. and shooting themselves in the foot, they have far more to lose than the united states has, in north korea's interests to be going forward with those talks in singapore in june.
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this is the latest example of posturing from the north koreans, deeply unhelpful but that is to be expected from this. >> do you have something to add? >> i agree, that is completely right. a lot of ups and downs, a bit of a roller coaster but the pres. is focused on accomplishing this. >> free or at the table, we will see. june 12th seems a world away. great to have you. primary day voting in four states, it is a big one, live with resultant crystalline walled here with expert political analysis. what do we know about the columbia university professor who shared the content of james
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comey's memo. did they get them? breaking news on that front just ahead.
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>> shannon: today is primary >> it is primary day in four states that most sides are on pennsylvania with those newly drawn congressional maps likely to benefit democrats in their
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efforts to flip the balance of power in the house. eric shawn is on the ground with the latest results. >> at least eight women won nominations for congress on democratic and republican line. ricks or cohen, the republican state representative defeated by connor lamb in pittsburgh, he lost the primary republican battle to a candidate in another district. as for the us senate race in pennsylvania, it is going to be a doozy. 4 term incumbent congressman defeated jim christianoh setting up the battle for bob casey. a self-made businessman, mayor of hazleton, made national headlines for his stance on illegal immigration.
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he was endorsed by donald trump who urged him to run for the seat. he likened his candidacy to that of the pres. reaching out to reagan democrats, calls himself a blue-collar working-class guy who will fight for pennsylvanians noting casey votes for sen. elizabeth warren. in massachusetts and not pennsylvania, does not have the values of the keystone state. >> the media said donald trump could not win in pennsylvania. pennsylvania took donald trump to the white house. i was told i would never be made her. i was mayor for three terms. they told me we would never be and incompetently beat an incumbent and they said i won't beat bob casey and we are going to beat bob casey. >> reporter: casey has been in office 12 years and is the son of former governor robert pk,
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one largest critics of the pres. and urged him to resign over sexual misconduct. his campaign issued a statement that said in part this will be a choice between a candidate who fights for corporate interests, stacked the deck against them and the candidate who made it his mission to protect social security, medicare and medicaid and spent years working to privatize or cut those programs. a choice between a candidate who stands up to donald trump when he is strong and who believes donald trump can do no wrong. from franklin and marshall college, at least for now, casey has the edge. >> kept the connection to the working-class unlike a lot of other urban democrats. i would like to deck out casey is from scranton, you are not an
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urban democrat. >> part of the working-class theme is the sign of one word, not the last name, just lose. he says before this election is over every pennsylvanian will know unlike lou. >> it is like madonna or eric. thank you for your report in the midst of this stuff primary season. let's turn to policy editor and editor of the halftime report for analysis of these races. what do you make of what has happened in pennsylvania? >> poor rick succone must wish he had never came out of the state house. we think of politics as power and all this stuff. we are talking relatively small
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numbers of people grinding out tough races that union halls. in a year like this with so many people running and i mean so many, democrats coming out of the woodwork to run especially in pennsylvania or nebraska where you have a big chance for democratic pickups, a lot of sweat equity went into this. shannon: this is what the republican chairman as to say about what will happen to republicans out of pennsylvania. >> 13 republican congressman, 5 democrats in the special election last month. we think that could be a 9-9 split by the time the race is over. we could lose 3 or 4 seats, as many as 5. shannon: that could be a big deal getting to that extra seats they need to flip the house.
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>> they got to do it in pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, california. a bunch of blue states. when you have good years as republicans did in 2014 and 2016 you win in places you may be shouldn't have where demographic changes take place. eastern pennsylvania, suburban philadelphia is a big one. we expect republicans right now to lose three or four. democrats probably didn't get the candidate they wanted in the first district but they can easily get three. republicans have to take one back in western pennsylvania represented by connor lamb. this is not going to be a good state for the republicans in any likelihood. their job is to hold the line as best they can. shannon: some results out of idaho. and the idaho races.
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and the republican party of idaho. the republican party of idaho going there is serious debate, libertarian stage, mormon establishment kind of state, their gubernatorial primary to replace butch otter will be very interesting. shannon: excellent flyfishing as well. >> you cannot use a potato to catch a fish. shannon: pro-choice groups say they filed a lawsuit challenging the most restrictive abortion law in iowa. a provision banning most abortions want to fetal heartbeat is detected in the sixth week of pregnancy. democratic atty. gen. says he won't defend the law thank it
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would undermine rights and protections for women. the lawsuit filed by the aclu and planned parenthood seeks an injunction that would put the limitation on hold during the lawsuit. a legal process that could take years. republicans want answers and getting some. the department of justice on the columbia professor who share the content of james comey's memo, we are joined by andy biggs who will tell us what it means. and going undercover for one of the greatest scandals ever to hit minnesota. millions of taxpayer dollars ending up in the hands of terrorists. the incredible story coming up. from the nyeri highlands, 6,000 feet above sea level. but how do you really know that the beans journeyed to the port of mombasa and across the pacific? that you can trust they're 100% authentic? ibm blockchain. a smart way to track every step, ensuring this coffee did indeed come
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shannon: fox news alert, breaking news from capitol hill, new information on former fbi director james comey. is a late-night for this
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information. >> reporter: congressional investigators expected to receive information from the justice department. we weren't lawmakers were told it would be another day or two before they see these documents regarding one of james comey's materials. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with the reporter. i asked him to because i thought it might prompt appointment of a special counsel. >> reporter: this sparked investigations by lawmakers and the justice department inspector general over comey's memos and the friend who asked to the contents to the media, daniel richmond. >> i don't consider it a leak. i told him about it unclassified conversation with the president. >> he is a long-term friend and confidant going back to the southern district of new york, so close that comey hired richmond to work as a special government employee. richmond hill that role for 19
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months. sources familiar with his work tell us he was assigned special projects by comey, given security clearance and a badge, comey chose not to disclose that the congress in his testimony. those reports prompted leaders of the house judiciary and oversight committee to ask the justice department for information about his work, his security and handling of comey's memos. investigators are interested in the memos because several contain classified information. >> aggrandizing himself, he is out for events, i would say, when he talks about higher justice, talking about a higher view of himself than the american people have. >> reporter: this investigation of one of several congress is conducting looking at the russia investigation as well as the interference around the election
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and we have been told that tomorrow, one of those investigations will relief thousands of pages with information related to their works. shannon: thank you very much. for more let's go to republican congressman who sits on the house judiciary committee and very involved, glad to have you here tonight. let's talk about what they requested in terms of information, the contents of the memo, they want to know all the recipients, about richmond's relationship with the fbi. he had some relationship and doing work for them. we want to know the security levels and communications for other fbi employees, today was the deadline which we don't have the anybody surprised by that?
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when they give it to you, it may be written but highly redacted as well. now clear up the reduction, it is very disheartening. shannon: the ranking democrat on the house judiciary committee said they are doing everything they can to distract from donald trump's legal troubles and discredit the department of justice as a hedge against the next round of indictments. think of all the good our committee might be doing instead. >> wrong on three levels. the reason donald trump has legal troubles is the doj wrongfully set a timeline, a whole pattern investigating donald trump when he was a candidate, this is what they are
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breaking down to. jerry says they can be doing other things, the main one, we try to do immigration and if you go back for the first we 6 months when i was on the judiciary committee you could hear jerry mandler and his colleagues talking about immigration and intellectual property. everything was on russian collusion and now the him him on that because the only collude is where the democratic party with the fbi. >> a year into the special counsel investigation and had folks speaking out saying there is no evidence of collusion. a lot say there are substantial things they draw influence from but haven't seen that yet. there have been indictments about crimes not related to collusion, lying to a federal investigator or financial crimes before they were connected to the pres. so where do we go from here? >> what should happen next is mr. rosenstein should be
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directed by his boss, the atty. gen. to pull the plug on this investigation. shannon: can he having them make recused? >> you are the guy, mr. rosenstein should go. mueller is outside his bounds. we are talking manafor it, papadopoulos has nothing to do with this. anyone looking at this so there's no collusion between the trump campaign and russian influence, that means your purpose is gone. pull the plug but we don't know that because rosenstein won't give us the scope letter. shannon: what authority to look at things, heavily redacted. you have any believe you will get it rejected? >> not without citation. shannon: keep us updated, great to see you. incredible expos out of minnesota. is there a daycare connection
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with middle eastern terrorism involving millions of your tax dollars? that investigation you don't want to miss next. ♪ never drop to your knees, ♪ ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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shannon: one of the worst scandals in the history of minnesota our local fox affiliate investigating a scheme involving daycare and what appears to be rampant fraud costing taxpayers $100 million in a single year but even more troubling is where the money is
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going, possibly overseas to fund terrorism. five years ago, day care fraud was on the rise in minnesota. we exposed how some businesses were gaming the system to steal millions in government subsidies to help low-income families with their childcare expenses. in order for the scheme to work the day care centers need to sign up low-income families that qualify for child care assistance funding. these surveillance videos are from the case that show parents checking their kids into a center only to leave with them a .
12:39 am
>> when case took as to some money going overseas. this is video of a member of the city of hopkins, taking her oath of office and under investigation for wire fraud and theft of public money. states and federal agents rated the day care center in south minneapolis, over $1 million worth of bogus childcare services. >> we found records indicating she was collecting money for a much larger number of children. >> did the money
12:40 am
>> café. >> reporter: investigators analyzed itself and to track activities. the she took a two monster from minnesota to dubai and kenya, staying at times in $800 a night hotel rooms, used in apps on her phone to bill the state of minnesota for childcare services while out of the country. ali pled guilty to the day care fraud and this march started serving time in a federal prison. she declined our request for an interview. >> there is a scope of fraud out there, i am sure those dollars are coming. >> reporter: the acting commissioner for the part of human services told us his agency has ten daycare is under active investigation for fraud. we learned dozens more are
12:41 am
considered suspicious. search warrants show each of the suspect centers has received several million dollars in child care assistance funds. >> how much confidence can you say it is likely some of this money is going towards terrorism? >> absolutely, absolutely. our sources tell us that. good sources from the community. leaders. my personal feeling is we need a nationwide task force to clampdown on this fraud. >> reporter: this is spreading. our sources tell us fraudsters in other states are using the minnesota playbook for millions of public dollars meant to help kids. shannon: candidates sparring over what can be done, hearings called. democrat status the report and investigation itself. that is the problem. let's bring in state sen. jim
12:42 am
hebert, a republican who had a hearing on this today. thank you for joining us. i understand a whistleblower told you even more. what did you learn? >> remarkable, a whistleblower from inside the department who got fired for talking about it is big news. there is literally hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud and nothing being done about it, it is remarkable. jillian: us congressman from minnesota said today financial stability for the somali people here and in somalia is one of our strongest protections against the terrorist threat by al shabaab we should be commuting the authority, a thorough correction and apology for the responsible reporting. how does that line up with what
12:43 am
you know about the story? >> we served together in the minnesota house. just because somebody who happens to be a certain ethnic background is bound to do something wrong, doesn't mean it is impugning any particular population. this is not against them always but crime. it is taking services away from the children he would seek to help. you are wrong about this, it is about fraud. shannon: several reports said a number of somali families send money through a system outside the traditional banking system but one of the reports i read said that even if they have good intentions and legitimate purposes many times if the money is filed through, how should bob --al shabaab takes a cut.
12:44 am
>> the amalia is a challenged country. they help families a lot. if they are taking tribute out of that, that is unfortunate especially if it is one of the $1 million donations. shannon: these are minnesota tax dollars, people paying into the system, meant to help people who need help with childcare and subsidize that as it may end up energy places. there have been ten daycare is under investigation, dozens more suspected of engaging in this as well. what is the progress of these investigations? what is being done? >> they are moving along but the news is they are not doing all the investigations they should do. some of these fraudsters are very clever.
12:45 am
they have ten in charge for hundreds and in the current process they keep paying and paying millions of dollars to prove something instead of just cutting off the money train which is where the fraud comes from and it is not free money. it comes from all of us. if you are against fraud, for helping communities develop by developing in minnesota in a healthy way then you have to stop this kind of thing. shannon: thank you for the update. please let us know as the story develops. we would love to know more. up next the palestinians and israelis into the conflict. why is the mainstream media uniformly blaming the trump administration and israel for the latest trouble? >> people said the white house isn't offering condolences or
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heartfelt comments on the loss of life. i'm just worried about the house and taking care of the boys. zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job. it's okay. dad took care of us. the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you.
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>> shannon: revisiting one of tonight's shannon: following the opening of the new embassy in jerusalem
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agentless laid the blame on the trump administration for deadly demonstrations at the gaza strip. >> fury boil over when the us embassy was moved to jerusalem with donald trump's blessing. >> donald trump said moving the us embassy to jerusalem with make peace more likely by taking the city off the table but to the people here in virtually every single palestinian that makes no sense. >> there were more protests planned to mark the 70 film anniversary of what palestinians call a day of catastrophe following the founding of the state of missouri. >> 40 people said, the white house isn't offering condolences or any heartfelt comments on the loss of life. >> reporter: tonight's panel to break a dr. richard fowler, syndicated radio host and fox news contributor, pres. of the american conservative union. would you be surprised if the coverage were different? >> of course, the israeli
12:51 am
government would blame the foreign-policy the terrorists want to destroy israelis in the state of israel and believe they should have jerusalem in jerusalem shouldn't be the capital of the state of israel. there will never be a time we could keep our promise which every president has made since bill clinton to move this embassy without problems. most people said it would start world war iii. it is tragic so many people are dead. many of the dead are terrorists. this is a fight to the death and i'm glad we are on the right side. shannon: a bipartisan decision years ago to do this has been waived by democrats and republicans since then until now. ben schapiro says according to the media all of this is israel's fault or the trump administration, nevermind that hamas participated in ongoing war with his real since its election in 2006. nevermind that hamas routinely
12:52 am
locates terrorists among civilians to mislead the media into believing his real targets civilians, hamas hit its headquarters in a hospital. it must be ivanka trump's fault. >> no question hamas has something to do with what took place but naïve to say the movement of our embassy had nothing to do with it. you can't look at this movement of the embassy in a vacuum. three days before the movement of the embassy the united states pulled out of the iran deal and the most likely scenario of a war between iran and jerusalem taking place. it is not that we move the embassy, it is how the united states and the government handles the movement of the embassy. we are going to have a champagne toast, given this region is in a risky and tough situation that
12:53 am
is problematic. >> they were planning these demonstrations months ago before the date was announced from an important week demonstrate anyway. the fact they are telling their people lies about what is happening at the border for the leaders to be protected but to send their people needlessly into this, the body count helps them but if these people used by their own leaders and sent in the situation where they know they will be potentially killed house hamas not to blame for that? >> my entire life the united states has been the broker of peace in the middle east and the firemen. everybody, call john and get back to your corner and now that we moved the embassy and having tests restraint from his real i believe donald trump is in position because he did move the embassy. shannon: do you expect the texas rangers to stand down from that? >> the notion of a breach of the border, all the evidence from
12:54 am
independent journalists that there is no breach of the border but 60 protesters are dead, 27,000 are wounded, women and children. a young little girl died, suffocated by teargas. >> she shouldn't have been there. >> hamas might have had something to do with it. this is what hamas does, everything it can to destabilize the state of israel, they want to wipe israel off the map. you can say pulling out of the iran deal, god bless donald trump for pulling out of the iran deal, keeping a promise, every other place on the globe we put our embassy -- >> the israeli region is more stable today than it was 6 months ago? >> absolutely. >> there is a possibility of the ground war in syria. >> you are going to blame donald
12:55 am
trump? >> to the point at the arab summit the saudi's said we need a summit on jerusalem to figure out what to do. >> donald trump -- >> i never said that. jillian: the region has been in turmoil for centuries. beyond that we will see what happens next. thank you for debating the media coverage, more news right after this. better, faster"
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shannon: this is the scene when dakota pitts returned to school. 's father, rob, was a police officer, killed in the line of duty. his first day back to school, he asked if offices could drive him to school. what he got was an escort from 70 officers all over indiana.
1:00 am
he was awarded his own spot shirt, his sister said it best, he would definitely know his dad is a hero and dollars men and women are as well. most trusted and grateful you spend the evening with us, good evening from washington, i am shannon bream. heather: is may 16th, this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am on the east coast, setting the stage for november, crucial midterm primaries wrapping up in four states overnight. can be gop turned the senate seat read or will democrats get their blue wave? we are live with the results justin. going rogue, the high-stakes summit with kim jong un now in jeopardy. >> we need to verify, get information going forward next month. bill: new warning from north korea and what the regime is demanding


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