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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 16, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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to influence the the presidentl election. the foundation of any news organizationon is honesty so why not be honest for once? that would be a great improvement. that's it for tonight. good night from washington. sean hannity is next. >> sean: tucker, great show as always. it's so insane, so much news, it is hard to get it in and the full hour but we will try.o welcome to "hannity." mueller's witch hunt, if it was yet another massive blow, one of trump's attorney, rudy giuliani sing the special counsel won't indict the president. we've been saying that because guess what, mueller never have the legal standing to do to the first place. we'll explain. also, president trump responding to kim jong un's right to pull out of the june 12th summit and he is refusing to back away from the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and the media, the left promised a smoking gun. remember, the trump tower meeting between donald trump jr. and the russian lawyer, okay, the senate released the documents and in spite of what
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the media is telling you, a total t dog, going nowhere, we'l explain. also a stunning report, new from the fbi, launched the secret investigation, and has a name, enter the trump campaign, only days after they rigged and put the fixation and the clinton email investigation. "the new york times" is inadvertently confirming everything we have been telling you about all of us regarding the massive abuse of power and corruption. also tonight, congressman mark meadows, jim jordan, ron desantis, they are fighting back hard against the doj and their obstruction.ha they are urging the president to get involved. we need the documents released. they are demanding to see it. a lot to cover and tonight's breaking news monologue. ♪ we start with another stingingng step back for the special counsel robert mueller. president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani sing tonight robert mueller will not seek a presidential indictment. it is obvious why mueller want to try because as we have been
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telling you, he never had a legl leg to stand on. doj guidelines clearly state that a sitting president cannot be indicted. not to mention mueller doesn't have a reason to do so in the first place. mueller has zero evidence of collusion, has only been focused on the so-called thought crimes of the president, and it's not a crime to have thoughts. rudy giuliani also reacting to tomorrow being the one-year anniversary of mueller's corrupt investigation. here's part of his interview that will air tonight with laura ingraham. take a look at this. >> what is your optimal termite for this to wrap up? >> today. as soon as possible. i think that they have the facts, they just need to write the report. if you will write it on fair report, write it, and we will combat it. we are ready to rip it apart. >> sean:n: former new york seer mayor, he's right about this, told laura ingraham about the damage that this investigation is doing to this country. here's what he said.
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>> when you look at all the main flash points, trump tower meeting, stormy daniels payment, read on manafort, radon cohen, is there any one part of that that concerns you more than other parts of that? >> their inability to reach a conclusion that is obvious. their unwillingness to recognize the damage this does to our country all over the world. this was engineered by comey. >> sean: much more on this and just a minute with joe digenova, gregg jarrett, and laura's full interview with rudye' giuliani airs after this program. on the foreign policy front tonight, president trump is not blinking in the standoff with kim jong un and north korea. remember, kim jong un is trying to act up, his ego has been bruised. he's threatening to withdraw from a summit in singapore. north korea is also saying that denuclearization will not be on the table. yeah? president trump responded by stating directly, his peace through strength policy continues.
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take a look. >> can the korean meeting be salvaged? >> we'll have to see. we haven't seen anything. we haven't heard anything. we will see what happens. whatever it is. >> sean: obviously, the liberal media and a frenzy over this development because think about it, for them to succeed andbo the president to fail, the democrats to succeed, for the country to fail. the president is standing firm onon denuclearization of the korean peninsula. national security advisor john bolton is also saying this is just part of the game that north korea always plays, except on my clinton, we are not trying to bribe the guy. >> the question whether this really is a sign, they are not taking our objective of denuclearization seriously. kim jong un told south korean president moon jae-in at their april 27th into korean summit that he agreed toe denuclearization.
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if they are walking back from it, we'll find out. i think sarah sanders said this morning pretty much with the president's thinking, if they are ready to meet, we are ready to meet. if they are not ready to meet, then we want to meet. >> sean: we have the three hostages back, not firing missiles come across to the dmz. so far a win. what is happening here is the policy of trust but verify. president trump is not giving up anything with north korea, which is why he keeps saying, we'll see what happens. kim jong un has made every concession, he gave up the hostages, we did not have to appease them with a plane load of cash and otherer currencies, $150 billion like obama did with iran. the ball is in his court,an he wants to talk, deal, better life for his people? president trump is ready to listen. north korea will not be allowed to threaten the world and build nuclear weapons, that's a fact by the president has made it crystal clear. we are getting clarity on anotherri major story tonight. remember how for the past year, the left-wing media, the
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democrats promising that trump tower meeting was somehow the big smoking gun of russia collusion r? tonight, in spite of media reports, we have the evidence it was a total dog. the senate judiciary committee released thousands of pages of o this testimony, several key players at the meeting, the main take away is this. they all thought it was a waste of their time. they were talking about adoption. no dirt on hillary clinton came through and by the way, if he did, it wouldn't be illegal and we'll explain that tonight. from all accounts, this meeting quickly went off the rails, eventually focused in on topics like russian adoption and russian adoption. it's aon nothing burger. the media, they have been hyping this as a cruise missile that was going to take down the trump administration. donald trump jr., he testified,c he was skeptical going into the meeting, and had his suspicions and they were quickly justified. donald trump jr. also said that his father, president trump, had nothing at all to do with it in
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any way, shape, matter, or form. despite all this wild and false speculation, it is nothing. the trump tower meeting is not thet only breaking news story that actually is embarrassing to the destroyed drug media. "new york times," they hate president trump. they are now basically confirming everything we have been telling you regarding the biggest abuse scandal in the history of the country. it is not a mea culpa from a liberal "new york times." frankly, it was inadvertent. probably why the so-called paper of record, kind of plain cleanup. this was their original headline today. pretty amazing. "a secret mission, a code name, anxiety inside of the early days of the fbi's drop investigation." they changed the headline. "code name cross fire hurrican: the secret origins of the trump administration." great to know someone and they flee i the rolling stones. why would they change it? let me explain.
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it's a long article. "the times" explains how the fbi open a top secret completely unconventional operation into the trump campaign only days after they rigged the investigation into hillary, and the same exact players. the details were closely guarded by fbi officials. this all happened days, just days after the seen people put the fix in with the exoneration before investigation of hillary clinton, rigging it, knowing she committed felonies and obstruction of justice. in other words, everything we havef been exposing. to break it down this way, in the summer of 2016, the fbi sent agents to london. they interviewed an australian diplomat, alexander downer. the times described as a day for you as "diplomatic protocol," highly unusual. he is the guy that got trump one night -- drunk one night with one guy, i thought ith knew evee trump campaign, george papadopoulos. never heard of him.
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the trump advisor nobody hurt us. during that night out, drinking, they apparently gossiped like mean girls about so-called dirt on hillary clinton. downer alerted the australian intelligence agency who then told their u.s. counterparts. one, two, three, four, hearsay. this is massive. "the times" is saying that they launched the four by hearsay to launch the investigation just like we have been telling you. the timeline doesn't match up and hearsay is never admissible, never mind for cobre hearsay in a court of law. with "the new york times" is proving, we have been right the entire time, and in the process of trying to cover up for their deep stayed friends and making excuses, they are exposing them. "the times" and the rest of the media have been trying to get ahead of what is a massive scandal, and protect the likes of comey and mccabe and peter strzok and lisa page and lynch and everyone else. the truth is finally coming out.
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we have been promising you this and so far, what we have been uncovering is only beginning. this is going tos get a lot wore for all of these deep state actors before it ever gets better. take a look at the side of your screen. james comey, andrew mccabe, loretta lynch, peter strzok, lisa page, all at the center of this massive scandal. comey's a liar and a leaguer and probably broke the law multiple ways. mccabe lied under oath multiple times, he could be facing criminal charges. loretta lynch, oh, she tried toe compromise the clinton email investigation and get a comey to sayo it's not an investigation, only a matter. then you have the fbi anti-trump lovebirds peter strzok and lisa page. they abused the president verbally, and peter strzok's fingerprints are all over everythingri. we'll have more on that interest a second.d. we have another big story to tell you about. thee doj's attempt to stonewall, obstruct congress from ever seeingve over 1.2 million
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documents about the clifton email server investigation and the russian witch hunt, which should be comingg to an end. congressman mark meadows, jim jordan, ron desantis asking the president to use his executive authority and instruct the attorney general, jeff sessions, who should be doing it on his own, to immediately turn over all documents that congress has subpoenaed and as a constitutional right, coequal branches ofig government, and a right to oversight, and separation of powers. it is insane. it is unfair to you, the american people, that it has come to this, and congress has the constitutional authority, as part of their checks and balances. rod rosenstein has been concealing information and needlessly rejecting key parts of these things in the name of national security that gets proven later not to have anything to do with nationalat security. process deed claims that but it's not true. we have seenno this line to michael ii play out. it's about protecting all his
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friends. meanwhile, he is conflicted from us.very beginning of all of by the way, was a no-show for a closed-door hearing with the senate intelligence committee today. iy. wonder why. several obama administration officials were quoted, comey dodged the entire thing. congressman jordan andy santos will join us in a few minutes. one more thing tonight. a major follow-up on the obama official who at one point voted for the communist for president, how this man ever became the cia director is breathtaking, john brennan. paul sperry reporting that john brennan, was repeatedly threatened president trump, you know, "stay tuned, mr. president ," is now being exposed again as a liar, this time by his former colleagues. last may, the former cia director testified under oath the dossier didn't factor into the intelligence community's assessment of russia election meddling. we've got to thent e tape to pre it. take a look. >> do you know if the bureau
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ever relied on the steele dossier as part of any court filings? applications, petitions, pleadings? >> i have no awareness. >>es did the cia relay on it? >> no. >> my not? >> because we didn't. it wasn't part of the corpus of intelligence information that we had. it was not any way use as a basis for the intelligence community assessment that was done. it was not. >> sean: mike rogers and james clapper aree contradicting brennan and saying, yes, the dossier did play a role into what american intelligence agencies concluded. just like the nunes memo and just like the grassley-grandma memo. on top of all of that, sperry is reporting that brennan handpicked trump hater peter strzok to help work on this report. the same guy who put the fix in for hillary, and the same guy who trashed president trump in text message after a text
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message and a few days after, exonerating and wrecking the hillary investigation, launches an investigation into donald trump. this deep state is one huge, giant incestuous, corrupt swamp. the more we learn that peter strzok is involved, his dirty fingerprints are over everything. why does this guy even have a job? care withh reaction, former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, joe digenova. author of the soon to be number one best-selling book, "the russian hoax," what's the rest of it? >> the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton entry donald trump. >> sean: isn't that the amazing thing, "the new york times" in all of its printed pages, what it revealed today? >> "the new york times" basically debunk their own reporting, their bombshell report last december that said it was the papadopoulos bartok, and today, they reported that
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the fbi had already opened thega investigation by the time they learned about papadopoulos. >> sean: their timing is off. >> june 20th, christopher steele writes the phony dossier, claiming trump-russia collusion for five years. helping hillary -- hurting hillary clinton and helping trump. he hadn't been running but for what year. you'd have to be clairvoyant in the kremlin to know that trump was going to run. two weeks after he writes that dossier, he meet with the fbi. after that, they open theo investigation, and only after that do they talk to downer about papadopoulos. so the truth is -- >> sean: the guy that got drunk? >> the dossier, the fictitious dossier that triggered the hoax the hoax. >> sean: i can't say this enough, joe digenova, the clinton bought and paid for dossier created by a foreign national, foreign nationals are not supposed to impact the elections, unless it's obama trying to defeat -- and accuses
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russian lies, never verified, used to obtain a fisa warrant, they don't tell the fisa car they did not verify it, corroborated, four times that impact this was paid for by hillary. >> sean, obviously, it's been on for sometime. we've been talking about it for more than a year. part of the brazen plot, which included exonerating hillary clinton illegally, and then if donald trump won, to figure out a way to frame him. the fbi and the senior doj officials and john brennan and james clapper and james comey set up out on a to frame donald trump and the people in his campaign. they used all sorts of means and methods to do that. including the use of an agent provocateur who is a leech trump campaign on the soil of a a foreign country, and as a result of interviews on in
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a number of people on the campaign, asking them, who approached you, a person that you never knew, and started asking questions about foreign policy and seeing if they could "help the campaign." it is now known who that agentov provocateur was that the fbi used and john brennan used and james clapper and tonight, there is a flurry of concern in washington, and the law enforcement intelligence community, that his name will come out. >> sean: i think we already know. but i'll put that aside for a minute. rudy giuliani saying what we already know is policy and truth and fact. oh, the special counsel will not invite trump, and come out with your stupid report, and donald trump jr., it is so amazing, all ofg the exchanges talk about what a waste of time, this is ridiculous, this is about adoption, we've got a convention that might be brokered.
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what is amazing is it wouldn't be illegal in the first place if they sought information. that is your point. >> the media and democrats were hysterical for months that the trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer was a crime. i wrote columns, you and i talked about it, i kept saying, what crime? one harvard law professor treated tweeted out, it's treason. we are not at war with s russia. second of all, nancy pelosi said, it's a violation of federal campaign law. no, it's not, nancy. maybe you should have gone to law school or just read the federal campaign election act, which specifically says, you can read it on their website, foreign nationals may volunteer on americanun political campaig. they are allowed to attend meetings, give information, and talk, and it goes on to say, volunteering services is not a
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campaign contribution. it was never a crime. that was a hoax, too. >> sean: unbelievable. joe, this is your business. do you agree with gregg's analysis? the timing of cross fire hurricane -- i'm glad to hearte that somebody likes the rolling stones likely me, -- >> part of the juvenile attitude of the fbi. >> sean: you say bad cops, it stings. i love the fbi. >> dirty cops. james comey was the dirty cop and charge of a bunch of dirty cops. what you had here, this was a criminal plot by senior people, john brennan, james comey, james clapper, senior department of justiceam officials, to suborned the presidency of the united states through the use of false evidence. the false fisa warrants were obtained through lying to the fisa court. when all is said and done, mr.
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mr. john huber, constructing the grand jury to investigate the unmasking, lying on the fisa court, and the leaking of information to the press, it will be shown without a shadow of a doubt, the reason mr. brennan has been lying in congressional testimony from the beginningth is because he knew that if he told the truth, he would reveal the plot that involved all the people. and that story in "the new york times" today is a magnificent piece of evidence that there was in fact a plot. after all the denials, they say now that this operation hurricane was in fact -- >> sean: cross fire hurricane. >> was exactly what we have been saying for a year. there t was an effort to underme the candidacy of the opposition party. this is the most unbelievable scandal in the history of this country, and "the new york times"us just blew the lid off of it inadvertently. >> sean: last word.
10:21 pm
>> he is absolutely right. >> sean: can i just say one thing? this really is about hillary committing felonies, hillary obstructing justice, deleting, acid wash, then she had the investigation rigged, exoneration before investigation, then they immediately begin this deep stateey attack on donald trump. >> they needed a hook. the hook was a phony, fake pictures, fabricated dossier. dug deep into the interrogatories and the libel lawsuits against the author of the dossier, and he basically admits that his own dossier is a dubious credibility. >> sean: that was in england. >> 50/50 proposition. raw intelligence. come on, it may not have been true. >> sean: wow. it was used -- presented to a court to get a warrant just by an opposition party candidate. we got to break. thank you, all. whenyo we come back, jim jordan, ron desantis, sara carter,
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10:27 pm
following.nd where are we with this? >> it looks like it is wrapped up. we were expecting it to wrap up in may. they extended that because they did find new information and it to be imperative for the inspector general horwitz to get all of that information into this report which i believe hehe did. this is going to be very important. this is part of what congress has been asking for all along. it is the inspector general that has all the documentation, the 1.2 million pieces of documentation that congress has been practically begging for, and pushing and threatening with subpoenas, the doj and the fbi. this report is going to be very important. >> sean: let me go to congressman jim jordan. a big break, on top of the letter that both you, ron desantis, mark meadows, who is us tonight, have put out saying the president, you've got too get involved, tell the attorney general, you have the power constitutionally to do so. there is over 1.2 million
10:28 pm
documents we are talking about here. we know with a little but we haveve gotten, as andy mccarthy wrote, we only have a few of the strzok page memos. >> t first, the inspector general's report, it was michael horowitz who uncovered the page-strzok text messages. it was also michael horowitz and his team who determined that andrew mccabe had misled people, lied four different times, three times under oath. we are anxiously awaiting this report. i'm sure there will be some reviews i have to take place but that is good news that we will be getting that soon. more importantly is the letter we sent. we are just tired of the runaround we have been getting from the department of justice. it's time for them to turn over the information. the one way that can happen is head of the executive branch, the president elected by the american people to tell the attorney general the deputy attorney general, the fbi director, give congress a separate and equal branch of government -- >> sean: they would have to do
10:29 pm
that? >> yes. >> sean: ron desantis, let me go to you. a very key point, talking about again, we've only got a small sampling of the strzok-page memos. insurance policies, how much they tate, kate trump, how strzok is involved in everythin, literally interviews hillary, exonerated, exoneration before he interviews hillary, 17 other witnesses, a few days later, after the exonerate and drag the investigation into her, not the investigating donald trump, and the timing, as george papadopoulos story is blowing up in their face? >> that is why i think the combination of the ig report hitting hopefully very soon, and if the president pulls the trigger on all this other information, we could have a gusher of information that provides all the clarity that we've been asking about, all these different questions. yeah, you talked about the beginning, how did this russia
10:30 pm
probe even start? very important question. even going up into the special counsel, rosenstein writes in a pointing order appointing mueller, it is defective on its face.ef what is he due in august? s he writes a secret addendum, a new appointing order, and they redacted most of it. they would not show the federal judge. >> sean: after they rated the manafort's home. the timing is backwards and that shows corruption. rosenstein also signing off on that ridiculous fisa application renewal, as did sally yates come as we saw "the new york times" say today. sara, here's the big question. i know the inspector general did release the strzok text messages, so revealing. ii don't know michael horowitz.. i know he was appointed by obama. why should we believe he will do his job? the evidence about hillary and committing felonies and obstruction, it is overwhelming and incontrovertible. any american would get convicted. the fact they exonerated her before investigating her, it's
10:31 pm
overwhelming and incontrovertible. what makes you think that we will get the truth from him? >> i think there is two things here that are very revealing. let me just start with your question. everyone that i have spoken with, every source that i know who knows michael horowitz says this man is honorable, he'll stick to his guns, he will be straightforward with the american people and reveal the truth. >> sean: people said that about mueller. >> we saw that with the mccabe report. he went after mccabe. i think he will go after comey, loretta lynch, that tarmac meeting. >> sean: strzok and paid? >> yes. >> sean:n: bruce ohr? >> absolutely. ily want you to think about the timing of "the new york times" story. cross fire hurricane. they knew, the doj as well as the fbi, this report was going to come out. it came out tonight. they needed to see why and they went straight to "the new york times" and try to tell their side of the story, a
10:32 pm
very limited side. >> sean: "the new york times," while trying to justify and make excuses, all they really do is confirm everything you have reported. >> [laughs]] that's right. they confirmed everything that has been reported that we have reported and theyre have also ge away some information. they talked about at least 1 mole, one source, right? that means there may have been multiple. >> sean: you'll have a big story tomorrow onn the fbi informant that was in the trump campaign, right? am i jumping the gun? >> i hope so, yes. you might not be jumping the gun. >> sean: why should sn: we have faith -- great work, by the way. why should we have faith, congressman and michael horowitz? >> again, i think because he is the one that actually did tell us what andrew mccabe was up to, he uncovered the page-strzok text messages. never forget, sean, comey was fired. we'll get information about that. andrew mccabe, jim baker,
10:33 pm
chief counsel, demoted, reassigned. we don't know the answer to that. we don't know why peter strzok is still there and what he's doing. a lot of those things we will get answers to. >> sean: last word,d, congressman desantis. >>as trust but verify. that is why the president releases the documents, we'll get the report and decide for ourselves. >> sean: they should have the horwitz report, correct? >> that's right. >> sean:n: we are getting close. great job, all of you. when we come back i'm a report from the white house and north korea. will kim jong un back out of the meeting with kim jong un? newt gingrich, deep state development, get ready, buckle up, ig report will be very interesting. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: tonight president trump >> sean: today president trump reacted to north korea's latest threat, kim jong un may pull out of those beef i've been thinking more. life apart from the
10:38 pm
white house, where things stand, fox news kristin fisher. >> the white house is downplaying the threat from north korea, president trump said today, the north koreans haven't said anything to the white house about canceling this moment, they only know about it. the white house press secretary said that threats do not come as a surprise. >> this is something that we fully expected. the president is very ready for tough negotiations. and ifgh they want to meet, we'l be ready. if they don't, that's okay, too. we'll continue with the campaign of maximum pressure. like i just said, if they want to make, the president will be ready. >> north korean officials cited ongoing joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea as part of the reason why they are reconsidering. another reason, they say they have no interest in and "one-sided affair meant to pressure pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons."
10:39 pm
president trump is standing firm, saying that if the summit happens, he will insist on complete and total denuclearization of the korean peninsula. to use one of the president's favorite phrases, one that he again used today, we'll see what happens. >> sean: thank you. he with reaction, author of the upcoming book, june 5th, available preorder,,, "trump's america, trutha, about the nation's great comebacks." let's see, no more missiles fired, the media is invited to watch the weapons launch site get literally torn down, he crosses the dmz, kim jong un, hostages are released, his ego was bruised, and he might pull out. what have we lost? i don't see a thing. >> i thought zuri sanders was perfect tone in the clip you just said. you know, if he would like to
10:40 pm
meet, we'd love to meet. if he doesn't want to meet, we won't need. the president said earlier, we may not get a deal. if we don't get a deal, guess what, all the sanctions are still there, all the pressure is still there. all the isolation is still there. i think that is exactly the right tone. let kim jong un dance around this huge country called america and all of our allies and he can posture, play games, at the end, it's really simple. does he want to stay under this level of pressure and watch his regime gradually crushed or does he want to give up its nuclear weapons and find a very, very different future as secretary pompeo described him? imagine 20 years from now, north korea had a much electrici lights at night as south korea. that would be an amazing future. he's got to choose. we don't have to choose it. kim jong un how to choose it. >> sean: you add iran to that,
10:41 pm
jerusalem is the capital of israel, record low unemployment for african-americans, hispanic americans, women in the workplace, record revenues for the government, a surplus we haven't seen since you were a speaker. amazing times. here's the question i have. you see what they did for hillary, obvious crimes committed, obvious obstruction, incontrovertible. the fix was in months before they even interviewed her. we see this be fisa courts lied to, given false information, again and again for a year. and i'm looking at all this and i am saying, how is this happening in our country? i am very concerned about the abuse of power. i think it is much bigger than watergate. thoughts? >>wa well, every american should be very concerned. when you learn that the top two people of the federal bureau of investigation were clearly
10:42 pm
dishonest, and clearly broke the law, when you learn that you've had i think all the way up to the president, president obama, we saw this visibly after the benghazi raid when the administration, the obama administration went out and for a full week deliberately and knowingly lied on national television to the american people. i think what you are seeing happening now, which is very different qualitatively, is you are beginning tot see what the inspector general's reports, other information coming out, the system off corruption that obama and clinton were in charge of his gradually beginning to unravel, and as it unravels, we are going to learn more and more. for example, what is the identity of the so-called fbi spy who was in the trump campaign? >> sean: i will be very familiar with his s initials. i'll be very familiar.
10:43 pm
we all know. >> i suspect you will. >> sean: mr. speaker --dash go ahead. yes, sir. >> imagine, you and i are talking about the federal bureau of investigation. working inside a presidential campaign in a way designed to and trap and destroy the legitimate nominee of a major party. we have nothing like this in american history. all i can say is i am so grateful that the american people have defeated hillary because if she had become president, we would have learned none of those, the corruption would have gotten worse, it would have gotten deeper, the sickness would have continued. trouble. >> sean: you are right about the fbi. we are right about the crimes she committed.ed we are right about the fix being being in. and then to add to all of that,
10:44 pm
a fisa court to spy on an opposition party candidate associate. in an election year, using bought and paid for foreign national put together russian lies, never corroborated, never verifying, and never telling the judges in the original application or three subsequent renewals, she paid for it. i can'tre think of -- watergate, break-in? i'm sorry. that is minor in comparison to what we are talking about here. >> you go back and do you like what started watergate and it was a couple of guys who were stupid. you look at this, you are talking about people at the very center of the american system, people who were responsible and sworn an oath to enforce the law and think about what it does to the morale of all those fbi agents who are honest and decent and hardworking, who really do want to have pride in the burea bureau. this is a devastating example of corruption.
10:45 pm
>> sean: mr. speaker, good to see you. speak with been betrayed. >> sean: the people that are most angry that i talk to ouruy fbi guys. mr. speaker, good to see you. when we come back, the media apparently, they actually want the country to end up failing. they hate to trump that much. sean spicer, ari fleischer, as we continue. ♪ ok. who can beat the san francisco guy for governor?
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
not the conservative guy, travis allen. what about this john cox? talks a big game... but what's he done? a chicago lawyer? huh? thirteen losing campaigns - seven in illinois? cox lost campaigns as a republican... and as a democrat. gave money to liberals. supported big tax increases. no wonder republicans say
10:48 pm
cox is unelectable in november.
10:49 pm
>> sean: members of the mainstream media have been almost gloating, north korea threatening to pull out of the summit in singapore. >> this is utterly predictable, once the president wasn't so eager to accept the terms before the terms were even spelled out. president trump, did he make a mistake and all of his
10:50 pm
optimism about his upcoming summit with kim jong un? >> in this case, is kim jong un holding back. president trump, not charlie brown, left swinging in the air. as it has happened so many times before.h north korea has done a 180. >> donald trump, as gordon said, has had his nose rubbed in it by the chinese, by the north koreans. >> after north korea threatened to withdraw from proxima president trump is trying to manage expectations, saying of the potential summit, maybe it will happen. north koreat experts say basedn prior actions, the white house should have seen it coming. >> sean: big surprise. what they don't reported that president trump, nothing about the release of the hostages. kim jong un, he needs the summit to happen more than the u.s. here with reaction, former white house press secretary sean spicer and former white house press secretary ari fleischer.
10:51 pm
it is a set position for democrats to be in, all these 14 record states, low unemployment, all these different demographics, low on employment records. you know, the president, north korea is a great thing. for them to be happy, he has to fail. >> that's all true. i have a surprising conclusion about how bad it is with the press. it's actually good for republicans. the process of separating itself from the american people, particularly in the battleground states, that the democrats read the good favorable clips and they read the vitriolic clubs and they believe them. when they believe the good press, the more they separate themselves from the voters. the press has separating themselves from the american people. you have a slice left that believes the press -- >> sean: you might be the last press secretary that ever had a chance at that job. i watcheded our friend sean spicer, w who did -- sean,i don't know how you did that job. they can't pay anyone enough.
10:52 pm
sarah huckabee is amazing. she has the patience of job. i could not do the job you two have done. >> the wounds are starting to heal. can i just say something on north korea? the funny part is, all those clubs, forget for the president said at the beginning,de if we t a deal, great. i might walk out, he laid the predicate for this a long time ago, everybody is forgetting how he approached us to begin with. that is the important thing. the president made very clear that he's willing to meet and also willing to walk away from a table. that is what all the people of the reports are forgotten. you are right. he's gotten kim jong un to give three american hostages back, talking about denuclearizing the korean peninsula. unemployment is at a record low. so many millions of americans are benefiting, and they are doing whatever they can to figure out what negative news to cover because at the end of the day, what is so fascinating, most americans are saying, this president isin keeping his promises,es getting things done, and america is a better country for edge.
10:53 pm
so i know that for a lot of folks in the press corps, they are trying to figure out, where else can i find -- what can i go after? at the end of the day, they continue to show how wildly out of touch they are with the american people because the president is getting results both domestically and foreign wise, keeping the country safe. developing jobs. >> bring her back to north korea for seconds. if trump decides he's not going to go, the press will blame donald trump rated him gone own decides he will go, the press will blame donald trump. they will not blame the communist totalitarian dictator. they will blame donald trump. >> sean: what about no rockets fired over japan? >>ve they cover the hostages but it was a one-day story. this is a get my point about how the process separating itself from the people they rely on, dependent of to buy their papers and news. jill abramson, former executive editor of "the new york times," said that every time trump calls
10:54 pm
them fake news, they hear more money. the people are subscribing online and they are so oppositional to donald trump. it's becoming the voice of the opposition. newspapers, i media, cannot be oppositional.c they have to be factual. that is what has gotten lost. >> sean: how do you explain how horrible cnn -- by the way, i want residuals from cnn and msnbc because they run me all the time. they need to pay me. jeff zucker needs to pay me. in all seriousness, they are not doing well with this. if i was watching the president give a speech and they were chanting "fox news sucks," i might take it seriously after a while. >> the funny thing on my end, during the campaign season, i wasam public, i give a lot of credit to cnn in terms of how they cover the campaign, how they ran their debate. then suddenly on january 11th when jim acosta decided to become a carnival barker, they
10:55 pm
decided to change their entire model and realize that their model was to try to follow msnbc and become the other resistance. i think it is sad because they've made it personal, and their ratings are suffering because of it, and i think that they've gotten every one of these hosts goes on air and tries to outdo themselves. >> the problem is, the prices drop as e not to be the resistance, they enjoy that role, they relish it.t. they always do it to republicans, they particularly due to trauma. it will get worse even when trump is gone. >> sean: think you both. a hard job you both have done. when we come back, "the daily caller" asks d.c. residents whether they would rather support a convicted felon or a trump supporter. hey! you know, progressive
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they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office right on your computer get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again >> sean: a video today, there >> sean: a video today, there would be questions to ask. rather they convict a felon or trump supporter? it's funny but i went long. it's not good if i don't run it in full. we will run that tomorrow.
11:00 pm
i will find a way to shut up a little bit. we will always be fair and balanced. we are not the destroy trump media. let not your heart be troubled big interview tonight. thanks for sharing a preview of the interview with mayor rudy giuliani. >> laura: i thought you were going to say a convicted felon or a liberal?e the convicted felon looks pretty good. >> sean: i have a really good story asking me if your kids were this and this and this, i said i don't care as long as they are not a liberal. >> laura: good evening. this is "the ingraham angle." buckle up. we have a huge show. in just a moment my exclusive. interview with rudy giuliani. the president's senior legal. counsel. he has a message from bob.