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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 17, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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to climb everest already this month. >> oh, my god. he lost his legs and did it again. >> yes. >> kudos, incredible. thanks for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> see you tomorrow. >> we begin with the fox news alert, on the one-year anniversary of special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. president trump calling it, quote, the greatest witch hunt in american history end quote. his attorney says mueller's team has declared it cannot indict the president. adding if they try to subpoena him, they will fight back. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here's today's town hall editor katie pavlich. host of kennedy, kennedy. former spokesperson for the state department, host of benson on the radio, maria harf. i hear they sing. and in the center seat, fox news senior judicial analyst, andrew
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napolitano. we have information there's some response to what you've been saying. >> who used to be mayor of this town. >> let's get to it. >> okay. >> harris: year two of special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. president trump's attorney rudy guiliani says it is time to wrap it up f mueller decides to subpoena the president, they will challenge it he says. mueller's team admits it cannot indict the president, he says. here's guiliani on "fox & friends." one of his assistant said they have to be bound by justice department policies. then they clarified it for jay sekulow, they didn't have the power to indict and the circumstances of this case they wouldn't be able to subpoena him personally. >> they can't require you to testify in what would be your own case. after all, it's all about a
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possible impeachment. impeachment has to come before indictment. >> harris: richard blumenthal of kret who sits on the judiciary committee disagrees. >> having reviewed the same law, i believe that a president can be indicted. why? no one is above the law. the president has profoundly important duties of office. but those responsibilities can be reconciled with an indictment. and a delay of the trial until he is out of office. >> harris: president trump tweeted this. congratulations, america. we are now into the second year of the greatest witch hunt in american history. and there is still no collusion and no obstruction. the only collusion was done by democrats who were unable to win an election despite spending far more money. judge, so they cannot indict this president, is this, like, when you go to the gym and you
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get on the treadmill but you don't turn it on? >> this is like everybody has an opinion. and i respect the mayor, i respect the ferocious way in which he's defending his client. he is very astutely drawing attention to himself and away from the president when he makes statements like "the president can't be indicted." but the truth is there are two justice department memos, one says the president cannot be indicted. the other says the president can be invited. -- indicted. they're guidance only, not mandatory, both from the whitewater era. you remember how that ended, it was bill clinton pleading gil if i to perjury after i said earlier, start with robert ray at that point, waved an indictment in front of him and said you want us to take this to the grand jury, you want to plead? he agreed to just plead. when you just plead without an indictment they call the document by another name, they call it an information. that's what general flynn pleaded to.
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that's what papadopoulos pleaded to. it means the defendant and the government agree why bother going to the grand jury. the supreme court has ruled, very
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indicted but robert mueller himself has not said this. i don't think the president is out of the woods yet. but i will say, in order for an indictment, and correct me if i'm wrong, there has to be evidence of a crime. they're going to call the president in fronted of a grand jury under a subpoena there has to be significant evidence for the grand jury of a crime, for the grand jury to look at. while rudy guiliani is defending
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his client, dining good job of that, i'm not going to -- doing a good job, i'm not going to take it as robert mueller saying the president can't be indicted. >> harris: i said it's like to going to the gym and not turning it on. from one memo it is like that, i'm just going to stand on the treadmill. that is the side they hope that, yeah, you can't indict the president. you say on the flip, actually that might not be the case. i want a quick word, then the judge actually will be our focus. >> well, i think that this may be team mueller trying to convince team trump the president should sit down for an interview. >> harris: interesting. >> i hi think there's a little hey, there's a memo, let's talk about the interview. that's total speculation. >> i agree, they need the president to sit down, they have questions, they need him to answer specifically before they can wrap up the investigation. and they're doing whatever they can. >> yeah, they know no matter what turns out at the end of all of this, they didn't sit down with the primary, that it makes it look like maybe it's not over
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yet. i said i would maketed center, you have to let me do thashls i'm sitting in the center. >> harris: you're about to be on blocks, levitate off the couch. rudy guiliani had a response to andrew napolitano pressuring mueller to wrap it up. watch what guiliani said about this guy. >> oh, boy. >> he came out and said listen, i love rudy but he's making a mistake poking the bear telling mueller to wrap it up. you don't want to poke, grab the tiger, don't want to aggravate him, they make your life miserable. have you examined your tactics and thought about the backlash? >> somebody that is to defend the president. and that's my job. and if you want to get angry, get angry at me not the president thacht's my job. know job is not to lean over and let them beat the hell out of us. that's what was going on before i got here. we're one team. we're doing what the president wants. we're fighting back.
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>> harris: tiger. >> he is right. he's correct that it's an entirely different defense team. the prior defense team, gave the government -- gave bob mueller 1.2 million bajs of documents. nobody on the current defense team has read those documents. if rudy had been there from day one i don't think they would have surrendered anything. my criticism of him was, look, you used to be a federal prosecutor. you were so good as a federal prosecutor, you were the paradigm, the example in the modern era of an aggressive federal prosecutor. you know what prosecutors can do to defense counsel when they get under their skin and there's no reason to do that. >> harris: to prolong, wider than they are. >> correct, correct. the manafort prosecution, so wide of the mark, but they're there for the reason. to squeeze man a ford to get him to -- manafort to testify against the president. >> harris: will you text me when
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you and rudy go out for coffee? >> sure. >> mark meadows, jim jordan and ron dose santos urged president trump to ke manned that jeff sessions turn over documents related to the russia probe including the memo that outlined the scope of robert mueller's investigation. they want to see documents related to the fbi and j.o.d.'s initial investigation into the trump campaign before the special counsel was appointed. >> i think the president of the united states should tell attorney general jeff sessions, deputy attorney rod rosenstein, give congress, give the legislative branch the information they need. it's in everyone's best interest to have transparency so we can once and for all figure out exactly what happened here. >> defenders of the agencies point out they're making efforts to accommodate congressional requests. sessions appointed u.s. attorney john lausch to super voiz the gathering and handing over of records to lawmakers. also a deal made with the
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judiciary and oversight to ensure redactions are acceptable on both sides. judge, congress is very frustrated with the lack of documentation. the justice department has handed ore or allowed 19 members of congress and their staff to review a million-plus documents at d.o. the question business the scope memo. i would say rod rosenstein's office would argue they can't give the scope memo up even to congress, it's part of an ongoing investigation. >> correct, correct. there is a federal rule of criminal procedure which permits the justice department to keep to itself and not give to anybody, including congress and the judge in the case, information about an ongoing criminal investigation that times the hands to the potential defendants, times the cards to potential defendants, and temperatures the cards to potential with its. some with its are neutral third parties who have documents who may not want to get involved. which is one of the reasons this case has taken so long for some
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of the third parties in another country. there are very good reasons for not revealing this stuff now. on the other hand, i understand their frustration. this normally does not happen when the white house and therefore the d.o.j. and congress are in the same political party. normally a letter or phone call to the president works. the president has been advised by rudy guiliani, hands off the d.o.j. until you're no longer a subject of their investigation. >> that was jim jordan on "overtime" with me yesterday. he said it isn't that it doesn't normally happen, it's that we never know it's happening. he said they handle this in a very quiet, backroom way. >> correct. >> so that republicans and republicans or democrats and democrats can work it out. this is now ostentatious. it's out in the open. it's showy. because they're not getting what they want. a.g. sessions recused himself. >> i want to ask kennedy about the justice department's
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reputation at this point. the fbi and d.o.j. have been under so much scrutiny, rightly so, a lack of transparency, even if it's warranted, seems not to help build up the reputation which they have lost over the past two years. >> i agree completely. i understand, there may be legal precedent and may be safeguards in place for the department of justice. but it also feels like they're hiding behind him. they have a punker mentality, hiding behind an owe page shield. what i warn these numbers of congress, don't go after documents when it's politically convenient or ply trying to further your own path. ron dose santos wants to be governor of florida. i'm sure mark meadows has aspiration, three high-profile members of congress. i understand that. i hope they are good stewards of transparency not only when it is politically convenient. >> you know what d.o.j. fears,
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these documents go right to the white house and tip off to the president what bob mueller is thinking. >> to the press, too, right? >> devon nunez has not downed himself in anything good. he has gone to the white house immediately, he's tried to do the president's bidding on a partisan basis on issues involving intelligence which hasn't always been the case and it's different from now how the senate committee is handling things. you're right, absolutely, devon nunez has a credibility problem and i think if there was another congressman like mike con owe way, took over the intel committee, some of these requests might move quicker. >> house members banding together on illegal immigration issues, including a daca fix without gop leadership. what it will mean politically. the trump administration ramping up pressure on sanctuary policies, who will win the battle over illegal immigration
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rj the trump administration stepping up its crackdown on illegal immigration. yesterday president trump holding a round table on california sanctuary state policies. the president and top cabinet members meeting with local california officials, proposed the state -- to oppose the state's controversial law. >> president trump: the state of california attempts to nullify federal law have sparked a rebellion by patriotic citizens who want their bore determined secured and their family protected. they want border security. they want protection. that's what we're all b we're about protection. both from international and from frankly people crossing a border illegally. >> the commander in chief also singling out oakland mayor libby shaf. in secretary, she warned the illegal immigrant community inner on city about planned
9:19 am
i.c.e. raids. the president suggesting that her actions should be investigated. >> president trump: i would recommend that you look into obstruction of justice for the mayor of oakland, california, jeff. she advises thousands of people, told get out of here, law enforcement is coming. to me that's obstruction of justice. and perhaps the department of justice can look into that. >> california governor jerry brown responding in a tweet, quote, president trump is lying on immigration, lying about crime, and lying about the laws of california flying in a dozen politicians to come in and praise him changes nothing. we, the citizens of the fifth largest economy in the world, are not impressed. i lived in california for the better part of 25 years. i have wondered what would that state be like, how big would the economy be if it weren't run by total saidists. >> can california secede from
9:20 am
the union, i said perhaps after orange county secedes from california. it's different from what we know here. the president has the resources to enforce federal law. some laws that he doesn't like. he has two houses controlled by republicans, they ought to change the laws if they want to change them. he does not need the assistance of police who work for the state of california to enforce federal law. the supreme court says he can't commandeer, he can't compel state officials to help him enforce federal law. he can bring in all of the federal resources that he wants. >> can he withhold funding? >> only congress can withhold funding. one of the things that goaded him when he signed the new $1.5 trillion spending bill, tweet heed was going to veto it. i jumped for joy in the middle of the night. the tweet came into my brain, woke me up to find it. what he really wanted was strings attached to the money. hey, oakland, you want $100 million to build a new school
9:21 am
here's the string. without the strings they still have to give the money. >> i'm just, something similar with the troops on the border a conversation went on about what that should look like. finally jerry brown capitulated, do you want to be the only state where there's a pole where you don't have backup and everybody else -- >> the troops at the border, didn't have automatic weapons aimed at mexico. they were doing behind the scenes work. >> absolutely. >> freed up the border patrol to enforce federal law tompblts do their job. >> that's the way it's supposed to work. >> it's interesting to look at jerry brown's treatment of the, he calls them republican politicians that the president flou to the white house. these are mayors, county supervisors, inside his own state. the con descending attitude towards people who actually are in the state and this is a huge issue in california, for him to brush it aside as if they're just trump pawns is pretty disrespectful of what they're trying to do. the other thing, too, when you look at congress and what they're not doing, they have a
9:22 am
job to do. and i know that republicans are afraid to make any big moves on illegal immigration going into the mid-term election. we're a long way away from that. they have an obligation to fix this problem. >> the executive branch can only do so much and the states can only do so much. >> it's interesting, you have, you do have the three branchs, just like the three branchs under president obama. but the democrats were also incapable of passing immigration reform of the and that was the time to do it. instead they botched healthcare. i always thought it was a bad decision. unfortunately, it's one that's been slowly dismantled. there's a lot of confusion around. that back to immigration, what is it about immigration that makes it so impossible for either party to take comprehensive steps -- comprehensive steps and fix the holes that we have. >> all of the political incentives lead each party to go to extreme. donald trump yesterday called imi grants animals. >> no, he didn't -- >> read the quote. >> i have the quote. >> it's not just about ms13.
9:23 am
>> it is, marie. >> he used that term multiple times in the past. the sheriff -- he referred to ms13, the president said they're animals and they are. >> if i can finish my point, please. >> you should be accurate. >> let's not use that word about people. we're talking about a polarizing situation. where each side gets pushed to the absolute extremes on the left and the right and there's no political incentive for compromise. in an election year or not. so congress is the one who needs to fix. this and i think we'll talk later in the show about the house possibly being forced to debate daca because of insurrection among republicans. there's no incentive here for anyone to work together. >> harris: let me pick it up quickly, we'll move on with that point, i know this will get picked up in social media. i want to be clear about the facts. you got the quote there, read the quote. >> i have the white house con scripts, they said there could be an ms13 member i know about f they don't reach a certain
9:24 am
threshold. the president responds by saying we have people coming into the country, trying to come, in these aren't people, these are animals. he's referring -- >> it's not clear he's referring to ms13. >> the sheriff smefl says ms13 member. the president responds with a sentence that says these are animals. talk dag -- >> he should have been clear he was talking about ms13. >> responding to the sheriff, bringing up m1. 13, a focus of the administration and the new york governor. >> we're proving how emotional this debate is. you have people, it's terrifying to think there could be proliferating gang problems once again in california. it's scare yir for parents, citizens. but they also know that people who want to come to the country and work hard deserve a shot. how do you find a balance between those two? >> well, i agree with my friend marie, you have to stay away from the extremes. because if you're in the extreme, anybody can come in no matter what under any
9:25 am
circumstance. or nobody can come in unless they stand in line and meet a quota and wait 10 years. you don't accomplish anything. you need a compromise which the democrats and republicans in the house are trying to fashion. i think we're talking about this in a minute. as we speak. >> yes. >> harris: all of this comes back to something that you were alluding to, with jerry brown. what democrats seem, not all but some seem to be doing creating a narrative around the fact that you can push republicans up against the idea that they're against immigration. but actually they're against illegal immigration. when you look at the polling -- >> some of them are against all immigration and some of them are -- >> harris: the point of the conversation with regard to sanctuary cities has to do with illegal immigration. because that's it. it's not like they came into the country legally we wouldn't be having that discussion. the bigger um prel a, does anybody have the stomach to talk about this, before the mid-term elections whachl does it mooen take? we saw that, they were wiped away in terms of daca.
9:26 am
>> almost a majority on the floor of the house of representatives prepared to talk about it, and overrule the wishes of the speaker. bipartisan majority. >> we interviewed paul ryan and asked him about this on the radio show. he's very against this petition. >> an attack on his authority. >> but he also said my job is to pass legislation that the president will sign. if the president isn't going to sign it why are we wasting our time. he was basically saying the president won't sign something like this. he's not wrong. >> but the conversation is not a waste of time. >> i agree. it was an interesting way to say it. >> to your point the president has actually been open to compromise, much more than people gave him celled it before hand. and more so than other administrations. and that's because he's not necessarily a political animal. he's not, you know, tethered to one ideology or one team when it comes to immigration regardless of his hard line stance. >> he's a hard line guy, when you negotiate you give and take
9:27 am
and you aren't going to get 100% of anything. >> the comments yesterday and the tone. >> it was divisive. >> it was divisive. doesn't help us. and he's the president, he sets the tone. >> i think that violent criminals like ms13 are pretty divisive, tearing up communities, ripping people's hearts of out of them in america. having a tone against violent criminals is perfectly fine. >> i disagree with you. there's so much more to agree on and disagree on. grabbed the headlines yesterday, the release of thousands of documents related to donald trump jr.'s role in the trump tower meeting. critics say a key smoking gun is missing. divide over russia, the critical split between the house and senate.
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>> fox news alert, fallout from two major developments in the russia probe making their way through congress.
9:32 am
first the senate intel committee contradicting their counterparts in the house. saying they agree with the intelligence community assessment that russia interfered in the 2016 election in order to boost then-candidate donald trump. the panel gop chair senator richard burr saying, the first inquiry was to evaluate the intelligence community's work on this important piece of analysis. we see no reason to dispute the analysis. he told reporters that the panel is looking into possible collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. and that they expect to wrap up their investigation by august. all of this when the senate judiciary committee release of thousands have documents to the infamous power meeting. the release created quite a lot of buzz. but some ask where's the collusion. tom rogan from the washington examiner, quote, the committee evidence doesn't give mueller any smoking guns regarding any illegal collusion. it speaks to a seemingly pointless meeting in which
9:33 am
trump jr. got material but did -- sought material but did not receive it. let's start with the transcripts. what is mule learinging for and did it find it in some of the information? >> i'll ask the second question first, he did not, there was no smoking gun in the 2,500 pages of transcripts of interrogations by the senate judiciary committee of people at that trump tower meeting willing to be interrogated. almost all of it was donald trump jr. to the first question, what is mueller looking for, what was the senate committee looking for come. lugs is a media word -- collusion is not a legal word, the legal word is conspiracy. an agreement between the campaign and a foreign person or entity or government for the foreign group or person to provide something to the campaign, an agreement. did they find the agreement, they did not. did they find a willingness to look for and accept things of value from the foreign group,
9:34 am
they did. >> right. >> did the i sis tans arrive -- assistance arrive, it did not. we are see ail at square one. >> i love the way you put it. the collusion part of this, it's almost like a rohrshak. when you say conspiracy and agreement, that is tangible, something that is really, it's more than a conversation or a wink-wink. >> correct. it's an agreement. you get us this and we'll give you that. for conspiracy to be a crime, you just have to have the agreement and one person taking a step. >> let me ask you this. because i think that people who work the dnc, presumably more lawyers, have a better understanding of election laws than people who are pushing for their very first political or presidential campaign. if the dnc is seeking information from a foreign agent for the same thing, does that also rise to conspiracy. >> yes.
9:35 am
remember, the conspiracy doesn't have to be successful. meaning the assistance from the foreigner doesn't have to actually arrive. the crime is the agreement plus one material step in furtherance. >> what if the assistance does arrive in the form of information and dossier from a former spy working with agents of the kremlin? >> well, that was laundered through americans, gps fusion. >> and the dnc. >> and the dnc and hillary's law firm. probably was lawful because of the manner in which the payments went. >> senator burr, republican snor burr running the senate intelligence commit any a very fair and bipartisan way, i think, said they're still looking into collusion, hope to wrap it up by august. do you think he's running a good investigation on the senate side i think the senate investigation has been very professional, we've seen fewer leaks coming out of the senate, the house is a different -- >> the bar is low on that.
9:36 am
>> a different summary, over on the hot side. do i want to ask the judge a question about the i will legality of conspiracy or collusion. because my understanding is that collusion or taking information from a foreign government about political opponent might not be ethical but it's not necessarily a crime. changing votes physically would be election crime. but the act of taking information from foreigners and using it in your campaign as intellectual ammunition so to speak is that illegal? >> it is illegal to receive anything of value from a foreign person, entity, we're talking about a contribution. >> was the dossier illegal? hiring a foreign spy to write a dossier on behalf -- >> that is something that i honestly believe is being examined by mueller. i don't think the public knows this but i think he's going there. >> should be f you're looking at one side look at the other. >> look at all of the facts.
9:37 am
>> we have a uniform set of laws and rules, that are applied equally. some of the frustration that you are seeing on both sides is the uneven metering out of justice. that seems arbitrary and unfair. >> >> there's a difference working a hostile foreign government and getting information from a private citizen. >> wait a minute. that's different. >> i wasn't talking about her. >> whomever it is. if it refers to a government. >> i was talking about, if the trump campaign, if, is shown to have worked with the russian government. >> wait a minute, one thing we did learn -- tomplts get information. that's different than working with the private citizen. i'm not saying either is okay. i'm just saying it's different. >> one thing we learned from the 2,600 panels and the trump organization and campaign did not know it when she showed up. she was and is an agent of russian intelligence. >> yes. and doing her job she kept that on the down low.
9:38 am
>> she claimed she was a lawyer talking about adoptions. >> we know more about the person behind the leak of financial records of the president's attorney michael cohen. this reported law enforcement veteran speaking out claiming he or she wanted to reveal potential corruption. was that the true motive? i have type 2 diabetes.
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9:43 am
the person says they were compelled to react after additional documents went missing from the government database. the person behind that describing the alleged leaker's motive. >> the reason they came forward is because this person was so troubled by what they viewed as clear examples of corruption in the existing reports and so concerned that at least some categories of law enforcement officials are no longer being given access to two remaining reports that potentially have larger transactions in them. that was troubling enough to this veteran official that they said this has to be subject to public scrutiny. >> this is comply kited because it all start.
9:44 am
now they say two specific pieces of information has gone missing. why would some one give this information to the public? >> if you begin to change your pattern of using your bank account, like you go from an average of 25,000 in the account to $5 million in the account that generates what's called a suspicious activity report. known by its acronym, s.a.r. doesn't mean you did anything wrong but it goes to the treasury department. if they get 2 or 3 then it goes to the justice department and they wonder where dud get the money from. >> ronan farrow works for another network that you saw in the clip that you ran is claiming whoever gave him michael cohen's personal banking records claims some of the stuff in the government's custody had been destroyed. in other words some one in the treasury department was trying to whitewash what they found in michael cohen's bank account. does that justify this treasury official stealing the information and giving it to
9:45 am
ronan farrow? question two, does it justify farrow exposing it. the pentagon papers type of case. daniel eggs berg committed crimes by stealing it but the "new york times" and "washington post" did not commit crimes exposing it. ronan farrow is protected. but who is the la enforcement person who invaded michael cohen's private bank accounts. >> that's a big question. it is michael cohen, a big mayor, not only just in new york but across the country as the president's personal attorney. the average american sees personal financial information getting leaked to the media by an attorney for stormy daniels. that scares them a little bit. and politically i'm not sure it flays well for democrats. >> i'm not sure politically it plays at all. this is like story 15 yesterday in a busy news day. you are right, that's a big question. it is a serious issue. if the treasury department was trying to cover up negative information about michael cohen that, is a serious issue. for political reasons.
9:46 am
we don't know that, that's what the informant is saying. i'm sure some one will look night. michael cohen, he's at the center of all of these bad stories for the president. and i do not know how that story is going to fend he gets indicted, if there's talk he might try and flip. i have no idea. that's speculation. he is at the center of a big mess. >> a lot of smek ulation. >> how does michael avenatti get his hands on those documents. he's not -- if you're a whistleblower that's not the natural place where a whistleblower takes information that. 's inappropriate. and whistle blowers, they serve a valuable function within government. when government gets too big and too powerfulful and abusive that's when you need whistle blowers. is michael cohen an agent of the government? is that what we're saying? wow, a lawyer was unethical, a shocking revelation. [laughing] >> i was going to say, avenatti
9:47 am
is a lot different than the "washington post" or the "new york times." >> yes, yes, he's not a professional mead yampbls he isn't a member of the professional media. he can't assert that fact. >> any moment now the white house briefing is set to begin and we're expected to get details on the state of the high stakes north korea summit, the regime threatening to call it off. are the talks in jeopardy, what should president trump's next move be? we'll debate it. alright, i brought in new max protein
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>> more in a just a minute. feshgs the harris what's coming up on outnumbered overtime in a few moments. >> this is cooking along here. exactly one year into the robert mueller russia probe president trump's attorney rudy guiliani says the special counsel can't indiet the president. we have been talking about it. we'll deepen the conversation with a couple of members of congress. and republican andy biggs of the house judiciary committee helps us break it down. he joined president trump at yesterday's whout round taubl regarding california sanctuary city law. and house majority leader kevin mccarthy joins me in the battle against the state's controversial laws on illegal immigration. so much coming up the white house press briefing. "outnumbered" top of the hour.
9:52 am
>> this is a fox news alert, we're waiting the white house press briefing as harris told you about. expected to begin in just a short time. we're likely to hear more about the u.s. north korea summit after the north korean regime unleashed a string of threats and insults calling into question whether the meeting will still happen next month. president trump standing firm on denuclearization, but not ruling anything out yesterday. watch. [talking at the same time] >> are they running a preschool in there? shrieking. white house counselor kellry ann conway saying the timing of the summit may change. >> in seven short weeks so much has happened in the korean peninsula and the region. that's 70 years of war. it may not happen as quickly, it may happen later. this president is ready if everything is on track. >> this president is ready is the leader of north korea?
9:53 am
who needs the summit more, judge? >> oh, that is a great and challenging question. when you put it to me. i don't know what kind of shape kim jong-un is in with the leadership that properties him up. i'm beginning to suspect that he is showing, willing to cooperate, with the great evil donald trump, speaking from his perspective. that has undermined his leadership. and this rant that we heard kellyanne conway was talking about, might well have been for some small domestic assumption. on the other hand, the president has indicated great promise and a lot of people, from libertarians to pro depressives, saying this is so good, if he can due knee clee arize these people. >> without any military contact. >> they both really need it. i'm not going to second guess donald trump but when you negotiate in public, across the television airwaves, you sort of dig yourself in.
9:54 am
>> and these are the dangers. so he has a lot of tools in his canvas bag. what does he reach for, does he reach for the hammer, go back to the twitter insults or reach for the massage oil to soften up kim jong-un? >> only? one from california would say massage oil. [laughing] >> i love a good spa day shlts don't we all. >> i think the really heated hittoric from john bolton, called out by name in the north ryan statement, and from mike pompeo and others has put the north crow answer in a tough spot. they released the american prisoners, they've been giving concessions and i think there might have been domestic political considerations north koreans were playing with this. but they've done this before. should not be shocking. promising say,ing things, then walk it back, this is a game they play. donald trump has set expegtations pretty high. we need to temper them. >> where do we go from here.
9:55 am
sarah sanders said lowering expectations, we're willing to have this meeting if they want to have it f they don't want to have it, we'll continue our maximum pressure campaign to sanction the north koreans and work with the allies to pressure them into a situation where they have to do something to at least comply with some of our demands. there's a lot on the table. this is the first time they're sitting down to meet. this is not the third, fourth, fifth round of negotiations. and the north koreans are looking at the long term of this. not only just about denuclearization, mike pompeo said we're willing to get north korea's economy on tact. that means more u.s. influence in north korea. >> not some casual tindr date. this is an arranged marriage and the do you wiry has been called into question. >> here's why you don't negotiate in public. kick jong un saying let's gradually wind down the nuclear capability.
9:56 am
john pole ten says no, absolutely not. that's what should be discussed in private. >> i can only imagine, we await the start of the white house briefing. more "outnumbered" in a moment. sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands?
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the titan of liberty. judge andrew napolitano. >> will there be anything else between you and mayor guiliani?
10:00 am
>> going to lunch. >> what a great day on the couch. we're back at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris with outnumbered overtime. >> harris: we're awaiting the start of the white house press briefing as robert mueller's investigation marks one year today. a milestone, the president is not celebrating necessarily. but he's talking about it. let's go outnumbered overtime, i'm harris faulkner. we expect press secretary san hassan ders to step up any moment as we get reaction from the special counsel one year in. he tweeted this, congratulations, america, we're no the second year of the greatest witch hunt in american history. there's no collusion, the only collusion was any democrats who were unable to win an election despite spending far more money. trump attorney rudy guiliani says mueller has told the president's legal team he will


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