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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 17, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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it will take months. she the hero and friends are as well. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. ♪ >> this is "fox and friends first" happening right now i 4:00 i 4:00 am. no indictment. donald trump's legal team says it is ready to rip apart the russia probe as robert mueller marks one year on the job. >> if a subpoena us, challenge the subpoena, the same reason they can't indict him. heather: will the pres. sit down with an interview. rudy giuliani says only under the comey condition. >> some accused the north korean dictator as being the most rational dictator, at least
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until the trump administration. they make the media signing with a ruthless dictator over the president of the united states. blowing the liberal narrative to pieces. a memorial for fallen officers, promising to hunt down those responsible. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ 1 foot in front of the other ♪ >> a rainy start in new york, you almost made it, let's get to the top story today. donald trump's legal team is
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ready to rip robert mueller apart, pressure mounting to close the russia investigation, one year since the special counsel appointment. as we learn what it will take to sit down for an interview. >> reporter: rudy giuliani said mueller told him he will not seek to invite the pres.. it is time to end the investigation. >> it has been a year, gotten 4.4 million document, interview 28 witnesses and he has nothing which is why he wants to bring the president to an interview. and tell us what you want to get to an interview. >> reporter: this does not mean the pres. is in the clear. what it would take to sit down at this point, it would begin
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with james comey. >> don't know why he is being investigated. a lot of the pres.'s statements contradict comey. i don't we would sit down with an interview unless treated the same way. >> reporter: the senate judiciary committee released transcripts about the june 2016 trump tower meeting involving donald trump junior who told the committee he never informed his father of the meeting and senate minority leader chuck schumer taking to the senate floor to blast the committee. >> allowing them to interfere with the mueller probe, for any potential evidence the american people won't be cool. they know the difference between a genuine search for truth and a whitewash. >> reporter: of development in the house's probe into russian middling, the leaders of the
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freedom caucus, representative mark meadows and jim jordan writing to atty. gen. sessions demanding doj produce the documents they requested. >> donald trump standing firm on north korea, after the rogue regime threatens to the summit, the demand remains nonnegotiable even after north korea backed out of talks with the south over military drills. dictator kim jong un insists on ending international sanctions in exchange for dismantling their nuclear program. the state department is planing for the june 12th meeting in singapore. the mainstream media quick to spin north korea's threats as a failure for donald trump. this is how the liberal outlets covered the latest development. >> quite amateur, even at the 50 yard line on denuclearize inc. north korea the pres. was practicing his needles and
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dance. >> accusing the north korean dictator of being the world's most rational negotiator, not until the trump administration. >> surprised of the road to the summit is not an easy one. >> they are tearing apart the media for signing with the dictator over our president. >> the funny part is all the clips forget what the president said at the beginning, if we get a deal great, might walk out. he lay the predicates a long time ago and everyone is forgetting how he approached this. the pres. made clear he is willing to walk away from the table. that is what people in the reports of forgotten. 3 american hostages back, and denuclearize in the korean peninsula and kim jong un -- >> the press will blame donald trump. >> they will not blame the totalitarian dictator, they blame donald trump. they cover the hostages but it was a 1-day story but this is my
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point about the press separating itself from the people they depend on to buy their papers and news. >> they say slanted coverage like this pushes americans further from the outlets which they are calling a big problem so they will pay attention for sure. breaking overnight, the israeli gaza border, is relaunching 7 hamas terror targets in gaza. the attacks in response to machine gunfire from across-the-board or who hit homes, no one was injured. this was the first time any gunfire hit the city from gaza. donald trump's pick to head the cia headed to a confirmation vote. the senate intelligence committee approving the nomination over the agency's enhanced interrogation processes, expected to win confirmation as 5 democrats publicly support her nomination.
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the vote could happen as early as today. we are going to cover this. these are animals. donald trump ripping california's sanctuary law as he meets with state leaders fighting against it and we are learning at least one federal judge is ignoring the 0-tolerance policy for illegal border crossers. good morning. >> the pres. stepping up attacks on the golden state in a fiery roundtable with california republican lawmakers, calling them a, quote, rebellion against the state's sanctuary policies. >> people coming into the country, trying to come into we are stopping a lot of them, taking people out of the country, you wouldn't believe how bad these people are. these aren't people. these are animals. because of the week laws they come in fast, it is crazy. >> reporter: donald trump calling for the justice department to investigate oakland mayor libby shaffer obstruction of justice after she
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kicked off immigrants about a nice sweep. >> i do not regret sharing this information. i felt it was my duty to share the information i had. >> i would recommend that you look into obstruction of justice in the mayor of oakland, california. >> jerry brown is putting a tweet, quote, donald from lying on immigration, lying about laws of california. and to flatter him and praise his policies. the fifth largest economy in the world, not impressed. all of this report certain doj prosecutors and one federal judge appeared to be executing jeff sessions's 0-tolerance policy for illegal border crossings. and 13 illegal immigrants arrested on friday were not prosecuted after the us attorney for southern district of california declined prosecution with border patrol agents
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claiming prosecutors are picking and choosing which cases to prosecute. the situation so bad several military bases may soon house children separated from their parents while illegally entering the country. >> they didn't know about the catch and release program, thank you. the fate of the internet speed is cost is in the hands of the senate, the exact opposite, in the hands of the house. senate democrats voting to keep net neutrality regulations which stop service providers from slowing down or blocking sites and charging customers more for certain content. critics call it overregulation. the bill is unlikely to survive in the house where democrats need 25 republicans to join a petition in order for a vote in the house. first lady milania trump given a personal update on her health tweeting a sincere thank you to
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walter reed medical unit and all who sent good wishes and prayers. i'm feeling great and look forward to getting home to the white house. trump underwent a procedure monday to treat a benign kidney condition. donald trump has visited her each day. the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. a barrage of bullets as cameras capture one man's violent rampage against police. why this is being called deliberate, a deliberate attack on the badge. the va rolling out a short list for the next department chief with acting secretary robert wilkie among them. their next guest, and iraqi war veteran claims why he trusts wilkie to clean up the mess. drink up, a new study that says women are better wine drinkers than men. ♪ been jimmy's longest.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends first," a man ambushes police officer spraying bullets in the air with an assault rifle, tense moment caught on surveillance video, screens and gunshot heard on officer's body camera. [screaming] heather: the gunman, barry freeman, killed his neighbor after mistaking him for an officer. investigators believe he was waiting to ambush offices, freeman shot and killed by a squad officer was a message of hate on a statute zika dedicated to our fallen men and women in uniform. police are looking for the person responsible for writing a derogatory slam against them on a memorial in massachusetts.
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>> to say this is hallowed ground is an understatement. we ask people to respect this area. this is sacred to the men and women that serve this community. heather: the and think of elections during police memorial weekend the chief says they will pursue criminal charges against the vandeweghe the statue, or cleaned up, will be featured during the police memorial event sunday morning. the va will announce its short list for its next department director and one of the named is acting secretary robert wilkie. addressing the department for the first time since he was appointed by donald trump last week, he says customer service is key. >> i'm grateful for the opportunity to serve for america's veterans. customer service is the key, customer service must start with each other, not talking at each
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other but with each other. >> if we don't listen to each other we won't listen to our veterans and their families. heather: who is robert will he and what should his priorities be if he is named? executive director for investment for america and direct war veteran dan caldwell, thank you for joining us. we are going to bring up facts that we know about wilkie, and why is he a good person for the job and more about his background. >> secretary mattis, he was born in khaki diapers meaning he grew up in a military family, he's a veteran in the air force and the navy. he is still serving as undersecretary of personnel at the dod when acting as va secretary. helping manage the largest theocracies, the right mindset,
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he unequivocally supports the trump va reform agenda. one thing that emerged under the previous secretary, david selden, a lot of doubletalk coming out of the va. secretary sheldon saying one thing to one group, and another to another group and secretary wilkie is not doing that. heather: privatization versus not privatizing, where does it stand on that. >> more healthcare toys for veterans, not privatization as some say, he supports giving veterans more healthcare choice. he supported a bill that donald trump supports which passed out of the house that would give more healthcare choices, a great and before memorial day, he has been making calls to senators and congressmen, making clear this will help our veterans.
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heather: are not endorsing anyone. >> acting secretary wilkie is doing a good job. representative jeff miller, good candidates as well. we are impressed with accuracy. -- acting secretary robert wilkie. >> other issues the next leader needs to take into account? >> the biggest thing is implementing the mission act, we will do so in a way that bureaucrats can't undermine, robert wilkie or whoever the next va secretary use, this is a priority implementing a way that works and the problems we had with veteran choice card which is undermined by the obama administration. we don't want to see that again,
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donald trump made clear that is the priority, that is top priority for the next va secretary. heather: good to hear you think the acting secretary is doing a good job so far. thank you for joining us. have a great day. the time is 18 minutes after the top of the. a school board member, camera berating a police officer pulling her over speeding. the brand-new calls for her to step down. >> given the success of the first film what are your expectations? >> a money grab. heather: the highly anticipated deadpool ii hitting the screen, we had the screen with stars next. ♪ nture with audible. with the largest selection of audiobooks. audible lets you follow plot twists off the beaten track. or discover magic when you hit the open road.
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>> welcome back. a fiery explosion rocking this plant in oklahoma. this shows claims and plumes of smoke that could be seen for miles. 75 employees were inside the plant at the time. no one was injured. investigators believe something inside overheated and sparked that blasts. really overheated. more earthquakes shake a why as ash continues to spew out of the kilauea volcano, the largest quake measuring 4.4 magnitude, 20 fishers are open on the big island, lava destroying dozens of homes and fears of a massive eruption are growing. the volcano not stopping golfers. i know a couple people that would do this, teeing off with - spewing in the background. can you believe? that is a real picture.
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turning to extreme weather, 5 people that is powerful storms slam the east coast. 5 confirmed tornadoes slamming the northeast, ripping trees from the ground, crashing onto several homes, rising waters damaging this bridge in maryland and millions from virginia to jersey bracing for another threat of flash flooding today. we will have janice dean telling us more about that. but first everyone's favorite antihero is back and expected to dominate the box office, deadpool ii starring ryan reynolds. all the laughs as the first one. let's step into the fox light with michael camaro. you said and with the stars. >> all about the latest installment of this franchise.
1:25 am
>> this kid is in trouble. >> pump the hate breaks. >> you have a hit on your hands. congratulations. describe this crazy, wild movie to people. >> if you are not familiar with deadpool you have been under a rock. it is like sugar ray every morning but more progressive. >> a great breath of fresh air in the midst of all these huge tentpole movies. >> all the things you're not supposed to do in a film. >> also a heartfelt story about a guy trying to do right by this kid. >> tough, morally flexible and secure their own franchise for 10 to 12 years. >> given the success of the first film what are your expectations? >> a money grab big time.
1:26 am
the good news is you don't need to see deadpool i to understand deadpool ii. but the spiderman iii to enjoy it. they are really bad. >> so great, so funny. the humor is unsparing. heather: he did the interview in his -- >> a couple shots on the pivotal morning show based on the comic book deadpool. heather: i am a fan of deadpool for sure. is 26 after the top of the hour and the campaign everyone is talking about the georgia
1:27 am
gubernatorial candidate and his deportation bus. >> we have a deportation bus, filled with illegals and set send them back to where they came from. >> youto called out for an entirely different story. youto pooled the video. carly shimkus will talk about online reaction to something else. pomp and circumstance in full effect as people flock to london for the royal wedding of megan markel and prince harry, just days from tying the not. live in london for finishing touches for the big event. ♪ hey baby ♪ i think i want to marry you ♪ my name is jeff sheldon,
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heather: donald trump's legal team ready to rip robert mueller apart, pressure mounting to close the resin investigation is today marks the 1-year anniversary since the special counsel appointment. >> it has been a year, he has gotten 1.4 million documents, interview 28 witnesses and he has nothing. we are demanding from him, tell us what you have to get from the interview, he has all the facts to make a decision. heather: giuliani saying james comey should be under
1:31 am
investigations and his comments contradict the president. the inspector general wrapping a report regarding the fbi handling the clinton email investigation. former speaker of the house newt gingrich says this is just the beginning because shady dealings and past administrations are being brought to light. >> every american should be concerned when you learn the top two people at the federal bureau of investigation were clearly dishonest and broke the law. when you learn, all the way to pres. obama, after the administration, and for a full week deliberately and knowingly lied on national television to the american people. you see the inspector general with any information coming out. obama and clinton were in charge
1:32 am
of. gradually beginning to unravel. heather: a bombshell revelation in the trump russia probe, spying on two trump campaign aides. and when informant, one of the 8 several time. a secret fbi source, federal information, that information to the cia made its way to robert mueller. a school resource officer gunned down a shooter avoiding a possible tragedy. the officer taking down the student who opened fire during graduation practice at a high school in dixon, illinois. >> he charged towards the suspect and confronted him head on. because of his heroic actions we are indebted to him for his
1:33 am
service and bravery. lou: vp saying another example of the brave work performed by law enforcement each and every day. the suspect is hospitalized and under arrest. a georgia candidate for governor blasting youtube for removing this campaign at. >> we have a deportation bus. we will implement my 2807g deportation plan that will fill this bus with illegals and send them back where they came from. heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with the online backlash. an interesting race in georgia. that was georgia state sen. michael williams who posted that campaign add to youtube tuesday but late wednesday morning the company had taken it down replacing it with a message saying the ad violated the company's policy on hate speech but now it is back up and
1:34 am
running because of a flood of complaints from people around the country. >> we had supporters not just here in georgia but all over the country that love the first amendment and conservative values and reached out and said put that video backup and they put it back up. >> reporter: youtube admits sometimes we make the wrong call on content flagged by the community. when it is brought to our attention we review the content and take appropriate action including restoring videos or channels that were mistakenly removed. people across the country are weighing in. rick says it is hate speech to enforce our laws? another twitter user rights youtube supports illegal immigration, got it. but not hate speech but youtube can do what they want to do, it is their own company. that precedent is set but it is their decision to make. as for williams's deportation
1:35 am
bus tour it is symbolic to highlight his deportation plan and he is not picking people up and taking them to mexico. kim jong un brian kemp has another ad that is a little bit controversial. talk about the show rise. >> a show on nbc they canceled parent, backlash from the christian community, accused of pushing liberal talking points, one controversial episode criticized hiding in the shadows on issues related to homosexuality. >> it is too dark, this is not our values. we want our son growing up in. >> hiding from them won't make them go away. i expect your time to say nothing less. this conversation is done. >> reporter: as a reaction to the show's cancellation, actually surprised they had the good sense to do this.
1:36 am
nbc has not responded why this show was canceled. heather: a world war ii veteran once 100 cars on his 100th birthday. >> this is fantastic, his name is mike, his birthday is june 6th. he wants 100 birthday cards from people across the country to celebrate his 100th birthday. we will put his mailing address on screen. there you have it. his family absolutely loves it, they are promoting this idea and they say he is a walking history book. the stories he tells, he has been there through so many people, give back to him in an easy way. >> we should strive for more than 100. let's go for 100,000. thank you so much. the countdown to the royal
1:37 am
wedding is on his final preparations get underway for the historic celebration the questions about who will walk megan markel down the aisle continue as her father recovers from heart surgery. live in windsor, england, a preview of what we can expect. >> reporter: welcome to the fox news coverage of the royal wedding. a bit of a change of pace for some of us, this is the wedding not of the century but of this year. a block in front of me windsor castle, that is where it is happening, prince harry and megan markel tying the not at st. george chapel, the residence of the queen. about 1000 years of royal history. megan markel making history with this wedding, she's an american, and activists, mixed background,
1:38 am
a lot of firsts for the royal family. her mother arrived yesterday from los angeles, she has been hanging out with a couple. as for megan's father thomas, he looks like he is not going to make it to the ceremony. there has been a scandal, selling pictures of himself to the paparazzi. not clear who will walk megan down the aisle. the wedding party finalized, prince william, the brother of harry will be best man. no maid of honor, she has too many friends. the page boys, between 2 lovely little kids, kate and will, the youngest will be sick at home. is for the town in windsor, everybody is getting ready. there will be 100,000 public coming in descending on the place and looking at the procession. 5000 media will be here, the
1:39 am
cost, $50 billion. it is a very good profit. the guest list has been finalized including elton john. a real big favorite of princess diana and she could be performing as well. we are waiting for our invitation. >> you are right, this is a very different scene to see you covering this but we love it. thank you, appreciate it. this time, 20 minutes until the top of the hour and former chair of the democratic party just took a major shot at the nra. she is equating millions of law-abiding americans to terrorists. park and infections -- convictions as bill diblasio plans to scale back the nypd. is this the best idea? what does it mean for crime in the community? we will debate it. ♪
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the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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>> the nra just like isis. debbie wasserman schultz told that to the huffington post saying the nra is just shy of a terrorist organization. they have done everything they can to perpetuate the culture of violence we have in our country and with the spread of assault weapons across the nation. the florida congresswoman was responding to comments by oliver north where he compared gun-control activist behavior to civil terrorism. no credit card, no problem. amazon will not let you pay with cash or they will now. we will figure it out with tracy carrasco. >> reporter: amazon will let you pay with cash. you can use the coin star
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the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and a school board member under fire for berating and cursing a police officer and it is caught on camera. the calls now for her to step down. what happens when a snake walks into a bar? the wild reptile, you have to see it. ♪
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heather: ten minutes to the top of the hour. a school board member facing calls to resign after - cam video shows her in a bizarre confrontation with a cop while trying to get out of a speeding ticket even making racist remarks at him. jackie ibanez joins us with this story. >> reporter: stephanie lawson mohammed in new jersey, new
1:49 am
video shows her interaction with an officer after she was pulled over for speeding. you can hear her try to get out of trouble but that is when things start to go downhill. >> i'm on the school board, i'm a community member, sorry i was speeding. >> you were speeding, that is why are stopped you. 37 in 25. >> i'm scared of cops. >> do you want me to call you an ambulance. >> i don't want you to call me an ambulance. heather: when the officer comes back with the ticket she lashes out, listen. >> the ticket has been written, i can't avoid a summons. you are welcome to do that. heather: neither lawson mohammed nor the school board have responded.
1:50 am
a prominent african american group once her to step down. the chairman thing under no circumstances is this behavior from a public servant acceptable. she must resign from her position. the same group is demanding the officer receive an apology committee him for professionalism and keeping his cool. >> everyone at home, let us know what you think. thank you very much. new york city's dist. atty. will prosecute the level part cases at the same time bill diblasio announces an overhaul of the nypd enforcement policy. what impact will this have on crime and the community? here to debate it is vincent hill and dr. susan johnson cook. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. let's look at the numbers. the manhattan va's officer there
1:51 am
were 5050 marijuana arrests, this policy will cut it down to 200 a year, that is a 96% reduction. susan, what do you think? is that true? is this a good thing? will the policy work? >> the issue is not policy necessarily but local public safety and carrying a small amount of marijuana has nothing to do with public safety. i commend him and the nypd because you are looking at disproportionate numbers of african-americans and latinos, brown and black men who were stopped. this is a great idea and i support the effort. heather: that goes along with what bill diblasio is saying, saying i'm announcing the nypd will overhaul marijuana enforcement policies. we must end unnecessary arrests and disparity in enforcement. is that a problem?
1:52 am
>> no arrest when someone breaking the law is an unnecessary arrests. let's talk public safety. i can't tell you how many accidents with someone under the influence of marijuana. it is an intoxicants. laws are made to be abided by if you break the law you need to be arrested. what message does this send? he shoplifted, it is okay as long as it wasn't over a certain amount or if you rob someone is okay as long as no one was hurt? if you break the law you need to pay the consequences. that is what i was taught at an early age by my father and that is what i live by. we 20 that is a good point. >> i want to commend commissioner o'neill because it is the like new york, 8 million people, a small event, does not mean you are slapping their wrists and excusing it but you are looking at the numbers and numbers do not lie, it is a disproportionate number of brown and black people being arrested.
1:53 am
it is an issue of public safety, a very minimal issue, the effect of marijuana in terms of public safety. we support them and i give a shout out to nypd and bill diblasio. heather: is this an indication of what is going to spread across the country? will they look at this? we have seen in communities across the country medical marijuana being legalized. is this the next step? >> i have no problem with medical marijuana. it is there for a reason. simple arrests lead to bigger arrests. i stopped people with a bag of marijuana or a gun or committing a robbery. these arrests need to stay in place. as long as it is against the law in new york to have marijuana you need to be arrested for it because that is public safety.
1:54 am
heather: we have to wrap it up but thank you both very much for joining us with your opinions. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. london falling, the hilarious moment a man slips and symbols down the steps into a river. the viral video you have got to see. ♪ to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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heather: i like that song. live shot, sunrise, sunset, atlanta, georgia, some low-lying clouds. in new york city, almost the weekend, that is okay. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. do you want free beer this summer? head to see world, the park is offering free beer starting friday, you can get two free, 7 ounce brews a day. the bad, a bar employee yanks a snake from the ceiling fan as customers watch in horror.
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look. [screaming] heather: the word on how the reptile welled up inside the texas bar, no word yet. if you find out let us know. the ugly, a guy looking to take a dip in london's river tends gets more than he bargained for. [laughter] heather: he tumbled down 12 steps into the river after taking off his shirt. he posted a video online, that he is totally embarrassed but is okay. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," see you tomorrow. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. jillian: it is thursday, may 17th. ready to rip it apart. rudy giuliani says donald trump's legal team is geared up to fight any report from robert mueller, the push to end the year-long russia probe.
2:00 am
rob: donald trump praising local california leaders for standing up to, quote, deadly and unconstitutional state laws. >> the state of california's attempts to nullify federal law sparked a rebellion by patriotic citizens who want their families protected and their borders secured. >> reporter: also investigating liberal state leaders for obstruction of justice. we are going inside the meeting. jillian: us shot from a


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