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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 17, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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stormy daniels, avenatti, don lemon at cnn. looks like they are having a lot of fun. they didn't invite me. is that what objective journalists do at cnn on the weekends? so sweet. shannon bream is up next. >> shannon: i wasn't invited either. maybe they got lost in the mail. anyway, rachel. great interviews. were going to pick it up from here with the fox news alert. we have developments tonight from chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge on operation cross fire hurricane. secret origins of the afghan investigation targeting the trump campaign. the inspector general report and the fbi clinton email investigation. are they leaks coming from those who know they are about to being very big, big trouble? she'll g.o.p. congressman jim j. the freedom caucus in the middle of the tough negotiations.
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he is live. it's a media frenzy as a president defends calling ms-13 murderers and rapists animals. hello. welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. new details are emerging about the early days of the fbi's probing of the trump campaign for alleged russian collusion. plenty of leaks tonight as the clock ticks down to a long-awaited inspector general report. into how the bureau handled hillary clinton's email program. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us with a look at the mueller probe. >> on twitter, president trump welcomed the country into the second year of what he calls "the greatest witch hunt in american history." adding: still no collusion." >> whether we can challenge the legitimacy of the investigation.
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>> a year into the probe, new deal details emerge about an origin in the summer of 2016 ana major pivot by the fbi. >> we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. speak >> the fbi launched a counterintelligence investigation codenamed cross fire hurricane. by early august 2016, according to the text messages, fbi agent peter strzok, later removed from the russia case for anti-trump bias, went to the u.s. embassy in london and interviewed a key witness. the investigative source confirmed tom fox details first reported by "the new york times." the fbi also received phone records and documents using secret national security subpoenas. the times and said was at least one informant who met with term campaign aide carter page and george populace. the president saying in another tweet that the obama fbi spied on the trump campaign and said
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if true it's bigger than watergate. >> i haven't spoken with him directly about that but certainly seeing their reports and if there is any truth to that, it should certainly be looked into. >> by august 2016, then cia director john brennan. briefed then fbi director jim comey as well as senator harry reid. this letter became one of the first public acknowledgment of the secret rapture probe. in october, the fbi and justice department obtained the first surveillance warrant for term campaign aide carter page based on opposition research funded by the dnc and clinton campaign. the so-called term dossier. a government watchdog's review of the fbi and justice department alleged mishandling of the clinton email case is now in its final stages. with a two-week review. matt, and a report could be public soon after. shannon. speak >> shannon: thank you very much. washington on edge over the completion of the report on the
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hillary clinton email investigation. let's break it down with tonight's legal panel. john yoo at the university of california berkeley and julian epstein, former chief counsel for democrats on the house judiciary committee. great to have you with us. i want to talk a little bit about this. the quote from this lengthy piece in "the new york times" gives us a little bit more information. we'll talk about where they are getting their information. it says the fbi obtain phone records and other documents using national security of letters, a secret type of subpoena, officials said, and at least one informant met several times with mr. paige and mr. papadopoulos. >> the way that the government did this surveillance had to of been under was called the foreign intelligence surveillance act or fisa. this is usually used to go after foreign intelligence agencies, counterintelligence purposes. what i found surprising about
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the stories that the fa launches this investigation at that point in the summer of 2016 without any evidence that a crime had been committed. instead where they are trying to do is top russian intelligence or agents from somehow getting involved with the trump campaign. the information that's really important is what information do the fbi and the justice department used to go to the special federal court to get this kind of extraordinary surveillance? the story makes it seem like it was a fairly thin read. i am surprised that the fbi would've gone out on so far a limb with that kind of evidence to try to get a fisa warrant which gives the government extraordinary wiretapping powers. >> shannon: i want to read you from something from him and or mccarthy. he said the scandal and this is that the fbi lacking the incriminating evidence tended to justify opening a criminal investigation of the trump campaign decided instead to open a counterintelligence campaign with the blessing of the obama white house, they took the powers and enable our government
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to spy on foreign adversaries and use them to spy on americans. americans who just happened to be their political adversaries. why not open a counterintelligence campaign, juliann, the investigation on russia rather than target americans? >> the statement you read involves a lot of facts that are wrong and a lot of exaggerations. here is the basic fact. the fbi opened an investigation after the australian investor to the united kingdom came to them and said that a member of the trump campaign had told him that he had advanced information about russian leaks against the clinton campaign emails, hacks on the clinton campaign emails and he advanced knowledge of it. all of the timeline seems to indicate george papadopoulos had advanced knowledge that the russians were hacking the clinton campaign and the dnc emails. he had advanced knowledge of that, and that in fact would've been a crime. the question there, it it
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would've been a crime to answer john's question but secondly you have an evidence that russian -- >> shannon: why didn't they open a criminal investigation? >> the russian agents, russian spies are talking to a member of the term campaign in order to co-opt him. it's the classic definition of what a counterintelligence investigation involves. i think what the fbi do when they got that information was a truly prudent and responsible in kind by the book. >> shannon: again, isn't it to go after the foreign adversary rather than to focus on the americans. counterintelligence investigation would be open on russians. >> not necessarily. if you have evidence of the u.s. ensign is involved or being co-opted by a foreign spy, then the investigation would be on both. that's an incorrect statement. >> shannon: i am not saying it's correct or incorrect. could they have not come in addition or rather opened on russia? >> they were. this was an counterintelligence investigation that was looking at russian operatives and the russian operatives who had
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contact with trump campaign officials. >> shannon: what we are learning from "the new york times" that it was focused on four people connected to the trump campaign. they went to the fisa court to get something that's rather unusual which is the ability to wiretap and spy on americans versus the russian counterparts. >> and they had a court who approved the subpoena and senator rubio looked at the evidence and said i don't see any political motivation here. i think what the fbi did was buy the books. >> shannon: when it comes with a fisa warrant, there's a lot we don't know. we will never see the documents, at least me and you, members of the public. there's a lot even democrats admit want disclosed to the fisa judges. >> if you read the memos. >> shannon: none of them say anything about hillary clinton funding it or the dnc. it says there would be, there were some political opponents that may have been involved. >> political opponents, made it clear that the opponents of the trump campaign had funded some of the research. that's not what started the investigation. the steel memo was not what started it.
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the what started it was -- >> shannon: whether it started it or not committed to get to the fisa warrant? >> it helped support the fisa warrant but it was disclosed political opposition was helping to fund it. >> shannon: it didn't say hillary clinton. >> i don't think it matters that much. >> shannon: clearly the people who apply for the warrant didn't think it mattered. john, does it matter? >> i have looked at, worked on, signed off on fisa warrant. you could always say there's a little thing, that little thing. but really the court is relying on the government to act in good faith and to be using the brown powers that the foreign intelligence surveillance act gives to the government in a trustworthy way. i can't believe that the fbi went for a fisa warrant on these two guys, carter page and george papadopoulos, who seem like -- i am sorry. they don't seem like serious characters. if you're going to really go after, you thought there was really a serious conspiracy, you would've gone after higher up people. i don't see why the fbi didn't
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just bring in papadopoulos and carter page and ask them questions under oath. >> shannon: okay. unfortunately we are out of time. i feel like i can do an hour with you. unfortunately we have to wrap it up. >> i would love to challenge, not because he's he's a good lawyer. i wish we had more time. >> shannon: i do too. we would love to have you back. this case is not going away anytime soon. please come back, julian and john. house speaker paul ryan trying to quiet the rebilling within the ranks, growing number of moderate removal of the trying to force a vote on four different immigration measures think it's time to settle the daca issue. congressman jeff denham says it's -- he is leading the charge to force bryan's hand that would give dreamers a pathway to legal status. >> it's a 12 year process. i believe the earned pathway, the earned process, would put you at the back of the line but certainly somebody who's been here who's graduated from our schools that's been in our community that has followed the
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executive order under obama should have that opportunity. >> shannon: jeff denham has the support of minority leader democrat nancy pelosi. g.o.p. leaders are sounding the alarm saying that moving forward could hurt republicans in the fall election. jim jordan is a republican from ohio and member of the freedom caucus. you guys made a bold move today. great to have you with us tonight. let's talk about this. the farm bill is a huge deal. you guys are saying i'm a correct me if i'm wrong, you don't want to vote on that until you get a vote on something related to immigration which is that the chairman goodlett bill. is there going to be a vote on the farm bill tomorrow? >> we will see. a couple things to start, the goodlatte bill is the bill that's consistent with the mandate of the 2016 election on immigration. it does things in the right order. it says build the border secured a wall. end chain migration, stop -- all the way down the list. and then it says after redo it, we will do it the daca
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situation. the concern and i have with what mr. denham is doing is that it's fine to use the rules anyway you can to get something done but they are attempting to use the rules i think to accomplish a goal that is not consistent with the mandate of the election, not consistent with what we have told the american people we are going to do. that's our problem. and we have kind of link to do the farm bill because this is an important piece of legislation and we want to make sure we get the right thing done on immigration as well. >> shannon: house majority leader republican kevin mccarthy set i've already told him we are going to give them a vote on goodlatte's so i don't understand the difficulty. >> it is one thing to be told something. it's another thing for it to happen. right now the democrats aren't voting for the farm bill and we understand that this is something we can tie into this immigration debate to accomplish what we told the american people we were going to accomplish on immigration. i like the welfare reform in the farm bill, food stamp reform, i think it's needed, the work requirements. i like that but i also want to get immigration rights. the fact that we have a group of
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colleagues, well-intentioned members who are pushing something different, that is not consistent with the mandate of the election. that's a concern and that's my week in the freedom caucus are saying wait a minute. timeout. i always hate us. we make this job way too hard. it. simple. what do we tell the voters we are going to do? we didn't tell them we're going to do some kind of >> bill alone which will be the result of what they are put together on this discharge position and the process they are using. we did tell them we would build the board or security wall, end chain migration of a deal with the visa lottery and when we do all that we will also deal with daca. that is consistent with what we are supposed to do. >> shannon: to the right of you, you could argue congressman steve king tweeting "holy cow. freedom caucus is linking amnesty bill to farmville. do i have to start an anti-amnesty caucus? ">> conservatives all across the country understand the goodlatte legislation is conservative and the kind of legislation we need and does what i described. it's got 20 some different policy areas that those down.
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we have asked our leadership for a vote on that. they have promised to get that. it is yet to happen. that promise was given months ago. all we are trying to do is make sure it does in fact actually happen. >> shannon: i want to make sure we ask you about the toughest story -- top story about the investigations. the mueller team turned over the memo that outlines his powers, the authorities that he was tasked to do. federal judge demanded he turned it over unredacted. so the federal judge has it. you don't have it. you are a coequal branch of government. i know you have asked for. >> congress in meadows and i sent a letter on april 9th and we actually asked rod rosenstein a couple is later. he said no, we are not going to show it to you. they sent us a letter saying take a hike. we are not going to show to you. then the same week they told us that, the judge says i want to see it and he got to see today. here is the bottom line. the american people have a right to know the entire scope, the entire perimeter than framework of an investigation into the guy they elected president. they have a right to know that.
8:15 pm
in the initial scope was one year ago this day, may 17 letter, may 17 memorandum, rod rosenstein altered, amended, change, clarify that in some fashion on august 2. and all we have got to see is a little bit of that that dealt with paul manafort. we want to see the whole thing, just like the federal judge. more portly, you in the press need to see it and most important of the american people need to see it because they are the ones who elected this president. and the part that just drives me crazy is broad rosenstein was never elected to anything. i am on the ballot every two years. members of congress, the president is elected. this is a separate and equal branch of government. the united states congress thing we need to see it on a whole host of documents that they have been making it difficult for us to get our hands on. makes it difficult to get our job -- do our job. >> shannon: i know they've been cooperating with you on a number of things. this not one of those things. let us know if you get the scope memo unredacted. we will stand by. thank you, congress meant. gina haspel makes history today
8:16 pm
become in the first woman to lead the cia. despite concerns over an enhanced interrogation program shortly after 9/11. haspel was confirmed 54-45. it took all republican senators rand paul and jeff flake voted no. six democrats voted yes. fox news now has its first female ceo, the only woman in the tv news industry to be leading a major tv news organization. today suzanne scott was named chief executive officer of fox news and fox business network. she is 822 year veteran of our company. she most richly served as president of programming for fox news channel and fox business at work. jay wallace has been appointed president of fox news and executive editor. is the president planning to sit down with kim jong un? will his maximum pressure strategy work? the president's comments tight catching sound bites catching some by surprise. general jack keane joins us. you heard it here first. last night we sent a producer to
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>> shannon: the trump administration had may maximum pressure in strategy on trade, north korea, iran. is the president's softening the pressure or is it all part of the art of the deal? we have coverage. ellison barber has the latest. we begin with kristin fisher covering trade talks. is one team member being left out of the talks with china and a critical foreign policy moment? >> this feud between navarro and mnuchin. nationalism versus globalism. it's been an issue since the early days of the administration. only now these tensions are playing out in full view of chinese officials at a time when both countries, the u.s. and china, are sitting down in washington to try to stop a trade war. on wednesday, administration sources said white house trade advisor peter navarro was out of today's high-level trade talks between the u.s. and china. less than 24 hours later, he was
8:22 pm
back in, according to the president's top economic advisor larry kudlow. >> of course he will be there. he is a member of our team. he is a smart guy. >> navarro is a protectionist, pushing president trump to keep his promise of an america first trade strategy. he wants the u.s. to get tough on china with trade. it puts him at odds with treasury secretary steven mnuchin who worries that such aggressive tactics could spark a global trade war. >> the president will of course be leading our talks. secretary mnuchin will be the team leader. this is a great opportunity for us to move the ball in the right direction and the chinese seem amenable. >> mnuchin seems to have a bit of an upper hand with president trump tweeting this week that he was open to giving chinese telecom giant zte a potential reprieve from sanctions. >> anything we do with zte is a
8:23 pm
small component of the overall deal. don't forget it was my administration with my full knowledge that put very, very strong clamps on zte. it wasn't anybody else. it wasn't president obama. it wasn't president bush. it was me. >> he made clear he continues to be deeply skeptical that a trade deal with china will ever be reached. >> i tend to doubt it. the reason i doubt it is because china has become very spoiled. the european union has become very spoiled. other countries have become very spoiled because they always got 100% of whatever they wanted from the united states. >> the trade talks with the chinese will continue tomorrow so this internal friction within the white house economic team could not come at a more critical time for u.s. trade policy. then again, may be the competing strategies is exactly what the president wants. >> shannon: he is all about the negotiation. kristin fisher, thank you very much. the president sending a warrant to kim jong un today.
8:24 pm
make a deal or you could suffer the same fate as muammar qaddafi. ellison barber has the report. >> president trump in the oval office today evening with nato secretary general talking at length about north korea. >> nothing has changed on north korea that we know of. >> the president playing it cool in his comments since north korea threatened to cancel the summit of the u.s. tries to force "unilateral nuclear abandonment." >> we will see what happens. if the meeting happens, it happens and if it doesn't we go onto the next step. we are continuing to negotiate in terms of location. the location as to where to meet, how to meet, rules, everything else. they have been negotiating like nothing happened. >> the president trying to reassure the regime. >> the libyan model isn't a model that we have at all. >> he offered a security guarantee. >> we are willing to do a lot and he's willing to i think do a lot also want to think we will actually have a good
8:25 pm
relationship. assuming we have the meeting and assuming something comes of it. he will get protections that will be very strong. >> he also offered a warning. >> if you look at that model with qaddafi, that was a total decimation. we went in there to beat him. that now that model would take place if we don't make a deal. but if we make a deal, i think kim jong un is going to be very, very happy. >> the president pressuring nato allies like germany to beef up defense spending. >> we are still waiting on 20 member states to meet there, nato commitments and spend at lt at least 2% on defense. germany has not contributing what it should be contributing and it's a big fishery, far bigger than the united states. >> president trump once called nato obsolete. he called on nato members to increase their defense contributions, reaffirm the u.s. commitment to collective defense, praised nato secretary general and asked for
8:26 pm
some in return. >> allies spending more on defense. allies are increasing their defense budgets and -- >> can you give me credit for that? >> you of help do that. it's been important. it's had a great impact. >> president trump said seven countries in addition to the u.s. have met their nato commitment when it comes to defense spending. a nato summit has had to take place in brussels in july. >> shannon: ellison, thank you. despite hints from north created may cancel the summit because of joint military exercises, between the u.s. and south kore south korea, the pentagon and sisters no talk of scaling them back. retired four-star general and fox news senior strategic analyst general jack keane joins us now. great to see you. what do you make of this, the pushback from kim jong un? is he posturing for his domestic audience? stalling for time, what's going on?
8:27 pm
>> mostly posturing and he has advisors that have an influence. they read the world press. they certainly read the american press. i think he's frustrated by all the credit the president has received recently and forcing kim jong un to come to the negotiating table. that is part of it. on the exercise thing, it's a routine exercise, not one of the biggest ones we do. he was really targeting south korea on this. he stopped talking to south korea. he has always been wanting to take the left of center government there and move them further away from the united states and closer to north korea. that's part of this strategy. this summit is going to happen. absolutely. it could be delayed. i suspect it will be on schedul schedule. if it's delayed, it will be another reason. the reason i feel that is that our diplomats are talking to their diplomats. nothing has stopped in terms of making progress towards the agenda and the conditions. my judgment tells me that it's
8:28 pm
on our interest to have the summit. it is in north korea's interests. >> shannon: the white house has hinted if this doesn't work out there going to continue with maximum pressure, ramp it up again. opinion piece in "the washington post" called maximum pressure on north korea is gone and isn't coming back. "you just can't turn the maximum pressure switch back on unless you can persuade the south koreans on the chinese to do that. both quit quoting a former state department nonproliferation official. >> by the end of last year, time was on our side, and what came as done is he's flipped us. time is no longer on our side." >> i don't buy that. the pressure campaign is there. i pretty good sources. before we started blocking some of the ships going to north korea, we had taken about 80% of their revenues down. i think we got above 90. we did some things, classified stuff over there are also that we really can't talk about. i am convinced that pressure is there. the threat of military action is
8:29 pm
credible with this administration. it was not credible with the previous administration. none of that has changed. >> shannon: senator lindsey graham today talking up brian kilmeade said people terrified of trump being successful, you need to realize you're going to get a peace agreement or you're going to go to war. is that the binary choice right now? >> i don't think it's quite that. and i do have some optimism still about some kind of a breakthrough here. what the north koreans are going to want, they know the president has two and a half years left in the presidency. they want to drag out the dismantling process for several years, and they will put that on the table and fight very hard for it. we are going to want it done in two years come as quickly as we can. they are very interested obviously in sanctions being removed from at least part of them initially. but also as discussed in the president's office, they want some guarantees about security. what are those guarantees going to be? also i suspect they are going to put some economic issues on the
8:30 pm
table. >> shannon: the president said today if we do make a deal it's going to be so great for their economy, they are going to be rich. we will see which deal in which path we go down for a general thank you. it's going to be a massive turn around if that happens. great to see you. last night we reported on new footage from inside gaza refugee camps that purports to show incitement to violence by the u.n. agency that runs schools and other operations in the palestinian refugee camps. with the help of millions in u.s. taxpayer dollars. our united nations producer went looking for answers about how much the u.n. knows about the alleged anti-semitism, hatred and threats of violence allegedly happening in its programs. here's what he found out. >> the protests have been going on for two months or so. the wider question, is this going on in schools? >> as an agency, we make sure
8:31 pm
that it's curricula are strictly observed and it does not preach any sort of antagonism or hatre hatred. i don't know about the actions of individual teachers. i believe the u.n. relief and works agency is looking into it. >> shannon: if they are, we want to know about appear we will monitor the story. those are your taxpayer dollars and it matters. something the president said being taken wildly out of context from a white house made with california lawmakers. he was responding to a comment about the deadly gang ms-13. >> if they don't reach a certain threshold, i cannot tell i.c.e. about it. >> these are animals and we are taking them out of the country at a level and rate that's never happened before. >> shannon: a lot of folks in the media did not give you the whole context there. they were claiming that he was tired what all immigrants. media buys how kurtz is here with the motivations.
8:32 pm
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>> shannon: president trump's marks on the violent ms-13 gang taken out of context by several media outlets. do they do it on purpose? is it done in the instant mistake? why haven't they corrected their reports. "media buzz"'s howie kurtz has the story. >> after president trump held a meeting on sanctuary city, many news outlets and commentators quickly castigated him for his language about illegal immigrants. his words were wrenched out of context. "usa today." trump ramps up rhetoric on undocumented immigrants. these aren't people. these are animals. the ap tweeted: "washington post" in reference to animals trump evokes an ugly history of dehumanization. "huffington post." trump refers to immigrants as animals. andrea mitchell tweeted trump calls people trying to get into the country animals, not people.
8:37 pm
here is what the president said. >> you wouldn't believe how bad these people are. these aren't people. these are animals. and we are taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that's never happened before. >> here's what some of the media missed or minimized. the president was responding to sheriff margaret mims of fresno county saying that she and other officials were in a legal bind. >> there could be an ms-13 gang member. i don't know. if they don't reach a certain threshold, i cannot tell i.c.e. about them. >> that didn't stop some commentators from trashing trump who began his campaign by saying that some mexican illegal immigrants are rapists and drug dealers. >> he said these are not people. they are animals. the president of the united states saying these are not people. they are animals. it's a disgusting way to talk about human beings. >> a lot of people attacked him. he is referring to the criminals, those in gangs going
8:38 pm
out and harming others. >> the president responded to the controversy today when asked by john roberts. >> i am referring to the ms-13 gangs coming in, so i'm actually surprised you're asking this question because most people got it right. >> kellyanne conway same those who rush to judgment should apologize. >> the ap for its part deleted its tweet saying the headline didn't make it clear trump was speaking about gang members. at times the president's use of hyperbolic language does leave him subject to misinterpretation but in this case, his meeting was quite clear. except as some journalists who essentially told half the story. >> shannon: howie kurtz, thank you very much. here to weigh in and, jessica tarlov along with the host of the brand-new show on fox news radio, guy benson also a fox news contributor. welcome to you both. let's go through a recap of the headlines. trump calls some unauthorized immigrants animals in rant. trump calls undocumented people
8:39 pm
animals. rhetoric with a dark fast. as a reference to animals, trump evokes an ugly history of dehumanization. jessica, i think you've had a rather measured position on this. what is it? >> i should admit, and i did earlier as well, that i was one such liberal who had to reverse themselves about this. i was on "america's newsroom" earlier this morning and tweeted out that he had said something offensive about immigrants again and i took the tweet down and put up what better represented my stance on it. i think the press, those who have gone with the angle that he was generally talking about immigrants, need to correct the record there. i think you can have a thoughtful discussion about the president's attitude towards immigrants, illegal immigrants. in the kind of information he is putting out there when he moves right away from ms-13 to a general statement of people are coming in here and we are taking them out. that's where he gets into trouble. you look at the actual statistics from customs and border patrol for instance, it's
8:40 pm
.02% of undocumented miners who come in the country have ever been affiliated with ms-13. less than 10,000 of those gang members right now in the country. 11 million undocumented. if you do the math error, you know it's not nearly the threat level he's making it out to be. >> shannon: but i think -- >> there is still an issue with how he is speaking about illegal immigrant in the country. >> shannon: it seems to me, and i watched the interaction of a number of times to might seem to me he was directly responding to the share of who we had on last night. she said she specifically brought up the issue of having ms-13 people in custody and not being able to work with federal immigration agents to get them out of the country. he was clearly responding to what she had said. all of us in the press, any of us it on the white house release list, we get the transcripts of what's said within hours, official transcripts from the white house. or you could watch the tape yourself. many of these people either didn't consult the transcript or just ran ahead despite the transcripts. that i find to be a problem because i know everyone here in washington who covers the
8:41 pm
white house got that transcript. >> it's an issue of confirmation bias. i think in many cases, most of the press corps detests donald trump and are willing or predisposed to believe the worst about him. so when someone puts it out there that he said this outrageous thing, most people run with it. it's lazy. the bias. it feeds into the whole fake news narrative that is sometimes exploited by this white house. and it's really not excusable. i think the associated press, first of all, should have done the contextual journalism to not make that mistake in the first place but at least they recognize their mistake, owned up to it, deleted the faulty tweet, and replaced it with one that was better. i also commend jessica for doing the same thing. other news organizations have not made that correction. nor have a bunch of left-leaning and liberal politicians who joined the pile on as if the president was calling all immigrants or all illegal immigrants animals when he, when
8:42 pm
you look at the full context of the question and answer, very clearly was referring in this case to ms-13 members. >> shannon: i want to redo something and then get your response. john harwood, reporter at cnbc, tweeted: however repugnant their actions, ms-13 gang members are human beings. in my humble opinion." that is after the context came to light. quick response from both of you. >> i saw that around twitter and they use of animals, the dehumanizing language they are during world war ii obviously with hitler. i understand people discomfort with that terminology. i also thought there are standards, doing a wonderful job -- sarah sanders did a wonderful job defending the president saying i don't think it went far enough. i don't like that type of language but i do take john harwood's point in the historical context. >> i prefer not to see or use
8:43 pm
dehumanizing language in any context. if we are talking about ms-13 which rapes and kills and terrorizes people or isis or neo-nazis like the personal kill that innocent woman in charlottesville. if we are going to use animals or monsters to describe this people, you are not going to get much of an argument for me. >> can i add something quickly. donald trump talked about people like the central park five who have been exonerated. he never admitted he believed the dna evidence that -- >> shannon: i feel like that's a whole nother debate. >> he is a history of using the term animals and i think people shouldn't do it. you don't know the context of everything. >> shannon: the context was here. the video the transcript was out and we all have a responsibility as journalist to do this well. thank you both. important story about a hero flying almost totally under the radar. what happened at an illinois school where there could've been
8:44 pm
a mass shooting if not for this quick acting hero. latest update from hawaii where many schools about closer evokes the bundled of standards. the volcano showing no signs of letting up. and the white house weighs in on the pressing question. yanny or laurel. ♪ never drop to your knees, ♪ ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. i would doubt myself that i could actually quit. that i could climb that hill and get over it. i really honestly don't believe i could have done it without chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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8:48 pm
>> this happened in dixon, illinois, hometown of ronald reagan. police say 19-year-old former student walked into the school at 8:00 wednesday morning with a semiautomatic rifle. they say he was moving toward the gymnasium where seniors had gathered for a graduation rehearsal. as he walked the halls, he opened fire. that's when witnesses say school resource officer mark dallas pulled his weapon and confronted the shooter. the suspect turned and ran. officer dallas gave chase. they exchanged gunfire. at which time police say the suspect was struck at least one time, though his injuries are not life-threatening. the early indication is that the response by officer dallas was textbook perfect. watch. >> i cannot be more proud of the police officer in the way he responded to the situation. shots ringing out in the hallways of the school. he charged toward the suspect and confronted him head-on. because of his heroic actions, countless lives were saved. we are forever indebted to him for his service and his bravery.
8:49 pm
>> police officers who arrived on scene minutes later save the school's response was also by the book. they found students and staff had barricaded the doors to classrooms with desks, bookcases and other objects. exactly how they were taught during the training drills. it turns out the 19-year-old got the rifle from his mother who bought it in 2012. the mom says she is not sure how he got hold of the weapon but she takes full responsibility. she went on to say her son had been bullied by classmates but she never anticipated that he would react in this fashion. >> my kid is at the hospital shot. thank god they didn't kill him. that's a blessing. thank god he didn't kill anybody else. i am wondering in my mind rather than him be so sad because of being outnumbered or feeling ostracized, we have been drawing our son closer. >> the praise of the school resource officer in dixon comes three months after the school resource officer in parkland,
8:50 pm
florida, was widely criticized for his slow response. deputy scott peterson stayed outside of marjory stoneman douglas high school despite knowing the shooter's location inside the school. peterson has since resigned. >> shannon: all right, trace gallagher, thank you. more news right after this. y. always late. oh! my wallet! un momento. card lock from capital one. instantly lock your card. in case your card goes... arrivederci. mona! that smile. technology this convenient... could make history. what's in your wallet? i think, keep going, and make a difference. at some point, we are going to be able to beat als.
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not the conservative guy, travis allen. what about this john cox? talks a big game... but what's he done? a chicago lawyer? huh? thirteen losing campaigns - seven in illinois? cox lost campaigns as a republican... and as a democrat. gave money to liberals. supported big tax increases. no wonder republicans say cox is unelectable in november.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>> shannon: time for your real news roundup. last night, the leadership conference on human rights. they called her a leader in women's health and reproductive rights. twitter lighting up over rumors cable networks are recording michael avenatti and former white house communications director anthony scaramucci for debate style program. one media critic saying that's what they play on tv and hell. avenatti says he has no interest in tv. you might've heard about the debate over a recording in which some here yanny and some people here laurel. the wife white house has decido weigh in. >> you're getting your information from cnn. that is fake news. all i hear is yanny. >> who is yanny? >> i hear cofevfe.
8:55 pm
>> shannon: leaving an appointment in texas, he noticed a man in the parking lot wearing a world war ii cap. he escorted him to his car during the walk he found out the man stationed in germany during the war owed $4,000 in medical bills and he was worried about how he was my to pay itself he set up a fund meet page in less than a day that paige raised $1,212,000. saying you should never met a chance to thank a veteran. we couldn't agree more. we always love hearing from you about heroes and folks in the community doing good things and we love to end are short tempered we want to hear from you. tweet us. we love would love to hear about your heroes. good guys and good gals making a difference in making a positive difference. something we all need to see that something we love to send you off with every night.
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it's just a burst pipe, i could fix (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carson tonight." during a roundtable with elected officials and law enforcement yesterday, president trump took a question about the gang ms-13c as he has before, the president expressed his thoughts on the subject bluntly. >> president trump: we are taking people out of the country, you wouldn't believe how bad these people are. these aren't people. they are animals. >> tucker: well, if anything, that's a mild description. dogs are animals, and a lot of them sleep on the bed. you wouldn't want to be anywhere near ms-13.s they traffic in drugs, weapons, and human beings, young girls. unlike animals, they kill for a fun, often with machetes. they terrorize the poor and the vulnerable. th


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