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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 17, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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people in charge. that's it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00. and especially the group thing. sean hannity awaits your viewing in new york city. >> sean: tucker, they got. it monologue set. welcome to hannity. this is yet, i am not kidding another insane breaking news night. day 365 of the mueller witch hunt. president trump and the legal team are fighting back in a huge way against the corrupt special counsel investigation. we have a massive development. the president's attorney rudy guiliani is telling the new york times tonight that mueller is agreeing to narrow the scope of the questions he wants to ask the question. he will join us on the bottom. and great mark levin was correct from the get go.
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the constitution of the country is on president trump's side. and he will explain. president trump is reacing to the new york time and confirming our year long reporting that the obama fbi, one part spied on his campaign and he called it bigger than watergate and the president is right as we told you. and new details from sarah carter reporting the doy ig report on the corrupt handling on the hillary clinton investigation long and thorough and could lead to criminal charges recommendation. some of the deep state actors of the doj will review and possibly redact what gets released to you the american people. sxch major developments in the nuclear how down with kim jong-un and north korea and we'll tell you what president trump is saying about the
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upcoming meeting with kim jong-un. glad you are with us, tonight's breaking news opening monologue. huge developments tonight. the president's attorney, rudy guiliani will join us. he is telling the new york times that special counsel robert mueller is agreeing to limit the scope of the questions and the new york city mayor is saying it could result in a possible july interview and mueller issuing a final report by labor day and the mid- term election. that would be a win for the presidents. mueller's original questions were ridiculous and a perjury trap and what were you thinking. it doesn't matter what he was thinking and today is the one year anniversary of the mueller witch hunt. and so far there is not a single shred of evidence of collusion and that is not against the law. the special counsel is so abusive and corrupt and so
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conflicted that the president and his legal team are rightly going to offense to solicit the deep state team. congratulations, the president tweeted. we are in the second year of the greatest witch hunt in history and no collusion or obstruction. only collusion is done by the democrats who were unable to win the election despite the spending of far more money. >> all muller is trying to do is to get paul manafort to flip and bringing up tax charges from 2005 and 7 and it has nothing to do with the trump campaign. look at mueller's embarrassing case against the russian bought companies. that is falling apart. how is it possible with all of these great attorneys like andrew weissman he indicted
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a company that didn't exist at the time. and he told congress that he didn't think michael flynn. there is something off with what is happening to general flynn. it is a abuse of power and unlike anything the country has been seeing and the media is mia. it is costing the american tax wards upwards of $10 million. and because of all of these facts, the president's legal team is no longer sitting back and watching mueller and the deep state operatives and watching it unfold. the special counsel is no longer considering to indicting the president. & although it is impossible there is no constitutional precedent to even consider this. they are long established doj
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guideline and we explained those in place. and former new york city mayor rudy guiliani pointed out that mueller may not be able to issue a suppena because the president's legal team handed over a million documents and mueller has everything requested. and the only way to have a. and that is a direct threat to the american republic. mueller is calling damage to at this time rule of law in this country and the new york times confirming all of the reporting that we had over the year and part of it is the obama fbi did in fact have a mole inside of the trump campaign. don't think for a second that the new york times didn't do it on purpose. they suddenly decided to tell the truth for once?
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this was not a simple and the only reason to bury the lead of the story and trying to spin and cover up for those people that they would not cover for the entire year, those who are involved in all of the illicit activity. what is happening now, the deep state knows they are about to expose. we are expecting the ig report and we'll see the 1.2 million documents that the ig looked at. and it is obvious and transparent. they are leaking information to get out in front of the and that is stormy, stormy. and the doj is trying to leak the information to friendly media. the new york times is no one friendlier. and remember they broke the story that they are trying to
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get ahead of devin nunnes. and they are trying to make it sound off. we knew about this. remember congress hasn't been able to see the information, why? and that is rightly. and that is the new york times report. and the fbi obtained and the secret type of subpeona. and at least one government informant met with carter page. and so we have a secret type of subpeona and the obama used to spy on the campaign. and it is in three subsequent
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application and doszier put together by a foreign national to get a warrant and to spy on the trump campaign. you are keeping up with me here? this is the united states of america. you have all of the top people. doy, and fbi and not rachg and file making sure they had every base of theirs covered because their goal was to get trump by any means necessary after they helped hillary rig the investigation. exxoneration before investigation. and former new york city mayor, rudy guiliani, said this could blow up the entire mueller investigation. >> in this case, we'll have to challenge the lejetimacy of the entire investigation. maybe special prosecutor or counsel should not have been appointed. and not based on a set of the facts that go back to. i am shocked to hear they put
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a spy in the campaign of a major party candidate or maybe two spies and now, you know, i was a part of that campaign and i am trying to figure out who was the spy. is it this purpose or that person. if it is a spy, they got nothing from it. they would be able to bring the case right now if they had incriminating information. >> sean: here is another piece of information from the new york times article. and have days after they closed the investigation and the illegal use of the private e-mail server and the ones that he helped to exanerate hillary. and thai then they scrutinized the campaign of her republican rival. they put the fix in and exonerated hillary clinton and we know she committed felony.
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and we have the evidence. and days later, they went after donald trump. they thought they knew better than the american people. that means you. and if all of that is not enough. there is severs implications and top australian official and they broke with protocol and allowed the ambassador to sit for a fbi interview to describe his interview with george papadopoulos. and that means obama had to know from day one. and that means the obama white house had to sign off on it from day one. no one else in the media is reporting this. there goes way beyond comey and top level fbi and doj deep state
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agitators. obama and john kerry need to explain what they know and when did they know it? there is no way that would have happened without their approval. and the doj and ig report that we just mentioned when we come out. and sarah carter breaking news, a draft of the highly anticipated report of the handling of the email investigation has been sent to congress. finally 14 or 15 months. it is extremely long and thorough. sarah is also reporting that it does not contain referrals. that would come in the like the case was andrew mccabe. and comes with one small task to pay attention to. fox news reporting that the fbi and doj have it. and they are allowed to review
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the ig's draft and that means they will maybe offer instances to redact information and that means the deep state would be able to attempt to hide the truth. this is why rod rosenstein and the doj's mo. they stone wall and when that doesn't work they redact under the national guise of national security. everything they have redaukt dakt so far is not national security. but embarrassing details like james comey and the fbi didn't think mike flynn lied. at the end of the day, they are not capable much homing themselves accountable and the inspectors general needs to hold firm on his report tonight. robert mueller turned over the scope memo of his investigation
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to federal judge trngs s ellis the third. and andrew weissman, he went after mueller's team. and they went after paul manafort. 2005 already investigated tax fraud issue that had nothing to do with the election or campaign or russia investigation. the same judge blasting the mueller team trying to get manafort to flip. they want to put the screws to him and make him sing so they can prosecute or impeach president trump. and one of the most a grejous examples of media bias. the press claiming that president trump called illegal immigrants animals. it was not the case. he was talking about specific
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members of the ms13 games. they knowingly, and purposely took the president out of context to try to smear him yet again. news media, journalism in america is dead. and this shameful media coverage. i can't believe this is posing as news in the united states. >> the president of the united states has to measure his worlds and be more careful. it is slippery slope when you dehumanize people this way. it is what the nazis did and not what american ins do. >> the president called people animals. >> that was in a white house meeting on sanctuary cities and someone remarked about ms 13 gang members. the president didn't make it
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clear if it is gang members and immigrant communities say it is down right dangerous language. >> sean: what did the president actually say? he was talking about the vicious gang known as ms 13. take a look. >> ms 13 gang member. if they don't tell ice about them? >> we have people trying to come in. we are taking people out of the country. you wouldn't believe how bad they are. they are not people. they are animals. and we are taking them out of the country at a level and rate that never happened before. and because of the weak laws, they come in fast and we get them and release them. and get them again. we get them out and it's crazy. >> sean: and the president responded to the abusively
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biassed media. >> you know i am referring to the ms 13 gangs that are coming in and talking about ms 13. and in the tape you will see that and i am surprised you asked this question. and most people got it right. ms 13. you don't have that where you come from. they come in and they are animals. and so when ms 13 and gang members come in i refer to them as animal and guess what, i always will. >> sean: media bias is not the only thing he talked about. he was asked about north korea. >> nothing has changed on north korea and if it does, that's fine. if it doesn't we'll have a successful meeting. but we have not been told anything. we are radding stoerp stores
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like you are and we'll see what happens. we are negotiating in terms of location. as to where and how to meet and rooms and everything elves. and they negotiated like nothing happened. and if you read the newspapers, maybe it will not. i can tell you shortly and we'll know soon. >> sean: the president is not messing around. fox news contractor sarah carter and former u.s. attorney and national review contributing editor. he is amaze nothing the writing and andrew mccarthy and author of the russian hoax. and he will tell you the rest. andy, let me start with you. in am on the radio and called it cross fire hurricane addiction of the sean hannity radio show. and you actually wrote the same thing today. i want you to go into what the
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times was doing. the new york times specifically in their coverage and why they are trying to get ahead of this. and what you are not seeing in the whole article is counter intelligence. and the reason is the scandal here is they had a case that didn't have a criminal predicate and they didn't invoke national security powers. and they used the counter intelligence powers, to conduct not onlyap investigation on the citizen but the incumbent democrat employing the tractics against enemies and they employed them against the trump campaign. that's the story. >> sean: they buried the lead. i did give you a tribution because it was a good line.
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sarah, this is something. you have gotten feedback on whoo we expect from michael harwitz report. does that mean they can use phony redactions and add or try to get the inspector general to change what he wrote? >> they can respond. this is from the fbi and doj. and no one has seen this. and the people that the inspector general has given to both the fbi and doj. people in congress had to sign nondisclosure agreements and they would not release information. and before the people had time to respond. they will respond to that and they would be conversations with
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horowitz before it is released. >> sean: what is it? >> one of the things sean, they will look at is the scope of the hillary clinton investigation. this is a full scope of the bureau's investigation. this is millions of documents. over a year of investigation into this. and it will take 3 or 4 weeks i am told before it will be made public. >> sean: and 1.2 million documents should follow and we should have access to those unless they deal with national security. i thought buried in the times report, an interesting point, greg jarret. if they got permission to interview the australian diplomat. would that have been known from the beginning by the kerry state department and probably the president himself? >> the answer is likely yes. we don't know.
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they have been so secretly about everything and the fbi and department of justice has been covering up everything. ment use of a confidential informant by comey and the minions in the fbi should erase doubt that americans have that this is an agency of the government that abused its pour in an attempt to frame donald trump and destroy him. they were trying to trap people in the trump campaign to say something incriminating and they were not charged with collusion. >> collusion is not a crime. that is the irony here. >>andy, am i wrong. hillary clinton committed crimes and they exonerated before investigating and it seemed read and then the phony doszier and spy in the campaign and fisa courts lied to with unverified
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and by omission they lied by not saying that hillary paid for it. is any of those statements wrong, sir? >> no, this is it such an expansive complicated story, you need a hook that people can wrap their brain around to understand it. and the only hook i can come back to. there is no objective person of good faith left or right who could look at two investigations and say equal justice was done. they bnt over back ward rz to not make the case against mrs. clinton and scorch the earth to invent the case against donald trump. >> sean: that's the name of greg's book. that's it in a nit shell. and andy, welcome aboard.
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>> sean: the hurricane edition of hannity. and welcome back. joining us now is the former new york city mayor attorney rude i guiliani. it was a great interview and i want to narrow the focus today. you spoke with the mueller team and talking about narrowing the questions and my question is, why would the president ever talk to somebody that is using the tactics that he's using and hire andrew weissman.
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>> you know the president has a desire to tell the truth if he gets a fair hearing. our job is to make sure he gets a fair hearing. jay sekelow. and make sure he gets a fair hearing from mueller. and he had the first hopeful communication with him last night and we put in five letters to him and never got a response and we finally did. i don't want to dismiss it. it was a good faith attempt to narrow the focus. >> and just answer them and give the answer a chance. you handle over everything and you have been transparent and let the president take the time and not have a perjury trial? >> that is still 1001 if there were written answer and they
6:29 pm
could be under oath. if we thought there was a trap he would not coit. they could write the report rit now. and several intrude more than once. and how about the lester holt interview. and everything we learn the since then my goodness, he is have fired him earlier.
6:30 pm
>> sean: they are using a case for paul manafort and this was to put the screws to manafort so he will sing and so that they can either prosecute or impeach the president of the united states. in am sorry, i have serious ethical issues. >> we'll go to the new york times which gave us everything that we need to know about how illegal jit mate it was from day one and this is what the spies found out. and there was no collusion with the russians. and there was no collusion with the russians. >> sean: it is not a crime and
6:31 pm
no such thing happened. sean. >> the president said it is it a witch hunt. and the times should have been comey witch hunt. >> sean: if i was working if are your campaign and wanted to get information and somebody told me i have information on your opponent. does it matter what it is, i say who do you have got? they will say this is what we got. in the case of this campaign, one time that happened with that russian woman, it turned out she didn't have information and she was trying to negotiate sanctions. they threw her out. >> sean: talk about russian
6:32 pm
adoption. hillary did commit felonies. it is obstruction. and when they wrote the exxoneration before it was rigged and used the dossier to get warrants illegal. and rotted rosenstein never verified or told the judges that hillary clinton paid for it. and have the spy in the trump campaign. you said it right. and this is a far worse crime and intrusion on democracy than a nonrussian conspiracy and who is investigating it.
6:33 pm
and that is imillegitimate. and she is also a prosecutor and i am asking the question about prosecutors. they have a responsibility to hand over subpeonaed documents. and they are slow walking and redact in the name of national security. and they are not cooperating and they are obstructing. and what should be the next step and the president should follow jim jordan and mark meadow's advice. and sessions to hand it over. >> i have no problem with that. and no reason not to hand it over to congress and just like they are intruding in article
6:34 pm
two with the witch hunt investigation and they are doing that with the congressional power and to have oversight over them. they have no right to be warrant to themselves and that's what they are doing. >> sean: all right, mr. mayor: this is the cross fire edition of hannity. mark levin has been right from the get go. the constitution of the united states is on the president's side. mark levin is next. ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪
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♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪ i'm all-business when i, travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. and the united states department of justice and a 1973 memorandum and under the clinton administration that you must not and cannot indict the sitting president. it is a matter of constitutional interpretation and 44 years that is the position of the department of justice.
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and we had law professors and all over the tv and radio talking about the obstruction of justice and media types talking about it. and it doesn't matter, the officialstition of the justice department, we don't charge a sitting president with a crime. >> sean: mark levin, the great one on our program and he worked ad edniece chief of staff and he was attorney general and explaining department of justice policy. mark broke it right here. joins us now and host of lch liberty and levin. and how are you, my friend? i am getting ticked off because you are right. big news, they can't indict a sitting president. no kidding. you have said it over a year. we pointed it out repeatedly.
6:40 pm
the media got the aspects of this wrong and ignored the real wrong and a puce of power and been on a witch hunt going on over a year. and to me. this has to come to an end and some truth needs to come out. sir? >> the mueller investigation has reveal would the greatest pepitator against the american people was the government and was the fbi, cia, and national intelligence director. >> sean: top rank and file. >> i want to take it to the next level. the president of the united states will not be indicted and if he is, he will take it to the supreme court and win. we cannot allow this to happen again. we saw the federal government used by the prior administration and head of the cia and fbi and
6:41 pm
national intelligence and many, many others used to destroy the candidacy of an opposition candidate of the other party, donald trump and the republican party. thoo that is, the president's existing administration and interfering in the elections and we never saw this before in american history. we know that the obama administration spied, look, it is it the obama administration and he's the president and the buck stops at his desk and he may be playing around his library in chicago and he is be held responsible. the fisa court failed us. we have national security letters that are used in extreme circumstances being used and a fbi agents that took it upon themselves to investigate a candidate and his campaign and
6:42 pm
actual spies in the trump campaign. what is it? the soviet union or venezuela or central america? it is the united states of america. once mr. mueller turns over the report to mr. rosenstein. the president should pick favorite united states attorney. not because they are pals. but give him an assignment. i don't care what jeff sessions. and tell him. i want you to investigate the activities that took place in this election and let the chips fall where they may. and the innerferrance by the fbi and cia and national intelligence. and brennan and clapper and comey did. not because i am going to punish them. you am make determination. >> sean: susan rice. >> i would also tell them to fix
6:43 pm
this. we can't have an election where the federal government is interfering with an election and i think the president needs to do to appoint a commission of 5 or 7 people and top notch men from prior administration and women and say fix the fbi at the top and fix the cia and intelligence agencies and we can't allow it to happen to another presidents of the united states. to hell, sorry jeff, jeff sessions and all of the other people. the president should take responsibility. >> sean: don't apologize. >> you are talking about spies in the trump administration and fail would fisa court. this is incredible stuff. >> sean: you talk about the spies. it was not just one fisa court judge given phony information that was never verified or
6:44 pm
verified and never told that hillary clinton paid for the information. where is congress? why won't congress bring these fisa judges and demand what they feel. >> unlike the democrats, the republicans scattered like rats. you have certain republicans who are in with the democrats because they want to destroy the president. they cannot get over the fact he was elected. and the american people don't know who they are. i want to emphasize something here so guests can repeat it. we need an accounting of what mr. brennan does and clapper did and book sales man comey did and susan rice and samantha powers did. we haven't gotten to the unmasking stuff not because we want to get even.
6:45 pm
we need to fix these departments and agencies. >> sean: it is not a joke. if we don't fix it, we lose our country. it is post constitutional america. it is getting scary now. mark levin. life, liberty and levin. the media is shameful and horrific and dishonest attack on the president today. we'll show you straight ahead. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin. with 24-hours of continuous allergy relief, when allergies occur, day... ...after day... ...after day. because life should have more wishes and less worries. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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>> this is one of the most vicious and deadly gangs that operate by the motto of rain,
6:50 pm
control and kill. if the media and liberals want to defend ms13 they are welcome to. i don't think what the president used was strong enough. it took an animal to stab a man a hundred time and decapitate himself and rip his heart out. and it took a animal that raped a woman and kidnap and rain a 14-year-old girl. frankly the term animal doesn't go far enough. >> sean: sarah sanders addressed the critic and liars in the media about president trump's comments. and here is reaction for the former deputy to the president. & dr. sebastian gosha and agent dan bo geno. this is a lie from the get go. this is what the media does and
6:51 pm
they seem to get away with it dr. goshinga. >> it is irony, the left wing media invented "fake news" and the president used it every day. and they never learn their lesson. "fake news" and dnc want to protect criminals. the president wants to protect americans from criminals. ms- 13. they are not only animals, they are subhuman and dehumanize their adversaries and perpitate crimes on u.s. soil. this president stops that and i love what he said today. it was epic. he said i call them animals and i'm always going to call them animals. that's who donald trump is. >> sean: i have the same reaction, doctor, and really?
6:52 pm
that is only the short list. we can give you the big list. >> sean, listen, the media dictionary is interesting. americans are referred to as deplorable. and illegal immigrants as dreamers and nra members are terrorist and ms- 13 are animal and suckers in the media get baited in to defending ms13. how does that sound to the average american who lives in the community and has problems with gang problems. and how does it sound that the media with the bough ties and in a bubble defend the criminals in the community. that is it a joke. >> sean: it is serious things and innocent people are dying because of these gangs, dr. gorka. >> yes, when i trained fbi
6:53 pm
agents in mexico south of the border on saturday night, the local drug cartel in the middle of the disc o roll would severed heads on the dance floor. and this is what nancy pelosi described today as human beings with dignity and decapitate their fellowman and roll their heads on the floor. god blelsz nancy pelosi. in november, the president will ride the red wave back in the white house. >> sean: is this election going to come down to this? economy, and foreign policy and nancy pelosimentes to raise tax and impeach the president? i think it is it one of the most important midterm elections in our lifetime and if not our history based on what the democrats want to do. >> sean, they don't have an
6:54 pm
agenda other than they are not donald trump and when their wallets get fatter and jobs and promotions come down the pipeline, that will impact how they vote. and i can't deny that. and it will not be to the degree the media is it talking about it. >> sean: when we come back, "fake news" cnn and they are anti- trump journal icht jim acosta made the ridiculous comment about his coverage of the president. you will want to see this, next. melatonin is the body's own sleep ingredient. only remfresh uses ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended
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go >> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: cnn fake news cry baby jim acosta, a big liberal that will do anything for attention went on jimmy kimmel live and claimed he was as tough on obama has on president trump. really? take a look. >> are you their least favorite
6:59 pm
of all? >> probably. as fdr said, i welcome their hatred. when i covered barack obama i was just as tough on him. >> they didn't like you either. you are universally disliked? >> i am. >> sean: fake news so tough on president obama. look at this hard hitting question from 2015. >> i wanted to ask you about some people call your best week of. prosupreme court decisions on the affordable care act and gay rights. what hard things do you want to tackle at this point? >> sean: yes, he is supposed to the journalist. the only thing missing were the pom-poms. [laughing]. that's all the time we have left
7:00 pm
this evening. we are always fair and balanced. we are never the destroy trump media. let not your heart be troubled. that was a great interview with rudy giuliani. i am glad you asked all of those questions. >> laura: that acosta, i mean, how great are you? president obama? i think you are great. but you tell me how great you are. your legacy. he was practically erecting a statue to him. >> sean: just admit he is a liberal activist. a leftist that hates donald trump. let's stop the pretense. >> laura: move is looking for a copywriter. i am laura ingraham with "the ingraham angle." the "new york times" bur