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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 17, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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okay. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," see you tomorrow. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. jillian: it is thursday, may 17th. ready to rip it apart. rudy giuliani says donald trump's legal team is geared up to fight any report from robert mueller, the push to end the year-long russia probe. rob: donald trump praising local california leaders for standing up to, quote, deadly and unconstitutional state laws. >> the state of california's attempts to nullify federal law sparked a rebellion by patriotic citizens who want their families protected and their borders secured. >> reporter: also investigating liberal state leaders for obstruction of justice. we are going inside the meeting. jillian: us shot from a
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conservative student, "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ we need nobody ♪ jillian: love that shot. rob: a halo around it. it has been a crazy weather week. a lot of rain on the east coast and most of the midwest looking nice and pretty. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. ready to rip robert mueller apart. the russia investigation marks one year since the special
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counsel. >> griff jenkins live in washington dc. >> rudy giuliani says mueller said he would not seek to indict the president but hearing from justice department's guidance that enough is enough, time to end the investigation. >> it has been a year, 4.4 million documents, to an interview and demanding from him, tell us what you don't already have. >> this does not mean the pres. is in the clear. and that would begin with james comey. >> that troubles us. a lot of the pres.'s statements contradict comey. we were not sit him down unless
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comey was investigated. >> 2500 pages of transcript on the june 2016 trump tower meeting involving the pres. donald trump junior, never informed his father of the meeting and chuck schumer blasted the release. >> interfering with the mueller probe to get a peek at any potential evidence. the american people won't be fooled. the genuine search for truth and a whitewash. >> reporter: republican leaders of the house freedom caucus, jim jordan and rhonda sanchez sent a letter to the pres. telling him to instruct his atty. gen. to release all documents related to the mueller investigation. jillian: with no evidence of collusion at the one year mark
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are americans buying into the accusations against the president? political reporter at real clear politics caitlin burns says the public is starting to see this has a lot of smoke with no fire. >> the bigger point is the mueller investigation continues. and hanging over the administration expressed frustration with that. i'm interested to see how the public starts to react the longer this goes on. you have seen in polling a slight dip in people's perceptions of the investigation, republicans by a large margin oppose that. candidates running for office on the republican ticket, invoking the pres.'s language this is a witchhunt. rob: the trump train gaining steam, in a cnn poll optimism is up by almost 10% in just two
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months. jillian: donald trump standing from a north korean denuclearization after the road machine threatens to pull the month on the summit. the demand remains nonnegotiable even after north korea backed out of talks with the south over military drones, dictator kim jong un insists on ending sanctions and exchange for dismantling the nuclear program. the state department is planning for the june 12th meeting in singapore. breaking overnight tensions escalating on the israeli gaza border launching more airstrikes hitting 7 hamas terror targets in gaza. this is in response to machine gunfire from across the border that hit homes, nobody was hurt. kim jong un donald trump's pick to the cia headed to a confirmation vote, the senate until committee approving gina haspel's nomination after grilling her over the agency's enhanced interrogation practices. she is expected to win confirmation as 5 democrats
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publicly support her nomination. a major victory for our nations heroes and healthcare. the house passing a $62 billion package backed by the president that would allow veterans to see doctors outside the a hospital reducing wait times and improve medical care, the goal will pass through the senate quickly. lawmakers have until the end of the month to finalize. kim jong un milani a trump, sincere thank you to the wall street medical unit and all with wishes and prayers. i'm doing great and look forward to getting home to the white house soon. the first lady underwent a procedure monday to treat a benign could be condition. donald trump has visited her every day this week. rob: the countdown to the royal wedding. so excited. final preparations get underway, who will walk megan markel down the aisle as her father recovers
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from heart surgery? jillian: a preview of the historic weekend, good morning, ainsley. >> reporter: good morning, this is exciting. we are sitting in front of windsor castle. we flew into london and it was wonderful yesterday. this is so exciting driving through the streets, fans waiting to see this american join the family. megan markel is going to be married to prince harry, their wedding is at noon on saturday. and part of the wedding party, traditionally -- kate and william's kids will be part of that. princess charlotte will be a bridesmaid. we are waiting to see what they look like. st. george's chapel on the property behind me at windsor
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castle. harry was baptized here in 1984, the last wedding here was prince charles when he married camilla in 2005 was the wedding will be at noon, 600 people are invited. and what was hosted by the queen, folks take a break, come back in the evening, 200 people for private intimate meeting with dancing and cocktails and a lot of fun and that will be hosted by prince charles. fans are lining the streets, driving through windsor acquaint community, beautiful, all the shops lining streets and fans out there with chairs, a lot of posters, you can see the union jack's lining the streets, two houses have union jack's all over the front yard and people anxiously awaiting because the carriage procession will drive through the window.
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nigel for rise is a fox news contributor, parliament is here, many people love him, a celebrity everywhere, coming up later we will show you the sites. back to you. rob: a great sound and epic weather for london, you are not getting -- it is nice in summery over there. >> reporter: no rain, sunny today. rob: have fun out there. heather: 9 minutes after the our, liberal leaders put on notice, california mayor calling out his own governor for killing the american dream. >> when jerry brown cares more -- american citizens -- this is insanity.
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>> our next guest was at the roundtable meeting with donald trump, supervisor kristin gasper says this isn't about partisan politics but criminal law that existed before donald trump. she is live next. rob: the sound that is driving the internet crazy. yeah any or laurel? we will get to the bottom of this story coming up. stay tuned. ♪
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with expedia you could book a flight, hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪ rob: donald trump sitting down with california lawmakers to praise them for standing up to debbie and unconstitutional sanctuary state laws. jillian: at the roundtable meeting, thank you for being here, i want to ask what was your take away from yesterday. >> it was incredible to bring together the coalition fighting
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back against our own governor to restore public safety to the state of california to sit at the same table and hear the stories from small cities, larger counties. we are a collective force saying enough is enough, jerry brown, time to put the safety of our citizens first. rob: this has become such a politicized topic and how these laws existed before donald trump, apparently the president during the meeting made a comment about animals, a lot of people think he was talking about gang leaders and drug smugglers coming into the country but the times and other outlets jumped all over that trying to turn this into a political thing, a racism thing but you say this is not about racism at all. >> when you have a splice of what was said at the meeting with the president was referring to are the actual numbers, what is happening in these sanctuary cities. if you look at this year alone
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the release of 142 gang members many of which are ms 13 gang members that were put back into sanctuary cities across california and across the nation. looking at california alone we are home to nearly 90 of these gang members think to sanctuary policies. in san diego since january alone ice had put retainers on 350 criminals eligible for deportation for not only coming into this country illegally but these are people committing crimes in our country, 350 were able to walk away under sanctuary laws because we couldn't inform them of their release date from our jails. it is not right when people start looking at the numbers and what is happening in our communities, dangerous people being put back out on the streets no questions asked and ice is looking for them in our
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communities. >> you were there, we want to get the public informed and caught up and get your reaction on the back end. some harsh words for oakland's mayor. >> you talk about obstruction of justice. i recommend you look into obstruction of justice for the mayor of oakland, california. she advised the thousand people, told get out of here, law enforcement is coming. you worked on that long and hard and there were very few people there. to me that is obstruction of justice. jillian: what do you think? >> we have a conflict again between state and federal law. our governor has attempted to undermine federal immigration policy by implementing local measures and local policies and laws. you simply cannot do that. federal law will override state law and that is the purpose of the lawsuit and why san diego county is filing a brief at the available opportunity in the department of justice lawsuit in
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california. under the obama administration, he sued the state of arizona because they sought to increase enforcement of federal immigration law. the supreme court heard that case, states cannot attempt to undermine federal immigration policy. go. rob: no one seemed to have issues with any of these laws when the last president was in power. what do you make of that? >> people once to make this about partisan politics, they are the same now as they were under the prior president. if you make this about politics why aren't we talking about the us to permit of justice lawsuit against arizona. all you hear about is trump versus california, the department of justice lawsuit against california which is similar to obama's against the
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state of arizona. jillian: kristin gasper, thank you for joining us. the left painting a dark picture of the real world for college graduates. >> we are in the midst of an epidemic of dishonesty. >> if they go low. [cheers and applause] >> we go to the polls. jillian: shocking new number that shows how often liberal graduation speakers outnumber conservatives. rob: a surprise that could make your morning, the u.s. army sergeant and the dog that she rescued in iraq. breathe freelt with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! i can breathe again!
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jillian: liberal speakers at college graduations outnumber conservatives 12-1. the shocking findings in a report by the young americans foundation. >> we are in the midst of an epidemic of dishonesty. >> they go low, thank you, michelle obama. [cheers and applause] >> we go to the polls. jillian: according to the study, only three top 100 universities invited a conservative to speak at their graduation ceremony this year. conservative speakers were not invited at any of the top 45 ranked schools in the nation, 6 invited a liberal. >> white students asked to stay off campus by their own classmates. group of students at evergreen state college organizing an event called day of absence with
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workshops and gathering space they will promote racial awareness runs through friday. the school in washington state canceled it after major backlash last year. this week's events our student run. jillian: more illnesses being reported from that let us tainted with e. coli but there is good news. rob: tracy carrasco in her matching suit. i thought my suit was olive but it is not. >> the cdc says it is unlikely anyone will get sick from this lettuce because it is not likely to be on the market at restaurants or grocery stores even though we see the number going up slightly they added 23 new cases bringing the total up to 172 people sick with that
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tainted lettuce getting sick with e. coli. one person has died, 75 hospitalized. they traced it to yuma, arizona but not a specific source so they are trying to figure that one out. rob: eat spinach. let's talk about doughnuts. >> krispy kreme has a new blueberry glazed donut for one week only. it will be available may 21st through the 27th. they had people pick four flavors, lemon, caramel, blueberry, lemon won which we tried on the show but they decided to give one of the runners-up a try so they are making blueberry glazed donuts. jillian: no one like your favorite, mabel. >> i'm excited for blueberry. i think it will be good. rob: 24 minutes after the hour. school board member, and camera berating a police officer
2:25 am
demanding special treatment. >> the ticket is already written. i can't avoid a summons. you are more than welcome to do that. rob: nasty. new calls for her to step down. jillian: countdown is on for the royal wedding and ainsley ehrhardt is already in windsor, england getting a tour of must-see spots ahead of the big day. >> reporter: you are looking at nigel farag giving us a tour. stick around, the entire tour and what we did yesterday. we will be right back. ♪
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the digital divide is splitting this country. we have parents who are trying to get their kids off of too much social media and computers, and then we have parents who would only hope
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their children have access. middle school is a really key transition point, right. the stakes start changing. students begin to really start thinking about their futures. what i like about verizon's approach is that it's not limited to just giving kids new tools, it's really about empowering educators to teach in different ways, and exposing kids to more active forms of learning. giving technology is not a total solution. teaching technology, now that is. rob: your blood fulfilled ground, new asus propaganda video showing the biggest soccer stars be headed.
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the threat featuring lionel messi and christian(although, isis has issued a series of threats. terrorists armed with samurai swords shot dead by police. the attackers ramming a van into an indonesian police headquarters, then jumping out and lunging at cops. one police officer killed as the van and driver tried to get away. the attack after they carried out isis attacks in indonesia. jillian: the legal team ready to rip robert mueller apart. pressure mounting to close the russia investigation is today marks one year since the special counsel appointment. >> a year, he got 1.4 million documents, interview 28 witnesses and he has nothing as we are demanding from him, tell
2:30 am
us what you have to get from an interview you don't already have because he has all the facts to make a decision. jillian: fired if you director james comey should be under investigation, his comments contradict the president. free food, the latest project, putting on a rally with breakfast and music to drum up support for the planned presidential center in chicago. how it will affect the low income areas. the commission today will improve construction permits. rob: more earthquakes shake hawaii as ash continues to spew out of the kilauea volcano. the largest quake measuring 4.4 magnitude, 20 fissures are open on the big island, 20 of them, lava destroying dozens of homes and fears of a much bigger eruption are growing. the volcano not stopping. look at this golf vacation.
2:31 am
incredible photo showing the group teeing off. it looks like the end of the world and their they are playing golf. if you're on vacation you got to do it. jillian: five people found dead. powerful storms slammed the east coast. rob: five confirm tornadoes ripping trees from the ground, crashing onto several homes. jillian: rising water damaging this bridge in maryland. millions from virginia to new jersey bracing for another threat of flash flooding. rob: jenna steen tracking storms, a lot of rain. >> over the next couple days the areas that saw tornadoes will see incredible amounts of rain, cooler than average temperatures, 57 in new york, a lot of 50s and 60s, a lot of unsettled weather through the next couple days. the past 24 hours a lot of rainfall on the east coast and the threat of severe storms for the high plains today and that
2:32 am
will shift to the east towards the central us into the weekend. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes as we head into friday. we are getting into the season where we are seeing a threat for severe weather and letting potential across the east coast, several inches of rain the next couple days. there is your forecast. you will be talking to ainsley, i thought i would include an england forecast, beautiful for the big wedding saturday, 70 ° in london with lots of sunshine. that is extraordinary. i love it. as you just heard thousands of people i descending for this wedding rehearsal today. prince harry and megan markel still in london because it is the greatest in the world. rob: must see spots from nigel
2:33 am
farage. quite a gig this week. >> reporter: we are so fortunate. how about the forecast? we are looking at the monitor saying 70 °, this wedding is already being blessed. it is an hour drive outside london, a beautiful little town, windsor castle, when the queen is here, she has a standard that flags at the top of the tower and i am being told these folks have seen the flag, she's getting ready. we went into london yesterday and took a tour with nigel farage, he served in the house of parliament, some of the famous sites in london. >> welcome to london, one of the world's most famous churches, westminster abbey where prince william and kate middleton, he will show us around the city. let's find him.
2:34 am
thank you for joining us. >> what a pleasure. jillian: did you have your first beer after breaks it? we did that morning. >> reporter: the morning here. explain the significance. >> a bell would ring which meant they had to finish their drinks because the vote was in 10 minutes time. cheers. welcome to london. >> reporter: where are we? >> entering the church, the real thing. we have proper experts to show us. >> this was meant to be an air raid shelter, 116 cabinet meetings and here. >> london burned in the great blitz.
2:35 am
>> night after there is an example. and here. >> you cannot do that. >> this map shows every pinhole, thousands upon thousands, each of those is similar. you have a hole in the wall. this is the actual map. >> wow. >> the old london and the new
2:36 am
london, they move slowly. >> fantastic. >> the revolving tower. "fox and friends" from london, the studio down there, to and from america. >> reporter: we are at the top of london. a beautiful view. this is -- >> about-face. behind it westminster abby. >> reporter: a very exciting time to be in this area. most of the hotel rooms are packed. it will be an expensive wedding, $45 million. kensington palace picks up the tab, $42 million is security. jillian: think about the cost a
2:37 am
lot of people going to the area for the weekend will be spending so much money too. >> reporter: history is being made, something people want to be part of. $157,600. they will be remembering princess diana. they have a lot of white roses, megan's favored our peonies and they will have birch branches, the cake, $71,600. the chef is american. she has a baker in east london. this cake, lemon elderflower with buttercream icing. the ring megan will be wearing for the rest of her life, princess di and's diamonds are part of that. she bought the dress, $430,000. princess diana, her dress cost
2:38 am
$13,000. in today's world it would be $35,000. rob: how much does the ring cost? >> i don't have that price. i do know the bands were $8000 and being held in the royal vault and they will be brought out to windsor on saturday. jillian: i can't even comprehend. rob: you got to find a prince. >> this is a cinderella story. i will show you how to be a bridge coming up. rob: thanks so much. jillian: 30 minutes after the are. come and take it, parting shots a conservative student at her college's anti-gun policies. rob: a chicken dance like you have never seen before. benjamin and yahoo ruffling feathers online. here it comes. there you go. [ drum roll ]
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shannon: welcome back to "fox and friends first". a conservative graduate taking aim at her school's anti-gun policies. rob: the photo shoot had gone viral. her reading come and take it. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with what the internet thinks of this. >> reporter: kent state university doesn't let students, faculty or staff carry guns on campus but once you graduate and rejoin the community you are allowed to open carry on school grounds. 22-year-old caitlin bennett used that rule to promote her second amendment stands tweeting now that i graduated from cal state i can arm myself on campus. i should have been able to do so as a student especially since four unarmed students were cited killed by the government on this campus, hashtag campus carry
2:43 am
now. dan says god bless you, sweetheart, god bless america, jackie tweets you go, girl, so proud of you, keep on keeping it real and another twitter user rights caitlin is a patriot. this picture sparked backlash. andy, death threats. she says she has no regrets and will be on "fox and friends" later to talk about it. rob: what is up with roseann? >> critics pouncing on abc's new promotional campaign featuring narration from john goodman. listen and i would say why. >> imagine getting your news like that, no spin, just give it to me straight. straightforward news, straight to the heart of the story. abc news, straightforward. >> critics accused them of being desperate to reach a
2:44 am
conservative audience because they are using his voice, so desperate they hired rosanne's john goodman to attract conservative viewers. citizens is abc getting desperate for conservatives to watch. >> a fantastic show. jillian: benjamin netanyahu does the chicken dance. >> we should all invite him to the next wedding party. check that out. he is standing with the winner of the eurovision contest, a back story there, her song has been -- the chicken song because she does the chicken dance. look at him go. he is moving his hands, not really his elbows. the first time, a good sense of
2:45 am
humor. >> a school board member under fire for berating and cursing at a police officer, nasty moment it is caught on camera, the calls for her to step down. jillian: it is driving everyone crazy. do you hear yanni or laurel? why people are hearing two different things. >> laurel. laurel. laurel. laurel. laurel. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans better than a manual.
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and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently remove more plaque, and oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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rob: a school board member facing calls to resign after - cam video shows her in a bizarre confrontation with the police officer trying to get out of a speeding ticket even making what
2:49 am
some say is a racist remark towards him. >> reporter: that woman is stephanie lawson mohammed on the south board of education in new jersey. new video shows her interaction with an officer after she was pulled over for speeding last month. you can hear her trying to get out of trouble but that is when things started to go downhill. >> i'm a member of the school board, a community member. >> you were speeding, that is why i am stopping you. you are doing 37 in 25. >> i am scared of cops. just go away. >> you want me to call you an ambulance? >> i don't want you to call me an ambulance. >> the officer comes back with the ticket and she lashes out at him. >> the ticket is already
2:50 am
written, i can't avoid the summons. you are more than welcome to do that. jillian: neither lawson mohammed or the school board have responded. a promise african american group wants her to step down, the chairman saying under no circumstances is this behavior from a public servant acceptable. miss lawson mohammed must resign her position. the same group is emitting the officer received an apology commending him for his professionalism and keeping his cool as you saw in the video. jillian: the latest debate that has divided the internet. do you hear laurel or yanni? >> laurel. laurel. laurel. laurel. rob: how is it possible for so many people to listen to that same tape and hear something completely different. amazing story. the nyu school of medicine, dr.
2:51 am
mario spearski. great to have you on this morning. unbelievable that we need you, and incredible thing we are all hearing something different. >> think about a visual analogy. there are some optical illusions, the famous one where you see a vase or two faces facing each other. >> i see the two faces. >> depending what you focus on it is one or the other. there is another one i would like to show you. an old woman or a young woman. rob: i have seen these. >> you can also see an older woman. depending whether you see a certain object, a big nose or delicate jawline, that will send you down a certain path and you will see it one way or the
2:52 am
other. jillian: for a long time we have seen these photos but as far as i know this is the first time we heard an audio clip that caused this. >> it can be acoustic too. the first speech sound, i hear laurel, by the way. the way we identify sounds is mostly how much energy at different frequencies. if you look at that image there is one peak, low frequency, then another big one at 2800. if you focus on those two peaks your brain will tell you that is an e. not a great one but a decent one. but if there's another smaller peak, and two dips in the spectrum, if you focus on those things you will hear and l instant. jillian: yesterday i swore all morning it was laurel and then i
2:53 am
heard yanni and i'm going crazy now. >> it can happen like the face or two faces. sometimes you can control it, your brain takes over and it makes you go from one direction to the other. rob: it is all perspective in that moment, what you are trying to hear but subconsciously, is that what you are saying? it doesn't mean you have different years from someone else. i was listening as i heard laurel and then i heard yanni. >> it depends on whether the big peak, the second one we see is the second or the third. depending on that information content is interpreted in a different way. jillian: if you are listening on a phone or our earpiece or a hearing aid or tv.
2:54 am
>> might be different, different speakers may amplify some parts of the sound more than others, may help you focus on something more or something else. you can take the signal and lower the frequency and it would be much more yanni like. raise the frequency and it will be more laurel. it is at the sweet spot where it is half and half. jillian: what is a? visit both? >> it is like the vase or two faces, which is a? both or neither? rob: is one thing both of those words inadequate? >> it isn't that expedient, not a real speaker. it is made in a reasonable way but not perfect. it just happened that creating that you have this artifact. rob: i have some clarity but i am a bit confused. thanks for coming in. we will be right back. for all the noses that stuff up around pets.
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jillian: i like that song, foggy in washington dc, isn't it? rob: a waterfall, dark green. jillian: the good, the bad and the ugly, an army soldier reunites with the dog she rescued and deployed in iraq. look at that. greeting army reserve sgt. tracy mcgovern at every international airport, was flown to florida while soldier was deployed again, they were apart for 7 months. look at that. rob: a kangaroo on the loose in south carolina. they thought they were joking, it is a pet that escape the nearby home. a kangaroo in south carolina. jillian: a grandmother cannot figure out her new smart phone. >> why did my phone turned into
3:00 am
a mirror? what is a selfy? >> a picture. >> this is supposed to be a smart phone. it is not that smart. i want my flip phone back. jillian: that is great. the phone fail going viral. >> one of trump's attorney saying the special counsel will not try to indict the president. >> they can't subpoena him, trying to end this, this is not good for the american people. >> explain how the fbi opened an unconventional operation into the trump campaign. >> fbi and senior doj officials said about our plot to frame donald trump and the people -- >> meeting with city and state leaders out of california fighting the sanctuary law.


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