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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 17, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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this evening. we are always fair and balanced. we are never the destroy trump media. let not your heart be troubled. that was a great interview with rudy giuliani. i am glad you asked all of those questions. >> laura: that acosta, i mean, how great are you? president obama? i think you are great. but you tell me how great you are. your legacy. he was practically erecting a statue to him. >> sean: just admit he is a liberal activist. a leftist that hates donald trump. let's stop the pretense. >> laura: move is looking for a copywriter. i am laura ingraham with "the ingraham angle." the "new york times" buries a bombshell that some say confirms
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the obama administration spying on the trump campaign. roger stone will explain why mueller is now focussing on him after spending a year trying to find dirt on the president. plus, as we were telling you about earlier this week, a gop split over daca threatens to derail trump's attempt to secure the border, build the wall and build momentum for the mid-term elections. and gina haspel confirm as cia director. and mitch mcconnell secured confirmation for 21 federal appellate court judges nominated by trump. that's a remarkable 1/8th of the current bench. and raymond will be here why rebooted tv shows are everywhere. why the resurrected murphy brown
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is taking on fox news. first, the anatomy of a smear. that's the subject of tonight's "angle." today's left leaning media complex fancy themselves as the only reliable check on the president. sure, congressional democrats can give speeches and file minority reports on capitol hill and bob mueller may be getting warmer. but the press believes it has a superior moral responsibility not necessarily to respect the truth but to report a version of the truth in a way that is skewed against trump and his allies. hence, they take a comment about him about ms-13 members. >> ms-13 gang members. >> we have people coming into the country or trying to come
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in, we are stopping a lot of them. we are taking people out of the country. you would not believe how bad these people are. these are not people. these are animals. >> laura: and they turn that comment into this: trump rant on unauthorized migrants. these are animals said the "new york times." and the new york daily news. and the huffington post squawked: now this is an obscene and ridiculous and frankly nefarious plan that gets picked up by liberal politicians like chuck schumer who wrote the following: when all of our great, great grandparents came to america, they were not animals and these
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people were not either. on tv they bounce condemnations around the echo chamber. >> what did the president mean when he said immigrants are animals? >> it's a disgusting way to talk about human beings. >> it's a slippery slope when you dehumanize people. that's what the nazis and slave owners did. it's not what americans did. >> the tone shifted about what it means if you are an illegal immigrant. >> laura: yes, she went to nazis. oh my god, do any of these people bother to try to look like they are in any way impartial, calling balls and strikes? you know, learn the facts or understand what the context of the president said or get out of
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the business! journalists have an obligation to read beyond the headlines and report the truth. even analysts, bother to read the full comments and be fair! speaking of being fair, jake tapper and cnn they did note that the president was taken out of context earlier today and the ap aknowledged it made an honor mistake. they deleted a tweet about trump's comments about immigrants because it was not made clear it was a comment about gang members. even after those clarifications msnbc could not help itself. >> president trump lashing out and stirring controversy over his harsh record towards immigrants branding them
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animals. the white house said he was referring to the criminal immigrant gang ms-13 and not to all immigrants. he didn't make that clear. >> laura: he was responding to a point about ms-13, andrea. she knows better! this, my friend, is the anatomy of a smear. take a comment out of context. isolate it. blast out the worst possible characterization of its purpose and meaning and writers and reporters and politicians spit it back on panels where the number of furrowed brows out numbers the number of brain cells. as for ms-13, about whom trump was speaking, this is some of what they have been up to lately. in a horr ific crime in
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washington, d.c. ms-13 members stabbed a man and decapitated him and tore the heart right out of his chest. or in virginia, where an ms-13 gang member beat a muslim girl to death with a baseball bat. and murdering a 17-year-old muslim girl was accused of sexually assaulting another woman a week before the teen slaying in virginia and an ms-13 gang member. then there is this heart breaking account from the parents of teenage girls killed by ms-13 in new york. >> there is not a day, a second, that i don't think about my daughter. and, hmmm, they just don't understand the pain of a parent losing a child to this gang violence. i hope they never will. our kids should be burying us,
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not the parents burying their kids. their lives are ahead of them. >> laura: that was one of the toughest interviews i have done in the history of this show. the pain on a mother's face. as if things could not get worse, the suspects in that case were seen laughing in court during a pre-trial hearing. unbelievable. no wonder sarah sanders responded this way to the animal fracus at today's briefing. >> the term animal doesn't go far enough. i think the president should continue to use his platform and everything he can do under the law to stop these times of horrible, horrible, disgusting people. >> laura: good for her. i would say we are insulting animals. they don't behave this way or kill for fun. thank you very much. the last word on this goes to the president. who cleared up any confusion for
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all of those commentators on msnbc with his comments today. >> i am referring and you know i am referring to the ms-13 gangs that are coming in. when the ms-13 comes in, the other gang members come into our country, i refer to them as animals, and i always will. >> laura: this is why trump got elected by speaking blunty and honestly. not a lot of concern for political correct inns. -- correctness. people are done with that anyway. he is talking it law and order. he changed the political landscape and frustrated liberal narratives by speaking to the people as they speak among themselves. if he keeps up that focus, he will get elected again. perhaps, that's why the left is
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acting like a pack of wild animals over a side comment by donald trump. that's the "angle." shifting gears, we are a year into the special counsel probe and bob mueller has another target. reuters reporting he subpoenaed roger stone's former social media specialist jason sullivan to appear forever a grand jury tomorrow. mueller is interested in whether the trump campaign was involved in the wiki leaks released of those emails during the presidential campaign. stone is a long time confidante of president trump and the author of a new book: "stone's rules, how to win in business." he joins us exclusively.
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congrats on the book. we have some rules we pulled out. what is your reaction to now? we are now into year 2 of this investigation officially today. they are bringing in the guy who worked for you on twitter and social media trending. what is going on? >> at this point i don't know if i am a person of interest or just an interesting person. >> laura: [laughing]. >> it's clear not only has mr. mueller subpoenaed a part-time consultant who worked for me for 3 months, he dropped subpoenas on other young people that worked for me. the fake news insists i must have known in advance about the hacking of the dnc -- i don't think that happened at all, never mind by the russians. i must have had advanced notice of the wiki leaks dnc disclosures. that's is of course false.
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it's not pleasant to have a special prosecutor in your emails and your text messages and phone calls and he was very clearly in mine. it's a violation of my 4th amendment rights. there is no probable cause here. julian assange said roger stone did not say anything on twitter they would say on my own twitter feet. >> laura: you said trust me, it will be soon be podesta's time in the barrel and crooked hillary. >> that's a misquote. i said it will soon be the podesta's time in the baylor. -- barrel. i am referring to john and tony because april of 2016, their
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shady russian business deals were exposed. i never predicted the hacking of john podesta's email. i said the podestas, but that's omitted from every reporter and from the final house committee. it refers to two people. john and tony. >> laura: your old friend adam shift said you deny everything so you need subpoenas for your tweets. >> what we ought to do is subpoena twitter for direct messages that went to these particular handles or came from roger stone sowe don't have accept and rely upon the word of roger stone. i think that's a hazardous thing to do. one thing roger stone and the
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president have in common is a philosophy that you deny everything. that only suckers and losers admit to anything. if you deny, it did not happen. >> i testified fully and truthfully to the house intelligence committee and turned over the wiki leaks direct message exchanges. >> laura: how did you get in touch with them? >> by going to direct messages. based on the context and the timing it was 6 weeks after wiki leak all right published the dnc disclosures. so collusion is impossible. they are benign. i turned them over to the committee. >> laura: intel has it. >> the senate intelligence committee will have it. >> laura: you wanted to testify
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in public? >> yes. >> laura: they brought you behind closed doors. why is that? >> now the house democrats complained that my testimony is not public and they wanted it to be private. i agreed to cooperate with the senate judiciary and intelligence committee. i would like my testimony to be in public. i will turn over these same documents and they are complete. >> laura: george stephanopoulos had your old colleague on. >> michael who worked on the campaign met with mueller's team this week. he said they asked a lot of questions about collusion and he was concerned about roger stone and others. >> laura: very concerned well manafort, stone and others. >> cnbc and msnbc the partisan
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hack insists that mueller is focussing on my long relationship with rick gates. i didn't meet him until 2016. i have never been alone with him. there was one dinner. capito was there and steve is there. manafort is supposed to join us. at the last-minute gate shows up in his stead. showing up late and leaving early. no discussion of wiki leaks or julian assange. we didn't work together 30 years ago. he was not there. that's a falsehood. >> laura: and the nunberg comment that he made. he showed up on some shows. this is what you said about julian assange. >> the minute he told he met with julian assange i assumed he was lying. it's something roger does.
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it's a stone rule. a trump tactic to take credit. >> something he does, roger stone lies to people like you his mentee? >> yes, i call it exaggeration. >> when you work with sam nunberg, sometimes he would call you 40 times a day. >> laura: that's called stalking. >> one friday late in the afternoon when i wanted to get him off the phone. my wife said dinner is ready and sam kept saying one more thing. do you have any plans for the weekend? yes i am going to fly to london and have dinner with julian assange. it's shtick. it's a joke. >> laura: on the "angle" we talk about things taken out of context and blasted out to smear people. >> i milked the joke in an
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email. i proved i was in los angeles. i even produced a receipt from a deli in santa monica. my passport, custom's records and airlines. >> laura: you have never been to russia? >> i was not in london and i never met or spoke with julian assange. >> laura: stone's rules from your book, which i love. my favorite part of stone's rules. hit from every angle. open multiple fronts on your enemy. the enemy must be confused and feel desieged on every side. that's what they are doing to donald trump? >> they are trying to do. everything the president needs to do to survive is in this book. this rule: attack and attack and don't defend. i love it when he calls out the fake news media and when he
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exposes what is the greatest political scandal in american history. the use of a phoney dossier to rationalize the surveillance by the state to spy on the republican candidate for president. >> laura: it's like the art of war. i like it. roger, stick around for the next segment. the "new york times" confirms that the obama administration did spy on the trump campaign. did the paper do that on purpose? was it meant to blunt the report?
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>> laura: a "new york times" story may have back fired in spectacular fashion. with a new report that may
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indicate the obama administration did , in fact spy on the trump campaign. buried deep in yesterday's piece on the russian probe, 40 paragraphs down was this revelatio president trump reacted by tweeting this could be bigger than watergate. was this a misstep or done on purpose? roger stone rejoins us for reaction to this major development. and fox news contributor molly hemming way and former whitewater prosecutor sal. your reaction. >> it's shocking that the fbi penetrated and had an under-cover person on the trumpical pain. and used the lesser standards --
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>> laura: explain that for us. you don't need a criminal pred cat? >> you don't. it's one thing to say they had enough evidence to open an investigation of whether there was russian spying, but they were not close to being near able to say we have evidence of spying by people in the campaign. they could not open a criminal investigation so they used the excuse of counter-intelligence. it's a huge scandal. you're absolutely right. it was put in that story because they knew it would come out. they could say that's old news and not a big deal. >> it's not that this might be happening that the fbi was spying, but we have multile former fbi officials says there
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was broad surveillance on the trump campaign. it wasn't just carter page. it was wiretaps and national security letters and at least one human intelligence source. we don't know a lot. how many there were. were they sent in by the fbi? it's not a question that this might indicate there is spying, they said they spied in a broad fashion. >> laura: remember when trump was ridiculed when he said i was wiretapped. he was right. >> he was absolutely right. this has to be seen in content. not only did they use a phoney, fabricated dossier as the under-lying legal rationale for the spying on the republican candidate for president. using the power and the authority and the capability of
7:26 pm
the state to spy on a presidential candidate, but they infillerated the trump campaign with an fbi agent. this makes watergate look like small potatoes. >> laura: it looks like this guy who teaches at cambridge and an american citizen. you know him, roger? >> i played poker with him. he is excellent. >> laura: apparently. it might have been someone who suggested a lot of things to the trump campaign. he didn't work for the trump campaign. it was reported that he approached many different trump campaign people to give them information. what do you make of that? >> well, you would call a potential entrapment. i had not heard that yet.
7:27 pm
it would not surprise me. it's shockey enough based on the flimsy evidence that they had, they would put someone in the campaign. the fisa is disturbing enough. we know they didn't reveal something very important to the fisa court. to have a plant in the political campaign of your opponent. if you do something like that, you better have dynamite and they didn't have dynamite. it's part of a pattern. the pattern of sally yates investigating mike flynn and part of a disturbing thing. >> there is an additional problem. congress is trying to find out information about these things. the fbi is telling them they can't turn over that information. at the same time you are seeing leaks with personal information about the source that was used. they are telling the "new york times" and the "washington post," but they won't turn over the information to congress.
7:28 pm
>> laura: because they want to make themselves look as good as possible before other documents come out. this narrative is tainted. burying the lead in the "new york times." roger, rudy said they are did you saying with mueller narrowing the scope of the questions. i don't like him talking to bob mueller at all. i think this whole thing stinks to high even. -- heaven. it looks like they made progress. >> there is no circumstance under which the president should go in for an interview. it's a perjury trap. the idea that rob rosenstein and jeff sessions won't turn over to congress a co-equal branch of government information regarding the surveillance of the trump campaign. that's an impeachable offense. >> laura: you think obama had no knowledge? >> on the contrary, what did the
7:29 pm
president know? >> laura: how did the president of the united states not know about this? >> peter strzok's text message indicate. >> laura: i go back to rice's message. sal, narrowing the scope of the questions. is that giving you any sense of comfort they would go in there and answer questions by mueller given everything we know now? >> as i said many times on this show, if donald trump were any white collar client, famous or not in this circumstance, i would physically prevent him from going in for that questioning. on the point that roger raised about the information that the doj doesn't want to give over. there are good rens for not
7:30 pm
giving over sources of and methods. the problem with the doj and the fbi, they were caught saying several times, we can't turn this over because it's sensitive. when they back down and unredact it, it's embarrassing. they have a credibility problem. >> laura: they said papadopoulos was the impetus for the investigation. he seems like a goofball. i don't know him. like carter page and papadopoulos. this is like ridiculous! they are not characters you would imagine compiling information. nevertheless we learn more about them. who is approaching him at the time. >> right, at first we were told there were questions about russian interference with the trump campaign. the more we learn about what led them to think that, it boggles the mind that professionals would have started any
7:31 pm
investigation at all over these very piddling things. they they were spying on at least 4 trump campaign officials and using powers of the intelligence committee to do this. regardless of what you think about donald trump, it's a horrible precedent to spy on presidential opponents. >> laura: they spied on you? >> the "new york times" reported there was a fisa warrant on me. i talked to those reporters. they won't retract their story. i asked for information. it was denied. >> laura: i am not saying this as a republican or conservative, i find it frightening that the 4 of the federal government could be useed in in manner in the middle of the political season with scant evidence. we are out of time. i wish we could hold you for the hour. it roseanne about to get less
7:32 pm
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that can lead to death. stay together with the lantus $0 copay. ♪ let's stay together talk to your doctor or visit >> laura: time for our seen and unseen segment. we expose what is going on behind the big cultural stories of the day. roseanne may be getting less political and is rebooted murphy brown about to take on fox news. we turn to raymond arroyo? >> they said roseanne is being to back away from politics and focus on the family this season. today roseanne tweeted out. the press misrepresented what the abc president said.
7:36 pm
she will keep on this train with a balance between politics and family. it's the story of the family that keeps the family watching. >> laura: to keep breathing you have to have politics because it's funny. murphy brown. let's watch. >> you could not tell the evening news from an episode of entertainment tonight. the problem was i didn't know what to do with myself. and then, we had an election. >> laura: i thought that was betty white. oh my gosh! >> she moved into the tapioca set. >> laura: he looks great. >> well, her voice is very husky. she'll be a host like morning joe. opposite her son who is on a fox
7:37 pm
and friends type show. >> laura: then there is a long career for me. >> the cbs chief said we won't get roseanne style ratings. i think he is right. >> laura: it won't last a sea n season. you are not a big fan of reboot? >> i am not. but this is on youtube red and it's this. >> i heard you beat up teenagers. >> i didn't beat up teenagers. i kicked the [bleep] out of people who deserved it. >> this is the kawartha -- karate kid reboot. 51 million people are watching this. the biggest streaming show in all of television. huge audiences. why is this work something
7:38 pm
>> laura: the '80s are making a big comeback. >> it's nostalgia for people our age. >> laura: great hair bands and reagan for 8 years. was asome! -- it was awesome. >> they are killing the competition and just renewed. >> laura: my favorite part was sweep the knee, not the legs. then the best one was when he first learned karate and looks down at the ground. eyes! >> that's what you do on the "the ingraham angle" show? >> laura: yes, if they don't look at us. and one of the greatest writers, a book award winner.
7:39 pm
>> the intellectuals in new york, they thought i must be like them when it came to politics. i went into a room full of journalists or writers in general, people would look at me as if i just raised my hand and said by the way, i forgot to tell you, i am a child molester. >> laura: he was so great. >> the word right stuff, limiting liberals, good old boy. all of those terms came from tom. a great novelist. >> laura: one of the best interviews i did on radio was with tom? >> until i was on the show now. >> laura: exactly. >> are you getting ready for the royal wedding? >> laura: yes. >> i am preparing too. are you ready? i don't care who takes her down
7:40 pm
the aisle. 84-million dollars that's a lot of money. >> laura: they are just looking at the dress. a revolt by a few republicans could cost the gop control of the house and derail the president's plan to secure the border? two republican congressmen will debate that next.
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>> ♪ >> laura: immigration crisis might be brewing for house speaker paul ryan and his headership team. the house is just 5 gop votes away from bringing several different daca bills to the floor to go around house leadership. gop leaders fear this could cost the party control of the house. here is republican jeff denham who supports the maneuver and republican sean duffy who opposes it. all right, guys. we will get into the tricks, queen of the hill and discharge
7:44 pm
petition, we will lose the audience. congressman you are in favor of turning the house floor over to nancy pelosi to debate this? >> no, not at all. >> laura: but turn the debate over to the democrats? >> no, not at all. we have a republican majority. we control all of the rules. paul ryan has his own bill. the president has a bill. yes, the democrats get a bill too. we will do what the president is asking for him and give him border security. we can't wait any longer -- every year that goes by, another half million people come across our southern border. the 8 years sean and i have been in office together that's 4 million people from doing nothing. >> laura: look at sean duffy, he
7:45 pm
is practically building the wall himself. what is going on? >> i don't like the tactic. jeff knows that. i think this turns the floor over to what is called the queen of the hill. you put up four bills, the one that gets the majority passes. we have a wide agreement on trump's 4 pillars. that will pass. jeff will vote for that. the freemen -- freedom caucus will vote for that. >> laura: you are worried about the farmers and the workers. you have to stop chain migration. that's a mass multiplier of immigration into the united states with distant relatives coming into the country without merit. chain migration and build the wall and reform the asylum
7:46 pm
process. that's all in the bill. you don't need four bills. >> we don't have the balls for that bill. donald trump said i want to build a wall. let's come together for 25 billion dollars and build the wall and make other tweaks. we will deal with daca. that's a package that the president wants. it's generous for the daca kids but gives us border security. i don't know what will happen in the senate. >> i can't support the good lat bill. >> laura: why? >> i didn't support president trump's executive order. i thought it was unconstitutional. just doing an extension of obama's policy 3 years doesn't make sense. we need to fix the wall and fix
7:47 pm
some problems and have a permanent fix. >> laura: you don't want to build the wall? >> absolutely i do. >> laura: the whole wall? >> yes, of course. >> laura: the only problem you have is with the amnesty of 800,000? >> yes, it's an extension of president obama's executive order. >> laura: obama didn't deal with chain migration. chain migration you change the game with immigration. >> but he changed the dynamic for kids that go to our high school unconstitutional he. if we are going to fix this. it's an american people. >> laura: this will divide the party before the mid-term election. >> this is what the president is asking for. >> laura: he wants the end of chain migration and wants the wall build and to end the visa lottery. >> he said if we don't have this
7:48 pm
done, he doesn't want to see the cr. >> the problem with the daca kids, if you don't end chain migration, the kids and the parents who brought them in get legal status. >> laura: the parents are all staying. let's be honest. >> we have to fix that part with daca. >> laura: donald trump did not win on giving amnesty to the daca kids. he won on border security. building a wall and even california the majority want deportation to go on. the berkeley poll is devastating. 59% said it's very important to start deporting these people. >> the president put the democrats on notice. the democrats had 42 billion out of every democrat in the house. put them to the test on this issue. >> as we republicans we don't want to turn this over to the nancy pelosi. i don't think we will lose in the house.
7:49 pm
let's get a family solution. i don't think this is the right process. >> laura: all right, guys. queen of the hill and kings of the hill. illegal immigrants another shocking example of a suspected criminal put back on the streets. you won't believe this. make your head spin coming up. m show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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>> ♪ >> laura: this woman illegal immigrant is accused of a hit-and-run on a church day care teacher. the suspect sped off. ice issued a detainer but maryland county released the
7:53 pm
driver. they blame ice for failing to get a warrant. the chicago office shot back they ignored an immigration retainer and released the mexican woman without first noteifying ice. it's shocking to hear the facts of this. thank goodness jessica survived. your feelings knowing that the perpetrator is gone. they tried to approach her and the door was answered by spen someone who said she did not live there anymore. >> we are at a crisis point in our country. when someone nearly kills someone is released less than a week after the incident
7:54 pm
occurred. the agencies involved for making sure she was held accountable not doing enough. we need to make sure these things don't have happen again in the future. >> laura: pastor jackson, a lot of americans don't hear these crimes reported. we try to keep track of them. many news organizations won't report the illegal status of the perpetrators of the accused of the arrested. you have to dig. in this case we were able to get it. what is amazing is jessica who suffered the broken leg and was thrown from the car, she is forgiving the assailant who has absconded? >> yes, that's something that is not surprising to me. she did forgive her and we all
7:55 pm
do, but there is an accountability. this young woman nunez fled the scene. if was not for a day care worker in the bus who chased her down in the bus and another citizen also making sure that she was detained, we would have never known who had done this. for local authorities to release her on bond -- i don't think that was something that was thought through. miss nunez enjoyed a benefit offered to u.s. citizens as a non-u.s. citizen. she doesn't have that benefit. he she had a level-6 felony and should have never been released from jail. >> laura: in california this happens all the time.
7:56 pm
there are rampant hit-and-runs. duis throughout the country in areas that are populated by a lot of illegal aliens. they won't cooperate with ice and we have a trail of welcomes? >> i think we are sending the wrong message across the nation. it's unfortunate we would have any city that would protect anyone who is participating in lawless behavior and for the individuals financing that lawless innocence. >> laura: sorry to interrupt. it's a shocker this happened. we appreciate your joining us tonight. we'll be right back. for all the eyes that get itchy and watery near pollen. there's flonase sensimist. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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>> laura: we don't have a last bite. we have a picture. stormy daniels, avenatti, don
8:00 pm
lemon at cnn. looks like they are having a lot of fun. they didn't invite me. is that what objective journalists do at cnn on the weekends? so sweet. shannon bream is up next. >> shannon: i wasn't invited either. maybe they got lost in the mail. anyway, rachel. great interviews. were going to pick it up from here with the fox news alert. we have developments tonight from chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge on operation cross fire hurricane. secret origins of the afghan investigation targeting the trump campaign. the inspector general report and the fbi clinton email investigation. are they leaks coming from those who know they are about to being very big, big trouble? she'll g.o.p. congressman jim j. the freedom caucus in the middle of the tough negotiations.


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