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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 16, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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he was awarded his own spot shirt, his sister said it best, he would definitely know his dad is a hero and dollars men and women are as well. most trusted and grateful you spend the evening with us, good evening from washington, i am shannon bream. heather: is may 16th, this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am on the east coast, setting the stage for november, crucial midterm primaries wrapping up in four states overnight. can be gop turned the senate seat read or will democrats get their blue wave? we are live with the results justin. going rogue, the high-stakes summit with kim jong un now in jeopardy. >> we need to verify, get information going forward next month. bill: new warning from north korea and what the regime is demanding from the white house.
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>> have you looked at the news? now things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> rosanne pulling the plug on politics. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ heather: a live shot of new york city. lots of storms, strong winds, dorothy whether. we will tell you if there is more to come on this wednesday morning. our top story, new overnight, voters have spoken.
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four states reporting primary results including a contentious battle for pennsylvania senate seat where the gop hopes to upset the democrats come november. good morning, long night. >> reporter: a huge win for a huge trump supported. will beat state representative jim christiana in the republican primary and will try to flip the seat held by incumbent democrat bob casey. >> in pennsylvania, you cannot vote for bob casey, stopping everything -- the progress we are making in america today. >> reporter: he will trump supporter before the presidential nomination was even settled and veterans trump's early support and reported
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telephone calls featuring the pres. backing him. the congressman faces an uphill battle when fox news's current projections show the seat will likely remain blue. there is rick succone who lost the special election to connor lamb appears to have lost again in the republican primary for the 14th district. the other guy won by 10 points. another notable keystone state race, tom marino is projected to win big in nebraska. deb fisher, who knows who she will face in november? jane are able, the democratic primary. most experts believe fisher will hold the seat for the republicans and two gubernatorial primaries of notes, in idaho brad little will face off paul at jordan with little expected to win the general engine oregon minute buhler will go up against incumbent kate brown, trying to break a string of 32 years of
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democrat governors. leland: republicans will show up. >> poor rick succone. if it is based on trump supporters is he going to pool the republicans through? >> that is one of those key races. >> lots to cover this morning. the extreme weather we were talking about, three people are dead as powerful at that. strong winds sending metal beams flying off of the roof in new york city and thousands of commuters stranded at rush-hour,
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passengers grabbing into grand central station when the storm temporarily stopped the trains and there's remarkable video of water falling from the school to a high raise. hawaii issuing a rare red alert is a plume of ash spews into the sky, officials warning the kilauea volcano could become more explosive, volcanic smog rising 20,000 feet and possibly impacting air traffic. nearly 20 fissures or cracks with steam and toxic gas so far. these before and after satellite pictures nearly a year apart showing the island's green landscape now charred, 40 structures have been destroyed. another big story, the threat from north korea, the summit is
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still on and the white house says nothing has changed after the rogue regime claimed they will not participate in a 1-sided discussion to give up their nukes. griff jenkins is live in washington dc with breaking details. >> canceling next month at historic summit, and media reports include provocative military ruckus and military drills, and routine annual training in the state department saying they are doing anything to the contrary. >> the government of south korea to indicate we would not conduct these exercises or that we would not continue planning for
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meetings between donald trump and kim jong un next month. >> this to criticism from john brennan who said this turn of eventss is unsurprising since donald trump seems enamored with a policymaking process showing potential disasters. and much more optimistic but cautious. >> i continue to be skeptical, the best opportunity to get rid of their nukes on a peaceful manner. he is committed to trying to make it work. >> talks are set for june 12th in singapore in the white house as they will prepare for the meeting unless they hear from north korea otherwise. of history is a guide it seems kim jong un tried to gain leverage, we will find out.
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shannon: we will talk about this later in the show. thank you so much. this is a pretty amazing story, listen to the details, hamas terrorists looking for deal with israel after 60 palestinians are killed at the border. hamas is offering to curb the protest in exchange for fewer airstrikes on the gaza strip after the border saw a drop in the number of protesters yesterday. israeli forces on alert for upticks in violence on the west bank, ready to respond with lethal force if necessary. emergency situation to address violence in gaza, ambassador nikki haley casting all the blame on hamas. >> those suggest the gaza violence has anything to do with the location of the american embassy are sorely mistaken. the violence comes from those who reject the existence of the state of israel in any location.
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>> haley praising israel for showing restraint in dealing with the protests. she walked out of the chamber as the palestinian representative began to speak. haley is a vocal supporter of israel. former trump campaign chairman headed for trial after a last-ditch effort to throw out his case is rejected. federal judge denied paul manafor's request in the special counsel russia pro. he argues the investigative mandated too broad. manafort she pleaded not guilty to money laundering and failing to register as a foreign agent. the trumpet ministration will use tomorrow's one year anniversary of the russia probe, one year, to try and end it. the pres.'s personal lawyer, rudy giuliani tells bloomberg the legal team will pressure the special counsel to close its investigation since there is no
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evidence of collusion or obstruction. of mueller epstein does not listen, giuliani says they have plan b and c. donald trump has called the investigation a witchhunt. privacy on the agenda in dc as the feds target cambridge analytic a, holding a hearing on the disgraced data company and the future of data privacy. the new york times reports the doj and fbi launched a probe into cambridge. the firm closed after revelations it improperly harvested data from millions of facebook users. more than 1 million kids will be out of school in north carolina today, thousands of teachers rally for pay raises at the state capital but political leaders say they won't budget.
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>> we will stay on a sustainable path resulting in significant pay raises for teachers, hard-working commitment vital to the success of our children. heather: educators in five other states organize similar rallies with some success. we will follow that story. speaking of north carolina carolina panthers set an nfl record selling $2.2 billion, the most money paid for an nfl team ever. david tepper says will stay in charlotte. the panthers put up for sale after jerry richardson was accused of sexual harassment. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. that is a lot of news but we have a lot more going on. donald trump huddling in dc with california leaders who want to stop the state from being a sanctuary for illegal immigrants come alive with that agenda. >> i support the higher moral
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standard this country decided to hold itself to. >> gina haspel expected to make history as the first female cia director. our next guest who interrogated the worst of the worst says her leadership will be key to keeping america safe. if you are not a believer this might change your mind. look at that. the image of an angel going viral. dray, when he was younger, he loved to smile; and we knew he would need braces because his teeth were coming in funny. that's when he had the bunny rabbits. we called him the bunny rabbit. now, those are the same two front teeth, there, that they are now. then dray ended up having to wear braces for 5 years because he never made it to appointments, because he was busy playing basketball. if he missed practice, he don't get to play in the game. this is the picture that was on the front page of the newspaper. all you can notice is the braces! then, once he got to michigan state, he broke the retainer! my bottom teeth, they were really crooked,
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and i just wasn't getting braces again. smile direct club fits into my lifestyle so well. the liner is so great. it's easy to just grab it and go and then i can change on the road. i did photoshoots with my aligners in and you can't see them. i wish smile direct club would have been around when i was paying for them. i wouldn't have to take him out of school. i wouldn't have had missed work. it's like a great feeling to have good teeth. a smile is a first impression, that's why i think having a great smile is so important.
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>> state or senate lawmakers expect to pay of gina haspel's way to confirmation is the next cia director but not before grilling are over enhanced interrogation practices. letting me is the man who helped develop that program and interrogated the 9/11 mastermind, lead sheikh
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mohammed. thank you for joining us. gina haspel, your opinion of her. >> i think she is a professional. she has been in the organization 30 years and the most important point your viewers can take away is she can go to work on day one because she has had a lot of experience with clandestine activities and human intelligence and she has worked hard targets, counterterrorism, she can go to work day one. she doesn't have to learn the ropes. >> for 33 years she has been doing this. >> 7 overseas assignments, all of them undercover. multiple assignments in the cia, acting director, deputy director and two assignments in the clandestine service. couldn't find a better person.
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there is no reason to change the leadership at a time when north korea is a possibility of violence in the middle east, she is the first thing you need. >> let's look at the statement where gina haspel condemned enhanced interrogation saying it is not one the cia should have undertaken. one of the last people, mark warner, decided he was in fact going to back her and vote yes as a result of a letter she personally wrote to him talking about what she said personally to him behind the program. >> i saw what she wrote and she didn't condemned the people. what she said was a wasn't the
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best choice. i have said publicly it was the least bad of two bad choices. what viewers have to keep in mind is in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 we were scrambling, the cia was scrambling to stop the next upcoming catastrophic attack and they did things they wouldn't ordinarily done. the moral landscape is changed, the threat matrix has changed, the threat landscape has changed, those techniques might not be useful now. i understand why she said what she said and i think it is not that the people who did those programs were attempting to torture people because that is not what happens. they were effective and closely monitored. let's not take what she said out of context to mean the men and
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women who sacrificed a lot. >> she was careful to not do that actually. which is what concerned democrats but now 5 democrats of come on board so she will be the next cia director and she will be a good one. thank you, appreciate your insight. the time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. he ran chain apologizing after employees harassed a black customer wearing a proton patent but is it too little too late? carly shimkus with online reaction. good morning. mom you called?
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one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. shannon: you are watching "fox and friends first". an investigation underway after the windshield of this plane, you see the cracks in it, sucked the copilot partially out, 32,000 feet in the air. the flight over northern china had 144 people on board, no passengers were injured. that copilot only suffered some scratches and a sprained wrist. this is the sixth window related accident on a commercial airline within a month. last month a woman was killed after she was partially sucked out of the window on a southwest flight. we have to figure out why that is happening. employees allegedly willing to smuggle drugs and weapons on
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commercial flights. and undercover operation revealing genderless airport employees what they thought was 66 kg of meth, when allegedly said he smuggled guns and explosives and 7 works for envoy airlines, two for spirit airlines. a black trump supporter was attacked at his local cheesecake factory for wearing a m aga hat. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with the response that some say is not good enough. >> a cheesecake factory miami fire two employees for harassing a man wearing a make america great again hat. he was at the restaurant to celebrate mother's day when employees circled his table, made violent threats and shouted racial slurs at him. them save situation made them
1:25 am
think twice about attending the restaurant in the future. guess i won't be going back to cheesecake factory until they learn about diversity of thought. i only plan the trip to cheesecake factory this saturday. we will be wearing our make america great again hat but i thought the left was usually so tolerant and accepting, guess they only accept their own. the cheesecake factory released a statement saying we are taking the situation seriously but not all the information reported by the media accurately portrays what occurred. the situation may have been exacerbated by all staff meeting that may have been perceived as a crowd gathering near the guests's table. he will tell his side of the story on "fox and friends" later. >> don't know about the meeting excuse near the table. >> they did fire two people.
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heather: abc will dialback the politics. >> the next season of roseann is going to be less political. the entertainment pres. says i think they will stay on the path they were on towards the end of last season, away from politics and toward family. this is barking mixed reaction. kim says i was wondering when it was going to happen with anything that doesn't fit their agenda gets cut but kim sweets that is smart. i don't once my tv overly political whether i agree or disagree. they already established the characters and what they believe in. they are not going to change the characters, just talking about more family focused things. heather: we say we don't want things to be political. this angel, i think it looks like an angel. there are other theories we will get to a second but a michigan
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man believes his home security camera captured an image straight from heaven. he was calling footage when he spotted something that looked like an angel hovering over his car. email that picture to his church pastor who posted on facebook and hundreds of people responded to this image. one person says this is awesome. thank you, lord for protecting angels. how amazing is that? a photographer says it could be the silhouette of them off. a bath. mo moth. the time is half past the top of the hour. progress towards peace is on the line, north korea threatening to pull the plug on a high-stakes
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summit with donald trump. our next guest, a foreign policy expert says kim jong un shot himself in the foot.
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on car insurance. shannon: donald trump is meeting with california politicians who sparked the anti-sanctuary wave across the state, the group will talk tough on immigration just as lawmakers who support daca look for a house debate. jackie ibanez joins us of what we can expect. >> reporter: a dozen politicians who have taken on the centaur reliable come face-to-face with donald trump today. loss alameda dose became first to take a stand against the law. 2 dozen cities into dozen counties have followed suit. the department of homeland security pushing for title security measures to protect our border. >> we have to work with congress. i talked to each governor for
1:32 am
new border figures to get california to do one. >> the meetings on the heels of gop moderate signing a discharge petition with the hopes of bringing a slew of immigration including bringing an amnesty bill to the floor. >> whenever the immigration issue comes up congress, the house responds with paralysis and we are tired of that. we went the debate and what members to bring the bill to the floor. >> house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte says this should not be the priority. >> this issue, how are we going to secure the borders, close the loopholes and make sure people have confidence their government will keep them safe in their communities? >> the city the bridgecrest and corona, california will me to consider action against the
1:33 am
century city law. >> great to have you with us. the us designating head of the country of central bank a terrorist and hitting him with sanctions. he has funneled millions to hezbollah and the penalty to prevent anyone from doing business with iran. it is a blow to european hopes of salvaging the iran nuclear deal after donald trump's withdrawal. a new obama era failure revealed. american weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. assyrian army commander admitting to fox news that he gave a branch of al qaeda 5 us pickup trucks and ammunition for safe passage through aleppo. those were issued in 2015 as part of a $500 million department of defense effort to, quote, train and equip a moderate force to battle isis. the disgraced former parkland school deputy who stayed outside
1:34 am
as innocent children were shot dead is getting paid thousands of dollars a month. according to the sun sentinel scott peterson now gets a monthly florida pension of $8700. he retired in february following the shooting that left 17 people dead. the parents of two victims now running for the school board vowing to fight for school safety. lawmakers pushing back against the plan to help a chinese filmmaker ahead of the second day of trade talks, a top intelligence official telling the senate intelligence committee, using telecommunications firms to spy. saying he would not use a the te phone. he is pushing to ease the ban as part of trade negotiations with china. china to north korea threatening to pull the plug on the upcoming
1:35 am
singapore summit after 1-sided demands for denuclearization. kim jong un calling on the united states to end military drills with south korea. why the change of heart after the stage is set? policy expert, thank you for joining us. why do you think the sudden change of heart or is it a change of heart? >> never have anyone on the show who tells you what the north koreans are thinking. we should never presume to know. we see a pattern of north korean behavior where we are the angry guy paying attention and in some ways this the same old same old. going into the talks, they had a sense that moment was too strong on the us side and went to do something. >> there has to be a reason behind it. let's look at the statement threatening to cancel the summit, the united states will
1:36 am
-- this is a different soundbite. of the trump administration takes an approach to the summit with sincerity for improved relations it will receive a deserved response but if the us is trying to drive us into a corner to force nuclear abandonment we will no longer be interested. what do you make of the words they are using? the provocative military drill, this is something the united states has been doing a long time with south korea. >> the north koreans when they want to make a statement. the end to these things and when the north koreans say whatever, we don't care. it has nothing to do with the drills, the north koreans know they don't have anything to do with the drills but what i found interesting about that statement, if the us comes to the table, we don't want to do a
1:37 am
deal but the us sent strong signals the united states administration coming to a deal. we have seen over and over, it is not nothing for you. you can have what you want. you need to get something out of this deal because if you don't you won't honor it but i will get out of the deal what i need and that is the way the president will negotiate this. >> the statement, the united states will undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the summit in light of this provocative military ruckus conducted with south korean authorities and you were talking about that. >> north koreans walk away from the talk, who cares? our strategy is maximum deterrence which is nuclear deterrence, missile-defense,
1:38 am
sanctioning and keeping that in place as long as north korea's nuclear threat doesn't give them any running room. if we keep the strategy in place they can do that all they once. >> china comes into play with this and certain talks in terms of trade with china. is this any leverage china can use? >> i think the administration can't get into a box, manager relationship linked to the korean situation. those run on separate halves or we will trip over ourselves and fall down. heather: we are keeping our eye on it on june 12th the. it is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and another day another data breach. the apps that has gone road and giving out your intimate details. do you need a ride to mexico? a gubernatorial candidate taking on sanctuary cities with a
1:39 am
deportation bust. >> it is not going to be one of those political bus tours. patty: 1 new ad campaign that has liberals up in arms. ♪ i'm alex trebek, here to tell you
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whole life insurance plan, available through the colonial penn program. no medical exam, no health questions. your acceptance is guaranteed. so call now for free information. heather: elizabeth warren has a new strategy heading into the midterms, appeal to the millions of americans frightened by donald trump. >> we can't climb that hill by ignoring the millions of americans who are angry and scared about the damage this president and this republican party have done to our
1:43 am
democracy. heather: that could be seen as an addition for 20/20 given the keynote address to liberal activists at the center for american progress ideas conference. a candidate for governor hitting the campaign trail but this is like nothing you have ever seen. >> i'm michael williams and we have some exciting news. we have our bus ready to go but it won't be one of those pansy political bus tours was we have a deportation bus. we will implement by 2807g deportation plan that will fill the spots with illegals to send them back to where they came from. heather: sen. michael williams pitching his immigration agenda ahead of next week's primary and river his appearance on "fox and friends" when he took on delta airlines for cutting ties with the nra. a foxbusiness alert, facebook at the center of a new data breach. here is what we need to know.
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>> reporter: this comes from a report from scientists that they potentially expose data of 3 million facebook users may be out there after they took my personality quiz. the information didn't include users names but could show their age, gender, relationship status and update status. what happened was this was supposed to be protected on a site for researchers to get this information but it was protected poorly. anyone who could have gotten access internet server easily and exposed all the data. facebook is not saying if it may have been exposed but they are investigating so we will see what comes of this but it is similar to the cambridge analytica breach. heather: they are cutting delivery fees which will put pressure on competitors. >> on amazon and walmart. they are cutting the delivery fee for the restock shipping
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service. put in all your household essentials, household staples and get shipped for 299 instead of 499 but if you have target credit or debit card you can get it shipped for free. i'm waiting for my box, filled with paper towels and all kinds of good things. heather: coming on "fox and friends first," mayor rahm emanuel making sure nothing stands in the way of making donald trump's controversial library a reality. >> would you rather date a trump support or a convicted felon? heather: the top answer at colleges across the country that may shock you or not. ♪
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>> will come back to "fox and friends first," time for campus craziness going off the rails. and eighth graders yearbook superlatives as, quote, most likely to bomb the us to students at a major university slammed for saying the president deserves a nobel prize to millennial's saying they would rather date convicted felons before the pres.'s supporters. here to weigh in is the editor-in-chief of campus reform, lawrence jones. thank you for joining us, great to have you here i that you have nothing to say about any of these stories. >> where do you begin? lou: start with the eighth-grader at a school in
1:50 am
arizona, wrote this statement, most likely to bomb the us. the school is apologizing for it. we can put up the school's comment as well, they said it should have been removed during the editing process before the yearbook was published. the statement goes on, calling for parents to return your books as well. how did this happen? >> how did they make it to 100 books printed? always having a conversation about gun control but what can we do to prevent shootings? it starts when students are going on these radical rampages, then an opportunity to catch a student, figure out what parents knew but instead the high school is behind. >> definitely does not make a lot of sense and how many of
1:51 am
those will be returned? let's go on to rutgers law school where students are blasting and intimidated endorsement for donald trump to get the nobel peace prize. part of that endorsement if the president were to preside over the destruction of the nuclear missile program in the korean war and usher in the destruction of the last cold war era frontier, trump would claim a feet that has eluted all his most recent predecessors but that is harmful and dangerous. >> if you are the president of the united states you can't catch a break on college campuses. it is not the first situation we reported on, we reported on a course at san diego state university where they taught how to impeach donald trump. at columbia talking about a
1:52 am
course, the racism of trump. you can't catch a break if you're the president, they clearly don't like the guy, they are setting the tone with college students and professors are supposed to facilitate a conversation on both political parties but choosing a side. heather: definitely not representing both political parties in college campuses today. let's talk about these millennials. apparently they would rather date a convicted felon than a trump supporter. what is that about? >> i'm still a millennial. this goes back to the rhetoric they are hearing on college campuses was when you drill down to it most people don't care on college campuses but when you go in a classroom, your hateful person, you are racist if you support this president most people would be silent and not
1:53 am
want to express a political view. >> they say i don't believe that, well it did, we can show you this is the daily, man on the street segment. >> would you rather date a trump supporter or a convicted felon? >> a convicted felon. >> felon. >> convicted felon 100%. >> they say it with such confidence that it shows you the next generation is screwed up. if they are running the nation they would prefer to have a felon to date a felon. heather: you are a millennial. >> hopefully they would vote me in. >> you would be okay. thank you. have a great day. it is 8 minutes until the top of the hour and an epic tattoo failed.
1:54 am
what is a mother to do when her sons name is misspelled in permanent ink. proposal going viral for all the wrong reasons. the 3-year-old that stole the show in the video you are talking about all day. ♪ to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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>> live shot of new york city where lights are always on in times square. hopefully this storm has called down. janice dean will tell you about that. the chicago mayor fighting back against a lawsuit challenging the planned obama presidential center, protect our parks is trying to stop the construction of a city park arguing it is not a true presidential library because it won't house historic papers. mayor rahm emanuel called the lawsuit frivolous was the commission meets tomorrow to discuss it further. the district attorney will stop prosecuting low-level part cases starting in august. the manhattan das is the office will no longer pursue most minor
1:59 am
marijuana cases as new york city mayor bill diblasio promises to overhaul the nypd drug enforcement policies after the department was criticized for racial gap in marijuana arrests. now time for the good, the bad and the ugly. of first the good. just in timberlake makes an older fan feel like a teenager again. >> she won't mind. i won't. all right. jillian: the surprising 88-year-old backstage in a concert in orlando. jt wanted to meet her after seeing this viral video of her crying tears of joy when she gets tickets to the show. good for him, good for her. misspelling the name of a woman's son but instead of correcting it the woman renames her kid. the tattoo was supposed to say
2:00 am
kevin. now the little boy will be known as kelvin. the ugly. when you got to go you got to go. in the middle of a wedding proposal. >> are you serious? >> the father stealing his parents under in michigan. "fox and friends first" continues, see you later, goodbye. rob: north korea threatening to blow up the singapore nuclear summit. >> kim probably once an agreement like the iran nuclear deal. trump said that won't happened. rob: if kim jong un changes his tune donald trump doubles them come alive with the white house response to the new pyongyang


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