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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 17, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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memorial service at the capital. embracing donald trump in this photo was adriana malloy, mother of nypd detective familia killed in the line of duty last year. god bless her. is that a picture that did not get enough attention. that is all the time we have tonight. shannon bream is up next. shannon: donald trump's attorney rudy giuliani made major news, we have instant reaction tonight. the california rebellion against the resistance comes to washington, prominent rebels to tell us if the pres. is giving them the help they need when it comes to sanctuary state policies. and benefiting palestinians in need, largely funded by the us. millions of your dollars encouraging violence against
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israel. welcome to fox news at night. if true, it is a bombshell, presidential attorney rudy giuliani says special counsel robert mueller is promising to follow justice department guidance that a sitting president cannot be indicted. implications for the russia collusion probe, a major disappointment to the pres.'s critics. kristen fisher has the latest details. >> reporter: a significant element but doesn't mean donald trump is in the clear. it means according to his attorneys, the power to indict a sitting president. robert mueller could recommend impeachment to the house of representatives but an indictment, robert mueller told him two weeks ago his team will follow department of justice guidance which says a sitting president cannot be indicted. >> they have the facts in which they can write their report, a
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fair report, if you write an unfair report right it and we will combat it. we are ready to rip it apart. >> reporter: and why he touched that bomb that donald trump did reimburse michael cohen for that payment because he knew this financial disclosure form released today was about to drop. >> absolutely. the pres. was fully aware of it and he is the client after all. tremendous judgment about things like this. >> tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of the appointment as special counsel, giuliani used the occasion to again call for a end of the investigation, doubtful that will make a difference. shannon: what is the latest on north korea pulling out of the summit with donald trump? >> the white house is downplaying this threat, donald trump said today the north koreans haven't said anything about canceling the summit and
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the press secretary said this threat does not come as a surprise. >> this is something we fully expected. the pres. is ready for tough negotiations and if they want to meet we will be ready and if not that will be okay too and we will continue with the campaign of maximum pressure but the pres. will be ready. >> north korean officials cited ongoing joint military drills between the us and south korea as part of the reason they were reconsidering. they didn't like something john bolton said on fox news sunday. he compared north korean denuclearization to the dismantling of libya's nuclear weapons program and just today the north koreans called him repugnant.
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>> what is their reaction to you calling you out by name. >> nothing new from my perspective. in 2003 they called me human scum. called me a bloodsucker, said i was a very ugly fellow so i get used to it. it is what the north koreans do. >> one more reason the north koreans are threatening to pull out of the summit, they have no interest in the 1-sided affair to pressure pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons but donald trump is standing firm saying that if the summit happens he will still insist on total denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> this will be another back and forth. also tonight new insight into i really giuliani dropped the bombshell that donald trump reimbursed michael cohen after his payment to stormy daniels. giuliani aware it would likely go public in a financial disclosure released by
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government expenses in 2016 expenses were incurred by one of donald trump's attorneys, michael cohen who sought reimbursement of those expenses and donald trump fully reimbursed them in 2017. the offices the pres. has now met the reporting requirements. breaking information tonight from newly released transcript regarding the trump tower meeting where donald trump junior met with russian lawyer who supposedly had damaging information on hillary clinton 5 months before the presidential election. >> donald trump junior said he kept his dad in the dark in june 2016 when russians came calling with dirt on hillary clinton. congressional investigators asked did he say why wasn't i told about this meeting? do you find out? no because he wasn't aware of it. the meeting almost didn't happen according to the music reporter who set it up, rob goldstone said i believe that was a bad idea and we shouldn't do it and gave the reason being that i'm a music publicist, politics i knew nothing about. once the meeting started things unfolded like this. according to a us citizen of
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georgian descent works for a group run by russian oligarch mr. trump asked if they got anything on hillary to which he responded why don't you do your own research, we gave you the idea but a russian lobbyist was asked by investigators was there any discussion of anything that might be considered collusion between the trump campaign, not the way understand it, no. trump junior told congress the meeting was focused on russian adoptions. today trump junior said i answered every question asked and was candid and forthright with the committee. democratic lawmakers, not so sure. >> i have no confidence he has told the whole truth. >> the top republican on the judiciary committee may have them back to testify again. this morning obama era intelligence, a bipartisan group of senators how they came to the conclusion russians middle to
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help trump in a community assessment or ica which relied on the unverified dirty dossier and in a break with house republicans, the republican chairman richard better says, quote, we see no reason to dispute the conclusion, talk with obama era spy chiefs focus less on trump campaign collusion and more on russians using facebook and twitter to interfere. >> never had social media to this extent. >> john brennan and national security adviser james clapper were not chatty. >> what can you tell us about what you told the committee? >> the last generation of spy chiefs characteristically tightlipped as the next generation got a step closer to the director's office at langley. gina haspel was easily confirmed by the intel committee. next stop, folks senate confirmation vote as early as
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tomorrow. shannon: more on our top story, rudy giuliani claiming special counsel robert mueller the president is immune from indictment. let's turn to deputy assistant attorney general tom dupree for our best legal eagle analysis. this sounds like he is following the path most people would expect. what does it mean and what doesn't it mean? >> what it does mean is indictment is off the table. a lot of people anticipated this. there is a finding opinion from the office of legal counsel, the justice department binds justice department employees including about mueller that says you cannot invite a sitting president. most people felt mueller would adhere to that requirement and that decision which he
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apparently said he will. the pres.'s opponents are disappointed mueller punctured the balloon and this won't end in an indictment it does not mean the pres. is out of the woods as far as jeopardy goes because the constitutional remedy in a case like this if mueller found evidence of crime would be impeachment. what this suggests is the guilt or innocence would be adjudicated not in a court of law but united states congress. >> you wonder if there's a case that the whole time it will be a case against hillary clinton and then say even with everything we found we decided this is not a prosecutable case it puts information out there. >> it doesn't i would not be surprised if the final chapter of this is that he puts his facts forward to congress or some public support and basically says do with this what you wish, my job is done. >> there still discussion whether the president would talk
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to the mueller team. and his attorneys are saying not going to happen. the question of whether he can subpoena or not or how he responds here is what really giuliani had to say about that scenario. >> the same reason they can't issue a subpoena to him. clinton opposed the subpoena and voluntarily complied. he didn't give up presidential prerogative and his administration wrote a memo saying they can't do that. >> that is a tougher question. i think if mueller were to subpoena the president we would have a legal battle royal on our hands, doubt it would get wrapped up in weeks, might extend months or longer. my view on this is it is unlikely this would end in and a subpoena war. i don't think the white house want to prolong this dispute another 6 months and mueller might be willing to take a compromise was my guess is there will be a lot of pressure on both sides to reach an agreement where the testifies for a limited time, limited subject
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matter and mueller gets his information that way rather than battle it out-of-court. >> any hints or thoughts about the timeline? the house is wrapped up, the senate wrapped up and part of that will wrap up this summer. what do we know about mueller? they were predictions last year before the end of the year and by christmas and here we are. >> these investigations are never candled in an efficient way, they go longer than anyone anticipates but i will say this. i think the clock is ticking. he has been in office a little more than year, he completed what appears to be the bulk of his investigation. there are still loose ends they want to pursue and the american people are patient but their patience is not infinite and at some point there's going to be increasing public demand for mueller to wrap this up, get what he needs and bring this to a close. >> despite all the elements, what we have seen, we don't know what we don't know, no evidence
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of collusion. >> we don't know. my guess is he has cards left to play but so far they haven't found anything linking this to the pres. himself. >> always great to have you. at the white house donald trump hosting a group of rebels, california lawmakers fighting back against the state's sanctuary law. we are joined by two other people in that meeting today. they attended that meeting. the mayor of law cellulose and the sheriff of fresno county feeling confident the pres. has got there back.
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not the other way around. >> shannon: we need help, mr. president, that's the headline from tonight roundtable at the white house featuring a group of california officials define their state government on california's controversial century law. trace gallagher joins us with >> we need help, that is the headline from tomatoes roundtable at the white house featuring a group of california officials defined the state government on california's controversial sanctuary law. chris gallagher joins us with highlights from the meeting and reaction from california's leaders. >> 3000 miles from the golden state and the president sat surrounded by california mayors, sheriff and local leaders who oppose the state's sanctuary laws. melissa menendez calls this trump's california republican resistance. >> you invited is here to talk about the usual. i have been in office five years. it is a crisis. that is the point we are adding california. a crisis. >> california century policies
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allow local authorities to shelter illegal immigrants from federal immigration agents even after the illegal immigrants have broken the law and the trump administration has sued california calling its policies dangerous and unconstitutional. is the president. >> a law that forces the release of illegal and current criminals, gang members and violent predators into your communities, california's law provides safe harbor to some of the most vicious and violent offenders on earth. >> california governor jerry brown said donald trump is lying on immigration, lying about crime and lying about the laws of california, flying in a dozen republican politicians to flatter him and praise his reckless policies changes nothing. we, the citizens of the fifth largest economy in the world are not impressed but many of those citizens are pushing back. three california counties in 19 cities adopted out of the state's sanctuary laws, a small
12:18 am
portion of the giant state but individually the numbers are much closer, 2017 public policy institute of california paul showed 48% of adults favor the sanctuary law, 42% oppose. washington post article called california a road taste noticing conservatives are challenging the liberal resistance and morgan murtaugh believes a red wave is coming because people are, quote, pissed off about this. illegal border crossings continue to surge and the homeland security secretary told congress cartels are making at least $500 million a year bringing migrants into the us. >> thank you. two of those california rebels joined me now. the mayor plus elevators county and the county sheriff. thank you for being here tonight
12:19 am
after your day at the white house was what was it like? did you hear from the president that help is on the way. >> i heard help is on the way. action oriented meeting. he had the sheriff talking about law enforcement, the city council members that were focused on constitutional issue, the checks and balances that need to happen between federal, state and local jurisdictions. >> i want to reuse something from the executive director of the aclu of san diego talking about law enforcement working with immigrant communities and she said nationwide law enforcement leaders and police chiefs acknowledge public trust is key to effective community policing, we know people are less likely to report crimes when victims and witnesses here they made db2 supported if they contact local police. and argument we hear a lot. what is the reality of the impact of the century state law on your ability to do your job is law enforcement? >> the impact is the century state law protects criminals, not victims and witnesses and that is the big problem and the
12:20 am
big myth the victims and witnesses are being told that make them afraid. sanctuary state law says when somebody commits a crime, gets arrested and gets booked into a county jail i am prohibited from talking to ice about those inmates in my geo. in fact, we put a lot of effort into trying to reassure people in our community that if you are a victim or witness to a crime i can help you be here legally by recommending a visa to give someone a 3-year legal residency if they report the crime and are involved in the prosecution so that is a myth and it is causing more fear in our communities that are victimized. >> you heard how governor brown responded, your lieutenant governors running to be governor, he said this. cherry picking a few right-wing elected from a state of 39
12:21 am
million people. >> didn't brief you, here are the facts, sanctuary counties have your crimes, high median household income, lower poverty and lower unemployment. if is the case why are you fighting back against this? >> i'm hoping he is in telegraphing what could come if he wants to be elected governor, we hope to have a governor who will work with us on city council. we are bipartisan and need to work with both sides of the aisle, we are reasonable, what we are hoping to do is lead by example. the president of the united states invited the people back to their house, city council members from one of the smallest cities in orange county, he wants to have a dialogue, to get feedback. the assemblywoman melissa melendez said we would welcome a discussion with governor brown and with atty. gen. i would love an open forum with him.
12:22 am
and beat up on somebody he doesn't feel is prepared as a bipartisan person dealing directly with the retail level in politics, we know what is going on in this is not a partisan issue, this is something people want, they want law and order. shannon: we were all over the state talking to people, seeing what was going on in the numbers don't lie. these are our numbers, independent studies so i poverty rates, soaring homelessness, crime issues, fiscal issues. what are you hearing from people about how they feel about what is being decided in sacramento and how it trickles down in your community? >> i'm hearing great support for fighting back on the sanctuary state issue. it is important to us to have open dialogue with federal law enforcement partners. we learned after 9/11 how
12:23 am
important communication and relationships are and now here we are years later and people have forgotten that message and it is very disappointing to me. i have been sheriff for 12 years and i really feel i know what my community wants and they want the rule of law. we are not talking about our hard-working immigrants out there not committing crimes, we do not as victims or witnesses of crime if they are here legally or not. my concern is when somebody gets arrested and booked into our jails we need free-flowing information going back and forth with ice in a jail population. >> and you were worried about having an ms 13 gang member and not being able to tell federal agency had someone like that. >> keep us updated and thanks for dropping in after a long day at the white house. exclusive new video, critics allege show that palestinian
12:24 am
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>> shannon: most of the protesters k >> most of the protesters killel by israeli fire were members of hamas according to the terrorist group itself was there is new footage from inside gaza refugee camp that purports to show incitement to violence by united nations agency that runs schools and other operations with the help of millions of your taxpayer dollars. it has vehemently denied the allegations in the past and to
12:29 am
the report this time is all wrong. garrett and he is digging into trying to get the facts. >> we received this video from an israeli american journalist who went into gaza to show how the un relief agency is allegedly encouraging palestinian children to take part in these deadly riots. >> this is the scene of an assembly in gaza ahead of the violent clashes on his relapse border. journalist david between claims the school is run by the relief agency but we can't verify that and other claims in the video. it provides humanitarian aid to millions of palestinian refugees across the middle east including schools and hospitals but the agency has also been criticized by israeli lawmakers for teaching anti-israel and anti-semitic views in schools. this video could feel the delegations as it alleges students are being taught that they have the right to return to the lands taken by israel and claim them by any means
12:30 am
necessary. >> translator: speak with the u.n. agency tells us it's not in any way been >> reporter: the un agency says it has not been involved in organizing or participating in the margins in gaza. in 2013 in response to another film, condemning anti-semitic statements made on camera and defending its work in the region that we reject allegations that it promotes incitement and is responsible for views expressed in this film. we are committed to fostering human rights and tolerance and teaches these values through the
12:31 am
curriculum. in terms of funding the us gives $360 million every year which is why it is more than the next four highest countries combined but in january the trump administration announced it was withholding $65 million of that funding because the us wants to see revision and how the agency operates. shannon: let's dig further into this agency. republican congressman from colorado sits on the armed services committee, he joins us live. welcome. let me start by getting your reaction. this comes from an israeli filmmaker. we can't independently verify it. he says these are agencies linked to anare a which gets millions in taxpayer dollars every year. they deny it. >> the researchers have done a
12:32 am
very good work, revealing the facts. congress needs to investigate further. congress needs to get to the bottom of this and i believe donald trump to the right thing by withholding the money as we just stated. that is going to get the attention of the united nations. >> we sat down with the chief negotiator for the palestinians and he talked about he was outraged about the money being withheld and talked about how it goes to food, education and healthcare and these people are desperate and when you take away that money it makes the more desperate and his argument was that leads them to become radicalized if they have nothing to exist on. what do you make that argument? >> there just providing humanitarian aid but they use the textbooks of the palestinian authority and those textbooks glorify martyrdom, encourage violence takeover of israel by the right of return, glorifies terrorism and does all the wrong things the poison the mind of
12:33 am
the children that are now so anti-israel and anti-jewish. >> i want to read what we got from -- garrett had some information from the spokesman saying this. is a neutral un humanitarian agency we are committed to promoting nonviolence and the highest standards of neutrality. our consummation of all forms of racism including anti-semitism is a matter of public record. is that good enough for you? >> no. we need to do research, congressional investigations. there was an obama era reports that was done in the number of refugees, classified by the state department and not released to congress yet, there are things we need to get to the bottom of that are not being told to us. shannon: i mentioned the top palestinian negotiator.
12:34 am
his niece who is here, george mason, i think, correct me if i'm wrong, she wrote a piece on the saying since its inception, we strive to remain impartial amid infighting, violence and turmoil concentrating on helping palestinians in need regardless of their politics. food, water, healthcare, those kinds of things. that is her take on it. >> i have seen the textbooks released to the public and to myself and other congressman and it is horrible. this is incitement to violence, this has poisoned the minds of the next generation. that is why we have people going to the fence and getting killed. that is why we -- i was the house sponsor, telling the palestinian authority don't take us taxpayer dollars and give it to terrorists who are now in prison, paying them more than they would ever make in the civilian sector or the surviving families if they get killed. this is incitement to terrorism
12:35 am
and violence. they are doing that on that front as well. shannon: there are millions of taxpayer dollars involved so it does warrant congressional investigation. let us know if that launches the track and what you find, great to have you. the trump administration and chinese delegation launched a new round of trade talks ahead of the june deadline. there are signs the white house is softening its position on terrorists with a reduced role for the most outspoken trade nationalist in the white house. we are expecting a vote in the house friday on a controversial farm bill, democrats oppose it because of work requirements for food stamp recipients and some republicans are upset over a proposal to change the way the government deals with the sugar industry. tonight doug mcelwain tells us what is at stake. >> reporter: doctors say sugar is addictive to the human brain and apparent me to congress.
12:36 am
they have been unable to resist their sweet tooth for sugar subsidies. helping farmers to adjustable droughts, sugar subsidies are what americans pay for sugar. virginia fox of north carolina hopes for amendment to the farm bill will reform sugar subsidies once and for all. >> this is a soviet style program and it doesn't comport with what americans believe in. >> reporter: this would modernize sugar subsidies by removing limits to the mystic production and implement another market reforms. every few years when it comes up for refill renewal, it inches closer to passage. this week it is closer than ever. >> last time we voted on the farm bill, only 7 votes it failed. >> the trouble is the farm bill is almost unanimously opposed by
12:37 am
democrats not because of the fox amendment but republicans included a toughening of the work requirement for snap, the supplemental attrition assistance program formerly called food stamps. the number of americans receiving snap benefits has ballooned from 17 million in 2000 to 41 million today. with the economy roaring republicans say now is the time to wean people off of them but democrats think it is cruel. nancy pelosi saying it jeopardizes benefits for 2 million people, 265,000 children losing their free school meals. >> when i was growing up it was school bullies that went after kids lunch money, not the united states congress. >> with democrats oppose a snap reforms republicans oppose sugar reform, the house you be vote counter is getting nervous about the farm bill. >> what is the big picture? the big picture is a farm program that works but also putting work requirements and place on welfare programs. >> she will support the farm
12:38 am
bill even if the sugar amendment fails. >> thank you very much. when the us embassy opens not one democrat, not one elected member of congress attended the ceremony. do they have a problem with israel. that story next. some democratic 2020 front runners including elizabeth warren share their progressive ideas and come out swinging against donald trump and even our democracy. >> in 2016 nearly 3 million more people voted for hillary clinton than donald trump but trump took the presidency. that is not the sign of a healthy democracy.
12:39 am
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>> shannon: has port for the shannon: is support for israel a partisan issue? it wasn't always that way. we look back at the history of the democratic party and israel. >> reporter: republican sen. that the opening of the us embassy in jerusalem could barely contain their excitement. >> of all the things donald trump could have done to tell israel we had their back, making jerusalem the capital is the strongest signal he can send. >> no way on earth we were going to open this embassy without my being here to celebrate. >> but you couldn't find a single democratic senator in the crowd. texas sen. ted cruz blasted pres. obama for turning his party against israel. >> 10 house members, no
12:43 am
democrats. that is a sad manifestation. >> in a nod to the importance of the israeli lobby the democratic party, al gore shows a jewish running mate. 18 years later things have changed. and appear research paul self-described liberal democrats side with the palestinians 35% to 19%. of the whole party it is 27-25. compare that to a few years ago when 40% of democrats said their sympathies were with to the jewish state. >> everything in our politics is partisan and polarized. when trump agrees with something democrats insensibly disagree with them even if it doesn't go with her principles. >> case indicative the iran nuclear deal. senate minority leader chuck schumer voted against it in 2015 citing careful thought and considerable soul-searching. 3 years later schumer blasted donald trump for withdrawing from the same deal he opposed. >> there are no reports that
12:44 am
iran has violated the agreement and to me the greatest worries from iran are not the nuclear side. >> for decades support of israel remains one of the few nonpartisan issues in washington. now the support is far more nuanced with republicans lining up behind israeli prime minister benjamin that in yahoo and democrats behind the israeli center and left. shannon: thank you very much. several potential 20/20 contenders gather in washington to offer ideas how democrats can defeat donald trump. here's a sampling of what they have got in mind. >> we don't value women in society and that is just the facts, not just i feel exposed because i'm not like a man. how about i'm tearing up because i'm so angry and frustrated and my emotional intelligence makes the company succeed. if it wasn't lehman brothers but lehman sisters we might not have had the financial collapse.
12:45 am
>> traveling to midwestern communities, the rural south, traveling out west, i have read books like hillbilly elegy to try to understand other folks and when i read books like that i'm thinking these folks have so much in common with folks that live in my neighborhood. >> 2016 nearly 3 million more people voted for hillary clinton than donald trump but trump took the presidency. that is not exactly the sign of a healthy democracy. democracy hanks on the idea that whoever gets the most votes wins. that is the central starting point and it is worth repeating every single day. >> let's talk about it with fox news contributor leslie marshall along with larry o'connor. might have sprained an eye socket from the roles i saw going on. apparently we are democracy, not
12:46 am
a republic. someone has that been reading federalist papers. >> this woman just derided federalism and the constitutional republic that makes our country a strong as it has all these years and said it is a weakness. this is where the democratic party is, look at those two reports back to back, people aiming at 2020 for the democrats, these guys, cory booker and elizabeth warren and leland bedard, how they view israel. think about this for a minute. more democrats, elected officials have been seen with louis farrakhan in the last couple years than showed up in jerusalem for the moving of our embassy. there is a radical on the fringe i can't wait for 2020. >> larry tonight said he thinks -- hillary clinton during the election, have a rematch in 2020, leslie, what do you think of 20/20 prospects? >> i don't think this three people are going to be any of the people we will see on the
12:47 am
ticket and larry, i don't want i roles. i don't like my kids i role, don't i roll when i say this. i honestly feel, a lot of democrats don't agree with me, i hope he is listening and watching. i honestly feel joe biden is the only democrat that can beat donald trump. he can appeal to individuals that voted for donald trump, in those blue-collar workers, that normally voted for democrats. i think joe biden can bring them back with his no malarkey talk and talking about what matters to them which is jobs. what these people are talking about, there's certainly a lot of merit to women and women are often left behind. it is incredible, not just the me too movement, more women are running than ever before as they should. >> this deck about joe biden he didn't show up at this little
12:48 am
contact, yahoo says at the 201990 is contest democrats should determination to make marriage between moderates and progressives work, in large part to defeat republicans in the looming congressional elections and reclaim the white house two years later. i want you to weigh in on how the different parts of the democrat party will or won't come together. >> it would be a disaster for them. that what democrats stand for until this point, various factions they representative back to joe biden goes against everything they stand for. if they keep telling us hillary clinton was robbed, if it weren't for vladimir putin and donald trump working with him she would be president, she got all the vote that is the most qualified person why wouldn't she run again? why are you going against hillary clinton, the woman who deserves to be president? >> what you think of these factions coming together and making the truce to take on the republicans? >> that is needed. the democratic party has that
12:49 am
divide. sort of like team bernie and tina, even if bernie was again hillary said she won't, she is not running. any party needs to unite. the uniting doesn't matter if they don't show up in the midterm elections which historically and sadly democrats don't, women don't, minorities don't, millennials don't, all of which tend to be registered more strongly democrat but we need to unite. >> history favors them in the midterm, the first after the president elected to the white house the opposing party does well. we will see. >> we are a democracy that operates as a republic. >> we have a thing called the electoral college, the framers wanted it but you can amend the constitution. great to see you both tonight. back soon. a red alert is what officials in hawaii are calling the official warning they issued for air travel as the kilauea volcano
12:50 am
continues to spew ash and lava with no signs of letting up. we will return. ♪ from some unexpected friends. these zebra and antelope. they're wearing iot sensors, connected to the ibm cloud. when poachers enter the area, the animals run for it. which alerts rangers, who can track their motions and help stop them before any harm is done. it's a smart way to help increase the rhino population. and turn the poachers into the endangered species. ♪ ♪ and taking cared abof the boys.e zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job.
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>> shannon: shannon: another warning from officials in hawaii over the irruption of the kilauea volcano. authorities say a catastrophic
12:54 am
explosion to be coming soon. just paul joins us again tonight. >> 4.2 magnitude earthquake shook near the volcano summit adding to the fear of the big irruption and dense ballistic blocks were found a few hundred yards away from the volcano's summit, they were discovered after recent irruption the cost ash plumes to linger thousands of feet in the are blanketing the sky gray. geologists issued an aviation rattler, it ties one, folks have reported see - follow as far as 18 miles away and now there are health concerns regarding her quality. the ash along with sulfur dioxide has some locals worried conditions could get worse. >> you are hearing stones might be coming flying this way, ash will be covered all over the place. trying to get things covered as much as possible. >> reporter: is alarming as this might be the county of hawaii is
12:55 am
urging the public not to panic. every day is different than the volcano's pressure can go up and come down. >> it wasn't the big one so to speak what does that mean we will see a bigger more explosive event? not necessarily. it could plug up and we could in the future have the so-called big one. >> reporter: the air quality is so poor, signs like this one warning drivers to stay in their vehicles for the next 10 miles. shannon: stick around for our midnight hero. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road.
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shannon: several heroes tonight suffered severe burns in a fire pit explosion was because of her injuries she cannot attend her high school prom. classmates decided to bring the prom to her. her friends decorated the basement and friends decided to cheer up before going to the dance. she was brought to tears by the gesture. she is expected to recover but
1:00 am
it will take months. she the hero and friends are as well. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. ♪ >> this is "fox and friends first" happening right now i 4:00 i 4:00 am. no indictment. donald trump's legal team says it is ready to rip apart the russia probe as robert mueller marks one year on the job. >> if a subpoena us, challenge the subpoena, the same reason they can't indict him. heather: will the pres. sit down with an interview. rudy giuliani says only under the comey condition. >> some accused the north korean dictator as being the most rational dictator, at least


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