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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 17, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> going to lunch. >> what a great day on the couch. we're back at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris with outnumbered overtime. >> harris: we're awaiting the start of the white house press briefing as robert mueller's investigation marks one year today. a milestone, the president is not celebrating necessarily. but he's talking about it. let's go outnumbered overtime, i'm harris faulkner. we expect press secretary san hassan ders to step up any moment as we get reaction from the special counsel one year in. he tweeted this, congratulations, america, we're no the second year of the greatest witch hunt in american history. there's no collusion, the only collusion was any democrats who were unable to win an election despite spending far more money. trump attorney rudy guiliani says mueller has told the president's legal team he will
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follow d.o.j. guidelines and not seek an indictment against the president. the former mayor said they would fight a subpoena if mueller pushed it. >> what we're going to do is see what kind of legal remedies are available to us, including if they subpoena us, challenge the subpoena. the same reason they can't indict him. >> which mueller agreed, he's going abide by no indictment of the prosecute. >> i don't think they agree to the process question. they can't issue a subpoena to team for the same reason. >> harris: we'll keep the picture up on the screen, john roberts joining us from the briefing rom as things get ready to get started. john? >> harris, expected to come up with the briefing at sarah huckabee sanders. the president meeting with the nato secretary general, we will have an opportunity to throw questions at him in 45, 50 minutes time in the oval office. we told you that rudy guiliani told us a couple of weeks ago during a meeting with jay sekulow and robert mueller he
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was given ashurnss mueller would abide by the justice guideline memo that the sitting president cannot be indicted. earlier today on "fox & friends" guiliani put meet on the bone of how it went down. listen here. >> he wouldn't answer. one of his assistants said they acknowledged they had to be bound by the justice department policies. then the next day or the day after they clarified it for jay sekulow who was at the moating that they didn't have the power to indict. what they would eventually do is write a memorandum and give to it the deputy attorney general, rosenstein. >> something else jowlianie told me, he said that this investigation is over, it's just that they are in denial about that. "they" being the robert mueller special counsel investigation. guiliani doubled down on the strategy, may 2, on sean hannity's show to come out with a revelation, bombshell really, that the president repaid michael cohen for the payments made to stormy daniels.
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what happened is they wanted to get ahead of it, they knew that was going to be included in the president's financial disclosure, that was released yesterday by the office of government ethics. by getting out ahead of it, it was guiliani who took the hit as opposed to the president taking the hit. here's what guiliani said about it, listen. >> the president was fully aware of it, and president endorsed a strategy, we wouldn't do it without him. office of government ethics agreed with us, that it has been fully disclosed. i have a little disagreement with them, a pepty one, i don't think it had to be disclosed at all, i think it was an expenditure that he reimbursed. >> guiliani saying it was included on page 45 of the president's financial disclosure that, the president and whoever prepared that financial disclosure, said we don't believe it needs to be a reportable liability. but the office of government ethics disagreed with that. the office of government ethics sending the president's 2018
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financial disclosure and 2017 over to the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein for further consideration into whatever he's investigating as a result of a lawsuit that the citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington crew filed back on march 8, with both the o.g.e. and department of justice. some people, harris, are saying that the strategy that rudy guiliani undertook in disclosing this didn't really work because it's just become a news story again. can you imagine the bombshell that it would have been if we had first heard about the repayment to michael cohen when the president released that financial disclosure. maybe it did take off a little bit of the heat from that standpoint. >> harris: we're watching for the press briefing to begin. we've gotten a note, interesting, deals with our military. the veterans, the v.a. secretary will be at this press briefing, acting v.a. secretary, robert wilke. we know that the veterans choice program is out there just announced, a day or so ago, for our veterans to be able to
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choose some of the doctors and medical care on their own. that's been a big issue within veterans affairs after we've seen scandal with our military members formerly waiting on long waiting lists. might what about they talk about. that's a huge point. i bring that up. john roberts, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> harris: let's bring in andy biggs, from arizona and the house judiciary committee and member of the american freedom caucus. i'm glad you're here for the ride. let talk about what's happening with the special counsel situation. one year later, your thoughts. >> well, i can't believe that we're still one year later. you have to remember that it's one year with the special counsel the fbi was involved for almost a year ahead of that. we're looking two years. i think robert mueller's investigation is over, he needs to pull the plug, he's way over the scope, he's in areas he shouldn't be in, now admitted he can't indict if he finds something.
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you have real problems. he hasn't found anything. almost two years of investigation with the fbi. needs to go. needs to go away. >> looking at it from a legal standpoint on the judiciary committee, what is it with regard to whether the president be indieted. you heard rudy guiliani talking about that, what us it legally? >> here's why you can't do it, the constitution is purposefully vague on it. when you look at the 69th federalist by alexander hamilton, you can impeach a president and bring charges before, during or after. but you can't indict or bring criminal charges while he's in office because what the president is doing is so important to the republic you can't distract the president with criminal charges. and he forgot that the investigation itself can be extremely time consuming, costly, and also distracting.
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that's what we've seen going on here. also, you look at '73, boark wrote an machine where they're citing they can't indict. >> harris: representative biggs what is your take on whether to put pressure on robert mueller and say look, pony up, wrap it up. andrew napolitano was on with us for "outnumbered," he and guiliani have gone back and forth, not mentioning names, the judge says don't put pressure on mueller, guiliani says don't tell me how to run my business. >> i think we should put pressure o i ran an amendment to defund the mueller investigation, i think it's over. we need to make it clear that you haven't produced anything with regard to the administration. you're going with low level campaign guys with process, it's time to pull the plug. we should make that case. >> interesting. defund the investigation. i'm curious how you would do that. and, by the way, i have some
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scope letter news too. answer that first then we'll break the news together. >> what i intended to do is basically, we actually said that that investigation, the robert mueller investigation, special counsel investigation, would no locker than funded from d.o.j. funds. d.o.j. is the only one funding it, it would be pulled. >> harris: we have learned that that scope memo, rod rosenstein has been turned over to the judge in the case. i know this might feel a little inside baseball but there's an important point. congressman? >> yeah, the scope letter is what rosenstein said is the area that mueller can investigate. he hasn't given it to congress, i think we're co-equal branchs of government. we'd like to see it without redactions. i'm curious to know if the scope letter went to the judge without redactions of the redactionsing hit everything that we wanted to see. >> harris: the reason i bring it up, it's making news and the president today, tweeted that this is the biggest witch hunt
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in american history. part of that declaration has to do with how wide and how broad robert mueller has gotten. >> exactly right. when i say he's beyond the scope i am relying on what was publicly given to us, he was going to be looking at trump and russian collusion to influence the election. there's no evidence of that. everybody has admitted there's no evidence of collusion and working together, no conspiracy. he's gone well beyond that and he's indicted all of these other firms, including nonexistent firms. and that indicates that he is really broad. so we need to know what his instructions were from rod rosenstein. my guess is he played well beyond that. mr. rosenstein needs to bring pressure to bear on mr. mueller in the witch end. >> harris: i'm hitting you with a lot but one last point, the d.o.j. inspector general completed its draft report analyzing law enforcement
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handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe. what do you take from that as a headline today? >> there's two things. number one, if there's anomalies in the hillary clinton investigation, christopher ray and jeff sessions in testify said they would reopen those investigations and make sure there was a good, thorough, honest investigation. what i'm hoping for. number two, the people reviewing that draft turns out, most of the people on the mueller special counsel team, and include something that may be off, like struck and some of the others. that's concerning to me. that's what i'm hearing. if that's the case i'm hernd. >> harris: why are you concerned about that? >> they're the ones that we suspect were working to try and prevent president trump, who was then candidate trump and his campaign from having success in the election f that's the case why are they getting access to this before say congress or judiciary committee. >> harris: senator rand paul had
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concerns. but when do they get access to it. >> exactly right. i mean, that's what we don't know, this is incomplete information, it's a breaking story, we're trying to find out and get past the rumors to know what's going on. >> harris: congressman andy biggs of the great state of arizona, thank you. >> you're welcome, thank you. >> harris: we'll get reaction from the other side of the political aisle in just a moment, a democrat. first counselor to the president kellyanne conway hinting to fox news the north korea summit could be delayed. a delay after that nation threatened to call it off. conway says it may happen later. but that the president is ready if everything is on track to go. watch. >> if the conditions are right, and so far they were looking good for a while including the release of his detainees, check the box event, that was an amazing transformative event. many of these fruits have
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already occurred from the president's leadership. the president said he can easily walk away also. we'll see what happens. and it's not just up to president trump. he's ready to go. but it's up to north korea and i suppose south korea, what they're doing together. >> harris: we are waiting among other issues, a lot on the table today, you can imagine, north korea will be talked about, too, as we pop up, down in the corner over there, the white house press briefing. there it is, full center. we have the white house getting ready to brief and take questions on a whole host of things. as that happens we will take you there live. you see a lot of people in their seat. we potentially could be close to. that i mentioned, the democrat congressman joining us, john garamendi, sits on the armed services committee, and the subcommittee on strategic forces. thanks for joining us. >> sure. >> harris: north korea, you have a situation now, and i don't think anybody, at least not anybody i've talked with, is necessarily surprised that, you
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know, kim jong-un has his own forces to answer to in his country, some of the dance may be about that. but your latest take on the summit between our president and their dictator. >> well, anybody that thought this would be a high school dance where everybody would be happy was really seriously mistaken. this is a very, very difficult summit going forward. we've been at war, literally, with north korea since 1950s. that war, korean war never ended. there's an armistice, basically a cease-fire. we've got 25, 30,000 troops there. nd north crow a has developed nuclear weapons. and they have them in their armory. we have a difficult situation. so nobody ought to go into these negotiations thinking this is going to be some simple matter. obviously, it's not. and don't trust north kree. they have a long record of di simulating and going back on any agreement they've ever made.
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>> harris: or a flat rule i trust in my house, don't trust a dictator. >> there you go. >> harris: i have read that you said that you give this president, quote, enormous credit for where we are right now. i would ask, have you or any other democrat, maybe reached out in any way to offer, i mean, if this gets delayed you might get a little bit more time, offer your perspective on this. >> well, we certainly offered our perspective. i had troubles with the president when he was being very, i would say, tweeting loudly as well as carrying a big stick. i said tweets carry a big stick. we're now in different situation, we're in a situation where this thing has moved as a result of a variety of things. one of which is not often discussed but very, very important. that is the election in south korea. that elected president moon who took a very, very courageous political step, reached out to north korea, part of this was the winter olympics and beyond.
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and basically said the row at on the ground is we have two koreas, let's put a peace treaty in place and some day in the future there will be reunification. that opened the door, together with the sanctions in place, the work that this administration and previous administrations did, to put the sanctions and then ramp them up. all of those things come together. now we're in a very, very sensitive time within the next couple of weeks. and days. there will be summit. what's going to come of that summit, i would expect continued discussions. the likelihood there's going to be a breakthrough is not likely at all. but keep talking. keep understanding that we've got a chance here to solve a problem that's been playing the world and certainly our country, for more than 60 years. >> harris: the sanctions of 25 years didn't get us here totally. and a meeting with moon didn't
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get us here totally. you previously gave the credit, enormous credit to the president, it took from what you're saying, a trifecta. we're on the verge of seeing an american president sit down with the leader of north korea, which they call a her mitt kingdom, hardly anybody gets in there. that's all very, very true. and at the same time, previous presidents have row fused to do this until there was some concession on the part of north korea. president trump has taken a different step. decided to sit down and see what could be done. i'm hopeful. let's be hopeful. >> harris: an interesting word. representative garamendi of california, thank you for the word of hope. >> thank you. >> harris: waiting to hear from the white house now on the one-year anniversary of special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. when it happens, we'll bring it to you live. president trump set to hold a by bilateral meeting with the secretary of nay co-. who puts in the money and the fight against terrorism.
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>> harris: breaking news as we await the white house press briefing where sarah sanders set to step up at any moment. we expect will be a lot of reaction to the president's
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attorney rudy guiliani saying that the president cannot be indicted in the special counsel robert mueller's investigation. we anticipate a status report on north korea. we were talking about that with a member of the armed services committee. the confirmation vote for gene a haspel as first woman director of the cia is something that may be asked about. the debate is going on right now. they could expect a vote later today. so that news could break today as well. when it all starts, from that lectern, we will take you there immediately and show it to you live. president trump is going after california sanctuary laws during a round table discussion at the white house that happened yesterday. he also praised a group of local officials for their part in fighting the state's controversial policies that aim to protect illegal immigrants. watch. >> president trump: each of you has bravely resisted california's deadly and unconstitutional sanctuary state laws. you've gone through a lot, too.
10:22 am
although it's becoming quite popular what you're doing. the state of california attempts to nullify federal law sparked a rebellion by patriotic citizens who want their families protected and borders secured. >> harris: well there was reaction, california governor jerry brown posted on twitter, president trump is lying on immigration. lying about crime and lying about the laws of california flying in a dozen republican politicians to flatter him and praise his reckless policies changes nothing. we the citizens of the fifth largest economy in the world are not impressed. joining me now, california gone gresman and house majority leader kevin mccarthy. he took part in the sanctuary state round table at the white house yesterday. tough words from jerry brown. >> yes, well, first harris thanks for having me back. >> harris: absolutely. >> jerry brown is calling sheriffs, mayors, saying they're lying? what they're really doing is fighting for the safety and
10:23 am
security of their own community. what jerry brown has done, he put a sanctuary state upon california. meaning that the sheriff cannot communicate with i.c.e. these individuals who happen to be illegal, then breaking crime, could be gang members, when they release them from jail they can't tell i.c.e. to pick them up. they're making their communities unsafe. there was a supervisor, talked about one, a family that gave them a picture of their murdered son for the same instance of what has happened. jerry brown is the one here that's not telling the truth. what is happening, city after city is rising up against this. because it is wrong. you can't, one of the greatest strengths of this country is the rule of law. and what the sanctuary city says, going through, is that you don't uphold the federal law. that you don't communicate. can you imagine if the bank was robbed and the governor said don't let the city police tell
10:24 am
the fbi about the bank robber, let them stay in the community, you don't have a right? that's what this law is doing. >> harris: interesting example of how this would work, actually. that brings me to this question. after listening to what you just said, why is there a fight about sanctuary cities? seems clear the first crime that has been taken or made is coming here illegally. they've already broken the law. so i don't understand why you would har bosch somebody here illegally, if if you just go base line that's a crime. >> look what happened to kate in san francisco, she was murdered in san francisco, they harbored the murderer. that individual had been deported five times and came back. then shot a rifle that killed her. that should have never taken place. you shouldn't harbor that individual just as you said, to start out with. but these are individuals like gang members, that have broken other crimes of why they're in jail. they're not allowed to tell the i.c.e. agents about them.
10:25 am
that makes the community unsafe. >> house majority leader, you know, when you look at the situation you know there has to be a xroe moiz at some point. we saw governor jerry brown when it came to sending troops to the border, to then assist behind the scenes border patrol. he capitulated. what is the compromise here. >> first of all the number one compromise is you uphold the constitution, you can't pick and choose what federal law you are going to enforce f it's a federal law, one of the first responsibilities of the federal government, is to secure their border. i am a big believer in immigration. but legal immigration. the idea that you would harbor an individual that didn't just break the law of the border but broke the laws inside of america from as high as murder and others that you can't communicate with the i.c.e. agent? what happens is, you release that person in a the community, even into minority communities, and make that community unsafe. for that person, is a criminal
10:26 am
inside those communities. i'll guarantee, the parents, mothers and fathers, they want to protect their children. >> harris: house majority leader, kevin mccarthy, we have breaking news but we're so glad you came on the program. we'll bring you back. >> thank you. >> harris: let's get to the white house briefing under way with the acting v.a. secretary. >> veterans affairs committee, dr. road, and thank him for the bipartisan coalition that he forged together. the vote yesterday was overwhelming, 347-70. and this is long awaited legislation that our veterans have been waiting in anticipation of. this takes seven community care programs that we have been using for the last 15 to 20 years and condenses them into one. it also makes it easier where the veterans to obtain care they need at the moment they need it in homes and in facilities closest to where they live.
10:27 am
also opens up the caregiver program to long-waiting communities within our veterans world. those veterans from world war. korea, vote nam, and the gulf war who have not had access to a community caregiver program, that was opened up for those who have served in the military since 9/11. with this strong bipartisan support we urge the senate to take up the house bill and give it to president trump, hopefully, before memorial day. i also want to single out the major veteran service organizations. 38 of them siemd the letter in support of this legislate -- signed the letter to the house and senate leadership. their people have been walking the halls of the congress for the last week and will be in the senate next week and we can't thank them enough for their support for our nation's 20 million veterans. sarah, i want to thank you for the announcement.
10:28 am
i want to thank you for president trump's generosity. the president's gift underscores his promise to do all that he can for veterans which includes supporting those who care for our veterans. not just those of us at v.a., but the husbands, the wives, the families and the community caregivers out there day in and day out making life easier for those who have won the battle. president trump understands the critical role of care givers in leading the essential needs of america's veterans. we have earmarked this gift for caregiver support in the form of mental health and peer support programs, financial aid, education, training and research. i'm deeply grateful to president trump providing me the opportunity to serve america's veterans and for his generosity in supporting them. thank you sarah and thank you to president trump. i know how much this means to america's veterans. thank you.
10:29 am
>> secretary sanders: thank you very much. lastly, this week is set aside each year to honor those across our country who wear the badge. in the spirit of police week, i want to read a quick letter from samuel of san antonio texas, sent the president. dear donald j. trump. i raced about $375 for police. i went down to mcdonald's and bought 75 $5 mcdonald gift card for the police officers. it would be cool to meet you. i wish could i vote for you but i'm only 11. my mom voted for you. i started a fundraise area break for the blue. i listened to your talks and went to the inaugurationnd say you. you are awesome. sincerely, samuel. i had the honor of meeting samuel earlier today, adopted by his family in guatemala, incredibly grateful to be an american, and he's very grateful to all of the law enforcement officers around the country.
10:30 am
the president is proud of samuel and believes our country he said more people like him to give back to the communities. he's a really, really great kid. it was great to meet him. i will take your questions. john? >> we haven't had a chance to hear any kind of indepth analysis here. where with are we with the summit with kim jong-un and the statements we've heard out of north korea, do you think these throw in jeopardy the idea of a summit? or is this just north korea doing what it does and trying to get the best deal possible? >> secretary sanders: the president is prepared and will be ready to meet and we're continuing to move forward with the preparations at this point. and if the north koreans want to meet they will we'll be there. at this point there is not a lot of change beyond that and certainly not in our process. >> what north korea saying now about the joint military exercises, after moon said that
10:31 am
kim knows these take place and he understands they take place. what game is north korea playing? >> secretary sanders: you have to ask north kree a can i tell what you we're doing and we're continuing to move forward in preparation and the president as we've said all along will be prepared and ready to meet. there's really not a lot to add beyond that point. john? >> thanks, sarah. what leverage does the u.s. have in regard to having this meeting take place on june 12? and, two, that meeting taking place what leverage does the u.s. have over accomplishing the american goal of denuclearizing the korean peninsula? >> secretary sanders: we're continuing the maximum pressure campaign. again, nothing has changed on our end. this is an invitation that north korea offered and that we have accepted and we're continuing to move forward in those preparations. steve? i'm sorry, i'll keep going, we're tight on type. >> i want to follow up on that, what's the north korean also
10:32 am
announced they're stopping the dialogue with south crow a. is it possible that there could be a meeting between the united states and north korea if that whole dialogue between the north and south is on ice. >> secretary sanders: the meeting that would take place on june 12 is between the united states and north korea. should it take mace. we're going to meet with president moon next week. and beyond that, again, there are no changes at this point to our schedule or anything else. blake? >> president trump said that the fbi had a spy at one point inside his campaign? >> secretary sanders: i haven't spoken with him directly about that, but certainly seen the reports. and if there is any truth to that it should certainly be looked into. i'm sorry, i'm going to keep going. emerald? >> thank you, following up on blake's question, if it is proven without a shadow of a doubt there was a spy planted in the trump campaign, does that change the president's position on firing robert mueller? >> secretary sanders: i'm not going to speak about
10:33 am
hypotheticals or get into what could happen if. we'll move forward in the process and make a determination at that point. john? . thank you, sarah. >> the iraqi elections are over. and it's very clear that the two big winners, the two top vote-getters, were the party that was linked to maquada al sadr, sworn enemy of the united states and some one aligned with the iraqi communist leaders. and the second ektked connected to a warlord from iran. what is the u.s. attitude on the government in baghdad having either of those individuals as the key player? >> secretary sanders: i'm glad you said the names and not me, i probably wouldn't have gotten them right. but in terms of our policy we don't have any new policy
10:34 am
announcements with potential change there. jeff? >> you don't care? >> secretary sanders: certainly we care but i don't have any specific changes in u.s. policy. jeff? >> what does the united states expect out of negotiations with china on trade and what is the president's intentions on helping or changing the policy toward china ease companies? >> secretary sanders: in terms of the meeting, those are conversations ongoing. when we have something from that i will be happy to share it with you. right now, those are just discussions and there's nothing to add to that at this point since they're just taking place. i can say, that we expect their president will meet with the head of the chinese delegation later this afternoon. on zte, look, the united states and china relationship has a lot of issues that we have regular ongoing conversations about,
10:35 am
national security, trade. zte is one of them. as we've said before and the accident stated, he's asked secretary ross to look in the issue. and do whatever is consistent with the law and regulations. right now it's just something he asked them to look into. julie? >> sarah, also on trade, the president said yesterday that mexico does nothing for us especially at the border. there are talks today on nafta today and tomorrow. i wonder, if the administration is going to condition any nafta deal on a country agreement with mexico. or mexico stepping up to be more absorbing of asylum seekers. >> secretary sanders: i won't get into the trade conversations at this point. they are ongoing and those are negotiations in the middle of. i can tell you that the president does want to see mexico step up and do more. there's a lot that comes through their country and he wants them to be tougher and more aggressive on that front. jeff? >> thank you, sarah.
10:36 am
this morning the president marked the one-year anniversary of the mueller investigation say it's disdisgusting, unwasheded, illegal and a witch hunt. why does the white house believe it's a witch hunt and why did he cancel his news conference this afternoon set for 3:00. >> shannon: >> secretary sanders: the president know there is was no collusion in the campaign and has been clear about this, they found no evidence of collusion and feels it's a witch hunt. i'm not sure how we could be more clear and not sure how the president could be any more clear about his bloefs and opinions. in terms of a press engagement, the president will have press at the -- his event here shortly, which is why we have to keep it quick and short today. likely take a few questions at that event. jordan? >> thanks, sarah. on immigration there seems to be moving closer to action in the house of representatives.
10:37 am
and i'm wondering what bill the president would accept, anything short of four pillars that he laid out earlier this month, border security and daca, us that something that the president can support? >> secretary sanders: the president definitely supports border security as he's laid out. multiple times. and again talked about some yesterday. he would like to see the border secured, he would like to see the loopholes closed. our priorities have not changed in the immigration conversation at all. aiesha? >> thank you. back to north korea, you have said that the president would be will to meet with north korea. does that put north korea in the drivers seat here, is it north korea going to decide whether a meeting takes place? also, the president said yesterday, the white house hasn't heard anything from north korea, have you heard anything since these talks were called off with south korea?
10:38 am
>> secretary sanders: cher ee certainly not in the drivers seat, nothing could be further from the truth. but they extend tepded the invitation, we accepted it. we're happy to meet. we'll see what happens. but we're going to continue the maximum pressure campaign. in the meantime, i don't know how they would be in the drivers seat in any capacity, form, or fashion. in this process. >> the white house saying we won't meet with you unless you do x, y, z. >> secretary sanders: look, the north koreans made concessions, they have already, three americans are home now that weren't. the president has had some success in the process. and certainly we've given up nothing. we are going to continue moving forward. and we're moving into this with our eyes wide open. we're not naive in the process. the president is prepared to have the meeting. if not, that's okay, too. and we'll see what happens beyond that. >> i know we've asked a few
10:39 am
times, but dash. >> secretary sanders: it's what we do here. >> can you say when michael cohen stopped being the president's personal lawyer. >> secretary sanders: i'm not going to get into that, you have to reach out to the president's outside counsel. jill? >> why didn't the president disclose the reimbursement to michael cohen in last year's financial disclosure report. and follow up on north korea, any consideration given to potentially cancelling those joint military exercises with south korea. >> secretary sanders: the first question that was addressed in the financial disclosure, that would be determined by white house counsel how things are categorized in the filing. on the second part, those are ongoing exercises that are routine and they're aware of, they're annual, at this point we have no intention of changing that. >> so many people talking about it in the last 24 hours, what did the president mean when he said some immigrants are not people they're animals.
10:40 am
>> secretary sanders: the president was clearly referring to ms13 gang members who enter the country illegally, and whose deportations are ham strung by our laws. this is one of the most vicious and deadly gangs that operate by the motto of raich, control, and rape, control and kill. if the media wants to defend ms13 they're welcome. to i don't think the term the president used was strong enough. ms13 has done heinous acts. it took an animal to stab a man 100 times and decapitate him and rip his heart out. it took an animal to beat a woman they were sex trafficking with 28 times, indenting part of her body. and it took an animal to kidnap and rape a houston girl. that term animal doesn't go far enough and i think the president should continue to use his platform and everything he can do under the law to stop these types of horrible, horrible disgusting people.
10:41 am
one more question, peter? >> chances of a summit less likely than a week ago before the statements came out? >> secretary sanders: i won't get moo a percentage game. we're ready and prepared, if they happen they happen f they don't, we'll see what happens. thanks so much, guys, see you in a few minutes with the president. >> has the president ever lied on us? >> harris: with that we have two seasoned journalists here as that question was shouted. that was white house press secretary sarah sanders on a host of issues. and she started out, as we have told you earlier, about the acting v.a. secretary talking about that program, now, for veterans. he joined on the lectern. and choice for doctors and medical for military veterans. then john roberts asked her the first question about north korea. and she said the president is prepared and will be ready to meet. our time line has not changed based on the fact that north
10:42 am
korea slid in the note that they may not want to dismantle owl of the nukes, and back down from the summit. the united states ins is moving forward, maximum pressure, nothing has changed on our end. let's start there. judith miller, investigative reporter and author. dan henninger, washington journal contributor, both fox news contributors. we'll get to the bit at the end, i think you both have a word about how the press briefings are going. interesting to get it from you two with your experience. let's start off with north kree a nothing has changed on our end, judy. >> nothing has changed and that's what i would say if i were sarah sanders. we don't know what is behind the north korean's thinking. we don't know whether they're trying to get out of this summit, whether or not they're trying to change the rules of the game. whether or not they're trying to make interest harder for the president to claim a win if he has to walk of the or cancel the meeting. but i think the statement that
10:43 am
the maximum pressure continues, the continuation, determination to meet, with the south korean president next week, all of that indicates that the administration has a lot riding on this meeting. >> harris: earlier we had on democrat congressman garamendi of california. i read quote from him, enormous credit for the president getting to us this point. he had "but" behind that, but this, but that. but he gives this president, along with sanctions and other things, credit. dan? >> you have to give him credit to be sure. we have gotten to the point where the head of north korea, kim jong-un, is willing to come to singapore on june 12 and meet with the president of the united states. having said that, we have a case study here in donald trump's primary negotiating, this is the art of negotiation. and donald trump is not hesitant about pushing the ball forward in a big way, saying he would be willing to meet. there is no possibility, harris
10:44 am
that, the president of the united states can go to singapore and come back with nothing from kim jong-un. they aren't going to allow that. >> harris: can i put something on the table, we all have covered hostages taken. and we would love to have covered many more hostages coming home. judy, i go to you on this point, if the thing that we get for all of this are those three american lives, those three men who came home, is that enough? >> well, it depends on how you measure the possibilities with respect to north korea. if you think that north korea is willing to denuclearize and the president has brought him around to that point through his insults and extension of an olive branch and open hand, then you have to give the president credit for changing the dialogue. i think here, i'm with dan on this, i think he deserves enormous credit for changing the dialogue. where the road we were headed on was a road to are with a. make no mistake about it. now there's a possibility of at
10:45 am
least an interegnum. >> harris: other things tossed at the press secretary, she said of course he wants to step up the pressure on the border that, came up. the baghdad government, like who do we choose in all of that. quick thought? >> i have to tell you, the u.s. intelligence community has failed to predict the statement of the obvious, if you were in iraq you knew al sadr, iran's guy and has been for all of these years, was going to win the election, the u.s. intelligence community did not see it coming. they have failed again. >> i'd like to ask judy the implication what she's saying. it was an honest election, was the united states supposed to do something at this point to stop sadr from winning the election? >> harris: quickly, and i don't mean cut off, but i want to get to this next one, when did michael cohen stop being his attorney. the significance of that today. >> well, you know, michael cohen is now become possibly the most toxic lawyer in america.
10:46 am
everyone is trying to put distance between themselves and michael cohen a legitimate issue what he was doing. but like everyone else, it's peripheral 209 primary issue that robert mueller is trying to find out, whether there was collusion. this is about negotiating over a tower in russia. >> harris: quickly, judy? . when did the negotiations begin and end and was the president aware of them and was michael cohen acting with donald trump's blessing. >> and is it true. >> harris: we got on the record with what we sa, i asked katie during the noon hour of outnumbered to read the president's comments on animals and so on, so forth. it was very clear it was about ms13, seasoned journalists, you said very clear, the president's words. sarah sanders said it again. thank you both, i'll bring you back, great to have you. >> thank you. >> harris: so this just moments ago, white house press secretary sarah sanders weighed in on the
10:47 am
robert mueller investigation. one year in. sanders standing by the president's claim it is, quote, a witch hunt. plus we told you at the top of the hour rudy guiliani had said that mueller told the president's legal team that he will follow justice department guidance that a president cannot be indicted. guiliani also said if they try to subpoena president trump they'll challenge it. i'm joined now by fred sisi former federal prosecutor and former air assistant u.s. attorney. great to see you, fred, thanks for being along. >> thank you. >> harris: let's lean in now, now that the white house has spoken on this, and talk about where we are with this investigation and any potential indictment of the president. we want to start by nothing has been postured. nothing has been charged. >> correct. nothing has. and we need to pars these words carefully. the question is whether or not robert mueller has the ability to put donald trump in jeopardy
10:48 am
for perceived conduct. there's 1,000 different things that go into that. i think what mueller was talking about, since 1973, it's been the position of the justice department and their published guidelines, they don't have the constitutional authority to actually indict. what that means, is that a sitting president, it has to be a sitting president, five-year statute of limitations if mr. trump would not be elected, re-elected, then all they could indict him later f they find evidence of a crime now, their sole memory would be to put together a memorandum and make a recommendation to the house to start impeachment proceedings. that's what he's talking about. >> harris: you give the legal side of this, then i think about the political side of all of this. and are they mutually scloo ussive in terms of what we're seeing. are they mutually exclusive. >> from a political standpoint, i don't know. the answer is this. for the purposes of an indictment, for our grand jury indictment, that raises all kinds of issues.
10:49 am
what was the original memorandum that gave mueller his authority. remember, a special prosecutor is a person of limited authority that is dictated by a memo that no one has seen. the question is, what is his authority. can he indict the president. if his authority was to conduct an investigation concerning russian collusion and he has evidence the president engaged in russian collusion, then he's within the scope of his memo. after that it gets fuzzy. >> harris: we learned as breaking news this hour and i spoke with the congressman atop the hour about this, the judge, judge ellis, still now has the unredacted memo of august 2 that you're talking about from rod rosenstein, the deputy a.g. that said what the scope would be. we may find out more about that, only the judge has it. fred, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: the countdown is on and the royal wedding is real. prince harry, meghan markle, i love young love.
10:50 am
they'll tie the knot on the world stage, a preview, stay close. and the royal wedding is real. i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster.
10:51 am
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>> dana: on the daily broefing an update on the president's summit with kim jong-un after sarah sander's comments. and the senate expected to vote
10:54 am
on gena haspel's nomination for cia director. and a plan i effecting the priefs food and more than one million food stamp recipients could be up up for a vote tomorrow. what it could mean to you at the top of the hour. ♪ >> harris: two days remaining until the highly anticipated royal wedding, the world gets a chance to watch prince harry and meghan markle tie the can not. what will she wear? the bride's father has to miss the ceremony due to health issues. benjamin hall is live in windsor, england. good to see you. >> good to see you, harris. this is really becoming a major event here. every minute you feel the excitement growing. as you said, that big news today is that megan harkle's father -- markle's father can't make it because of his health. who will walk her down the aisle? that remains to be seen.
10:55 am
we did get a small dplimps of the row hersal, we know what is to come in terms of the parade. the soldiers, the bands, the horses, and we saw the all-important carriage which came down the carriage route. so, still, a lot of things that we don't know. not only, whether the mother will be walking her down the aisle and what their title will be. that's going to be a question. he will be made a duke, she will be made a duchess. that's one of the major questions. fans coming from across the world, for two days people camping out alongside the parade route. 4 1/2 days some of them will have been waiting, sleeping on the sidewalks and the sleeping bags. that is true commitment. thousands coming here, we have well over a billion expected to watch on tv from across the world. this is a union of the u.k. and thes why, the royal and the actress. for that reason it captured people's attention. 20 years ago you couldn't have imagined this. the divorcee, mixed race,
10:56 am
celebrity from america marrying the favorite son, if you will, of the royal family. it will be a big event. we will bring you live coverage from here over the next couple of days. >> harris: look forward to it, great to meet new israel, benjamin, thank you. don't miss fox news special coverage of the royal wedding this weekend, kicking off saturday morning at 6:00a.m. eastern with sandra smith and shepard smith. no relation. we will be right back. rs claim r so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> harris: it has been quite an hour and coming up in the next few hours, we're expecting potentially a vote to confirm gina haspel as the head of the c.i.a. director. she made it with the support letter out of committee. that's anticipated to happen. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. we are waiting for the final vote from the senate. gina haspel's nomination to become the next c.i.a. director. she is expected to be confirmed with a few votes to spare and become the first woman ever to lead the agency. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." >> dana: the white house again pushing for an end to the mueller investigation calling a witch hunt as it enters its second year. rudy giuliani on the offensesive saying today the mueller team told him they would not indict a sitting president. kevin is live at the white house. kevin, what's the white house saying about all of this? >> well, let me just make it really simple for everybody at home, dana.


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